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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 7, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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and that does it for me. i'm joe johns in "the situation room." be sure to join us every week day from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. eastern on cnn and the at this time every day on cnn international. the news continues next on cnn. hello, everyone, i'm don lemon. thank you very much for joining us. stay in the house or risk getting shot by a man driving around killing people. that is a dilemma people in tulsa, oklahoma, are facing right now. since friday, a man has shot five people. three of them are dead. two are in the hospital. they are expected to survive. the tulsa police chief says it is the worst thing he has seen in more than 40 years on the force. a white man is targeting people in black neighborhoods. all the victims are black, so questions of race and hate crimes are being asked to the police right now. in a news conference a short time ago, the chief says not so
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fast. >> the whole race issue, the hate crime issue. there's a very logical theory that would say that's what it could be. i'm a police officer, and i've got to go by evidence. i'm not going to make the statement at this time that that's what it is when we've had no evidence. there's been no racial slurs, we haven't arrested anybody that may have had literature. it's not time to say that. >> the chief has puts together a 25-person task force, and tulsa leaders say the city is sparing no expense in tracking down the killer. >> we are all of one mindset -- to find this person, arrest him, and put him behind bars. >> i also want to say that the perpetrator and anybody who would attempt to aid or abets him, we're coming for you. >> want to talk to captain jonathan brooks of the tulsa police department. captain, thank you for joining us. do you believe that these kill regulars all linked, and if so, is that through ballistics? >> well, as of right now, don, we don't have the evidence to
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validate the ballistic link. however, the fact that they're so close in proximity to time and location and -- and the vehicle description, you know, this white truck, it was scene at least three of the locations where this occurred by witnesses. and then one by the actual victim there. so we want -- we think they're linked, but we can't say for certain right now. >> can we talk about this targeting? because you heard the chief there saying, listen, slow down this whole hate crime thing. we don't know that now. i have -- have the local leader of the ncaa waacp saying this p would have to drive into a white neighborhood, if it is a black man, and drive quite a distance to do it. what do you make of that? the chief is saying caution, but what do you make of those assertion says? >> well, exactly what he's saying is we're going to go where the investigation leads us. we don't have anything now that is definitive to say that this was an actual hate crime. you know, the certain things that go along with a hate crime,
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there was no fighting or no -- no racial tones or anything like that used. >> right. >> because in this case, where we do have the one survivor involved, it was merely the suspect drives up to him, has asked a question for directions, and shoots him for no reason. now, we need to get into that motive. right now, we don't know the motive. >> right. >> that's where we'll go with the investigation. >> yeah. i'm sure your focus is now to stop this killer regardless of what his motives are. listen, there were two people, two men who survived. you said you have one person who survived. but are there indeed two people who survived? >> reporter: >> there are two people who survived. these were at the same location and shot at about the same time. one was close to the vehicle, and the other was a little distance away. so it was -- was not privy to what the conversation was. so although he is a victim, he is not a witness for us. >> uh-huh. so he's not a witness for you.
