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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 31, 2012 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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follow me and i'll follow you back. have a great weekend. -- captions by vitac -- from cnn center, this is "cnn saturday morning." it's 10:00 a.m. in the east and 7:00 a.m. in the west. good morning, everybody. i'm randi kaye. it looks like three tickets took the record-breaking jackpot. we'll tell you where they were sol sold. also -- keeping up the heat. we're live in florida. and some scare j moments for firefighters in dearborn, michigan, when the roof they were on started to collapse.
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training, quick thinking, and a whole lot of luck saved the day. let's get right to our big story. three winning tickets. kansas and baltimore, maryland. if you missed the drawing, no worries. we have a replace for you. >> our first number tonight is 46. that's followed by 23. up next we have 38. that's followed by 4. and the final white ball for this friday evening is 2. for the gold mega ball the number is 23. >> the numbers again -- the mega ball, 23. let's get to athena jones. she's the director of communications for the maryland lottery. a busy day in maryland, i bet, athena. >> reporter: absolutely. we're right outside the city of baltimore at this 7-eleven as you can imagine that's seen a lot of activity. the winning ticket was sold last night at 7:15 and it was a quick
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pick ticket, that machine right there, the red machine picked those numbers. just one ticket was sold. we're going to talk to maryland lotsry's carol everett. tell us what advice you give to the win e of this ticket. it's exciting news, but what should they do? >> it's very exciting. after you wake up from shock what you need to do is sign the back of ticket. flip the back, sign it. put it in a safe place. some put it in a bible, a freezer, else where. put that ticket. hang onto it. come see us right away, because we want to get that processed. >> sometimes it geesd to have a copy of the ticket that it's good to make a copy. it's important when you have a jackpot of this level. seem sock advice. financial advice, legal advice, take a deep breath and have a lot of fun. >> reporter: in the state of maryland, people don't have to come forward. do you have to? >> please come forward if you're in maryland. we want to meet you, yes, come forward. it's not required but we like to have people come in, have their
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moment in their spotlight. then they can change their number, their address, move to an island, whatever makes them happy. >> reporter: we know in the u.s. americans spent nearly $1.5 billion in the last few days. how much was spent in maryland? >> overall? i don't -- i can't even get the numbers in my head. it's been nonstop, nonstop. but i know the state of maryland will benefit by taxes because right now with the three winners, we're going to get probably about $11 million in state taxes ballpark. everybody's a winner here and we're really excited. >> reporter: there you have it from here in this 7-eleven in baltimore county, randi? >> that's where the lucky ticket was sold. thank you very much. not all the money you play is going to the winners. the executive director of the texas lottery commission tells us where the cash money is flowing out. your credit or debit card
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information could be part of fraud. its card data may have been accessed by hackers. all the major credit card companies are on alert. earlier i spoke with finance expert clyde anderson about it. >> it goes to the middle man and they actually process the payments and all this data is going out there. when it happens, people can take that data, pull it down, and actually create a new card and they can go off and charge. >> and is there anyway to know someone's create add new card? >> what you need to do is kmek your information. that's why theft and fraud is so big because a lot of times we don't pay attention to the details. we've got go back and pay attention to the dae tailetails. go in and look at each chancht don't discard the little charges. look at everything. >> you say 10 million? >> 10 million are at risk? is there any way to avoid that risk? >> it's hard. that's why laws have been put in
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place to make sure you're only responsible for a small amount. so $50 generally is what you're responsible for and a rlot of credit card companies will waive that. it's prnlts for you to make sure the information on your report and your credit card statements is accurate. >> for more on this story, be sure to check out the people calling for justice in the trayvon martin case are returning ing ting tof sanford. focus is the sanford police department for allowing george zimmerman to replain free. let's bring in george. what do participants hope to accomplish there today? >> you know, mainly from the naacp the message is simple, to arrest george zimmerman. that march, people started coming together at 8:00 a.m. eastern. that march will end at the sanford police department.
