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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 2, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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gary is going to be inducted into the georgia music hall of fame in october. the band has already been inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. the they will be heading to the uk in november. remember how the confederate flag was for so long kind of a symbol of the band on their album covers, backdrop on stage. well, why the band made a change. that revealed next weekend. that's going to do it for me. gary tuchman in for don lemon. we're both like singing a little "free bird" there. >> our viewers should have been in the studio with us. >> we had the imaginary lighters going. >> fred, hope you have a nice weekend. >> thanks so much, gary. >> thank you very much for joining us. i am gary tuchman in tonight for don lemon. let's get you up to speed with today's top story. >> the reverend sun myung moon.
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he's the leader of the unification church. known for conducting mass weddings sometimes with thousands of couples says i do at once. he died in a south korean hospital. he was 92. effective immediately u.s. special prices fortions ha-- op forces have suspended the training of recruits. u.s. forces will revet all current members before reinstating the training. no murder charges against miners accused in a mass killing in south africa. the national prosecuting authority stepped in after public outrage over a regional prosecutor's decision to charge the miners. the authority says charges will come only after all investigations are complete. 34 miners died august 16th during a clash linked to a labor
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estate. a monster truck show in harrisburg, oregon. three people at monster air 2010 were hurt when the 48-inch tires of this out of control ford landed on them. a sheriff's sergeant says the victims will survive their injuries. an eyewitness said the driver lost control after he hit a mud pit. across syria more than 100 people were killed just today. about half of them in damascus and the suburbs. add that number to the staggering 1600 people killed over the past few days, and you've got the single deadliest week in syria since the civil war began. opposition forces say ogovernmet forces massacred 35 people in a village and a bomb went off next to government building in
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damascus wounding several bystanders. nearly 5,000 people died in syria in the month of august alone. street fighting, shelling, and syrian military air strikes. we at cnn have to rely on opposition reports of these casualties. cnn cameras and reporters are not allowed in the country right now. also in syria today, an american journalist is missing. his name austin tice, he's 31 years old, a freelance writer from texas. he went to sear why to cover the civil war from the perspective of the uprising rebels. three weeks ago he went quiet, nothing, no more dispatches, no more pictures, no more tweets, nothing at all. nick valencia is here with us now. nick, you're following this story. the hunt for answers about austin tice. i just reported 5,000 people were killed in syria the last month alone. could he have been one of them? >> there's a lot of people hoping that that's not the case, especially in houston where he's from, gary. a lot of rumors and that's one
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of them. what we're hearing from one of the media organizations, he was a freelance correspondent for them acting in that role for syria. "the washington post" citing a senior diplomat as well as other people close to this matter saying that austin tice is being held by the syrian government in damascus. >> how are we in this country getting any credible information out of syria? >> that's a great question. you just mentioned information flowing out of syria is very tough to authenticate and verify. since we removed our u.s. embassy the czech republic has been acting in an official capacity. the lion's share of this information is coming from one source and that's the ambassador for the czech republic to syria. she gave an interview with czech republic tv where she said embassy sources are saying austin tice is being held by the syrian government. >> what kind of work was he doing in syria. >> incredibly dangerous, risky reporting.