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okay. i understand. do you know how they're doing? >> the last update i had is they're -- they were initially admitted in critical condition, but expected to survive. and i -- i think they've moved to a stable condition. >> i've got to ask 2000 questions here. and there was -- you know there was a beating of two elderly people in tulsa not long ago. >> that's correct. >> do you think it's revenge for that because it it was an elderly white couple. i think the suspect is a black man, right? the actual perpetrator was a black man, or was it a group of people? >> yes. we don't see any connection to that -- >> good. you answered my question. >> between the two separate crimes. >> yeah. i have been getting emails into cnn here saying this could be vindication or revenge for the beating of those two elderly people. one more question for you -- during the news conference, the one city counselor was encouraging people in these neighborhoods to talk to police because -- and also the police chief mentioned that there is -- there's a lack of trust by some
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people in the community and police. what's that all about? >> we just want to assure people that we're there to help them. the lack of trust and the willingness of people to come forward and have a free dialogue with the police officers out there and to kind of avoid what this so-called no-snitch mentality and we want to be able to get the information that we need to help solve these crimes. >> yeah. >> this is such a heinous incident that occurred that -- we don't want people to fear being a snitch or anything like that. they just need to talk to us. >> all right. >> that was the whole purpose of our press conference is to put it out there that we need the community's help, individual help. community help, neighborhood help. >> do you have a tip line to give our viewers? >> yes, we're manning the phone banks. our tip line is 918-596-kopts. or that's just 918-596-2677. >> 918-597-cops. thank you very much, captain jonathan brooks from the tulsa
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police department. we appreciate you joining us. good luck. >> thank you, don. have a good evening. >> you, as well, thank you very much. meantime, virginia state and local investigators are calling this one an easter miracle. from this video, you can certainly see why. one day after a navy jetfighter slammed into a virginia beach apartment complex, everyone missing has been found. and all seven people who were injured are out of the hospital. amazingly, no one of killed. here's more unbelievable video for you -- look at this. smoke and flames just pouring out of buildings while a smoldering plane lies in the courtyard nearby. navy investigators are praising the pilots for handling the situation so well. they say it could have been much worse than this. >> if you look from an aerial view at this area, there aren't any open spaces to put the aircraft. so i think the pilots deserve a lot of credit for staying with the airplane as long as they possibly could. you know, i wasn't an
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eyewitness, but it appears from where the canopy was and the seats were that the ejection was just within a couple seconds of the airplane impact. i think it's safe to say the pilots were doing everything they could to minimize damage and stay with the airplane. >> the navy says it was a catastrophic mechanical malfunction. but an investigation underway. it could take several weeks before there are any answers. up next, the new orleans saints bounty program and the audiotape that surfaced this week of the man charged with leading that cash-for-tough hits program. >> to the head and body -- kill the head and the body will die. kill the head and the body will die." >> is that over the top or typical coach speak? we'll ask fran tarkenton about it.
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fired up. and she has no pilot's license, and she had never flown a plane in her life. even experienced pilots are giving kudos to this 80-year-old grandmother. >> you better get me in there pretty soon. i don't know how long i'm going to have gas. >> her story at the half-hour. on december 21st polar shifts will reverse the earth's gravitational pull and hurtle us all into space. which would render retirement planning unnecessary. but say the sun rises on december 22nd, and you still need to retire. td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. we'll even throw in up to $600 when you open a new account or roll over an old 401(k). so who's in control now, mayans? the abrasives in the toothpaste actually create those micro fine scratches in the denture, and that's where bacteria can grow and thrive. these are the very bacteria that can cause bad breath. dentists do recommend
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tarkenton, nfl hall of famer and former quarterback of the minnesota vikings and new york giants. geez, been every. where also founder and chairman of -- want to get this right before i look at -- one more customer -- >> that's it. >> yes. okay. serious story. we're joking but again, before we talk to you, i want to play -- what williams said. and then i'll let our volunteers hear it. >> we need to find out in the first two series of the game, the wide receiver number 19, about his concussion. we need to put a [ bleep ] on him right now. number 32 [ bleep ] -- he has no idea what he's in for. when he's on the sidelines, we've got to turn that [ bleep ] over, turn their coaches over, turn the spectators over and get that trayvon martin in the sidelines. we need to decide if we're going to knock the [ bleep ] if he
