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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  November 21, 2009 1:00pm-2:15pm EST

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is there and back to the territory and they go to work and you would think maine has to take advantage of this. and how long can they keep this offense down. >> no question. >> they are winning the field position. and jack has they are is going to be happy about that. and put it in the end zone and field goals won't be enough. and get landis williams involved in the game plan and see if they go to two tight ends. >> and pushaun brown in the ball game. and put on by unh and gets rid of the ball as the young player was hot on the tail. >> and you go to the two tight ends and got the win and take
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it down field and gets a run through this. and seems like it is great football. and not only today and over the years here at unh. and that is the most devastating part. and you go big. and run it one on one and he gets a run on it. >> 2nd down. and now, it is the big wide receiver. closest to the line of scrimmage. and they hand off. and brown down to the 41-yard line. and steve young was hit on the tackle and maine on 3rd down. they are down for eight. >> and he is there in distance. third and seven, this isn't fun against the unh defense. and they are going to bring pressure from somewhere. and we will see how treister ends up dealing with it. and gets it from the side lines. and brusko from the slot and brusko might end up getting the
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football. >> landis williams, one the players to watch. he has been quiet. they do give it to brusko, you are right, andy and he falls to the 1st down, maine converting. once again another key 3rd down play. >> it is rolling man coverage and they choose to walk the linebacker up in there. and then they back him back out. and he is going backwards and he has lineman coming down and brusko with a second evident to get did the 1st down. >> he gets it with treister and down to the 33 # yard line. >> even with a freshman kicker, you are almost to the point now. gets it inside to the 30. and kick the field goal. and look at brusko. and brusko shucks him over there. and doing a good job of fighting through and the outside linebacker. and it is again. and does a nice job.
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and traffic effort by mike brusko. absolutely. and to the side. and you are going to force him. on man coverage. and smaller group of linebackers. and brusko is flat out a football player. >> maine for 6-9 and unh struggling. and that's why maine was able to stay in the football game and stay in the end zone. and taking waxman out of the ball game. landis williams he is hurt from 1st down maine and another 3rd down conversion from the bears. >> being matched up with dino vasso and they have got williams and brusko on the same side of the field. that is a good catch and came over the top and knocked it
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away. and they have the big guy in the slot. you have jeremy kelley and then williams out here trying to face the mismatches. and how are you going to handle it. >> maine in the red zone. and 58% of the red zone. and bobble the snap. all the way to brusko. and he has a sleigh of wildcats on him including jackson and also coming up and making it for unh, ryan mcguinness and snap the line of scrimmage. for crying out loud. you have a guy that jumps. snaps the ball. there you go. i don't know if he made contact with anybody or not. you can see they are doing a good job of blocking downfield. brusko knows what to do with the football. whenever he gets it. and again, if your quarterback does a great job.
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and everybody jumps and takes it down for 5 yards. >> first and five. and great spot. and pushaun brown. and it is the call again. down to the 4-yard line. and for the maine black bears. >> i got on steve shea for not snapping the football. gone getting the offsides. and watch him do a great job. and good blocking and that thing opened up like the red sea for him to be able to run the football up in there. >> it is going to be opening up at the 7-yard line. >> and it is the bottom of this formation. you have land diswilliams. one on one. and it is the bottom. and go to the corner of the end zone. >> keep an eye. and he comes in on the linebacker spot. and 29th sack of the season for the unh wildcats. and that is a huge play.
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>> they were looking to get it to the fade route. and setting it up. and ware get a run through. >> they motion the running back out the backfield and it is more than you can deal with. and he has to account for ware and he has a third one early and do something stupid. and at times. you have to go down. >> another 3rd down situation for maine. and it is knocked down. and this time they do not dessert and maroney and the wildcats coming up with two big plays. >> they get it first and five. they can get aggressive here and find a way to throw off treister and his timing. another blitz up the middle. it is a screen. it is different. and very nice one by mulroney
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and knock it through in the meld of the field. >> hazelton and waxman again. and he converted. that was a big kick for that young man out of old town maine and gives the black bears the lead with 3:15 to go down at unh, gary. >> it is a partial win, and that drive started for maine on the unh 44-yard line and got all the way down to around the 10 and brings some pressure and push them back. and getting the field goal. and if you are unh, you are feeling good and you need it to dial it up. and timing of the maine offense. and scoring. turn. and partial win. >> and touchdowns are going to win at on the road against the
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unh bunch who can score in bunches and now, we will see how things change. wonder what happens here on the kick return. they started with the paul inside the 15-yard line and 15 or more to go. >> and definitely changes some things and how aggressive you are going to be. >> we will see if we get get him the ball. and getting the offense moving. >> he is back with chad kackert to receive the kick. >> and three minutes 15 to go in the 2nd quarter. and they take over the second highest scoring team in the caa and on the line. for the cats. and trip for the final 16 and the fcs playoffs. >> easier to say. >> that's the old guy. >> and we are simple.
