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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 2, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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frederick douglass academy, young students are walking out because failed about the teachers and their system is the story for me. >> will, get to you next time. we are out of time. >> will cain, good morning! >> he gets plenty of time. >> he does! he is going to be on my show at 9:30 eastern. >> i know. >> see you later, carol. good morning. i'm carol costello. stories we are watching right now in the newsroom. this isn't the madness of the ncaa or university of kentucky had in mind. if fans did this after the semifinal what will they do tonight? cops in lexington and lawrence are getting ready. authorities have not charged george zimmerman with a crime but if they do a gun rights
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group is ready to defend him. the widows of osama bin laden have learned what the penalty is for being so close to the most wanted man on earth. sarah palin is hosting tooed show tomorrow. it's already getting interesting. >> what are you doing to prepare? are you reading some newspapers? >> oh! >> and it begins! >> you can still turn that plate around. >> that's a fine how do you? a great start. here we go! >> debit card debacle. if you had problems with your visa card, more details coming up. as people head back to work, three lucky people possibly sleeping late and staying at home from work today. after the multimillion dollar jackpot find out what we do know
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about the winners. taylor swift does it again. >> country entertainer of the year goes to taylor swift, everybody! >> if you win the top honor at the cma awards again, can we go ahead and plug her the new queen of country? we start this morning in kentucky. police are bracing for more violence. understandable after what happened this weekend after the university of kentucky beat louisville. yes, it took the fun right out of march madness. just a few hours from now, police in lexington, kentucky, will discuss how they will try to prevent a replay of this if kentucky wins or loses tonight. rowdy kentucky fans poured into the streets of lexington and torched couches and trash and cars. more than 50 fires and 20 some arrests. somehow no one was seriously
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hurt. kentucky fans went berserk after their team advanced to the ncaa finals by beating instate rival louisville. tonight, kentucky squares off against kansas. win or lose, both towns are bracing for the tlethreat of violence. carlos diaz is in new orleans tonight and how the police are preparing for the aftermath there and also in lexington. >> lexington police are taking precautions so not a repeat of saturday night's violence. they will hold a press conference at 1:30 eastern time to outline what they are going to do. we know they plan to increase. no parking zones and tow away zones are around campus and there will be a bigger police presence on campus. saturday's fan behavior did not impress. kentucky head coach john calipari. >> the state of kentucky is so connected to this program. it's a commonwealth's team.
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they go overboard sometimes and i think we twittered some things. i had duane twitter some things out, calm down and relax and, you know, come on, let's use common sense. but i was disappointed to hear it. >> reporter: let's talk hoops. tonight a matchup of basketball royalty when kentucky takes on kansas. these two teams are the two most winningest basketball programs in the history of college hoops! now kentucky is a huge favorite tonight and, carol, tonight's basketball game in the louisiana superdome will be watched by 75,000 fans. that's a record for a national championship game. >> thank you, carlos. now on to new developments in the fatal shooting of trayvon martin. the florida teenager whose case has ignited nationwide outrage. later today, the family will formally ask the united states justice department to review the conduct of the state's attorney who initially reviewed the case. according to reports the prosecutor overruled the police effort to file charged against
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the gunman zimmerman and new doubts cast on zimmerman's description of the deadly struggle. audio experts have analyzed the 911 tapes and say the calls for help was coming from the teenager, not george zimmerman. the community watch volunteer says the teen was brutally beating him and he finally fired his gun after no attempts for help. the family has reached out to the justice department. what do they want? >> reporter: good morning, carol. they are reaching out to the justice department to seek an investigation into whether the state attorney had an inappropriate sort of interference with the investigator who handled this case, chris serino and want to determine whether he somehow interfered with the case so they say that they will file that request today and the attorney says that he expects to hear back from the department of justice. but keep in mind, carol, this is
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on top of the veinvestigation tt is already happen. the justice department looking into this case and even looking into the police department to determine if problems the way the police department works spaelve with the african-american community here in sanford. >> so, george, i just wanted to turn to the audiotapes for a second. experts are saying it was the teenager shouting out for help. give us the latest on that. >> reporter: that's a new report coming out from the "sentinel." one thing, we also had those experts on "starting point" this morning. it's important to point out that that information cannot be determined with certainty. it's not 100% accurate. keep in mind, george zimmerman's family and his brother and father believe it's his voice on the tape. two audio experts listened to audio from the 911 tape and believe it's trayvon martin's
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voice on the tape. take a listen what they had to say this morning on "starting point." >> we know this is not an exact science here but, in your opinion, what -- is there a chance here this is not zimmerman's voice? >> a huge chance this is not zimmerman's voice. as a matter of fact after 28 years of doing this, i would put my reputation on the line and say this is not george zimmerman screaming. >> can you put a percentage on that? >> boy, that's a tough question. i'm going to say about 95. >> reporter: so, again, he can't determine with certainty, but audio experts, two at least that we had on this morning and that were in the "orlando sentinel" believe it was trayvon march tip's voice on the audio. >> george howell, reporting from sanford, florida, this morning. a legal defense fund is being formed for george
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zimmerman should he be charged. chris kossmann is saying he is getting overwhelming public support. crew members recovering after coast guard rescued them off the florida coast. two seriously hurt sailors are flown to san francisco for treatment after placed on a coast guard cutter. they and the rest of the crew were competing in the clipper around the world race. nasty storm hit and high seas damaged the yard hundreds of miles off the california coast. two other crewmembers were hurt but they are staying on board as the yacht heads for oakland. hackers may have tapped into people's account and a little while yesterday some visa card holders found their plastic wasn't working so well. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. should they still be worried today? >> fars being able to use your vooes a card, no. you shouldn't be worried today. what happened were two separate events that were not related.
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so let's take the first event where over the weekend, some visa credit cards and debit cards didn't work for 45 minutes. visa put out a statement saying they were updating their system during the 45 minutes so there were glitches and visa said it's been fixed, the system is operating as normal, despite the fact some of these transactions were not completed. the hacking case. we first told you about this on friday. we got new details here for you. we found out that 1.5 million account numbers were stolen from global payments. now, what these hackers did not get were people's names, addresses, and social security numbers. global payments is this middle man when you swipe your credit card, global payments processes it aends send the information to credit card companies. it looks like so far visa and mast mastercard were affected but other credit card companies like american express and discover say they are investigating to
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see if they were affected as well. >> alison kosik reporting from new york stock exchange. at least three lucky people hit the megamillions jackpot winning tickets were bought in three states. kansas, illinois and maryland. that means more than 100 million losers! and it only took a buck for the winners to cash in and get their share of the record-breaking jackpot. but we may never know who won because in at least two of the states they don't require the winners to come forward. >> kansas is one of the few states that allows them to be anonymous and we leave that up to them. >> i know many of you who played were hoping not to go to work today. check out the reaction and frustration from people on twitter. one user said, oh, megamillions, why do youion me? another said, i hope everyone that did not hit the megamillions jackpot has a great week. tos of you who did, you really don't need my well wishes. another tweet. jokingly said greece buys the megamillions ticket. i know. sad news for those who did not
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win. tuesday's jackpot stands at $12 million in case you want to try again. viva las vegas rolled out the red carpets for some of country music's biggest names this weekend. stars hit the stage for the 47th annual academy of country music awards. carrie underwood hit things off ♪ so good girl why can't you see take a heart breaking listen to me ♪ >> wow! blake shelton made news of his own when he decided to, you know, poke a little. and take a little joking jab at the rumor taylor swift and tim tebow went out on a date! >> i guess the broncos were so anxious to win another super bowl, they were actually willing to sacrifice a virgin. >> shelton went on to say, now we know what he has been praying for!
