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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  April 19, 2012 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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iran's nuclear program including the use of military force. we'll get the latest on the negotiations and what washington, the obama administration is prepared to do in my exclusive interview with the defense secretary leon panetta and the secretary of state hillary clinton. that interview coming up. also, the new strategy mitt romney is using against president obama out there on the campaign trail. plus, gripping video of a horrific crash. a car plowing into a crowded supermarket. lots of injuries, but amazingly, no one killed. >> i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- >> let's begin with breaking news just coming into the situation room right now out of afghanistan. word of a military crash. let's go straight to our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. i know there are casualties. what are you hearing? >> wolf, a u.s. official tells us a u.s. army black hawk helicopter has crashed in
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southern afghanistan. at this point they believe it crashed during bad weather, but the official tells us they cannot yet rule out enemy action in this incident. sadly, they do believe all four crew members onboard perished in this helicopter crash. there were a number of soldiers on the ground at a combat outpost waiting to be picked up by the helicopter, transported to another area and they report seeing the helicopter go down. so it could have been significantly worse, but the most terrible news possibly now for four american military families. again, they believe this black hawk went down in bad weather, but they cannot yet rule out enemy action and if the past is any example, you should expect to see some sort of claims from the taliban, so the army, the u.s. military, will want to get specific word out as soon as they have all of the facts. wolf? >> four more american families are about to be notified of a loss of loved ones.
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sad story continuing in afghanistan. we'll get more information, barbara, as it comes in. i spoke of this war in afghanistan at nato headquarters outside brussels, belgium, yesterday. i spoke with leon panetta and secretary of state hillary clinton. they sat down with me for an exclusive interview in brussels. listen. >> madam secretary, mr. secretary, thank you for being with us. >> we are glad to be with you. >> let's talk about afghanistan. $2 billion a week in u.s. taxpayer dollars being spent to maintain the troop level and the existence to the afghan people. is this money well spent right now? $100 billion a year for another two and a half years? >> well, first of all, wolf, we are in a transition and as we transition, the afghan security forces are stepping up to protect their own people and as we saw over the weekend with those deplorable attacks
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luckily, they were not successful and that was because the afghan security forces which our soldiers and others of the nato alliance have been training and mentoring. so i think that if you look as we do at the progress that has been made on the security side and other indicators and health, education and the economy there is definite progress. that doesn't mean it is going to be easy, but we are on the way to fulfilling the commitment that president obama made about moving toward the 2014 deadline for the end of combat operations. >> so this is money well spent. hundreds of billions of additional dollars, is that what you're saying? >> i think you can certainly find fault with any kind of war and this has been a war. you can go back and look at any of the wars that the united states has fought, but if you why we're there and the fact that, thank goodness, we've not been attacked again since 9/11 and we have dismantled al qaeda thanks to a lot of great work when leon was at the cia before
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going to the defense department, i think there's no doubt that america is more secure, afghanistan is more secure, but we're not resting on our laurels. we're looking forward to what kind of relationship we all will have, nato and the united states after 2014 to help afghanistan continue on this path. >> you trust afghan president, mr. secretary, hamid karzai? >> he is the leader of afghanistan. >> do you trust him? >> i've sat down with him. i talk with him. we talk pretty frankly with each other, and you know, he is the leader and he is the person we have to deal with. >> does that mean you trust him, though? >> well, certainly, you trust the leaders that you have to deal with, but you always kind of watch your back at the same time. >> that doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement for the leader of afghanistan. >> it's true for any leader we deal with. >> this one has said awful things about the united states. >> i understand.
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obviously, that's been a concern, but at the same time we have had the ability to directly relate to him when it comes to some of the major issues. $100 billion. you know what kind of money could spend during these tough economic times? the american public is increasingly frustrated when they see this money is being spent in afghanistan rather than the united states. >> i understand what you're saying, wolf, but you know what? the whole purpose of this is to protect the american people. that's what this war is about. >> bin laden is dead. >> no, but the reality is that the attack on the united states on 9/11 was planned from where? it was planned from afghanistan and our mission there is to make sure that we have an afghanistan that can secure and govern itself and it never again can become a safe haven for terrorists who had planned attacks on our country. >> do you know the u.s. intelligence officials have told congress there are more al qaeda
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operatives in somalia right now than in afghanistan. >> the danger is this, that if we don't succeed in afghanistan then there is a real probability that the taliban will come back, establish the same kind of safe havens that they have in the past and who will be the first people to take advantage of it? al qaeda. that's what we have to protect against. are we asking too much of these american troops who spent three, four, five tours of duty and now these reports posing with dead bodies of taliban fighters, urinating on dead bodies, burning korans and one american soldier starts killing 17 afghan civilians including children. is the stress too much to bear right now on these troops? >> well, look, there's no question we've been ten years at war, and obviously, ten years of war takes a toll on people and families, but the reality is, the vast majority of our men and women in uniform have performed
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according to the highest standards that we expect of them and for every one incident that we sometimes read about and atrocious behavior that we all can have, there are a hundred incidents where our people have helped afghans and where they have performed courageously in battle. so i've been there a number of times as has the secretary. i've got to tell you that i am always impressed with the quality of our people that are fighting the battle on behalf of the united states. >> let's talk about iran. >> as you know, these talks with the iranians are continuing and another meeting scheduled for may 23rd. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and i'm quoting him now and there will be another round and my initial impression is that iran has been given a freebie. a freebie. >> well, i think that is not accurate because what came out of the first meeting was a commitment to a second meeting with a work plan between the two
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meetings. we are really getting down to testing whether or not there is a willingness on the part of the iranians to reach some kind of negotiated resolution. >> were you encouraged by the first round? >> i believe that the first round was positive because from our assessment after having no contact in 15 month, the iranians kale become to the table at a time when sanctions are continuing to put a lot of pressure on the iranian government and are willing to talk about their nuclear program which is an important, positive step. now, we have a long way to go and this has got to be very clearly laid out as to what the international community expects, what is acceptable, of course, to the united states since we are at the table with the p-5 plus one, but there is a chance and i don't want to oversell it,
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that between now and the second meeting we will hammer out what the international community represented by the so-called p-5 plus one requires of iran and what iran is willing to do. >> and if they do take these measures, will you encourage the alliance to slow down on these economic sanctions? >> i can't answer that because it is so hypothetical right now. i believe in, you know, very clear action for action. we have to see what the iranians are willing to do, and then we have to make sure they do it and then we have to reciprocate. that's what a negotiation is all about, and right now we are still in the testing stage. >> if they don't do what you want them to do, the iranian, are you, and you're the defense secretary, ready to use military force to destroy their nuclear capabilities? >> as the president has pointed out and as i've pointed out,
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we're prepared with all options on the table if we have to respond. is there a plan in place? there are always contingency plans for everything. >> do you have a specific contingency plan to do that? >> one hell of a lot of planning on everything. so i can assure you that there are plans to deal with. >> if you have to do it will they succeed? are you convinced they will succeed? i don't think there's any question that they have to implement that plan it would be successful. >> we have a lot more of this exclusive interview coming up in "the situation room," including this, hillary clinton and the secretary of state, is it possible she could be vice president of the united states? what she told me certainly has a lot of people buzzing right now. you'll hear it for yourself. that's coming up in our next hour. much more of the interview, as well. also, sources are revealing critical new details of the secret service prostitution scandal. we're getting new information. that's coming up after the break. plus, a car plows into a public
