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tv   Early Start  CNN  July 13, 2012 5:00am-7:00am EDT

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coming? susan candiotti is live in philadelphia this morning. susan, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. yes, you're right. former fbi director lewis freeh laid the blame at the feet of four top penn state officials leaving jerry sandusky free rein to abuse children over the course of almost 15 years. >> our most saddening and sobering finding is the total disregard for the safety and welfare of sandusky's child victims by the most senior leader at penn state. the most powerful men at penn state failed to take any steps for 14 years to protect the children who sandusky victimized. mr. spanier, schultz, curley and
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pa pat showed no concern for the well being of sandusky's victims until after sandusky's arrest. >> reporter: freeh also talked about a culture of secrecy at the university going back to at least 1998. freeh's report found even back then joe paterno and others knew they had a problem with jerry sandusky and, for example, they even pointed to a note written by then vice president gary schultz after an incident involving two boys and jerry sandusky in which he wrote is this the opening. pandora's box? are there other children? now attorneys for graham spanier have not responded and lawyers for -- >> well be getting back to susan
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candiotti later on. three minutes past 5:00 on the east coast. investigators are telling us that they have found no explosives on board a delta airplane a plane that returned to kennedy airport in new york because there was a security scare. it was delta flight 126 and it turned around about an hour into its flight. it was on its way to spain. obviously it didn't get there. passengers instead taken off, evacuated from that plane and the nypd bomb squad got on board instead and brought with them bomb sniffing dogs. authorities say the plane was turned around after a passenger on board was in the bathroom and found some drinking strauss that apparently had wires, wires stuffed inside them. lawmakers are fuming that team usa will be decked out in uniforms that are red white and blue but made in china. senator gillibrand and israel sent a letter to the chairman of
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the u.s. olympic committee that they source uniforms only from the united states in the future. senator harry reid suggested a less diplomatic approach. >> i'm so upset that i think the olympic committee should be ashamed of themselves. i think they should be embarrassed. i think they should take all the uniforms, put them in a big pile and burn them and start all over again. >> the red, white and blue uniforms were stitched in china but created by american designer ralph lauren. plenty of reaction to the president's claim that the biggest mistake of his first term was putting policy over story telling. president obama telling cbs news that he's been criticized for not keeping the nation informed about the direction that he's going in and he calls that criticism valid. >> the mistake of my first couple of years was thinking
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that this job was just about getting the policy right. and that's important. but the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the american people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism, especially during tough times. >> while his opponent mitt romney was quick to jump on the president's remarks suggesting that he is out of touch if he quote believes that millions of americans have lost their homes, their jobs and livelihood because he just failed to tell a good story. all right. listen up to this. las vegas police are used to getting weird calls but even this one shocked them. a report that two chimps were on the loose and attacking cars. that's right. police say the chimps escaped from a nearby home. they were pets. authorities eventually were
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forced to shoot and kill one of the chimpanzees and tranquilize the other. that chimp was returned to the owner. authorities are looking to whether the person is licensed to have the chimps. >> security official are shocked at what's considered a huge breach at yahoo!. over 440,000 e-mail addresses and passwords have been hacked and that was exposed yesterday. and the experts say yahoo! failed to take even the most basic precautions to problem text that information. yahoo! is only confirming the breach but is not commenting on its security. the takeaway? change your password. police in british columbia are trying to track down this guy. wow, that's a point of view isn't it, it's a motorcyclist who just decided to run tape while he was cruising along at 186 miles per hour. this is a joyride down the
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transcanada highway. it's been viewed a million times on youtube. authorities have identified the rider. his name is randy george scott. 25-year-old randy george scott. if you're out there do turn yourself in. this incident took place back in april but now mr. scott you're facing charges that could get you a nice five year free stay at the hotel police. however you want to call it. he's weaving in and out of the cars. >> forget about the dangers he's putting other people in but himself. that's incredible. >> knowing the full time, all the while he was going to tape this thing. i just get sick looking at it. it's lucky he survived this. >> all right. i got vertigo. it's official. they can't read your mine but the next time you walk into a mall, retailers could be able to
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- a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. it's now 11 minutes past 5:00 on the east coast. alina is sitting in today. good to see you. let's do our top story. christine romans is also with us this morning busy collecting those. >> a scathing report by the former fbi director rock penn state to its core this morning. it says top university officials and late coach joe paterno failed to protect young boys from the sexual predator jerry sandusky in order to protect their football program. critics are calling for paterno's stadium outside of beaver stadium to be torn now. a government opposition group in syria says 287 people were killed across the country yesterday including 220 in the
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homa province. >> federal drug agents discovered a drug smuggling tunnel under the mexico/u.s. border. the tunnel was used to move billions of dollars of drugs into arizona for sale in the u.s.. three drug suspects are in custody. this was quite a sight. a car crashing on to a docked boat yesterday morning in spring lake, michigan. wow. witnesses say the car backed into machinery in a nearby park lot before driving forward between trees, going air borne on the dock and landing on top of the boat. the driver told police she was feeling dizzy before the crash. alcohol was not involved. she suffered minor cuts on her face. health warning to women and hipsters every where, skinny jeans may be hazardous to your health. squeezing yourself into those
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skinny jeans can cause nerve compression and leaf everything from digestive problems to headaches and numbness. good rule of thumb. if your clothes are so tight that your blood can't flow -- >> i'm a dress girl. i don't wear jeans that often. only reason i'm not wearing tight jeans. >> fashion over function. i'm glad you brought that to our attention. >> back to your sweat suits, america. >> track pants. >> christine romans, thank you. >> we want to talk about the weather now. you know we would like some cooler temperatures and less humidity. people in the midwest desperate for a little rain. alexandra steele in for rob this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. you want some rain? we got rain. that's the problem when you got it it's training over the same
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areas over and over again because we have a stationary front. here are the areas of rain. where we're seeing now is where we'll see it throughout the day. west virginia, charleston, in towards kentucky that's the access of major rains today. also louisiana coast, southeast texas coast access for more rain today and also monsoonal moisture coming in. this is where we'll see the rain, could see on in some of t spots. all right. big picture. getaway friday. so much moisture in the southeast. very tough to fly. so kind of if you are about to get online or tweak your flight the earlier you go today the better off you'll be. showers and thunderstorms will explode here in the southeast. heavy rain. clouds to ground lightning. warm in the northeast, though. today will be the warmest of the next three weekend cause. of course it's the weekend so let's take a look at temperatures. about 90 today in boston. 95 in syracuse. temperatures will come around.