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awkward! taylor swift didn't let that ruin her night. she won the night's biggest award for the second year in a row, entertainer of the year. we're about to find out if sarah palin is a morning person. she is already a politician and political commentator and author. tomorrow she becomes a morning co-host. more on that is coming up. why many people called for george zimmerman to be arrested for shooting trayvon martin, one group is raising money to help defend him. we will talk to the person behind that effort next. according to the signs, ford is having some sort of big tire event. i just want to confirm a w things with fiona. how would you describe the event? it's big. no,i mean in terms of savings how would you sum it up? big in your own words, with respect to selection,
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a woman who has a political prisoner for nearly 20 years has been voted into myanmar's parliament. >> we hope this will be the beginning of a new era. right now emphasis on the rule of the people. >> officials predict aung san suu kyi and members of her party won 43 of the 44 seats up for election. this weekend's vote is considered the first legitimate election here in decades. the country has been transitioning from a military regime to a democracy. a russian passenger plane crashed during take out of and killing all 41 people on board including four crewmembers. it burst into flames and broke into pieces. 12 survivors remain in intensive care. the plane's data recorders have
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been recovered and experts from britain, france and kraen canada will represent russian officials in the crash investigation. talk about a slap on the wrist. here is one. five of osama bin laden's relatives were sentenced by a pakistani judge for living illegally in pakistan. three of those people were osama bin laden's widows. zain verjee is in london with more details. face values it sounds like not much of a punishment. >> reporter: no, it really is. just kind of a little whack, a slil slap on the wrist here. the maximum sentence that these women were facing up were to ten years in jail and, instead, what they got was 45 days staying in the house that they have been staying in in islamabad under house arrest. basically, they have to pay a fine of 10,000 -- that translates to like $110, that's it! some have already paid that to
9:17 am
the courts. what is supposed to happen is they go back home to their countries of origin. a lot of people are asking why was this so light and no sufficient explanation from the authorities saying why it was so light. but that's what has been decided. >> well, they did give authorities a lot of interesting information, more details are pouring out from their interrogations. do you have anything more from them? >> reporter: yeah. the youngest of the three wives amle and gave a bunch of colorful details in a deposition she had given and basically what she said was that she lived with osama bin laden, along with two other wives, up until 9/11 happened and then after 9/11, everyone just kind of scattered so she wasn't with him for a long time like seven or eight years and then, finally, they hooked back up when osama bin laden was in that abbottabad compound. she says he had four other kids
9:18 am
and two were born in a hospital in pakistan. this is some of the kind of detail that is coming out right now which is more colorful and paints a picture that u.s. officials had thought for a very long time was happening anyway and they moved a lot she said between seven or eight safe houses after 9/11 just to stay under the radar. leach call for george zimmerman to be arrested for the shooting of trayvon martin. one group is defending him and we will talk to that person next. , 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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a group of gun rights advocates want you to help to pay for george zimmerman's
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defense should he ever be charged in the death of trayvon martin. legal is taking donations for zimmerman's defense fund. they want to defend florida' stand your ground law and make sure zimmerman has a fair chance and adds it's gotten overwhelming support. christopher kossmann is joining us via skype and in the tampa bay area. welcome. >> hi. >> you've spoken with george zimmerman's attorney craig saurn saunders about your fund-raising effort. how about he react? >> i can't comment too much about it. i have spoken to him on two occasions and working together and consolidating our efforts and about the most i can comment on it. >> to clarify, you're working with zimmerman's attorney? >> we are in the preliminary stages right now. and we are working together. >> did he tell you anything about the need for funds for
9:22 am
zimmerman's defense? >> no. he has not. >> how much money have you raised? >> i can't really comment on that at the moment, but it has been overwhelming. it's a lot more than we had originally anticipated. >> when you say overwhelming, can you give us an idea of what that means? >> again, i can't really comment on specifics, but when we originally released this, we weren't expecting what has come in thus far. >> so just tell me what you expected. >> not nearly as much as as we have. >> okay. we will move on. you said your group has gotten death threats because of this. tell us about that. >> we expected it from the get go. unfortunately, i think that anybody that is associated with zimmerman or zimmerman's defense has now become a social pariah. i think it's unfortunate because the people are crying for justice and i really don't think they understand what justice is. it's certainly not death
9:23 am
threats. it's not bounties on people's heads. it's a fair trial and a fair shake and that is what we want for zimmerman. >> your group is focused on defending the so-called stand your ground law. but people like jeb bush and even sunder say it doesn't apply in this case. why do you think it does? >> well, i can't really speak to that. i don't know any more specifics than what the public. knows. but what i can say is that the stand your ground law is there to defend people and their right to defend themselves. and so this law doesn't really need to be changed because of one isolated incident. it's a good law and no matter where you are or who you are and what your racial ethnicity is, you have the right to defend yourself if you feel threatened. >> well, of course, we don't know exactly what happened that night. we don't know if george zimmerman was in the act of defending himself. does that bother you? >> it doesn't really bother me. the reason it doesn't is because
9:24 am
we don't know. what bothers me is the public outcry, what has come out of it so far. we bleble zimmerman hasn't gotten a fair shake and that is what brothers others us. if it needs to go to try for justice to be served, so about it but judging him guilty in the court of public opinion is not the way to go about it and so far nobody stepped up to the plate and said these things and been willing to defend zimmerman and that is what we are here today. >> i'm curious. how do you feel about the other side, trayvon martin? a lot of people on trayvon martin side of the story would say some of the things you're saying now. >> right. i would like to say this is a tragedy. a teenager is dead. parents have to bury their son and zimmerman's life is irreversibly changed. we are ganting know ryity for donating to mr. zimmerman but what we are trying to do is raise awareness the doubt in his guilt. it hasn't been asserted yet. i feel when the facts come out
9:25 am
to this case, it's going to change everybody's perception. >> is it fair, though, that some are trying to portray trayvon martin in what some call a bad light? >> absolutely not. i don't agree with that or condone that at all, nor does our organization. i feel what happened prior to the shooting is irrelevant. zimmerman's background and trayvon's background shouldn't have a part to flay in it, because really all it boils down is in those critical seconds what happened. >> just a final question for you. i know you got to go and answer your phone. some people believe like to bring the issue of gun rights into this argument now, it just clouds the picket. it makes justice harder to find. i mean, why concentrate on gun rights when really investigators have to figure out what happened that night. >> right. i don't believe that we're necessarily concentrating on gun rights but what i do believe the stand your ground law will come into question whether it's proven that zimmerman is
9:26 am
innocent or not and we really don't think that it should. what matters is what happened that night between zimmerman and martin. the law plays a part in it and it really shouldn't be challenged just because of one isolated incident. the stand your ground law has been used for hundreds of justifiable homicide in the state of florida and it should be continued to be used, because people, again, no matter where you are, who you are and what your racial ethnicity you have a right to defend yourself if you feel threatened. >> well, others might say and i'll ask you this last question, i swear. others might say that is totally wrong. like what better time to review the law because maybe that law gave george zimmerman the courage to follow trayvon martin that night. i mean, what better time to examine the law than now? to find out if it really did play a part in trayvon martin's death? >> absolutely. and i think if there is a gaping hole in the legislator, that, you know, allowed him to do that, then it probably should be
9:27 am
looked at. but what i challenge people to do is look up the law. there's a specific part under the justifiable use of force, under the use of force by an aggressor that would allow anybody, even this fthey provoked the fight to use deadly force against somebody provided they used every reasonable means to escape the danger and still were being assaulted and in fear of eminent death or great bodily harm. >> christopher kossmann, thank you for joining us. sarah palin is setting her alarm comrork for early wake-up time. she will be on the "today" show tomorrow as not just a guest but a co-host. that story is next. it's clinically proven to give 10 years back to the look of skin. now for maximum results... the power of roc® retinol is intensified with a serum to create retinol correxion® max. it's proven to be 4x better at smoothing lines and deep wrinkles than professional treatments.
