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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 28, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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switzerland, he was caught and shot trying to cross the border. thanks for starting your morning with us, we have much more ahead on cnn saturday morning which starts right now. from cnn center, this is cnn saturday morning. ahead this hour, police say he murdered his wife and daughter, then tried to burn down his house, but that didn't work. now, a seattle swat team is staking out this underground bunker where police think the suspect is hiding out. >> this isn't a hole in the ground, this is a large built-up structure but hidden. took time to find it. also ahead the future of our food, wait until you see how some americans are shaking up their eating habits in a big way. are you on the bandwagon yet? on a mission for money, the newest frontier in mining one of the most precious and pricey metals on earth.
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good morning everyone i'm randi kaye, 7:00 on the east coast, 4:00 on the west. a lot to tell you about, let's get to it. start with the standoff near seattle, a man accused of murdering his wife and daughter is holed up in an underground bunker. a swat team pumped in tear gas to force peter keller out. it's believed he is well-armed and the bunker is well-stocked. police are being cautious and patient. one friend of keller's wife isn't being so deliberate. >> i hope he resists. because i want him to know what a bullet feels like. you know? i can't stop being angry. >> we get more now from jim foreman who filed this story. >> it doesn't matter how long it takes, if it takes a day, month, week, we'll wait it out. most important thing is officer safety. >> reporter: as sunset nears,
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another swat team moves in to take up their position. the first units have been at it since 5:00 a.m., with night fall coming, commanders want to bring in fresh people. sheriffs deputies now all but certain peter keller is inside his deep underground bunker, a lair which could be booby trapped, a hide out equipped for survival and stand off. >> this is a large structure but hidden. took time to find it and in fact our tactical team smelled the wood smoke coming before they actually saw it. >> the break in the case comes straight out of csi. detectives found the bunker from this fuzzy photo, enhancing it, then triangulating the location. the picture supposed to burn in keller's home where he is accused of killing his wife and daughter, then setting the fire to cover the crime. >> it's a little unnerving, i'm working from home today to make sure my kids are okay, and it's been an interesting friday. needless to say. >> veteran law enforcement
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believe keller may be building his end of the world fortress for eight years. making this more of a military-style operation. >> the fort appears obvious amazingly fortified they said unbelievable, pictures don't do it justice. the report from jim foreman from king in seattle. we'll keep an eye on this story throughout the morning and bring you update as they happen. the secret service now has a new code of conduct coming in the wake of the prostitution scandal in columbia. the new rules say agents on assignment have to act like they are still in the united states. also, they are forbidden from having anyone else in their room, there will be a list of places they have to stay away from and no drinking alcohol within 10 hours of reporting for duty. sources with knowledge of the columbia investigation tell cn nr cnn arthur huntington is the one who had the pay dispute with a prostitute that brought the whole thing to light.
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huntington has left the agency we're told. a former aide for john edwards feared for his life when dealing with the senator and two donors. andrew young called it bizarre in allegedly helping edwards conceal a million dollars in campaign contributions. prosecutors say he used the money to conceal an affair with a mistress. it was the third day on the stand for young. edwards faces up to 30 years in prison, he has denied doing anything wrong and we'll have much more on the trial later on. a teacher at the center of a bullying scandal says she did nothing wrong. kelly altenburg is accused of verbally abusing a boy with autism. the boy's father taped some of the interaction. >> what did do you in the library yesterday? >> looked at the sculpture. >> you looked at the sculpture, is that what you did? did you go to see any books or look at sculptures? >> oh, akian, you are a bastard.
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>> the school district says none of the teachers involved work for them anymore but alten berg's attorney says his client's voice is not on the tape. >> the point is not to attack the father of the student. i start the conference off by saying we respect his advocacy. there had to be a time to say the comments he is saying my client made are inaccurate. the attorney says he was transferred to another school in the district, but is now on leave. there is a manhunt in denver, police looking for two suspects made a violent robbery, this is new video of the thursday night robbery, the suspects demanded the clerk open the cash register then shot him at close range in the arm. wow. they then fired a couple shots at customers in the store before leaving. none of the customers was hurt. police say the pair may be responsible for a string of recent robberies.