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what we'll see from boston to new york, philly, d.c. that 95 corridor not a wash out but saturday into sunday scattered and isolated showers and storms. today pretty dry there. certainly the warmest of the three days. back to you guys. >> alexandra steele, thank you. 15 minutes now past 5:00 on the east coast and we're getting an early read at the papers, news that's local but making national headlines. we have papers from arizona, california and new york. here we go. this one out of arizona is something that's just so incredibly side. a police dog in the public safety department had to be euthanized last night after being accidentally left in a patrol car. this is arizona. it was 98 degrees outside. and inside the car it was somewhere between 100 and 115. it was a terrible mistake by one of officers and that officer has been placed on administrative leave. he apparently was trying to move
5:15 am
a lot of his gear from one cruiser to another in tucson. but don't forget, tucson and the temperature, his 7-year-old partner was in the back seat and he just forgot that he was still in the car as he was moving the gear. >> how badly that officer feels. >> jig survived this. he was taken to the vet. apparently they credited his training as a k-9 dog with being able to be in inclement environment and adapt and bring his system to a slow but ultimately he didn't survive and they had to euthanize. >> elena was trying to get rid of some spider webs in his house. what deuse? he use ad propane torch. it seemed like a good idea until some dry plants ignited and set
5:16 am
his roof on fire happen his wife and infant son managed to get out safely. total damage $25,000. the family doesn't have home insurance. >> oh, no. >> homeowner's insurance. because the electric cal system needs replaced the family is displaced. but the cobwebs are gone. a broom is a better option. >> "wall street journal," let's bring you this one a report of a big consumer product company a bit weird but at the same time creepy but cool. technology that could help figure out what you like to buy. i hate shopping and i can use all the help i can get. prok are the and gamble and kimberly-clark are considering putting retina tracking devices in their stores so basically they are going to spy on you to see where your eyes go to help them figure out what you notice
5:17 am
first when you walk in and then how long you actually stay on looking at a product, how frequently you come back to look at that product as well. all of this could give them results to help them determine what products they should stock, how to stock them and where to position them and package them because apparently that will show what you like best. >> you're looking at shoes i already know that. the minute i go in shoes and jewelry and i have to make a quick exit. >> this is the shopping genius over here. i have to take you with me the next time. >> have no idea what she's talking about. for an extended look at all our stories go to >> there's major losses at jpmorgan between $2 billion and $9 billion. what kind of a blow will there be to the reputation because of these loss. in a few hours we'll know what
5:18 am
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we are minding your business this morning. today it's all about jpmorgan chase and the earnings report. i love earnings week, don't you? >> ashley you're just weird. >> really do. >> i know who does. >> we get to see more of
5:21 am
christine romans. we'll find out what's the latest on the trading loss. >> i was asking you in the break, what are we expecting today? >> this is like is super bowl of earnings report because everybody wants to know how much money jpmorgan chase lost on this rogue trade. how could the smartest trader in the industry how could they have a trading loss that balloons from 2 billion to 9 billion. we'll find out how big it is. jamie dimon on capitol hill was grilled about this and he said he was sorry and he would not defend, would not defend the risk management of his part of his bank. listen to what he said. >> this portfolio morphed from something rather than protect created larger risk. we let a lot of people down and we're very sorry. >> contrite. very contrite but still a lot of
5:22 am
people ask how did it hurt the profit, how big will this trading loss, will they claw back the pay of the people who got millions of dollars a year working in the division that clearly had a trade that ran amuck. we'll find out how much profit was depressed by this trading loss. we'll learn about their forecast for the rest of 2012. what i'm interested in i know that the trading loss, this rogue trade is the sexy thing, people are looking for, a lot of people want to kind of -- a lot of people want to hate on jamie dimon because he's somebody who is one of the biggest bankers out there. i want to know the effects of the europe downturn and what they are seeing in terms of their business and what's happening in the banking business because it's for the financial stability. >> even more than this massive loss? >> whether it's 2 billion or 5
5:23 am
billion or 9, the company made $19 billion in profit last year. that itself will not take this company down. it's embarrassing, stupid, something that he says they will be stronger for, j.p. morgan does. but, you know, that trading loss in and of itself -- >> the impact is far greater than what you're talking about. >> beyond the numbers it's an image clean up. >> absolutely. >> this is a p.r. nightmare worth way more than $5 billion. >> how about contrition on capitol hill. >> one wrong turn, just one wrong turn led to a three day ordeal for a florida woman who was trapped in her car. we'll tell you about that coming up. >> if you're leaving the house right now take a look at your screen. that's your direction to take us with you for your mobile, desk top and it's really easy,
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shame at penn state. with four top officials accused of a child sex abuse cover-up the school braces for a flood of lawsuits and maybe criminal charges. lt the debris. rescuers search for four people still missing after a landslide wipes out part of a town. >> air borne in a split second. a driver somehow survives this spectacular crash and it was all caught on surveillance tape. welcome back to early start.
5:28 am
i'm alina cho. hey, ashley good morning. >> i'm ashleigh banfield. so great to have you. great to see you this early morning. fierce short fallout. outrage. heating thunder morning with a new release of a scathing penn state report. former fbi director lewis freeh is accusing four top officials of penn state including former coach joe paterno of empowering convicted child sex offender jerry sandusky. >> the most powerful men at penn state ed to take any steps for 14 years to protect the children who sandusky victimized. mr. spanier, schultz, paterno and curley never demonstrated through actions or words any concern for the safety and well being of sandusky's victims until after sandusky's arrest. >> so you can pretty much cue the backlash now. there are calls for the campus statue of joe paterno to be
5:29 am
taken down and done away with. in the meantime the former athletic director tim curley and former vice president of the university gary schultz are facing criminal perjury charges among others and as of now the former president graham spanier is facing no charges but could that change with this new report? our cnn legal analyst sunny hostin is here with the break down. i don't know where to begin. when i read through this report my jaw dropped. i did not expect to see this tone in a report that was commissioned by the university itself. >> yeah. i think everyone was pretty surprised especially because lewis freeh while the fbi director and former federal judge he didn't have subpoena power. many people felt how much information is he really going to get. he got so much information, ashley, as we all know, 257 page report and included in that report were bombshell emails
5:30 am
that indicate this pyramid of power these four men seemingly concealed jerry sandusky's behavior. seemingly knew about this behavior as early as 1998, found out about it again in 2001 and chose not the report. >> that's critical that you mentioned that because a lot of people have heard from the other side and heard from joe paterno's family and they suggest look this was a man in his 80s who heretofore have never heard of man on man sex and not something he thought could possibly exist so give him a break. but when you say 1998 and there was an accusation from a mother and it was investigated, it did not bear out, just three years later another incident that mir record, i mean a shower incident with a boy, you think their antenna should have been way higher and lewis freeh. >> lewis freeh said in the press conference there were red flags all over the place. i was a federal prosecutor trying child sex crimes and the red flags were rampant.
