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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  November 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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dude... did she just call me a dirty jew? ♪ happy anniversary to you... cha, cha, cha. ♪ happy anniversary to you... cha, cha, cha. ♪ happy anniversary, mr. president... ♪ ♪ happy anniversary to you [ applause ] congratulations, mr. president. looks like many more years of the same are to come. oh, i don't think so... i think the next three years are going to be even better. [ laughs ] [ nervous laughter ] from comedy central's world news head quarters in new york, this
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is "the daily show" with trevor noah. (applause) welcome to the daily show, thank you so much for tuning in, i'm trevor noah. thank you very much, everybody. my guest tonight has a new documentary about apu from the simpsons, hari kondabolu is joining us, everybody. (applause) but first, but first, finally some good news for colin kaepernick. >> new this morning, form 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick son the cover of qg, once again, not for his playing but for not playing. he is qg's citizen of the year. the magazine tweeted this picture it says the 30 year old has been vilified by millions and locked out of the nfl all because he took a knee to protest police brutality. >> trevor: that's right, colin kaepernick has been named qg's citizen of the year. and i'm not going to lie, i feel
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bad for him. because think about how great it was for him to get that call. his phone brings,-- rings, he picks it up, he hears somebody say colin, we want to offer you the cover of gq citizen of the year. yay. i mean it's nice but it's not the offer he wanted, you know. but colin probably tried to make the best out of it. is he like okay, great, i will be o be the cover. qggq says you will be on some of the covers there are three, except the ones that are not yours, colin is probably just like uh-huh, uh-huh. and as they are breaking the news to him, colin, are you neiling while we are on the phone, are you kneeling-- i know kneeling, are you kneeling me right now, don't you kneel me, damn you. oh. congratulations, colin. let's move on to the story that has been dominating the news. and it involves roy moore.
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now if you are not familiar by now, roy moore is the republican candidate in the alabama senate race that is just four weeks away. he is also the most bibley human being who has ever ron for everything. here is how bibley he is. once when he was the state chief judge he got thrown out of office for refusing a court order to remove a ten commandment statue that he had installed from the courthouse. now look, i grew up in a superreligious family. but that [bleep] is just extreme. bringing your own ten commandments to work. like even mosses would be like dude what are you doing, i did it because i didn't have an i pad, like what is your issue, man, you need to calm down. then after getting re-elected he got thrown out again, this time for refusing to follow the spream court ruling ruling thats can get married. so that's basically who he is. so roy moore defines himself completely by the bible. except for the part about thou
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shall not be gross. >> bombshell allegations against u.s. senate candidate roy moore. >> he allegedly had a sexual encount we are a 14 year old girl when he was in his 30s. >> we have been digging more into his past, speaking with people who knew judge roy moore around this era. this is one woman teresa jones who worked alongside roy moore in late 70s and early 80s when he was a young assistant district attorney. she was a deputy district attorney. she tells cnn today it was common knowledge that roy dated high school girls. everyone we knew thought it was weird. we wonder idea someone his age would hang out at high school football games and at the mall. >> trevor: okay, now that is super creepy. because now i can't stop picturing roy moore at the mall trying to lure teenage girls with a cinnabon, like-- and now these allegations drop on thursday, then just a few hours ago, yeah, you can enjoy that, i don't mindment you can enjoy it. i think it's pretty funny too. you can enjoy it-- enjoy it just a few hours ago another alabama
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woman came forward saying that when she was 16 roy moore who was a da at the time sexually assaulted her after offering her a ride home. now i don't remember what book of the bible that is in, but i'm clearly not the only one who doesn't agree with this. many top republicans feel the same way. >> prshure is mounting from within the gop for moore to drop out of the race. republican senator susan collins of maine and orrin hatch of utah along with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell are now among those calling calling ford to moore's campaign. >> do you believe these allegations to be true. >> i believe the women, yes. >> trevor: look at mitch mcconnell's face. he looks like a man who made a point that i agree with. about how we should believe the victims. i'm not used to this feeling. this is weird. and luckily, as a devoted member of the christian right who has been accused of horrible acts, he knows the one place a person can find forgiveness. you have to go to a church. and then you take a right and go down two blocks to sean