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wondering what your weather is going to be like today? lots of folks are good thing we have reynolds with us, good morning. >> good morning, randi, watching scattered showers moving through parts of chicago, even in milwaukee and over toward detroit. will be one of those intermittent things, a band of showers, a break and more moving in. show you what is happening on radar, back to one corner of the screen, left hand of the screen you can see a pink popping up, you have freezing layer of air right at the surface, a little bit of sleet, not heavy snow fall, a chance of severe weather in the ohio valley and southern plains. we have a lot to talk about weather-wise, we'll get you caught up very soon, randi. keep the umbrellas handy through the great lakes. >> looks like some folks will get soaked. thank you. you betcha. a rundown of the stories we're working on for you this hour. a year since one of the worst tornado outbreaks in u.s. history, we look back on how the
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hard-hit college town of tuscaloosa, alabama is recovering. identity theft is on the rise, run down what you need to do to protect yourself. imagine coming across your own face on a missing child poster, a man who made a shocking discovery after more than three decades. at 45 after the hour, one of the coolest stories of the day, asteroid mining. the world's billionaires are teaming up to find earth's most precious metals in space. pretty cool. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens,
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... adding nearly 400 billion dollars to our economy... we're at work providing power to almost a quarter of our homes and businesses... ... and giving us cleaner rides to work and school... and tomorrow, we could do even more. cleaner, domestic, abundant and creating jobs now. we're america's natural gas. the smarter power, today. learn more at wow, if you're just waking up with us here on cnn saturday morning you should look at this right now on your television. what a beautiful shot over atlanta this morning. you see the sun peeking through
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there, through some of the buildings and gorgeous clouds in the sky. a beautiful day for folks in atlanta today. it's ten minutes past the hour. it may be springtime but parts of the northeast are waking up to a big chill this morning. reynolds, what is up with that? >> a little bit of cold air kind of like what we had in atlanta last weekend felt almost like boston, highs in the 60s, some places in the lower 70s, perfect. now we warm up in parts of the southeast, will remain cool in the northeast, hodgepodge of good weather, bad weather and delays. cleveland and atlanta, mix of rain and fog, some of that fog dissipating in atlanta. miami, scattered showers, minneapolis rain, chicago you have both rain and wind. proof positive is in the radar, you can see the boundary moving through chicago in the top half of the system moving in the northern plains, back in the rockies, where you're seeing not rain but snow, some may get heavy, the higher up you go the
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more cold air that moisture will interact with and that is where it will stack up above 4,000 feet, could see from 8 to 16 inches of snow fall, also along parts of 90 south of billings and wyoming could see 16 inches of snow fall there. two areas potential severe weather, strong thunderstorms may be flash flooding or tornadoes, in parts of the ohio valley but also especially in texas and right in portions of the red river valley back in oklahoma, keep that in mind, minus delays in dallas, as the weather gets rough in the afternoon. as we wrap things up, plenty of sunshine in the northeast, cooler there, plenty of sunshine toward the west with high temperatures for you in seattle, 61 degrees, 69 san francisco, 86 in memphis. the high today in new york, only 60 in boston, 59 the expected high. randy, that is the forecast. right back to you. okay reynolds. i know this weekend lots of folks are remembering what happened just over what a year ago, right, one of the deadliest
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tornado outbreaks occurred killing hundreds of people. you have vivid memories you covered it. >> first national correspondent on the scene for any network. alabama caught the brunt of it. my home state. got see many so of the damage firsthand, what is interesting it's similar to katrina in some ways that if you have been in new orleans, i know you have, you have a demarcation point in life, things before and after katrina. in alabama it's the same thing. you have a before and after the tornado. and yes they are still recovering. >> i believe i'm in the company of thousands countless other people. who believe their life has been changed. we can honor the memory of those lost and honor those who served by never for getting what we learned one year ago today and always recognizing the gift of each day.
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>> everything was going all around. i think i was in the eye of the storm. >> almost like post traumatic stress syndrome when people have almost died, and so many stories that i hear, miraculous stories where people were -- they were in a closet, that was the only thing saved was the closet. that is only god can take care of people like that. >> after it was over, just seeing people walking around that had lost everything and seeing kids that some was hurt, some were just scared, but they didn't know what they were going to do or where they were going to go. >> people came back together,
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and they worked with each other and they stood up and say we have been knocked down once but we'll stand up and fight and come back together. >> that is the mentality, stand up, fight together. >> it is. one of the amazing things about it when the sun came up the next day you could already hear the sounds of chain saws and hammers and people building things back together. they have a long way to go, not only of course physically but spiritually will take some time. they're doing a good job. >> reynolds, thank you very much for bringing us that. all natural or organic? is there a difference? is one better for you than the other? we'll break down popular food terms that could be causing confusion, at the grocery store. stay with us.
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let's see what you got. rv -- covered. why would you pay for a hotel? i never do. motorcycles -- check. atv. i ride those. do you? no. boat. house. hello, dear. hello. hello. oh! check it -- [ loud r&b on car radio ] i'm going on break! the more you bundle, the more you save. now, that's progressive. ♪ lady liberty taking in a little bit of sunshine there, in the new york harbor, what a beautiful shot. good morning, new york. so this morning we're talking a lot about food, organic or all natural, cage-free or free-range?
