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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  July 18, 2016 9:44am-10:18am PDT

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you're a yankees. when you text, you type lol or ha ha ha! personally i'm lol. i know a lot of people are ha ha ha, and i respect that. the point is we can come together and hate those who type lol lol lol lol lol lol. you can't laugh out loud, ha ha ha ha ha. it should be one way or the other. but police shootings, it shouldn't work that way. for instance, if you're pro "black lives matter" you're assumed to be anti-police, and if you're pro police, you're assumed to hate black people. when in reality, you can be pro cop and pro-black, which is what we should all be! (applause) that's what we should be aiming for. i guess technically that means you could also be anti-cop and
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anti-black which would make you, i don't know, mel gibson, i don't know. (laughter) but the point is you shouldn't have to choose between the police and the citizens that they are sworn to protect. you know what makes these incidents even more painful is the fact there are some people who don't even think that this police problem exists. do you guys remember the cat calling video in new york city where a woman walked around in new york for a day and over 100 men took that as an invitation to harass her. remember that. >> yes. >> trevor: i was shocked by that video, by how extreme cat calling actually was. i didn't know, because i'm a man. i did not see that in my world and i didn't know it could happen for blocks and a woman was harassed over and over again. i was shocked by that, when i saw the video. i didn't think men were so concerned with the sugar content of women's breasts. i didn't know these things were happening because i hadn't seen it. i thought that was only done by
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construction workers and cartoon wolves. that's what i thought it was all about. after i watched the video, i realized there was a problem, because seeing is believing, and for some strange reason, when it comes to videos of police shootings, seeing isn't believing. the police will always come out with a statement like, i know it looks like the officer shot the man, even though he was subdued. but what the video doesn't show from this angle is that the policeman feared for his life due to the suspect's physical actions that, again, are not visible from this angle. i was asked the question, why is it that the police only do that when they're the ones on camera? because if there's ever a video of you committing a crime, the police won't be, like, oh, i know the it looks like the suspect is robbing the cash register in the video, but what you don't see from this angle is -- in fact how do we know the video isn't playing in reverse and he isn't putting money into the cash register?
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you can't judge from the video! why is the video never enough? tahrir rice, eric garner, a video, only skepticism. when it comes to big foot, people see one blurry video and people dedicate their lives to finding him. they leave their families and dedicate themselves to that (bleep). it's hard to blame black people for not trusting the police in this country because even when police have the responsibility of filming themselves, stuff like this happens. >> the two officers are now on administrative leave, both wore body cameras, however -- >> during the altercation, the body cameras did become dislodged. >> trevor: really? the body camera became dislodged? so, what, has it gotten so bad that even the cameras are, like, sorry, i can't be part of this, i've seen enough. really? the camera became dislodged?
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i call (bleep), yeah. (applause) because i've seen white people cameras, and those things never come off. >> (bleep)! >> whoa! whoa! i'm alive! >> trevor: yeah. you know it's a white people video when it ends with someone screaming, i'm alive! (laughter) you know what pisses me off most about this? i don't think there is a problem with the police. some people say i don't think there is a problem with the police. you know, black people are surely doing something. maybe the black guy did something wrong. you can't deny the racism. at some point you have to acknowledge it. in fact, think of this, think of the most racist thing people can call black people. they call them monkeys, baboons, gorillas. yet, when people watch the video
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of an actual gorilla being shot for dragging a child, not only was there more outrage for the gorilla, the organization responsible for killing the gorilla admitted there were systemic problems that needed to be fixed. >> a criminal investigation is now focused on how a little boy fell into a gorilla enclosure closure at the cincinnati zoo. reports show the zoo is making changes to prevent tragic accidents like this from happening again. >> that's right, (bleep) gorilla! they're making changes for a gorilla! one gorilla! one! (applause) it's the truth! it's the truth. i shouldn't even be afraid to say it. america has a problem within its police force, and although this is a problem that disproportionately affects black people, it's not just a black problem. this is an american problem because, just today, there was a third video this time of a white kid getting shot by the police while he was lying down on the ground. this is an american problem,
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everyone is involved. with all this evidence on video, surely the least america can expect from its police is for them to admit there is a problem because you can't fix something until you admit it's broken. you're probably saying, trevor, what does it help to just admit you have a problem? well the las vegas police department did that. in 2011, they admitted there was a potential for bias, a better way for police to interact with suspects. by acknowledging that and training officers on how to assess and deease cay calculate a situation, they decreased shootings by 36%. 36%! (applause) which is not perfect, but at least they're doing something, and if the police can get their (bleep) together, in a city where you can rent a tiger and get married to a filipino elvis presley, then the rest of america has no excuse. we'll be right back. (cheers and applause)
