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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 5, 2012 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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thank you for joining me, cnn newsroom continues with kyra phillips. good morning, everyone. it's 11 can:00 on the east coast. 8:00 out west. if there's anything republicans and democrats in congress agree on, it's jobs. sure enough, about three hours from now, president obama will step into the white house rose garden to sign the jobs act, as in jump-start our business start-ups. a bipartisan attempt to help
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small businesses to get funding faster to grow quicker. critics fear fraud, labor department reports another drop, last week's number was 357,000, down 6,000 from the week before. time is running out to explain their thinking of a legal doctrine of dating back sergeries. the supreme court heard last week, mr. obama said that the court won't scrape a law, passed a strong majority of democratically elected congress. courts have passed judgment on laws passed by congress on the early 1800s. the white house said that the president was making an observation and not trying to intimidate the justices. and fighting continues in syria, despite the government's saying that it's come plying with a u.s. peace plan by
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withdrawing some troops from some regions. at least 30 civilians killed today. he told the u.n. general assembly, his six-point peace plan needs to be quote, implemented in its entirety and entirely. to stop the continuing violence. coming up, the latest on the humanitarian crisis in syria. the international criminal court is telling libya to hand over former leader mohammad gadhafi's son immediately. they say that he has been mistreated since he was captured last year. he's been held in total isolation except for visits from officials. saif gadhafi may face an unfair trial in libya. former rnc chair ed glis pea
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joining mitt romney as his senior adviser. romney is focused on pennsylvania today. >> good morning, likewise, this is mitt romney calling. how are you? well, good. have you ever heard of me? i think people expect senator to win his home state. we have several of the states -- >> the romney campaign has started raising funds for the general election, a clear sign that the primary season is unofficially over. a marine facing dismissal for allegedly criticizing president obama on facebook is getting some high-profile help. he goes ahead of a military board facing discharge. the latest step in his effort to
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stay in the marine. republican congressman, a former marine, said that he shouldn't be punished. jerry sandusky is back in court today. his lawyers are asking that all of his child sex abuse charges be dismissed. that hearing just wrapped up a little bit more than an hour ago. the former penn state assistant football coach faces 52 counts of various sex abuse can counts involving ten boys. the judge said that he hopes to make a ruling some time next week. sandusky pleaded no guilty to all of his charges. his trial is scheduled june 5th. whiteney houston drowned
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face down, according to the final autopsy report. earlier the coroner said that houston died of an accidental drowning. cocaine use and heart disease were listed as contributing factors. dr. drew na analyzed the report and came up with a different opinion. >> the fact is, this autopsy report showed that she had nominal heart disease, almost none, not sufficient to explain what happened to her. you also mentioned that she was found face down in water. how do you slip into the water and drown and end up face down, the way that happens is seizure. >> dr. drew also said if she suffered a seizure, it would have been brought on by her cocaine use and withdrawal from alcohol. earlier this morning the
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democratic controlled state senate in connecticut voted in favor of banning capitol punishment. it goes to the house which is expected to pass it. 11 people are currently on death row in connecticut. including the two men sentenced in the home invasion of the petit family. he was the poster child, sensational murders of the 1960 this is what charlie manson looks like now at the age of 77. manson is up for another parole hearing next week, you'll remember he was convicted of the 1969 murders of actress sharon tate and six other people. he has been denied parole 11 times. a high-tech secret, we know what google has been up to lately. project glass. these glasses aren't for correcting vision, they work
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more like a smartphone, they have see-through lenses. remind you of appointments and get directions. despite all of that, google said that project glass isn't finished yet. the late penn state coach, joe paterno finally tells his side of the jerry sandusky story. that's straight ahead. but first, it's been quite an interesting week for women in sports. first the ongoing hubbub surrounding the dinosaurs at augusta national government. now this, a woman who can dunk. britney griner, a perfect season and an ncaa title to boot, still within all of that glory, notre dame's coach said that griner is like a guy playing with women.
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the accusations against jerry sandusky allegedle molestation, oral sex, even rape of young boys all at the center of the biggest scandal to hit college football history and now his attorneys are fighting to get all of those charges dismissed. that hearing just wrapped upless than two hours ago. let's get straight to our jason carroll was inside the courtroom, so, jason, what happened? >> basically, kyra, what we're seeing here the defense has asked for many of the charges to be dropped simply because they say not enough evidence has been provided to them from the commonwealth about these ten alleged victims. the commonwealth has basically been saying all along, they have been providing the information in accordance with the law. there's still an ongoing investigation taking place. because of that they're turning
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over information as they get it. the judge listened to both sides of this and said, before he could quote make a ruling, it would be premature to make any decision on what can and cannot be prosecuted because of he ongoing investigation. in a sense, everything has been put on hold as this ongoing investigation continues to take place and both sides continue to try to work on their cases. so, what happened today was joe amendola was looking for justice. what he basically got was a postponement. >> the grand jury indictment is so detailed, jason, what's the likelihood of all 52 counts being dismissed? >> well, i think a lot of legal experts would say, it looks like at this point, it looks very unlikely. from the defense's point of view that grand jury report isn't as detailed that they need it to be in order to try their case.
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f forexam xl there's no specific information about what happened. where some of these alleged accusationac allegations happened. that's what joseph amendola is explaining to the crush of reporters now. you have a trial that's set for june 5th. you have this ongoing investigation, how long do you let the ongoing investigation take place before you cut it off? >> jason, i want to talk to you about this statement, it was released from the paterno family, i know you have seen it and apparently, before he died of lung cancer, he put this statement together, something that he wanted everyone to hear, there's part of it that i want to ask you. he wrote, after consideration, i determined that, given jerry sandusky's status as a retired
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employee governed by a retirement package negotiated with the administration, i had no authority to act directly. the next day n accordance with university policy, i contacted the head of my department and related what was told to me. that was the last time that the matter was brought to my attention, until this investigation and i assumed that the men i referred it to handled the matter appropriately. here's my question, a retirement package negotiated with the administration, what does that mean and how does that justify not following up? >> well, there are two sides to this. i think from the paterno's camp point of view, what they're trying to say, joe paterno legally did what he was supposed to do. he went to his superiors, he went to the head of the athletic department, he went to his superiors and said, i have this
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allegation of something that seems to have been inappropriate, i'm doing what i'm legally bound to do by telling you. from penn state's point of view, speaking for penn state, their point of view, is perhaps legally you do what you were supposed to do. morally, you should have done more. he was a legend at penn state. so, because he had that type of reputation, i believe that the thought process was, basically, such that, he should have done more than what he did. i think from jpmorg joe paterno attempt to get their side out. perhaps this is some way of trying to protect his legacy. kyra sf. >> jason carroll, thanks so much. straight ahead -- we're taking you to syria where we're hearing reports about a troop
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a glimmer of hope regarding the crisis in syria. is syrian government reportedly withdrawing military forces from several areas where fighting has been so intense. refugees have been arriving by the thousands, he's joining us live from the istanbul. >> kyra, the united nations said that the syrian government told it it has been beginning pull out forces in three key cities. three cities that have seen intense bloody fighting over the course of the last year. the u.n. said that it's trying to verify these claims.