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opening bell just about to ring on wall street. on friday, the dow and s&p ended their first quarter in over a
9:31 am
deca decade. the dow is down a few points this morning. police in lexington, kentucky, will outline their plans to prevent a replay of this weekend free for all. rowdy basketball fans swarmed into the streets and fired on cars and couches over kentucky's win over in-state rival louisville. as kentucky gets ready to meet kansas in the national title game, its coaching is condemning the violent celebrations. >> the state of kentucky is so connected to this program. it's a commonwealth's team. they go overboard sometimes and i think we twittered some things. i had duane twitter some things out, calm down and relax and, you know, come o let's go. use common sense. but i was disappointed to hear it. visa blames a technical glitch for temporarily slowing its networks for about 45 minutes yesterday. the disruption was caused by a recent enhancement the company made to its system. visa says the system is operating normally now and was not related to a recent data
9:32 am
breach. still waiting to find out who holds the three winning tickets in that $656 million megamillion jackpot. each get $2 million apiece under annuity option. two of the winning tickets sold in kansas and maryland where winners are not required to come forward publicly. the third ticket was sold in illinois. sarah palin will be on nbc's "today" show tomorrow morning. nbc says palin will reveal a side of her you have never seen before. >> what are you doing to prepare? are you reading some newspapers? >> oh! >> and it begins! >> you can still turn that plane around, governor! >> great. okay. that's a fine how do you do? what is a great start. here we go! >> for at least an hour. in will compete with katie couric who is hosting "good morning america" all week.
9:33 am
the two have a history dating back to 2008. couric was was cbs news and palin was the gop candidate for vice president. >> i'm just going to ask you one more time, not to belabor the point. specific examples in his 26 years of pushing for more regulation. >> i'll try to find you some and i'll bring them to you. >> it was an interview for the ages and countless comedy skits. >> but, again, and not to belabor the point, one specific thing. katie, i'd like to use one of my life lines. >> you don't have any life lines. >> well, in that case, i'm just going to have to get back to you! >> it looks like sarah palin is getting the last laugh, miss fey.
9:34 am
lz and will are here to discuss. >> good morning, carol. >> good morning. >> hi. >> i've been trying to find a deeper meaning to this story but i have failed. so allhow about you, le? >> i don't think much of a deeper meaning besides this is what maybe sarah palin may have been doing all along instead of toying away in national politics. she is charismatic. i read her book and she is engaging in the book and pretty and smart enough in pop culture. i think this is great and probably something she should have been doing instead of running for vice president. >> will cain, you said she is smart enough? that is cold! >> it is. i have a little bit deeper meaning. as this presidential election drags on we see herman cain come in and say what is herman cain really a proponent of?
9:35 am
long past what is logically available for them to win what are they sticking around for? i think sarah palin answers that question. when she comes on and gets the co-host of "today" or her own reality show there are benefits from running to president than perhaps winning the presidency. >> you're saying in the future we will see a whole lot more people using our election process to get themselves a show? >> it's a shocker, isn't it? >> it's just sad to me! isn't it sad, lz? if it's true, it's sad. >> it's sad but, i mean, we treat the election process like a reality game show any way so why not let the contestants be contestants instead of candidate. what is hilarious to me about herman cain he runs and says all of these horrible and divisive things and he drops out and he starts singing on the stage with
9:36 am
stephen colbert. like no harm, no foul. i'm just like, dude! did you take any of this seriously at all? >> i just remember back when barack obama was running and there was actually a campaign ad that came out accusing him of being a rock star and that was a bad thing during 2008. and, somehow, it's an okay thing now, will. >> well, look. i mean, i don't begrudge sarah palin this opportunity at stardom, this chance to co-host "today". i think it's great. i will be on tv hopefully, until the morning but were i not, i probably would watch this and i will predict sarah palin will get the last laugh on katie couric and she will outrate her tomorrow morning. what it means is when they are running for president or vice president, when they are on the ticket, we need to pay a little closer attention, you know, analyze them a little more specifically to see if they have what it takes and if they
9:37 am
actually won, what the outcome suggest they would be, holding office. >> just made me a lot more cynical and i thought i was already at my cynical level, like the highest level, but no! interestingly, lz the last thing i'll say about this, like i've been reading a lot of blogs about this and they are sort of setting up this contest between katie couric and sarah palin as this battle between women. almost like -- i hate to say it -- a cat fight! it's kind of gross. >> you know, i don't think there is going to be much of a fight at all. i just think, you know, people who follow sarah palin are a lot more passionate about her than people who follow katie couric. no not on katie's career. in fact, it should be considered a compliment because she is such a well-established journalist. the deep of people that gravitate to her are looking for something a bit more media. sarah palin is a one-liner and people tune in to see if she gets her digs in and see if she will do something quirky and
9:38 am
stupid. i think that is kind of funny. i just think what sarah palin should have been doing all along, like i said. >> don't set your meter so high to offend it. i don't think it's a cat fight thing. we have rivalries men versus men and women versus women and men versus women. >> we are bigger than that! >> thank you for the discussion this morning, guys. >> taylor swift was flying solo for country music's biggest night but did not take her from taking home the biggest award. need any help?
9:39 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ you remember we were sitting there by the water ♪ >> so cute. one of the big hits that propelled taylor swift to the top of the charts. today she is sitting on top again as country music's entertainer of the year. . the 22-year-old is the only second woman to win that award
9:42 am
and the second time she has won. sho showbiz correspondent michelle turner is in los angeles. she is laengs. >> she is. two was the theme last night. her solo status came up twice during the academy of country music awards in vegas. she was supposed to go to the school with kevin mcgwire. his sister started a facebook campaign to have taylor swift be his prom date and she couldn't go to the prom but she invited him to go to the awards instead. well, he had to be hospitalized at the last minute on friday and he couldn't make it. so taylor swift said hello to him from the stage after she won entertainer of the year. i hope that made him feel good. her dating status, though, was also brought up when it was joked on stage about tim tebow and the rumors and he swift could be a couple. when she cut away to swift during the joke, she gave a
9:43 am
price priceless confusion. the rumor is they are not dating and just had dinner together. >> i think that joke fell flat. >> i think so, too. the look was like this. >> i know. okay. so vegas was rocking and los angeles was rolling because los angeles had the razzy awards. who was the big winner there? >> i don't know if you would call him a winner but i do think we can now crown adam sandler the king of the razzies. his film "jack and jill" swept the awards. he won for worst actor and worse actress for his dual roles in "jack and jill." in which he plays a family man and his twin sister. it won ten awards. it swept every single category. i think we can clearly say this
9:44 am
may have been the worst movie of the year last year. >> will there ever come a time a man dressing up as a woman is not funny? i just don't find it funny. >> reporter: we are going to fight about this. i'm just the goofball. every time i see a man in a wig, it cracks me up! >> you're so easy! >> reporter: it is! it is. i'm an easy laugh, carol. i'm an easy laugh. >> that's why we love you. thank you! is ashton kutcher trying to punk everyone? reports say he has been cast as steve jobs. nichelle is back next hour with more showbiz headlines. we are used to airport delays but not like this. something caused a scare and part of love field airport in dallas to evacuate. we will tell you what happened coming up. arrival. with hertz gold plus rewards, you skip the counters, the lines, and the paperwork. zap. it's our fastest and easiest way to get you into your car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz.
