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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 3, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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the next storm system, the next storm could be coming up somewhere right down between those two. it's not over yet. this is a violent day. we're going to see more tornadoes today yet. >> we saw it dark, dark gray then minutes later, perfectly clear. you're telling me even though -- to sort of reiterate maria's point in dallas county, just because it's clear means you're in the clear. >> clear is actually a bad thing. clear means the sun can come back out, regenerate the heat that was on the ground earlier and that heat can cause and create another thunderstorm ind -- behind it. wichita, texas, was hit by two large and deadly tornadoes just hours apart. right down the exact same line. here's what we have.
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let's do a reset. about two hours ago, we had a severe thunderstorm watch. we had hail coming down, the size almost of tennis balls. then all of a sudden that watch was upgraded to a tornado watch because the storms are beagaining to rotate. then we had two storms out by themselves. those two storms were right in the dallas and the ft. worth area. this is a picture of it earlier. this is near hutch kins. this isn't current. this is about one hour ago. we had this video live on the air just to the east of 35-e. it's now not rotating enough i don't believe to put down a significant tornado as it moves just to the west of necessary kweet. it could regenerate. they do that. these tornadoes can skip up and down. to the west of this big storm that you're seeing now was another tornado on the ground. probably even larger as it was heading on up into the arlington area. it started out.
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i guess we were talking about garden acres, oak grove and euliss and glen heights. this one has been on the ground for a very long time. and probably back down on the ground. there's a tornado on the ground for euliss, texas. >> this is also fresh and it's happening right now. these pictures came down and they're live. >> we're talking about the dallas fot worth area of texas. he also specifically mentioned livestock, but beyond that, that's what he saw. but it's tough. it's happening live on the air. we know all the ishl ifs are scrambling, trying to respond to people on the ground. we're efforting those numbers, we're efforting injuries. . we're trying to get information about that tractor trailer
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facility enparking lot. we're going to stay on top of the breaking story. we're going to get a quick break in. much more to come here live on cnn. we'll be right back. t's what ma. me? i've been paying in all these years...
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4. back to our breaking news. folks you're looking now officially at live picture, aerial pictures with our affiliate wfaa. these are the first images we have. we are going to be careful as we're sitting on these live pictures. there could be people, there could be bodies inside of some of these structures that have been whipped around here as a result of the tornadoes. so we're going to be careful in what we choose to show you and
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what we choose not to show you. guy, tell me in my ear if we know which neighborhood this is. dallas county, texas. multiple homes. you can see see, one, two, third house from the left what appears to have possibly been a two-story home. it almost appears like the second story is gone. >> yeah. and this is kind of the skipping nature. now confirmed reports the tornado is back down on the ground in parts of mesquite. as it moves to the north and northeast, the helicopter not going to follow that storm. mesquite, texas, especially the western parts of mesquite, you need to be taking cover. >> oh, the dog. this is why they tell people to go to the center of the house. >> the windows are broken. you would be cut if you're not there. if you get near the window, you're putting yourself in more
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danger of getting cut than you do by helping your house of 0e7ing up the windows and relieving the pressure. that simply doesn't work. >> it's interesting when you look at these and see the damage to the homes of the left, this skipping nature. the homes to the right seem to be unhutched. then between there, the threes on top of one another, i presume because of the wind. the trajectory. >> yeah, that's why when we say we cannot confirm this is a tornado until the weather service goes out to look, they want to see whether everything was going -- all the wind was going in the same direction or a different direction. when you see every tree going in a different shape and form all going in the hidel almost like a pyramid coming together, that's when you know there was a circulation coming together. that's when you know there was circulation on the ground. that's what they look for. they look for trees going in
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different directions. they look for circulation. they look for one house hit. there's not even a shingle missing over that house and a complete half a floor missing on the house just off to the right. >> as we look at these pictures here, they look to be pretty sizable homes. i saw fire on scene. police on the scene, they're all responding here. you can see someone's suv half in a tree there. as we're looking at this and trying to hone in on exactly where it was, half the tree snapped off in the middle of the road. fire, perhaps someone walk age long. just imagine obviously you're thankful that your life was spared for some of these folks walking around. but just what that would feel like. my thoughts and prayers go out to folks in lancaster, texas.
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>> and this is what we tell people and why we tell people about why you must get out of a mobile home. a tornado will snap those wires in no time. you need to get out and into a safe structure. >> i'm brooke boold win sitting next to chad mire.