5:31 am
educators do have that duty to report. it's very surprising having found out something in 1998 after hearing about it again in 2001 even joe paterno would not have done something. i think what's also very striking is it appears initially the four men decided yes this is something we need to report not only to the school but child services. after meeting with joe paterno the tone changed. they decided a more humane way. >> humane for who? for jerry sandusky. no humanity whatsoever for the children. particularly the victim in the 2001 shower incident that was discussed at length but no one suggested maybe we should find this boy and find out from him what happened and find out if he's okay. >> exactly. >> nothing. >> that sort of is why this almost an indictment, not a criminal indictment but in the
5:32 am
court of opinion people are saying come on. >> come on. >> i think the real question on everyone's mind we know curley and schultz have been charged with failing to report as well as perjury. joe paterno no longer with us. he hasn't been charged of course. >> what about spanier. >> what about graham spanier. >> did your antenna go up when you read the report and saw the indictment by lewis freeh. i say it loosely not a criminal indictment just a scathing review. do you think given what he said that the authorities will look far more closely at this report while they are doing their parallel assessment of this and perhaps charge him as well? >> think it's a real possibility because especially again the government has subpoena power. so i can only assume and i suspect that the government has even more information than lewis freeh. >> quickly i want to put up a comment regarding tim curley because clearly with criminal charges bearing down they wanted to respond to this and they said
5:33 am
since the attorney general's office prevented lewis freeh and his team access to critical witnesses with full knowledge of all of the facts the freeh report is not fair, full, accurate or complete. clearly they couldn't talk to these two men who were charged because they got their fifth amendment right and couldn't talk to some of the people -- >> like mike mcqueary. >> they didn't have access to the grand jury material. >> the government didn't want them to interview certain witnesses. they didn't want their investigation to be compromised. sandusky was the target of their consolidation. main target. 45 counts he was convicted of. although they didn't get some of the information, lewis freeh got significant amount. >> last night it was said pardon me for the image i'm about to create, penn state better get
5:34 am
wheelbarrows ready for the money they have to pay out. >> bottom line it's not a question of whether or not penn state will settle with these victims it's a question of how much. >> and how soon. sunny hostin come back next hour. alina? >> thank you. the family of a florida teen who lost half his right arm in an alligator attack is now asking for help to buy him a prosthesis. caleb suffered the attack on monday while swimming in a river in fort myers and here's the 911 call from one of his friends. >> hello. >> yes. 911. what's your emergency. >> yes, ma'am. a gator just got my friend. he's in the water. >> doctors tried to save his arm. it wasn't possible. he's listed in good condition. keeping a close eye on the wound to make sure it doesn't get infected. a landslide taking out three homes and knocking trees down
5:35 am
like tooth picks in a small village in british columbia. look at that. local reports say four people are missing. rescuers fear they are buried in the slide. one witness says he felt the ground rumble, saw the home lied down the mountain side and plunge into a lake. e whole t lasting just 45 seconds. power and from the town. george zimmerman may have had a hero complex but he's not a racist what a the florida homicide investigator told agents after the shooting death of trayvon martin. evidence reveals the investigator told the feds zimmerman shot trayvon because of his attire and previous burglaries in the community not because of his skin color. conflict about mitt romney's claim that he left bain capital in 1999 to head the winter olympics. s.e.c. filings show that it looks as though he at least was
5:36 am
on some documents three years later in 2002 and perhaps even created five new investment partnerships for bain from 1999 to 2002 but and that's a big bath new report in "fortune" magazine claims romney was not involved in the funds that the company started between 2000 and 2001 and bain capital released a statement insisting romney had quote absolutely no involvement with the management or investment activities of the firm since leaving in 1999. a 70-year-old florida woman stuck in her car in a creek for three days with no food or water. a forestry worker found her yesterday. she was dehydrated and incoherent. women told police she left her retirement home to do a little sightseeing and then got lost. doctors treated her hypothermia. >> total takeoff.
5:37 am
take a look at these pictures. yikes. oh, man that's a spectacular crash caught on the red light cam. this is at an intersection in new jersey. image from front and back and launching that car up and over. you don't often get to see that. car was speeding through a red light. when you speed through a red light you get clipped by oncoming traffic. a cab sent that car up and over. this is a reverse angle. something out of the movies. i love how the truck keeps going yeah been, there done that. >> i have a delivery to make. it's jersey. i don't want to be late. >> the blog says that the 29-year-old driver did sustain some minor injuries and was arrested as well. you ready? are you ready? dwi. nobody else hurt thank god but dwi arrest for that driver. so don't drink and don't go through red lights or --
5:38 am
>> you can be air borne. >> and the jail part stings. >> have you heard of comicon? >> if i could get a day off. >> we're going live to comicon. it's in san diego. see all the superheroes and super fans and much, you more. [ female announcer ] the coffee house. the lines, the cost, the hassle. ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] why not try coffee-mate? with over 25 delicious flavors for a fraction of the cost of the coffee house. add your flavor, with coffee-mate, from nestle. [ wife ] your dad's really giving him the business... the designated hitter's the best thing to happen to baseball! but it's not the same game! [ wife ] wow, he's really gonna get us a good deal. it's better! no it's not! the pitcher comes up and he's out! [ dealer ] he can bunt! whatever. but we're good with 0% apr for 60 months? oh, yeah, totally. thank you so much. that must've been brutal.
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43 minutes after the hour. welcome back to early start for a friday. it's summer time and san diego has gone to the geeks. city once again being swarmed by fan boys and girls attending comicon. to check out the latest in comics and books and television. >> the lines are outside waiting
5:42 am
to get in. >> the best part is getting in. >> as they wait in line and they are so dressed in their full regale. michelle turner is live in san diego for us. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: you know what? it's so early i have on so much concealer i may qualify. >> you are adorable. that's our secret in television the concealer. >> reporter: absolutely. this is my mask this morning. absolutely. you know, for the next three days, guys, here in san diego it is chic to be geek. i heard you guys talk a minute ago time to get your geek on. this is my first comicon and i'm learning to get my geek on. this event is unlike any other. 130,000 people descend on san diego every year for comicon.
5:43 am
you're seeing the video. people that love comics, love the industry they come and you know what? they just have a great time. but about 15 years ago in all seriousness this became a really important event for hollywood. it kind of became the place for hollywood's marketing playground and all of the big named celebrities really come here to promote their movies. the studios want to send the movies here to comicon to test the waters with the crowd here. in fact, some of the biggest panels for some of the most anticipated films will be here. the entire cast for "twilight" breaking dawn part two. peter jackson will promote his film "the hobbitt" along with the cast of "the expendables 2."
5:44 am
and you can see there's this faux set. but jamie foxx, kerry washington, and a lot of people ready to see this film and reunites jamie foxx and kerry washington. so they are going to be out here for the premier of this film and so many people i heard buzzing about this yesterday. also, guys, i want to tell you about this issue, the walking dead on amc and i call it an issue because i'm not the biggest fan of gore. it has been such a big deal, right across from here tonight they have this friday the 13th walking dead big extravaganza. everybody, they say 15,000 people will be in there tonight. >> for somebody who has never been to comicon you sure do know everything about it.
