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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  November 21, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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this is a special presentation of the "the best damn sports show period." sometimes things happen in sports. things we just don't expect. things that make you stop, take notice. moments that make you remember where were you when -- >> because of the hiv virus that i have -- >> mr. simpson is a fugitive of justice right now. >> the upsets nobody predicted. >> boise state has won! >> the amazing. >> tennessee has pulled a miracle! >> the surreal. >> why? >> the scandalous. >> i'm innocent. >> the shocking. >> oh! >> "the best damn sports show period" presents "shocking moments in sports."
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in case you missed it, here is a recap from part one of the show. >> they won it. >> the decision to join the galaxy wasn't hard. >> greatest upset in the history of the nba playoffs. >> they're looking to see what's in the bat. >> bobby knight just threw a chair. >> the colts had to sneak out of town at night. >> a three-run home run for bucky dent. >> an incredible development. >> unbelievable. >> that's it. villanova has done it. >> go crazy, folks, go crazy. >> brashear is down on the ice. >> tennessee has pulled a miracle. >> and what happens here? >> he scores! >> the fans are now getting involved. >> the mets are the world champions. >> he actually pulled off one of the upsets of the century. woody hays has been fired as
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coach of ohio state. >> the band is on the field. >> shoots, score! >> oh, my goodness. >> we pause to pray for thurman munson. >> why? why? >> we now continue the countdown with number 20. he was a dominating player at the university of maryland. he seemed destined for nba greatness and the boston celtics made him the second pick in the 1986 draft. but less than 48 hours later bias was dead, the victim of an apparent cocaine overdose. the maryland community was stunned. and basketball fans were left wondering, what if.
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>> such a tragedy. one of us. 22-year-old gone. >> in 2003, kobe bryant was arguably the best all-around basketball player in the world. >> what a basket by kobe bryant. >> and his off-court image was squeaky clean. >> i sit here in front of you guys furious at myself, disgusted at myself for making a mistake of adultery. >> kobe confessed to an encounter at a colorado resort, but he denied all charges of sexual assault. >> i'm innocent. i didn't force her to do anything against her will. >> rape charges against bryant
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were eventually dropped, but his reputation was tarnished forever. he was the most famous athlete in the world. and michael jordan was fresh off leading the bulls to their third straight nba title at the age of 30. m.j. was in the prime of his career. >> i achieved practically everything i could from an individual standpoint and from a team standpoint. and it really made it easy to walk away while you was on top. yeah, very few people do that. i never wanted to leave the game when my skills started to diminish. once that starts to happen, i feel the foot in my back, people pushing me out of the game saying i don't have the skills that i used to have. the word retire means you can do anything you want from this day on. >> in a minor league game in alaska, baseballs were flying out of the park, but something else almost flew in.
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>> there's a plane coming down on to the field, folks, right now. we got a crazy landing going on. here it comes right on to the field. and it's on fire. no way did that just happen, folks. i can't believe what we just saw here. >> undersized boise state was an unquestionable underdog against powerful oklahoma in the 2007 fiesta bowl. and the broncos faced a crucial fourth down play late in the game. >> a last gasp for the broncos. down the middle. the lateral! to the corner of the end zone. can you believe that? >> i've seen it all now. >> in overtime, boise state once
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again had to make up a seven-point deficit. >> let's see them take an answer again. >> the quarterback zabranski is in motion mp he'll throw it to the end zone, touchdown. >> they're going to go for two, guys. they're going to try to win the football game right now. boise state for the win. >> they hand it off and boise state has won the tostitos fiesta bowl. can you believe it! >> it was even a storybook ending to this amazing night. >> she said yes. proposing to the head cheerleader at boise state. does it get any better than this in college football? >> a regular season baseball game between two noncontenders in september. late in the game, it's understandable if the fans get a little restless, but who would