11:19 am
we have done a little digging on our own. we called residents in the city of dara, they said that tanks rolled in last night and round up people. meanwhile, we have this video coming from outside the city, five miles out of that city, a helicopter firing rockets at tashgts in that town. again, within sight of the city where the syrian government claims that it has begun pull military forces. really casting doubts that the syrian government has begun any withdrawal. >> kofi annan is going to be addressing the u.n. today. so, what do you think? and how does this play into this six-point peace plan? is it working, not working? are we getting the truth on what's happening? >> well, in fact, he did just
11:20 am
address the united nations general assembly via a video conference, take a listen to what he had to say about what he says is the necessary rapid deployment of an observer mission in syria to observe an april 10th deadline for a cease-fire. take a listen. >> -- it can't be addressed through the traditional mission. the situation is fluid. there the peace will not be consolidated without credible political process. what we'll need on the ground is a small nimble process. it will be need to be deployed quickly. >> so what their talking about, kyra, is unarmed military mission and already, there's an
11:21 am
advanced planning team on the ground in damascus meeting with the syrian government to put together this plan for the force, 250 people, observers, to come in. what's worth noting, though, that this planning mission is not going to be talking to the syrian opposition, which are increasingly armed and fighting against the syrian military in numerous places, battle grounds all across the country. how can you do this observer mission if you're not going to talk to the rebels as well. trading meth for sex? coming up the sting operation that busted this sheriff of the year. 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health.
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the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual insurance, responsibility -- what's your policy? cnn reporters and producers we often have the inside scoop on some pretty great places to
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visit and try to relax. our cnn associate producer takes a look at an all-day korean sauna. >> reporter: i'm nesta disin in duluth, georgia at one of my favorite places to relax. it modeled after popular korean spas. they're affordable and a common getaway for families. >> it's very relaxing here. >> reporter: a family on tour from philadelphia decided to come here and take a break. >> my favorite part was -- swimming in the pool. >> the pool feels like silk when you're swimming in it. >> reporter: the swimming pool and floors are made of jade tiles. in korean culture, jade is used to bring calm and balance to the body. like spas in korea, it has multiple hot and cool saunas. there are seven. each has walls lined with
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charcoal and saltd. with temperatures ranging up to 140 degrees. owners said that it's the largest of its kind in georgia. the spa just outside of atlanta, i love coming here to relax. >> the u.s. coast guard has sent a ship to sink a japanese boat swept away by last year's tsunami, the fishing trawler is now drifting near alaska. the coast guard will assess its condition before blowing it up with a cannon. he criticized president obama, questioned his authority and hinted that he wouldn't follow the president's commands. so, does this marine have the constitutional right to say these things about the commander in chief in the military says no. but he's fighting back. his story, next. what ? customers didn't like it.
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men and women in uniform pledge their lives to defend our
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constitutional rights. in the process they give up some of their own. right now in san diego, a military discharge hearing is getting under way for a marine who has two years now has posted some inflammatory opinions on his facebook opinion. written under armed forces tea party and it bluntly attacks president obama the commander in chief. and sergeant stein's boss. he insists that he's breaking no law or directive. as far as the constitutional -- >> i don't have the right to interpret the constitution -- i mean, i'm an american, that constitution is part of the founding documents of my country. just because i sign a document that saying i'm going to join the military doesn't waive my way to interpret the constitution. cotra diction in terms.
11:31 am
paul, let's get straight to the rule book. dod guidelines are very clear when it says any activity that may be reasonably viewed as directly or incorrectly associating the department of defense or the department of ho homeland security with a part son political activity should be avoided. >> that's a reasonably clear directive. it arises from this concept that we want our military to be sub ver yent to military authority. if the troops are being openly political while they're acting as soldiers, you know, who's in charge here? so, the department of defense has issued this directive saying you really have to avoid active and blatant political activity while you're in the armed forces. just because the department of defense said that you should do that doesn't mean that it's in compliance with the u.s.
11:32 am
constitution. it may be a first amendment free speech violation geant is sue z where it gets -- continuing looking at the directive. it's not dry. the same directive says service members may do this, vote, express personal political opinions. join political groups. and sign petitions if they do so as a private citizen. service members may not, though, however participate in fund-raising, solicit votes. sponsor or serve in political clubs or speak at partisan gatherings. so, when you take that into consideration, do you think that ar gent stein has any defense here? >> well, i think under that particular directive, he's got some good lawyers operating on his behalf. i think he can get around that.