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and hazel ton with the kick. and peaters has the ball. and back in the 13. back up to the 30. and knocked out of bounds at the 7-yard line. and this is the wildcats offense and they can make a statement. 3:10 to go. and maine with a field goal. unh can do something. >> you almost give up the field goal. and get the offense going. i wouldn't say this is a two minute drill situation. it is not that critical considering they are pretty close to mid feel am and pay the 50. and then maybe you decide to pick up the pace if you want to. and they need to make it. and string it together. >> 1st down. >> and in maine territory. and for toman and company. and they are off the hands of scott sicko and he has to be sick for not catching that.
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>> no question. pitching the hands. and you got to make that catch. >> pretty good time. toman delivers the football. and little wobbley. and hit him in the chest. and now you are second in 10. and kackert tries to get it going. >> and run the defense. has really stepped up to the challenge. >> he is 276 pounds. sophomore, making a play right there and he ran into 77. and ran right into the guy. and we wonder why unh has such a problem on 3rd down. >> they are 1-5. with 3rd down conversions. maine seven for 11. and trying to show blitz from the edge. and too many on the right side. and it is ended from mickey
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mangieri. and you get it out. and the unh offense. and you see the look of concern. >> and it is his team at half time. >> stand up and fight. >> you control the playoff destiny. and go off and get a win. and sailed on j.r. toman. and little bit of pressure. >> he sets the touchdown. only t touchdown, 3 for 9. bears fall . and 39-yard line. again on the return for maine. delcourt gets it with 2:15 to go, andy. >> and you are happy with it on the road. >> making some plays. and they have got their time outs here and you can't mail it in. and you would think if you get
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it up to the 40. en you put unh in a situation. and i am sean mcdonnell. and i will brick pressure and make something potsive happen for me. >> and into town. and 33-yard line. for the bears. >> and getting a lot of action. and the majority of the action. and contusion. and letting. with the maine bears. and really beat up. and back up quarterback and back up quicker and back up running back. >> 1st down. for maine. and who else mike brusko. >> and nice job of squatting and catching the ball at 8 yards. >> and get the extra three year it is. and now treister has it moving. >> maine by three. and it is to williams.
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and got to be throwing it past them and 2nd down situation. >> i guess i am in a hurry 3rd down situation. >> that was a great throw. and dino vasso climbed up. and that the they could get it. and i thought vasso was on top. and brusko was slot to the left and ty jones, who has had a good half. bottom the screen for treister. and treister has got it for jones. >> jones still on his feet. down to the 49-yard line. and now, it is another certainly convertible 3rd down situation. and maine will call a time out. >> right there. with a buck 28 to go. and you sea the protection is good. and jones, probably could have done a better job of getting up the field. and in the million the field.
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and allow the play call. and here comes maine with the time out. >> and it is 3rd down. and you don't end up with this thing. and you pawn it away. and you will pin it inside the 15-yard line. and worse case scenario here for maine. you have done what you needed to do. move the football a little bit. and convert the third and three. it ain't that bad. and punt the ball away. and probably not going to do anything. en convert this thing and it is operation mode. and flat out two minute drill. and theresa has to get them up to the line t and get the play called. and get them set. and one of the wide receivers could make it happen. >> if this is brusko's last game. because he is a senior. he is going to sleep well and feel good about the also
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college football game he ever played. >> there he is in the slot. >> and. >> seven for 11. >> and brusko is not sleeping. >> you and i both know that. >> another 1st down for the bears. and jackson was a hit. and the young fellow system going up the defense. >> no question. if you are unh in the second half. you will end up having to go to man coverage and he has got it. and williams. what an incredible play. and hooking up with the veteran. and ninth touchdown of the
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season. >> we talked about the adjustment for unh, and they show man coverage. and they bring blitz. and one on one with land diswilliams and he does a good job of getting him down the field. and floated a little bit. and working on vasso number 9 and great job by landis williams to make the catch. >> we have unsports man like. >> it is excessive celebration call. and you are the quarterback throw thrown to the side of the blitz. apian within on. and take your chances on landis williams. >> hazel ton, for the -- hazelton for the extra point. and the kick is good as the university of maine has jumped out to a surprising 16-7 lead
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offer the unh wildcats with 1:01 to go. can you see the blitz. and pretty good throw by treister. wasn't a thing of boughtty and you will take it. and war. is coming you the million. number 39, john duffy. and good hands by landis williams to get the touchdown. and not the biggest bobble in the world. >> the score is good. declined. and on. and maine has been sensational and two big plays. the first drive and took it down the field. and put them in scoring position and right here. double line backer blitz and throw it over the top. and make a play. >> look at the scores.