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wants to be a tough guy. a prima donna or he wants to be a tough guy. we need to find that out. >> so been talking to people, some people say hey, typical locker room talk. the coach is trying to get the players fired up. what's wrong with this? you say -- >> it's not typical locker room talk. vince lombardi, tom landry are rolling over in their grave. this has never happened in the nfl. as i know this is an isolated case. i've never heard of a coach like greg williams -- you're a coward, greg williams. he was suspended indefinitely by the kmegzer. i think they'll suspend him for life. we know that concussions and injuries cause alzheimer's, dementia, cause premature death, and that's why the commissioner has been so strong in eliminating head-to-head contact. and he's telling him, kill the head, kill the head. and then he's saying, let's go test the acl out on another
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player that had acl surgery. if your acl's knocked out, you're dead. you can't play. let's test it out. and in the pileups, hit him in the head, stretch the acl out. another person, had a concuss n concussion, make sure it -- hit him in the head again. and sanjay gupta as you know did a great special for you guys on the protocol in concussions now. if you put a person back in too soon, bad things -- catastrophic things happen. this guy, a coach in the national football league is going out in a tough game as it is and telling 25 and 26-year-old people -- he's supposed to be the leader, go out and kill their head and kill their acl. >> listen, no -- my producer's like -- people are going, take a breath. no, i don't want you to take a breath. i like what you have to say because you're passionate about this. and you had tough words when i spoke to you on the phone about greg williams. tougher than when you called him a coward. tell him how you feel. go ahead. tell him. how do you feel about what he
7:14 pm
did? >> i think it's the most egreej thing i've heard in the -- egregious thing i've heard in the history of football. it hit at the integrity of what we're about. our great players are courageous and tough, have it tough enough as it is. to have somebody in the locker room who is not on the field, who's never played professional football, to tell these guys to go out and go head to head, hit -- kill the head, kill the head, kill the head, test his acl out, twist it, see how bad we can make it. unbelievable. >> i hope he's watching. i hope he's watching. i gave you the floor, stepped out of the way. >> thank you. >> i hope he's watching because there are a number of players on who said -- voiced the same concerns as you. and -- i hear the guys who don't play, right, who play the fantasy football -- >> yeah. >> the fans say, oh, this is -- >> the way it always is. >> this is how it is. when you're talking about someone's life and livelihood, it's a different story. this isn't glamorizing football. >> no, you'll have lawsuits -- frank gore, vernon davis, who he pointed out at san francisco,
7:15 pm
their lawyers are chomping at the bit. bet favre, peyton manning -- brett favre, peyton manning, these guys were singled out when this guy was coaching at tennessee, coaching the washington redskins, when he was coaching at buffalo and now new orleans. he's been doing this for years. he's dirty. >> what's going to happen with this? >> i think commissioner goodell is strong, and he's strong on this. and i think after hearing this tape -- i don't think he's heard it before. i would be very surprised if he doesn't just suspend this guy for life. never allow him back into a football locker room again. he doesn't deserve to be there. he's a coward. >> do you think that -- do you think he's going to be prosecuted? >> i think there's a good chance. >> do you want him to be prosecuted? >> yeah, i do. what he's done -- he's turned the great american game of football into blood war. that's wrong. what kind of signal does this send to the college kids, high school kids, kids playing junior league football? parents, is this what you expected it to be?
7:16 pm
it's not. >> peyton one year, greg williams indefinitely. do you think payton will be reduced -- >> no, the entire organization is culpable. this is no secret what the guy's been doing because he's been doing it for a long time. unfortunately for new orleans, they're in a heap of trouble. >> put it right there. >> thank you, good to see you. >> thank you. always good to see you. the great fran tarkenton, we'll have much more. hear more from fran at 10:00. we'll delve into the entire subject. appreciate, fran tarkenton, hall of famer. next, what did george zimmerman say on the 911 calls the night trayvon martin was shot? some think they heard a racial slur. others a harmless comment on the weather. all the interpretations of that call. we're going to play that for you in just a minute.
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you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. if you're tired of going around in circles, get headed in a new direction. ask your gastroenterologist about humira today. remission is possible. there's only 1.6 seconds, but a phrase from neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman's 911 call could be a key piece of evidence in the shooting death of trayvon martin. this is important because the federal government is investigating this as a possible hate crime. cnn has enhanced the audio a second time. did zimmerman in fact use a racial slur? you decide. and we should warn you that this video contains a use of a curse word multiple time, and we have left it in so you can hear george zimmerman's entire phrase on the 911 call. more now from cnn's gary tuchman. >> reporter: this is brian stone, he's one of our senior audio engineer.