11:33 am
nothing specifically there says you can't have a facebook page where you say you're expressing personal opinions. criticizing the president of the united states. nothing says that. his problem is in another area, is this general concept a soldier in the marine corps can't act against his commander in chief. and i think the marine corps is saying his attacks on president obama constitute an attack on an commanding officer, not a political leader. >> and also, apparently, his facebook page had been up for two years, and then, he said that his chain of command knew about this. so, what do you think -- you know, he's saying it's been up for a while, everybody knew about this, they saw his opinions, so, do you think he's being treated unfairly? >> i don't think the military handled this very well. they originally issued a
11:34 am
directive to him indicating that he could continue apparently with the facebook page and now, he says that they sort of changed the rule book and said that he's acting illegally. you know, i think they could have handled this better. but on the other hand, kyra, everybody, every institution has a problem with news social media. you know, local school systems are disciplining teachers. the transit system in new york, i know they had a problem with some guy posting political opinions. we're seeing litigation all across the country on this. when you get to soldiers in particular, he said in one posting that he would not obey an order of the commander in chief of the president of the united states. if he felt if the order was illegal. i don't know if you want marines out in the field, i'm going to make a case by case judgment whether i'm going to obey my
11:35 am
commanding officer. i think that's what the marine corps is worried about. what happens when you're out on the field, are we going to have marines analyzing the constitutionality of an order being issued by a commander. that's the principal. soldiers have to obey without question. i got a feeling that sergeant stein may lose this battle. because we treat the military very differently than other institutions in america life. >> what a message that would send, if men and women in uniform could start expressing their political opinions while in iraq or afghanistan and talking badly about the president of the united states. that just can't happen. that would be destructive on so many levels. >> it would be. it would be an archy in the
11:36 am
armed forces. when you put that uniform on, you understand that you're giving up some rights. if you got duty on the base on saturday, you can't leave. you're awol if you do. i'm an american citizen, it's a free country. see you later. see you later into the brig if you're in the marine corps. so, we don't have the same rules for the military as we do for everyone else. if we're going to have a good military we got to function that way. >> paul, we're the same way. when we sign contracts with cnn, you give up certain opportunities when you sign a contract. of sort. >> you absolutely do. we do in all aspects of life. but we certainly want our soldiers to be focused on obeying their orders of their commandersened chiefs. we're a country that says that the military can vote and they can participate. we try to balance first amendment rights with the need
11:37 am
to have an efficient military and the courts are going to be struggling with this, with the internet and facebook and twitter and all of these social media outlets that make it easy for even soldiers in the field to express their views. a texas hospital said that it's banning overweight job applicants. that's right. employment discrimination? not necessarily. that's next. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle -- 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft.
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11:40 am time now to go to stories making news at street level. us a ya, georgia, the masters in full play this morning and as usual the icon of the games, arnold palmer, gary player kicked the it off. they hit the ceremonial first shots. tiger woods just teed off last hour. but weather may play a factor with rain as a threat. the masters run through sunday. let's head west to colorado, where a former sheriff of the year is found guilty of a crime. the form er sheriff known for hs crusade against drug use pleaded guilty to charges of trading meth for sex. he was sentenced to 38 days behind bars, eight of which he
11:41 am
already served. he also had to pay $1,000 fine and will receive two years of supervised probation. he was arrested after a sting operation last year. on to miami, where boxing legend muhammad ali got in on a different sport. we know about the champ's right and left hook. but this time, he got in on some baseball action. ali joined the marlins for the opening of the new stadium. construction of the park was just completed last month. the soldout crowd came for the opener. ali took part in the pregame ceremonies. he's 70 years old. in victoria, texas, a texas hospital is dealing with heat but nothing to do with the weather. it's in trouble for reportedly banning applicants from getting hired because of their weight. it requires all potential employees to have a body mass index of less than 35. that would mean no more than 210 pounds for people about 5'5".
11:42 am
remember this a jetblue pilot yelling on board last week, well, apparently, that pilot clayton osbon, will now undergo a psychiatric evaluation, the judge ordered the exam to see whether or not he was actually sane during that incident. prosecutors say that he believe he may suffer from a mental illness. and a baltimore, maryland, married state officials are holding a presser this afternoon. the alleged mega millions winner has reportedly not shown her ticket. she insists that she bought it hers. until they see a ticket, there's no getting the dough. now to athens, georgia, the word's fourth oldest person
11:43 am
remains an inspiration, working as a pediatrician until she was 103 years old. over the weekend she died at her daughter's home. she was 114. republican establishment rallying around romney, has rick santorum gotten the memo? apparently not. we'll tell you why next. but first, our political junkie question of the day -- when was the last time that the u.s. had a brokered convention. tweet the answer to me. not ec-o. it's , just like e-ither. or ei-ther. or e-conomical. [ chuckling ] or ec-onomical. pa-tato, po-tato, huh? actually, it's to-mato, ta-mato. oh, that's right. [ laughs ]
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well, before the break, i asked you when was the last time that the u.s. had brokered a convention, it was the 1952 democratic convention. then illinois-governor stevenson secured that nomination but was defeated by dwight eisenhower in the general election. president obama signs the jobs act in just a few hours, the new law will help privately-held start-up companies to look for capital from the public. fair game. wow, when you look at everything that the party can't agree on this is a nice change. >> this is big achievement frankly for both sides.
11:47 am
look this could serve as a template for the work that has to happen during the lame-duck session after the election. between the november and january time frames while we're getting ready for a new president in this country. a lot of work to be done and hopefully this is a step in the right direction. maria? >> i agree that it's something that's very good for both sides. but more importantly it's good for the american people to see that congress does work, washington can come together to focus on real solutions to focus on this path of job creation. the president has been urging for a very long time. we're happy that the republicans joined the democrats in a lot of the proposals. to make sure that small businesses do have the capital that they need in order to continue the job creation path that this president has put us on. >> still the critics are out there, i want both of you to weigh in, do you really think
11:48 am
that it's going to help the economy, why or why not. >> it's going to help because it opens more capital markets to small businesses around the country. small businesses of course over the last number of decades have been the biggest source of new job creation in the country. not only that, but this moves into the new economy. harnessing online tools like crowd funding that haven't been open to these businesses in the past. >> i couldn't agree more. in fact, this reminds me of april 3rd was the 16th anniversary of the death of secretary brown whom i used to work for, he used to say when he was secretary of commerce, small businesses are the engine of economic growth in the country and that continues to be true today. the president knows this. democrats know this. republicans know this. this is great model in order to move guard where both sides can really focus on what's good for the country and what's good for
11:49 am
voters and what's good for the continuing path for job creation and ensuring that voters can see that washington can come together and solve problems. so, we hope that the republicans can continue to join us to show voters that leaders can do what's right for this country. >> and maria is getting so emotional. r voice is cracking. >> i know. >> all right, let's talk about romney's campaign. guys, lot of changes taking place, including the announcement that ed gi, llespie is joining his campaign. >> he's trusted by conservatives and party establishment leaders alike. they begin leaving the nominating contest behind them and start planning a successful strategy for this november. i think it's nail in the coffin for rick santorum. >> maria, what do you think?
