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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  November 26, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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les t'take the dirt road off to the side. - no, guys, no. we're just cooling down-- - if they catch us, they will rape us. go for the cliff. and three, two, one-- jump! no! you're dead, you're dead, you're dead. good jump. you're barely alive. okay, now nice cooldown. check your pulse rate. captioning sponsored by comedy central >> live from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, "the daily show" with trevor noah presents, (cheers and applause). >> trevor: welcome to "the daily show," everybody. thank you so much for tuning in.
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thank you for coming out. live, at 11 p.m take a seat, let's do this thing. i'm trevor noah. the democratic presidential debate ended just moments ago and we are coming to you live, that's right, we are live, people, an i will prove it the new york knicks lost tonight. how could i possibly know that if we weren't live. now on a normal night the debates would be the only news anyone would be talking about. but since trump became president there has been no normal night. so today we're going to be covering the debate and we're going to be covering the blockbuster impeachment hearings that rocked washington d.c. so first up let's get into it. tonight was the fifth democratic debate and it took place down in atlanta, george go as tyler perry studios where they film neum rouges movies and tv shows. i will be honest, i'm just glad joe biden made it to the right sound stage because for awhile he was wandering around in the background of other movies t was really awkward, media was like
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give me one of those famous massages while you are here, i'm tired as hell, joe biden. now at the last debate in october they had 12 disem krats crammed on stage. it was so tight, people could birly move and spirit airlines was like hey, that sour thing so this time they scaled it to an even ten and the candidates were joined by four moderators who for the first time this campaign season were all women. which personally i didn't even notice-- (cheers and applause) >> it is amazing but i didn't even notice because i don't see color. now the major change from the last debate is the rise of pete buttigieg, right? mayor of south bend, indiana and the only adult michael jackson would be into. over the past few weeks, he has surged from the middle of the pack to take the lead in iowa and new hampshire. so now between buttigieg, biden, warren and bernie, it has become
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a fourway race and if you include cory booker it is still a four way race, with buttigieg rising in the polls, tonight the moderators asked him something a lot of people are wondering why should a teenage mayor from south bend, indiana, become president of the united states. >> mayor buttigieg, let's talk about your record as a candidate, why should democrats take the risk of betting on you. >> in order to defeat this president we need somebody who can go toe to toe, who actually comes from the kinds of communities that he has been appealing to. i don't talk a big game about helping the working class while helicoptering between golf courses with my name on them. i done even golf. as a matter of fact, i never thought i would be on a forbes magazine list but they did one of all the candidates by wealth. and i'm literally the least wealthy person on this stage. >> trevor: yeah, pete beug giet-- buttigieg may be the poorest on that stage but bernie was like i look the poorest, and that should count for something. you know, it's actually funny
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how running for president is the only time people brag about how much money they don't have. it's like they're all bizarro rappers, you know, started from the bottom, never left. started from the bottom and my whole team is in the exact same place because there has been no upward mobility for the last 30, 40 years in this i c. and i'm not going to lie. a lot of tonight's debate sounded exactly like what we heard in the previous four. you know, medicare for all, versus a public option. practicing mattism versus revolution. joe biden versus his own mouth. but one new thing we did see tonight was some brand new beef like elizabeth warren ver suses considerree booker on the wealth tax. >> i have proposed a 2 cent wealth tax. that is a tax for everybody who has more than $50 billion in assets, your first 50 billion is free and clear but your 50 billion first dor you have to pitch in two cents. >> i don't agree with the wealth tax the way elizabeth warren puts it.
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>> the top one/tenth-of-within cent i say want to pay two cents more, they will pay 3.2 percent. >> the tax the way we are putting it forward trk is cum bersome, it has been tried by the nation. >> two cent wealth tax and we can invest in an entire generation. >> we democrats also have to talk about how to grow wealth as well. when i stood in church recently and asked folks in a black church how many people here want to be entrepreneurs, half the church raised their hand. >> trevor: yeah, and one guy in the back was like, what is an pennsylvania. -- entrepreneur strks french for businessman. i don't want to be a french businessman, i want to be an american businessman, that has a whole lot more mo gentlemen they say quoi. so that was warren and booker arranging about wealth tax. and then a beef kamala harris versus gab bard. >> we have someone on the stage attempting to the democratic nominee who urg do the day obama administration be spent four
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years full time on fox news criticizing obama, buddied up to steve banan to get a meeting with president trump. >>-- continuing to traffic in lies and smeers and innuendos because she cannot challenge the substance of the argument that i am making. >> trevor: people, please, stop fighting. it is not worth it, neither of you are going to be president. (laughter) what are you doing? that was the most intense argument i have seen in atlanta that didn't involve mayonnaise, that was really intense. i also love how they are doing it with spliels on their faces. -- with smiles on their face. >> i'm going to break your face. but please, please, don't get me wrong. tonight wasn't all about beefs, in fact there was one moment between the candidates that was actually kind of sweet. >> i want to stick up for tom, we have a broken campaign finance system but tom is fighting his own money fighting
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climate change you can't knock someone spending their own money. >> thanks. >> no problem. >> yang 2020, everyone gets a thousand-- i love it. andrew yang is so nice i bet we have the best confession speech over. i may not have won the presidency but something more pont, a friend, thank you. now just like in previous debates one of the most awkward moments of the night, came courtesy of the original gas machine when he was talking about the domestic violence. joe biden. >> no man has a right to raise a hand to a woman in anger other than in self-defense and that is rarely ever occurs. and so we have to just change the culture, period. and keep punching at it and punching at it and punching at it, it will be a big-- it will make strks a gigantic issue. (laughter). >> trevor: what are you doing?