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>> jack cafferty is here and he has "the cafferty file." the secret service colombian prostitution scandal keeps heating up and it is unclear at this point if resignations of the agents at the center of it will be enough to put out the fire. more resignations are expected now this week in addition to the three we already know about. a total of 11 members of the secret service including 20-year veterans have been implicated in this. they're accused of bringing 20 prostitutes to a hotel in cartagena. as many as ten members of the u.s. military are being
4:15 pm
questioned about potential misconduct. this includes five members of the elite army special forces. the whole thing's a mess. it's a bit of a national disgrace and a potential security risk for president obama. so what's being done in washington? the house oversight committee is investigating. there will likely be a review board set up to find out whether this was an isolated incident or part of a broader secret service agency culture, but some people don't think that's enough. at least one congressman, republican randy forbes of virginia, called for secret service director mark sullivan to be fired. hes it's time for someone else to be in charge to change the culture of that agency. mitt romney said he'd clean house at the secret service. he would fire the agents involved and romney like president obama says he has confidence in the director. sullivan's been in charge of the secret service since may 2006 which means the 2009 security breach at the white house that involved two party crashers
4:16 pm
getting into president obama's first state dinner also happened on his watch. here's the question. what's the right punishment in the secret service scandal? go to, post a comment on my blog or go to our post on the situation room's facebook page. wolf? >> all right, jack. thank you. let's dig deeper right now on this developing story. our chief white house correspondent jessica yellin is getting new information. what else are you learning, jessica? >> reporter: there is a growing sense in the law enforcement community that because two high-level officers were involved and because this partying started just hours after the group landed in cartagena that it is harder than originally thought to believe that this was just an isolated incident. two u.s. sources tell cnn the secret service members in colombia were part of the jump team that flies in on military transport planes with the presidential limousine and the rest of the motorcade. sources say investigators have
4:17 pm
found none of the women involved were minors, and there's no sign that drugs were involved. at the white house, continued support for the head of the secret service. >> the president has not spoken with director sullivan in recent days, but i wouldn't lead anything into that. i think i said yesterday that the president has faith in the director, confidence in his leadership. >> reporter: and a wait-and-see approach. >> we'll await the results of that investigation before we can talk about broader issues. >> reporter: one source tells cnn investigators are now likely trying to get remaining secret service members to turn on the others. multiple sources say to date only one has taken a polygraph test. one source says investigators will look through e-mails and texts to see if the partying was arranged in advance. they might visit other cartagena hotels to see if other members of the u.s. delegation were involved as well.
4:18 pm
already this story is taking a political turn. one republican tying this scandal to a spending scandal in the federal bureaucracy. >> i know sometimes the presidents they appoint as gsa and the secret service doesn't work for them like they're some independent agency. the president needs to assert discipline and management direction throughout the executive branch and the presidents are to be held responsible. >> that sounds very much like a lawmaker attempting to politicize something that is not at all political. >> reporter: wolf, cnn has been reporting that the secret service plans to name an outside panel to investigate whether this is part of the culture of the service and to take any actions or recommend any actions to change the service. if, in fact, it is, the white house would not say whether the president plans to name any members of that panel and they also won't say whether the
4:19 pm
president believes in the future the head of the secret service should perhaps come outside the service just like the fbi has a head who does not come from within the ranks of the fbi. wolf? >> jessica, thanks very much, as a result of this scandal, he did, in fact, resign and he stepped down. >> other news, after circling for hours and hours and what we think might have happened. >> president obama says he wasn't born with a, quote silver spoon. and a legendary rocker passes away. we'll tell you what happened. ♪ ♪ ♪ allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment.
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involving a delta flight. our own ali velshi was onboard. you're on the ground and you're at jfk. tell our viewers what happened. >> reporter: i was on my way to los angeles and we were delayed from a 3:00 departure. delta plane, the boeing 757. we took you hava. it was seconds into the takeoff and there was a loud grinding noise and the plane started shaking a little bit. more more of a shake than you would typically hear when reaccount troising the landing gear. the cabin started filling with smoke. it was unclear what was going on. the captain then came on a few minutes later and it appears that there had been a bird strike and he then turned back and it looked like we did a fly bye for the inspection and we were landing at jfk not much longer after we took off.
4:24 pm
there was one, and he's filming it and all of a sudden, we're in the air and these birds fly by on the ride side of the plane and seconds later, not seconds later, within a second this grinding noise starts. there are a whole bunch of people inspecting the plane. it is on the ground at jfk. it does appear that something struck it, created that smoke, but a very smooth landing. no panic on the flight. the crew was fantastic about it. got everybody -- they were ready and clearly at the ready to do whatever was necessary, and whatever degree of evacuation was necessary. they're on the ground. as we got there it was one of the warm well christmas you get, lots of ems, fire, police purpose they were ready to spray the plane down to ensure there wasn't going to be a fire from that engine. no need to do so in the end and 15 to 20 minutes later we were off the plane and i'm now on a bus pulling back to the terminal. who knows what happens next? but i'll be nice tore everybody for the rest of the day, wolf. >> what about the fear factor as far as you were concerned, ali.
4:25 pm
you fly a lot. did you get nervous? >> wolf, as you know, not only do i fly a lot. i've been trained as a pilot, and i have never heard that noise in my entire life. i've heard a lot of noises and all sorts of noises and sometimes it doesn't come all of the way out. . never heard a noise like that in my life, you know, sometimes on a plane when things go wrong your reaction has a lot to do with what everyone else's reactions are. i happened to be in the seat right across from the jump seat from one of the flight attendants and you read their faces and the flight attendant looked like she might have been meditating and she said i'm not going to look like a sissy in front of the flight attendant. i'll stay calm, too. i would be lying if i said i wasn't concerned that this wasn't normal and wasn't going to end normally. >> you what about the other passengers? you said it was a full flight. was there visible or let me
4:26 pm
rephrase it? audible signs of nervousness? >> oh, yea. everybody knew when that noise started that they never heard that noise before. everyone knew something was wrong. my first instinct was landing gear problem. it was grinding its way back into the plane and it never occurred to me that it was a bird strike. the guy i talked to who has the video and as soon as we get a chance we'll send it in. he saw the birds flying into the engine seconds before and not knowing what it was and then the smoke that came into the cabin and that's what gave everybody pause, but like i said, the flight crew went into action and had a sense that they got extinguishers and the one thing she said fairly loudly. smoke's not a problem. fire's a problem and all we saw was smoke, no fire. there was nervousness and audible concern, but there was a real sense that we're not far from where we took off. we were over land most of the time. obviously, there's always that concern and there was land to land on? there was land. we circled around and if we
4:27 pm
landed no matter how that would be that there would be crews on the ground. >> the first thing i thought of when they told me during the commercial break just before we spoke, ali, i thought about the miracle on the hudson, sully sullenberger and the birds that were involved in that tragedy which, fortunately, turned out to be okay. the plane had that miraculous landing on the hudson. did that go through your mind? >> absolutely went through my mind. that's the first thing i think went through a lot of people's minds when they heard bird strike and they wanted to see where if this plane had to go down, was it going to go down and what started to look out the window was land and the flight attendant actually quipped, she said usually these things land well and even the time it didn't end well it still landed okay. and she said i don't want to get wet. there was a bit of humor about the whole thing. i think that's what everyone resorted to knowing that there was a captain in the front and he's flying the plane and none of us can do anything about it anyway. that was the mood.
