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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  November 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:32pm PST

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[game sound effects stop] you guys want to play outside or something? - cartman, your side won, dude. why are you so sad? - i just...i can't get the image of bill gates bashing that guy's head apart out of my eyes. - yeah, i know what you mean. well, look, guys, xbox won the console wars. i mean, what are we gonna do, not play video games? - the last few weeks we've been too busy to play video games and look at what we did. there's been drama, action, romance. i mean, honestly, you guys, do we need video games to play? - that's right. - he's trying to make a point. - maybe we started to rely on microsoft and sony so much that we forgot that all we need to play are the simplest things, this! we can just play with this! screw video games, dude. who [bleep] needs them? all: yeah! - [bleep] 'em! - the south park video game, coming to stores soon. - yeah, and if you believe that, i got a big, floppy wiener to dangle in your face.
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captioning sponsored by comedy central >> were comedy central's world news headquarters in new york thrk is "the daily show" with trevor noah! (cheers and applause). >> trevor: welcome to the daily show. thank you so much for tuning in, i'm trevor noah. our guest tonight, the brilliant mind behind the heat movie "get out" jordan peel se joining us, everybody. but first, but first, the world's largest christian church is also about to become the fastest. >> the pope was pictured special edition lamborghini huracan, donated by the luxury sports car maker. >> trevor: oh yeah, the next
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fast and furious is going to be lit! you know, it's a nice gesture from alam bore genee to the pope but st a little weird to have his hoaliness driving a supercar because i don't care you who you are, that [bleep] changes you, i'm not saying the pope will stop doing his good day, i'm like where is the pope, there he is. -- he's going like fourth let's see that, come on, come on, wouldn't it be fun if he still watches fees feet but now uses crystal, oh yeah, bring out the feet, bring out the feet. now unfortunately, unfortunately that won't happen because the pope being the pope, he's auctioning off the car to charity, yeah. which is great. and it is a little suspicious that the charity's name is cars for popes. >> i'm just saying. now to be honest i feel like the pope should have kept the lamborghini because with so many sexual harassment stories coming out it is the only way he will make it to all of the
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confessionals. >> breaking news democratic senator al franken is being accused of groping a radio news anchor in 2006. there is is a picture of that, and also she says that he kissed her without her consent. >> trevor: al franken, hashtag youtoo? and that face doesn't help. like he clearly thinks it's funny in that moment. she's not in the joke. she's asleep. and to be honest, like even if there wasn't a woman in that picture, that pose is its own crime. like if i saw franken doing that in the supermarket i would be like hey, leave that fruit alone. if i saw him in hitly i would be like get away from that to you we are, you creep, you okay, pisa, all right, man. so al, what do you have to say for yourself. >> franken released a statement reading in part, i don't know what was in my head when i took that picture and it doesn't matter. there is no excusement irlook at it now and i feel disgusted with myself. it isn't funny, it's completely
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inappropriate. >> trevor: you know what, at least he apologized and that apology seems sincere. i just didn't like the accompanying photo. i'm not going to lie. but you know the story, the story is another example of how at all levels, at all levels we men have been complicit in perpetuating the culture that devalues women. i don't care who you are, democrat, republicans, black, white, rich, poor, men. because you forget, it's not just al franken in the picture. it's the guy who is taking the picture. you know, his billy bush, who is that guy. and now this story, is bad on its own. but it's em lebad in the context of the weak that we've been having. which until today was dominated by the man most wanted by mall cops, roy moore. at bama senate candidate who is facing multiple allegations including sexual harassment, sexual assault and misconduct with underaged girls. and every day the list just keeps getting longer. >> nine women have now come