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we saw not too long ago, the power of the winds whipping massive tractor trailers through the sky. and these are now in daylight, now that the ominous gray skies have moved through and you can see what used to be perhaps a two story home absolutely gone. fire, you see fire on the scene. carrying along chain saws, carrying instruments to perhaps get people out of some of these homes. obviously, i've covered stories like this. so have you. people want to make sure everyone is accounted for. safe. and so they're responding, lancaster, texas. there's a tornado now on the ground in -- >> euliss, texas, and mesquite. euless, texas. that story was on the ground a
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long time and it was a bigger storm than this one that you're seeing now. there are new storps to the south that may approach both cities in the next hour or so. >> i'm just reading this banner right along with you. tornado approaching dfw? >> that could be. that's the storm that could be moving through euless. as it comes together on the north side on dfw, on the north side of dallas ft. worth metro plex. they come out to make one interstate to oklahoma city. more people get hurt going outside after a tornado. every board has a nail sticking out. every power line that you think is dead may be alive. everything this you think was okay before the storm is now not okay. things are broken, nails are everywhere. people get -- there's more
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tetanus after a storm like this. tonight, people are going to get their generators out, and all the generator will do for you other than make electricity is make carbon monoxide. >> look at these people rushing towards this police officer it looks like. just to be clear, this is not live. we're being very, very careful as to what we're showing you live on air. their ear rushing towards this rv. perhaps they're hearing screams. we don't know. but that's one issue with storms like this people trapped. the. >> the officer talk on the walkie talkie, informing other officers to come by. this area is obviously cordoned off. that's why the people were running in. they were stopped on the way into this neighborhood. and they obviously had a good story, they had their i.d.s with them and they were i believe to come in and say hey, there's somebody with us, there was somebody back at that house, we need to look at them and that's what these people are doing now. >> if you're just joining us, i want to give you a picture --
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how long have we been talking tornadoes? 45 minutes? >> at least. >> so this is the beginning. this was the beginning i should say, just about 45 to an hour ago. in dallas county. and this was the tornado on the ground. you can see the funnel. as we're moving, we're watching this moving left of the screen. >> this is the storm that just caused the damage that we looked at. this was the tornado 25, 20 miles an hour. >> i would say fs this on the ground for 30, 45 minutes. it was the same tornado that went and hit the trucking unit, the outfit where the trucks were thrown in the sky. we were talking about this for a long time. then this shot went away. we were talking about another shot and all of a sudden the next shot came in and literally the backside of a semi, the trailer being thrown into the sky at least 200 feet.
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>> and we're talking dallas ft. worth. these are cosmopolitan. this is urban, texas. some of these pictures do show fields, land. these are the pictures as you watch the tornado moving through, whipping through this tractor trailer parking lot. and it's just you and i are practically speechless. watching this. you see them tossed through the air, landing back on the ground. the public information officer is obviously very aware of what will happen at this specific facility. they show pictures in the daylight. >> minutes after we saw them tossed about. we see the damage on the ground. you see how far some of these tractor trailers were tossed. hundreds of feet away. >> no question. i worked in oklahoma for a long
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time. a school bus was picked up and thrown one mile. they never found it for dpas. and it was thrown one solid mile away. that was about a 200 miles an hour tornado. this didn't get thrown quite as far, but obviously the suction power, the wind power, and just the sheer devastation that can happen when you get wind speeds like this. >> chad, thank you. i want you to know as we continue to follow breaking news, the storms through the dallas county area, ft. worth, i want to let you know as we were talking b about that tornado and the trajectory, we have now learned that dallas fort worth, the dfw airport has now grounded all flights. grounded all flights. so heads up if uh you're headed to or perhaps at the airport. and also, we do have red cross on the phone as we continue to look at these new pictures of damage, emergency personnel, firefighters on the scene. we're going to talk red cross after this quick break. ♪
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welcome back. we're working with chad myers, meteorologist, as we're covering this live. there's at least one tornado on the ground at this moment in time in t, in the dallas ft. worth area. here's what we know so far. we've. watching the tornadoes emerge and the damage afterwards which we'll show you in just a moment. but i can tell you, dfw, this was from a moment ago, dfw has grounded all the flights, also heavy rail transportation, trains. that is shut down as well. people are in prevention and
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also response mode. you see the bright flashes of light. this is some sort of tractor trailer complex. they're parked. you can see one after the other after the other. they're tossed about. you see this darker color tractor trailer, two two of them in the air. we watched this live on cnn. once we saw that, we showed you live pictures of the aftermath. broad daylight, you see these tractor trailers, we get information from you about where this was. this was southeast of the metro plex area. just imagine, these things are thousands of pounds, thousands. just tossed about. looks to me like this one hopped the highway and landeden othe ground in some cases like in this the middle of the highway. as we continue to cover this breaking story, heat the warnings, the sirens.