5:45 am
>> i'm learning. >> what's the deal? first it was vampires. that was the first thing. now zombies. what's the deal with that? >> you know, it absolutely is zombies. like i said i'm not the gore person. i couldn't tell you. there's something about the undead that people really like. i'm actually looking over my shoulder at 2:00 in the morning looking for zombies because yesterday i was inside petco park and there were about 110 people that came through and got made up like zombies so they could walk around as the undead by the makeup artist for the show "the walking dead." people love it. it's my first but i'm learning quick. later on who knows what i'll be dressed like. >> i scare easily. that's why -- you go ahead and have a good time at comicon. you won't catch me there. >> living in a thriller video. good job. have fun.
5:46 am
bring your tote bag and fill it up with those freebies they handout. 47 minutes now past 5:00 on the east coast and we've been watching the top stories for you. christine romans has a whole handle on what's making top news. >> we're following the scathing report by the former fbi director rocking penn state. it says top university officials and the late coach joe paterno failed to protect young boys from sexual predator jerry sandusky and they did that in order from text their football program. some critics are calling for paterno's statue outside of beaver stadium to be taken down while others are demanding the ncaa hand down the death penalty to the school's football for example. a vigil in river falls, wisconsin for three little girls allegedly killed by their father. the three were found dead, tucked in their beds earlier this week after their father paid a surprise visit from his home in north dakota. the girls' mother told police called her, told her to come home because he quote killed the
5:47 am
kids. police say he's been charged with three counts of intentional homicide. secretary of state hillary clinton's two week foreign road trip continues today in myanmar before she travels to egypt. she's scheduled to arrive in cairo tomorrow for talks with newly elected president mohamed morsi. clinton's visit comes with the president and military at odds at the moment. she says they need to settle their differences to keep the country's democratic transition on course. fishermen are flocking to the southern chinese city of liozo. it's the people's war again p ira nha. someone is putting them in the stays river and two fishermen have been badly bitten. anyone who catches them gets a $150 reward. two beauty queens collapsed during rehearsals. the women were at pool side in hollywood, florida rehearsing
5:48 am
and taking pictures when the hasn't humidity got to them. another contestant who sls a nurse said they were given i.v.s and told to take it easy. >> two of them? >> beauty queens came to the rescue of the other beauty queens. >> oh, my god that's serious. >> maybe they shouldn't have been doing this? maybe they should have held this in a different venue? let's keep the video. >> that's what you want to do. >> listen, i just feel bad when they were out there and obviously they are in a contest and they don't want to complain and they are stuck out there in this heat. >> let's be honest these are not -- >> i've never bean model but florida heat. >> wish i could say i was. if i was a model i would starve. >> christina, getting in my ear reporting me i've been a reporter out in the field. one of my assignments in iraq
5:49 am
the temperature reached 140 degrees. >> you're practically a beauty queen in florida. >> 50 minutes now past 5:00 a.m. >> the highest paid young celebrity in america right now? well not that guy, believe it or not. find out who topped the teen sensation coming up. take us with you if you're on your way out the door and off to work go to and follow all the steps there to get us on your mobile phone. watch us on the bus or train. don't watch us while you drive. and when you get to work you can get us on the desk top as well. n the baby bear said, "i want 50% more cash in my bed!" phhht! 50% more cash is good ri... what's that. ♪ you can spell. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash.
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5:52 am
53 minutes now past 5:00 in the a.m. on the east coast and it's time to take a look on what's trending on the web. walk this way. right back to aerosmith. steven tyler, one of my favorite stories of the century. he's announcing that he's going to leave "american idol" and get the band back together. aerosmith. putting finishing touches on a brand new album due out on election day. i'm considering how i'll vote and listen to the album on the same day. he spent two seasons as a judge with this awesome team but the creator of idol says no hard feelings. steven tyler is a real idol, a rock legend.
5:53 am
amen, my friend. stage manager, possibly the greatest aerosmith fan of all time. >> just look at that hair for people who don't know jay. >> you should know him. >> thrilled about aerosmith. i'm a rocker at heart. >> highest paid young celebrity not justin bieber, not justin bieber, it's taylor swift. >> that makes sense. she tops forbes list of highest paid celebrities under 30. she's 22 years old. she beat out bieber earning an estimated $57 million for the year ending in may. 18-year-old bieber right behind, 55 million. not bad. not bad at all. ry ha rihanna came in number three and lady gaga fell to fourth place.
5:54 am
>> she earned 52 million. down from 90 million a year ago. well, you know, it's the economy. >> sailing away on pavement, a team of engineers has created a vehicle that runs on the wind but runs twice as fast as the wind. do that math. basically this bends physics to the breaking point. it's a car on a giant wind turbine. look at this thing. it's fantastic. just don't get nature. you're a semi, don't pass. those propellers transmit energy straight the wheels and the only fuel this thing special needs a good breezy day. >> big wing span. >> chaos on the streets of las vegas. coming up what happened when two chimpanzees ran wild attacking cars. we'll tell you when we come back. use the points we earn with our citi thankyou card for a relaxing vacation. ♪
5:55 am
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5:57 am
the pride of the usa decked out in uniforms made in china.
5:58 am
one lawmaker says we should take them and burn them, burn them all. widespread short fallout from the penn state report with top school officials accused of a child sex abuse cover-up but could more criminal charges be following next? and catch him if you can, police on the hunt for this guy. the man on a motorcycle filming himself doing over 180 miles per hour in traffic. no joke, not a doctored video, that's just him and he's speeding. welcome back to "early start." nice to have you with us. 6:00 a.m. in the east. some fierce new outrage over the united states olympic teams uniforms, one calling for the uniforms to be burned in a bonfire, all of this why? because the red white and blue ensemble is entirely made in china.