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he filed dispatches from the perspective of the rebels. he was in places like the suburb of damascus. incredibly dangerous as well as homent homs. from the state department and they told us that we are working through our czech protecting power in syria to get information on his welfare and whereabouts. they are saying we have seen news reports that mr. tice is in syrian custody. >> nick, tell me now in houston where austin tice is from, how his family is handling all this? do you know? >> his family, his mom tweeted earlier today, as you mentioned into the lead in, this is the start of the third week that no one has heard from him. his whereabouts unknown. that one source saying he's in syrian government captivity. but the family released a statement to us earlier this week as well saying austin is our precious son and we beseech
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the syrian government to treat him well and return him safely to us as soon as possible. as you know, the ongoing conflict in syria one of the most violent. the committee to protect journalists saying at least 19 journalists have been killed in the conflict since november 2011. >> we have to remember, he's a journalist, but more importantly he's a son. >> that's right. >> thank you. president obama, we're talking about politics now, and he's on the road and making his case for re-election. he poke today in boulder, colorado at the university of colorado. >> we have come too far to turn back now. we've got more good jobs to create. we've got more home-grown energy to generate. we've got more young people to send to college. we've got more good teachers to hire. we've got more good schools to build. we've got one more war to end. we've got more troops we've got to bring home. we've got more veterans we've got to take care of. we've got more doors of opportunity that we have to open for every single person who is willing to work hard and walk
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through them. that's why i'm asking you for a second term. >> the president did well in colorado four years ago. he won the state in 2008. cnn's athena jones is in boulder today. >> reporter: on day two of the president's road to charlotte tour, he spoke before a large crowd here, about 13,000 at the university of colorado-boulder-his message was part a rebuttal of what we've heard from the republican national convention last week and part an effort to rev up the crowd of these mostly young voters, make sure they're registered to vote and make sure they do vote. >> just over two months from now for the first time in many of your lives you will get a chance to pick a president, and by doing so you'll get a chance to choose the path that we take from here. now, last week the other party gave their pitch at their convention down in florida. don't boo, vote.
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>> reporter: colorado is an important swing state, nine electoral votes and the president won this state in 2008. they're hoping they can do so again. he's been to colorado 11 times as president and 8 of those times this year alone, which shows you how important it is. one other push that they've been making both here in colorado and in iowa yesterday was this focus on early voting and voting by mail. campaign officials tell us here in the state of colorado 77% of the votes came in either early or by mail last time around. so it's something that could prove pivotal in this state. the president's next stop is toledo, ohio, on monday and he also goes to visit hurricane victims, the victims of hurricane isaac in louisiana later that day. >> what is barack obama really like? cnn's jessica yellin reveals the man through the people who know him best. watch "obama revealed, the man, the president," that's tomorrow night 8:00 eastern time and pacific time here on cnn. charlotte is far from quiet
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as all eyes now turn to the democratic national convention, at least the political eyes, protesters are gathering already in charlotte to make their voices heard. the march led by occupy wall street south drew hundreds of protesters today shouting calls for reform. according to our cnn affiliate wcnc, two people were arrested. protesters are just blocks from the convention site. president obama is trying to build momentum ahead of the democratic national convention. he spoke earlier at the university of colorado campus in boulder, like we were saying recently, making his case for re-election. cnn's mark preston is in charlotte, north carolina, site of the convention. mark, it's great seeing you. it's no secret that the president is courting the student vote. it's important for him. how can he get them to stick with him for another four years? >> reporter: well, you know, gary, it's not just the student vote but also african-americans
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and it's also those blue collar voters in ohio where we will see him tomorrow. the selection is very much at least republicans are saying at reference dumb on president obama's first term in office. >> people want to know about the first term? very simple. general motors is alive and well and osama bin laden is not. and that's what got done. because the president did deal and they know, in fact, what he inherited and what he is trying to fix, and the question before the american people, will we go back to the policy that is actually took the middle class, gave us the recession, gave us an auto industry about to implode, gave us a historic melt down or the person that led the country to get its feet back on the ground? >> there you have rahm emanuel, the chicago mayor, president