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do not try to outrun a tornado. that's what my last guest, a public information officer said, don't outrun it. duck for cover. get away from the windows, get in the middle of your home. i do have ain it that foster on the line. she's a public information officer with american red cross and the dallas area. anita, i know you have your work cut out nor you today. wre look at these pictures just absolutely wiped away. tell me what you know as far as injuries and potentially as far as fatalities. >> well, we right now are actually in shelter ourselves, across much of the dallas ft. worth area. some of our teams that are on the southern end of the metro plex have been able to start making a plan on how we are going to respond. right now, we are in the path of the storms and are seeking shelter. as you said, there's no
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question, there's a big job ahead. but we're at the beginning of the storm system but not the end. there's gong to be rain, more potential storm systems rolling on top of the area. and many people are going to need help. we are in our shelter. we are form lating a response plan so as soon as it's safe and we can open the door, we can get out into our neighborhoods with our friends, with our family that live here in our communities and be able to assist them with safe places to stay and food to eat and the things that they might need as a result of these storms. >> so anita, you with the american red cross are in shelter. you are sheltering in place. i have just been told here in my ear that southwest airlines over at love field, they're now sheltering in place. can you give a little better guidance as far as who needs to sheltner place, what exactly they need to be doing? >> absolutely. across the area, we've been tweeting to people, facebooking, encouraging people if you're in the path of this storm, if your
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sirens are going off, it's not anything other than a serious warning to you that a storm system is upon you. in texas a lot of people don't know this. we don't have basements. it's imperative as texans we maic the best flan possible. that's the most interior part of your business or your home, you put as many walls between you and the outside as you possibly can. that's the safest place. >> no basements in the dallas area. so get in the middle of your home. at dfw, there was a ground stop. gosh, bottom line, anita, i just want to wish you and the folks who are with you well as i know you are sheltering and you have a big job ahead of you. and the advice is to just get in the middle of the home and hopefully stay safe and ride out this storm. anita foster, i very much
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appreciate you calling in. bring us up to speed. we look at the damage and the emergency personnel. >> we still have tornado warnings for dallas, for terrant county, for a storm that has produced a tornado in the past and may still be making a tornado on the ground, up near, i would say near farmer's branch. and eventually towards highland village. this is the area north of ft. worth that moved through arlington with the sdaj. moved east of euless texas. some are now producing three-inch hailstones. so if you're outside, if your pets are outside, they're in danger just from hailstone s falling down. what are we seeing here now? >> these are live pictures i'm being told. the rain is coming down. do we know specifically where this is? i'm assuming we don't know. we'll figure it out.
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>> this isn't over by any means. >> are there sirens where you are or back where your home is? >> we're on the eastern side of dallas now. it's interesting, it's just amazing just how much different little isolated cells of severe storms we're seeing across the dallas ft. worth area. as one comes through, it seems like there's another one right behind it ir faing up. you kind of really have to stay vigilant and figure out where the storms and specific isolated real severe breakouts and possible tornadoes are going to be. there was one on the eastern edge of dallas in a town called mesquite and north there into a town called garland. also the area you've been talking about around the dallas forth airport. another severe situation with potential tornadoes breaking out
3:25 pm
of that as well. and also some of the local stations here in the dallas ft. worth area. firing up against to the south where the storms originated from. just because one storm masses through your area doesn't mean another one isn't firing up behind it. that's what we'll be looking at over the next couple of years. >> i know your information as you're driving is so limited. the storm in the arlington area is on the ground and doing so much damage south of arlington, did it stay on the ground through arlington or did it lift, do you know? >> that is such a highly populated area, that if it stayed on the ground, we would have already seen that that is smack dab in the middle between dallas and ft. worth. if there had been a tornado that stayed on the ground from south arlington up through where the dallas cowboys stadium is, the texas rangers play and six flags amusement park, we would have seen just absolutely stunning
3:26 pm
devastation by this point. so my understanding is that that same cell that's up by the airport now, i can't imagine it stayed on the ground terribly long, which is an absolutely gift, given how populated that area is. >> it was down on the ground in kennendale. the next stop would have been arlington. if it lifted, that literally would have saved dozens if not hundreds of lives. >> do me a favor. sfa on the phone. i'm going to ask you to stand by. chad myers stand by as well. ground stop, dfw, heavy rail transportation shut down right now. we're watching and talking severe tornado warnings in the dallas ft. worth areas of texas. again, i want to encourage all of you if you're in a safe location. grab your cell phone. if you already see the damage where you are. send us a picture, a video, be right back. all right, let's decide what to do about medicare and social security... security. that's what matters to me... me? i've been paying in all these years...