7:20 pm
>> correct. >> expert in this field. and you have enhanced the tape. we're going to listen to this -- i have not listened to this either. two weeks ago i didn't listen because i wanted to listen it for the first time on this equipment. the second version that's been enhanced i haven't listened to. let's play it. >> are you following him? >> yeah. >> we don't need you to do that. >> that certainly sounds much clearer than the first tape we listened to. right? >> it's extremely clearer now. >> reporter: some are accusing george zimmerman of using the racial slur "coons" in his call. preceded by the "f" word. can you play it again? can you repeat it so we can hear it a few times? the problem is this is very short, it's only about 1.6 seconds. so -- >> roughly, yeah. >> one again, if we can repeat it a few times so we can hear it clearly. >> okay.
7:21 pm
[ muffled audio ] >> reporter: with the new, clearer audio, it's apparent the first word is a curse word. we'll bleep it for the rest of the story. it's the second word that's important to hear. i don't want to say what it sounds like, what people are saying it sounds like. let's play it a few times so the viewer can have an idea for themselves and make their own conclusion. >> sure. >> coons -- [ muffled audio ] >> reporter: it does sound less like the racial slur but could have been the slur. from listening in this room -- and this is a state-of-the-art room, it doesn't sound like that slur anymore. >> right. >> it sounds like -- we wanted to leave it to the viewer, but it sounds like we're hearing the swear word at first and then the word cold. the reason that would be relevant is because it's unseasonably cold in florida that night and raining.
7:22 pm
that's what some supportive of zimmerman are saying, that that would make sense if he was saying the word cold. that's what it sounds like to you? >> it does to me. i is not heard this -- >> reporter: first time you've heard it? >> yeah. >> reporter: can we play it a few more times? >> sure. [ muffled audio ] >> reporter: the key is the wind. get rid of the wind. >> right, anything broadband noise. >> reporter: that's what we've done compared to last time. >> correct. >> reporter: you used this plugin to get rid of the notice? >> it reduces and cleans up the noise, yes. >> reporter: does it change the voice, could it change a word? >> it will not change a word, no. >> reporter: makes it clearer? >> correct. >> reporter: can you flay one more time? >> sure. [ muffled audio ] >> reporter: this is now the clearest audio we have heard of george zimmerman's 911 call. but it's readily apparent there will still be controversy over
7:23 pm
what he really said. gary tuchman, cnn, atlanta. >> george zimmerman's lawyers tell affiliates they believe the police department gave him a voice test after the shooting and he passed. sanford police won't confirm whether he took the test. senior law enforcement director alex manning joins me. first, what is a voice stress test? >> similar to a polygraph except it's based on microtremors. they're given off at different frequencies. they're given off in your voice. you ask a set of questions, and read the results. decide whether or not there's stress or deception in their answers. >> it's like -- a form of a polygraph similar -- it's similar in nature? >> right. based on the response that your vocal cords have basically when you answer. >> and you used to give them? >> i did. >> yeah. did you -- how was it -- was it accurate in determining the guilt or innocence or the accuracy of what someone was telling you?