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hannity's house. you see sean hannity is a man who has a season ticket to the wrong side of history. and he brought moore on to his radio show last friday to give him a chance to defend himself. but as so many young women have learned, if you give roy moore a chance, he's just going to make it worse. >> do you remember dating girls that young at that time? >> not generally, no. if i did, you know, i don't remember anything that. >> you don't specifically remember having any girlfriend that was in her late teens even at that time? >> i don't remember that, and i don't remember ever dating any girl without the permission of her mother. >> trevor: i don't think i have ever horde someone deny their way into a confession. (laughter) because he was like did i date underaged girls, no, not generally. i i mean specifically, yes, so what i am saying is all the time. so if it's okay with you, i will
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pick her up at 7, by which i mean 7:00. but republican politics can basically be divided into two areas. bg and ag. before the grab and after the grab. because once they made sexual assault seem like a partisan issue, it is enabled all of their party members to use politics as a shield for their sex crimes. for instance, look at hollywood. harvey weinstein, out. kevin spacey, man, we loved your show but out. louis, goddam it, out. but if are you a republican politician, then the real victim of your sexual assaults is you. for instance, the real criminals are the fake news. >> i am suspicious of this. because of the source. "the washington post" which has a dog in this fight, having endorsed his opponent. >> the post has successfully put a narrative out, the media has been quick to convict judge moore before ever even hearing
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this interview or his side of the story. >> you can't help thinking about the timing here. >> trevor: yeah, yeah, that's a really good question. the timing, why are these reporters always reporting. yeah. someone should have investigate that. i would love to see someone try to one day as a defense in the court room. ladies and gentleman, don't you think it is a little suspicious that every time have i been arrested it has been by the police? (laughter) now another roy moore's defenders excuses is that time heals all allegations. >> these are 38 year old allegations. this is-- this would be a misdemeanor at the time under the code of alabama. but again, if, you know, roy moore has stolen a lawn mower when he was 41, that's bad. but that's not a reason 50 years later to all of a sudden, you
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know, throw him off the ballot or let mitch mcconnell pick the next senator of alabama. >> trevor: okay, look, i don't know who that guy is. (laughter) but someone should check his basement. (applause) (cheers and applause) look, if anything, if anything, this roy moore story has made it crystal clary, if there was a group of christians who only use religion when it suits them. gays, burn in hell. roy moore, forgive him, father. hill rae, lock her up, roy moore, send him up to washington, turn the other cheek but not like a gay cheek, the other cheek. (laughter) but look, i mean all of that is pretty standard fundamentalist behavior. the next excuse is just straight up gangster. >> republican state auditor jim ziegler defended moore by invoking jesus christ stating
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mary was a teenager and joseph was an adult carpenter. they became parents of jesus. there is just nothing immoral or illegal here. >> trevor: that may be the greatest defense of pedophilia i have ever heard in my life, no, no, wait, i'm not a creep. i'm trying to make jesus. there is a reason they call it the second coming. but it was probably-- it was probably an alabama gop council chairman who summed it up best when he said even if moore was proven guilty, quote, there is no option to support the democratic nominee. because i guess for this part of the religious right, a democrat is a mortgagal threat and at least a pedestrian file-- pedestrian o file will stay true to your values. we'll be right back. (applause)
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. >> trevor: welcome back to the daily show. prsident donald trump is nearing the end of his 12 day tour of asia. one of the three largest continents as far as he knows. and he's having a good time. you know he loves china, you know, because they took him out there and he was like, look at that wall, so beautiful. and am i correct in assuming no mexicans, none? that's right. and now this weekend trump visited vietnam where they got him to switch out his suits for a little local number. you know. lack at him. yeah. hashtag that feeling when air force one loses your luggage, lack at that. and he also met the vietnamese president, although he almost didn't. >> while president some of the stagecraft was off as he nearly walked past the vietnamese president waiting for a handshake photo.