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have predicted this. >> what an effort. and there's a melee on the field. a couple of fans entered the field. and lost their minds. >> yeah. they attack the first base coach when he wasn't looking. >> here they come. and they're just jumping on him. his back was turned to them. >> amby starts fighting back right there. and it's bye-bye. those two men. never saw it coming. >> no. >> i tell you what is going on around here. crazy people in the world. >> he was the icon of pittsburgh sports. a legendary outfielder and a renowned humanitarian. >> pittsburgh pirates outfielder roberto clemente headed up
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relief efforts in his native puerto rico. crashed shortly after takeoff from san juan. the governor of puerto rico has proclaimed three days of mourning for clemente who was a national hero on the island. at a heavyweight title fight in las vegas, fans had become accustomed to expect that anything is possible, especially after this incident in 1993. >> a parachute has just landed on the edge of the ring, has been pulled away by security guards. the fight has been brought to a halt. there's a massive melee at ringside. this fella with a motorized parachute has landed right on top of spectators and officials at ringside. we'll take a look at an earlier shot of the parachutist before he came down. there he was on the left of the ring. now, let's see what happened as he approached ringside. there it is. he hung himself up right on the light. as you see there. and his body landed on the ring
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apron right on top of a variety of people. >> one day he was managing the cincinnati reds, and on the fast path to cooperstown. the next day baseball's all-time hit leader was gone. >> the banishment for life of pete rose from baseball is the sad end of a sorry episode. >> the only thing i can tell the fans is that i did not bet on baseball. >> by choosing not to come to a hearing before me -- >> i have too much respect for the game. >> -- mr. rose has accepted baseball's ultimate sanctions, lifetime ineligibility. >> i did not bet on baseball. >> sometimes a simple routine ground ball can be shocking. >> 3-2 to mookie wilson. little roller up along first. behind the bag. it gets buckner.
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it gets through buckner. it gets through buckner. and it comes and the mets win it! >> coming up, our ten most shocking moments. >> what an upper cut by douglas. and down goes tyson. >> do you believe in miracles? yes! >> the "best damn shocking moments in sports" will be right back. so we're shooting in china. no! no! so we're shooting in argentina. i don't hate this. you good? hey, i'm the producer. i just make it happen. and did i mention it's a film about... parisian squirrels that ride bikes? scooter. who ride scooters? i like what you're doing very much. my director... he can be a bit... i want to go back to china. much. but on tonight's flight... i can just sleep. [ announcer ] the new international business class. only on american. we know why you fly. why squirrel hate me?
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we now return to the "best damn shocking moments in sports." she was the number one ranked player in the world, having dominated women's tennis over two years, but a horrifying incident changed the course of history. in a tournament in germany monica seles was attacked by a deranged fan of rival steffi graf. the man reached from the stands and plunged a knife into seles' back. monica was rushed to the hospital, although the physical wounds healed quickly, the mental scars kept her from the game for over two years.
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in 1989, the only thing that could stop the oakland a's was a natural disaster. >> the oakland a's take -- take -- >> i tell you what we're having an -- i don't know if we're on the air or not. but we are. well, folks, that's the greatest open in the history of television. bar none. >> someone's trying to shake us up. all right, lord, i heard that. >> got knocked down. first time i ever got scared. >> we were shaking, man. >> the bridge collapsed. the bay bridge went in the water. >> we are still, as we can tell, on the air, and i guess you are hearing us even though we have no picture and no return audio. and we will be back, we hope, from san francisco in just a moment. >> the pacers were one minute away from a convincing road win
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in motown. >> the pacers have played a very intelligent game tonight. >> ben wallace was fouled. and right at our desk. >> this is serious. wallace. waiting for this thing their to wind down. >> just as things seemed to be cooling artest was hit by a flying object. >> artest is trying to get back to the bench. artest is in the stands. oh, fans are getting involved. wallace going into the stands. fans and players are going to try and help each other out. >> now another fight's breaking out in front of the pistons bench. on the court.