5:59 am
who would be best to cover this story but alina cho. i think people were surprised by this. >> everything in the uniform, incredibly from the beret to the blazer to the shoes to this shirt here were made in china, made by american designer ralph lauren and just for the opening and closing ceremonies, i had an opportunity to look at the olympic gear with david lauren, ralph's son and executive vice president of the company. he said they are focused on making olympians look good. >> when you're meeting athletes and they are walking in the first olympics, many have never worn a tie or jacket or been on television before. we want the american team and athletes to really look like ambassadors. >> but the chinese manufacturing has fueled a bipartisan backlash on capitol hill. if you look closely at the tag, you do see very clearly at the
6:00 am
bottom, made in china. senator gill brand and steve israel sent a letter asking if the committee only source uniforms from the united states in the future. but is that possible? and brown requested they get their uniforms from hugo boss which has a factory in his state of ohio. senator harry reid wanted to destroy the uniforms. >> i am so upset that i think the olympic committee should be ashamed of themselves and embarrassed and take all of the uniforms and pull them in a big pile and burn them and start all over again. >> the designer la pour, a big supporter of keeping nufact urmanufacturing jobs in the unid states, especially here in the garment district in new york is frustrated for a different reason. she says it is a missed opportunity. >> it's very disturbing because
6:01 am
it completely could have been manufactured here in the united states in new york city or in any other city where there's factories that still exist. we've been trying to raise aware nsz and trying to convince designers to move work back to the shores and start onshoring. this would have been the perfect opportunity. >> i'll be speaking to nannette lepore later. unlike most olympic teams around the world, the u.s. olympic team is privately funded and we are grateful for the support of our sponsors. we're proud of our partnership with ralph lauren and excited to watch america's finest athletes compete at the upcoming games in london. ralph lauren, we have reached out for comment but haven't heard anything just yet, only they are not going to release a statement officially. >> this sounds very familiar, i feel i have heard this story
6:02 am
before. am i wrong? >> no, you're absolutely right. in fact, back in 2008 you'll recall this isn't the first time ralph lauren outfitted team usa. they did for the opening and closing ceremonies for beijing and that time too the uniforms were made in china. before that, american athletes walked into the olympics in clothing from canadian company roots, a company that you're familiar with. >> not a canadian company. >> they designed a beret that became the signature souvenir in salt lake city and that was made in canada. >> canadian athletes used to wear those too, the roots clothing. here's the question, a lot of people in congress are saying these uniforms should be made in the united states, we should burn them. can it be done in a month? we're going to talk about that. the other thing to keep in mind
6:03 am
too, ralph lauren, i did speak to somebody inside the company. we do the opening and closing ceremonies and do not do the competing wear. but is it okay for not winning a medal but okay for the opening and closele certificaemonceremo. >> tha a valid point. this is an international story because a lot of companies are facing the same story we're doing in america today, new zealand and spain might have been one. >> manufactured in other countries as well. it's a global -- it's a big global party, isn't it. >> you're right. >> thank you. we have a developing story we want to get you up to date on. investigators saying they did not find any explosives on board a delta plane that returned to kennedy airport in new york because of a security scare. it was 126 and turned around an
6:04 am
hour into its fly enroute to spain. the passengers were told to get off the plane while the bomb squad got on the plane and started to investigate and brought with them their bomb sniffing dogs too. the plane was turned around after a passenger found drinking straws that had wires stuffed inside them and found that in the bathroom. >> internet security experts shocked by a huge breach at yahoo! more than 440,000 e-mail addresses and passwords hacked and exposed yesterday. experts say yahoo! failed to take the most basic precautions to protect the information. they are only confirming the breach but will not comment on its security. six minutes past 6:00, there's shock and sadness and not to mention shame this morning at penn state. a blistering -- no other way to describe this, blistering report by the former fbi director leaving the school's reputation and legendary coach's legacy
6:05 am
permanently stained. investigators concluding that joe paterno and top university officials actually empowered child predator jerry sandusky. the outrage is spreading so quickly there are calls to tear down this iconic statue of joe paterno outside beaver stadium. then there's the looming question, could more criminal charges be looming for the people who are named in the report. cnn's national correspondent susan candiotti is live in philadelphia. this is so incredibly far reaching, this university. listen, it's an understatement to say that the university is reeling, but it's hard to imagine what they are doing in the face of potential incredible litigation because of all of this. >> reporter: they know they have vast problems ahead, ashleigh, for sure. it is a scathing assessment of what went wrong and how jerry sandusky was able to rape and molest so many children for so
6:06 am
many years. louis freeh's report finding that officials were part of a culture of secretty guilt around protecting penn state's image and football program. >> our most saddening and sobering finding is the total disregard for the safety and welfare of sandusky's child victims by the most senior leaders at penn state. the most powerful men at penn state failed to take any steps for 14 years to protect the children who sandusky victimized. mr. spanier, schultz paterno and curley, never demonstrated any concern for sandusky's victims until after sandusky's arrest.
6:07 am
>> reporter: louis freeh also finding paterno new about problems going back to 1988 and new e-mails about that, including and despite testimony from joe paterno before a grand jury that he knew nothing about it. including an interview he gave to the weap"washington post" th same post just before he died. louis freeh presenting new e-mails including one from tim curley saying that joe paterno wants to know where things stand with it. and he also presented, we want to show you a handwritten note. kind of hard to make out but it was written by vice president schultz after the 1998 incident saying that, this the opening of pan dora's box. are there other children? now lawyers representing president graham spanier, no comment, attorneys for schultz and curley saying that freeh's report is totally incomplete and
6:08 am
wait until we get to the trial. they are charged with perjury, lying to a grand jury and failing to report. they say their clients will be vindicated. >> this is what it is, it is evidence. it may not be the entire picture of evidence and the criminal investigation has the subpoena power to get more of that. while that is playing out, what is the family of joe paterno saying about all of this? >> reporter: well, ashleigh, they are continuing to defend joe paterno saying he was not a perfect man but they continue to deny he had the big picture -- that he knew about everything that was going on, they say it just isn't true. listen. >> the thing i think that's important for everybody to understand, this report is by no means the end of all things that are going to come out. so we'll have more people on the record and theirs voices that
6:09 am
were not heard and that will clarify some of these things. >> reporter: now, there is fallout from some of paterno's staunchest defenders including phil knight, chairman of the board of nike. after freeh's report came out yesterday and -- and he got a standing ovation during a memorial service on campus after joe paterno died, and after the freeh report came out, he announced he was removing paterno's name from a child care center at the nike corporate campus in oregon, ashleigh. >> i don't think that's going to come as a surprise to a lot of people. and you're right, there's still more information that needs to come out but the information we have so far is what we like to say in the world of law, a bad set of facts. susan, thank you. las vegas police are used to getting weird calls but this one even shocked them. a report that two chimps were on the loose and attacking cars.
