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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  August 15, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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this is "the daily show" with trevor noah. ( cheers and applause ) ♪ >> trevor: welcome to "the daily show," everybody! thank you so much for tuning in and thank you for coming out! welcome! let's do it, let's do it! i'm trevor noah. welcome to the show. our guest tonight is a star of "rocketman," and the new film "skinnen" ad about white supremacists james bell is joining us! ( cheers and applause ) also tonight on show, babies smoking weed. we go to auction and trump is getting into rap. let's catch up on today's headlines. first up, society's always searching for ways to make pregnancy just a little bit more
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comfortable, but this next story is taking it to the highest levels of comfort yet. >> here to tell you about the sharp rise in the number of pregnant women smoking pot lancht new study finding pregnant women turning to marijuana to ease everything from morning sickness to migraines despite no evidence it's safe. >> cannabis use in pregnancy is associated with having a baby who weighs less and there's growing evidence there may be an association with developmental problems. >> trevor: it's truly amazing how far the weed debate has come. a few years ago, people were, like, should we be giving this to cancer patients? now it's how high can a baby get? ( laughter ) anything that a mom gets, the fetus gerkts too. and you don't want a might fetus. instead of i can feel him kicking, it's i can feel him eating doritos? ( laughter ) i don't know how babies will feel. think about how stressful being born already is, all right.
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just freaks you out. imagine being high while being born. he's going to be hiding in the corner of the womb like, shit, it's the cops! it's the comes! it's the cops! it's the cops! but i'm worried weed seems to be the cure for everything now. for everything. people are, like, arthritis, glaucoma, lack of appetite, anxiety, pregnancy? it's only a matter of time before airlines start putting it in masks that drop from the ceiling. oh, my god we're crashing! dude, what if we call jumped at the same time, like just before we hit the ground, we all just jump? well just, like, jump! ( cheers and applause ) now, please, let's be clear on this, i'm not saying what these mothers are doing is wrong, we don't know because we have no research. we don't really know if smoking weed will ever hurt a fetus. studies have actually been done on jamaican mothers -- 100% true -- jamaican mothers who
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smoke weed while they're pregnant and from the studies it doesn't show much of an effect. but those are jamaican babies. ( laughter ) how do we know the effect isn't what makes them jamaican? how do we know that's the thing? it's like we're going to have all these white babies in colorado being born, like, "wah, me cryin' now! not feelin' irie wit dis bumbaclot diaper rash!" ( laughter ) you don't know. that's what i'm saying. moving on to other news. you know how it seemed like end game was the final "avengers" movie? >> what's next for your favorite superheroes. >> a new chapter or phase four of the marvel cinematic universe, including what many are calling the most diverse lineup ever, including the master of kung fu shang chi, a reboot to mahershala ali, natlie
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portman in "thor love and thunder" and "black widow" starring scarlett johansson. >> trevor: wow, that's right, marvel has come out and announced ten movies and tv shows over the next two years. and i mean i'm to happy about the diversity, but i don't know if we'll have the time. i mean, like think about how many movies there are. at this rate we'll be living in the movie theater. our whole lives will be watching marvel movies and we'll fit in life events during the slow part of each film. all right, it's a hawkeye scene, go, go, go, go! i take you to be my lawfully wedded -- hold on! the hulk is back! i feel like soon every movie will be a marvel movie. "black panther," iron man, "thor love and thunder," then vendeesle is driving cars, for my family! the more movies they make, the more the logic seems to break
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down. i don't know if i'm the only one who thinks this but it's weird all the "avengers" came together to beat the biggest bad guy in history, but then they separate and do their own movies. they exist in the same world but stick together. if i was an avenger, i would assemble everybody. and this toilet has a weird connector. i'm just saying, we always work together. ( laughter ) final lyrics seems like a new democrat jumps into the race for president, but looks like there's one campaign staff that's had enough. >> presidential candidate and former maryland congressman john delaney is doing damage control after axios reported members of his own campaign asked him to drop out. >> axios quotes aanonymous staffers as saying the former maryland congressman is not made for the moment and since he didn't break out many in the first debate and isn't spending enough money to be competitive he should drop out --
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>> trevor: wow, poor john delaney! ( laughter ) the people he hired to help him win are now the ones trying to get him to quit! ( laughter ) i guess, technically, half the people want him to quit. the other half are, like, who's john delaney? like, he's the candidate, we're working for him. i thought it was hickenlooper! no, that's the other guy. ( laughter ) i do feel bad for him because more than anyone else, your campaign staff are supposed to be the one group of people who believe in your potential and never give up on you. having your campaign staff to tell you to throw in the towel is like going to your therapist and he says, i don't know, dude, sounds like to me you're going to die alone. really? you don't think anyone could love me? no, man, your shit is real bad. that's it for the headlines. let's move on to our top story. ( cheers and applause ) our main story takes place in sweden. it's the scanned new haven