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people are waiting for people to show up. people were bussed in. two people -- a family i spoke to just earlier has an interesting take on this. wily smith. i wanted to ask you first of all. you brought your daughters here. tell me what this means to you and why you decided to be part of it today. >> well, today i think it's important for especially myself and my children to understand what it means to stand up for your rights and the rights of others. you know, a lot of times if there's an injustice or something like that, you don't have to resort in violence. you can stand together with your community and neighborhood and protest. >> wiley, again, you are a sanford resident? >> yes, sir. >> you were also an armed security office. where was that. >> yes, sir. down in ornld, a military base. >> a have interesting take on this case. would you explain to our viewers? >> sure. one thing is being trained in that type of environmenta, you have meet force with force. you can't just brandish your
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weapon. that would show you don't have no self-control, you don't have the ability to control your own authori authority. >> reporter: thank you for your time. there are lot of people expected to attend this rally. george zimmerman has not been charged with anything in this case, but there is, randi, an ongoing investigation taos whether he'll face charges in this shooting. >> george howell, thank you very much. coming up this afternoon at the town hall, here's the preview. >> the scuffle took place on the grass. this witness seems to be saying and also that george zimmerman did not look hurt after the scuffle. what do you make of this? >> this is consistent with what we see in that videotape that was riveting for all of america to see. >> let's take a look at some of the evidence that we do know. you have talked to a young woman named deedee. trayvon martin's girlfriend. has deedee spoken to police yet? >> not yet. >> why not? >> they're setting it up now as we speak, as i understand. what is very telling, soledad,
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is the records. >> the phone records. >> the phone records. at 7:12 was her last call to him. the phone call lasted for four minutes. at 7:17, according to the police records, they got to the scene and trayvon was shot and killed on the ground. and that tells us a lot. it tells us that she heard some part of the conversation that happened between george zimmerman and trayvon martin, and what she heard was not him coming to identify himself as any neighborhood association captain or anything like that. he said, what are you doing around here as to suggest that he didn't have a right to be here. >> that was just a clip from a special town hall event led by sole dan o'brien on how the trayvon martin tragedy became a nationwide story and what it says about racial tensions in this country.
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you have another chance to watch it. "race & justice in america" 2:00 p.m. eastern standard time. if you're about to head out, reynolds wolf has update on the weather for us. >> yes, we have snow, especially in the high elevations of berkshires, western massachusetts, vermont, new hampshire, parts of new york, part os testify rockies. it's windy and dry. and in the west coast, again, rain, sleet, and snow. lot os to talk about plus severe weather. it's along in moments. tickets in maryland are set to pay out big bucks but not all money goes to pay the winners. we're heading live to austin, texas, yet to find owl outwho else gets a take. top quality lobster is all we catch. [ male announcer ] get it now at red lobster's lobsterfest. 12 tempting choices like lobster lover's dream
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did you know that some of that money doesn't go just to the winners. it goes to employees and money is set aside for states that have scholar "showbiz flashpoint" programs. gary, good morning. how much of the lottery money is actually set aside for employees and store rewards and charities and stuff like that. good morning, randi. 50% of the money spent goes to pay the prizes as you said. but, yes, about 12% goes to pay to overhe, also to compensate our retailers who sell our tickets. that leaves roughly 37%, 38%. it varies state to state. in texas, that 38% goes to public education. >> and how is the big payout
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determined? how do you get to that number? is that about ticket sales or dollar sales? >> it's about 32% of every dollar goes direct throw the big jackpot prize. by the way, we upped that jackpot prize this morning. it went from $640 million to about $660 million. >> not a bad deal. >> great day. >> not that anyone would claim it, but what happens to unclaimed money? >> that varies state to state. in texas that goes back to our general revenue fund. other states have various programs that that money may be dedicated to. >> we were talking yesterday about who can win, who can't win. can a tourist who isn't a citizen, can they -- if they bought a ticket, can they win the lottery here? >> absolutely. the only people who can't win are people like me who work for a lottery. everybody else, buy your tickets. you've got as good chance as anybody. >> what's your advice. should the winner take the year
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payout or the lump sum? >> well, like to control my own destiny. i would take the lump sum if i could pay. but to each his own. >> yeah, me too. i was hoping for that lump sum today, but it didn't happen. who benefits, would you say, from playing the lottery more? is it the states or is it the people? >> oh, we feel it's a win/win for both sides. it's not matter of whether you win or lose. it's the fun and excitement of dreaming what you might do if you won a huge prize like the one we're giving away today. the state wins because every state, whether it's public education, the environment, the elderly, it always depose to great social cause. >> all right. gary grief from the texas lottery. have a great saturday. >> thank you very much. you too. >> it's time to check back in with reynolds wolf and check on the forecast. you didn't win according to gary grief, but that's okay. we're happy to have you back at work. >> absolutely.