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a minute 14 off the clock. and you saw mike brusko jumping in and he has had a whale of a game. and he ends up knocking up punts that are deep. and eight catches for 50. and eight for 50. and look at it. and say they don't blow you away. and would you want him to have, 80, 90 yards. and critical plays in critical situations on 3rd down. where they have been able to take care of them. 3-1st down catches. he has out played his counter part. and of course, we still have a second half of football to be
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played. 101 to go. so, this game is far from over. we have a competitive football game in durham. and kackert is picking up the football. and with the move. and he will bring him down. and down to the 35-yard line. and they have an opportunity. >> you heard me say. it pushes the ball back. and jump on the ball. that would have been around mid field am and they did get 15 more yards. and it is to jump on that. >> told yards. and new hampshire 75. but that could change in a hurry. we all know that.
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54 somethings to go. and jordan stevens in on the spot of toman. and now getting a time out. back to the kickoff play. and thinking about the field position and they end up with that thing. and 15-yard assist a gigantic difference. and they enup with the big return here. it is all over the place and look. that is wide open. he is getting out and guys start it on the balls a little bit and you have the 10 tense sicko to get out of their lanes. and let's face it. you might go with a swift kick in practice. and looking at it. and you have turf here in durham. and so the ball is bouncing around. and instead of thinking the ball is in the hair and let me
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run in the lane and start watching the ball. and tampa creates it. and get a return. >> chance for rj toman and it is for the 1st down. across the middle and it is sicko, the big tight end who makes the catch. >> it is at any time point in time. when you see them. and toman doing a nice job. and getting some pressure and now, you are in 2nd down situation. and one time out. >> tomanning has some very good legs. >> they end up using the third legs. >> and for the season. it is 54 yards. and messed one earlier. 2nd down and something to think about. you would think unh has the advantage when it comes to the kicking game. and out to the bears and one of
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the best. >> it really has to do with your field goal kicking. and that is huge, no question. and you do have brusko. that's the his name for maine. he has the ability. and we have seen two good kicks out of him today and they were winning the battlefield position. and it was because of mike brusko. and they put a field goal. and end up scoring a touchdown. and killing him. and shift the coverage p and did down. and he is effected the game in multiple ways. >> orlando. negron, sick coy and wright. the receivers in the game for unh and having to run down to the 5-yard line. and it is put on by give vans. >> and -- givans. >> get your 5 yards and get
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your spot. >> from the 15. another key 3rd down for unh. and jellison in the ball game. out of the backfield. and popped by j.c. wright. and down to the four. >> this play is coming pack. >> and type react tots the flag >> jellison. >> well, that's a penalty that hurts. and sean jellison. >> let's check it out right here. >> it is on the left tackle right there. at unh. seth price. and they got the wrong guy. and jellison ended up releasing. >> it it is 24. and down the field. and me made the right call and identified the wrong guy. and don't be mad at us.
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>> and now they have to burn it. and you put yourself in the situation with the penalty. >> and now, you end up taking the field goal. >> which you leak. >> you take it. and it could have been better. >> this is another 42-yard and he is going to be kicking into the wind. >> and we get a whistle on the play. >> maine will try to ice the kicker. and this is a tough guy to ice. and he is from the 40 to 49-yard rank. he is four of nine on the season. prior to the one he missed earlier. he was at 50%. >> 83-points. on the year. and 16 of 20. from field goal range.