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3:30 pm
now we're beginning to see the first pit in the daylight of the damage here. and as we take a look at that and take a look at some of the video from a fitle while ago, let me just let you know, and here, watch as one tractor trailer after another is just picked up and the power lines are bursting all i along the while as they're picked up and swirled around. these are 10,000, 12,000 pounds some of them tossed around the interstate. and this is happening now in terms of these different storms. people right now sheltering in place. so it's tough for us to get an estimate as far as damage. as far as injuries go. here's what i can tell you, the dfw airport. it's a total ground stop right now. because of this weather they're experiencing. also in terms of heavy rail,
3:31 pm
train, transportation. that is now shut down. and you see these pictures and you see the man walking through. we've seen a number of people pulling out their cell phones, getting video of this. just look at this. some of these tractor trailers, on their sides. thick, thick aluminum just obliterated. and as we look at these picture, we have some ground-level pictures now. these are the first images we're getting. we saw the aerial pictures of some of those two-story homes. some of them now one-story homes in the lancaster, texas, area. again, here are some of the aerial.ic churs. let's throw the ground pictures up, guys. let's just look at these together at the first time. do we have ground level pictures? okay, stand by for that, here we go. ground level pictures, trees just snapped. a lot of trees. i'm sure a lot of power is out here. we've been talking to american red cross. a woman i spoke with said she's in shelter. they are currently sheltering in place, the red cross. and they have by the looks of
3:32 pm
these picture, they have their work cut out for them later aez they're going to be getting out a i long with fire, emt, police in dallas county, ft. worth, arlington, lancaster. the list goes on as far as the cities we've been talking about that have sustained some sort of damage because of these tornadoes. and again, chad, let me bring you in as we're looking. that's the radar from one of the local affiliates. so no tornadoes on the ground as of now. >> there's still maybe sirens going, if there's a tornado on the ground, i don't think it's small. if there's a warning for your country. you still need to take precautions. these storms have been going up and down all day. they have been cycling. just because i don't think there's one on the ground right now doesn't mean in three minutes it won't be back on the ground. especially the one north of euless. and the one close to dfw. i believe dfw is in more danger of getting hail than anything
3:33 pm
else. euless texas just reported at 360 and harwood, baseball-sized hail. baseballs falling out of the sky. and so that's how severe this storm -- these storms are 46 to 50,000 feet tall. moving 35 miles an hour and they are rotating. >> i want to bring in david maginaw, a spokesperson for dfw. i understand you have a total ground stop. is that correct? no one coming in, no one coming out. >> i'm not aware this is a total ground stop. nomin nominally, that's what would be happening. the faa puts out a ground stop and that stops traffic in other cities from coming to our airport so they don't get caught up in the storms. even so that's when you hear the term ground stop. when there's lightning in the area the way we've had we're going to stop activities and pull in ramp workers and such. so yes, for all intents and
3:34 pm
purposes, there are. >> lot of flights delayed or diverted out of dfw. >> just for our viewers, those are live pictures out of the evident will hand side of the screen. on the right side, we're looking at radar. we presume you're in the airport now, is that correct? >> i'm on the airport grounds is that correct? >> what are the skies like? >> it got very dark as the heaviest part of the storm cell came overhead. we did see some pea sized hail. the skies have lightened a bit now and the heavier part of the cell has gone overhead and passed on. we're starting to get a bit of a clearing. the rain has stopped. we will anticipate there will be a resumption of flight activity here in the next few minutes, even hour. so again, it's a wait and see.