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i often hear when people win the millions and millions, it create as lot of problems. >> who wants that. >> i would love those problems. >> not me, hmm-mm. >> i would love to have some of those problems and share some with you so we could have problems together. >> okay. this would be good. aisle take it. >> let me show you some places where you're going to have problems with heavy rain and possibly a little bit of snowfall. in part s of the northeast you have scattered storms possible, even light snowfall. in the southern half o mississippi, the mid-mississippi valley, you're going to have storms. out west you're going to see rain along the coast but in parts of the interior valleys, it's going to be all wind. some of this stuff, at least tropical force winds getting close to hurricane force winds once it exceeds 74 miles an hour. wi could expect that today, gusts. i wouldn't be surprised if we get up to 75 or so. flood threats in the pacific
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northwest. anywhere where you see lime glean, you have a chance of flood warnings. that would last much of the part of the weekend. the storm you see is coming off the northern pacific. now what we're going be seeing also will be delays, quite a few of them in parts of new york and philadelphia. to give you the showers, the winds, the low clouds. in san francisco, very, very similar situation. major delays possible. in atlantic city, showers and low clouds. think most of that is going to be a bit farther into the carolinas. los angeles may keep you grounded. same deal. also john wayne and in salt lake city, las vegas, the wind, the wind, the wind is going to be big all weekend long. that's the latest, randi. back to you. >> thank you, reynolds. well, if you spend more han 15 minutes booking your next vacation, you might want to call your travel ajejt. we'll explain next. [ male announcer ] the next generation of lexus
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popular again. >> travelers are looking for advice, somebody who can answer questions for them, somebody who has experience in traveling. and they can't always get that online. >> maybe i can come up with something you haven't thought up yet. >> reporter: travel agent carey says beyond the convenience, agents can help if something goes wrong. >> you actually have somebody you can call whether it's weather-related, family emergency, or any type of emergency. we're there for you. >> reporter: but stegman suggests interviewing agents. most make their money through commissions but complex itineraries often come with a fee. if yu have topay a fee to a travel agent, the chances are that the discount ghats for you are going to compensate any money you pay them. >> reporter: think of this option the next time you're on the go. up next, more on a private meeting between mitt romney and newt gingrich and what it could mean for the race to the white
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house. plus, we take you to haiti where a war vet is using his skills to help a nation rebuild. so i went on facebook and said i'm going to haiti, who's in. 72 hours after that, we were on our way to port-au-prince.