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this is very, very dangerous. >> that's one of the worst things i've ever seen in the nba. >> worst moment in nba history. >> he was the baddest man on the planet. mike tyson beat everyone he faced, often in spectacular fashion. but then one night in tokyo, everyone changed. >> the upper-cut. >> what an upper-cut by douglas. and down goes tyson. >> two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. >> it's over. >> it's over. >> mike tyson has been knocked out! >> unbelievable. >> james buster douglas undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. >> in case you've just joined us, you missed a shocker. the once undefeated and
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undisputed heavyweight champion of the world mike tyson is no longer. was knocked doubt 23 seconds into the tenth round. a journeyman named james buster douglas is now the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. in 1980, a ragtag group of american hockey players were given little chance in the winter olympics, but they were destined to shock the world. >> he scores! mike erosioni. five seconds left in the game. >> do you believe in miracles? yes! >> unbelievable.
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coming up, unforgettable images. >> whoa. >> big trouble. >> and events that shook the world. "best damn's shocking moments in sports" returns.
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we now return to the "best damn shocking moments in sports." it was the most anticipated
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rematch in boxing history. mike tyson hoped to avenge his loss against evander holyfield, but when holyfield dominated the early action, iron mike reacted in a shocking fashion. tyson bit holyfield on the ear. the wound was clearly visible. mills lane was forced to stop the fight after three rounds. a melee ensued and tyson was ultimately barred from fighting in nevada. as a football player, o.j. simpson left defenders in the dust. >> it has been our great privilege to watch o.j. simpson run for 2,000 yards. >> but in 1994, it wasn't linebackers nor nose tackles that were after him. >> los angeles police department right now is actively searching for mr. simpson. >> mr. simpson is a fugitive of justice right now.
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>> o.j. was wanted in connection with the murder of his ex-wife and another man. >> highway patrol. >> yes, i think i just saw o.j. simpson on the 5 freeway. he's heading north. >> simpson and his friend al cowlings had been spotted in a white suv and they finally made contact with police. >> everything we're going through. so all we ask, he's got a gun to his head. >> what's your name? >> my name is a.c. you know who i am [ bleep ] damn it. >> okay. >> people watched in awe as the slow speed chase moved through los angeles. the pursuit finally ended at o.j.'s home in brentwood. simpson surrendered and was taken into custody. thus ending ten hours of drama that had unfolded live across the country.
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in 2001, nascar was the hottest sport in the country. the stock car circuit was beginning a multibillion dollar television deal. >> the green flag were racing. >> the first race of the season, the daytona 500 was going down to the wire. >> the last lap. three wide behind them. >> you got it, mikey. >> the 3 car down. >> oh. >> big trouble. >> they wrecked behind them. >> get it back. >> to the flag, come on, mikey, yon.go >> michael waltrip wins. >> how about dale? is he okay? is he okay? >> michael waltrip's long awaited trip to victory lane was destined to be overshadowed by tragic news. >> this is undoubtedly one of the toughest announcements that i've ever personally had to make, but after the accident in
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turn four at the end of the daytona 500, we've lost dale earnhardt. we don't know enough to answer all your questions. our prayers and wishes and our effort right now this moment is with theresa and the earnhardt family. >> dale earnhardt, who would have turned 50 years old in april, has died on the final lap of the 43rd running of the daytona 500. coming up, the last two moments of the countdown. the "best damn shocking moments in sports" will be right back. why is travel these days about what you give up,
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but there's help and it's free. go to we now return to the "best damn shocking moments in sports." he brought showtime to l.a., leading the lakers to five titles in the '80s. >> magic down the middle. hook shot. good! >> magic johnson. he was the most charismatic star