3:35 pm
>> david, i have been through dfw, that is big, that is a busy, baz zi airport. here's hoping that you wouldn't have to do this .but kind of plan is in place. i think of a lot of glass, a lot of win doerks if this thing were to somehow head towards dfw, what plan do you have in place? >> well, the plan we have in place, brooke, for dfw airport include what we've been doing this afternoon, sheltering passengers, pulling them away from the glass that is typical of any airport waiting area where you can see the see the air kroft. we're pulling people away from this and into shelters. we use all of the available place we have including stairwells and stores and security checkpoints if we need to and restrooms. those types of things. we're not shy about moving people around. so we've been taking care of our passengers this way. in addition, you know, we do have a concessions plan where we keep our concessioners open on a day like today because we know
3:36 pm
that flights are going to be arriving late and well into the night and well into the wee hours in the morning because of a storm like this. so we have plans in place. we also have resources that we can provide to the airlines to assist them with deplanes passengers if that's necessary. and we do coordinate with all our local emergency management agencies so just in case we need them or in case we need us. >> so just so i'm clear, in case you have multiple plans, at the moment, are people -- do you have them shelters? do you have them in bathrooms in stairwells? >> yes. at the moment, we do have passengers that are being sheltered. and we expect that that will be lifted shortly if it's not already being lifted. >> okay. and then just -- what's the heads-up for people who are listening, who are either headed to dallas ft. worth area later today or headed out.
3:37 pm
what's the advice for them? >> well, the advice for people locally initially is keep yourself safe. watch out for your personal safety. if you're trying to come to the aur port, let's put that behind your own personal safety. we're not advising people to come to the airport if there's not a safe path there. second of all, we do have great flight information on so you can check your flight. and check and see if there's any way to -- also we have our own twitter and facebook pages that people can keep up with updates. so there's a lot of information that you can get without actually putting yourself in harm's way. >> okay, thank you. >> david? >> go ahead, chad. >> i just noticed you only have 22 planes inbound to dfw. have planes now been diverted to other airports? >> the way that works is that the faa probably about 30 or 40 minutes ago did call a ground stop. so any flight that would have
3:38 pm
been headed for dfw was just held on the ground. rather than have them take off and circle and put passenger lives in danger, just hold them on the ground b. so that's a very typical and recent change over the last three or four years that they' done. so that's what you're seeing there. and that's the result of it, that you've got a lotless traffic come into dfw than you would under normal circumstances on a sunny day. >> okay, david, thank you again. for folks headed in or out of dfw. he mentioned we appreciate it. and just to call the attention to something we saw a moment ago, if you're not just listening to us but watching us, as we've been dipping in and out of dallas ft. worth coverage. did you sea that hail? >> i did. it was hitting the pickup truck. there's much bigger hail. even eulis just picked up some
3:39 pm
baseball-sized hail. that videotape was pretty amazing. it was a red pickup truck and it was flashi inin ining -- splash the back of the pickup truck. >> anything smaller than about a nickel will not dent your car. >> turn around, look at this tv, look at this hail. looks i don't know, in between a marble and a golf ball. >> there's much larger stuff than that out there. this is hard hail. sometimes hail is a little bit softer where it's a con grglomee conglomerate. there could be 10 or 12 small hailstones all glued together. that was hard hail. that would hurt hitting you on the head or your pets. make sure the pets are inside. if you have friends at home, maybe they could open up the garage door so the dog or cat can be inside or rather outside in that. >> in case you are just joining us here, brooke baldwin, chad myers, we have been talking and
3:40 pm
watching live on the air multiple tornadoes touching down in the dallas county ft. worth area of texas here. in fact, these are the pictures. i'm just about sfeechle lessspe watching the last hour. these are tractor trailers just tossed around in the air. the tornado, the actual funnel as you described is sort of in the background. this is the wind and the rain and it's just being tossed about. the bright flashes of light. those are the power sources popping, breaking. multi. dominos being tooszed about like feathers because of the power of some of these winds. we watched that. then we saw the aftermath. look at this. tractor trailer after tractor trailer damaged. ev and people have been assessing damage, taking videos. hundreds of feet away. and as we look at these pictures
3:41 pm
and the damage, this is all just happening. different public information officers from the different jurisdictions, some of these people are sheltering in place. the woman we spoke with a moment ago sheltering in place at the american red cross. and after we look at this, let's pull up the pictures. we're getting more and more images of ground-level damage. so we're all going to do this together at the same time. you see, i don't know if that used to be a roof. assessing damage. >> the tree s sheared off. no limbs left. that tells you they just got twisted off the top. probably something we would call an s-car tent. there you see just the stripping of the limbs and of the leaves on that storm. something we haven't really been to yet, we've been focussing a
3:42 pm
lot on dallas county. and there's been a lot going on in ft. worth. there's been a lot going on in terrant county that we haven't been able to talk about. not so much in ft. worth or the town of dallas proper. we're talking about the storm that came out on 35 w. after it went up and down, it went down and stayed down for a very long time as it rolled across i-20. so i suspect that as soon as we get our helicopters from our affiliates on the other side of the city, the affiliates are in dallas. they neert going to fly to ft. worth until they covered everything in dallas proper. >> let's take a quick break. we still have oural bureau correspondent out and about on the ro eds. he's safe but he is reporting quite a bit of, you know, rain,
3:43 pm
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3:46 pm
a we are just now seeing some of the damage from the texas tornadoes playing out in dallas county, ft. worth. multiple jurisdictions in and around that massive area. we're talking to lieutenant tim jones with johnson county a little while ago. i'm going to bring him back in. he's on our phone line. you were talking to me last hour about dpaj. wh's happening where you are now? >> we have the police department, joshua fire department, burreson fire department and johnson county emergency management. we have not had any more damage. we have had reports with multiple touchdowns. we have received reports of one touchdown in a city south of our location.