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obama's first chief of staff defending his first term in office. he made those comments on "meet the press" but we shouldn't be too surprised. a senior adviser for mitt romney on "state of the union" had a different take on it. >> i think next week in charlotte the president needs to explain why he didn't do what he said he was going to do. when he took office shortly after his inauguration he said in an interview if he didn't have this economy turned around in three years, his presidency would be a one-term proposition. well, the economy hasn't turned around. in fact, i think the biggest news next week, candy, will not be the three nights of the democratic convention, but it will be on friday when we hear again about the monthly jobs report for the month of august. >> reporter: and that is the senior adviser for mitt romney on "state of the union" this morning. what he's talking about is the all-important national jobs report. we will get that on friday. that tells us basically all
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across the nation what the unemployment rate is, and it is really the topic of conversation in this presidential campaign. gary? >> that's right. the day after the convention ends getting that unemployment report will be very interesting. tem because to expect this week. we know they will not have a hurricane so that's good news for the democrats, but tell us some of the big speakers this week. >> reporter: i have to tell you what, we won't have a hurricane but the weather here is reminiscent of what we saw in tampa. we have a major storm coming in this way although we are very used to it. unlike what we saw in tampa for the republican national convention, this will be a truncated convention. it will be over three days, two of the days will be right behind me at the time warner cable arena, but the big night is going to be on thursday night. president obama will be in the big arena just down the street from me, the bank of america arena. it will be gigantic. very reminiscent of what we saw back in 2008. 35,000 people, gary, expected to
6:16 pm
be here. 6,000delegates, and on thursday night it will be the final turn as we head into the general election. it will all be about the economy and jobs. gary? >> mark, keep that umbrella close and it's nice seeing you and talking to you. mark preston, everybody. >> thanks. you can take part in the dnc in cnn's election round table tuesday. join wolf blitzer, our political team, for this live virtual chat. go to and submit your questions. you will get answers in real time. it is at 12:00 noon eastern on tuesday. cnn teams are in charlotte for the start of the democratic convention and cnn's live coverage of the convention will begin tuesday evening, two days from now, 7:00 eastern time. let's talk about what we can expect from president obama at this week's convention. lz granderson and will cain are here. they are both cnn spobters. lz is also a senior writer for
6:17 pm
espn. they are sitting next to each other in new york city. so no arguing, no fighting when we are done. >> note toself. >> well, we can assume the president won't ask delegates if they're better off now than they were four years ago. what do you expect him to say and what do you think he ought to say? >> you want me to take this first? >> first will. >> here is what i expect, gary. i expect to be a week of divisions to be honest. i think we're going to hear about dividing americans along the lines of age. i think we're going to hear about it along the lines of gender. i think most of the heavy lifting of that will be done from the speakers leading up to president obama. that's obvious in the booking of people like lily ledbetter, speakers from planned parenthood. i think there will be one division saved for president obama and that will be the division of class. about nine months ago i'd say he gave a speech in kansas where he talked about the middle class and he posited the status of the
6:18 pm
middle class against those of the very wealthy. i think those are themes we'll probably hear from him again. i said nine months ago, so that's not going to be a new message, and i'll say quickly what i think he should do would be to say something along the lines of what you suggest you shouldn't, this are you better than you were four years ago. i think he should say i inherited a very, very difficult situation. it's on the right track. i've turned it around slightly. i think you can try to make that very difficult message similar to what rahm emanuel started to say in the clips you played. >> lz, what do you think the president should say? >> it was really funny listening to the way will characterized the way president obama and the dnc platform is going to be. i don't see it as a division. i see it as a pointing out of different ideas about what's good for the american people. there are a litany of characters who could be characterized as being divisive. the republican platform says things specifically like we want to abolish abortion regardless of the circumstances. that's not division.