7:24 pm
>> it's just a tool. it's strictly investigative tool. the interview you do prior to giving the exam helps. it's really to put the person that you're interviewing in an uncomfortable situation to maybe help them tell the truth if there's something on their chest that they want to get off. it depends on the phrasing of the question and what exactly they ask. foul ball they ask him did you shoot trayvon and he said yes, he's going to pass it. >> how could this test be used in zimmerman's favor? >> it's not going to be admissible in court. if they ask him, did trayvon attack you, and he said yes and passed it, they may try to argue that he was being honest because he said yes. >> yeah. so -- why isn't it ad miss single in. >> just like a polygraph. they call it junk science. >> all right. people put a lot of weight on polygraphs and these things. so again, you said -- i want to get into this. you said why -- the way the questions were phrased and
7:25 pm
ordered mattered so much -- >> much like a polygraph for people that are taking polygraphs. you ask a control question -- for instance, is your name george zimmerman. he said yes. then how they worded the next question would have been a targeted question that went directly to the crime. >> yeah. >> could they ask v asked -- did you attack trayvon martin, and he would have either said yes or no. >> yeah. so it -- this is interesting for people who will are watching and maybe for the media. but it means nothing to the people who are actually investigating the case. >> it's investigative tool. i would never base an arrest or anything on just the results of a computerized voice stress analysis. i would use it as a tool to gather more information. possibly weed somebody out of not being a suspect, but never base an arrest on it. >> thank you. i enjoyed talking to you. good stuff. just the facts. appreciate it. alex manning. ahead, word from the rick santorum campaign that he'll be off the campaign trail at least through monday. we'll tell you why. and wait until you see this -- >> you better get me in there
7:26 pm
pretty soon. i don't know how long i'm going to have gas. >> she had never flown a plane, but even experienced pilots are giving kudos to this 80-year-old grandmother. good for her. ♪
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it is coming up on the half-hour. we want to get a look at the headlines now. first we start with tulsa, oklahoma, where people are living in fear of being gunned down by a man driving around shooting and killing innocent people. five people have been shot since friday morning. three of them have died. two others are in the hospital but are expected to survive. one of them, police say, is a witness. they're talking to him. a police task force is hunting for the killer. the shooter is believed to be white, while all the victims are black. tulsa police say they are not currently calling this tragedy racially motivated. not calling it racially motivated. hold on, everyone.
7:30 pm
this of the scene moments after a navy jet fighter crashed into a virginia beach apartment complex and burst into flames. amazingly no one was killed. everyone has been accounted for. all seven people who were injured including the two pilots have been released from the hospital. an investigation now underway. but it could be another couple of weeks before we know exactly what happened here. new videos have surfaced on how your tax dollars have gone toward bad jokes and lame costumes. ♪ really? the footage shows the skits from the games played by members of the general services administration at a conference in las vegas two years ago. how embarrassing. the conference cost more than $800,000 including $7,000 just for sushi. the head of the gsa resigned over the spending scandal. wow.
7:31 pm
rick santorum will take a day off from the presidential campaign monday to be with his daughter at the hospital. his campaign hasn't said why 3-year-old bella santorum is hospitalized. she suffers from a rare genetic disorder and was hospitalized with pneumonia at the end of the year. at the end of january, excuse me. best of luck to them. here's a story that will have you thinking about what you would do in the same situation. there are two thing that you should know -- helen collins does not have a pilot's license. and she's 80 years old. this is her story, and how she made her mark. >> reporter: good thing helen collins of paying attention all those years flying around in small planes with her husband. on monday, 2,000 feet above the ground, helen's husband, john collins, who was piloting the plane, had a heart attack and lost consciousness. with her husband slumping over the controls, this 80-year-old wisconsin grandmother did what most of us probably could not -- she took control of the twin-engine cessna.
7:32 pm
low on fuel and without a pilot's license, helen began to maneuver toward cherryland airport, about 150 miles north of milwaukee. her heroic efforts were recorded. one thing she makes clear right away -- she needs to land fast. >> you better get me in there pretty soon. i don't know how long i'm going to have gas. >> reporter: if helen was nervo nervous, she hardly let it show. friends on the ground at the airport were alerted to the emergency and quickly made contact. >> hi, helen, this is kathy. >> hi, kathy. hell of a place to bement. >> okay, helen. we are going to launch another aircraft. it will come up and will fly next to you and give you instructions. >> reporter: within seven minutes, pilot robert vuksanacic was in the air in another plane. helen had herself a wingman. everything he did, she did. >> she was confident. she wanted to know if i was confident in her confidence. i said, if you're confident and i'm confident, i'm confident we can do that.
7:33 pm
>> reporter: despite the fact that helen hadn't had a flying lesson in years, she was familiar with some of the switches. he thought she was coming in too fast and too high so he had her do some practice runs. when her wingman asked the airport to close the road, helen, again, questioned his confidence in her. >> this is going to be a little bit of a flight lesson, but you'll enjoy it. >> what do you mean close the road? >> i'm talking to the people on the ground, helen. >> don't you have any faith on me? >> i do. i don't trust the drivers on the road. >> reporter: the final approach was tricky. an iwitnei eyewitness caught it. >> turn left. turn left. left turn. left turn. helen, turn left. bring the nose up. that's it. that's it. >> reporter: not only was helen out of fuel, but her right engine was out. her wingman shouted urgent commands. >> nose down, nose down. turn right a little bit. turn right. bring the nose down. nose down. come on, get down. get down. power back. power back.