4:28 pm
it probably took about an hour from the moment we took off to the moment we got off the plane and generally, it's been an hour and a half now, but generally speaking, everyone is in good spirits and happy to be back on the ground. i'll take the close calls life will throw you as long as the plane didn't actually go down. >> ali, we're showing the viewers the plane and specifically the engine and it looks like there's some extraneous material in that engine, some sheets there. we've got these pictures inning in and these are live pictures our viewers are seeing here in the united states. i've seen a lot of engines and certainly looks like there's stuff in there that shouldn't be in there right now. >> there's definitely foreign material in there, and again, i immediately saw the video that this guy had taken. it was interesting because it was someone who follows me on twitter and he tweeted that he's on the plane and immediately sent me a message and said i've got video. i've got the whole thing and i saw the birds.
4:29 pm
and i looked at that time, you see a flock of birds, not a bird or two, a flock of birds fly by him on the right side of the plane and -- >> i think we may have lost our connection and our cell service with ali. ali, are you still there? >> the remains of birds. >> we lost you for a few seconds, ali, but we got the point and we're showing your viewers these live pictures. you say from the time that the birds struck that engine until you actually ended it was a full hour? that's a long time to be nervous. >> i guess it is a long time and we've lost our connection with ali and we'll reconnect with him. for viewers tuning in, an incident involving birds being sucked into the engine of this 757 delta flight 1063. ali velshi was reporting, it just took off from john f. kennedy airport. a full flight and there was
4:30 pm
smoke coming in as a result of the birds in the jet engine. we'll have more on the story and fortunately, it ended well and now you can see these live pictures and they're inspecting that engine right now on this delta flight. >> you can call it the battle of the silver spoon. president obama and mitt romney, they're taking jabs at each other over romney's wealth. stand by. romney's wife is trying to soften his image. we'll tell you what she's saying in our strategy session, paul begala and mary matalin are standing by live. >> and the miracle baby thrown dozens of feet when his stroller is hit by a car with only a bump on his head to show for it. i want healthy skin for life.
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mitt romney is on the president's heels on the campaign trail, visiting ohio only 24 hours after president obama visited the key battleground state. romney was deploying his latest campaign strategy. our national political correspondent, jim acosta is joining us now. jim, what's going on with governor romney? well, mitt romney's campaign is doing something called bracketing and the goal is to step on the president's message, but democrats say romney is just
4:34 pm
tripping over his own two feet. ♪ ♪ >> mitt romney seized on an ohio drywall factory that shut down during the recession to hammer home the point in the obama isn't working banner hanging over his head. >> he has not created more jobs for the american people. he hasn't, and i will. >> reporter: romney can do ohio one day after the president visited the battleground state and it sounded like he was touching the gop nominee out of touch. >> i wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth, michelle wasn't, but someone gave us a chance. >> reporter: the president, romney said, is playing divide and conquer. attacking people, not problems. >> why does he continue to attack fellow americans to find someone else to blame? >> reporter: romney was doing some blaming of his own laying this empty factory at the president's feet. the only thing it was closed in 2008 when george w. bush was president. >> it was closed in 2008 at the beginning of the economic
4:35 pm
downturn. had the president's economic plans worked, president obama's worked it would have been open by now. >> reporter: the romney campaign defended its stage crafting saying the president had stopped at this very same plant in 2008 with promises to improve the economy. >> we need a president who is working as hard as you are to make sure that our families have opportunity in this country and that's the kind of president that i intend to be. >> reporter: team romney has tried to stay on offense engaging in what it calls bracketing around mr. obama's message. bracket one came before the president's ohio speech as romney went on a cincinnati radio talk show to slam obama for playing golf during the recession. >> i would think you can count it up for four years particularly when the american people are out of work and at the factory came bracket 2 when romney said his own golf game one on hold as he makes it to the white house. >> i will use every ounce of my energy not to improve my golf
4:36 pm
handicap, but instead, to go to work to help the american people go to work. >> reporter: white house press secretary jay carney was asked about the silver spoon comment. he accused team romney of being a touch over sensitive and i had a chance to touch base with the obama campaign and the obama campaign spokeswoman commented about the factory backdrop, wolf and accused mitt romney of having what they call an aversion to the truth. so some pretty sharp attacks flying back and forth this week, wolf. >> jim acosta reporting from lorraine, ohio. all of the political reporters will be in ohio a lot between now and november. let's dig a little bit deeper with our chief political analyst gloria borger. the economy, obviously is issue number one, jobs, jobs, jobs. how important is it for the candidates to appear to be regular guys? >> i think it's crucial. what's important for them is to let people know that they understand their problems.
4:37 pm
they feel their pain as bill clinton would say that they're in touch with their problems. this is not a debate that is new to this campaign. it's been going on for some time. take a listen to what the vice president said and about what mitt romney said about being in touch. >> it's enough to make you think that years of flying around air force one surrounded by an adoring staff telling you that you're great and doing a great job, it's enough for you to think that you might be becoming out of touch with that and that's what happened. >> governor romney calls the president out of touch and anti-woman, by the way, but out of touch. how many of you all have a swiss bank account? no one? how many of you have somewhere between $20 million and $100 million in your ira? ? wolf, lots of presidents and
4:38 pm
presidential candidates have been wealthy. i don't think that's the point. i think the point is that they're trying to show that they understand and care about your problems. mitt romney has a lot of ground to make up on that point, in the new cbs news poll today only one in seven americans believe that mitt romney understands their problems, but i also have to say that if mitt romney were to win this election, he's not going to win it because he's mr. empathy. he's going to win the election if he wins because people think he can fix the economy and that he's competent and that should be the theme that he's emphasizing, not that i feel your pain. >> also, the other reverse of that, if they feel the president can't fix the economy. >> that's right. >> that would help mitt romney, obvio obviously. >> he can't pretend to be something he's not. >> forget about the primaries and the caucuses. it's a two-man battle. >> and this is the point in the campaign, wolf, where candidates have to define themselves before the other fellow defines them
4:39 pm
and so what you see is the fight for definition and the president's campaign is going to try and remind voters of everything that happened during the primaries. they've got a lot of videotape they can go to. one senior obama campaign official said every time they try and change a position we're going to go to that videotape and the romney campaign in the meantime is really trying to push that reset button and say, okay, we're on a different place now because they have to appeal to those independent voters. >> that's going to be the key right there. >> thanks very much for that. >> ann romney is, quote, a pretty crazy guy that loves to pull pranks and doesn't an awkward romney moment involving cookies illustrate a problem. paul begala, and mary matalin are standing by lye. it's very important to understand
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let's get back to the race to the white house. joining us democratic strategist and cnn contributor paul begala and republican strategist and cnn contributor mary matalin. first let me play a little clip. ann romney is a lovely woman and loves her husband very much and
4:44 pm
they've been married a long time. she says he's quite a crazy guy. >> he really is a very funny guy and loves to pull pranks, and he is always looking for jokes. it's too bad that people don't know that there's a side of mitt that's like that that i saw it when i was first dating him. he was a pretty crazy guy even though he never drank. in high school, that was when i fell in love with him. >> how important, paul, is that for the spouse, the wife in this particular case, to be making statements, showing that her husband is just a down to earth, normal kind of guy? >> he's clearly a devoted husband and a great dad, okay? he's got a terrific family and no doubt about that, but people aren't worried about that, and when you get into the question of humor, you don't have to have a sense of humor to be president, thomas jefferson had no sense of humor, but here's mitt romney's sense of humor. he told a joke on the campaign trail about how his father shut
4:45 pm
down a plant in michigan and moved all of the jobs to wisconsin. ha, ha, ha, isn't that funny? laying people off is not fun pep that's how distant and removed he is from our pain. he loves unemployment because he's created so many of them, and when you're making jokes about laying people off then you've really not got the right kind of of sense of humor in politics. >> mary, he backed up in the cnn orc poll, we asked who is more likable, likable? president obama, 56%, mitt romney 27%. so on this likability, mary, romney's got some work to do. >> this is not a personality contest. in other polls, and there were a spate of them this week, romney's beating obama hands down on the issues that factor most prominently in people's lives and they prioritize in this election, who is better to do the economy? who can create jobs?