6:10 am
police say the chimpanzees escaped from a nearby home, they were pets, forced to shoot and kill one, the authorities and tranquilize the other. that chimp was returned to the other but authorities are looking into whether the person is even licensed to have chimps as pets. and coming up at 6:50 this morning, jeff corwin will join us, he has some insight into the behavior of chimp and wildlife as pets, coming up at 6:50 eastern time. meanwhile, get a lot of this. police in british columbia trying to track down a motorcyclist who they believe -- well he did, videotaped himself on a 186-mile-per-hour joyride down the busy trans canada highway. >> what an idiot. >> the video has been viewed a million times, million and one now. they have identified the rider as 25-year-old randy george
6:11 am
scott, how they did that, i'm not quite sure but they have. they are smart over there. the incident took place back in april. scott is facing charges that could land him five years behind bars. >> well that would be lucky that he didn't land 6 feet underground after this stupid stunt, honestly. it's 12 minutes past 6:00. she is legally blind but doesn't mean she lacks vision. a beauty path end contestant who's vision is to inspire. brave knights! as you can clearly see from this attractive graph
6:12 am
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welcome back to "early start." christine romans is here to get you up to date. >> lawmakers fuming that team usa will be decked out in uniforms made in china. senator gillebrand asked the they only use uniforms made in the u.s. and senator reid says burn them. >> a government opposition group says 287 people were killed across the country yesterday,
6:15 am
including 220, making it the deadliest day in syria since the uprising began 16 months ago. a con fisty indicated drug smuggling tunnel was used to million billions of dollars of drugs for arizona for sale in the u.s. three drug suspects are in custody. thanks so much, christine. people in the midwest certainly would probably prefer to have a rainy day right about now because there is quite a drought. alexandra steele is in for rob marciano with the weather update. i feel it is always bad news, fire, drought, floods. >> extreme weather, even in the last couple of days, the extremity of kind of like having this rain justin undate the same areas over and over again is extreme in one regard.
6:16 am
here's a look at what's happening. we have a stationary front north of it getting this unsettled air with the lifting from the front and unstable, very moisture laden atmosphere. we have all of this rain but the showers and storms, this is really where we're going to see it on friday today. west virginia, down through tennessee, that's where we could see 1 to 2 inches of rain. friday, a getaway day, a lot of big hubs from the mid-atlantic down to the southeast. and later this afternoon and tonight, some of the heaviest rain and flights will be impacted. in terms of the temperature, certainly not as warm as it's been. the clouds and showers holding temperatures down, 89 and temperatures above average in the northeast. can you see chicago to kansas city, temperatures mild as well. especially in the southeast, the scattered showers could kind of allow for tough travel for what we can see this afternoon develop. >> thanks so much, appreciate it. >> the audience will be ablur but her goals very clear.
6:17 am
18-year-old conner boss is a blind beauty queen, the first legally blind woman to sign up for the florida usa pageant. she was dying notiiagnosed with genetic disorder. >> it's not even about winning path ents. i'm so glad my sforry could be shared and at least i can inspire one person and if i can inspire one person, i feel i've won. >> what an adorable girl. if she brings home the miss florida crown tomorrow, she will represent florida in the miss usa nationals. >> the huge trading losses at jp morgan chase were a major blow to the bank's reputation, in an hour, we should learn the true extent of the impact on the company's bottom line and that's the man at the center of it all. how bad did it get at jp morgan
6:18 am
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this is new york state. we built the first railway, the first trade route to the west, the greatest empires. then, some said, we lost our edge. well today, there's a new new york state. one that's working to attract businesses and create jobs. a place where innovation meets determination... and businesses lead the world. the new new york works for business. find out how it can work for yours at
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6:21 am
today it is all about jm morgan chase and the earnings report. we'll find out how big the rogue trading loss. and christine romans is our resident expert. >> i want to tell you what happened here, we learned about this $2 billion trading loss earlier this year, the beginning of may. and $2 billion is an awful lot of money. the company made like 19 billion, to lose 2 billion in one trade shows a real collapse in risk management at this company that prided todayself on good risk management. the ceo testified before the senate and house, you'll recall, got hammered quite frankly before the house, kind of a gentleman's reception at the senate where they asked about
6:22 am
how big the loss would be. later on we started to hear reports it could be bigger, maybe $5 billion or $9 billion, we'll find out for sure on the earnings call today. they'll release the second quarter earningings and we'll find out how big the loss was and what's happened further to the risk management of the bank to make sure it never happens again. we'll find out if there are any kind of further layoffs for other reasons. we'll find out what the impact is at the eurozone and its banking crisis. this is a hue monday gous banks, my guidance is this thing we'll get the earnings at 7:00 and meet with analysts at 7:30, this can go well into the 9:00 hour as people get a chance to ask jamie dimon everything. >> you'll be pulling your hair out. >> can they assess -- >> i'm going to expect they say they capped the loss and this is
6:23 am
priority number one for in country because this is such a reputationali reputationali reputationalist. >> that's why i'm here, we made a mistake, i'm absolutely responsible. the buck stops with me. >> i think that's why you're going to see him answering every single question from these analysts. he's going to say the buck stops with me, what do you want to know guys? he's going to show transparency overall. >> what's the thing we need to know about your money today? >> mortgage rates, record lows again, 30-year fixed rate, 3.56%. let me say that again. 3.56%. the 15-year fixed rate, 2.86%. every time i tell you this, people go i can't get the loan. >> is it time to refinance again? >> maybe. >> it's worth it -- >> 3.65. >> not yet. i'll let you know. >> will you?