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>> and from william and kickers and just a little breeze. >> and he did miss one earlier. >> yes, did he. >> it is on the goal postand it is a little misleading. the wildcats gets on the board and university of maine maintains a lead. they are over first place unh wildcats. and andy, very first exceeding first half and should not disappoint. >> absolutely not. and give maine credit. they are more than in the and they defer. and get it at the start and their coach sean mcdonnell thinks they are a loss away. from the playoff fs. >> so the final 30 minutes is
1:26 pm
real simple. >> if you want to go to the playoffs. >> give me 31 seconds. and foul points. >> get the ws. >> he did have the one pick. nonetheless maine is in the lead. andy and i will return at durham. the bears lead the cats by seven. ♪ [ pop ] it calms you down. it helps you remember. it helps you forget. it keeps you connected. it's the only thing you own that is always within an arm's reach. which is why you don't need to get a phone. you need a phone that gets you. and you. and you. and we are htc. ahhhh! what would you do now that is has... a thicker, more chocolatey shell? ahhhhh!
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welcome back to durham unh. playing host to the maine black bears bears. if unh comes back to win the game, they're heading headed to the final 68 chap playoffs and maine leads the wildcats. we will have highlights and break it down. we will look at the top 25 around the caa and the unh, today means an awful lot. >> it does. >> they think that they have got to get a victory. and not only climb tup to the top 25 rankings. and more importantly to get the ninth win to be able to get
1:29 pm
into the tournament as a certain football coach. it is a season low total and five teams ranked in 39 straight editions of the sports network poll. and showing you the overall strength of the league. and there is a good chance. when you think of richmond. william and mary and villanova. and depending on how the seeding goes and all four of the teams could end up in the quarter. >> this caa group. as advantage as in the past. >> a different kind of strength. and richmond. >> villanova, william and mary. >> this is an offensively sieve
1:30 pm
league and they could compete with some of the team from the big conference or missouri's alley. >> we will look at honorees for the football players of the week. >> we will start with off offensively sieve offensive and defensive. and he had a good game. andy. >> over the university of rhode island. 40 of 46 and 468 yardses. four touchdowns and they did pick him off twice. and he stepped up big with warren smith at james madison early. >> and in 19797, the defensive player of the week. and william and mary. >> you are going to play. >> and this grid adrian. >> and he they had them to the
1:31 pm
20-17 win over. and three so low, and two sacks. he can play. and moves the pocket and rushes the quarterback. he is a heck of a defender. >> three steps behind the line of scrimmage. and 20-17. it edges unh. and we will look at special teams. from delaware. it is job strivsky and they had lost to navy on saturday. >> a kicker for crying out lowt. >> and when you account for all scoring. >> you got to give it. >> with the high of 48-yard kick is now concerted on 39 field goal tries. in the four year career try. >> rookie of the week. kyle hunt. northeastern. and this is the second time hunt has earned the award. and you know, you are playing
1:32 pm
pretty well at fick and forced fumble in their win over hofstra at home. and when you are on a bad football team. you are a good player. >> out of brookline, mass. >> from northeast stern and the huskies. >> here in durham, 17-10. the guests, university the of maine black bears and they lead it by seven. break it down for you. and tell you how it went down, coming
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welcome home, man.
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>> >> andy: . we are back and we look at the telestrato.r. and making the big play early and unh. they are coming with pressure here and bring ware, the linebacker here and they are going to slide up and go down the field and you see the pressure. and treister does a good job of throwing it. joins makes the play and look at the blocking down field. by the wide receivers and saw the running backs. and pushaun brown jumping in as well. that upset me maine's touchdown. and steven assist a heck of a football player. and seth price, he is going to
1:36 pm
slash and cross the face of the defensive monoplane man a chad kackert gets the football, there is more flow for the defenders. >> the the rest of the them jump into the play and look where the ball is. >> it is incompetence the 10-yard line and drive and get the second touchdown on the board and led to a field goal. what happens. you will see ware come up the middle in the most direct of the quarterback. and anywhere there is a straight line. free run through and treister has to take the sack at that point and bite the bullet. so, we have seep big plays am and being a part of the game. and stems from unh. and we will face t and being backed up in their own en. and disrupt the maine offense
1:37 pm
and make their own plays as well. we are at the half. 17-10. maine has the lead over unh. gary and i will be back with more of of the break down here on comcast s ( "love hurts" by nazareth playing )
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the new nissan altima. quality you can love. ♪ ooh, love hurts. >> gary: the score at the half, the maine black, 17-10 over unh, first place on . the northern division for the wildcats and would send