4:46 pm
who can do bet or gas prices. yea. they love obama, they hate his policies. if romney is an awkward politician, i'm not sure that doesn't wear better over time than a telepromptered, smooth, too cool for school obama who all he ever does is trash his opponent as opposed to support his own policies because he can't. because people aren't working and they can't fill up their cars and they can't get groceries. so this is a referendum on the president. it's not a referendum on mitt romney's personality and the longer that the obama people run a popularity contest, the less successful is their potential. >> mary, here is an example of that awkward moment. he's out in ohio and they're bringing him some delicious cookies and he says this -- >> i'm not sure about these cookies. you know? they don't look like you made them. did you make those cookies? >> no. no. they came from the local -- 7-eleven, bakery or whatever.
4:47 pm
>> that was in pennsylvania, mary. it wasn't a 7-eleven, and it was a very popular local bakery and they were very upset by what the republican presidential candidate had to say. why are you shaking your head? >> i'm just in a state of shock. when hillary clinton says i could have stayed home and baked cookie, that's saying something about the character of philosophy. when mitt romney is obviously making small talk about cookies and maybe he was saying that because he thought they were too professional to be home baked and we're making this into cookie gate? that's why the electorate out there think we're all out of touch. no one will be voting on what mitt romney thought about cookies in pennsylvania. >> let's talk, paul, about the silver spoon issue that the president raised. play the clip of what the president said and here's the response that mitt romney delivered earlier today. >> i wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth.
4:48 pm
michelle wasn't, but somebody gave us a chance. >> i'm not going to apologize for my dad's success, but i know the president likes to attack fellow americans. he's always looking for a scapegoat, particularly those that have been successful like my dad and i'm not going to rise to that. >> go ahead, you'd like to rise to that, i'm sure. >> he just rose to it. it reminds me of my old client, friend, mentor zell miller, hit, dog barks. it's not that he's rich although he has these obscene expressions of wealth like building an elevator for his car and hiring a masseuse for his horse. it's not just that he's rich. he got rich by hammering the middle class, bankrupting companies and guess what he wants to do as president? give himself more tax cuts, cut medicare and education and hammer the middle class more. that's the narrative here. what mitt romney did in his professional life ask what he wants to do in our life.
4:49 pm
>> zero sum --? mary, hold on for a second. i'll put the poll number up in the new poll. who is more if touch with the problems of the middle class? president obama, 51%. mitt romney, 33%. go ahead, mary. the american people do not believe that success is a negative. they do not believe in penalizing success. they will not go with this narrative, it's a fantasy and a myth that they're making up. mitt romney is doing considerably better on this whole attack on his being a successful person. he's earned every penny and the chance that obama and michelle had, they got from their parents and their mother and grandparents and their parents and they got a good education and a subsidized education because people like mitt romney's father paid their full freight so their educations could be subsidized and it's a great country and that's why
4:50 pm
they got a chance and mitt romney will continue to make it a better country. >> it is certainly a great, great country. thanks, guys, very much. coming up, more of my exclusive interview with hillary clinton and leon panetta. y asked the secretary of state if we'll be calling her madam vice president one of these days or madam president any time soon. stand by. >> a car plows into a crowded supermarket. the video is incredible and what happens afterwards is even more amazing. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began. a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪♪ she wain paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next?
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4:53 pm
>> let's get right back to jack for "the cafferty file." >> the question this hour is what's the right punishment for the secret service scandal in we have interesting stuff and some of it we couldn't share with you on the air. secret service director mike sullivan should be fired if for no other reason than his failure to resign shows that he just doesn't get it. frank in dal cal. it's evident that these wheels up parties is nothing new to the entourage charged with protecting the president. this incident is a terrible mess
4:54 pm
and it's time to clean house. it will all event ually come ou, but in this case the baby must be thrown out with the bathwater. off duty means off duty. how many of us would like our employer to be able to control what we do or who we're when with when not at work? as long as they took care of guarding their weapon, schedules, functions from could-be enemies or blackmailers, i don't have a problem with them uses these services even though i don't personally agree with the wisdom of their choice. they screwed up on the job and they should be fired like anyone else who screws up on the job. nothing more, nothing less. >> terry in virginia writes termination, no pension, no benefits. the secret service has one job, protect the president at all times. these men and women are supposed to be the cream of the crop who use their best judgment at all times because one slip could mean the death of the president of the united states. peter in terry town suggests, ask the wives of the married agents.
4:55 pm
i'm sure they probably have some good ideas. i'll bet they do. if you want to read more on this, go to my blog, or to the post on the situation room's facebook page. >> thank you. straight ahead, dramatic surveillance video of a car crashing into a supermarket. the survivors' stories are just as dramatic. [ male announcer ] we imagined a vehicle that could adapt to changing road conditions. one that continually monitors and corrects for wheel slip. we imagined a vehicle that can increase emergency braking power
4:56 pm
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4:58 pm
this next report contains some surveillance video that's hard to watch. it shows a car plowing into a public supermarket in palm coast, florida. but even more amazing is the fact that no one was killed. here's emily turner of cnn affiliate wjxt. >> witnesses say it sounded like a bomb went off and this surveillance video shows something very similar. an elderly driver plowing through the storefront of a palm coast publix. none of the ten victims from this crash could or would talk on camera, but those who know the driver can't believe it happened. >> she's a good driver? >> yes. excellent. marie lives across the street from 76-year-old thelma hover, the woman who drove her camry through the storefront. so did this man who only agreed
4:59 pm
to speech who didn't want us to identify him. >> i don't think she knows what happened to tell you the truth. >> florida highway patrol haven't been able to answer the question. in the top right hand corner of your screen you can see store employees and customers lift the camry off of him. he is now in stable condition. >> there was probably about 10 or 12 guys that actually had the smarts to actually go over and they lifted up the car. i mean, a crane couldn't have lifted it up any quicker. >> the 3-month-old baby in this stroller only suffered minor injuries. >> you can actually see the car hit the stroller. witnesses say the child flew from the stroller after the impact and we are not allowed inside of the stores with the cameras and i pace off the distance from where witnesses say the child landed, from, and that's 27 paces or the width of about six parking spots. we tried to track down the
5:00 pm
driver, but no one was home. she has been charged with careless drive, but her neighbors say she never saw that kind of driving when she pulled out of the neighborhood. >> i think she just had a bad experience, bad dad day, bad accident, whatever. >> you don't think it had anything to do with her age? >> no. >> emily turner reporting. a relative of the man pinned under the car says he's improving along with the wife who suffered a broken leg. and you're in "the situation room," happening now, concerns about the presidential security. as the u.s. secret service reels from a prostitution scandal, this hour members of congress are venting their fears and their anger and they're demanding answers. plus, i ask secretary of state hillary clinton about her political future. got a surprising reaction not just from her, but defense secretary leon panetta as well. stand by for more of my exclusive, joint interview with both of them. >> and a stunning crime in the
5:01 pm
small town where ronald reagan grew up. an official in city hall is accused of stealing, get this, $30 million. $30 million and no one seemed to notice until now. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- top lawmakers are expecting more resignations from the secret service as the fallout grows from a prostitution scandal. 11 secret service members are accused of bringing prostitutes back to their hotel in columbia just before last week's visit by president obama. three of them are leaving the agency. this scandal is raising a lot of questions about the secret service and the future of presidential security. let's bring in our senior congressional correspondent dana bash. she's on capitol hill.