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can get confusing for people looking for the best alternatives. we're focusing on that what we put on the table and in our mouths from the latest trends to food safety and who better to guide us than cat kinsman, good morning to you, you have a new blog that is coming up this weekend and i want to talk to you about it. getting past the confusion of some of the food terms, specifically the difference between organic and certified organic. is there really a difference? >> there actually is in terminology. now, organic is a term that has gotten a bad rap, people think it will be expensive not taste good and has to be hand picked by a guy in a sweat listen to grateful dead record, none of these are true. you have to go in your backyard and put seeds in soil that hasn't had any artificial fertilizer in it, and raise it
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in a particular way not using artificial -- artificial ingredients and chemicals and you can have it organic in your backyard. for something to be certified usda organic it has to have a seal from that department or a trusted agency that is allowed to carry the seal. produce raised in that way has to be also not used synthetic fertilizers and has to be not genetically modified and there are certain other criteria, but you can go to your local farmer and they might not have gotten usda organic certification because it's an expensive process but if you can speak to the farmer directly or just have conversations and find out it's raised in that might not have the official seal. >> let's talk about eggs. what are the things we need to know. cage-free, omega-3, what should we know? >> there was a lot of scrutiny
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on the egg industry after the salmonella outbreak a couple years ago. people looked at term free-range, that is a lovely term a lot of people means the chickens are wandering around in the sunlight. it means there has to be a door to the outside. the hens may or may not go outside because they are herd animals, might be scared, there is a good chance it is living inside among a lot of other chickens. people also look at cage-free, and that means they are not kept in a battery change, this ti nchtiny cage, considered cruel by a lot of people a hen can't exhibit animal characteristics and spread her wings. the best bet is organic, they do have to be treated in a more humane way, not with antibiotics, and fed only organic feed, which means the
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crops we were talking about earlier not genetically modified, that what is the hens are eating. this is another thing you can be a smart shopper, and get to know the producers of the eggs in your supermarket, they have websites, you can track -- zlfrj i want to ask you about the term vegetarian as well. i eat like a vegetarian, there is different levels, flexitarian and all those other levels. >> i was discussing with a colleague it's self opini-polic all vegetarian mean is that you are paying some sort of eye attention to the amount of animal product you're consuming. if somebody is ovolacto vegetarian, they will eat dairy products. you'll catch them chowing down
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on a baconator. peskitarian, they eat fish. one of the great things of flexitarianism, people are paying attention, the meatless mondays campaign. they are watching the animal products they are consuming. you can go to veganism, which may or may not be a morel a and ethical health choice but you won't be involving animal products in your life you won't have leather furniture in your hope, won't wear leather clothing, might not eat refined sugar because some of it is used -- used with animal bones. i hope our viewers were notes, kat, that was a wealth of
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information. it will all be on the site. >> hear more from kat, check out our website, we have more ahead as we focus on your food, coming up next hour, talk with a food safety expert about that mad cow scare and find out if the food safety system was as successful as health officials say. identity theft is on the rise, and millions of people have fallen victim, how you can protect yourself. next.
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>> welcome back. i'm tweeting this morning so keep me company, send me tweets. listen to this, over 11 million people were victims of id theft in 2011, up 13% since 2010. perhaps you were one of them. financial analyst clyde anderson joins he me now to talk about this. good morning. >> good morning. >> why are we seeing such an increase? >> think about it everybody is making purchases on line. with innovation comes new thieves, to steal your money or identity, they are lurking. >> they are getting smarter. >> they have to. >> as the technology gets cooler many. >> yes. >> what are ways to protect information. >> acculink, pay secure, pin debit technology, use it online like in a grocery store or any other store, credit or debit,
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you can put the pin number, more secure to put the pin number instead of saying credit because of having you sign as opposed having the pin number that only you have. >> is there something else also where your pin gets scrambled? >> every time you put one number in it scrambles it. doesn't remember it, it goes in and remembers actually each number you do to scramble. so a thief can't take your information. >> that is cool technology. >> more companies are using that. >> what websites, i make a purchase, how do i know my information is secure? >> go to websites that you're comfortable with, that are names you know or have been recommended to. one of the key signs is looking at the top the web address, http is not a secure site. https is a secure site. the s is the security site. as well as knowing it's something you're familiar with
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and company you've used before. >> if it doesn't have the "s" should you not make a purchase there? >> don't make a purchase there, there are thieves, malware, programs they can use to pull your information right down. become easier with all technology as it grows, companies have to add security and costs more. >> shouldn't send passwords in an e-mail. >> never passwords in an email. scramble it. >> we keep the mobile phones. >> those are a big one, right, the thieves are able to crack those even more than anything else. >> like your new wallet. we keep more information in those phones that tan our wallets. >> aren't they protected? >> make sure you keep the software updated. we ignore some of the updates that our carrier provides, download the updates and make should have you have the most secure technology, have it locked with a pin number, make sure you keep it in secure
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places. it's hard but you have to get out here and make sure you're protecting data and they are working on new technology and new ways to make sure the mobile phone is secure. >> anyone who has ever had their identity stolen knows how hard ids it is to fix it. >> one of the worst crimes out there. >> thank you, clyde. you can join us every saturday at this time with our financial analyst clyde anderson gives us tips. secret service employees have a new code of conduct as they try to prevent bad behavior. this comes as we learn the named of the agent in columbia, arthur huntington, he had a dispute over pay with an escort in a hotel. a married father of two is among those who left the secret service after the scandal broke. known as the nerd prom, don't expect to see pocket protectors, the


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