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departure. hertz gold plus rewards also offers ereturn-- our fastest way to return your car. just note your mileage and zap ! you're outta there ! we'll e-mail your receipt in a flash, too. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. checking stories across the country. tsa shot down dallas love field a short time after a suspicious device found near the cockpit of a southwest airlines plane. it turned out to be a student's science project and included a small robot. a man says he picked the wrong store in grand rapids, michigan, to try to rob. a customer who happens to be an iraq veteran and knows martial arts wrestled him to the ground using a choke hold. the man passed out and woke up
9:48 am
in police handcuffs. in oakland, middle school students cleaning a local lake found more than just trash. they found two bags full of jewelry and watches and candle sticks. on early start today, the kids talked about what is next. >> i think it will be great if the owners were found because i know what it's like to like lose something. probably not that valuable. >> yeah. >> and it's great when it's returned to you. so it would be really nice if the owners were found, but if they weren't found, then if it went to the school, that would be also cool. >> library books! >> if no one claims the stuff in 90 days the kids and their school might be able to keep it. the so-called three amigos meet later this morning in washington for the north america leader summit. the what, you ask? president obama will be joined at the white house by the canadian prime minister and the mexican president. cnn's athena jones is in washington with more details. tell us more about it.
9:49 am
>> good morning. this is the first time these three leaders are holding a summit like like this since 2009 when the president traveled to mexico. expect economy, trade, trade and energy and security will top the agenda. canada and mexico the two biggest trading partners of the u.s. and getting a third of our products last year sorting according to the secensus. we know the president of mexico plans to bring up issue of transpacific partnership, a trade deal the obama administration is trying to negotiate with countries on both sides of the pacific from chile and peru and vietnam and australia but right now mexico and canada are not party to the discussions. in statement the mexican government released yesterday as the president cal deron was headed here they said he planned to take advantage of this opportunity to take about this trade deal which mexico feel it can benefit from. >> let's talk about canada's pa.
9:50 am
you know the keystone pipeline, i bet it comes up. >> absolutely. certainly energy and climate changes are on the agenda, and that is the big outstanding issue right now between canada and the u.s. we know that the obama administration denied a permit to transcanada, the company constructing the pipeline, because of some environmental concerns in nebraska and so that company is now looking at an alternative route. this is one of those topics the obama administration has been under fire from from republicans so it could come up. they're going to have a, woing launch and then a press conference, and i bet you the leaders get asked about keystone if journalists get an attorney. >> athena jones. thanks. or hires another employee, it's not just good for business, it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact
9:51 am
that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $6.4 billion in new credit to small businesses across the country last year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible.
9:52 am
9:53 am
. stories we're working on in the "cnn newsroom." i am nation officials will talk about an operation targeting at large criminal illegal immigrants. at 1:15 president obama, the canada prime minister and the mexican president will host a news conference. later at 9:20 tonight the kentucky wildcats go against the kansas kansas jayhawks in the ncaa championship. the showdown takes place in new orleans tonight. we're following a lot of developments in the next hour of the "cnn newsroom." let's check in first with mark preston. >> the republican establishment is rallying behind mitt romney's can das satisfies for the nomination and rick santorum and newt gingrich say they're not getting out of the race. voters in d.c., maryland and
9:54 am
wisconsin will weigh in tomorrow. i will have more at the top of the hour. . the family of trayvon martin is seeking a new investigation from the department of justice to see if the state attorney somehow interfered with investigators. i am george howell in sanford, florida. that story and details coming up at the top of the hour. believe it or not, airlines are getting better year-over-year, so we know now that airlines are improving a little bit and we'll sell you who is actually the best of the best. we got our airline quality rating summit in the next hour. got a kid about to graduate from college this year? she stand a better chance of landing a job and not living in your basement. we'll tell you why in the next hour. [ sighs ] [ announcer ] all work and no play... will make brady miss his favorite part of the day. ♪ [ upbeat ] [ barking ]
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air traveled in style. and for the first time ever, journalists ran out of adjectives. and so concludes chapter 1 of the legendary audi r8. ♪ and -- captions by vitac -- of the ewww.vitac.comr8. tonight in new orleans. kansas will have a stunning comeback over ohio state to reach the finals. absolutely destroying my pool, and top seed kentucky held off instate rival louisville. the wildcats are 6.5 point favorites. cnn learned that the arkansas head football coach was in a motorcycle accident over the weekend and now in the hospital. it is not clear how bad his
9:58 am
injuries are. state police say it was a single vehicle accident near fayetteville. he is the former coach of the atlanta falcons. jeremy lin, linsanity and the guy that probably inspired more puns than any other player could be out for the rest of the season. he hurt his knee and will need surgery. recovery could take six weeks. he is a free algt after the season so his career as a new york knicks might be over. 12-year-old tom char landing the first ever 1080 while skating the mega ramp, the world's largest skating ramp in california. he pulled it off on his fifth try of the day and then he did it again, a 1080 is three complete spins on the skateboard. he said it was easier than i thought. he is in the sixth grade and under five feet tall and weighs just 80 pounds, and he is fearless.
9:59 am
good morning to you. i am carol costello. stories we're watching new in t newsroom, this isn't the madness they had in mind. fans did this after the semifinal, look what they did tonight. cops in lexington and lawrence are getting ready. mega mystery. there are three very lucky people, possibly sleeping in late and staying home from work today after hitting the multi-million dollar jackpot. ahead, find out what we know about the winners. the "real housewives" of osama bin laden are learning what the penalty is for being so close to the most wanted men on effort. sarah palin co-hosting the today show tomorrow and it is already getting interesting. >> what are you doing to prepare? are you reading newspapers? >> oh, whoa. >> and it begins.