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forward publicly with varying degrees of allegations against roy moore ranging from inappropriate flirting to sexual assault. >> gena richardson worked at the mall and she said moore hit on her. telling "the washington post," moore called her at her high school, gena, this is roy moore. i was like what? he said what are you doing. >> i said i'm in trig class. >> trevor: that is the strangest conversation ever. yeah, she's right to be like what? that poor girl by the way this was in 1977, don't forget no cell phones. >> like she probably got called to the principal's office to take this call. yeah, they probably told her hey there is a call for and she is like oh no, did my grandmother die, no, it's roy moore and she's like oh man, i wish my grandmother died. like this guy was analog creeping in her dm. dude was probably fa dprksing, dick pics back in it the dayment and now even with all of these accusations, there is at least one person still out there fully
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defending roy moore. the person he pays to defen him, his lawyer. trent garmon, remember roy moore himself was a chief justice of the alabama state supreme court so when he hires a lawyer, it's not going to be some ambulance chase we are cable tv ads like have you been hurt in a dog attack. >> i'm trent garmon, have you been hurt in a dog attack. (laughter) (applause). >> trevor: that's his lawyer. which is probably why this afternoon moore chose to speak for himself. >> the day we got a call from one big magazine that y'all recognize if i say the name, i don't want to say it. but they got a call that said, asked me to step down from the campaign. well, i want to tell you who needs to step down. >> that's right. >>s that a mitch mcconnell. >> come onk. >> trevor: yeah! whooo! get em, roy! whooo! now you see that is another way
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to do it. yeah, al franken is going with the whole i'm sorry, i'm going to look at myself. i understand this disgusting, that's so boring. this guy is like you know who needs to step down for what i did, someone else! whooo! that's living life. and i wish i could say that what roy moore is trying will never work. but it has already worked. let's be honest t is pretty of the trump play book. you blame your accusers, you claim sabotage and then you [bleep] on mitch mcconnell. that will work forever. like 2,000 years from now alien politicians will be like-- mitch mcconnell. a! oh and by the way, by the way, alabama voters they're not going to ditch roy moore. one of the biggest reasons is because his people have used another trick from the trump play book. make all of the news fake news. >> mudding the waters even more in alabama, a bogus robo call.
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this suspicious message pretending to be from the "the washington post" which broke the story about moore's accusers. >> this is bernie bernstein i'm a reporter for "the washington post." calling to find out if anyone at this address is female between the ages of 54 to 57 years old willing to make damaging remarks about candidate roy moore for a reward of between $5,000 to $7,000. >> trevor: all right, i'm going to go out on a limb and say this bernie bernstein is not a real "washington post" reporter. i don't even know what that accent was. it sounded like a guy trying to do a new york jewish voice based on hearing a friend describe a woody allen movie. like obviously there is no bernie bernstein from the washton post. like people are being paid for this, really? someone who is out there is paying people to make up stories about roy moore. like what is-- (phone ringing).
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>> trevor: i don't know who this is. hello? >> hello, trevor boychik. how can you say that bernie bernstein isn't real, it's me oy vez mear. >> trevor: i'm sorry who is it. >> it's "the washington post" reporter bernie bernstein, who else should it be? >> trevor: i'm sorry, something is not right about this, hold on, you sound like are you nearby, where did you say were you calling from. >> not all all, friend. i'm calling from "the washington post." i'm bernie bernstein. i'm a real person. i am a very jewish person. (applause).
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>> trevor: really? (applause) really? >> trevor, may i say something to start off. >> trevor: using a flip phone, jon. >> i'm old. i was actually just trying tro promote night of too many stars on hbo and it's a benefit to raise money for autism services and there are a lot of great people and i-- i just wanted to come by and thank you for doing something to help raise money for the autism benefit as well. trevor's actually doing something for it as well. (applause). >> trevor: i feel like we can all do something. you don't need anti-semmityism to come on the show, could you have just asked me. >> i don't need it, i just like it that way. it's how i function best.