5:02 pm
dana? >> reporter: wolf, i talked to a couple of lawmakers who spoke to the secret service director and he told them to expect that other secret service members who were involved in this scandal could be gone as soon as this week, but i am also told by sources that that might take longer than you think because the director is getting pushed back by some of those involved saying they don't believe that they broke the rules or laws that allow them to actually go or be fired, but nevertheless, top lawmakers here say they're comfortable at this point letting the secret service do its own investigation. they still want answers. what do congressional leaders think about allegations that members of the secret service brought poft toots to their colombian hotel. you don't have to read between the lines. >> it's a stunning thing. it's actually disgusting. those people who are responsible have brought disgrace and it's disgusting. >> people that are here to protect the president, they go
5:03 pm
to colombia and have a fight with a prostitute over how much she should be paid, that's an even stupider, total lack of common sense. >> reporter: there's concern the scandal could jeopardize the president's security in the future. >> the secret service is an organization which i put on the level of the navy s.e.a.l.s, the elite, the very, very best in the world, and i don't want anyone to think that they can pierce the armor of the secret service. i don't want even want them to think it. >> democrat elija cummings didn't say there were new threats, but there was concern for the president's safety, that he hears often from constituents. >> people said to me, look, cummins, if they tried to kill rayi reagan. >> to be blunt, you get that because he's african-american? >> i'm just telling you.
5:04 pm
that's what they asked me. >> reporter: cummins is the top democrat, and he set a bipartisan letter to the secret service director demanding information on everything from the colombia prostitution incident to the agency culture that may have allowed it. homeland security chairman peter king overseas the secret service. he's doing his own investigating. >> i have four investigators working on it, talking to not just the secret service and other sources we have in law enforcement. we're talking to as many people as we can. if i have to i will send staff investigators down to colombia. >> reporter: like many other law makers, king says he still has confidence in secret service director mark sullivan, not this republican congressman. >> i think it's time that we have a change at the top and make sure that we're showing not just to the people of the united states, but the people across the world that we're serious about protecting the leadership of this country. >> we will have a hearing next week in the senate judiciary
5:05 pm
committee where they will testify and the secret service scandal will be the focus there. key chairmen on both sides of the capitol are saying they'll wait until the secret service does its own investigating and that is quite different from many times you see a scandal around washington. generally these lawmakers jump on it and call for public hearings right away. not in this case. >> i'm sure the scandal is only just beginning. thanks for that, dana bash, up on capitol hill. let's dig deeper in the culture of the secret service and brian todd is taking a closer look into this part of the story. >> there's growing concern among law enforcement, experts and members of congress about that very aspect of this and it stems from the fact that 11 members of the secret service were allegedly involved and not just one or two. >> it's the sheer number of secret service personnel involved in the alleged incident with prostitutes that raised serious questions in washington. >> it's hard for me to believe
5:06 pm
it was the first and only time. there were just too many people involved. >> sources say two supervisors among them, leaving law enforcement experts to be concerned about potentially a larger problem within the secret service and a comfort level with this conduct. is it part of a pattern in that agency? we spoke off camera with several former secret service agents and supervisors who say it's not and they've never heard of anything like this. they did tell us about the so-called wheels up parties when secret service officers, white house staffers and members of the media get together & after the president has left a city and they say those get togethers are comparatively tame. jeffrey robinson who wrote a book with a secret service top agent said this about the parties. >> do married guys take off the rings at these parties? okay, that's a problem for these married guys and their families. do people get drunk? gee, there's a news story.
5:07 pm
robinson says those are isolated incidents, not part of a broader culture at the secret service. there was an incident in 2006 when a secret service agent was tasered, charged with public intoxication after an altercation at a bar in waco, texas. in 2002, u.s. news and world report published an investigative piece detailing agents having raucous party, barroom brawls and sex with underaged girls and some of that came from disgruntled former agents who had grievances with the agency. >> there is a real concern that this is a cultural problem within the agency, is it? >> no, it is not. i mean, i can tell you unequivocally it is not, and i have lived it for 31 years. >> reporter: everybody issing under six presidents barbara rigg was the first woman to become deputy secret service director. she also supervised advanced teams. >> yes, we have had people who have been acting inapproach
5:08 pm
yetly. after duty can you go out and have a beer? absolutely. can sometimes there be an incident? yes, there has been, but is it systemic? no. >> reporter: current secret service official mirrored that telling us in an agency of 7,000 people, yes, there have been incidents of misconduct and criminal behavior. this official would not respond to concerns about a broader, cultural problem at the secret service, but did say with regard to this incident and others they have responded dice ofly and appropriately, wolf. >> i know you've spoken to other secret service agents and how are they reacting emotionally? >> they're ticked off. you hear the words embarrassed and ashamed from a lot of them. they get very emotional about this. they're very angry that these few people would have put a mark on the entire agency. you hear the words ticked off and embarrassed a lot from them these days. >> i spent the last couple of days in brussels and the secretary of state and the secretary of defense and the
5:09 pm
security officers there, and they're ticked off as well because the impression that the only thing they're doing is partying with hookers and stuff. >> they get emotional. >> thanks very much, brian. >> fran townsend got an up-close look at the secret service in action during her days in the bush administration and serves on the homeland security department's external advisory board right now. former homeland security adviser to president bush. is there a cultural problem, in other words, is this a bigger problem or based on your experience, as you know, an isolated incident. >> you know, wolf, everything i saw, when i traveled overseas i would have a protective detail and they were incredibly professional. the door was left open and i was never in the room alone with an agent and they worked hard to make sure there were women on my protective detail, and so i never saw evidence of this. i tell you, as brian mention, the numbers, the fact that there are two supervisors involved and the fact that they were on the
5:10 pm
ground a short period of time before this incident happened. this is the very reason that mike sullivan has pointed an external panel and once they get the facts sorted out to ensure the fact that this was want a cultural problem. having to spoken to mark sullivan and that's why you've seen the response on capitol hill to give them the opportunity to conduct thorough investigation and to make recommendations about what happened here and how to make sure that this problem doesn't happen again. >> gs-14s. a lot of the viewers don't understand. if you're a gs-14 supervisor. you're not just a low-level clerk or something. that's a pretty high level. >> that's right. although within the secret service that's your first level of supervisor. i'm not making an excuse for the supervisors. one guy was there for 20 years, and the other more than 25. these are very experienced agents. as i spoke to one of the people
5:11 pm
he worked with, he said the guy didn't have a whole lot of good judgment and so i wasn't terribly surprised when i heard he had been involved in this. he had bad judgment earlier in his career. those are the things that mark sullivan is trying to get to the bottom of so he can understand, how do you identify people who have judgment issues and shouldn't be a part of this elite service. >> is he thinking, it's my responsibility. it happened on my watch and i'm stepping down. >> i don't think mark is nor do i think he should at this point. we've seen all of these scannals and think of the scandals in dod with inappropriate conducts and photographs and most recently with body parts and military service members and we don't leon panetta ought to be asked to resign over that. you want a director to show decisive leadership and he's determined to get to the bottom of it and want just by the internal investigation and by having external folks look at
5:12 pm
it. i think what you want is a decisive, strong leader, who will lead this agency through the crisis and that's what he's doing. >> fran townsend, thanks very much for that. >> new clues in a 33-year-old mystery. police are forming's search for the first child on the milk carton. >> hillary clinton, that's coming up this hour and we'll explain why a woman climbed a car to get close to iran's president. [ sighs ] [ announcer ] all work and no play... will make brady miss his favorite part of the day. ♪ [ upbeat ] [ barking ] [ whines ] that's why there's beneful playful life, made with energy-packed wholesome grains... and real beef and egg. to help you put more play in your day. beneful. play. it's good for you.