10:00 am
>> you can still turn that plate around. >> great. okay. that's a fine how do you do. that's great start. here we go. >> if you had problems with your visa this weekend, we'll tell you what was behind the holdup and if your car will work this morning. taylor swift does it again. >> the entertainment of the year goes to taylor swift, everybody. ♪ >> if you win the top honor at the cma awards again, can we just go ahead and call you the new queen of country? i think we can. we begin this morning, though, with a mystery. who are the three lucky winners that matched every single winning number in the largest jackpot in american history? it turns out we may never know. >> kansas, one of the few states that allows them to be anonymous and we leave that up to them. >> winning tickets were bought
10:01 am
in three states, kansas, illinois and maryland. took only a buck for the winners to cash in and get their share of the record-breaking jackpot, a billion tickets sold, and a lot of you that played, i know, were hoping not to go to work today. alass. joining me to talk more about the winning jack pot, neysa thomas, the executive direct for for the kansas lottery. how many calls have you gotten from the media in the past couple of days? >> i can't count them, too many. it has been so exciting. >> do you know who the winner is? you must know in kansas. >> we don't know who the winner is. they have not come forward yet. we know it was sold in the northeast region which is comprised of 21 counties. >> really? is that unusual that someone wouldn't tell you or come forward and tell you, the loiry commission people, that they won? >> i think that they have some things to do before they come in. we hope they will seek legal counsel and financial advice
10:02 am
before they come into the lottery offices. >> they don't have to reveal themselves in kansas, right? >> that's correct. >> why? >> just the way our kansas statutes were written. i think all the states are a little different, and kansas allows our winner to remain anonymous. >> when you deal with the big jackpots, are you seeing more and more people don't really want to come forward? >> well, in kansas we have had a couple of jackpots, and we did have one winner that went, that did seek publicity, and so it is just going to depend on the individual. >> okay. so what exactly can you -- you told us where the lottery ticket was sold. is there anything else you can tell us about the winner? >> not at this time. >> we're dying to know. >> i know. >> the new york post had the story that said this woman named melandi wilson in maryland won the lottery and they're going who? do you find that strange?
10:03 am
>> no. i think there is going to be all sorts of stories floating in all the states. >> this one as far as you know is not true? >> i wouldn't have any knowledge about anything in any other state. >> okay. we do know the maryland lottery officials don't know anything about this lady. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. police in kentucky are bracing for more violence, understandable after what happened this weekend at the university of kentucky beat louisville. yes, it took the fun right out of march madness. just a few hours from now police in lexington will discuss how they will try to prevent a replay of that. rowdy fans tearing into the streets and torching cars and couches and trash and 50 fires and 20 arrests. somehow, no one was seriously hurt. kentucky fans bent we second quarter after their team advanced by beating instate rival louisville. tonight they square off against
10:04 am
kansas and win or lose they're bracing for the threat of more violence. carlos diaz is in new orleans for the national title game. tell us about the police prep, what they're doing to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> it is unusual to talk about the fact that saturday's game was probably the bigger game for fans in lexington because they wanted to leet louisville, but tonight they're talking about having further no parking zones and also want to have a bigger police presence. they're going to basically blanket the campus. they might even have to blanket the campus of louisville, kentucky, because of the fact if the wildcats lose tonight the fans in louisville might be happy and riot there. basically, john, the head coach of the kentucky wildcats said he was not pleased with the fan performance after the game. >> the state of kentucky is so connected to this program. it is the commonwealth's team. they go overboard sometimes.
10:05 am
i think we twittered some things and ids duane twitter things out, calm down, and relax, and come on, let's go use common sense, but i was disappointed to hear it. >> reporter: so let's talk college basketball. tonight you have a matchup of basketball royalty when you have kentucky taking on kansas because these are the two winningest teams in the history of college basketball. no two programs have won more games than these two programs. it is a lot different than last year when you had uconn and butler. this year kentucky is the heavy favorite and a record-breaking 75,000 fans will be in the louisiana super dome to watch the matchup. it will be a very big game. >> you will be one of them. carlos, thanks so much. now, new developments in the fatal shooting of trayvon martin, the florida teenager whose case ignited nationwide
10:06 am
outrage. later today the martin family will formally ask the u.s. justice department to review the conduct of the state's attorney who initially reviewed the case. according to reports the prosecutor overruled the police department's efforts to file charges against the gunman, george zimmerman and there are new doubts cast on his description of the deadly struggle. auto experts analyze the 91 is tapes and say the calls for help were from the teenager and not zimmerman. they say the teen was brutally beating him and fired his gun only after neighbors ignored his desperate pleas for help. let's head to sanford where george is covering the story from there. we know the family reached out to the justice department. what do they want to hear? >> reporter: carol, at this point they want to see whether the department of justice will look into this. the attorney said he does not know how or when the doj will look into this but we know the request will be written and
10:07 am
filed today what they're looking into is the state prosecutor, norm wolfinger, they want to determine whether he somehow interfered with the investigator, the lead investigator, chris soreno in this case. they're waiting to hear back from the department of justice so see if they will move forward on this. >> turn to the audio tapes, the experts are coming out saying that it wasn't george zimmerman's voice shouting for help. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: two experts who spoke to the orlando sentinel and in fact we had them on our air this morning, and we actually heard from them, their thoughts on this. keep in mind with these audio experts, the analysis is not 100% accurate. it can't be determined with certainty. when you look back at the police report, the police report does say according to the investigator that the investigator believed that it was george zimmerman who was yelling for help and in fact his brother, his father, they say that it was his voice but take a listen to what the audio expert
10:08 am
had to say this morning. >> we know this is not an exact science here, but in your opinion is there a chance here this is not zimmerman's voice? >> there is a huge chance this is not zimmerman's voice. as a matter of fact, after 28 years of doing this, i would put my reputation on the line and say this is not george zimmerman screaming. >> can you put a percentage on that? >> that's a tough question. i am going to say about 95. >> reporter: at this point the audio experts, that's their belief as to the yell for help on that 911 audio. again, that can't be determined with certainty, carol. >> george howell reporting from sanford, florida. we're just about an hour away from a meeting at the white house with the canadian prime minister and the mechanics an president and they will talk about lots of things, issues on
10:09 am
the agenda for the north america leader summit including the economy, trade, and energy. hillary clinton, 2016? despite the secretary of state's repeated insistence they will not run for president again, her husband reopened the door. former president bill clinton says he will be happy either way. >> i believe that she is being absolutely honest with you when she says she doesn't think they will go back into politics. if she comes home and we do the foundation things the rest of our lives, i will be happy f she changes our mind and decides to run, i will be happy. >> during his interview this morning with good morning america, the former two-term president predicted president obama would win re-election by a significant margin. i bet you are really surprised by that prediction. republican leaders are back out on the campaign trail today drumming up last minute votes before tomorrow's big primary. voters in maryland, d.c. and wisconsin cast ballots tomorrow.
10:10 am
our political director is here. wisconsin is the big surprise this time around. >> it is. if mitt romney can win in wisconsin, he can help erase the idea that he can't connect with working class voters which rick santorum has done so well, carol, in this election so far. >> what are the polls saying. >> it is mitt romney's race to lose but the polls have been wrong in the past and we have be to careful. right now mitt romney is up in double-digits in some and single digits in others and does have the wisconsin republican establishment pinned him. >> he is expected to take all three races and for obvious reasons, maryland and d.c., tell us why. >> because maryland and d.c., if you are a republican and you live in maryland or you live in the district of columbia, your views are probably a little more centrist than they are say in alabama or mississippi. you might be a government worker. you might be somebody who works for a company that works with the federal government. your views don't tend to be as
10:11 am
socially conservative. they tend to be more fiscally conservative. if romney is able to pick up wisconsin, an incredible amount of pressure will be thrust on rick santorum if there already hasn't been to get out of the race. >> if mitt romney wins wisconsin and maryland and d.c., is it safe to say that he is going to get the nomination? >> no. i will tell you the reason why. yes, okay, if i am a betting man, i would say he is going to get the nomination. look, stranger things have happened and the fact is rick santorum and newt gingrich have both said they are going to stay in the race until mitt romney gets 1,144 delegates which is what you need to clinch the nomination. stranger things have happened. until they get out i think we have to play it out. >> mark preston, thank you. viva las vegas rolled out the red carpet for some of country music's biggest names. stars hit the stage for the 47th annual academy of country music awards. carrie underwood kicked things
10:12 am
off. ♪ ♪ why can't you see he will take your heart and break it ♪ >> wow. veteran co-host blake shelton even made a little news of his own when he decided to joke at the rumor that taylor swift and tim tebow had been out on a date. >> and now i guess the broncos were so anxious to win another super bowl they were actually willing to sacrifice a virgin. >> oh, man. shelton went on to say now we know what he has been praying for. the joke choked. we see taylor swift's face, like you didn't go there. that did not ruin her night. they won the biggest award are to the second year in a row, entertainer of the year. just ahead, a new embarrassment for president obama's rey lekds campaign. a volunteer fundraiser is accused of fraud.