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welcome back to "cnn saturday morning." the republican presidential candidates go head to head on tuesday in primaries in the district of columbia, maryland, and wisconsin. today the focus is wisconsin where mitt romney, newt gingrich, and rick santorum are all at the faith and freedom coalition. let's go to shannon travis. he's in walk a shaw, wisconsin. how important is it that
10:22 am
santorum wins there. >> reporter: well, randi, if you ask the former pennsylvania senator, he says, you know what? i'm going to go ahead no matter what happens here on tuesday in wisconsin. but if you ask a lot of republicans, especially in the establishment, they feel like -- some of them feel like the primary process is essentially over already, that romney very likely will become the nominee and they feel like if rick santorum doesn't have a good showing on tuesday, he should step down. a number of heavy-weight republicans endorsing r.i.m. former president george h.w. bush, florida senator marco rubio and paul ryan, a chairman of the house & budget committee. they all said the same thing. there's no way these other candidates are going to get to the 1,144 delegates needed and it's basically time for them to
10:23 am
coalesce around mig. i're here and they're expect about a thousand evangelical conservatives to talk about family and favor here and all three of those candidates, mitt romney, rick santorum, and newt gingrich who also says he's going to forge ahead, they're all going to address the crowd. >> also, shannon, we've been hearing this week about the secret meet, so-called secret meeting between mitt romney and newt gingrich. do you very any details for us? >> basically mitt romney and newt gingrich had a meeting last week in louisiana. no one knew about it, at least the press didn't know about it. it was revealed, the news broke they were calling it a secret meeting. but i asked the former house speaker aboutist he said i speak with mitt romney and rick santorum a lot. we have private conversations. he said we have a broad agreement to get barack obama out of office and the speaker says all three of them agree that if one becomes the nominee,
10:24 am
the other two will support that person. randi? >> well, from the campaign trail that sounds a little surprising. >> that's right. >> all right. shannon travis, thank you. for more war veterans, coming home can be difficult. this week's cnn hero is feerm marine who helps his brothers in arms by finding a new purpose by giving them a chance to continue to serve. meet jake wood. >> in the military everyone's taught how to lead, how to follow, solve problems. we really pride ourselves on being ready and willing to go anywhere. i started in the marine corps, deployed to iraq and afghanistan. when i first saw the earthquake that hit haiti, a lot of the images felt like i had seen them before driving through the streets of fa lucia and afghanistan and i realized i could actually help out. i said on facebook i'm going to haiti, who's in, 72 hours later wi were on our way to port-au-prince. we got to work setting up a
10:25 am
triage clinic. we realizes veterans are really useful in these situations. i'm jake wood and i want to help veterans transfer into civilian life. we realized we can help the veteran community as well. we bring the veterans together to be part of a team once again. they're almost recharged. >> when yu get out, you have a feeling on f what are you really doing that's important in the world. it just provided us a great opportunity to help people in need. >> you need to pull your food back as far as you can. >> most of the work we do internationally is emergency medical triage clinics. we've got to chile, pakistan. here in haiti, we've been clearing out debris, search and rescue. we have about 1,400 volunteers and about 80% of them are military. >> i can't thank you all enough. >> there's no limit on what veterans can do. we have the ability to help and want to serve.
10:26 am
i think it's a win/win situation. and, remember, all of our heroes come from your nominations. go to cnn to share your stories. >> he can win, but can you trust him. that's a question republicans are asking themselves about mis. maria cardona and lenny mcallister coming up next. we'll talk about it. what is that? it's you! it's me? alright emma, i know it's not your favorite but it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three. [ both ] ♪ emma, emma bo-bemma ♪ banana-fana-fo-femma ♪ fee-fi-fo-femma ♪ em-ma very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay? [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson.