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in the nba. and in 1991, he was in the prime of his career. >> just a few moments, the lakers will hold a major news conference at the great western forum. >> let me say good late afternoon. because of the hiv virus that i have attained, i will have to retire from the lakers today. sometimes you're a little naive about it and you think it could never happen to you. thought it could happen to other people and so on and on. and it has happened. but i'm going to deal with it now. of course, i'll miss the battles and the wars with you guys, but life goes on. >> there's no way to give you a prognosis that is accurate at this point other than to say that he is healthy now. we expect him to remain healthy. they've now said that there were 11 hostages, two were killed in
4:28 pm
their rooms yesterday morning. nine were killed at the airport tonight. they're all gone. >> after the tragedy, the nation of israel mourned. the israeli team left munich the next day. the olympics, the world symbol of sport and competition, its motto of peace and harmony, would never be the same. for a complete list of the show or for comments and questions regarding this program, send your e-mails to program, send your e-mails to caption funding provided by fox sports net -- captions by vitac --
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welcome to macon georgia. university center is sold out and why not. the about bears are here and florida state is in town. s university center is sold out, the mercer bears have a pension for knocking off big names. florida state would qualify. the seminoles are off to a 2-0 start. it's florida state, mercer. hi, everybody. i know there's a lot of then going on in sports right now, but keep us on speed dile for the next two hours. i think this has the potential to be a very good college basketball game. >> i don't think there's any question this is a ter l. team that is experienced. a florida state team that is one of the intriguing teams in the
4:30 pm
atlantic coast conference. >> weapon number one for mercer and a guy that plays big, james lawrence. >> james lawrence is a guy who can really score the basketball. mainly he's good taking the ball to the goal. he's an excellent driver. but he can also shoot the three-point shot. on the other side if florida state, we used the word intriguing. ofrp will ofrp a sophomore but extremely effective on the inside. an outstanding shot blocker. >> last year mercer knocked off a couple of sec teams. they would love to put a feather from florida state right in their cap. >> they were up by 18 against georgia tech right here, so they are capable if they can make some three-point shots, this will be interesting. >> so it's mercer and florida state. acc hoops from macon, georgia.
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florida state off to a 2-0 start knocking on the door of the top 25. mercer looking for an upset in front of a sellout crowd at home. acc hoops coming up. if [vibrates] g morning, sunshine. wakey, wakey. text me back. [chattering] [vibrates] hey. did you tell your parents about us? let's skip first period together.
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>> rich: stoonts came rushing in about an hour and a halving a go and they have been on their feet and loud since. florida state and mercer. mercer 3-1, their one loss was on the road by only two to providence. mercer's lineup, we talked about james florence. kusnver, smith, a big kid down low. florida state just 2-0, they've beaten two opponent trs mercer's conference, the atlantic sun. chris sink well ton, ryan reid, all of these, the big guy, obviously every trying to pitch in and help leonard hamilton out in replacing toney douglas. so far so good for florida state. the seminoles, the bears. james florence with a big smile.
4:34 pm
sole low honest with a big presence. florida state and mercer, we tip it off from macon coming up.
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4:36 pm
>> rich: this place holds 3200. it feels like that's about 7200 about that university center in may con. the bears are at 3-1. bob hoffman in his second season. last year the bears were 17-15, 11-9 in the atlantic sun. and last year, of course, was the big break through no leopard hamilton. seventh year last year. hamilton finally got florida state over the hump and into the tournament. and he'd obviously like to get back from again this year. dan, your keys to the game. >> hamilton knows this will be an interesting test. i think the seminals have to play at an effect difference pace. they have to run when they have the opportunity to run, they have on play effectively in the
4:37 pm
half court when they have that opportunity. bears will have to make three point baskets to even out the size and avoid the it turnovers. >> rich: ready to go. florida states has an a. 14-8 advantage. the last time mercer beat emerson has the first rebound. mercer gets their first possession. florence the scoring point guard and one of the top scorer in the
4:38 pm
there's three. only four three-pointers taken this year. and a steal. florence. missed the two. and a foul on cussner in the back court. >> dan: florence normally a guy who will make a shot like that even a tough one in transition with guys all over, but not only cussner picked up a cheap foul. >> rich: second possession for florida state. kitchen. turnover for florida state. into the frontcourt. blocked from behind. singleton sent it back.