10:13 am
more on that. whwheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! whwheeee! ! whwheeee!! whwheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ahah h heaeadsds u up. whwheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! evevererytythihingng y youou l , nonow w momobibilele.. dodownwnloloadad t thehe n nep totodaday.y.
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10:15 am
trayvon martin, we can all agree what happened that february night was a tragedy, but that's about it because the martin case has become about so much more than just a case of injustice or not. i am sure none of you are surprised by this. it hypotheses that become a political shrug fest. on one side msnbc's al sharpton has become the did he fact owe public voice for the martin family. >> what is messing them up is when they see young, beautiful
10:16 am
sisters and young strong brothers walking with their heads held high, with dignity, walking with pride and walking with integrity in tact demanding justice. >> sharpton's call for a boycott of businesses in sanford, florida, so alarmed some of the local branch of the ncaap they felt they had to set the record trait. politicians are wearing hoodies to show sympathy. on the other side rush rim bau, newt gingrich and rick santorum blasted the president for saying if he had a son he would look like trey gone. gingrich called the comments disgraceful. the conservative website the daily caller published trayvon martin's tweets, complete with rap-laced slang, and then there are the defending gun rights. ann colter says who matter whose story you believe the stand your ground law is innocent. >> the stand-your-ground law
10:17 am
only applies, only is relevant if someone had an opportunity to retreat and the law says you don't have to retreat. in neither narrative is retre retreating an option. it has nothing to do with the stand-your-ground law. this is simple self-defense. >> even with the state's attorney and the if i know the trayvon martin has has become less what actually happened and more about partisan politics. to top that question, why can't we have a rational conversation about what happened to trayvon martin? and i will read your comments later this hour. also this morning president obama's re-election campaign is facing embarrassing claims against one of its own volunteer fundraisers. the washington post is reporting one of the 400 people holding the trusted position is accused of big time fraud. they say she accused of bilking a businessman out of more than
10:18 am
$650,000. athena jones is at the white house. what's the obama campaign saying? >> reporter: you know, i spoke with the campaign spokesman this morning and they're not commenting specifically on this case of this woman, this new yorker, who has been accused of these crimes, but they say that more than 1.3 million americans have donated to the campaign and we constantly review those contributions for any issues. this is from the campaign spoekz man ben la bolt. he said that some issues are easy to identify and others more difficult. once an issue has been raised we address it promptly as we will do in this case, and so he wasn't able to say what exactly they will do to address this and couldn't answer at the time whether or not they will be returning this money but they're certainly looking into it. we have confirmed according to the campaign website that this woman has raised between 50,000 and $100,000 as a bundler for the obama came pain. we know that last year they
10:19 am
donated $5,000 to the campaign and $35,000 to the obama victory fund last year. that's what we know so far. we're still following this, carol. >> i am sure you are still digging. athena jones live at the white house. the 22nd airline quality rating report is out this morning. when it comes to issues like your lost luggage, late arrivals and fare increases the report gives us a look at the best and worst of the 15 largest airlines. let's head back to washington and check in with lizzy o'leary. what can we learn from this report. >> it is about as you pointed out being on time, bags, customer complaints, things like that and we can tell you the top three year, airtran comes in at number one, getting the best overall rating followed by hawaiian airlines and jetblue. they have been in the news for other reasons and as far as customers go over the past year or so they are coming in in the top and when you look at the other side of this, this is kind
10:20 am
of the regional carriers, the folks who do smaller routes for the big airlines, so that's atlantic, southeast, mesa, and american eagle. they scored at the bottom for all of these things. that of course is on time performance, baggage, customer complaints. it isn't about safety. it is about how people feel about their airline. >> gotcha. overall what are we seeing in the industry? >> well, it might not feel like it, but they're getting better. the trend has been toward an improvement, and actually things have been ticking up over the past decade or so. one interesting thing to note, none of the big legacy carriers have been at the top number one in almost ten years. that shows you that a lot of the newer airlines, smaller airlines, more niche airlines tend to get better feedback from the customers according to this group of experts that get surveyed every year. >> thanks as always. early spring feels more like mid-summer in atlanta. the temperature today could hit
10:21 am
90 degrees. look at that haze out there. it has been that way for much of the country setting temperature records in march. we'll see just how warm it was in the month of march. female an] if whole grain isn't the first ingredient in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first. get more whole grain than any other ingredient... just look for the white check. get m♪ e whole grain than any other ingredient... ♪ ♪ ♪ that should do it. enjoy your new shower. [ door opens, closes ] with determination.
10:22 am
courage. and all the points i earned with my citi thankyou card. [ male announcer ] the citi thankyou card. redeem points for travel on any airline with no blackout dates. the song soak up the sun, what much of the country has been doing. this is the atlanta. the metro temperature could hit 90 degrees and it is only april 2nd. they can expect high 80s much of the week. not just atlanta. other places have seen the warmest march ever. randall? >> do you like the heat or more on the cool side? should spring be like spring? >> i love it. it scares me a little. what does it mean? >> it may not mean much at all. they have only been keeping records since 1880 and the earth is 4.6 billion years old. it certainly is impressive and
10:23 am
going to stick around for today and in fact take a look at what we have in terms of our numbers. here you go, warmest march on record for chicago, washington, d.c., even minneapolis and also atlanta, detroit, and cleveland folded in and it is the second warmest march on record for new york city, philadelphia, and denver. in fact, that's march. april started off pretty much the same way. tallahassee yesterday was 90 degrees, one degree shy of 90 in sioux falls and joplin and let's see in rapid city 86. new orleans 86. one thing to focus is just because you have the temperatures in the city, there is some places in surrounding areas that may indeed have gotten into the low 90s and we expect the warm temperatures to be right back up and we may see them drop back down a bit in the coming days and on the east coast. good news, certainly in atlanta by the time we get to friday and saturday. should be back into the 70s. a little cooldown. not quite hard summer yet. a pop up of warm temperatures.
10:24 am
>> and break out my shorts. reynolds wolf, thank you so much. senator pal -- sarah palin to co-host the today show. after being in i aslump pore years the hiring is on the rise for college graduates and it could mean big things for the economy.