6:19 pm
that's pointing out the differences. same thing when it comes to class and the middle class in particular. there is no division when you point out the numbers and the numbers in the last 40 years have said one thing explicitly. income has left the middle class and the lower class and at a number that's disproportionate to the growth of rich people have all gone to richer americans. we've seen that gap for the last 40 years, not the last 3 1/2 of the obama administration. not even during w's administration, but the last 40 years. that's not division, that's pointing out the trends. once he does that, then he's able to talk about why he made the decisions he did. why he instituted obama care for instance. i thought it was really interesting to hear john mccain give a foreign affairs speech and somehow forgot to mention osama bin laden and that entire conversation. so i would talk about the fact that even though i have been doing good things, they refuse to even acknowledge those good things. we can acknowledge the good things, how are we going to get
6:20 pm
beyond that as a unified country. >> lz, let's talk about the last democratic president. wednesday the second night of the convention will be bill clinton time, and he's remembered for a lot of things, but one of them is a good economy. a surplus. the last surplus this country has had. any rick that is bill clinton could upstage the president? juneau, when i saw that question, i just sort of laughed because in order to be afraid of that, the person who follows bill clinton would have to be insecure and president obama is not insecure. in fact, i think it says a lot about him as well as democrats to the fact that they're not even going to bring out president clinton but also president carter. i think you noticed w was absent during the rnc and that's because they're embarrassed by him. the democrats are proud of what the presidents did while they were in office and after office. i do not believe having clinton on the bill is going to upstage him. i think what it does is further
6:21 pm
illustrate just how unfunied thy are. >> from what i have seen after a president loses, jimmy carter didn't come to the convent -- convention either. could bill clinton's presence highlight some problems we're having with the economy? >> i think bill clinton is a wonderful speaker for liberal ideology and the democratic party. i think he's nothing but a plus for them taking the stage. do i think he'll remind people of a time when they had a democratic president and the economy was singing better? i don't know. you know what's going to be more impactful than that is the fact that during this week while the democratic national convention is taking place, the united states' total debt will eclipse $16 trillion. that speaks louder than any kind of reminiscing to when bill clinton was president. he's a net plus for the democrats. >> will cain and lz granderson,
6:22 pm
i don't think we'll see any fighting when we're done with this segment. >> if i could point out one thing,w didn't lose, he won re-election, they still didn't invite him back. >> that's a valid point, but like i said we certainly have seen that over past decades when parties don't want to be reminded of the most recent past. my guess is four years from now, eight years in now you may see george w. bush at the gop convention. we'll wait and see. >> thank you. still not a good idea to go home. that mandatory evacuation in louisiana has been lifted, but it's still very touch and go. we'll have an update from the storm zone. you can stay connected. you can watch cnn live on your computer. you can do it from work. just go to are you okay, babe? i'm fine. ♪ ♪
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you don't have to leave, but it's not a good idea to come back yet. authorities dropped a mandtory evacuation order for hundreds of louisiana residents near the pearl river in st. tammany parish north of new orleans, but they're still urging people to stay away. they're worried about a strained lock on the pearl river diversion canal. remember, officials warned yesterday that a lock failure
6:26 pm
was imminent. then crews relieved pressure by releasing water, but it's still touch and go. the pearl river is expected to crest tomorrow in more than 19 feet. president obama will visit storm-damaged areas of louisiana on monday, which is tomorrow. he canceled a planned campaign stop to ohio to make the trip. homeland security secretary janet napolitano toured storm damage in mississippi today. let's go to meteorologist karen mcginnis now in the weather center. rain from the remnants of isaac and the pearl river cresting tomorrow. >> here we are a week after isaac or just about a week after isaac made landfall, and it is still wreaking havoc. gary, this is the area we're looking at. here is new orleans, here is slidell. we'll zoom in and show you the town of pearl river but also this pearl river watershed. here is the gauge, and this is the watershed that's going to be affected. primarily it is this region where the residents are most in
6:27 pm
danger, but farther to the south they will be threatened as well as the water continues to rise, and as we mentioned going into tomorrow afternoon right around 2:00 they're saying the river could crest at just about 19 1/2 feet. well, minor flooding occurs at about 14 feet. so we've got a ways to go, and those folks definitely are going to be watching those river gauges very carefully. the other big news for today has been the eruption of some thunderstorms and tornado watches issued for portions of northern alabama and into tennessee extending through kentucky, and, gary, we'll be watching some of these cells. they have the potential to produce damaging storms and possibly tornadoes. >> karen, thank you very much. some tough holiday weather. the hard labor this holiday weekend will be paying to fill the tank in your car. gas prices hitting a high. but guess what? some say it's all about to change.