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so they can focus on serving their customers. when we got married. i had three kids. and she became the full time mother of three. it was soccer, and ballet, and cheerleading, and baseball. those years were crazy. so, as we go into this next phase, you know, a big part of it for us is that there isn't anything on the schedule. let's get right back to jack for "the cafferty file." >> congress won't do anything to fix our economy, that is the disturbing conclusion of the cnn money survey of economists. despite the issues on the horizon, $15 trillion debt, trillion dollar annual deficits, jobs, taxes, we can once again expect our congress to do
5:16 pm
nothing. although the economists polled in this survey have lots of ideas about how to jump-start the u.s. economy. they don't expect congress to act on any of them in the near utsch foo you are. one economist put it this way, congress will act, quote, two weeks after a sudden freeze in hell, unquote. these experts are most worried about a weakening and economic readings especially job growth. so what would help? they'd like congress to pass comprehensive tax reform which would likely lower tax rates for corporations and individuals while eliminating a lot of reductions and loopholes. most of these economists also support some extension of the bush tax cuts and an extension of the partial payroll tax holiday. the survey also found 40% of them want congress to repeal obama care and about a fourth of them support the repeal of the dodd frank financial services reform legislation. some of them believe the economy will be best off if congress does as little as possible and it looks like those folks will probably get their wish.
5:17 pm
with lawmakers in re-election mode now we can't expect much action on the economy or anything else for that matter, it's pathetic. as if to prove the point just this week senate democrats canceled votes on next year's budget. this will be the third year in a row that congress has failed to produce a budget. that's their job, like i said, they're pathetic. here's the question. if congress won't fix the economy what will it take. go to file or go to our post on "the situation room's" facebook page. wolf? >> being. >> thank you. potential breakthrough in the notorious 33-year-old cold case on the child featured on the side of a milk carton. the fbi has just started searching a building in the ritzy soho neighborhood in hopes of finding remains of a 6-year-old boy who disappeared way back in 1979. let's bring in our national correspondent susan candiotti. you are getting brand new
5:18 pm
information. a lot of us have followed this story over these three decades. what are you learning? >> reporter: that's right. that little boy that they're looking for, his remain, etan patz is his name. here's what i learned from law enforcement sources about what led them to launch the investigation or restart it. as they were getting ready to use their jack hammers now, here's what we've come up with, while they were going over old leads in the case, re-examining them they found something, they're not revealing exactly what that led them to bring a cadaver dog into the basement of this building, the red brick building that you see over my shoulder here and that led them to say let's bring in jack hammers. let's come in full force and look to see what we can find. and so that's what they've been doing. mapping out the concrete basement in this building and i'll tell you why this location is significant. about half a block up this way is where that little boy and his parents used to live. about half a block in the other
5:19 pm
direction is the bus stop where that little boy was walking when he disappeared. he was going to the bus stop by himself to go to school that day. so that's why police are concentrating on this block, as they have in the past, but something new came up. so all afternoon they've been digging up dirt, taking away shelving and drywalls and finally tomorrow they think they're going to take jack hammers to the small basement area described as very dark and leads to a hallway where there used to be an art studio. here's what police said they're looking for. >> we're looking for human remains, clothing or other personal effects of etan patz in trying to find out where he disappeared, why he disappeared and where. >> reporter: wolf, this search is going to be going on for five days. any evidence collected will be going to the fbi's lab in
5:20 pm
quantico, virginia. they're going to knock off tonight and resume work in the morning. they have a lot of work ahead of them. we reached out to the parents of that little boy. they still live right down the street. they were told about the search in advance and an author who has spoken with them, we were unable to contact them said they've been through the ups and downs before and they learned how to deal with it, everyone is hoping for the best so that they can get some closure. >> hoping for the best indeed. we'll stay on top of the story. thanks very much, and our deepest, deepest best wishes to this family, for 33 years. god can only imagine what they've been going through. a nurse accused of the unthinkable. killing a mother and stealing her new baby. new details emerging about the nurse's background, plus a new missile launch, but this one is not outraging the white house. you'll fiend out why. ♪
5:21 pm
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mahmoud ahmadinejad's car surrounded by a rowdy crowd. mary snow has the dramatic youtube video and some of the other top stories in "the situation room." >> at one point you can see a woman climbing on to the car to speak to the iranian president. it happened during his visit to one of the country's southern provinces. some in the crowd seemed to be ahmadinejad supporters. another man was yelling that he was hungry. ahmadinejad declined to speak with the woman, but did not speak with the man complaining of hunger. >> india says it has successfully carried out a test of the longest rage nuclear missile which can travel about 3100 miles. it was fired from the country's eastern coast putting it within striking distance of china. india which also borders pakistan claims its missiles are purely for deterrence. despite low home prices and record low interest rates, the housing market is still
5:25 pm
struggling. a new industry report shows existing home sales fell 2.6% compared to a month earlier. a number of analysts consider disappointing, but they say conditions are in place for a turnaround as soon as confidence kicks in among buyers. >> and reality tv star kim kardashian wants to one day become mayor kim kardashian. the hollywood socialite and entrepreneur revealed in a clip for her sister's reality show that she wants to run for mayor of glendale, california, somewhere down the road. officially she'd have to first be elected to the city council and it could be the topic of a whole new reality show, wolf? >> the mayor, is that what we have to call her? the mayor. >> i think we have a long time for that. >> thanks very much. here's a question, hillary clinton, the current secretary of state running for president in 2016? her answer. and the defense secretary leon panetta's rather candid reaction. more of my exclusive interview
5:26 pm
with both of them. stand by for this. >> and $30 million stolen from a small town. wait until you see where it allegedly went. everything that i've gained in life has been because of the teachers and the education that i had. they're just part of who i am. she convinced me that there was no limit to what we could learn. i don't think i'd be here today had i not had a wonderful science teacher. a teacher can make a huge difference in a child's life. he would never give up on any of us. thank you dr. newfield. you had a big impact on me.
