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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  September 10, 2009 7:30pm-7:33pm EDT

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doesn't have the he amounts of money that corporate and union treasuries to. i wish her one of the justices who were so strongly standing up for people's first amendment rights had ever run for county sheriff. john mccain several weeks ago stand up to say what he was voting against sonia sotomayor. he said he is worry that sh woul be a judicial activist. he had supported conservative justices that he was very fond of. he goes to the court yesterday and who were the justices likely to strike down what congress has done? the very ones he had voted for. sonia sotomayor will uphold the
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law. in the first question she was asking why we are arguing this big issue in this small case. couldn't you win it mere by saying this is a dvd by a very small group, not even a corporation. but we should not get into the it's not even corporatn that they ought to be shielded from the federal regulations but we shouldn't kid in the business of striking down eaws against corporate funding so i'm a little bit intrigued by the fact wondering whether john mccain might have had an an epiphany yesterday thinking i backed the wrong people. >> host: a couple of points about what you were just watching. pardon me but you are ltening to the audio because the supreme court doesn't allow cameras in its oral arguments and it is unual for due to be able to hear the audio recordings immediately after the case is ared they petition the court for same-day release and the justice considers whher to grant, sometimes yes, sometimes know. yesterday he agreed to immediate release of the oral argument
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just after the argument was finished s that is whyou have the opportunity to hear the justices and hear the respondents of petitioners in their own words whichhanges things. you can actually hear this insead of waiting about it. >> guest: a small group actually get to hear recall the time bto which they released more often. it seems it doesn't harm the court in any way and it gives the public ahance to hear what's going on and cite the court. the current policy as you said if there is enough interest they will release the audio tape immediately otherwise not. >> host: let's go to calls. waterloo iowa. fred, democrats line. >> caller: yeah, good morning. i am kind of curious -- i am just an old person who has been watching this bird years, and i don't understd, i think it was 1896 or 1897 when the congress, sure it was bullied by the big
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boys to pass a law we that said corporations were the same as a person and the same way with of the labor unions. and i don't understand why they ever came up wh that law that's been going on. and then teddyoosevelt had passed the big bill where these guys for corruption and antitrust laws -- which, that along -- you know, you have to convce me why the supreme court is nothing more than, say


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