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is rocking the news. gretchen carlson is suing roger ailes, accusing him or firing her for refusing his sexual advances. >> trevor: ooh... sexual advances from roger ailes? ooh. well, it is nice to know while liberals and conservatives disagree on one thing, they esee eye to eye on the fact that this guy is un(bleep)-able. i mean, not that sort of behavior would be okay no matter what he looked like, but props to gretchen carlson for coming forward. think of how hard it is to go up against roger ailes. it takes a lot of courage. even more courage than it would take to have sex with him, but still... and the details of this lawsuit are not pretty. >> she accused him of ogling her in his office and asking her to turn around so he could view her posterior. >> when she complained about hit severe and pervasive sexual harassment, he told her, i think you and i showched a sexual
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relationship a long time ago and then you would be good and better and i would be good and better. >> trevor: oh, wow. if that's true, that's throw it unacceptable, and luckily ms. carlsen was able to get that moment on tape. >> i think you and i should have had a sexual relationship a long time ago and then you would be good and better and i would be gogood and better? for legal reasons, i have to tell you that's not really roger ailes. it's jabba the hutt, or as roger ailes calls him hashtag fitness goals. (laughter) but on the other hand it's important to remember roger ailes hasn't been convicted of any crimes and there is his side of the story, too. >> ailes denied the accusationings. >> fox news channel responding to carlsen's claims telling abc news her allegations are false, this is a retaliatory suit for the network's decision not to renew her contract due to her disappointingly low ratings. >> trevor: disappointing
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ratings. oh, you mean the ratings where gretchen was beating all the other shows in her time slot? those disappointing ratings? bigger numbers is bad? i think you're thinking of golf. (laughter) i think it's up to the law to decide if carlsen is telling the truth. this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. if you ever watched fox news, you know this is the network that devotes 30% of programs to women's legs. how about bill riley's legs? how about a little eye candy for the rest of us is allism saying. (laughter) i'm include to believe gretchen carlson, not because we know what happens behind the camera on news but in front of it. >> a guy said i saw you on fox and friends this morning is gretchen as cute in person? gorgeous. beautiful dress, you look wonderful. >> okay. >> the oval office is becoming the view! >> figured out, babes, chicks,
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what do you call them, steve, skirts? >> a nonorganic carrot freshly picked is hairy. >> you look like you could handle those things. >> oh, my god. >> didn't men give you the kitchen? >> oh, my god. >> women are everywhere, letting them play golf and tennis. it's out of control. >> right now the girls are leading! >> got to cover your tail. >> oh, tail cove rears! >> physics involved. >> when i'm listening to that's correct i'm thinking i've heard a lot worse than that in the worksplace. >> trevor: now i understand the fox news slogan. yes, and i've decided i hope gretchen wins. we'll be right back. (cheers and applause) (guy) oh man, the show's pretty much over. (friend) wish we could start it from the beginning. (jon bon jovi) with directv, you can. you see, we've got the power to turn back time let's start over, let's rewind
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the family favorite. yoplait. slap break! wrong. have a break, have a kit kat! >> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." tonight's guest stars in the leakily anticipated jason bourne movie. please welcome julia stiles! (cheers and applause) ♪ welcome, welcome. (cheering) welcome to the show. >> so happy to be here. >> trevor: i'm such a huge fan. everything from you and dexter to, you know, save the last dance. i am just like -- by the way, when are you going to make another movie that brings black and white america today? america needs you right now,
10:04 am
julia stiles. >> oh, wow. >> trevor: we need another dancing movie. >> we need a lot more than a dancing movie. >> trevor: so true. >> i'm truly, like, astonished. i'm not going to say anything new, but i can't not not address what has happened today. i just don't understand how many more people, husbands and fathers and sons have to die before something changes, and i agree with you, the change has to be systemic. it has to be within the police department protocol and training has to be different, and i understand that police officers have an incredibly dangerous job. >> trevor: definitely, yeah. >> but, still, it's been too much. it's been too much for many years. it's been too much for decades. and if that doesn't change within the police department, citizens will lose respect for the authority of the police and violence will continue, period. i mean, how many people have to
10:05 am
say it? (applause) >> trevor: definitely. thank you. i'm sorry that, you know, you have to -- i mean, a few days ago i was going "jason bourne" movie! that is why you're here. it's a really exciting movie. this is one of the few movies i didn't watch. normally shea send a d.v.d. or link to the show. but i'm, like, no, i'm going to the cinema for this movie. are you as excited as i am? i am going to the theater to watch this film. it's a really exciting movie. are you as excited as i am? >> i haven't seen it yet. >> trevor: you have not? >> i'm waiting to see it. >> trevor: i have a clip. >> we can watch it on the iphone! >> trevor: we've got a clip.