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country best known for meatballs, democratic socialism and the sexiest cars on the planet. look at that safety, huh? so sexy, the safety is so sexy, you will crash your car and survive. you will never get an s.t.d. because no one will ever get in your car! mm-mmm, that's sexy to me. now there was something else putting sweden on the map and this time not good. >> a$ap rocky a rapper from harlem in prison in sweden for more than two weeks after an altercation on the street. >> the artist maintaining he acted on self-defense, posting this image on instagram showing the moments leading up to the fight. a$ap rocky now into his third week in a swedish jail, while prosecutors investigate this fight caught on camera on the streets of stockholm. >> trevor: that's right, american rapper a$ap rocky has been detained by swedish police
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by his involvement in a suspected assault, and now he's spent almost three weeks in jail. at this rate, this sweden keeps him locked up longer he will change the dollar sign in his name to a euro. ( laughter ) i've seen some people online saying, oh, three weeks in swedish jail isn't that bad because they're jails are really nice. yeah, but you know what else is nice? not being in jail. because swedish jail still means that you're locked up, you don't have your freedom. on top of that they make you assemble your own furniture. it's heartless. you have to make your own bed and counter and there's no instructions! ( applause ) and from the beginning, from the beginning, a$ap rocky has been protesting saying he was innocent, saying he was provoked and acted in self-defense to. back it up, his team released cell phone foot an of how it went down. >> we don't want no problem with
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these boy, they keep following. look at them. >> t.m.z. obtaining this video of the june 30 altercation that landed the grammy nominated artist and two backup performers behind bars but without criminal charges. >> we don't want to fight y'all, we to the not trying to go to jail. >> we're going that way, you're going this way. >> trevor: you see, this is what happens when you live in a country with free health care. a giant body guard is telling you to walk away and you're saying, do your worst, buddy, i don't have doctor bills. do it, let's see! ( laughter ) luckily for a$ap rocky he has powerful friends lobbying for his release. this is not like the usual hashtag stuff. these friends have gone straight to the top. >> a host of celebrities have been calling for his relief including kanye west and kim kardashian who have been lobbying the white house and now president trump is using his
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weight of office to get a$ap rocky out of jail. >> i personal don't know a$ap rocky but i can tell you his tremendous support from the african-american community in this country and, when i say african-american, i think i can likely say from everybody in this country because we're all one. ( laughter ) >> trevor: that's right, folks, we're all one, and anyone who doesn't agree with that can go back to their shithole country! send her back! send her back! ( cheers and applause ) you know, this is one of those moments where i genuinely cannot believe that we're living in real life. ( laughter ) no, because, like, listen to the story. donald trump, who is the president of the united states, got a call from his friend kanye west to save a rapper from a swedish prison.
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( laughter ) this sounds like a headline written by a newspaper on l.s.d. it's, like, the craziest shit ever. what's so insane is how powerful kanye west is in this situation. it's like he uses his head like a lamp and rubs it and trump comes out and say, what do you need? got another problem, i need your help! ( laughter ) so when trump got involved, that was a part of the story where i thought things would take a turn for the bert. leader of the free world asking an ally to make things better. but melania seems to be immune to his charms. >> the president said he was in touch with the prime minister saying a$ap rocky was not a flight risk and offering to personally vouch for his bail. that's not how things work in sweden. the prime minister tweeted sweden has an independent judiciary with any political
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meddling distinctly off limits. >> trevor: sweden is saying in their country presidents can't interfere with an ongoing investigation. imagine how hard it must have been to explain that to donald trump? because he calls in and is, like, hey, guys, i need you to let me friend a$ap rocky go, asap. they're, like, i'm s sorry you can't interfere in a criminal matter. don't you have a comey you can fire? no. can i fire you? no, i'm the prime minister. this sucks, can you send me meatballs? ( laughter ) so we're on week three of a$ap being locked up abroad. doesn't seem like there's an end in sight. swedish authorities are investigating. they don't have bail in sweden and won't let him go because they consider him a flight risk
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which, i'm sorry, i think he's crazy. he's a black man in sweden. ( laughter ) even if he tries to escape, how far can he get? ( laughter ) come on, sweden! let the guy go! take away his passport and let him live! you could just write "the black guy" on his wanted poster and he would be found! ( laughter ) sweden, come on, this case is not making you guys look good. plus, let's say a$ap escapes, president trump has offered you his personal guarantee. so worst case scenario, if a$ap's gone, you can put donald trump in swedish jail and we all win! ( cheers and applause ) we'll be right back! i work hard and i want my money to work hard too. so i use my freedom unlimited card. even when i'm spending, i'm earning 1.5% cash back on everything i buy.