11:50 am
does romney become more of a threat when he has gillespie advising him? >> there's no question this is good for the romney campaign, and what i think that it signals is that the establishment is continuing to make sure that they rally around romney. they know that the republicans are in a bad position in terms of the damage that this grueling primary has done on the republican brand. they're bleeding the support of independent women. they're in the gutter with support from latinos, and this primary they just want it done. unfortunately, rick santorum and other very conservative republican voters don't see that romney is the person that they can trust to be the conservative standard bearer. so i don't see that rick santorum is going to get out. i see the republicans desperate for him to get out. so we'll see what's going to happen. >> well, on that note in addition to romney getting gillespie, all these new endorsements, jon stewart puts
11:51 am
this all in perspective for us. >> everybody knows the primary is over. >> we have now reached the point where it's halftime. >> almost everybody. >> half the delegates in this process have been selected, and who is ready to charge out of the locker room in pennsylvania for a strong second half? >> game is over, dude. it's over. you're done. this isn't the seen in the sports drama where the coach gives the inspiring speech and the team comes back to win the playoffs. this is the scene where hillary swank hits her head on a stool and never boxes again. >> and then gentry quotes the movie "the sixth sense," right, gentry? >> it's like the bruce willis character. he's the only guy in the story that doesn't know he's dead yet. jon stewart, of course, maybe the most insightful political commentator in the country today. >> maria? >> well, yeah. i mean, i think it's true, but then again it's not over till it's over, and so until mitt
11:52 am
romney can seal the 1144 delegates he needs, as a democrat i say continue on rick santorum, you have all the right to do so. maria, gentry, thanks so much, you guys. >> thank you. new jersey, new mexico, new york, and illinois did it. now connecticut could, too. state lawmakers on track to get rid of the death penalty but it's not necessarily what their voters want. we'll have that in two minutes. first in our 15-minute segment. if it didn't exist we'd probably invent it for this guy. you may know his face from 2008 when he fathered a child with then-girlfriend bristol palin. he's done it again with a 20-year-old teacher in wasilla, alaska. this news broke the same day sarah palin guest hosted the "today" show and a friend says that's no accident. a so-called media insider tells
11:53 am
"huffington post" the daddy to be, quote, made a fortune selling interviews in the past and expects to do it again. not here, pal. your 15 minutes are up. [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now. two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create
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11:57 am
avoids a state takeover. the agreement is fiercely opposed by labor unions. how would you like to be the most important and influential person in town? you can. buying your tone. buford, wyoming, called the nation's smallest town, population one is for sale for a minimum bid of $100,000, you might walk away with the whole entire place, including a combination convenience store and gas station and a three-bedroom home. just a few hours ago a new video hit the internet and it's almost certain to go viral. it's a sequel to kony 2012, the documentary that targets ugandan warlord joseph kony. >> releasing this film to explain the creation of the campaign, the progress that's already been made, and what we can all do now to support the ongoing efforts to stop the violence of the lra. >> the first video, kony 2012,
11:58 am
wracked up a staggering 86 million views in just a few weeks. connecticut is now one step closer to doing away with the death penalty. the state's senate approved a bill this morning. the house is expected to pass it, too. and the governor has vowed to sign it into law. here is the current lay of the land on capital punishment. these are the states with the death penalty. but in the last five years new jersey, new mexico, new york, and illinois have gotten rid of it. if things play out as expected, connecticut would be the fifth state to nix the death sentence. supporters say the practice is inconsistent and infective. the process dragged on my appeal after appeal, sometimes over decades. but while lawmakers are working to get rid of it, here is the kicker, take a look at the recent quinnipiac poll. 62% of connecticut's residents think abolishing the death penalty is a bad idea. historically voters have been divided. the poll director has said this
11:59 am
high-profile case changed that. you may remember this very well. the 2000 murders of the petit family and the two men sitting on death row are these guys. dr. william petit was the sole survivor. he's remained a staunch critic of repealing the death penalty. when lay makers made a move three years ago, the previous governor vetoed the bill citing the petit murder. the death penalty repeal being proposed right now would not apply to criminals already sentenced to death. critics are worried the convicted murderers like those two men you saw will try to use it during their appeals. connecticut could join other states, chances are looking pretty good, too, but there's no doubt the debate is far from over. thanks for watching, everyone. cnn "newsroom" continues right now with suzanne malveaux.
12:00 pm
live from cnn headquarters in atlanta, where it's 12:00 noon, 9:00 a.m. on the west coast, i'm suzanne malveaux. want to get you up to speed for this thursday, april 5th. deadline is just an hour away at the very partisan battle over your health care. republican appointed judge has given the justice department until noon central time to submit a three-page letter explaining whether the obama administration truly understands that federal courts have the right to overturn federal laws. a texas judge apparently took exception to president obama's statement on monday that if the supreme court overturned his signature health care law, it would be unprecedented. we'll have a live report in just a few minutes. it's called the jobs act. in just a few hours president obama is going to sign it into law. it's a move aimed at boosting new businesses and the economy as a whole. the bill, which passed by
12:01 pm
congress with bipartisan support, targets companies with sales under $1 billion, relaxes the rules for small companies that go public, also makes it easier for startups to raise money. mitt romney flexing his new political muscle today on rick santorum's home turf. two candidates neck and neck for the pennsylvania primary but romney already looking to the general election and the fight with president obama. >> look, i need your help, you guys. as you know, i want to win pennsylvania in november. i'm going to win pennsylvania in november. >> jerry sandusky wants child sex abuse charges against him dropped. the former penn state assistant football coach briefly appeared in court today. he's arguing that the charges against him are either too vague to prosecute or that the statute of limitations has run out. superior court judge says he's going to make no decision while the grand jury investigation is still going on. sandusky is accused of raping
12:02 pm
young boys. we're live from bellefonte, pennsylvania, in just a minute. and the final autopsy report is now out on the death of whitney houston. it shows that the grammy award winning singer drowned facedown in a tub of hot water. according to the report, the water was about a foot deep. investigators found a small spoon with a white crystal-like substance in the hotel bathroom. the chief coroner says houston apparently used cocaine a short time before she collapsed in the tub. notorious killer cult leader charles manson is up for parole again in a few days. this is the most recent prison photo. you see it there. manson now 77 years old. long, gray hair, a beard. you can still see the swastika tattoo on his forehead. he's serving a life sentence for persuading his followers to murder actress sharon tate and others in 1969. he's been denied parole 11
12:03 pm
times. now, back to the very public battle between president obama and the courts over your health care. now, the justice department has been scrambling to meet a federal appeal court deadline. they have to explain, the justice department, if the administration understands that federal courts have the right to overturn federal laws. president obama raised some eyebrows when he said it would be unprecedented for the supreme court to overturn his health care law. >> i'm confident that the supreme court will not take watt wou -- what would be an unprecedented extraordinary step of turnoverioverturning a law t passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected congress, and i just remind conservative commentators that for years what we've heard is the biggest problem on the bench was judicial activism.