7:34 pm
power back. reduce the power, over. reduce the pour, nose down, helen, do you read me? >> i read you. >> reporter: about 45 minutes after this nightmare began, helen landed best she could. >> she did a great job. the timing was perfect, came down, landed a little -- little less than three points, landsed on the nose. >> reporter: her plane bounced hard and skid good 1,000 feet. >> power off. power off. power off. okay, you're down. great job, helen! great job. >> reporter: helen escaped with just a few minor injuries. all those years of flying with her husband paid off. he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. but no doubt he would have been proud. >> that was cnn's randi kaye reporting. helen hopes to repair the plane and fly it in tribute to his father. and a new light on the economic recovery. good news for some but not for
7:35 pm
everyone. we'll break it down. all multivitamins give me the basics.
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they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete.
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come monday all eyes will be on wall street to see how the market respond to a mixed jobs report. they were closed for good friday. overall the report was seen as a disappointment with the surprising small number of jobs created. but there was also a thin silver lining. christine romans breaks it down for us. >> reporter: since when is a drop in the unemployment rate disappointing? well, when the jobs created are only 120,000. over the past three months, more like 246,000 jobs have been created on average. so 120,000 jobs created in march was disappointing because basically it shows you the pace of hiring is starting to slow. let's take a look at where the jobs are. you can see that we had a problem with retail jobs in the period. 34,000 jobs were lost in march. and that was a bit of a surprise because retail sales have been pretty good. when you take a look at other things, you see that manufacturing had 37,000 jobs created. that's an interesting story
7:39 pm
lately because manufacturing has been slowly coming back. but it isn't enough to eat into the big, big mountain of jobs lost in manufacturing over the past few years. let's broaden it out and take a bigger picture look at what this means for the trend and for politics. this is the pace of job creation and loss since the last few months of the bush administration, all the way through to etoday. you see the big, huge drought of jobs, hundreds of thousands of jobs lost during the period. more than eight million from the peak of the employment to the trough. then this is the trend of job creation since then. you see that there has been slow and steady job creation and a bit of a faltering here. clearly you want to see more consistent jobs gains than this. but many economists are saying you've got seven more jobs reports until the election. a lot can happen between now and then. christine romans, cnn, new york. >> thank you, christine. what a saturday at the mass -- a past champion surges up the
7:40 pm
leader board and another at the championship. live in two minutes. i'll tell you what i look for in a teacher -- that they love children. another one, i want winners. i want people who really, really want to win. that means that they're going to do whatever they have to to win. winning in education is making sure the child knows how to do something. the third thing i honestly look for is that a teacher is attractive. i'm not talking about attractive like they're cute about that they have a way that makes you want to listen to what they have to say. there's a swagger that they have about them that commands attention because children's attention needs to be commanded. and if this person is a shrinking violet at the front of the classroom, bad things are going to happen in that classroom. i'm looking for the total package. i'm looking for somebody who loves kids, i'm looking for somebody who wants to win, and then just attractive.
7:41 pm
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today was moving day. that's right, moving day at the masters where golf's best and brightest were trying to charge up the leaderboard. the name that caught everyone's eye was phil mickelson's -- leftie -- would love to win a fourth green jacket. we have more from augusta.