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it's 31 minutes past the hour right now. let's take a look at some of the headlines. on outbreak of legionaire's disease has hit quebec city. health officials don't know how people are getting it. the canadian government has ordered for some buildings to clean their cooling systems. legionaire's is a severe form of
6:32 pm
pneumonia. it's spread when people breath in droplets or mist with the bacteria. a muslim cleric is under arrest for allegedly planting evidence against a girl accused of blasphemy. he allegedly tore out two pages of the koran to police the girl's bag. she's accused of burning not the holy book but pages containing verses. the imam has denied he tampered with evidence. closing arguments are set to happen after labor day in the trial of drew peterson. he's the ex cop from illinois accused of murdering his third wife and he's a prime suspect in his fourth wife's disappearance. the third wife was divorced from peterson when her body was found in a dry bathtub in 2004. protesters hit the streets of sharl, north carolina, today ahead of the democratic convention.
6:33 pm
hundreds of people marched by charlotte's banks. some chanted, we got sold out. the protest was called march on wall street south. the number of demonstrators at the republican convention fell short of expectations in part because of the weather. we're just two days away from the start of the democratic convention. arg organizers are putting the final touches on the venue. cnn's live coverage of the democratic national convention begins tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. gas prices are setting records this labor day weekend. let's bring in business correspondent alison kosik in new york. alison, thanks for joining us. you know, here in atlanta i see a lot of stations that are $3.99 a gallon. they don't want to scare motorist it's by putting it at $4 and over. it's at $4 in lots of states. why are the prices so high? >> talk about sticker shock, we're certainly getting it this weekend. gas prices are higher than
6:34 pm
they've ever been on record for a labor day weekend but they're not as high as they were back in april. guess what? we could all blame hurricane isaac for this recent spike in gas prices. this is because hurricane isaac hit the gulf coast. that's really a key oil production area in this country. you look at 40% of the nation's petroleum refining capacity is right there located along the gulf coast. and that's why you're seeing gas prices really spike, and there you're looking at the difference there between the previous labor day record and we're certainly beating that. but what happened with hurricane isaac was that these refineries weren't damaged, but they had to shut down or cut back production during the storm. what that did was knock out hundreds of thousands of barrel production a day. that sent prices higher. that oil wasn't able to be made or refined into gas and there's less gas on the market so prices are going higher. you can also pile on a couple of
6:35 pm
other things. there was a deadly refinery fire at a major facility in venezuela about two weeks ago. that's another factor that could crimp supply and drive up oil prices. also a refinery fire at a chevron facility in california and then you throw in one more thing, it's more expensive to make a summer blend of gasoline, so you pile all of that together and you get those high prices at the pump. gary? >> alison, this summer in june i'm driving in south carolina. i pay $2.92 a gallon for gasoline. now, the prices are expected to drop i understand. any chance they'll be going to those levels where people in some parts of the country could be paying under $3 again? >> if i knew i'd be a rich woman right now. i can't crystal ball it for you but analysts are saying you will see prices go lower right after the heavy driving season. labor day is officially the end of the heavy driving season. we're getting sort of into the fall and winter months.
6:36 pm
what also happens is the refineries switch from making the more expensive summer blend of gasoline to a winter blend that's cheaper to make, hopefully you will see some relief at the pump with that. also refineries are going back online on the gulf coast. it takes time for those refineries to ramp back up but you should see prices go lower. the problem is, as one analyst puts it, gary, prices tend to rise faster on the way up and they fall on the way down. that's not good news for consumers, but they shouldn't stay this high for too much longer. gary? >> it helps to be a rich woman or a rich man to pay for the gasoline right now. alison kosik, it's nice talking to you. now, to the big stories in the week ahead. president obama gearing up for the democratic convention, wall street eyes some key economic figures, and a reality tv show pledges to be, quote, kinder and gentler. our correspondents tell you what you need to know. we begin with the president's plans for the week. >> i'm athena jones in ft.