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what are you doing, joe? the only way he can recover from that is if he just stops making bad word choices-- starts making bad word choices his thing, we need to get right to the heart of the drug epidemic i'm thinking deep in the vein of drug problem. and when we do it it going to feel so good. (laughter) so the candidates once again spent two hours tonight trying to show voters what separated them from the other people on the stage. but when it came to trump, they were all trying to show that they were the same. >> we have a president who is not only a pathological liar, he is likely the most corrupt president in the modern history of america. >> read the mueller report, all 442 pages of it, that showed how the president tried to obstruct justice. >> suck up to vladimir putin every minute of the day. >> the president had to confess in writing, in court, to
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illegally diverting charitable contributions that were supposed to go to veterans. >> first of all, we have a criminal living in the white house. >> trevor: a criminal in the white house. someone needs to tell doned trump. (laughter) i bet he was watching this at home terrified like oh no, a criminal? i hope he doesn't steal all this stuff i already stole. (laughter) but look, it was no surprise that at a democratic debate they were talking impeachment tonight. because you see, the biggest political story today was a blockbuster hearing in congress where we heard testimony from goredon sondland. trump ambassador to the eu and homer simpson body double. he's the first witness to testify who spoke directly to president trump about what he wanted from ukraine. and today he admitted, he admitted-- admitted that yes, trump demanded a quid pro quo. specifically if ukraine's president got dirt on joe biden, trump would have a meeting with
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zelensky in the white house. which shows you how bad trump wanted dirt on joe biden because usually trump will do anything to get out of a meeting. yeah, one time he even called in a bomb threat, he was like hello, white house, this is mr. al-qaeda, i'm calling in a bomb threat between 3 and 4 p.m. in the conference room, but keep the donuts there, i will eat them later. and here's the thing, here's the thing, not only does he testify trump ordered the quid pro quo, he testified that basically everyone in the administration knew about t every one, seriously, he threw everybody under the bus, mike pompeo, mike pence, mic mulvaney, john bolton, jn bolon's mustache, even john bolton's mustache's mustache. but there is one man in particular that sondland put at the center of the whole scandal. rudy giuliani. >> secretary perry, ambassador volker an i worked with mr. rudy giuliani on ukraine matters at
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the express direction of the president of the united states. we did not want to work with mr. giuliani. we worked with mr. giuliani because the president directed us to do so. president trump directed us to quote talk with rudy. let me say again, we weren't happy with the president's directive to talk with rudy. we did not want to involve mr. gullianee. >> trevor: oh, goddam, nobody wanted to work with rudy giuliani? you know, sondland was talking about rudy like he was-- like that weird kid that your mom made you play with, remember that i had can, yeah, and that kid would always get you in trouble. and you are like mom, i didn't want to play with rudy in the first place. you said i have to, and he wanted to microwave a dead pigeon, that's not my fault. (laughter) like i would have loved to be a fly on the wall with rudy giuliani watched that testimony, although if there was a fly on rudy's wall i'm pretty sure he would eat it, so maybe not exactly but you know what i
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mean. today's hearing was very bad for president trump. so much so that he came out of the white house before the hearing was even over to de fend himself. and i got to say. he seemed a little shocked. -- shook. >> just a quick comment on what is going on in terms of testimony with ambassador sorndland. and i just noticed one thing and i would say, that means it's all over. what do you want from ukraine. he asked me, screaming what do you want from ukraine, what do you want from ukraine. i keep hearing all these different ideas and theories. what do you want, what do you want. and now here's my response. that he gave, just gave. ready? do you have the cameras rolling. that's what i want from ukraine. that is what i said. i want nothing. (laughter).