12:04 pm
>> kate bolduan is life with us from washington and cnn legal contributor paul callen is in new york. kate, this is something that can get confusing for folks, but the bottom line here is what is the issue? what's at issue here? >> reporter: well, what we're at at this point is kind of the latest chapter in this escalating political battle. we're waiting to see in the next hour the obama administration responding to a federal circuit court's request, a bit of a strange request by any mark. a three-page essay or letter of sorts affirming that the department of justice believes in the long-standing power of judicial review. essentially, that the federal courts have the power to declare acts of congress unconstitutional if they find that, which really is not at dispute in the bigger picture of the fight over the health care law. though federal judge jerry smith tuesday, he set this deadline specifically citing president obama's remarks from earlier in the week which you just ran which set off a firestorm of
12:05 pm
criticism from republicans that mr. obama was in some way challenging the court's authority or trying to intimidate the supreme court. judge smith said the comments, quote, unquote, troubled a number of people, but the white house has pushed back saying that the president's comments were misunderstood and i'll tell you within legal circles, this federal judge is facing some criticism himself for seeming to insert himself into this political fight. while we're waiting for this letter to come, it's important to note that this whole back and forth is getting a lot of attention, but it is not likely to have any impact on the supreme court justices and their final decision, which we expect to come in june. they're already behind closed doors already working to write their opinions, but still a very unusual situation in a very much escalating political battle, as you know. >> a lot of people are looking at this potentially as a power play essentially between the courts and the executive branch here, the white house. kate, do we know if the attorney general, eric holder, is he
12:06 pm
going to respond to this judge? do we know if they're going to hand in this three-page letter? >> reporter: there's no word yet. as far as i can say at this point, there's no word yet that it has been filed. kind of logistically how it would happen is we're told the department of justice would file with the federal clerk at some point. there's no time period that they would need to post it online but they would post it online, and then it would be there for everyone to view. but we're not expecting fireworks. i can always be surprised. we're expecting kind of a dry, strit forward legal argument here. but we'll be reading it very closely nonetheless. >> thank you, kate. paul, i want to bring you in. i don't want you to make a dry, legal argument here. i want you to make it very exciting for us. essential essentially, is it unprecedented here for this judge, for this court, to make this demand of the justice department? is this really escalating here? >> i think it's totally unprecedented, and i think it's bizarre, frankly, on both sides. first of all, a federal judge
12:07 pm
doesn't have the right to go around asking the administration about general doctrines of constitutional law. they can say to the justice department if they're addressing a specific issue in a piece of court business, what's your opinion on this? but they can't just say, well, what do you think about the constitution? and then for the attorney general to publicly say that he's going to respond to this is equally crazy. i think, frankly, that both branches of government had better ratchet it back a bit because because, fra because, frankly, we've had a country that's worked very, very well by both sides being respectful to the other, and the courts, by the way, generally stay out of political disputes as much as possible, but the president, on the other hand, respects their ability to rule. we're not seeing that in this dispute. >> paul, one other question here. is the president accurate -- historically accurate when he
12:08 pm
claims it would be unprecedented, a step for the supreme court in overturning the health care law? >> no, he's historically inaccurate, which is very surprising since he's a constitutional law professor himself. he did, by the way when he was trying to clear up this comment a couple days later, say that, in fact, he was wrong. there was an era called the lockner era in the 1930s were the supreme court overturned all sorts of economic regulations. there was a battle going on in the new deal. there's a lot of precedent for the court overturning even popular legislation. the court has the final say in these matters. it goes all the way back to the time of john marshall and that famous case of marbury versus madison. >> thank you very much. here is a rundown of some of the stories we're covering. first, kony 2012, the sequel. the first video was watched more than 100 million times creating interest in tracking kony down.
12:09 pm
also sparking some anger as well. today the sequel hits the internet. and former penn state coach and accused child molester jerry sandusky was in court today. his lawyer wants the charges dropped. we're going to go live to the courthouse. and then a young woman who was just four years old when she saw her family murdered. victims of genocide. she finds meaning and hope reaching out to a new generation on the road.
12:10 pm
you know what's exciting, graduation. when i look up into my student's faces, i see pride. you know, i have done something worthwhile. when i earned my doctorate through university of phoenix, that pride, that was on my face. i am jocelyn taylor, i am committed to making a difference
12:11 pm
in peoples lives and i am a phoenix. get ready for kony part two. the people who created this viral film about a cruel ugandan warlord today released a sequel. we're going to find out soon whether this second film will
12:12 pm
catch fire online the way the first one did. more than 86 million people clicked on youtube video. want to take a look at the short clip from kony 2012 part two. >> they were contacted by the u.n. who asked us to design flyers that would be culturally sensitive. >> it gives them hope. a wife of joseph kony defected because she saw the flyer. >> tell us about part two. do we think this is more of the same? do the filmmakers tell us anything new? >> well, suzanne, i can tell you what's similar is that slick production value that made the first documentary so well-watched around the world. also, there are firsthand
12:13 pm
accounts like the woman you just saw who claims she was a wife of joseph kony and abandoned the lra of which he leads because of flyers that were created by invisible children, the group behind these videos, and distributed in central africa. that's the same. what's different is there's not the firsthand account that we found in the first half hour documentary with one of the invisible children. founders jason russell talking also from first person and using his child as really the example. seeing what's happening in the world through the eyes of his child. that's not in this video because jason russell has suffered from a psychotic breakdown just a few weeks ago as international criticism was levied on invisible children for their inaccuracies. >> errol, you bring that point up. do we think that's had an impact on the message here? how damaging was that? >> it was incredibly damaging
12:14 pm
because it changed the message. what invisible children wants to do is raise awareness of joseph kony, raise international pressure, and really use the power of social media and young people to add that pressure on international leaders. part of the reason for this follow-up is that first video was criticized for being over imply fid. in this video which they have just released they talk more specifically about joseph kony being pushed out of uganda into the central african republic, the democraticrepublic of kongo or south sudan. they were criticized for selling wrist bands and shirts. they're showing us what they use that money for on the ground. so this is part of their effort to get the focus away from jason russell and his personal problem and back to joseph kony. >> and all this attention, the millions and millions of people who clicked on that youtube video, has it paid off for them at all? do we have any sense of whether or not people know where joseph
12:15 pm
kony is or has there been a renewed search for him? >> in a way, yes. u.s. president barack obama already had 100 special advisers based in uganda to support the search for joseph kony, but after the release of the documentary in march, the african union of which most african nations are a member, decided to deploy 5,000 boots on the ground, 5,000 soldiers based in south sudan, led by uganda, with the prime goal to capture or, quote, neutralize joseph kony. that operation is under way, and even in the documentary they use ocamo supporting them, part of the global body that wants to bring joseph kony to justice. he even said in los angeles this weekend that this campaign is still worth supporting. >> all right.