6:24 am
>> that's a great question though. when do you know when you can recoup the losses from refinancing twice in a year? >> you have to do the math yourself. if rates keep falling like this, 3.5% -- >> went from 4.25 and 3.65 and i would recoup in less than a year it was worth it for me. >> 2.86. >> i remember thinking 5.25 and thinking i was nabbing the deal of a lifetime, two points again. >> that was ages ago, like a year. >> so 2011. >> thanks, christine. president obama coming clean, coming up, what he calls the biggest mistake of his first term. . the designated hitter's the best thing to happen to baseball! but it's not the same game! [ wife ] wow, he's really gonna get us a good deal. it's better! no it's not! the pitcher comes up and he's out! [ dealer ] he can bunt! whatever. but we're good with 0% apr for 60 months? oh, yeah, totally. thank you so much. that must've been brutal. [ male announcer ] the volkswagen
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6:28 am
should just burn them all. >> shame at penn state, with four top officials accused of a child sex abuse cover-up. the school faces for a flood of lawsuits and maybe more criminal charges. a close brush with death, a driver somehow survives this spectacular crash up and over and all of it caught on surveillance camera. hello and welcome back to "early start," a little crash to get you started this morning. alina cho is in for zoraida. >> good morning to you, glad it's a friday. 30 minutes after the hour. more on that controversy over the united states olympic uniforms, lawmakers calling for the red, white and blue uniforms to be scrapped, even burned because they were made not in the united states but in china. but the united states olympic committee is standing by ralph lauren calling his brand an iconic american company. i want to bring in nanette
6:29 am
lepore. a strong proponent of strengthening our garment district here in new york city. nanette, i was surprised to learn that 98% of all clothing brought into the united states is imported. is it really realistic, even though it really looks bad to have these uniforms made overseas, is it realistic to say that this should be made in the usa? >> it's absolutely realistic. i've been manufacturing in new york city for 20 years and we're working with factories working at half capacity. there are companies dying for this opportunity. not only is it realistic to do this one-off thing for the olympics but the factories could go on to continually manufacturer. >> but it's a dying breed unfortunately. as you admittedly point out, you say 15% of your clothing can't
6:30 am
even be made here anymore because knitting mills are closing and those embellished garments are too expensive to make in the united states. the trend, as much as you'd like to keep your clothing made here in the united states, it's getting harder and harder to do so, isn't it? >> not necessarily. there are so many advantages to working onshore as opposed to offshore that for me it outweighs the advantage of working overseas. >> i want to talk a little bit more about this usoc statement, sticking by and supporting ralph lauren and want to put it on the screen. unlike most olympic teams around the world the u.s. olympic team is privately funded and we are grateful for the support of our sponsors. we're proud of our partnership with ralph lauren, an iconic american company. the right decision to come out with that statement? >> i think that they avoided the issue. i think it is true, that i'm sure ralph lauren does amazing things for the olympic teams and
6:31 am
they don't want a backlash against ralph lauren. but it should be up to the committee in the future to make sure everything that goes on the olympic athletes is made in america. >> let's talk about the bottom line because these are obviously huge businesses and the reason why they are sending in so many clothing companies send the clothes overseas is because it's cheaper, right? isn't that the reality today? you are famous for keeping all of your clothes here in the usa and made in the usa. but you're one of a few, aren't you? >> i am, but when i counter source my costing, it comes close to the same because we're saving imports and freight and so many conveniences of manufacturing. but also, sometimes in a case like this, it should be more ethical. maybe we should think because we're representing america, this
6:32 am
is an opportunity to show off our manufacturing skills. it doesn't always have to be because it's cheaper. sometimes and i think that it should be a general psyche that we should think about what's going to bring jobs and make our country stronger. >> one very last question. opening ceremonies are july 29th, is it even possible, harry reid is calling for the uniforms to be burned. is it fobl to remake the uniforms and outfit the entire team? >> i think it would actually be possible. i think it's absurd to try it but i think it could totally be done. >> nanette lepore. >> i don't think anybody should be burning clothing no matter where it is made. plenty of reaction to the president's claim that the biggest mistake of the first
6:33 am
term is putting policy over story telling. saying he's been criticized for not keeping the nation informed about the direction that he's going in. and he calls the criticism valid. >> the mistake of my first couple of years was thinking that this job was just about getting the policy right. and that's important. but you know, the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the american people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism, especially during tough times. >> mitt romney quick to jump on the president's remarks, suggesting he's out of touch if he believes millions of americans lost their homes and jobs and livelihood because he failed to tell a good story, end
6:34 am
quote. if you are not near your tv, make sure you come to your television now. because this is a spectacular crash caught in a red light video. up and launched up and over and on end and back. this happened at an intersection in new jersey. we get the front view, up and over and there goes the light standard and we have the rear view, clipped by a cab and sent spinning through the air. wow. and the delivery truck just keeps going. it's jersey he has a place to be. the driver sustained minor injuries and are you ready for this, alina, arrested, guess what for? dwi. this is what happens when you drink and drive, you go through red lights and clip cabs and maybe end up in jail. >> not a good idea. >> not at all. >> makes for good video though.
6:35 am
>> reputation tarnished. what's next for penn state? we're going to dive deep into the long legal road after a scathing report accusing top school officials of a sex abuse cover-up. p
6:36 am
6:37 am
6:38 am
a scathing penn state report, former director of the fbi, louis freeh is accusing four officials, including joe paterno, of empowering the convicted sex offender, jerry sandusky. >> we see evidence of their
6:39 am
proposed plan of action in february of 2001 that included reporting allegations about sandusky to the authorities. after mr. curley consulted with mr. paterno, however, they changed the plan and decided to not make the report to the authorities. >> and that is serious. you can imagine the backlash, it's only beginning, there are calls for the statue on the campus of joe paterno to be taken down and done away with. in the meantime. the former athletic director tim curley and former vice president of the ufrnt university, gary schultz are facing charges of perjury and failing to report child abuse. and graham spanier is not facing any charges but conventional wisdom says that could certainly change given the revelations and there is a parallel investigation that continues to be carried out by the authorities.
6:40 am
sunny hostin is here with the breakdown on all of this. there's so much -- so much to go over when it comes to this. let me start here. this is a scathing report from louis freeh, the former director of the fbi, hired by the board of trustees by penn state. kind of like an internal investigation and yet louis freeh is scathing about not only these four top officials but the trustees themselves. >> that's right. certainly penn state is to be commended for starting this internal investigation but let's face it and let's be very clear, that is a very defensive move. that is a move to ward off any criminal charges against penn state. because typically when prosecutors look at these kind of cases they look at culp ability and who is responsible and institutions are sometimes charged criminally as well. >> how can you ward it off when you hired someone to suggest how culpable you are? >> it's very smart. if the government is interested in prosecuting penn state, penn state can say, listen, i've
6:41 am
already conducted this internal investigation, i'm a good corporate citizen and including the fact that i have all of these recommendations given by the former fbi director and we have implemented these things. that's a very defensive smart thing for them to do. >> here i was thinking it was al true is tick and you were suggesting they needed to get ins lar about themselves. >> that's typically what institutions do. >> let's talk about how vulnerable it is. there's a note that has been made public that was from the former vice president gary schultz that speaks about truly what this could open up. they are talking back in 1998, a shower incident where a mother came forward and was concerned about. essentially what it says, it asks whether this could be a pandora's box and whether there could be other children. this is the only mention bit the way of other children that i
6:42 am
have heard heretofore. but the fact there is a concern about other children and no action taken, does this leave not only this particular individual but the institution vulnerable to the civil litigation that is sure to be piled on? >> there's no question about it. that is probably in my experience one of the most damaging pieces of evidence i have seen. it certainly infers that there was the idea that this could be much bigger than what they suspected. that means there should have been an investigation. there's no question that there are some civil cases pending, ashleigh. there will be more. there's a fund that has been put together to deal with this. there is no question that these cases will be settled. penn state has given any indication they are going to settle the cases. the only question is how much money will penn state dole out to these victims. >> from what i understand, the fund is around $2 billion. can this shut down?
6:43 am
can this type of civil litigation and the numbers we don't even know about potentially, could it bankrupt this university? >> no, it will not. this is a very strong university. even in this report louis freeh says penn state is a good university, great university. this will not shut down penn state whether or not it tarnishes penn state's reputation forever, that's another story. >> that one will be written in the history books. sunny hostin. >> soledad joins us with a look at what's ahead on starting point. >> i'm great. all eyes are on jp morgan chase, they will release its first earnings report since the multibillion dollar trading loss. what's at stake? some people say your 401(k) could be. we'll bring you those numbers as soon as they are announced. plus, some are saying burn them. some lawmakers furious about team usa olympic uniforms because they are made in china. what do the athletes think?