3:47 pm
>> i'm sorry, say the city again? >> cleburne. >> when we talk about a touchdown in a city, do you have any information as far as damage there? >> we do not have any information on the city of cleburne. we're taking care of the rural part and the city of joshua and we have no more damage out here than what we previous will you spoke. >> okay, tell me, lieutenant, what kind of calls are getting right now? >> 911 is going off the wall. people calling in, sightings of tornadoes, possible sightings of tornado as of up to about 20 minutes ago. now we get people calling to make sure their relatives are okay. >> so as recent as 20 minutes ago, you've had people calling into johnson county saying they've seen tornadoes. is your advice for people in your neck of the woods to still shelter in place, stay in the middle of the home? >> yeah. we would like them to stay.
3:48 pm
even though it's safe at the present time, to stay alert, listen to the local and the national weather and the national weather service alerts and be prepared at anytime too take cover. >> okay lieutenant tim jones, thank you so much for calling in. as we're calling in and looking at some of the images for the first time, a number of our dallas tf stations have been working the story from the ground or the air. this is from a reporter from faa. take a look. >> is the damage extensive? >> good afternoon. yes, the damage looks very extensive here in lancaster, at least the north part. i came out here on the side of the road and found all these trailers, what appears to be a trailer storage area. we're really getting a firsthand view here. i'm walking around with my camera, giving you a view of all
3:49 pm
the damage. it appeared about five or six trailers were just picked up and tossed around. quite a bit of damage. in addition to these trailers they were picked up and thrown around in this area. let me show you this road over here on 20. you'll see another trailer picked up and thrown this way as well. one actually managed to get all the way to the service road of 20. that was blocking traffic on the service road. you might be able toll see in the distance, there are still police officers out there trying to clean up quite a bit of damage out there. it looks like at least seven trailers in this trailer storage area that were picked up. from what we can tell right now, still a lot of people out here, including tex-dot trying to at least assess the damage and figure out just how bad this thing is. this looks pretty bad.
3:50 pm
>> that was wyatt goolsbee talking about what was on the ground. arlington, texas, that's right smack-dab in between dallas and ft. worth, home of the cowboys, six flags and a number of people who live there and you have news. >> yeah. we just got confirmation and i knew it would be coming in and trickling in slowly and the affiliates in damage, they're taking care of their closest city first, but now damage is being confirmed in canondale and confirmed in arlington and a new tornado warning for arlington proper right now. we said that there may be storms behind the storms making damage in places that already had damage and that now is happening for arlington, texas. arlington need to be taking cover again with this second storm. you're hearing the storms and you're hearing the warnings, hopefully you are because sometimes with the first tornado the warning sirens are inoperable. the power lines go down and things can happen to those
3:51 pm
sirens. if you're anywhere near the arlington, texas, area this is moving south to north, take cover now. >> chad myers, thank you. we have ed lavandera on the phone and we'll check in with ed after this quick, quick break. emily's just starting out... and on a budget.