12:16 pm
errol barnett. thank you. jerry sandusky appeared before a judge. the former penn state assistant football coach faces more than 50 charges of sex crimes against children. he asked the judge today to drop them. the judge said no. jason carroll, he is live in bellefonte, pennsylvania, with the story. so, jason, first of all, why did sandusky's defense team ask that these charges be dropped in the first place? >> reporter: well, it's a good question, suzanne. the reason for that is because they simply say not enough evidence has been presented to them at least in order to be able to build a defense. again, you've got ten alleged victims here. joe amendola, jersey sandusky's attorney, says the information they have been provided is not specific enough in terms of times, dates, locations of where some of these allegations of abuse took place, and so they said because of that we've not been able to build a defense, so they filed these motions to dismiss these charges. on the flip side of that,
12:17 pm
suzanne, you've got the commonwealth, the prosecution, which has been saying all along that we still have an ongoing grand jury investigation that's taking place and we are turning over evidence as we get it. so the judge took a look at both sides, decided to step back and say i'm going to wait until you have more time, meaning the commonwealth, to complete your investigation before ruling on these motions to dismiss. and, you know, joe amendola came out here. he spoke to a number of the people here in the press, and he answered his critics who basically said that he had been filing these motions to try to delay the trial. he said that was not his intention. his intention is to build a defense. he feels as though his client has already been tried in the court of public opinion. >> i want to try to make sure that mr. sandusky gets to court and can get a fair jury to hear both sides of this case so that that jury when it's seated will listen to the judge's instructions, will hear the evidence at trial, and make a decision based upon that
12:18 pm
evidence, not upon, as you may recall, the decisions, the conclusions made by many of you when mr. sandusky was initially charged on november 5th that he was guilty and all these accusers were victims and all the candlelight vigils that were held for then and all the program that is were opened up for them. we've been trying to overcome this tidal wave of presumption of guilt since november 5th. >> reporter: and the prosecution says, suzanne, that they have a broad investigation that is still taking place, and they say that those who will be stepping forward to testify, the alleged victims, are looking forward to facing sandusky in court. the trial is still set as of now for june 5th. >> you zahn? >> that's the time line. that's when they actually go back to court. >> reporter: that is correct. >> all right. >> reporter: june 5th, unless something else happens before then, and, of course, if it does, we'll be the first to tell you. >> thank you, jason. appreciate it. job market is showing signs of strength.
12:19 pm
we're going to break down the latest numbers.
12:20 pm
12:21 pm
it's a big week for the job market and as you can guess, wall street keeping a close eye on the latest numbers. alison kosik is at the stock exchange. what do we see? >> a little good news, a little bad news. i'll start with the good. the job market we're learning is improving. that's good. the bad news though, it's not happening fast enough. and we got more evidence of that today. first time claims for unemployment benefits fell by 6,000 last week. it means fewer playof eer layof. the new claims came in at 357,000. that's pretty good, too. it shows improvement from when
12:22 pm
claims were at 650,000. the issue now is that these claims have been stuck around this 350,000 level for a few months now, and you know what? that 6,000 reduction in the number of claims, it's not that huge. it really shows the recovery in the jobs market is slowing. suzanne? >> what do we think it means for the big jobs report that comes out tomorrow? >> so what you can expect is kind of a similar tone in the jobs report tomorrow. that slowing improvement, the expectation is you'll see 200,000 jobs were added in march. that's good. but look at february. february was even better. we were adding jobs at 227,000. the unemployment rate tomorrow most likely will be announced. it's expected to fall to 8.2%. that's good. what's considered normal is somewhere between 5% and 6%. so what you're really seeing happen here is the recovery, it started stronger, but the slow really seems to become -- is becoming sort of the new normal with the jobs recovery.
12:23 pm
>> what about the stocks? it looks like a pretty tough day. is it the reports? is that part of it, the labor reports factoring in? >> tough day, tough week. it's been a real rough week for wall street. you look at how stocks did just last week. the end of the first quarter was last friday. stocks ended with a bang. the dow ended up 8 approximat% t quarter. the second quarter is off to a weak start. stocks have fallen for three days. there are renewed concerns about the debt crisis in europe. now these worries are centering around spain. also concerns that the fed isn't as willing as it used to be to give out a helping hand to the economy. so that's also bringing down investors. right now stocks are flat. the dow down about 8 points. >> alison, thank you. mitt romney is in the driver's seat. are his rivals finally running out of gas? we're going to ask our political panel. my mom got a new car, so they stored her old car in a barn
12:24 pm
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here is a run down of some of the stories we're working on. neck, all eyes on north korea. as the secretive state prepares to launch what could be a missile. then three maryland young folks could soon be sitting on the board of education in their town, and they aren't even old enough to buy alcohol. then 18 years after the genocide, the people of rwanda are looking forward without forgetting the past. i'll introduce you to one of the amazing women that i met in my trip there. the election has just rounded a sharp corner. mitt romney suddenly looking mosh and more like the republican nominee but does the party and the country going to rally behind him? here to take about it republican strategist, crystal wright and democratic strategist ed espinosa. good to see you, ed. let's talk about santorum. he's not giving up. he has lost the last three primary contests over the week. fighting for his home state just weeks away, neck and neck with
12:28 pm
romney in pennsylvania. romney is campaigning there today. looks like he's already looking forward to november. take a listen. >> look, i need your help, you guys. as you know, i want to win pennsylvania in november. i'm going to win pennsylvania in november. >> all right. so a loss in pennsylvania could be a real embarrassment for santorum. so, crystal, could we see him walk away before that happens? >> you know, suzanne, santorum is looking like the energizer bunny in the republican race. he is not going to give up, and i think it looks like he's going to pull off pennsylvania. sow wants to save face. let's remember, in 2006 santorum got a real drumming of a defeat when he ran for re-election for his senate seat. he lost by 18 percentage points. i think he'll stay in. he'll get some wind in his sails if he wins pennsylvania, which
12:29 pm
it looks like he will. he'll save face, but i mean, come on, he really has to win 77% of all the outstanding delegates if he's going to get the nomination and plow ahead of romney, and that's just not going to happen. it's just not in the cards. sorry. >> go ahead. >> at a certain point, you know, he's going to really have to not -- he's going to have to look at the math and say -- >> let's just call it -- >> do i want what's good for the party or do i want to be a spoiler. >> are there other energizer bunnies, ed? who backs out first? >> it doesn't mat mother bac-- matter who backs out because the race for all intents and purposes is over. mitt romney is the presumptive nominee. i'm a democrat. there's nothing more i would like to see is this race to drag on. these guys have already lost the nomination. they have got nothing to lose by staying in.
