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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  December 10, 2014 1:04am-1:36am PST

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mexican fast food for here are the kind of people who don't mind getting caught up in a hate fight. i have a feeling the video that's meant for is extremely racist. like your graduate in nutrition they're both meaning less pieces of [beep]. that was about someone very close to me. toshing it out there. [laughing] >> why are you not using that in your life. just toshing it out. there that was three years worth of solid material. enjoy your corn dogs, good night. december 9, 2014. from comedy central world view in new york, it is "the daily show" with jon stewart! (cheers and applause) ♪ captioning sponsored by comedy central
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>> jon: welcome to the daily show. i'm jon stewart. my guests tonight, kathryn bigelow and juan zarate to talk about the illegal ivory trade. but we begin tonight with big news out of washington. >> the world is bracing for the release of the senate c.i.a. torture report. this is going to be a very big deal. >> jon: it's a big deal! that's why they made it a christmas release! this report is the "frozen" of c.i.a. clan destined didacted torture reports! ♪ let me go ♪ let me go nobody's electrocuting olaf for information because he would melt. why to we need to see the torture report anyway? we got to the bottom of this h years ago!
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>> this government does not torture people. >> jon: pow! if that famed patter of feet says we don't torture, who are we do disagree? when he says, this government does not torture people, what do you think of my feet? (laughter) let's let dianne feinstein try to make a meal out of a morsel. >> c.i.a. detainees kept in darkness, constantly shackled in isolated cells with loud noise or music and only a bucket to use for human waste. stripped naked, diapered, physically struck and put in various physical stress positions for long periods of time. deprived of sleep for days. in one case, up to 180 hours. hands tied together over their heads, chained to the ceiling.
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rough take-downs in which a detainee was grabbed from a cell, clothes cut off, hooded, and dragged up and down a dirt hallway. >> the case in which a prisoner's lunch tray consistle of hummus, pasta and nuts were pure rayepured and rectally inf. (laughter) >> jon: could i get a reaction shot of how i'm feeling right now? (laughter) you know, it's funny. i just made a movie about a guy who triumphed over inhuman conditions in imprisonment, and i don't think they did half of that to him. i don't think it worked because
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he was innocent. >> of the 119 individuals found to have been detained in the program, the committee found 26 were wrongfully held. >> jon: that's not the same as completely innocent. can i see that footage again? >> jon: what? who authorized -- how did we -- okay. did we know we were doing this? >> the c.i.a. systematically lied to itself, to the white house, the department of justice and to congress. >> jon: the c.i.a. withheld stuff from the senators. >> basically the c.i.a. lied to everyone. >> the report says the techniques didn't produce results that really mattered to save lives. >> the c.i.a. didn't tell
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president bush about the full nature of the e.i.t.s till april of 2006. >> jon: oh, well with, that explains why bush was out there saying we didn't torture. he didn't know about it! this whole thing -- wait a minute, when did they tell him? >> april 2006. >> jon: and when did he angrily and defensive say, we don't torture people! >> this government does not torture people. (audience reacts) >> jon: okay! hold on! all i have to do is figure out which statement came first. all right. hold on a second. all right. i'm so bad with the aughts. carry the 06 -- 7, 8, 9 -- wait a second -- can we get pope gregory on the line? i have a question about his ordered system of dates. (laughter) all right. so the c.i.a. knew, the executive branch knew, i'm
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assuming the senate intelligence committee knew. all i'm saying is thank god there's a new executive branch in charge now who made it a priority to get to the bottom of the most shameful chapter of the most transparent administration in history. >> dianne feinstein was asked to delay reports released. >> there are the 9,000 documents the committee would like to get its hands on and the intelligence agencies won't give those up. the white house so far isn't making them. >> jon: okay, but to be fair to the president, he was great on colbert last night. (applause) by the way, my guess is scheduling was not a coincidence. look, mr. president, you bet gert nit tonight because when this report hits, to put it bluntly, come tuesday, you won't be slow jamming (bleep) till 2016. okay, anything snells. >> the contractors provided the official evaluations of whether
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detainees' psychological states allowed for the continued use of the enhanced techniques. even for some detainees, they themselves were interrogating, a clear conflict of interest and violation of professional guidelines. >> jon: conflict of interest? i'm glad you threw in bureaucratic corruption to bring forward this dlie dliewnl, yeahe fed guys through their (bleep). and the office supplies, you'd think post its grew on trees! well, this is a blockbuster and i bet tonight there are a lot of powerful people in langley and elsewhere who would love to get their hands on the senate