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it is just about half past the hour. welcome back, everyone. i'm randi kaye. thanks for starting your day with us. checking some top story, people are gathering in sanford, florida. they're heading for police headquarters. they want the police to arrest martin's shooter george zimmerman. zimmerman's brother said no way he would have attacked trayvon. hackers may have accessed
10:30 am
confidential data. there are reports that more than 10 million cards could have been affected. there are at least three winning tickets in last night's mega millions drawing. they all had these winning numbers. the lottery officials have confirmed the tickets were sold in maryland, illinois, and kansas. and, of course, there could be more winners out there. let's move to politics now. this week wasn't just about the republican presidential race. we'll get to that in a moment. first we want to talk health care and the supreme court. joining me now, cnn contributor and democratic strategist maria cardona and republican strategist lenny micallister. we won't know the finally outcome until june. what was your first take away? >> my take away was that what we heard from the supreme court was
10:31 am
not really surprising but i think we need to be very careful to draw any conclusions because what the justices are supposed to do is ask very tough questions and play devil's advocate. there was one piece of this that was very surprising. that was the justices on the right seemed to be partying the talking points from the tea party when they were asked the tough questions of the solicitor general about the supreme court law and i just found that just a little unappealing because clearly they had read what the tea party criticism was and just seemed to be parroting it. and then scalia basically said -- he was asking sort of a rhetorical question, was he supposed to have been expected to read the law. well, actually, yeah, the supreme court should be expected to read the law if they're going to be ruling on it. so i found that a little bit odd i've been watching lenny shake his head a little bit there. do you think the justice tipped
10:32 am
their hand a lit bit? >> but parroting what the tea party said? maybe they red the same constitution and that the democrats and president obama ignored in 2009 and 2010. so it was very, very clear that those supreme court justices, those conservatives were going to understand the basic fundamental change that this law was going to have between government and citizens as justice kennedy noted. you cannot change the constitution in this way or subvert it in this type of fashion. that's why you heard these justices say that, maria. and i'm not surprised that a democrat or other democrats would be shocked that these conservative justices would dare say read the constitution the same way the tea party activists have read the constitution and see the problem with the law as is. >> but, see, i really just have to respond to this, randi, because the problem with what lenny just said is that justice scalia was talking about the quote/unquote cornhusker
10:33 am
kickback in the law when that was taken out. so if lenny insists that everybody should read the constitution, which i completely agree with, guess what? they should also read the actual law that was passed because the cornhusker kickback was not in the law, so why are you talking about something that was actually not in the law you're about to rule on. >> maria, the reason why they came up is because it talks about the context under which the law is in place right now came into being and if there were certain conditions that were put into place that would subvert what we're supposed to be working under, the framework is about the government and the citizen. >> we could talk about this all the way until june when we get a ruling on it, but we're not going to. let's talk about endorsements, shall we? romney picked up representative paul ryan, senator marco rubio and former president george h.w. bush this week.
10:34 am
pretty big week for him. would you say, maria, any of these carry more weight than the others? >> i think they were both symbolic, randi. two things were interesting to me. the one was from george bush, se sr., which was not surprising at all. they're very nervous that romney has not been able to seal the deal by himself. but in the cnn poll that came out very revently where the majority of voters say they still blame george w. bush, the son for the economy and for wrecking the economy, i think that this endorsement by the father is going to just underscore and remind voters that it actually was the son who put in the policies that wrecked the economy and that interestingly enough are the same policies that romney will support and will implement. >> all right. >> the rubio endorsement was, i think, clearly a good one for romney, but his endorsement was
10:35 am
so lukewarm, he basically said, well, i'm going to endorse him because he's going to win and, frankly, we wanted others to run but they didn't, so i kind of had no choice but to endorse him. >> let me show you new polling. 69% of the republicans said mitt romney had the best chance to beat president obama. but take a look at this one. 61% said romney is a strong leerksd stronger leader than rick santorum. but now check out this one. santorum wins when it comes to being honest and trustworthy. lenny, what do you think these polls say about the mindset of the voter today? >> what it says about the mindset of the conservative and the republican voter is this. we know mitt romney has been across the board on several different issues. we know he's had this quote/unquote evolution when it's come to abortion.