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like a ramen noodle- every-night budget. she thought allstate car insurance was out of her reach. until she heard about the value plan. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. >> welcome back to cnn here. as we are talking about a number of tornadoes that are popping in and out of these different areas in and around dallas and ft. worth, texas, and in the areas south and north. i want to talk about the things
3:54 pm
we've been getting from lancaster, texas. some of the roofs are gone from the two-story homes. you can see damage to one arm of this particular building and so lancaster, texas, that is where our correspondent, ed lavandera is headed. he's in the car right now. ed, are you with me? >> reporter: i am here, brooke. >> tell me, a, that you're safe. b, where are you right now and what do you see? >> i'm on the eastern edge of dallas trying to -- the storms are so scattered all over this part of the dallas, ft. worth. they were trying to figure out the best place to go at this point. i think it's important to bring out at this hour that we're about 20 minutes or so away from public schools or most schools across the dallas-ft. worth area that are breaking for the day. these storms are coming across and that's crow eighting a lot of personal problems for many people across the area as they try to figure out how to get their kids home from school safely and how to understand
3:55 pm
thattel these situations. you'll be urged to stay off the roadways because it comes at a difficult time as people try to figure out how to get their kids home from school. >> that's a great point and an absolute headache for parents trying to figure out how to get their little ones. one of the public information officers out of dallas county. she made the point that folks in the dallas area, for the most part, don't have basements so that's why she was advising so many people, look, you have to get in the middle of your homes away from the windows and away from the glass. why is that? why no basements? >> the soil here in this part of texas just doesn't lend itself to be able to build homes like that. it's very tough ground to build into and that sort of thing, and it's the engineering and architectural reasons for why that hasn't happened and that's why homes are built and one of the things you have to pay a lot of attention to is making sure you have a downstairs, interior
3:56 pm
room that doesn't have any windows and some place that you can get to quickly and some place where you can bring a mattress or cushion or something to cover yourself with in these situations because that's what's going to best protect you at this point when these storms break out, and also the city of dallas doesn't have a whole lot of experience over the last several decades of tornadoes taking a direct hit at the city. that's another thing, people get lackadaisical about how severe and how dangerous these situations can be and that's also something that probably causes a lot of headaches for emergency teams across the area, but what we're seeing first hand today, brooke, just how quickly and how powerful. i'm still getting over the images that you've shown of those trucks being thrown hundreds and hundreds of yards. it's left me speechless today. >> and by the way, ed lavandera. i'm being told, this is your camera. what is this? your iphone?
3:57 pm
i hope someone is shooting in your car, and i can see a lot of rain and windshield wipers are on, is that right? is this you? >> right. yeah. that's the car we're in driving down the highway toward downtown dallas at this point so you can see the vantage point that we have and the visibility is really cut down and -- i don't know if you saw that lightning strike there right in front of us, but on the edges of these storms, brook, is the scary sight. these storms roll through and you have that wall of clouds and it's almost like these clouds you can tell that they're trying to get formation and they're trying to spin and they look like fingers coming out of the sky and dropping down and you just sit there and stare at them for a while and you wait to see if it's all going to come together and create a tornado. more often than not, it doesn't, but as you see those clouds kind
3:58 pm
of start dropping and a little bit of that rotation trying to pick up right over your head or various neighborhoods across the area that you've seen many times repeated today. that's in the situation. >> and i'm being told, chad myers is telling me that there is a tornado that's developing right in front of you -- right in front of you. >> reporter: right in front of us? >> right in front of you. it's an h.p. which means high precipitation which means you'll never see it coming. it is wrapped in rain, and it is in the clouds and when you see brake lights and you see people this is the most dangerous thing you can happen is to get out on the roadway and i know you're a reporter and doing it for us and doing it for everybody to stay safe, but right now you need to be safe yourself. >> absolutely. >> can you offer more specifics as to where -- >> it's now crossing i-20 just east of 35e and if you're on 35e, it will not affect you. it will be east of you, but the
3:59 pm
rotation is at the i-20 corridor which is the south entinterstat so it will be east of 35e. >> that's a good distance from where we were. we're headed in that direction and it's a good distance away from us. i thought we were just a few miles away, but you can tell this storm is much stronger than what we've seen throughout the day in dallas proper. i think the city of dallas itself has dodged the bullet for the most part today and the communities around it have taken the hardest hit at this point, but this is definitely -- you can tell by this image that the visibility has dropped down and this is the heaviest rain that i've seen inside the city of dallas throughout the day. >> quite a bit of rain, ed. please, please, to you and whoever is driving this car. be safe in your crew, and i know you'll talk to wolf in just a moment. we've been watching these tornadoes and the aftermath, the


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