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committee's elite investigators and make their lives a living hell which is why i think their names should never come to light. >> i want to thank the intelligence committee staff who performed this work. they are dan jones, evan godesman and tad turner, elisa starszac... >> jon: do you have to release everything in front of the cameras! while we're releasing everything, according to this report, we did far more unspeakable things to much large number of people with negligible effects and lied about it for years on end. what's the up side? >> america is big enough to add a mitt when it's wrong and confident enough to learn from its mistakes. history will judge us by our commitment to a just society governed by law and the willingness to face an ugly truth and say, never again. (laughter) >> jon: you want us to do
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(cheers and applause) >> jon: welcome back! now, as the last few weeks have shown, the fight for civil rights is a long and difficult
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journey. happily, the next five minutes will be easier than that as jordan klepper reports. >> the american south has come a long way since the '60s but in winston-salem they have found a new minority to discriminate against. atheists. >> a restaurant in north carolina is giving customers a discount if they pray before you eat. >> jon: mary's gourmet diner is giving a 15% discount for believers which according to outspoken atheist dan barker is a violation of civil rights. >> mary's diner is very significant. under the law selma and a 15% discount are the same i think the. selma>> jon: selma, birmingham, mary's diner? >> yes, in one case racism and the other religion. >> jon: i went to stair into the face of mary.
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>> we set out to make everyone feel welcome. we just felt it was an act for rewarding people for being grateful. we never thought of it as discriminatory at all. >> jon: how long have you been a bigot? >> i'm not a bigot. >> jon: you would never serve the people from the freedom of religion. >> i've never met them. >> jon: you never talked to them when they came? >> they never showed up. >> jon: bull (bleep). i don't think anyone from freedom went to mary's. >> jon: you didn't go there? it came to our attention through social media. >> jon: you're trolling the internet. >> some are, we are not. >> jon: but there were actual atheists who ate at mary's and they were dehumanized. >> i don't feel like i have been discriminated against. >> jon: why not? i got the discount. >> jon: why, you broke your core whreefs? >> no, i just said thank you to the dhef. >> i get other discounts.
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i get one to the symphony for being a subscriber. >> jon: why all the hullabaloo? >> i think they're just being dicks. >> jon: you're not being a dick, are you? >> that's like when did you stop beating your wife. >> jon: what? did you -- did you -- what are you telling me right now? >> your question was you're not just being a dick. by answering that i would have to assume i was at least being a dick, so i can't answer that question till it's properly formulated. >> jon: but are you being a dick? >> if you want to label someone who fights for civil rights in the first amendment, a dick, you're welcome to do that. but obviously we're getting the discount for praying, that was the problem. >> that's not true. it doesn't have to be a prayer, it can just be a moment of quiet interinspection. >> jon: let me get this straight, if i want a discount, i could do this? (deep breath) >> yes. >> jon: you're (bleep) me.
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not anybody can get it. watch, this right here gets you 15%. this right here. >> jon: we don't do it. what atheist would pray to a non-entity? no one does that? >> one who doesn't want to pray full price for a b.l.t. >> jon: if you want to be a hypocrite atheist. >> what will happen? you go to nut hell? >> jon: i have too much integrity to pretend i'm talking to a ghost in the sky. >> but you will bitch over 25 cents extra for eggs? >> jon: yeseggs? yes, and it's the principle. a letter was sent to mary's diner saying she was in violation of the civil rights act. are you kidding me? >> i'm an atheist. i get it. >> we need someone fighting the good fight. is this a good fight? you can say it's more or less unfair but it's stale unfair.
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take genocide, suppose you exterminated a whole group of people, 20,000, but the other exterminated 20 million, one is small by comparison but the same crime. >> genocide? when i say genocide, are you thinking a number? >> what are retalking about, mary's gourmet diner? >> mary's gourmet diner is a small picture, genocide is a big picture. >> that's my point. would you think greater genocide is worse than a smaller? >> no, general o side is general o side. mary's gourmet is brunch. >> we weren't comparing. yes. we were making an analogy. hich is a comparing. i know how to fix this. >> these guys are just being petty assholes, right? >> i -- you won't say it because you're a nice person. but let's take a moment of
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silence if we agree these guys are petty assholes. >> absolutely. in the end, maybe we would be better off if dan would lighten the (bleep) up. >> i don't know about that. hear about the atheist, rabbi and the priest walk into a bar? the rabbi and priest shut the door before the atheist can get in the bar because they don't want to hang out with him because he's a dick. >> that's a joke? no, it's what happens. no, it's what happens. >> jon: jordan klepper, we'll
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♪ mattress discounters (cheers and applause) >> jon: welcome back. my guests tonight, a former deputy national security advisor and an academy award winning director. they are here to discuss a p.s.a. called "last days." ♪
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(siren) (screeching) (roaring) (bird sounds) >> jon: please welcome to the program kathryn bigelow and juan zarate! hello! (cheers and applause) ♪ have a seat! thank you for being here! thank you. >> jon: boy, that film got us interested in doing this piece. it's phenomenal and an incredible story. we'll get to that in a second. the c.i.a. report dropped today.