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♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." you know, some stories in the news help us understand the world we live in, and some news stories are just stupid. for those, we turn to ronny chieng. ( cheers and applause ) ♪ >> if you're super rich, the only thing better than spending
11:18 pm
your money is having other rich people see you spend your money, and the place you do that, auctions. it's the place where a guy talks so fast that he tricks you into buying crazy shit you don't even need. like one time i raised my handed a an auction to ask where the bathroom was and i ended up buying a yacht, and the yacht didn't even have a bathroom. you're supposed to pee over the side. auctions are where the rich went to flex now it's just stupid. >> are you a fan of grapes? would you pay $460 just to eat sphwhun ruby roman grapes were sold at an auction for $11,000. the grapes are prized for juiciness, high sugar content and low acidity. the most expensive since they came to market 12 years ago. >> $11,000 for a bunch of grapes sold to the dumbest guy in the room! that's $500 per grape, and you
11:19 pm
know they will drop at least one, it will roll under the fridge, and the mouth that picks up the -- the mouse that picks up the grape becomes the richest mouse of all time. if i'm buying grapes for $11,000 they better come with a sex where nan in a toga to feed them to me, then slap the shit out of me for spending $11,000 on grapes. if you think spending a couple thousand dollars on grapes isn't a big deal, what about $100,000 on lamp of plastic? >> a little piece of "the force" small for a -- sold for a small fortune, under $13,000 at an auction in pennsylvania. the rocket firing was originally intend to be part of a toy line for the empire strikes back in 1979 but never went into mass production because it was deemed a potential safety hazard to children. >> that's right, $113,000 for
11:20 pm
one toy. for that money, you could have bought all of toys 'r' us. ( laughter ) and the worst part is you're dropping 100-grand on a toy not good enough to be released. and i wonder why? look, i don't remember the part in "star warsy" hans solo was cal chiewrd with a red dildo. ( laughter ) this shows you "star wars" fans will buy any stupid bullshit even remotely related to "star wars." that's why i'm going to start selling the luke skywalker walker. ( laughter ) so we have $10,000 grapes and $100,000 broken toy, and if you're look to blow a million bucks on something stupid, i've got just the auction for you. >> three original n.a.s.a. videotapes of the apollo 11 moon landing sold at auction on the 50th anniversary for $1.8 million. they show neil armstrong's first step on the moon and buzz aldrin
11:21 pm
planting the american flag there. >> foot of the moon landing? he paid almost $2 million for something he could have watched on youtube. for that money, you could buy the studio where they faked the moon landing. ( laughter ) also these tapes have been sitting in a box for 50 years. someone must have taped over them by now. whoever bought them will be so pissed when they're just old episodes of full house. ( laughter ) i get the tapes are vawcialtion but there better be a man in a sexy toga feeding me the tapes. so that's the world of stupid auctions that are really stupid. any questions. >> trevor: i have a question. >> sold! trevor: ronny chieng, everybody. we'll be right back! ( cheers and applause ) summer's here.
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rare, life-threatening side effects include a build-up of lactic acid and liver problems. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you have kidney, bone, or liver problems, including hepatitis. if you have hepatitis b, do not stop taking truvada without talking to your doctor. common side effects include stomach pain, headache, and weight loss. ask your doctor about your risk of getting hiv and if truvada for prep may be right for you. i wanted to do more. that's why i'm on that pill. truvada for prep. eligible patients may pay as little as a zero dollar co-pay. find out more at >> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." my guest tonight is an actor who can currently be seen in "rocketman" and the upcoming film "skin." >> the feds need your full cooperation on this thing, brian, okay? there ain't no deal without it. >> i just want to know where we're going to go, where we're going to live, what about the
11:26 pm
girls. >> look, all of that is classified, okay? i won't know unless you want me to. >> what about school for the girls? >> they will be taken care of. i promise you that. >> it's been a hard time. >> yeah, especially for the little one. >> yeah. >> well, look, man -- look, you have an out, brian, i can help you. >> trevor: please wedge jamie bell! ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome to the show. >> thank you so much for having me. >> trevor: i have been such a big fan of yours for such a long time, just like an actor on the screen, you know, you have been acting from a very young age andism like it's in your bones, it's in your craft, it's what you do. >> yeah. >> trevor: "rocketman" is a huge film, and congratulations on that. >> thank you. thank you.