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(laughter) oh, donald. what the hell, donald. come on, i know you are used to avoiding vietnam but this is ridiculous. look at him, donald truch has the navigation ability of a roomba that sucks up a penny. what is he doing? nothing says you blew off the briefing book, like not recognizing the president of the country you're visiting. and meanwhile, meanwhile on the strip tensions tensions with kin loomed or the entire excursion and it didn't help that north korea released a statement calling trump an old lunatic and donald trump was like, i've got 280 now. >> moments ago president trump openly mocked the leader of north korea. this is what he wrote, why would kim jong-un insult me by calling me old when i would never call him short and fat. oh well, i try so hard to be his friend. maybe some day that will happen.
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>> trevor: okay. it's a little weird for donald trump to dis kim jong-un's weight when they have pretty of the same body type. i mean yeah, i'm not judging, but i just think people who live in ginger bread houses shouldn't throw scones. also, also i love that trump's response was, how dare you call me old. like so the lunatic thing you are okay with that? you don't mind at all? (applause) at all? but in case you were worried that trump is spending his whole trip bad mouthing foreign leaders, the good news is that is not true. there is one foreign leader trump will never say anything bad about. >> vietnam the president met briefly with russian president vladimir putin. he said among the topics they discussed was russian meddling in the election. >> the president described putin's word this way. every time he sees me he says i didn't do that. and i really believe that when he tells me that, he means it.
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>> what do you mean you believe him? he is a putin. e-kgb. why would you believe him. you know what trump is, trump is that friend who always defends him woman no matter how much everyone says she's bad news. he's like she looked in my eyes, she looked in my eyes and said she wasn't cheating and the guy in the bed said so too. and i done even know him, so why would ely? (applause) the problem, the problem with believing putin is that the u.s. intelligence community including trump's own cia chief is certain that russia med eled-- meddled, right so trump's statement only brought more questions. >> could you once and for all definitively, sir, yes or no state whether or not you believe that president putin and or russia interfered in the elections. >> what i said is i believe he believes that. and it is very important for somebody to believe. i believe that he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election. as to whether i believe it or
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not, i'm with our agencies, especially as currently constituted with their leadership. i believe that president putin really feels, and he feels strongly that he did not meddle in our election. >> trevor: i still don't know what trump believes but he definitely knows the word "believe." so to sum up, trump says he does believe that russia meddled but show thinks vladimir putin had no idea about it. really? although i guess to be fair, i feel like if you said to donald trump, mr. president it's absolutely crazy to say that a leader of a global superpower has no idea what is going on in in his own government t would be like, it's not so crazy. believe me. we'll be right back. ♪ every time you call on me ♪ i drop what i do ♪ you are my best friend
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daily show. my guest tonight is a comedian who confronts his cartoon nem cities from the simp sons in the new documentary the problem with apu. >> yes, i know apu is one the smartest characters on the simpsons, granted the bar isn't very high. but that's not why people liked him. they just liked his accent. i never heard anyone say they liked apu because he exposed the idiocy and bigoty of americans and the struggle of the average immigrant. no, it was just, i love apu. that voice is hilarious. >> trevor: please welcome hari kondabolu. (applause) welcome to the show. >> thank you, thats with a standing o for being here. >> trevor: yeah. we appreciate you. >> con the gras on the gig, i know i'm a little late. >> trevor: you're very late, like a few years, but thank you very much, i appreciate that. welcome to the show, let's talk
11:24 pm
about this document which has thrust you into the bio storm. >> i can't check my twitter mentions. >> trevor: you have made this documentary which is really interesting and hilarious about apu from the simpsons. some people said you made this movie to say apu is only racist and st bad 57bd are you angry. are you angry? >> i'm 35 years old. this cartoon has been around for awhile. i get other things to worry about. i mean to be honest, you want to know what i really think about apu, the network is not going to like this but i don't really give a [bleep] >> trevor: so wait f you don't give a [bleep] why did you make the story about apu. >> a couple of reasons. one, because i feel that there is a gap, you know what i mean, a bunch of stuff that happened that wasn't covered because like brown people weren't allowed to talk until like 15 years ago. you know, we're talking about the preaziz and mindy era. >> trevor: i like that preaziz and mindy era, pream, so there