10:36 am
we know he's done other things. they also know that if you're going to turn around this economy, if you're going to turn around this nation, you have to get mitt romney in the white house if he's going to be the republican nominee. so they're willing to forgive, if you will, at this point in time, that's what it looks like. they're willing to forgive sthoechls past instances, those past evolutions in policies and positions. if they can get a republican in the white house going forward in 2013 and get control of congress. >> maria, i like lenny's word of "evolution. yts. >> yeah. >> what do you think? this is a big statement saying that rick santorum is winning in the trust category. >> absolutely. and what it does, randi, is it completely underscores not just the nagt conservatives dislike romney, distrust him, and completely don't believe he'll be true to conservative principles because of that, quote/unquote, evolution and flip-flopping thats he's engaged
10:37 am
all of his political life. what should be more concerning to republican party is what the independent voters will think. they've been rising steadily. and his unlikability rating is rising steadily. and that is not a trend you want going into the general election voters. it's one thing for your own conservative voters not to trust you, which we've known that for months in terms of romney. but when independent voters don't trust you, that means very bad news for you in the general election. >> thank you both. great to see you on this saturday morning. lenny and maria. >> thanks, randi. >> you, too. god bless. pay attention to this. this is an incredible story of heroism to show you right now. this is one f the most memorable inches from the tornado in indiana. it was thrown through the front of a diner. now we can see what it looked like from inside the empty bus. take a look. it's empty. before it happened there were 11 children and one bus driver on
10:38 am
board. the only way to tell you the story, really, is to listen to this whole thing as it unfolded and hear how the bus driver, angel perry, got all of these children to safety. listen. >> i see the tornado on the ground. >> if you've got something to put on your head, do it. there's a tonight right there. don't block me, truck, don't block me. i'm going to go as fast as we can. everybody stay together. all together right now. go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go go. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, come on, come on, come on, ten, 11, go, go. >> so incredible. such bravery. moments after that was recorded the bus was actually thrown across the parking lot, across the street and into the diner. all 11 children are just fine, thanks to that hero bus driver.
10:39 am
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♪ get up off of that thing ♪ >> that will wake you up. current tv has given keith olbermann the boot, not a pretty ending either. let me bring in joe flint from the times news. let me read this stern statement from current tv founders al goal
10:43 am
and joe hyatt. he was found on the values of respect, loyalty. unfortunately these values are no longer reflected and we have ended it. no love lost here, joe, huh? >> no, certainly not. that's kind of a blunt statement, and not really a surprise to a lot of us in the media industry. it was kind of a matter of how long would the relationship last given olbermann's history with bosses. >> what do you thing, they also announced at the very same time they're replacing olbermann with a show hosted by eliot spitzer. what do you think of that move. >> well, i could ask you the same question, how elliott worked out for you, but, you know, for current, think it was important to get a name in there, a recognizable name and try to move on from this as quickly as possible. i don't know if -- spitzer obviously doesn't have the following that olbermann does,
10:44 am
but olbermann's ratings on current were very low, so it won't take much for spitzer to match those either. let's talk about the new movie with jane fonda. the reps are telling us she's in the talks to play the role of nancy reagan which is shaping up to be a pretty start-studded film. what you have is super liberal jane fonda possibly playing super conservative nancy reagan. what do you make of it? >> a paycheck's a paycheck. it's a little unusual given the believes of fonda and those of nancy reagan, but ultimately she's an actress, and i assume she believes this is a ghoul role and chance to be out there and is willing to put that aside. that weent stop, of course, the media critics against her from complaining about it, i'm sure. >> also another big movie out is bully, the documentary about bullying. this was intended to be
10:45 am
basically a public service announcement and was slapped with an r rating. how do you think it's going to be received and how do you think it happened? >> it happened because the company behind the movie did not want to make some cuts with regard to some swear words. so they were willing to release it unrated. an unrated movie is basically treated as an hour, one theater chain isn't carrying it. another one, will that kid see it with permission of the parents and the others will have to bring their parents. it's a documentary. i don't think it's going to be a huge box office hit. it's sort of sad that a movie that has a good public message behind it will be tougher for kids to see. >> thank you very much, joe. nice to see you. just a reminder, tomorrow morning at 8:15 i'll be speaking to the producer of the movie "bully" and speaking with one of the families highlighted in the film. make sure to join that
10:46 am
conversation tomorrow morning on c "cnn sunday morning." rest in grease. yes, you can now love bacon to death. laying in the hearafter like a sizzling strip of pork fat. we'll show you the bizarre pictures of this coming up.