10:25 am
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10:28 am
political buzz is your rapid fire look at the best political topics of the day. three questions, 30 seconds on the clock. playing with us are contributors on the left, maria cardona. will cain in the middle and dana lesh. welcome to all of you. thanks, carol. >> you're on the right more than
10:29 am
the middle, aren't you? >> yeah. >> i knew when i said that i was wrong. you're right to correct me, will. first question, plit co-'s big heads line mentions a romney the democrats here and it ain't mitt, no, it is ann romney, the mrs. could she not one that ep hads her husband connect with voters? dana? >> well, i look at it like this. if mitt romney is going to be pose a successful challenge to barack obama going into the general election because mathematically you have to look at who the nominee will be at this point, ann romney, i like ann romney. she seems like a very nice load and he will have to lean upon her. he is going to have to rely on his wife to make up some of the gaps. i think she is going to be a formidable force going forward in the general. wives usually are. aren't they? >> maria. >> i wouldn't use fear to
10:30 am
describe what democrats feel about anybody in the romney campaign right now, carol. if you look at her as somebody who will be more apeeling to women, i would say yes. if you look at her as somebody that can make daper dan robotic like romney seem more human, i would say yes. i think she is his best asset. she is not on the ticket. unfortunately, he will not one pushing the policies that aantiwomen, antimiddle class and antiworkers and that will be a detriment. >> will? >> it is true, where mitt romney is cold and calculated and not terribly full of personality, ann romney seems warm and authentic and somebody everyone likes. with that being said, everyone talks about how little the vice presidential pick means. do you ever really analyze the vice presidential pick and let that influence your president you vote for? i would offer the first lady is even less import or influence.
10:31 am
no one decides which president they will vote for based on who the first lady is. >> wow. that's surprising. okay. onto the second question. sarah palin speaking of vice presidential picks co-hosting the today show tomorrow. matt lauer called her and could not resist asking sarah palin this question. >> what are you doing to prepare? are you reading some newspapers? >> oh. >> whoa. >> and it begins. >> you can still turn that plate around, governor. >> that's a fine how do you do. that's a great start. here we go. >> of course the reference her interview with katie couric in 2008 because katie couric will be co-hosting good morning america tomorrow. they're competing. will you watch palin, maria? >> i think i will watch her in between when i actually watch katie couric for real insight into the news and i think we're still awaiting with baited
10:32 am
breath to see if she can answer that question about what newspapers she reads. i think everybody that will be watching will be watching because of that. she hasn't answered the question yet. i don't think katie has anything to worry about in terms of ratings when you are actually looking at who you trust for the news. i don't think that will be sarah palin. >> oh, i beg to differ. i think katie does have something to worry about with the ratings. i bet you we could make a bet here that katie will lose that ratings race tomorrow to sarah palin and if you want to take me up on that bet? >> i don't know, will, last time you were betting you bet that rick perry will be the president of the united states. i don't know if you want to take that bet. >> there is no tape of that. there is no tape of that. she is charming. she can do high brow, low brow, she is attractive. she will be great on the today show, i would say better as a vice presidential candidate.
10:33 am
>> dana? >> i think katie couric is going to lose the ratings game just like she lost the ratings game the last anchor job and the reason she is hop scotching around. i think sarah palin is going to best her yet and this is the real war on women right here, the war on palin, the war on people like rebecca clayfish, and that's exactly what it is tax reform. i will be watching sarah palin to tune in to see how she does and i agree with will. she is versatile. you can hold her own and co-host and i was waiting for matt lauer to ask something like that, and he did not disappoint. >> he did not. time for the buzzer beater. 20 seconds each. md&a men dised mitt romney's father. it is set in the 1960s and referenced george rick santorum noi who was the governor at the time. listen. >> francis, tell jim he is not going to michigan. romney is a clown. i don't want him standing next to him. >> oh, guys, is this another
10:34 am
case of liberal hollywood striking again? will? >> not really. let me explain something about bias. bias ain't given to you overtly. this guy, i watch mad men, he is a political operator active. would it be a praise that a political would say something like that? this has no pretense so i am not offended whatsoever. >> that was deep. dana? >> i agree with will, but i don't agree with him. i can argue both sides of this. they didn't say george romney. they said romney. it is so surprise at all whatsoever that matthew weiner, the executive producer of mad men is a big time liberal. he was on realtime with bill maher discussing this the other day. you're going to expect something like this. of course the timing here during the end of the gop primary. >> tomorrow is the wisconsin
10:35 am
primary. maria? >> i sort of agree with both will and dana on this. it is no surprise. i think it would be interesting to see is any reruns of boston law or any other shows running when mitt romney was governor of massachusetts to see if any of those lines actually come out in terms of how foolish people may have thought he was. that should be interesting. >> we will dig through theault and see. >> maria agreed with us. we got her on record. change is happening. >> see, i know, i know. people coming together. >> a meeting of the minds. >> exactly. >> i am going to sing like what am i going to see? kumbaya, yeah, on the break. thanks for playing today. we appreciate it. >> thanks, carol. >> thank you. >> here is a great headline for monday morning. more college grads are finding jobs. allison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. does that mean mom and dad can say get out of the basement? >> they can only hope. yeah, if you have a college
10:36 am
degree, looks like hiring is making a comeback here. it is nts as good as last year. it is still double-digit improvement. there was a survey showing that employers planned to hire 10% more college grads this year. this survey came from the national association of colleges and employers and so it is yet another look at a more optimistic outlook than just a few months ago. if you put it in real numbers, almost 16,000 entry level positions have been listed for the class of 2012. you compare that to the class of 2010 which only had about 5,000 job hostings, so what we're also seeing are bigger job fairs at several colleges since these companies are scouting for more of these college grads. carol. >> what about the salaries of these new jobs? >> it looks like the paychecks are getting fatter. the median entry level is up 4.5% from last year. if you put that in real dollars it is almost $43,000 a year. not bad. don't rest on your laurels. kpeg will be darn tough.
10:37 am
employers are getting more than 30 applications per posting and because you also have to remember beside the folks just graduating, a lot of graduates that settle for a low-paying job during the recession or didn't find work at all so they're trying to sort of make their comeback and they're eyeing for the entry level jobs that are better than the ones they settle for. tough competition out there and the job openings are happening if you're a college grad and a better chance of landing one. carol. >> live at the new york stock exchange. something that looks suspicious cost the tsa to evacuate a dozen gates at love field in dallas. we'll tell you what it was coming up. and pepperoni breath? fight both fast with new tums freshers! concentrated relief that goes to work in seconds and freshens breath. new tums freshers. ♪ tum...tum...tum...tum... tums! ♪ [ male announcer ] fast relief, fresh breath, all in a pocket sized pack. ♪ ♪
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10:40 am
tailor swift is just 22 years old and boy did she have a great night at the country music awards and she won awards, i guess the same award two times in a row. it was quite a fete for anyone but she is 22. michelle turner is here, in los angeles, actually, and taylor swift won the entertainer of the year award two times in a row. there was a really bad joke told during the ceremony. awkward. >> it was awkward, carol. it still has fans buzzing this moment, this morning. host blake shelton and reba mcentire joked on stage about tim tebow and the rumors they could be a couple and when they cutaway to taylor swift during the joke she gave them like a priceless confused reaction and the consensus seems to be that taylor swift and tim tebow are not dating and they just had dinner together. that wasn't the only time her single status came up at the show. she was supposed to go to the show with high school student
10:41 am
and cancer patient kevin mcguire. you may remember the story. his sister started a facebook campaign to have taylor swift be his prom date. she couldn't go to the prom but invited him to the awards show. he had to be hospitaled at the last minimum on it friday and couldn't make it. taylor swift said hello from the stage after she won entertainer of the year. i hope he was watching and made him feel better. >> i hope so. that's really sweet. ashton kutcher, talk about him now. has he really been cast to play steve jobs? >> it seems so, carol. he is reportedly ready to play the late steve jobs in an upcoming bio-pick creatively titled "jobs". i like the casting but some people may they he is not the right guy because it is not a comedy but there is a physical resemblance between ashton cusper and steve jobs when he was younger and "variety" says it will chronicle jobs rise from
10:42 am
hip i to ko founder of apple, and this is not the only jobs biopick in the works. i mean, listen, ashton kutcher is that hippy, that very smart guy, so i think he can channel that and do a good job with this. >> maybe so. we'll see. thanks very much, michelle. we appreciate it. some middle school kids came across an unusual and possibly valuable find while they were doing a good deed. we'll tell you where they discovered this treasure and what happens to it now. as more children are diagnosed with autism, the cost to care for them is also rising. we'll hear about the emotional and financial toll from a family living with autism. [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now.