1:40 pm
them to the playoffs, i should say. the final 16 will be and nouned tomorrow. gary here with andy. and this is a very exciting first half and we will look at the highlights. and it was also a half of big plays. >> he ended up with the touchdown and mike brusko, here we go. >> 6-yard pass, he could kick it and throw it. and up 7-0 at that point. and drop the feel. and r.j. toman with the sneak. >> and after they converted the 1st down. good job on the fick count. and gets the score. >> this was a rare mistake by treister in this one and allow unh a tune to get on the board
1:41 pm
he doesn't miss much. en a the back you mean kicker. he could burn it with a 30-yard field goal. then landis williams and puts maine up. 17-7 and manning knocking down the field goal. with no time left on the clock. and what turned out to be a disappointing drive for unh and the he could have ended up running the ball out of bound. and look an at it this way for maine. they are making big plays and in critical situations. they have done a great job. >> he had a couple of touchdowns and it is a theme throughout the first half. and the 3rd down conversion is the big story. eight of 12 for maine and total yards. and for the wears. and only 95 for unh, that is
1:42 pm
all 1st down. and we do a better job on early down. and they have had some convertible thes and back up to their own end. >> i got to tell you. treister is impressive. rhody would not bring pressure the way unh can. but he has been freight. >> he has to make more throws and a lot of the completions. and side line screen stuff. if they are going to win and take the north division title, they have to have him continue down the feel. >> 19 # 3 yards. >> they have a flat out way to get the offense going and you think they are big and physical up front. >> the score is. >> university of maine leading the wildcats and we got a whole second half to play. it should be exciting. because they can put up points.
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>> gary: welcome back. the maine black bears leading unh 17-10. the c aa game-of- . this is the 3rd quarter. and gary and andy here. and should be an exciting half. and randy, your thoughts as we look ahead. >> unh has got to find a way to get on track. 32 plays. 95 yards. that is not going to get it done. and we will start with rj toman
1:46 pm
and 2nd down play. and ends up trying to push the ball down thefield. and we have the ability and they know the and quarterback spot. and toman has a chance to run it uand then they get a play on the hold and i get all the respect in the world and unh and it is scoring 18-points and right now. they have 10. and with two quarters remaining. 17-10. and kackert and vasso and
1:47 pm
kackert has the football. and hands it off to vasso. avers gets it up to the 23-yard line. and they are not going to get it. >> no, but it got busted and you can kind of see it developing. >> look at vasso hanging back. >> if you are the other guy and you are hanging back. you will get the football. and call a number of specialty teams and adopt matter what level. you have a bunch of guys. who are just throwing their hands all over the place. >> #-16 and unh, the number 1 scoring team and averaging 33 a game and looking to get something going. >> he gives it to acc. and brought down at the 28-yard line. and next tackle.
1:48 pm
quinn of falling down and that is some hair. that is some locks. >> 2nd down for unh. and straight ahead for kackert. wall of white and blue. and yard which puts unh in another vital situation. >> third and three. third and two. >> a convertible. situation. >> and not backed up in the end. and this one much easier to convert and call what you want. >> unh one for seven and toman keep it is and it is out of the reach of j.t. wright.
1:49 pm
it was pretty good on the play and you punched him in the mouth and did what you thought you wanted to do after half time and fizzle out there there. and vasso, he has a leg and he is going to punt for for unh. and back deep will be delcourt. >> you can follow the caa on twitter. and a whole lot more. and it comes down. 1343 to go. and maine in front and nice job for the maine defense. and will get a chance to add to their lead. >> i will be very curious to see. and how they deal with the wide receiver sets of maine. and are they going to start the roll up. and judging by the way they are reacting to the trips on the
1:50 pm
left side. it looks like, they are going to play. and they are going to play off man coverage. >> going to pushaun brown and derek sessions and about to the 33-yard line. and it is including devon jackson. >> tyler is the tackle for maine. number 72. and great block. >> watch it right here. and he has a scout from the cleveland browns watching him. and when you play in the ccaa you better have him. and ultimately play at the next level. and roll out and looking to throw. and ware is in his face. complete to jones. not good enough for a 1st down. and another convertible. >> good job by tryster right
1:51 pm
there. and jones did a good job. well delivered. and tyrone jones has done a nice job. and williams gets all the love and talking from us. and look at this right now. he is helping him convey the information. and quarterback out there. playing wide receiver to another set of eyes. and 3rd down for maine and he throws up and good enough for a 1st down. and landis williams. and keeping the feet in bound. >> he is a very, very good football player. and really good seed. and you can see there. >> there is the play action. >> and look at the separation. >> nice job of getting the feet down. >> another 3rd down conversion by the maine bears.