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welcome back, everyone. reynolds is back to talk about the intriguing. we'll start with bacon. are you a bacon lover? >> i do. i do like bacon. >> now, not any time soon, i hope, you can rest in peace. take a look. it's a bacon coffin. you can spend eternity wrapped in bacon. >> imagine the hereafter wresting like a sizzling piece of pork bacon. it's like candy. as your eternal resting place? >> the company that makes it, they specialize in bacon-themed products. it's painted in what they call bacon and pork shading. >> maybe it has the nice fresh bacon smell. >> not that you'd be able to use that if you were lying in it.
10:50 am
>> very true. from resting in grease to what is young. alicia silver stone, in case you haven't seen this, if you haven't eaten breakfast -- this is a viral video of alicia silverstone, chewing the food like a mama bird and putting it into the mouth of her son. what do you thing of that. >> i'm horrified. >> and it was taken a month ago when he was a little bit wobbly. now she says he's in the habit of actually reaching up and grabbing at her. i see this and i want to silverstone all over the floor. it's the most rancid thing. >> apparently a lot of people do it. the centers for disease control say a lot of people do this. in medicine, they chew it up for their children. >> before they processed baby food this was the route go. >> now you have a blender, right? get a blend terblender.
10:51 am
>> two words for you. food processor. one more. this is very quick in case you're eating oatmeal for breakfast. larry, the quaker man who's been on the front of the boxes for 130 years, he's on a diet. it turns out that they found a stylist and somewhat of a time machine. i koejt know if you can see it there. the new one is on the right. they got rid of his double chin, they give him a little hair cut. he looks like he has a little glow. >> you look on the left, hey, you can check me out. i'm here to have a good time. you see him on the other side, a little manufactuore svelte. >> it's part of making someone super healthy. he's cute and plump. >> fat larry, two thumbs up. i'm with you. >> fat larry. see, that was fun. we cleaned it up at the end. >> there we go.
10:52 am
we'll get into a bacon casket in a few more minute. don't take a sip of that frappuccino. they're using something very interesting to do one of their drinks. what a botry winner zhould with their winning. hope they're paying attention. [ engine turns over, tires squeal ] introducing the lexus enform app suite -- available now on the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. see your lexus dealer. the healthcare law gives us powerful tools to fight it... to investigate it... ...prosecute it... and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers... are teaching seniors across the country... stop, spot, and report fraud.
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well, if you love your starbucks, listen up. one special ingredient may surprise you. cnn's brian todd reports. >> reporter: the grande starbucks strawberries and cream frappuccino has a perfect hue, courtesy of crushed insects.
10:55 am
it was recently divulged that it's colored using continental insects. it was given to a news site that says she's shocked. >> we were told that the any way you want it frappuccino were completely safe for vegans. >> reporter: a starbucks spokesperson says it was -- stay bucks didn't want us to put anyone on camera. a company spokesman did tell us they started using the extract to move away from dyes and other ingredient bus the extract is fda approved and would never do anything to harm itself customers. as for customers -- >> it is still technically all natural and probably organic. >> does it gross you out that
10:56 am
they use bugging? >> we use bugs in all sorts of things. >> reporter: bugles have been a staple for years. starbucks officials also point out that juices made by other companies have the same bug extract in them. it's believed to have caused as ma attacks and allergic reactions. >> probably wonderful, right? tastes pretty good. >> it's okay. i prefer my own home made smoothy. >> reporter: she warns of the symptoms. >> reporter: if you drink one of these, is it bad for you? >> nutrition rally it's fine. but any time a restaurant put answer ingredient in a food, it should be disclosed. >> reporter: the cups should include that it has insect
10:57 am
extract in it. right now only the box behind the counter has that label. it's not required to be put on the label because it's sold by the staff. not prepared. three firefighters escaped what could have been a death trap. a tv news chopper captures the whole thing on video. the details two minutes away. no matter where you go.
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