4:39 pm
>> dan: two transition opportunities that mercer has not been able to convert. >> rich: kitchen right back down the floor to score. point mercer lead. bears lost by just two to a good big east component. florence kicks it out into the corner. cu kusnver kicks it out. more than they did last year. that turns into a great lob where singleton collects it and scores. >> dan: good break for the seminoles. had that shot blacked and went right to singleton. the big guy rewarded for running the court. very, very athletic and a tremendous leaper.
4:40 pm
it will be hard for flor rerns once gets by to get off that jump shot. >> rich: florence. wow. >> dan: stepped right in to that three. that's one of the keys to the game. per is he does not have the size to compete on the interior with florida state. they got to battle and try to survive in there, but they must make threes. >> rich: kitchen off the screen. missed the turn around badly. kusnver with the rebound. mills trying. kusnver. heads-up play by emerson. missed the three. >> dan: kusnver has taken threes each time over singleton. not an easy thought.
4:41 pm
>> rich: this is a practice state team that has a lot of length. single ton is one of them and he trains a these. chris singleton, the sophomore out of canton, georgia. >> dan: he's got five in the game. a very versatile player, can make that three point basket. that's not the strong part of his game, but it is a good part of his game. >> rich: kusnver runs out of real estate. the personality of this team, how has it changed since the subtraction of toney douglas? >> dan: you don't have the guy you can rely on on to go get you 25. i don't think there's any guy that you can say he's a threat to get 25, 30 any night out as toney douglas was. and at the end of games, it will be very interesting who is going to take the last shot, who will take the tough shots down the stretch. those are all questions that florida state will have to answer. >> rich: toney douglas was the answer last year. they were very good in crunch time on the way to the ncaa
4:42 pm
attorney mts. kusnver is not shy. >> dan: that time shooting over the outstretched arm. >> rich: singleton driving. sweeping hook. kusnver the rebound. >> dan: that's four blocked shots in the game so far for florida state. >> rich: husband he wills, made the play on both ends, he got the block and the lay did in. >> dan: that's twice now that florida state has gotten an offensive rebound in transition simply based on the fact this they hustled down the florida. the ball back. >> dan: five blocked shots for seminoles now.
4:43 pm
>> rich: and reid goes down in a heap. florida state off to a quick start. good hustle by ryan reid. good distance from chris singleton.
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
>> rich: florida state on the road and on top 9-6. xavier gibson checks in to the ball game for the seminoles. lanky swing man. gibson ran that ball down. this is reid. ryan in the lane. kusnver in transition. >> dan: the mercer defense so far has been very, very good. >> rich: kusnver off the pick out. 5 1/2 minutes have escaped. per is he six points on a pair of these point shorts for bob hoff monday. hoff monday w hoffman an assistant at oklahoma, coaching experience at
4:46 pm
texts as pan am. >> dan: bears have already attempted 15 field goals and only made two of them. >> rich: kitchen. single ton off the screen. >> dan: boy, is he a really a good three point shooter. came in with that reputation but didn't really knock it down that >> rich: of all the seminoles that took that trip to spain, coaching staff felt that he made the biggest step. good move by mills. when you make that move and you penetrate, waiting for you is going to be a gib son or a read.
4:47 pm
>> dan: you cannot let get into your head. mills takes the ball to the shot blocked, making a tough pass, but florida state, they've already blocked six shots in the game. so it's understandable why that thought on the mind of the mercer bears. >> rich: michael snaer in the ball game. seminoles going deep on their bench. singleton. and is it stays with florida state.
4:48 pm
her is he may have the strength inside. and a whistle and foul on a very hard-nosed mercer team inside. >> dan: and even though florida state has all that length on the inside, you still have to try to play in there that was a very good strong move by moore to the basket. you may not anable to score a lay-up in there, but certainly you can get to the free-throw line. >> rich: not a per is he team that will be intimidated. their schedule very ambitious. won on the road to alabama. won at auburn. they took georgia tech to overtime here on this this quickly up the floor. with a runner. do you think florida state will push it more this year without a
4:49 pm
toney douglas some. >> dan: i think florida state will take advantage of tuptss that presents itself. they've got good quick athletic guys and i think when the fast breaks present itself, they'll certainly take it. i'm not sure that they'll do it more than they did last year, but they certainly get up and down. >> rich: miss on the left hand by emerson. rising is singleton for his second three. is on quite a run right now. they have stretched their lead to 17-7. >> dan: it was 6-4 mercer at one point. >> rich: another block. what is that, six now? >> dan: seven. >> rich: demercy. emerson with the rebound.