10:43 am
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checking stories across the country. the tsa shut down dallas love field for a short time after a suspicious device was near the cockpit of a southwest airlines plane. security evacuated a dozen gates as precaution and turned out the device was a student's science project and it included a small robot. a man who said he had a gun in his pocket picked the wrong store in grand rapids to try to rob. this is surveillance video of what happened late last month. customer who happens to be an iraq war veteran and knows martial arts wrestled the gunman
10:46 am
to the ground and holding him in a choke hold. he passed out and woke up in police handcuffs. in oakland middle school students cleaning up a lake cleaned up in a big way. they found two canvas bags full of watches, silver, antique jewelry and candlesticks. on early start they talked about what's next. >> i think it would be great if the owners were found because i know what it is like to lose something, probably not that valuable, but it is great when it is returned to you. it would be really nice if the owners were found, but if they aren't found, then if it went to the school, that would be also cool. >> more library books. >> yeah. >> more library books. as the kids said, if no one claims the stuff in 90 days, the school might be able to keep it. today is world autism day. the cdc now estimate that is 1 in 88 children have autism. that is a 23% increase since 2009. as more children are diagnosed with the disorder, the cost for
10:47 am
caring for those children is also rising. poppy harlow is in new york and we're talking billions of dollars here. >> reporter: billions of dollars. this number just came out late last week. we were shocked, $137 billion a year in the united states. that is what autism costs society according to a new study by autism speaks. the lifetime cost for an individual, a family, raising someone with autism can be up to $2.3 million. that's for someone on the severe end of the spectrum. 29 states do have laws right now requiring insurance to cover autism treatment. those are the states in yellow on your screen. still what, we found out in researching this, carol, is so many families still struggle to pay for the costs that aren't covered by insurance. i want to show you one, this adorable little boy, colton, you see him there on the plaza. we spent the day with his family. he is three years old, but eight months ago he was diagnosed with autism and first for his parents
10:48 am
came the emotional shock and then the financial shock. take a look. >> it is approximately $1,000 out of pocket a month. between everything, all of the therapy. >> it is not all covered? >> no, no, oh, no, it is not all covered. we still have co-pays. right now i have been fighting with insurance since like august to get him occupational therapy. we want to give him everything, every fighting chance that we can give him he is going to be something special. we just know it. >> they're doing an incredible job raising him, and they have better health insurance than a lot of other families do out there. they're still struggling. they have put off their dreams of buying a home with a yard. they live in a condo. they also tell me we're not sure if we can afford to have a second child right now. that's how much you have to put in after the emotional shock, how hard it is for families especially in this economy. >> it is not like their financial burden will go away because they still have to deal with colton when he grows up. >> that's the reality. that's what we take a look at in
10:49 am
the second part of this piece. we have it online. what do you do when your child gets out of the education system? we met a young man named clinton, 21 years old, graduating from high school in june, and what happens to him then? that's what his parents are worried about. also, what they didn't expect is when he turned into a teenager, some other things happened. he became more aggressive with the disease. he started breaking windows, over turning furniture, so he needs 24 hour care. parents are worried what happens when we're gone and this is, i couldn't believe this number, his mother told me he is 3,000 on the waiting list to get into a group home for adults with awe sichl tichl. it shows you the struggles the parents face from a young age all through adulthood, carol. >> poppy harlow live in new york. thanks. ahead, a high school basketball player says he is focused on staying modest even though he is being recruited by every top college basketball program in the country. ♪
10:50 am
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i asked to talk back on an important issue of the day. the question this morning, why can't we have a rational conversation about what happened to trayvon martin? this from steven, because it is an irrational issue. how does stand your ground get revised to stalk and pursue? had zimmerman done as the dispatcher directed trayvon would still be alive today and we would not have a circuit of idiots in florida. >> are we supposed to believe there is a war on women for a week and war on african-american teens for the next week? >> this from chase. i would rather have a gun in my hand and i acop on the phone. i support the right to bear arms and act when threatened, not saying what zimmerman did was
10:54 am
right but he had the right if the situation truly called for it. this from laura, we unfortunately have parallel realities in the united states. black parents have concerned that white parents can't even conceive of and too often white people don't accept that those concerns are based in reality. this from riley. like carnival barkers chasing an audience, politicals and pund its pop up and cherry pick the truth. it is like a movie about a bad movie, about politics gone mad. cnn if you would like to continue the conversation. we'll be right back. well, online dating services can get kind of expensive. so to save money, i've found a new way to get my profile out there. check me out. everybody says i've got a friendly disposition and they love my spinach dip. five foot ten... still doing a little exploring. but... my sign is sagittarius, i'm into spanish cheese, my hairline is receding but i'm getting a weave.
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battle speech right? may i? capital one is issuing a venture double miles challenge. show us how much you spent last year and we'll give you 2 miles for every dollar spent on your travel reward card. up to 100,000 miles! hawaii, here we come.
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claim your miles at today! what's in your wallet? can you play games on that? not on the runway. no. if you have been cap at this video by march madness this year, wait until next year when you get to see tony parker play. he is so hot on the court he has been talking to recruiters since the eighth grade. here is reynolds wolf. >> how you feeling? how you feeling? what time is it? yeah. >> four years of varsity basketball and four straight georgia state championship titles, 18-year-old tony parker is one of the most highly
10:58 am
recruited players in america. the 6'9" center is a local celebrity at miller grove high school in georgia and those that know him well say he is unaffected by all the attention. >> he is so humble. >> he is really humble. >> he is a better person than a basketball player, and that's saying a lot. >> the guy is bad, it is bad on the team but if you have good character you can go farther. >> good character and staying grounded, not an easy task considering the number of high proceed tile schools pursuing parker. >> have you narrowed it down. >> duke, ohio state, georgetown, kansas, and kentucky, that's it. >> he started playing basketball when he was four years old. his father says he became a standout performer in seventh grate. >> went to the junior all american camp up in virginia, and he really did good, and he had good write ups. >> the next year before he even
10:59 am
started high school, the college scouts started calling. >> how have you seen things change from your eighth grade year to our present time now? >> the phone calls sparingly and now it is every day. it is a different coach. >> if we can fast forward and you can say something to the university to let them know what kind of young man they're getting, what would you say to that university? >> i would tell them they're getting a very, very, very special young man, somebody they can put the face of the program and put the trust in the faith of their program in, and he won't let you down. >> he hopes to study business management and journalism and he is the very interest of the a renaissance man in the making. >> he loves to cook. >> the hardest part now, making the decision. >> when you are in theym


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