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>> trevor: but that's right, like here is "the daily show" we decided to ravel off a chance for someone at home to be interviewed by me here on our set. >> what? >> trevor: yeah, that's right. >> what? >> trevor: i will fly you and a friend. >> a friend. >> trevor: a friend. i will put up in a hotel and then we can sit down at this very desk and talk about anything you want. just go to and make a donation. >> that's an unbelievable prize. and i will tell you why. i watch this show. and you're very good at it. >> trevor: well, thank you. (applause). >> trevor: if you don't mind me asking, like what have you been up to. >> i live out there in the wilds of jersey, raising the animals, doing the thing there, so it's-- you know, the badlands as it were. >> trevor: so you are raising animals-- so you are basically in africa and i am in america. like we flipped lives, that's what happened here. >> i have to take this.
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yes, hello, this is bernie bernstein. (applause). >> trevor: john stewart, aka bernie bernstein, everybody. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. (applause)
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>> trevor: welcome back to the daily show. you know, every now and again it's nice to catch up on new stories that you know are funny. and we decided to do this in a segment we call in other news. with all the sexual harassment stories coming out i thought why not kick this off with a story about mutually pleasurable, consensual sex. >> two lions were recently caught in the act at the national parks in kenya but this wasn't your average instance of mating. that is because both of lions were male, the head of kenya film censorship board ease eke yal matua called for the lions to be isolated on noafer 2 he told the nie robi news these animals need counseling because probably they have been influenced by gays who have gone to the national parks and behaved badly.
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>> trevor: this kenyan politician thinks that these lions learned this from gay people? like this is either homophobia on another level or gay people are incredible animal trainers. i can't even get pie dog to sit and they've got these lions 69ing, really? or maybe, or maybe he's just jealous because i know i'm jealous. i mean look at that guy, huh? look at that guy. i ever been so satisfied you lost control of your tongue-- (laughter) what kuna matata. i would love to be on that safari. mommy, are those lions making babies, no, sweetie, they're just having a good time. now, now, kenyan politicians have actually threatened to isolate these lions. that's what they said. arrest them and isolate them from one another. but i say why not just send them down under. >> big celebrations celebrationa
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today as parliament votes to legalize same-sex marriage, more than 60% of answers voted yes to gay marriage in a survey, that would make australia the 26th country to formalize same-sex unions. >> trevor: yeah, whooo! (applause) give it up for australia. but at the same time, it's like only now? how could a country who invented the hemsworth not be cool with men admiring men. and whatever they're putting in the water in australia is clearly workingment because it is even making rappers woke. >> rapper drake up there on stage killing it in his show in australia and all of a sudden he stops. and he does it to call out an audience member who he believes was groping a woman. watch it. >> if you done stop i'm going to come down there and [bleep]. >> wow.
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(applause) wow. drake, stopping a concert to stop a man who was har wassing a woman. i'm not going to lie, like i'm impressed. it's a little weird though for a rapper to be doing this because he's like stop disrespecting women. all right, now where was i, all my bitches all my horks, hoe, and my hoe and pie bitches and my hoes. i would be like this is the ultimate paradox for being woke and rappingment but still, kudos to drake for leading by example. if you see someone [bleep], don't just say something, do something. you know-- yeah. (applause) to all men. there were two things that surprised me about this story. one that drake stopped his performance to call out a man who was groping a woman. and two, that al franken goes to drake concerts. yeah. we'll be right back.
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>> trevor: welcome back to the daily show. my guest tonight is a comedian who wrote and directed the critically acclaimed movie "get out." >> i know what you are thinking. >> what? >> i get it. white family, black servants. total cliche. >> i wasn't going to take it there. >> i hate the way it looksment by the way, i would have voted for obama for a third term if i could, best president in my lifetime, hands down. >> trevor: please welcome jordan peele. (applause)
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>> thank you. all right, that was nice. >> trevor: welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> trevor: i feel like we all miss you man, we miss you everywhere. >> yeah. >> trevor: we miss you on key & peele and now are behind the camera so we miss your face, how is your face doing. >> my face is okay, i'm keeping it together. i have a five month old year old so there is vomit on it sometimes. >> trevor: you have a five month old. >> have i a five month. >> trevor: like your own. >> i have my own. >> trevor: kus you never know, could be like i just have one, found one on the street. >> congratulations, give it up for the man. >> i'm a daddy. >> trevor: wait, wait, wait. let me ask you this, you have a five month old. >> yes. >> get out is a-- . >> trevor: get oul cost four and a half million dollars to make and went on to make 253 million. so you-- you had an amazing 2017. >> this was, it's never going to beat 2017. in deficit or in fun.