7:44 pm
i am envious, patrick. i usually go, didn't get to go this year. it looks beautiful. so how did mickelson do today? >> reporter: i'm sorry, don. someone had to do this assignment. i drew the short straw. phil mickelson, a crowd favorite at augusta. he had them buzzing with excitement. they were feeding off his energy and were just loving his every move. it brought the best out of him, too. let me show you how the leaderboard is looking. mickelson is tucked in nicely at eight under par. the leader is the swedish player, peter hanson, nine under par after a fine 65. he's the world number five from scandinavia. he's never won a major, but he's looking really good right now. then comes uusthuizen from australia,2010 champion. fred couple, overnight leader. what a story this might have been. but sadly for freddie, the '92
7:45 pm
champion, 52 years young, at two under par. he's fallen back, seven adrift of the leader. more on leftie. as i say, he had a very good front side, but the back nine he illuminated the course with a 30. a three-time winner, four majors under his belt already. what a story it would be if he could get major number five over the weekend, and a fourth green jacket. he's excited, and he's raring to go ahead of sunday play. >> confident in the way i've been playing, putting, and in this set and on this golf course. i just -- i love it here, i love nothing more than being in the last group sunday at the masters. it's the greatest thing in professional golf. >> reporter: he got his wish. don, phil will be playing with peter hanson in that final pairing on sunday. i'm excited. i'm sure you are.
7:46 pm
>> hey, before we get to more, have you been eating there? did you try the -- the barbecue burger that they serve there? >> reporter: well, it's -- it's obligatoriy to try everything that's in the media center, that's on the course, as well. the pimento cheese, i recommend. take a bite and you'll feel the moisture trickling down your cheeks there. it really is absolutely hot stuff when you eat it. just good to be here. and taking in the food and the whole environment is -- use know what it's like. no azaleas this year. >> no azaleas this year. the thing is that pimento -- everyone likes it. i'm not a big cheese before. but before you leave, try that shredded -- whatever it is, i think it's pork, and it's a barbecue burger. it is amazing. i got sdo to see ask -- we're acting like kids. the best we can say for tiger woods is he didn't act like a child. did he throw any tantrums, kicking any clubs? >> reporter: we got a little more of that. nothing like the tantrum we
7:47 pm
witnessed yesterday when he didn't like his drive at 16 and he kind of drop-kicked his wedge which was really disappointing to see. not just because it was on worldwide tv, but there were thousands packed around the green. he did make an apology after his round today. he said that he was sorry for any offense he may have caused by his actions. that was after his round. he's way back. he's nine -- 12 shots, no, i thought it was nine. at one bounty it was nine. he's 12 shots behind the leader after finishing three over par. he was 72 today, level par. he deidn't really progress. a couple early birdies, couldn't capitalize on that. he's pretty much out of of the running. he hasn't officially written himself off. when are you 12 shots back going into the final round of a major, even tiger woods with 14 majors to his name is going to struggle. remember that tiger hasn't won here since 2005. that is seven long years for
7:48 pm
tiger woods, don. >> yeah. maybe he should call it quits and go have a pimento cheese sandwich and a barbecued burger, as well. thank you, enjoy. i am very jealous. enjoy, good to see you, thank you, sir. the dea cracks down on prescription drug abuse. and in its sweep, investigators are raiding drug stores with names you know. that story on the other side of a quick break. ten to me. listen to these happy progressive customers. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later, i was saving big on car insurance. i was worried it would be hard to install. but it's really easy. the better i drive, the more i save. i wish our company had something this cool. yeah. you're not... filming this, are you? aw! camera shy. snapshot from progressive. plug into the savings you deserve with snapshot from progressive. nature valley trail mix bars are made with real ingredients you can see. like whole roasted nuts, chewy granola, and real fruit.
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7:50 pm
is your neighborhood drugstore actually an elicit drug supplier? walgreen's and some other chain drugstores have suspiciously hide painkiller sales.