5:27 pm
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5:29 pm
the secretary of state hillary clinton seems to be enjoying her job as america's top diplomat, but can another political campaign be in her future? i asked her about that, and i also asked her about some of those photos in colombia drinking some beer as well. here now more of my exclusive joint interview with secretary clinton and defense secretary leon panetta. >> when we were in cairo a year ago i asked you political questions. we're in a political season. >> are we? is that right? >> you've heard about it. >> i don't know about these things anymore. >> let's go through the questions that i'm sure you've been asked, but i'm going to ask them again. is the president of the united states says madam secretary, i need you on the ticket this year in order to beat romney. are you ready to run as his vice presidential running mate? >> that is not going to happen. that's like saying if the
5:30 pm
olympic committee called you up and say are you ready to run the marathon? would you accept? it's not going to happen. >> i disagree. >> well --? it's unlikely. >> it's more than unlikely. >> if he sees in july that he's going down, he doesn't want to be a one-term president. >> leon and i are in this awkward position because we've both been in politics and now we're in jobs that are out of pol fix for all of the right reasons. i'm very confident about the outcome of this election, and as i've said many times i think joe biden who is a dear friend of ours has served our country and served the president very well. so i'm out of politics, but i am very supportive of the team that we have in the white house going forward. >> but you would do whatever it takes to help the president get reelected. you don't want to see him be a one-term president and you certainly don't want to see romney name one or two supreme court justices. >> wolf, i can just imagine your
5:31 pm
poor mother -- why? why, mother? why, mother? >> no, honestly. it is not going happen, so i'm not going to speculate on something that i know is not going to be happening. >> let's try this one. i asked my twitter followers for a question for the secretary of state. has hillary seen the movie "the iron lady" about margaret thatcher, and is it time for a female president of the united states of america. my answer is yes. is it time for a female, like you, for example, in 2016 to run for president of the united states? >> well, let me depersonalize it, take it away from me. of course, i believe it's time for a woman to be president. i was just in brazil with extraordinary president of brazil. at the summit of the americas we had three presidents, two prime ministers of countries in our
5:32 pm
hemisphere. we just saw a woman succeed to the presidency in malawi. >> it's happening in the world. >> except in the united states. >> it will. i just hope i'm around. >> if she runs in 2016 will you -- would you support her in 2016 if she runs? >> it's an easy question. >> of course. you want her to run in 2016. she's a great leader and she's been a great leader and she will be a great leader in the future. >> they really want you, a lot of democrats and others would like you to run in 2016. i just see you smiling. >> look, i'm flattered. i am honored. that is not in the future for me, but obviously, i'm hoping that i'll get to cast my vote for a woman running for president of our country. >> did you see those pictures of her drinking a little beer? did you see that, mr. secretary? >> those are great pictures.
5:33 pm
>> well, we were having a good time celebrating the birthday of one of my colleagues, and you know, i sometimes forget that everybody is now a potential reporter or photographer. >> that's true. >> but it was a lot of fun. we had a very good time just enjoying beautiful cartagena. >> and i love that picture of you texting in the sunglasses. >> you've seen that one, too, right? >> yes, i have seen that, too. >> that actually was very funny and a lot of the back and forth of the kinds of invented dialogue was very funny. i got a lot of comments about that. >> thank you very much for joining us on behalf of the viewers in the united states and around the world, good luck to you in whatever you decide to do down the road. both of you have a lot on your agenda and we're counting on you to get a lot done. >> thank you, wolf. great to talk to you. appreciate it. >> let's discuss what we heard
5:34 pm
with our chief political correspondent, she's the anchor of "state of the union." i don't think it's likely that she'll be the vice presidential running mate this year. but i wouldn't rule it out. and he doesn't want to be a jimmy carter one-term democratic president. >> he does not, i don't think come july that will be obvious loop i think for him to switch v.p.s in the middle of him would hurt him as much as it would help him. i think we need to get you an intervention on this. this is a woman who has said to almost everyone around her as far as i know, those that i know, that has said i want to get into private life. she wants to have a life. i think she will go on. i thought it was interesting how when panetta said she will be a great leader in the future. i thought that was a really interesting moment. >> do you think she's thinking about 2016? she'll be 69 years old and that would put her up there with ronald reagan.
5:35 pm
>> if she ran. he ran when he was 69 years old and i just don't think she's got the fire anymore. i think her fire is elsewhere. i think it's global. i think she has so loved this job as secretary of state, and she may go and start a foundation of her own a la her husband and maybe do something with women. she was very into microloans when she was first lady and the kind of things, to giving women microloans in third world countries and helping their lives. so i think she just, the fire is gone because she's seen something else that she wants to do with her life. >> this is where i agree with you. i think the fire is still there. she's tired and she's worked hard and she's traveling all over the world, but the notion of being the first woman president of the united states after she worked so hard years ago to try to achieve that. she came close and didn't come close enough. i wouldn't necessarily rule it out by any means.
5:36 pm
i think there would be enormous amount of pressure on here no matter if president obama is elected or not. that would be a moment for a woman to step forward, and i also believe that if this president says to her this year, i need you. we're going down. you can help me in florida, in ohio, in pennsylvania, in michig michigan, wisconsin, shield not say no to the president of the united states. she doesn't want it and they love joe biden, and it would only happen under enormously painful, difficult circumstances if david axelrod would say to the president, it's over, mr. president, it's over for you. >> we'll see. see you here four years from now and we'll see what she's doing or maybe come july. we'll talk about it and see where he is. >> all right. tell us what's happening. >> i can ask david axelrod. >> he's going to be with us as well as marco rubio.
5:37 pm
>> both potential vice presidential running mate. >> they always say no. do you know anyone who has ever told the president, i want you to be my running mate and somebody said no? >> there have been people. >> it's all in how you say no in public. >> she's a patriot, hillary clinton. >> she absolutely is. >> i don't think she wants to see romney the next president of the united states. >> okay. great interview. >> thank you. political pundits say he's on the short list. he's speaking to our own john king in the next hour and talking about potentially becoming the republican vice presidential nominee from ohio, a key battleground state. new details on the nurse accused of killing a young mother and then stealing her little baby. we asked ourselves what would we -- if we could do anything what would we really do? what are the things that we lack in our city, what are the things that we would like to do, but
5:38 pm
can't and then make them happen. that's what architecture should be all about is to try to make the world a little bit more like our dreams. [ male announcer ] while others are content to imitate, we'll continue to innovate. the lexus rx. why settle for a copy when you can own the original? see your lexus dealer.
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5:41 pm
>> a new mother is dead after desperately trying to safe her 3 day old kidnapped baby. now authorities think they know the motive behind this vicious, unimaginable attack. here's cnn's ed lavandera. >> reporter: kara golden was
5:42 pm
doing what mothers do, caring for her newborn baby. taking her newborn keegan to a doctor's check-up. that's when police say she was confronted by another woman, a stranger. witnesses say an argument erupted and then horrifying sounds. >> they were struggling, and i didn't know what was going on, but after i heard the fourth gunshot then i knew something was going on. >> reporter: the attacker shot kala golden several times in the chest and then snatched the baby. witnesses say golden, even after she was shot could be heard screaming "my baby." the other mo of the 3 day old child was shot and she tried to get the child from the vehicle and she was dragged to the ground as the car took off. an amber alert was issued and just a few hours later a description of the suspect's getaway car found it in the complex near houston. a s.w.a.t. team descends on the apartment and arrest 30-year-old verna dee an mcclain. a short time later they find baby keegan alive and unharmed
5:43 pm
with mcclain's sister in a neighboring county and that's when investigators say they begin to unravel mcclain's shocking motivation. >> initially the information is she did have a miscarriage. she needed to justify having a child to her soon-to-be fiance who would be married in may and she needed to produce a child. >> oddly, investigators say mcclain had told her fiancee she had given birth to a child, both mcclain and her fiancee are black. 3 day old keegan is white. it is not clear how long mcclain planned this attack. >> investigation so far would indicate this was a random choice on her part. i think she knew the patterns that the pediatric center where she was at because she had taken her children there in the past and there was nothing to indicate this was anything beyond planning further than
5:44 pm
that. >> investigators are still trying to make sense of this motive. mcclain is a registered nurse who is already the mother of three children herself. kayla golden's husband keith is left to raise their three children and to wonder why a random tragedy would strike his family this way. >> she was nice, sweet, lovable. i loved her. she loved me. >> and a little baby has been robbed of his mother's love. ed lavandera, cnn, dallas. >> income klain is now charged with capital murder. what a heartbreaking story. jack is asking, what will it take? your answers coming up, plus, a spectacular ripoff. guess what? $30 million stolen from a small town and wait until you see how investigators say the money was used. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ?