11:25 pm
and the best of course was having my son. >> trevor: right. >> baby beau but the second best was hearing audiences respond to this movie that you know for me for so long was a passion proswrect of like i want to make the horror film that i-- i wished somebody would make for me. my favorite movie that doesn't exist. >> trevor: right. >> and it worked. and people, the conversation has been just awesome. >> trevor: with the golden globes, i'm sure you saw people online going crazy and they were like wait, why is get out being considered for best comedy. like get out is not a comedy, get out is not a comedy and then you tweeted out, get out is a documentary. >> yeah. >> trevor: so some people are like wait, they are like wait, what, jord an, we were going drama what are you doing, are you throwing us off. how do you frame the film? >> that's the thing. it's not a film that can really be boiled down to a genre. it's, you know, there is sat irical elements, dramatic elements, the movie i set out to
11:26 pm
make was a horror. and so that is what i call it. social thriller. >> trevor: right. >> is also what i call it but i am like why do we have to call it anything. it's "get out" it's true. >> trevor: and then let me ask you this, thanksgiving is coming up, do you think that now there is going to be, you know, mixered couples going to each other's houses where it's just like okay, okay, i see you. i see you looking at me. >> yeah. >> trevor: have you made it uncomfortable, you 4eu. >> i kind of hope so. (laughter) i love, i love provoking. i love a little bit of mischief. but you know, this movie was about accessing things that felt right and felt true. and you know, the part of the movie i had never seen in a film before is the party sequence. >> trevor: right. >> he's at the party and the one black guy at the party with a bunch of old white people. and it's like this assembly line of people coming up to him being like i know tiger.
11:27 pm
i know tiger. or you know, what is your basketball team. >> trevor: right. >> that kind of thing. and that is, you know, that is what, you know, i think people usually associate the word racism with, you know, the typical. >> trevor: of course, the klan, the torch, the madness. >> jews will not replace us style racist which is right. they are racists. but i wanted to point out that you know, a lot of people who claim that they don't have racism are still participating in this system that is oppressive. and that puts people in the sunken place. >> trevor: before i let you go, where do we see you now? what are you looking forward to directing. i mean the world is your oyster right now. >> okay so i'm-- a lot of projects. i want to first of all with my production company monkey paw production. i'm going to-- thank you. one person, mom, thank you.
11:28 pm
(laughter) i'm going to help other artists, other voices that i haven't seen represented get to tell their stories. because i think that's important. i'm going to make another movie with universal. i'm going to make another thriller. (applause) social thriller. >> trevor: right. >> an that's what i am going to do. >> trevor: i'm excitessed. i'm going to pitch get out 2-rbgs you don't have to say yes or no now. it is a story about a black doctor who gets tricked into wrex its working for the white house and he's like, es a's in the sunken place all the time and. >> is he capable of performing brain surgery on himself? >> trevor: that's how they-- that's the neck level of the whole thing. >> that's the guy. >> trevor: and he's like, i'm not racist, i'm just black. it's just going to be an amazing movie. >> thank you. >> trevor: 250 million. get out. is available. jordan peele, everybody.
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give extra. get extra. >> trevor: that's our show for tonight, jordan clep certificate up next, here is your moment of zen. >> you have ever experienced sexual harassment in the workplace as an ambitious woman in public life? >> you know, i think a whole lot of people know that i'm probably packing. so i don't think there's a whole lot of people who would necessarily mess with me.


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