7:51 pm
how the black market demand for prescription drugs is impacting the entire industry. >> siga major drop in drug sale they moved in on walgreens, six pharmaciys in florida and a distribution center, looking for suspicious sales of oxycodone. in warrants, the dea states in just the first two months, 53 walgreen's pharmaciys listed in the top purchasers of oxycodone, half of them in florida, compared to zero walgreens pharmacies being on that list in 2009. from a statement, we are working with and cooperating with the dea on this matter. the dea moved in on two cvs stores and cardinal health. cvs said it was disappointed but cooperated. >> you can look from dea and our
7:52 pm
state and local parp partners a continued and rigorous effort in this regard as they're no longer dispensing, a lot of our focus is on pharmacies now. >> it looks for red flags, unusually large orders in an effort to keep pain killers from being sold illegally. chain drugstores says it has zero tolerance for prescription drugs being diverted to the black market but it's also working with law enforcement on another problem, the rise in prescription drug abuse has led to pharmacies around the country being robbed. in new york's suffolk county four people were killed in a pharmacy robbery last june. >> unfortunately it's a very serious problem in the fact that the price on the black market of prescription drugs, mainly painkill painkillers, is so high. and that they could actually buy heroin at 25% less than prescription drugs. and we are seeing that.
7:53 pm
we are seeing people that are very desperate and that are willing to rob pharmacies. >> pharmacies are beefing up securities in their stores with extra surveillance. some are arming themselves for protection. mary snow, cnn, new york. your top stories are straight ahead in this hour and there's air force one, marine one. so, is this choo choo one? rare look inside the president's train car. ture. leading regular toothpastes are not designed to kill the bacteria that polident is designed to kill. polident's unique microclean formula has been proven to eliminate thousands of times more of the germs that can grow on dentures than leading regular toothpastes. that's why it's best to clean your denture by soaking in polident. not just once or twice a week, but every day. using polident on a daily basis will make sure that you are as confident as you can be in that denture.
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>> president or high-profile politician comes to town but not too long ago it was all about the whistle-stop campaign tours and riding the rails. taking us inside a presidential rail car. >> welcome to the georgia 300. it's a nice car i've owned about three years. >> step aboard the private rail car and it takes you back to a different era. >> here we go. >> look at that. >> private cars are mainly focused on the long distance, leisurely travel with scenery. and here again, it's not so much the getting there on time, it's the enjoyment of getting there. >> the historically restored car has been keeping political tradition alive. >> we haven't had many whistle stops over the last 20 or 30 years. and i think the campaign of 1992 sort of brought that back. >> this is kind of like the
7:57 pm
presidential train. >> yes, it is. it is. >> presidential car. >> it's been used by several, several campaigns. >> this rare look inside the georgia 300 shows the original details preserved from when it was built in 1930. the car caught the eye of presidential candidate george h.w. bush in 1992. >> they wanted to use it for the president i presidential train. and i was very excited and, of course, i could go along. >> not a thing of the past. >> it was a way to bring the candidates to the people much more so than probably any other way, because it's the grass roots. they step out to the platformat the end of the car. it brings back the image of roosevelt, truman. >> encumbent bill clinton and the kerry/edwards team got on
7:58 pm
the georgia 300. to mimic abraham lincoln, riding into washington, d.c. to philadelphia for his inauguration. >> felt very honored that it plays a part of american history there. >> as for the presidential contest, gearing up now, heard says the georgia 300's gears are greased and ready to roll. >> always ready. we'll see what happens. >> sandra endow, cnn, washington. let's check your headlines right now. a gunman on the loose, tulsa, oklahoma. a place five people have been shot since friday morning. three have died. two others are in the hospital. they are expected to survive, luckily. police believe the shooter is a white man. all the victims are african-american. that's left some to question whether the shootings are race related, if this may be a hate crime. the police chief is saying not
7:59 pm
so fast. hold on until they can continue to investigate and find the person. 25-person task force is hunting for the killer here. easter miracle, that's what folks at virginia beach are calling it. everyone missing has been found and no one was killed when a navy jet fighter crashed into apartment buildings and burst into flames. seven people who were injured have also been released from the hospital. investigation into the crash under way now. the navy says it may take several weeks to determine exactly what happened. thomas kinkade's paintings weren't controversial or critically acclaimed but earned him the title of the most collected living artist in the world. he died yesterday of natural causes at his home in california. people magazine reports the painter of light, as he called himself, sold an average of $100 million of his art work in a year. kinkade was just 54 years old. that's it for me. hope you had a great passover, happy easter tomorrow. found this hiding on m d


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