12:30 pm
maybe they want to build e-mail lists, maybe they want to nurture a donor database or set themselves up for a book tour later on but it's not going to change the outcome of this election. santorum could win pennsylvania, could lose pennsylvania, either way it doesn't matter. >> crystal, let's talk about this enthusiasm gap here. if romney is the presumed nominee here, how does he fire up the base, get people out to the polls to vote in november? clearly, there are not a lot of folks who are very enthusiastic about him. >> i disagree with you, suzanne. romney is firing up the base. he's actually getting the attention of independents as well. after the triple-header win he had this week, wisconsin, d.c., and maryland, he's taking the fight to barack obama. i mean, we just heard on tuesday that romney is calling out with a failure, an absolute abysmal failure barack obama's presidency has been. like romney said, this president surrounds himself with
12:31 pm
sychophants. he comes out this week and threatens the supreme court to bow to him. so say, you know, you're not going to care kind of strike down obama care, and then he comes out talking about bashing republicans for offering a vision of the country which is a budget that is something that the democrat-controlled senate has yet to do in three years. so i think go on, obama. angry obama hiding from -- >> can you respond to that with a song perhaps? do you sing as well? >> well, it's a mouthful to respond to. i'll try to make a couple points. the first point being that, yes, romney does have a problem with his conservative base and we've seen that throughout the election. he has rarely broke 40% even in the face of weak opposition. he can reconcile that, but he's
12:32 pm
going to have to choose a conservative running mate to rally his base, which is good base politics but it's going to be a quandary for him to solve when he's reaching out to independents in the fall. as far as his attacks on obama, you have to be careful what you say in a xab because some things can come back to bite you. i put this up on twitter earlier. it's a video of romney making claims point by point about the president and the president in a speech talking about the things he has done that counteract every single point. not a very good strategy for mitt romney, but, hey, i hope he keeps doing it. >> i want you both to listen to this. this is a bit of mitt romney's latest catch phrase. >> this is not the time for president obama's hide and seek campaign. president obama has said he wants to transform america. i don't want to transform america. i want to restore to america the values of economic freedom and opportunity and small government that have made this nation the leader it is.
12:33 pm
>> crystal, he's talking about this hide and seek campaign. do you think that's actually going to resonate with voters here? do you think that people actually believe that obama has something to hide or they don't know something about his character after four years? >> hide and seek is a metaphor obviously for the fact that we don't hear obama celebrating the anniversary of obama care. we don't hear obama talking about how the jobless numbers are really coming down fumly. we've been above 8% for the last three years despite all this spending. when romney talks about the president having a hide and seek agenda, it's because he has nothing of success to run on, and i think americans are -- >> where have you been? obama celebrated -- >> excuse me. i let you talk, ed. they don't -- americans aren't stupid and obama is talking to them like they're stupid. he wants to throw the constitution out and have the
12:34 pm
supreme court bow to him. >> jump in there, ed, because obviously you've got to counter. >> well, i think that to say obama is not owning health care, which he has owned the title obama care, is to completely miss all of the events that took place over the past few weeks marking the two-year anniversary of the passage of the legislation. we have played that up. democrats have owned it. the president is running on it. this is one of the most transparent presidencies in the history of our country. recovery act dollars listed on the internet. health care bills listed on the internet. 24 straight months of job growth. we are turning the corner. things are going well and the president is talking to people every single day to say that this is a hide and seek presidency is to literally have your head in the sand. >> we're going to leave it there, ed, crystal, good to see you both. they will continue this debate obviously in the days and months to come. you wouldn't know it from the way shea smile smiles, but
12:35 pm
young woman last everything when she was just 4 years old. she is now rebuilding a generation with her voice. my report from rwanda 18 years after the genocide. first, here is a preview of this week's next list. we are going to take you behind an hbo popular series "game of thrones." ? >> in seasons to come, they are first and foremost her people so wherever she goes, they follow. as she's traveling through lands there are other languages she comes across. >> we have other rang walanguag coming up. >> i would love to continue creating languages for "game of thrones." that's the dream of everybody who sits down to create a language.
12:36 pm
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this week an entire country will remember the hundreds of thousands of innocent people, men, women, and children, who were slaughtered during the rwandan genocide 18 years ago. i was invited to travel to the african country for its service project to teach young girls journalism. during my visit i discovered some amazing stories of hope and inspiration. there are a group of people recognizing the tragic past but also vowing to look forward, also some of them who are even willing to forgive. 22-year-old antoinette is leading her own movement with the sound of her voice. she and 12 other young women broadcast the only radio program in rwanda that puts girls first.
12:40 pm
it's calla program about girls g strong inside and out. >> to be proud of who i am. to be an example of all girls and be proud of me and to follow me, to be like me. >> to be a mentor. >> yeah. >> reporter: but behind that smile is a lifetime of longing and pain. 18 years ago fighting in rwanda between two rival ethnic groups escalated into all out genocide when the hutu majority slaugh r slaughtered the tutsi minority. this is a catholic church 30 miles outside of the capital. this is where many people fled seeking refuge from the killing. they thought they would be safe here because they're inside of a
12:41 pm
church, but 5,000 people were slaughtered here. you can see the hundreds and hundreds of bones collected from arms, legs, and hips. and the hundreds of skulls as well, even the weapons inside to show the last hours of how they were tortured and brutalized. antoinette knows firsthand. she was just 4 years old when they came for her family. >> i didn't get transfer red lie others. i lost my parents in genocide in 1994. i was 4 years old. >> reporter: the killers came for her father first. >> he went out in the rain. i go after him. what i saw, i saw they shoot him here. he -- he fell down.