1:52 pm
12:05 to go. and there is your guy. number 1 receiver. and almost kicks off the football. and maine escapes and ware is all over the brusko. >> that is also the danger in that. you are going to keep your eyes on him and staring him down the whole time. and shawn ware. and that is a big -- sean ware and take as peek to the back side. and played a very good game today. now they are down. >> and third and long. >> looking at third and 10.
1:53 pm
>> and that's how they got pushed back a little bit. and he has got him on the slot. on the ends right here. and and it is always listing and paying attention to the call coming in. >> pushaun brown. and they will find themselves having toe punt the football. we have seen the catches and not a lot of push and movement up there. and pretty good interior.
1:54 pm
and so far. see if he can put him inside. >> he is back for unh. nice job by brusko. and unh will go to work. and amazing stat for the wildcats in the game. we will tell it to you next.
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1:56 pm
>> gary: okay, andy, 4-3 . what do they need to do here. >> it has got to start up front and they are not running the football as well as we are used to seeing them run the football. at the half. it was 95 yards of total offense. and 52 yards. here is your graw. >> back to the carry and skipping away to the 24-yard line. i see. daunte dennis in the bottom the pile. >> gary, seth price. and george and tight end. and moving people off the line of scrimmage and give maine some credit and jack cosgrove
1:57 pm
and his crew has done well. >> looking to throw. and sicko has the 1st down for unh. and the cats are thinking finally we got something going. >> vincent givans, who could tailback playing in his last game. you are going to see sicko and it looks like givans fell down a bit. >> only his second catch of the game. scott sicko. and he is in the back here with kackert. avers kackert doesn't find anything. what a terrific defense by maine and mcloughlin in on the hit. and you love the hair and the locks.
1:58 pm
and if it ain't going to work. the more confidence they have. and big time tackle for the university of maine and al soretta with a tackle to the loss. >> they have to run multiple motions here and they have done a great job. and there it is. and it ends up taking him down from the back side. and wonder if toman should have pulled the ball out and ran it with the motion man. still on the speed and makes the hit. and if he doesn't make the hit. no question he gets the 1st down on the scramble. and they are going to give him the spot any way, andy. it is 4th down and about two.
1:59 pm
there he is. and it is all t.j. toman. and what a great block from jeff. he croaks somebody and makes a good point. and terrific point by glass coand another within by maine. fulled the proverbial rabbit out of his hat and chips him
2:00 pm
and almost makes the play. and lost in the 2nd quarter. and at least hanging in the battlefield position. >> we see maine with the football here. and fourth and two in the first half. and what do you think of punting in that situation. and better be intercepted. and dino vasso and they come up to go long and into maine territory. and they turn down to the 33 and they have light. four a second. they are thrown on time. and to me, he is not a kid with the arm strength. they are 3 feet. and watch him turn into a
2:01 pm
football player. after it toward them. and kackert 1st down and more. and kackert runs out-of-bounds. and 15-yard lines and so much for my idea. of be back and getsing to punt. and they try to make a big play. here you go. and they found a way to get the stop. everybody he keeps it. and wildcat looking to grab a touchdown. and unh, dontre peters comes in to score for the wildcats.
2:02 pm
>> that was a great call, andy. and they go reid option and they come back. and act like they are going to come to the opposite side the feel. and on the board. and it was a turnover. and by treister and vasso has the pick and then the wildcats get in the end zone. we are all turned in.
2:03 pm
2:04 pm
. >> peters tie it is and 17 all and to go in the 3rd quarter. and we look at the touchdown play. and he is going to step back and what is going to happen. >> you are going to get read option and stop it right here. and now, you can see they are going to be prossen. and it is read option this way and what happens. the wide receiver comes back around. there is the fake. and thinking option. and there he is on the inside. and look at the convoy here. look at this on the right side. >> two guys. they are winning.
2:05 pm
and you don't think of him and kept doing that motion. and then, throw it to the wide reverse. and get a very easy touchdown. it is the kick. >> and and peculiar it up the to the 23-yard line and see if they can find the offense rhythm once again and they had it. until they had the interception by dino vasso and maine getting too greedy. >> i thought williams was open. and look at it more like a poor throw. and come out a little bit more.