6:44 am
we'll talk to dara torres live this morning. hall of shame, ashleigh was talking about that report that blames top penn state officials, including the legendary football coach joe paterno for hiding child sex abuse. what's going to happen to the football program? will this very to pay? tom klein is an attorney for sandusky victim number 5 and he'll join us. the national association governors meeting gets under way, martin o mally and teri branstad and bob mcdonnell all my guests this mother. >> busy show. we'll watch. we'll see you then. plenty of danger lurks on the average big city street but you don't expect wild animals to attack in broad daylight. what we can learn from yesterday's bizarre chimp attack in las vegas. we'll talk with jeff corwin next. i don't spend money on gasoline.
6:45 am
i don't have to use gas. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. drive around town all the time doing errands and never ever have to fill up gas in the city. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago.
6:46 am
the last time i went to the gas station must have been about three months ago. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. ♪
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welcome back, terror in las veg vegas, two chimpanzees escaped
6:48 am
from their home and went wild and pounding on cars. one of the chimps was shot and killed by cops as it approached and threatened a crowd, including children. the other was sedated. jeff corwin is wildlife biologyist and and he's here to break it down for us. jeff, great to see you as always. no one was injured in this case, but you say this is a catastrophe waiting to happen, right? >> absolutely is, it's a ticking time bomb of prime ate per portions. essentially these are -- and it's a recipe for disaster when you take wild creatures like this, whether it be a tiger or lion or chimpanzee and mix it with private ownership. they are not pets. when people try to tame the wild
6:49 am
beeflt, someone gets bitten or scratched and it's the chimps through no fault of their own that pay the price. >> how common is it, we hear about the isolated cases most notably in 2008 when charla nash got her face mauled. thankfully she's doing just fine, back to eating solid food now, there you see her, who could forget that story. having said that, i mean, how common is it for people to have chimpanzees as pets? >> well, two or three decades ago it was a little bit more common. it was considered a trophy or living prestige sort of pet. today it's a lot less common because these animals are number one, incredibly expensive and number two in most places it's illegal and number three, in order to keep one of these animals in a captive
6:50 am
environment, it requires tremendous amounts of permits. both in the federal and state level in most places. your average joe or joanne will not find themself in a position to have one of these as pets. -- >> oh, boy, we're trying to -- >> and goes to the people having them. >> we're really, really struggling to hear you jeffcorwin, we were hoping if the skype wasn't working which ultimately it didn't. we were hoping to get you just on the phone. maybe we can get you back on the phone. thank you for your insight on that. unbelievable. >> i hate when that happens, i was so fascinated listening to him. >> he has so much insight about this. bottom line as he said a ticking time bomb. people should not have these chimpanzees as pets. most people, he is but most people are not trained to have them in their home. >> wild means wild no matter how
6:51 am
much they are domestic ated. >> steven s n tyler, aerosmith ? >> not as much as you. >> let your freak flag fly. he's going to get aerosmith back together. they are putting the finishes touches back together and due out on election day. hopefully a big tour after that. he spent two seasons as a judge on "american idol." >> a lot of people were worried -- a little concerned how would he do. he was great. >> he did really good. >> did terrific, the creator simon fuller, says no hard feeling, he is a rock legend and he ain't wrong. >> idol is having questions about there's questions on whether randy jackson is going to stay on an jennifer lopez.
6:52 am
>> the voice, which was hugely popular. >> love me some adam levine. >> who isn't, right? >> today's advice gets to do best advice. >> i'm moving to 11:00 a.m. on cnn. best advice, don't sell your alarm when you don't have to get up. but i'm going to give you the real set of best advice after the break. >> i can't wait to hear this. matters. pioneers in outsourcing us jobs supports tax breaks overseas. insourcing. industry and favors bring jobs home. it matters.
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we wrap it up as always with best advice. >> today it comes from our own ashleigh ban field. >> our last morning waking up with us. >> i'm excited to do 11:00 a.m. on cnn. it starts with my mom's best xr advice to me, luck is the cross roads before opportunity and presentation. make sure you prepare when the luck strikes, that's how the success happened. >> it's so practical. >> in that comes my advice, read, never stop. >> start when you can start, first grade and never stop. read everything you can. >> i always say overprepare and
6:56 am
go with the flow. >> true. >> i'm overpreparing right now because i'm waiting for jp morgan results. it's first quarter earnings will be we stated. we've been waiting for second quarter in the next few minutes i'll have more news about jp morgan. they are restating the first quarter. >> you bring me to my third point, love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life. that's you, you love your work. >> tony bennett said that to me 80 some odd years strong. >> we're in the newsroom and all we talk about, christine has amazing little bits of wisdom on business because she loves doing this. >> i'm hoping we'll do fun business stuff and news stuff at 11:00. starting monday? >> it's a guarantee. i'm taking a wee vacation having worked a few doubles and triples. we're about to head to the airport. >> you know this, ashleigh and i have known each other 12 years?
6:57 am
>> longer. >> going on 13 now. >> back when you had braces. >> when we were learning to read. >> love you. it's the last chance i get to say, that's "early start," the news from a to z, i've been thrilled to be with you every morning. >> we'll miss you on the morning show. "starting point" starts right now. how many millions of dollars are we really talking about, it's all about jm morgan chase and the numbers are out and we'll tell you what it means for your money. >> seeing red. take a look. >> put them in a big pile and burn them and start all over again. >> that's senator harry reid. lawmakers are fuming that team usa will be decked out in uniforms made in china. a leg say no longer about how many wins but how many victims. new report says joe paterno and penn state helped protect a
6:58 am
child predator for 14 years. now will the university and its football program pay? have a packed show this morning, we'll talk to tom kline, for sandusky victim number five and maryland governor martin o'malley and teri branstad and bob mcdonnell also here. we're going to talk to former u.s. olympian, dara torres, it's friday the 13th and "starting point" begins right now. welcome, everybody, breaking news to start "starting point" this morning, a story developing as well. jp morgan chase is releases earnings and disclosing they lost $5 billion in a monumental trading blunder. we're digging through the numbers. christine romans will update you on what that earnings report means straight ahead. also, more controversy over the uniforms for the united
6:59 am
states olympic team. when they walk no london's olympic stadium, they are going to be wearing ralph lauren, red, white and blue ensemble made entirely in china. lawmakers are outraged for outsourcing the clothing. alina cho joins us with more on that. >> there's rare bipartisan backlash on capitol hill about this. good morning, everything in the uniform from the beret to the blazer and shoes made in china. they are made by american designer ralph lauren as soledad said and they are just for the opening and closing ceremonies, recently i got an opportunity to look at the olympic gear with david lauren, ralph lauren's son and executive vice president of the company. he said they are focused on making olympians look good. >> you're meeting athletes and walkin


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