11:25 pm
is this huge gap in what we were and what that experience is like, and what it feels like when your only image is a cartoon character voiced by a white guy. a white guy in brown paint and this country has a history of that. >> trevor: well, when you look at the story of the simpsons there are people who say hari, you can't say this about the simpsons though. the simpsons offend everybody equally. some people would say homer simpson is stereotype of a white man not well educated educated a and the family and the towns people represent stereotypes of everyone, why would you be offended by apu. >> because there are a lot of different white characters. and we just had a convenience store guy voiced by a white guy with brown paint. >> trevor: it really is representation. >> yeah, honestly i wanted to call the film, i got to explain this to you? (laughter) (applause) it is representation. i mean we have this one thing
11:26 pm
and that matters. and i think a lot about potion 9/11, stick with me, you know, we only had two eption representations of brown people in this country, whether south asian, arab. we had apu from the simpsons, harmless, convenience store character and we had terrorist, right. and there is a huge range of humanity between those points. >> trevor: right. >> and so but that didn't exist on television media at the time, all of a sudden there are all these hate crimes and deportations and detentions. because if you you only have two places, convenience store owner, terrorist, where are you going to go, right. meanwhile white guys middle age whites who can shoot up las vegas and no one is going after middle-aged white guys, that would be an an surpd thing no one is like middle-aged white guy, get him, don't shoot, it's stoof carrell, that's not going to happen. >> trevor: that san interesting idea. lack of representation fundamentally shapes how people say the world around them. >> absolutely. >> trevor: when looking at this character, apu, there are people who say, and i have seen
11:27 pm
on your twitter, online, people who are south asian saying no, man, why are you doing, this i enjoy apu, he is my dude, i laugh at it. >> i enjoy apu, i think he is a really funny character but just because something is funny doesn't make it right. in fact, if something is wrong, the fact it's funny makes it easier to push it forward. that's how any propaganda works, that is how anything that is good art that has a messed up message works. >> trevor: right. >> for me, if we had a bunch of other characters at that time then apu would have been, would have been fine, it was just one of many characters, that is all we had. and when you can shape, i don't know if you know this, but there is a billion of us. >> trevor: wait, like here. >> no, my god. if there was a billion of us here i would have a show right now. (laughter). >> trevor: thank you so much for being on the show. >> thanks. >> trevor: my favorite documentary, we all love the simpsons and this documentary gives you a different way to see
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everything, the problem with apu airs on tru-tv november 19th at 10 p.m and catch hari doing standup in oakland on december 1, harfadaradarfablei kondabolu, everybody. work. school. i think it's time we mixed things up. ♪ oh yeah, in your face! and in conclusion, cats. four flavors, four shapes. cheetos xtra cheesy mixups. all smartphones are more or less the same, right? but this is the moto z. hello moto. can your phone turn into a projector? because a 70 inch projection beats any phone screen. and they might be bragging about portrait mode. but can your phone go beyond and transform into a real 360 camera? it's time to reinvent your smartphone. it's time to move on. moto mods on the new moto z, from motorola. get $200 off a moto z2 force edition.
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natives call it, puerto rico. >> trevor: that is its actual name, jordan. >> jordan: you sound just like every puerto rican i met down there. i got to tell you, amazing trip, the island is doing great, almost 100 percent recovery. >> trevor: are you sure about that, they still don't have power and schools are-- . >> jordan: okay, okay, this is the problem with progressives. you want puerto rico to still be in trouble because that what mean president trump was doing a bad job. >> trevor: well, actually, jordan, i think everyone wants puerto rico to recover. >> so you we agree, trump is nailing it, don't take my word for t take my show's word for it. i shot a whole segment down there, it is coming up next. you should watch t you might learn something. >> trevor: can't wait, swrrd an klepper, everyone. here it is, your moment of zen. >> if the man comes out and says that he did it, and was honest about t i would still vote for him. not saying that it's right what he did, but if he's being honest, that is what we need in america s more honest people.


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