4:50 pm
that's lost control and lost position. time-out on the floor. in a state on a run right now that has stretched their lead to ten. the seminoles trying to go 3-0 on the road at mercer.
4:51 pm
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yes! ♪ do you need anybody?! earn double hilton hhonors base points. real value from your friends at hampton. >> rich: 13-on 0 run for florida state and the seminoles impressively are up 17-7. mercer is just 2-17 from the seminoles are 7-14. backcourt. the game.
4:53 pm
>> teresa: very good on-ball defender, trying to put have a pressure on florida state. they were able to generate turn squoefrs ea s overs early in the game. >> rich: hall rip it is it away and florence trying to save it as he was falling out of bounds. bounced it off of the snaer. >> dan: snaer will get called for a foul. this is a very good steal here, but you just don't want on on get in a big hurry. hall steals it and hands it is to flor ren who really is in trouble. fortunately he didn't get a charging call. >> rich: snaer took the charge. >> dan: not a good play for michael snaer. >> rich: and snaer comes in to guard florence. hall finds florence. missed the three. demercy with the redo you understand. >> dan: they're 2-18 shooting
4:54 pm
the basketball. accept of those shots have been blocked. in a state has very effectively inside. >> rich: shot blocked by mills. >> dan: xavier gibson 6'11", really moves the ball well. this is a play where gibson recognizes that he can fly to the lane and does so and picks up the foul. there was no screen or anything there. >> rich: gibson gets a couple. >> dan: you're talking about gibson by himself blocked six shots in the seminoles last game. >> rich: everybody seems that alleghea shock blocker.
4:55 pm
so he misses both free throws. head's up call by bob hoffman who saw that he was about to lose that possession. hoffman gets the time-out. he'll keep the possession. but he has to figure out a way to get his shooters going in his home gym. they are ice cold right now. >> dan: and i think to be perfectly honest, a little bit intimidated by the size of in a state. there are very few things as demoralizing as just having one shot after another blocked. it really strips that confidence offensively. >> rich: our trivia question had this afternoon, chris single ton 54 steals last year as a freshman, third all-time for a freshman in florida state history. a sophomore? i'm going toney douglas just because he was the lock down defender, one of the best in the years at
4:56 pm
florida state. seminoles have a history of some guys who can rack up numbers. seminoles stay in the man-to-man defense. going to be difficult to get the ball i think. and then out. >> rich: florence with the shot got to get something going. he beats the buzzer. missed the shot. mercer gets a new possession and then throws it away. kusnver wasn't looking. >> dan: the bears have to recognize the match-ups. right at the moment for bob hoffman's squad, kusnver is being defend td by loucks. this this seems to be an opportunity to get off a three-point shot. the couple times he's tried, it's been singleton there in
4:57 pm
front of him making it tough to shoot over. difficult shot. alabi got in too deep. >> dan: harrison uses his body very, very well inside. >> rich: emerson outside against alabi. 2-19 is mercer from the field. it's a wonder it's stale a ten point game. >> dan: no question about it, offensively. >> rich: florence reverses. kusnver. 2- 2-20. a lot of starter comesing in. singleton has eight early points. last year finally the seminoles
4:58 pm
came so close during hamilton's tenure in tallahassee. the last year, denying them, they were 10-6. 25-10 overall. >> dan: kusnver is 0-6 shooting the ball today and that's not a good formula for the bears. >> rich: and florence who is their leading score ser 1-7. emerson. >> dan: they're thought only tall, they're very quick. they've done a nice job keeping in the passing lane these balls. >> rich: kitchen last it on his way down the lane. >> da


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