5:45 pm
if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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5:47 pm
smalltown america isn't immune to small time crime. a whopping $30 million was stolen from the city and no one seemed to notice for years and years. cnn's ted rowlands is joining us from dixon. what's going on, ted? >> reporter: well, wolf, people
5:48 pm
here are upset, obviously, but they're also shocked that the person that has been controlling the money here in the city could get away with this for so long. this is 58-year-old rita krundwell, the controller of dixon, illinois, leaving a federal courthouse after her arrest. this is krundwell's lavish horse farm, one of two she owns along with this house, all kept afloat with money she stole on the job working for the city. the government alleges that krundwell, a nationally known horse breeder stole more than $30 million since 2006 including $3.2 million since last august. she allegedly used the stolen money to not only support her horse operations, but also bought several cars according to the govern, trailers and a $2.1 million motorhome. dixon is a city of about 15,000 people two hours west of
5:49 pm
chicago. it's the childhood home of ronald reagan and the current home of a lot of angry people. >> if it had been 100,000 or a couple hundred thousand people wouldn't be as angry as they are, but 30 million is astronomical and for no oversight. someone has to be held responsible, not just her. >> reporter: the mayor of dixon says annual city and state audits never turned up any cause for concern. >> the audit review showed no adverse findings, red flags about the city of dixon. there was activity at the krundwell's dixon horse ranch and the property entrances are gated and we tried using the intercom, but nobody would answer. she's been charged with one count of wire fraud which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years years in prison. people say they knew he had money, just assumed she made the money from the horse breeding business. she hasn't entered a plea.
5:50 pm
made first court appearance yesterday, due back in court first week in may. we talked to her attorney this afternoon, he had no comment. >> how did they finally catch her, what happened her? >> last fall, she went on extended vacation. the person was temporarily taking over for her job noticed some inaccuracies, they called the federal government and that's when the investigation started and they made the arrest this week. >> they just assumed this is a woman that had money, made money elsewhere, all the lavish life-style, big stuff she was buying came with the territory? nobody was suspicious of her? >> well, because she had this horse breeding business. she's nationally recognized as a horse breeder. people thought business is good. they had no idea she was funding it with their money, allegedly. >> allegedly indeed. ted, thanks very much. let's go to jack now with the
5:51 pm
cafferty file. question this hour, if congress won't fix our economy, what's it going to take? renee writes from coincidentally illinois, the solution as always, is in our own hands. stop listening to bipartisan rhetoric, vote them all out. if we show congress once and for all not doing their jobs means they lose their jobs like the real world the rest of us live in, maybe we'll get some action. it will never happen. politicians know this. why do you think they work heavily on dividing the electorate. lou writes can congress pass a bill to make the debt disappear? they can't pass a bill to make economies overseas more stable. about all they can do is tinker with the tax code, eliminate programs, neither of which will fix our economy. mike in maryland gets it. cut government spending 40%.
5:52 pm
revise programs, then cut taxes. in order to help the economy, the weight of the government must be reduced. tom says i think the private sector will fix it self because that's who we are. the rate we fix it is effected by the government and its policies. i don't believe many in government really understand business. simon in florida writes you assume the government can fix the economy. what they need to do is cut the out of control spending, get out of the way of private sector and let the economy fix it self. jack in pennsylvania writes sadly it is going to take revolution or complete collapse of the dollar which will lead to that revolution. at presence, the fox is watching the hen house. even the most ethical is corrupted once they arrive. if you want to read more, go to the cafferty file. >> election year in the united states, all of a sudden there's going to be dramatic progress, bipartisan cooperation to improve the economy.
5:53 pm
you're not holding your breath for that? >> the senate backed away voting on a budget third time in three years since the federal government had a budget. no, they're not going to do anything, they never do anything but cash our checks and run up the debt. >> jack cafferty, see you tomorrow. thanks very much. some call it the world's worst song. two teep age girls are behind it. jeanne moos talks to them next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curveballs. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra.
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5:56 pm
here is a look at this hour's hot shots. in london, the italian synchronized team swims to qualify for the olympics. in india, members of a rural village gather firewood. in afghanistan, a man rides his bike home in the rain. and in michigan, president obama rides the bus rosa parks was on. jeanne moos caught up with two teenage girls that turned their hot problems into what many consider a not so catchy
5:57 pm
tune. >> reporter: it has a lot to live up to. ♪ look at me and tell me the truth. >> reporter: does it deserve the title worst song ever? >> what the hell did i just watch? >> reporter: you just watched hot problems, about how hard it is to be hot. ♪ i got the look, i got the butt, but those things don't make me a [bleep]. >> these two tone deaf [bleep]. ♪ we're just like you, except we're hot. >> i don't even know why it exists. >> so that everyone on the web can talk about it. meet the high school seniors with hot problems. you consider yourself hot girls or you don't? >> i wouldn't say we're that hot girl, but it is fun to sing about it. >> reporter: lauren andrew are california girls that wrote the lyrics in two hours, recorded the song at a friend's studio
5:58 pm
just for fun, they say. >> reporter: did you ever mean to be singers? >> not at all. >> we didn't consider ourselves musically talented. >> reporter: neither does most of the internet. one posted bleeding ears with three words, make it stop. ♪ they see my blonde hair, blue eyes and class, but they don't know, i have a really big heart. >> their voice? like they're not even singing. it is so stupid. >> reporter: can't anyone say anything nice? yes. we found someone that said is it bad, i found this hilarious. me thinks this is a joke. >> i guess you can say it is a joke. >> reporter: they didn't seem sure. people are comparing it to rebecca black's much ridiculed hit. it may not be flattery, but others are imitating hot
5:59 pm
problems. ♪ we're just like you. ♪ we're hot, hot. >> reporter: how did you feel about seeing the reviews that said things like this is the death of music? >> all the negative criticism that we're getting, we're just kind of brushing it off our shoulders. >> i rather go to a [bleep] barbershop, let stevie wonder give me a free haircut before listening to that. ♪ we're just like you. ♪ except that we're hot. >> reporter: now he is hot. jeanne moos, i can't get it out of my head! ♪ hot people have problems, too. >> reporter: cnn, new york. >> give those girls credit. they got something out there. thanks very much for joining us. i'm wolf blitz erin the situation room. john king usa starts now. good evening, i'm john king. president obama's work