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) (crashing sounds, yelling, motorcycle engine revving, honking) >> trevor: i'm assuming that was a love scene. (applause) that is exciting. a lot of people don't know. i was reading you actually got hit by a motorcycle filming the movie. >> not because to have the movie. it was in my down time. (laughter) >> trevor: that's how dangerous your down time is. was it getting into the role? >> it wasn't on purpose. i was in london going to do -- going to shoot, and i had the night off. i went to go see a play, and i was walking -- you know the
10:07 am
london traffic is crazy. >> trevor: yes. >> but i was looking in the right direction. >> trevor: well, the wrong direction, you mean. >> oh, come on. >> trevor: you never know. but you're looking in the right direction. >> meaning i wasn't being a bad pedestrian. and i woke up going why am i lying in the middle of the road. >> trevor: was that hard? >> yeah. i had no idea what happened. i didn't break anything, ha hity head and had a big bump. it was for real. >> trevor: was there a moment where you woke up and thought, am i in the movie? >> it sounds like i'm really proud of it, but it was really scary. >> trevor: when you survive and in an action movie, i think it adds to the allure. >> does it make me tougher? >> trevor: you see people in action movies and you go, did anything bad happen during the making of this action movie, it makes us want to go watch it more.
10:08 am
>> okay. >> trevor: did you have scenes close to it, like the concussion and have to shoot? yeah? >> i had to work the next day and the paramedics were saying -- first, i was sobbing, crying, freaked out because i was by myself in a foreign country and the paramedics were, like, do you want to go to the hospital? and i'm, like, i have to work, i can't go to the hospital. which is so dumb, they gave me the day off. >> trevor: if i was the paramedic, i would be going it's julia stiles! i would be a horrible paramedic. you learned different phrases in different language. you speak spanish. >> i speak spanish. >> trevor: me no ha me no habla. >> that's the only language i feel comfortable speaking. normally i can say, do you have a cup of coffee, or do you speak
10:09 am
english, as in german. (speaking german) >> slow down. >> trevor: why not just ask it in english? >> because that's obnoxious. >> trevor: if you say diewrks speak english and they just look at you, you go, i guess that's a no. >> i think that's rude. if you're in someone else's country, you should at least try. >> trevor: i'm going to go with do you speak english? we're going to have to disagree. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> trevor: one of my favorite people, julia stiles, everybody. "jason bourne" in theaters friday, july 29th. julia stiles, people! we'll be right back! (cheers and applause) ♪ is the world truly ready for a vehicle that can drive itself? an autonomous-thinking automobile that protects those inside and outside.
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>> trevor: thank you. that's our show for tonight. before we, go next week we'll be off the air and when we return tuesday july 19th, we'll be coming to you from the republican nationarepublican nan in cleveland, ohio! (cheers and applause) we're excited and afraid because the republican party will be nominate ago pumpkin in a suit. he's been pro-choice, pro-life, for minimum-wage, against it, for the female ghostbusters and in the last couple of days, he's getting more unhinged. watch his speech from last
10:15 am
night, basically 20 minutes of trump going, saddam hussein, mosquitoes, jewish stars, golf course! that's basically his speech. (laughter) we realized donald trump doesn't have a presidential platform. he's an empty sack of hot air blowing wildly in whatever direction the wind takes him. he's here, then here. he's an inflatable man you see on the side of the road, come in crazy colors, pretty entertain bug you wouldn't want to vote for one. the trump tube man connection is so perfect, we thought it was so perfect we decided to make one for real, and wemade it our own. we made a more dignified version of donald trump to bring on the road with us. level be with us at the conventions and outside our studio in new york, to everybody, please, give it up for tube trump! (cheers and applause) build that wall! build it, dodged!
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now here it is... your moment of zen. >> the democrats -- ooh, there was a mosquito. i don't want mosquitoes around me. i don't like mosquitoes! the following is a message from new york mayor michael bloomberg. hello. i'm michael bloomberg.
10:17 am
now, before i begin, i hope you've all recovered from the traumatic leaf-rustling earthquake that hit new york this july. also, i'd like to apologize for all the hurricane irene hysteria this summer, but since you were such bitches about the snowstorm last year, you left me with little choice. tonight, i want to address the demonstrations currently taking place in lower manhattan, in what is being called occupy wall street. while these protests began here in new york, they have spread to dozens of other cities throughout the globe, proving once again that new york sets the trends, and the rest of the world follows. so with all due respect to chicago, los angeles, and london, if you're looking to vent your rage at a system where the richest one percent controls 40% of the planet's wealth,


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