6:37 pm
bliss, texas. president obama speaks at a labor day event in toledo, ohio, on monday before heading down to louisiana to meet with people affected by hurricane isaac. on tuesday he travels to norfolk, virginia, and on wednesday he goes to charlotte, north carolina, for the democratic national convention. he accepts his party's nomination for president on thursday night. >> i'm poppy harlow in new york. it will be a shortened trading week with the markets closed for labor day but when trading kicks off on tuesday morning, wall street will be all eyes on the august jobs report. that is set to be released on friday morning, and it will be critical for consumer confidence and also in the race for the white house. also on tap this week, the august car and truck sales data. that comes out, as well as a look at how much folks are spending on construction. a pretty good sign of how they're feeling about the economy. we'll track all of that on cnn money. i'm "showbiz tonight's" a.j. hammer. here is what we're watching. basketball wives 2.0 is the show really going to cut out all the violent drama this season?
6:38 pm
i'll speak with jackie christie, one of the stars of the l.a. franchise. a gruesome task for one man in syria, documenting the dead. a terrifying thought. but wait until you see one activist is seeing. as a police chief, i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. if you want to make a difference, you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i am committed to making a difference, and i am a phoenix. visit to find the program that's right for you. enroll now.
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for journalists, describing the war in syria would not be possible without the videos posted online. but these activists goes beyond horror, dead men, women, children, their neighbors. and in some cases their own siblings. cnn's arwa damon takes us to syria not far from the border with lebanon.
6:42 pm
the video you see was obtained from a freelance journalist. many images are disturbing and may not be appropriate for all viewers. >> reporter: every night he scrolls through the videos he shot that day reviewing scenes he wishes he'd never witnessed. it's a macabre routine but one he's addicted to. he simply can't stop, can't let go, can't give up. for the past 18 months he's documented nearly every single death in a town of some 50,000 before the violence started. name, date, location. more than 400 victims and counting. often they are his neighbors, friends, relatives, people he would see around town, and once
6:43 pm
he pointed the camera at his brother's corpse. >> i didn't know my brother the first one. after i come also i take some photo as other one. suddenly i remember of this one my brother. the start i shout my brother, my brother, my brother, doctor, my brother. but after normal. i am sad also at first and then angry. >> the 37-year-old once owned a furniture shop. now he's part of a small team of media activists. filming and posting online the horrific videos that have come to symbolize the syrian uprising. most of the residents have fled, but the indiscriminate shelling
6:44 pm
still takes its toll on the few who remain. those who have nowhere else to go. >> more of trad's story, the grim end for a fellow activist, and what he plans to do with his camera when the revolution ends. that's ahead in the "newsroom." be surprised be productive. make a sale make some lunch make it movie night. play a game or an old favorite. do it all more beautifully, with the retina display, on ipad. we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more
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6:47 pm
the fate of a fellow activists shows how dangerous it can be. again, we must remind you images in this story may not be appropriate for all viewers. >> reporter: in the last few weeks this 8-year-old girl was killed by a mortar round that hit her home. there was nothing the medical team could do but try to hide the wound to spare her mother the anguish. she collapses when she hears the news. at times trad tries to console families, reassuring this woman that her son is going to be okay, that he will survive the wounds to his leg. occasionally he hands over the camera so he can help, but too often there is nothing he can do but film. much of the town lies in ruins similar to most of what we see
6:48 pm
from across syria. its people resigned to their fate knowing that they are on their own. the hospital regularly targeted is trying to build up its defenses. this man, who works in construction, is building a bunker for his family. his children take a quick peek into the darkness below. perhaps this will save them. perhaps it will be their grave. trad's younger brother is now a rebel fighter. he was a mechanic who wanted to be a deejay. he plays music as trad recalls the fate of one of their media activists friends. detained by syrian security forces and returned to them with his eyes gouged out. >> the same, my job. why? i can go down bashar.