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>> trevor: what is trump doing? that was one of the least presidential things i've ever seen. he looks like that crazy dude in the neighborhood yelling at everybody on the front line. if i find out who has been taking my newspaper, i swear to god. like trump is the only president to bring down the property value around the white house. right? you can see even the white people next door came out to see what the comotion was all about. you can see their faces like oh my god, donald is out there again. i don't know, i miss that lovely black family who used to live here. this, this guy is a problem. (applause) he's a problem. and you realize the worst part is that trump was reading all of that from notes. (laughter) like that wasn't trump free styling, that was trump prepared. now look, i'm no trained lawyer, i'm no trained lawyer. but i feel like innocent people
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don't need notes to remind themselves that they are innocent. like you never see defendants in a court room like, can i just say, your honor, i did-- not murder my wife. so look, this didn't make trump look good. or innocent. in fact, he said the same lines so many times in so many different ways it almost felt like he wasn't being presidential it felt like trump was auditioning to play the character president who is innocent.
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(applause). >> trevor: as we said earlier tonight's debate was held at tyler perry studios in atlanta. a choice some believe is about sending a message to a very specific group of voters. so we sent roy wood, jr. dune to atlanta to investigate. >> atlanta, the capitol of georgia and blacksk democrats are leer to appeal to black voters but what do black voters want? i'm here to find out. the first wafer el house. as the democrats prepare for the debate at tyler perry's gated community, i assembled a panel of voters all with one thing in common. all right, who voted for obama in 2012? >> i was too young. >> so which candidate do you think best understands the needs of the black voter. >> i think elizabeth warren. >> bernie. >> i want to go bernie. >> chris, without do you think
11:20 pm
best understands the needs of black voter. >> donald trump. >> huh? >> explain. >> some of the stuff i have heard, he's already doing it like prison reform, he has been hanging around black people as long as i can remember they love him until he ran for president as a republican. trump was the man. >> raise your land if i remember when done all trump was the man. >> the man as in the man but not the man. >> he wouldn't let black people into his apartment. >> roy know what i am talking about. >> i don't know what he is talking about. but maybe some word association will show us what they think is the other candidate. >> joe biden. >> pass. >> touching women. >> so then positive, next candidate. >> thinks well on the feet. >> warren is discussed giving black people reparation s that a campaign promise you believe she can fulfill. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> instead of calling it
11:21 pm
reparation, what if they called it back pay. >> no, that sounds even worse. >> that's worse. >> okay, next candidate. >> that is the man right there. bernie. he was with martin luther king but he just had a heart attack. >> so no. >> why do you love bernie. >> cuz he going to walk it like he talk it, he going to be out there with us. >> if he can. >> if he can walk. >> i put him in a wheelchair, i will be right there behind him. >> what do we feel about pete buttigieg e oh a i'm sorry, that is not pete buttigieg, that is-- look, you can see the similarities. >> he got the hairline is like the bridge. >> you know, he is polling terribly with black people right now. >> is that right. >> we don't know him. >> he went to harlem, sat down with al sharpton had some soul food, is that panned aring or
11:22 pm
outreach. >> pandering. >> what did he order. >> some of the cornbread on top of the greens. >> so kamala harris. >> she the police. >> there is a lot of people who look like me locked up under her watch. >> so kamala's campaign released a video of her dancing to cardi b. >> pandering. >> so what is kamala supposed to do. when are you outnd you black and a band plays do you not do i a little dance while you are walking along with the second line. >> i think we are harder on the black candidate, to be honest. >> i think it is difficult for black people like her, even corey to be themselves when the spotlight is on them. >> corey booker told joe biden is he different than the kool-aid and doesn't know the flavor, how does that make you feel as a black person. >> corny. >> he loud, he just said it in a corny wade. >> is their behavioral expectation on black candidates not put on white candidates when
11:23 pm
appealing to black voters. >> why do you think that is. >> because we see ourselves in them and if they are asking a certain way then we are like no. >> white people are watchingness don't ak like this. >> exactly. >> you expect them to represent all the different types of blacks. >> so we have talked about a lot of stuff, haven't said all of that about all of the democratic candidates, how many of you think trump will win in 2020. >> do you honestly think that any of these democrats can beat trump. >> if they all rallied for one, there are so many people running. >> so we all need to agree on who that one candidate is, and then all the other candidates support him. tell me who is that candidate. >> bernie. >> elizabeth warren. >> trump 2020, baby. >> hold on, hold on a second. there is a lesson for democrats. you can't win the black vote by pandering because black people are as complex as any other
11:24 pm