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zero dark 30, as you watch that you see the reports come out, the c.i.a. has been lying about the efficacy, they lied about how much they tortured. does this blow your mind? did you see this and think, oh, my god, are they lying to me? is the whole narrative different? >> interesting question. i mean, i really made the movie based on the reporting that we did at the time. >> jon: right. i applaud transparency in government so i think it's good it's out there. it's complicated. it's very, very complicated. >> jon: mind blowing, i tell ya. would be a good dvd extra. >> i'm not trying to sell extra copies. i'm just saying a couple of comments in there. >> jon: but what made you want to make this film about the elephant trade and how does juan who works in national security get involved in this? it's a mind-blowing story. >> over a year ago, i came upon information that elephant
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poaching -- i was already interested in making a feature about it -- but i realized there was an intersection between elephant poaching and terrorism. when you look at west gate mall, al-shabaab took responsibility for that and were financing their nefarious acts through elephant poaching. i would call that an emergency in that we have a decade or less worth of elephants in the wild because to have the slaughter. >> jon: they have been doing this but now that terrorism is involved, they're taken it up a notch? >> yes, it's on an industrial scale. what you have with wildlife trafficking is the fourth largest financing network economy in the world. >> jon: it's a black economy. over $23 billion a year. >> jon: in wildlife. it exploded in terms of value. china is a major demander for the product.
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certainly the u.s. as well with. what you see as kathryn has pointed out so vividly in the film is these groups, al-shabab, connected to al quaida in somalia, the militia responsible for the atrocities in darfur are in this. you have the resistance army, massive kidnappers of children who have killed hundreds of people. they've all tapped into this network and economy and are profiting from it. this is where our national security meets our natural security and that's why i joined with kathryn to help her out. >> jon: you come up with this film andeth beautifully done and very artistically rendered, but there is the connection where all of a sudden you think, oh, my god, that little elephant i have that i got in the souvenir shop, they said it wasn't ivory but maybe it is and maybe this is contributing to this trade. >> exactly. this is the sort of terrorism you can do something about by not buying these little trinkets or supporting this trade.
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you can actually put a stop on their revenue stream. >> jon: didn't you do that? in this country, we made the ivory trade illegal, yes? >> there was a period where there was a ban on ivory trade. with the increase in wealth in asia, this demand has picked up and these groups are profiting. >> america is the next biggest profit in the world outside of asia. >> i used to live on canal street. they sell an ivory elephant. they actually carve the thing they got it from. >> the tragedy is they actually cut the face off the elephant sometimes when they're alive to get the tusks out. >> jon: that's horrible. what can be done? we tried that with mileage for our cars because they were also using oil. that didn't work. >> that's true. one elephant is killed approximately every 15 minutes. my hope is where we have this web site, there are a lot of
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actions. you can write interpol, the u.n., the white house, you can write congressmen, they're a bipartisan coalition there to support the elephants, support legislation to protect the elephants. but my hope is we could creact an activist every 15 minutes. >> jon: within the countries this is occurring, is there a movement to prevent this or is it beyond their scope and control? >> the poachers, the networks and terrorists are outgunning and outspending the government and that's a real problem. but there's a recognition. you know, the loss of the elephants and the environment is really a loss of the tourist revenue, the loss of the ability to have a sustainable economy. so there's a recognition this is a problem, but these are groups that are violent, they're trying to make a profit and trying to kill not just elephants but people. >> exactly. you're not just saving elephant, you're actually saving people. and we have a decade before they will be extinct. >> jon: well, i have to say,
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as a method for getting out, it's an incredibly powerful work and i really appreciate it. thank you for showing it to me and sharing it and being at the forefront of this, and you as well. you can see "last days." you can see "last days." visi
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