12:42 pm
>> reporter: antoinette and her 9-month-old brother were passed onto their neighbors. >> my mother take me because there was like traumatized. >> reporter: three week later the killers would come for her mother. they threw her into a pit with many others and stoned her to death. >> i just cried, yeah. >> reporter: how do you -- how are you so strong and so happy today? >> for now i get the chance to study. i'm so happy, i have hope for a life and to get some of the things i need. >> reporter: antoinette is moving forward without
12:43 pm
forgetting the past. do you think your parents would be proud of you today? >> i think so. wherever they are, they're proud of me. yeah. >> antoinette is just one of the many young women that i met in rwanda. she uses her voice as a weapon for peace. in the next hour i'm going to bring to you a story about forgiveness. how a killer and his victim's family try to live together in the same community. if you'd like to see more of my stories from rwanda go to new concerns about north korea. satellite images of a launchpad indicate that military may be up to something. we're going to have a live report. all right, let's decide what to do about medicare and social security... security. that's what matters to me...
12:44 pm
me? i've been paying in all these years... years washington's been talking at us, but they never really listen...'s not just some line item on a budget; it's what i'll have to live on... i live on branson street, and i have something to say... [ male announcer ] aarp is bringing the conversation on medicare and social security out from behind closed doors in washington. because you've earned a say.
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12:46 pm
north korea may be moving ahead with a controversial plan to launch a long-range rocket. a new satellite image shows increased activity on a missile launchpad. want to bring in barbara starr from the pentagon. what do we know about this activity? should we be concerned? >> reporter: this has been stepping up for many days now. when you look at the satellite pictures that the u.s. has been seeing of the launchpad in north korea, you see first very little activity, but the most recent satellite images you see there, if you look carefully, you see trucks, vehicles, other activity on the launchpad. what we are not seeing yet, the most recent one being on your right. what we're not seeing yet is the
12:47 pm
mism missile on the lunch plaunchpad. but the north koreans are saying next weekend the window opens for them and they will launch this missile with a satellite on top that they will try to put a satellite into space. but from the u.s. point of view, it's north korea trying to launch a long-range missile. >> barbara, is there any plan for a response, u.s. response from the pentagon? >> reporter: very interesting. would the u.s. try to shoot this down? across asia there is concern about debris falling from this from japan to south korea, the philippines, all across the region. already the japanese government, the south korean government has told their military to try to shoot it down if it passes over their country. not at all clear the u.s. will do this. china very concerned that all of this could lead by this time next weekend to significantly rising tensions in the region,
12:48 pm
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all right. so you hear stories about young people in trouble, but our next story is about a teen who has taken the lead, laying down the law for others to follow.
12:55 pm
edward burrows is a member of the board of education in prince georges county, maryland. he's running for re-election. athena jones is live in upper marlboro, maryland. you're with him. and does he have a good chance of getting re-elected. >> reporter: as you know, anything can happen in politics, but edward burrows came in first in the primary on tuesday. he got 67% of the vote so he's certainly been winning over a lot of voters. we'll see what happens in november but he's joining us here. so you're an incumbent. what made you decide to run for office in the first place and what makes you a good candidate? >> once i graduated from croslin high school in 2010, i felt the need to have someone on the school board two truly understood the needs of our children. i'm in college right now and i'm able to say this is how we prepare our students to go to college. we have to have engaged members of the board who truly know how to move our system forward and i just left the school system. >> reporter: you're an incumbent
12:56 pm
so you're defending your seat. what did you learn from your last experience? what do you think you accomplished during your first terms? >> i learned how to build coalitions, working with civic associations, businesses. we have to bring in the entire community in order to improve your schools. also we have to begin to hire, support, and retain highly qualified teachers. that's really our task. if we have a great teacher in front of every student, our students will learn. >> reporter: you talked about a program you were able to save involving reading. tell us about that quick. >> absolutely. reading recovery is a program geared to our early readers who are not reading on grade level. i fought to save that program. early childhood education, especially when it comes to reading, is absolutely critical and i was happy to be able to fight to save that program. >> reporter: great. there you have it, 19-year-old edward burros. >> i want to ask him a question because, edward, i'm from where
12:57 pm
you are, howard county, neighboring howard county, and back in the day we could not be school board members. i was the representative for howard county for the school board, so we didn't have as much power as you guys do now. so what are you hoping? what's the main thing you hope to accomplish? >> i believe the main thing that we have to do in prince georges counsel county, is hire, support, and retain highly qualified teachers. i want to hire and retain and support highly qualified teachers. i want to work with the community. i believe schools should absolutely be the hubs of our community. if we do that, i believe every student can learn and will achieve. >> and edward, just respond really quick to folks who are wondering, how do these teenagers, what do they know about politics or running anything to be on the school board? >> absolutely. on the school board we have ten members in prince georges county and i believe it's important to
12:58 pm
have diversity. we're trying to prepare our students to go to college and i'm in college now. we need fresh ideas, new leadership in order to move our system forward, and, you know, i got 67% of the vote, so i believe the voters believe that we need younger people to get involved and step up and to really move our system forward. >> the voters have spoken so good luck to you. that's a fantastic job that you're doing there. really appreciate it. all right. thanks again, edward. thanks, athena. top of the hour. i'm suzanne malveaux. want to get you up to speed. some say it's a rare bipartisan victory for washington. it is the jobs act, and the bill will become law when president obama signs it in about an hour. startups and small businesses, the focus of the bill, which eases some regulatory burdens. make it is easier for companies to raise money. the deadline is now.
12:59 pm
the very partisan battle over health care. republican appointed judge has ordered the justice department to submit a three-page letter explaining whether the obama administration truly understands that federal courts have the right to overturn federal laws. well, this texas judge apparently took exception to president obama's statement that he made on monday, that if the supreme court overturned his signature health care law, it would be unprecedented. no word yet on whether the justice department has actually submitted that letter. and jerry sandusky wants child sex abuse charges against him dropped. the former penn state assistant football coach briefly appeared in court today. he's arguing that the charges against him are either too vague to prosecute or that the statute of limitations has run out. the superior court judge says he's going to make no decision while the grand jury investigation is still going on. sandusky is accused of raping young boys. heavy weight appearance at the opening night of major league baseball. former champion


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