voter base, if you want our trust, make promises with you can keep, walk it like you talk it and above all, father god, we call on you right now to pray for crist-- crist, close your eyes we are praying for you, we ask you father god to help christopher, lord, we respect chris as a voter but we hope his-- will come in on election day, make sure that his truck does not start. we ask in your name, jesus name. >> hey lay lieuia. >> amen. good talk, good talking to y'all. (cheers and applause) t roy wood swrr, everybody, t roy wood swrr, everybody, we'll be right back. when i think of what my imagination looks like... i mean, wow. [laughs] ♪
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♪ ♪ (cheers and applause). >> trevor: welcome back to the daily show. my guest tonight is an msnbc anchor, host of the latina to latina podcast and author of the new book the like ability-- like ability trap, please welcome alicia menendez, welcome back to the show. >> thank you, trevor. >> trevor: so this book, i feel, speaks perfectly to what we are sub consciencely dealing with in every single debate. the likability trap. how do you become likable as a candidate, while at the same time still being yourself as a person, why is that so difficult
11:29 pm
to achieve? >> it is difficult to achieve a-- across-the-board because like ability is so wildly suggestive but it is particularly challenging for women. if you are a woman who strifes to lead, are you told one of two things, either you are too much, too assertive, too aggressive, you need to tone it dun, or are you told you are not enough, you don't take up enough space, you don't take up enough oxygen. you don't have what it takes to lead. so women are told they can either be likable or be a leader but there is no way to be both. when you talk about women candidates, what makes that so complicated is that voters will vote for a man candidate, even if they don't like him, so long as they think he's confident. for women candidates, they have to clear both hurdled, voters have to like them and believe they are confident. >> it is interesting because in this race specifically a lot of media coverage has been geared towards discussing elizabeth warren's likability. whereas people before like when trump was running, they said well, i don't like him but i think he can get the job done
11:30 pm
and that was a common thread that went through the election. in the book you say something that is really interesting. you talk about hillary clinton in particular where you know, you talk about something that i didn't really pay attention to and that was when she was just doing it for the country. >> she was secretary of state. >> trevor: when she was secretary of state, people liked her, independents, republicans, democrats liked her. immediately when she ran people perceived it as now she was doing it for herself and her likability dropped. why do you think that is. >> with men we presume that it is in men's nature to want power and to grab for power. when women do that it violates this expectation we have of women that they are communal, that they will act communal there san irony which is most women run for office because they want to do something that benefits their community at large. but they are seen as, as it being a power grab because st their name at the top of the ticket and so it is seen as a singular act. so just the act of saying i am a
11:31 pm
woman and i believe that i am worthy of power, immediately makes a woman less likable. chris quinn who would run for the mayor of new york said to me the day you declare, you have a new negative. >> trevor: that is an interesting place to be in as a woman who is a candidatement because you are in a race where people are looking at your likability but they are also locking at your track record which as you have seen, people spoke about on the debate tonight, amy klobuchar said i think it say double standard of how much you have to achieve as a woman but the men can come in i have a few good ideas and this is why i think i should be here. chen you look at the trap, how do you think people can escape the trap. how can a womb likable if that is something that someone needs to strife stoords but then still achieve or be the best or be the leader, et cetera? >> you are doing such a good job of articulating how complicated this is. and women have been given two paths we have either been told we can do this gender correcting performance where we like sit in our chairs and are cautious about how we use our hands and
11:32 pm
voice or just let it go. we can choose not to care about likability. i don't think either of those paths work, right. because if you do the first one then you put the responsibility of likability back on women. if you do the latter, you are not being honest about how important likability really is. and what i think we need to do is pushback on likability as what it is it really is, a cover for bias and say enough of it once and for all. (cheers and applause) >> trevor: you make a good case for it in the book, thank you so much for joining us on the show, a really fascinating look into the world of likability. the likability trap is available now. alicia menendez, everybody. we'll be right back.
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♪ he borrowed billions donald trump failed as a businessman. and left a trail of bankruptcy and broken promises. he hasn't changed. i started a tiny investment business, and over 27 years, grew it successfully to 36 billion dollars. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. i'm running for president because unlike other candidates, i can go head to head with donald trump on the economy, and expose him fo what he is: a fraud and a failure.
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(cheers and applause). >> trevor: that's the end of our live show, thank you soch for tuning in. we'll be back again tomorrow, now here it is, your moment of zen. >> mr. yang, if you win the 2020 election what would you say your first call with russian president putin? >> laf (laughter) >> well, first i would say i'm sorry i beat your guy. (laughter) (applause) >> or not sorryby comedy central w david spade! (cheers and applause). >> spade: hey, how are you? hi! whooo! oh ye.


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