11:27 pm
>> trevor: what was that like? ( cheers and applause ) >> a lot of "rocketman" fans here. >> trevor: what was that like? you're in a film where you're telling a story of one of the greatest icon music of all time which is one of the biggest people in the lgbtq community. that must have been a pretty big role for you. >> i met elton john in 2000 when billy elliott, the first film i did, went to the festival and he had seen the film and he was there and weeping, he was a shaking, crying mess. doing the movie, i only really learned why he was so affected by it, because his father famously couldn't come to grips with the fact he was homosexual and never showed up to one of his shows that he played ever. billy elliott in the movie, i don't know if you remember, 150 years ago, billy's father kind of turns up for him at the end and that just kind of destroyed
11:28 pm
him. >> trevor: he really is an enigmatic person. everyone who meets him says he is completely similarself, famous before famous people were famous, before the internet, before social media, she's always been elton john. what do you think makes him so special, the man, myth and legend? >> i think elton is so willing to be vulnerable, i think his music is vulnerable and likely evokes emotion. there's a fragility tof to everything he does, he's willing to expose himself and show everyone who he real will is, and the movie really is a celebration of his whole life, and he's had his ups and downs and the movie explains that as well. >> trevor: it takes you through a man's life, the life of a country and a musical journey. what's great, it is a celebration. there is glitter, shiny, and music. then itch watching "skin" which is the opposite of glitter.
11:29 pm
( laughter ) you have nazis, you know, racist tattoos and swastikas and everything. this is a big jump to make as a human being. the movies come out in different order. >> sure. >> trevor: but you win from "skin" to "rocketman." >> i was so grateful for "rocketman." as you saw, i was covered in head to toe in white supremacist tattoos for six weeks making this film. a true story about a real guy who ended up we are forming himself, getting himself out of this group, mostly through the kindness and compassion of other people, to be honest. >> trevor: right. >> but doing that and going to kind of saying goodbye yellow brick road in platform shoes and bigwigs felt like a big relief. >> trevor: when you look at the character in skin, you're playing a man who did some of the most hateful, heinous things. part of an organization that is still around today. you have the people who truly believe in white supremacy and will do anything to achieve it.
11:30 pm
as an actor, a great actor, you always try to empathize with the character you're playing. >> yes. >> trevor: is this not difficult in this type of circumstance? how do you look at a character and say i will empathize with their white supremacist views? >> it was a bit different because i have a genuinely complicated relationship with forgiveness. >> trevor: right. >> and in acting, they always say, well, you can't judge your character because you won't be able to play them if you're judging them, but when you're playing someone who has such bigoted, hateful, intolerant views, there's only one way you can view that person, they're an intolerable person and should be stripped from society. i would have never done this movie if i didn't think it was trying to look at the root of evil, but also in equal measure the root of kindness and compassion in people and how those two things can kind of intersect and affect change, hopefully for the positive. racism and intolerance and
11:31 pm
bigotry is learned. the end of this movie, the character is meeting his son for the first time. i hope that the end of this film is really a call to conversation. a bigger conversation. how do we approach this? this isn't going away, this is certainly in the headlines, it's certainly filling the cable news streams seemingly by the day. >> trevor: right. one thing i really find interesting about the film, though, is, when you're telling a story like this especially about somewould be who's a proud nazi and white supremacist, sometimes the story is trying to make us feel bad for that person, and now the person realized they were bad and now they're good. >> sure. >> trevor: but the story is told in an interesting way in that it feels like it's not a total redemption story. it's a story based on something that really happened where you now feel the burden sits with him, it's his journey to bear, you know. like why do you think that was important and how do you think that changes the way a story is told? >> well, i met the real guy, the
11:32 pm
character based on brian widener, his career, i went to meet him, he's in the f.b.i. witness protection program, he went and spent a week with them. he reckons with it every day. he looks in the mirror and he will never escape the things he's done. that's his prison. i said to him when i met him, it's impossible for me to portray you as a hero, but i hopely will start a conversation about how this can happen to people, racism is inherited. darrell lamont jenkins over there is the one of the one people's project and is the man responsible for getting brian out of this movement. he's done it with many other people. ( cheers and applause ) he's a man on the front lines opposing these people. he's doing the work that we should all be doing, but we're afraid to do it, i'm certainly afraid to do it. he is really the true hero of the story. >> trevor: that's fascinating. we don't often have the real
11:33 pm
heroes of the studio in the story. i commend you because it's not an easy role to play, but i am even more proud of the way you're having a conversation around a really complicated topic. >> thank you. >> trevor: amazing, amazing job. "skin" will be in theaters july 26, everybody. jamie bell, everybody! we'll be right back! ( cheers and applause ) ♪ we hide hotel names so you can score 4-star hotels at 2-star prices. h-o-t-w-i-r-e i can taste my beer! i can taste my beer. i can taste his beer.
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>> trevor: well, that's our show for tonight. now here it is... your moment of zen. >> i were they would give the phrase "people of color" a rest. we need to retire that phrase because it's a racist phrase. >> what does that mean? ( booing ) >> you're a nice color, tucker. i think of myself as being sort of a pleasing pink.


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