6:49 pm
too much dangerous here in syria with camera. but when i finish with revolution, i catch the camera like this, and i throw it. >> difficult to watch but also important to watch. we'll be right back. moving mu. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together. ari'm fine.y, babe? ♪
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on college football's first weekend, three teams are making a case for why they will win it all. alabama wants a third title in four years. lsu aims to return to the top. usc is ready to roll.
6:52 pm
i must disclose that i have two kids at usc, so i'm rooting for the trojans. >> it's a good college. >> listen to this. >> that's what they say. what people at ucla say. i went to indiana university. we barely have a football team. after the michigan alabama game, we know who the haves notes are. michigan fans thought they had a shot, but halfway into the second quarter, it was all but over. and alabama's victory had to be the most impressive. usc, they look ed great. scores on the opening drive. they look great. lsu looks amazing against north texas. north texas, hawaii, these are not big opponents. alabama's domination of michigan proved that alabama is a team to be reckoned with and the fact it wasn't even close. that final score wasn't even that close. alabama's the team to watch.
6:53 pm
>> sec was tough. >> it's going to be one team from the sec, then probably a pac 12 team like usc or oregon. could sneak in there. >> speaking of power houses, the penn state nittany lion, all kinds of problems. they play ohio university, a fine institution, but not exactly a power house. i was stunned by that upset. never imagined that would happen. >> first time a major conference has beaten penn state in an opener since the the 1960s, but big props to the crowd at penn state. they stayed to the end chanting penn state chants, they were backing their team, but you can talk all you want about tradition and how you know, it's as you can see the players coming out right there, but if this team continues to lose, the top recruits their routes to getting are going to go elsewhere. when they know they can't go to a bowl for another four years,
6:54 pm
these top recruits have to look out for themselves. running for usc this weekend, so that's the thing. this, this team here has got so much weight on its shoulders, but they have got to win to keep that recruiting class alive for seasons to come. >> this is the best time of the sporting year because the nfl season is starting next week, end of the baseball season. wednesday, opening night, sunday, full slate and we don't have the regular referees. >> this is unbelievable to me. i'm so fired up about this because you know, i get it. i get what the leagues wanted to do. they want to add more referees so they can pick and choose the best to give us a better ball game, but when you have joe q public out there spending top dollar to go to these games, isn't it the responsibility of the nfl to put on the best possible? what if in week one, you have the play rs playing it fast and
6:55 pm
loose. what tif peyton manning goes don because the officiating is not where it should be. talking about hundred million dollar athletes and talking about stressing safety in nfl. why would you not want the guys officiating that safety to be at the top. >> office is really not aware of. >> i think this is a negotiation and i applaud roger goodell for him stressing safety, but i think you're spitting out of both sides of your mouth when you're saying safety, safety, safety and you're not willing to, it's less than 1% of your $9 billion revenue that you bring in. talking about just paying these guys what they need to get them back out on the field. >> see what happens. thank you very much. well, kim jong-il, sushi and
6:56 pm
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a sushi chef who fled north korea has returned to the open arms of the dictator's son. he says he was close to the leader when kim, the current president, was a child. now as an adult, north korea's ruler has invited the servant back after 11 years. paula hancocks has the story.
6:59 pm
>> reporter: this was the reunion after 11 years. kim jong-il's former sushi chef who had fled north korea believing his life was in danger was recently invited back. i jumped up to hug him, he says, shouting comrade general, and instantly burst into tears. he says he use ed to play with m when he was younger, traveling around the world for him to buy exclusive ingredients. since fleeing to japan in 2001, he has written best-selling books about the family. he met the the first lady, the wife the world learned about only a couple of months ago. she is just so charming, he says. i cannot describe her voice. it is so soft.


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