2:06 pm
and out in front. can't throw it out. and let them go get it. >> they are number 1 at turnover ratio in the caa. and it is the big play. and should have kept them in the contest. pushaun gets the carry. and run the it in the second and six. and now, you come back with the three wide r 6-2, you come back with three wide receivers. >> gary: triester again, making the second start of the season he broke his foot against james madison and they look to chip away. and gets it up to the 30-yard line and another convertible. and 3rd down situation. >> no doubt. and they use mike brusko. and you see him there.
2:07 pm
and they are blocking and it is the left tackle doing the nice job. and it is a run. >> creating 13 down conversions. and taking the call in from the side line. and tied at 17. and 3rd quarter here in durham. they are off to the playoffs. terrific catch and he went up and got it. and got the 1st down. and another 1st down from mike brusko. that was a questionable spot. and looking all the way. and brusko is in the air. i think sean mcdonnell would
2:08 pm
have called it. >> brown gets the call. and up to the 36-yard line. for pushaun brown. and he is consistent andy. and hasn't broken anything big and he can punish people. >> unh is good up front. look at their core from 93. and john murray. 62 and my guy and kevin peter, defensive end. they do a consistent job. and maybe they don't penetrate as much as you would like. and they don't get blown off as well. >> 2nd down and eight for maine. ty jones and leading receiver from maine and perhaps a target for treister. and play action. and here comes ware. and he gets rid of it at the last minute and teles it out of bound. and it is kyle maroney. >> they get one on one coverage at the bottom of the screen and
2:09 pm
lined up. and den vasso and not over pursuing. and we knew that they had the ability to throw. and give them credit. it is a pick am and to the first throw. >> and of course, you would have. >> and another and it is the 1st down in the game and broadways them down. and mike brusko all the way down to the 25-yard line of the wildcats. >> we have to find out why he is so wide open and there he is. working against the linebacker. and looks like he got ryan mcguinness and this is the advantage of having a quarterback as a wide receiver.
2:10 pm
and it is brusko. and he knows how to set them up. and gets the long way and take advantage of it. >> you see brusko in motion nor may. and they are going to bring in. comes back inside. and gets something. and appeared he wasn't going to get anything in. >> they are bringing it for the side. and that's a positive play on 1st down. and mike brusko, once again, we can see as they block this up. and didn't need it back there. >> follow your blocks. and follow t and try to make one cut. >> from the 26. and it will pass. now, what you have to do is try
2:11 pm
to run something off of that. and throw it to brusko and let him try to throw it down. 3:38 to go in the third. another and from the 24. and brown moves to the left side. and treister now. and by chris treister, the quarterback. and avoid the rush in the pocket. and second thing, he doesn't run and take off in a third and short. and watch him right here. little pressure from the right side. and from maroney and look at him wave the receiver in. and make the play and make the throw down. that's a very good job. >> first catch of the day and
2:12 pm
tight end. and 1st down for maine. and red zone situation again. and this maine offense. and they are not running and hiding. starting to vary it up a bit. and let him run it again, they go with williams to the left side of the formation and brusko on the left side as well. there is brusko right there. and williams on the bottom. they got the match up. >> fill get a first done. and you have got enough. and remain four cracks at it. and treister, challenged to run the football. he ran it very well. last week. and these maine coaches.
2:13 pm
show some confidences in the youngster. and straight up there. and making him miss it. and then run it tough and put his shoulder down and put in a couple of beepers. >> else in the ball game. >> and they also bring in. 47. they have 10 seconds and they need to call a tame out. >> maine want as time out and treister finally call it is and the bears will talk it offer and you just heard. your thoughts. >> i can't fine 47 on the roster from anybody. i know else a tight end. and they try to go ace. and either didn't like what they saw or the the person coming in didn't fight what they want to do. >> what you have done is establish treister as a running threat and if you are unh.
2:14 pm
you can't sell out and not worry about him. and it is a play that maine runs very well. you are looking to two guys and this is where. jeremy horn, the big wide' receiver come noose play and you are matched up against a budge of backs. and it is the loin back. and he is only 5'11". and six fort one. and ryan hinds and throwing it to kelley, he has a a height advantage. and if you do decide to go to a multiple receiver set and try to fine the match up. and let him go make a play. >> with jeremy kelley, you hope he gives you great effort because he has talent. and you hope he doesn't take off his shoulder pads and


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