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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  November 22, 2009 5:45pm-6:30pm EST

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>> the title of the book is that they dared to return. the title of this these gentlemen started in europe and making to the united states and went back. they were all german refugees that barely escaped germany and then became american citizens and to be unbelievable, which is parachute act into nazi alliance. he was a german officer impersonating a german officer behind not the lines and gather actionable intelligence that literally changed the course of the war. >> mr. mayor, you must have had moments where he feared for her life. is there a particular story? there must've been moments that you fear for your life, impersonating a german officer, were there moments are a store you remember in particular? >> at the age of 21, you know no fear. >> that sort of the understatement of the year. a frederick mayor is very self-effacing, but this man was captured by the gestapo and
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literally water boarded and tortured for three days and survived, didn't break, and then literally turns the tables on his captors and got tens of thousands of german soldiers to surrender. >> the author is patrick o'donnell, the book is they dared to return. the true stories of jewish spies. he was joined with the subject of his book, fred maher. thank you very much. >> you have your line, line tickets, you've got your book, you've got your receipt. okay, fair enough.
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[inaudible conversations] there's a bunch of different letters, roughly about 26 different letters. and then there's a small vip group. they were the first people to purchase and so when we let you win, at 10:00 we're going to close the store to people without the line. so you're going to be walking to shop the store. we are going to wind people up a group so you're not just going to be standing in one for four or five hours. will let people up by groups and then you'll go up. it is going to be very quick, though. i'm telling people in advance. she's going to be signing very fast. she has a lot of people -- you want to try to get through. so we're just telling people in advance that she has to leave and has a hard deadline to get to her event in columbus this
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evening. security is going to block it off and then she will come and the back entrance probably. until she comes out and does the signing. >> thank you. >> what brings you here so early to the therapy lan book signing? does it have anything to do with that sweat shirt you're wearing? >> it has everything to do it. in fact, i went to some other rallies and stayed up all night to get in the front row. i got a hug from her. >> how can you explain to us your enthusiasm for sarah palin? >> well, because she stands for the values and the principles of what i believe in, smaller
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government, less taxes, strong military. and a big defender of the constitution. and she walks the talk, basically. she is one politician that walks the talk. >> will you be supporting her in 2012? >> i will be supporting her probably for the rest of my life. i'm just leave to be living to find to see a politician like this, to see a woman like this. >> what makes it different from other politicians? >> because she's not afraid to take on her own party. she's not afraid -- she's very -- she has impeccable integrity. she means what she says and does what she means. she's not afraid to bring down her own party or a she sees something that's wrong or corrupt she tackles that. and plus, she's not from inside the beltway. she's not been to d.c. she's just an unbelievable politician, somebody we haven't
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seen for it -- remember that movie mr. smith does to washington? while this is mrs. palin goes to washington. >> i know it, if there's something wrong inside the beltway, what is wrong? >> well, i think we need to get rid of these, what you call them, these long-term politician is. the ones that have been there 30, 40 years. they get entranced with that kind of mentality. and they are corrupt. every time you turn on booktv there's another corrupt politician for an ethics charge. the main thing, they don't listen to us anymore. they don't listen to us out in the heartland. they'll listen to us. she does. >> there's something you missed same? >> yes, i want to say she's a woman with strong values and a woman with impeccable integrity and a very strong faith in god. and she's not ashamed to let that show. >> i think that's fantastic and i agree with her 100%.
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>> doer words and we believe and not, perfect. set perfectly. >> so you are all here very early? why are you here so early for this? >> so we would have a chance to meet her. >> yes, exactly. >> do you remember when you first learned about sarah palin and what your reaction was when he learned about her wet >> my reaction was i went to the republican national office and started making phone calls for the campaign as soon as i heard her speech that night. great inspiration. >> what about her inspires you? >> just her integrity, how she holds herself. her confidence in who she is and what she stands for. and she can express it to the average citizen. in a comfortable way. that's easy for us to say she
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comes from the same background, same situation that we are in every day. so, she's just a great inspiration to the country and shall nick a lot of changes in whatever she does. >> 100%. i think she is one of the best things. we are finally getting to get people like herself and i think we need to start turning our country around. we are becoming a socialist country right now with obama and i am totally against that. and i think sarah would be the best person to come through and come up and i think she will turn our country around. >> now when your saber become a socialist country, what do you mean like that? >> obama, obama. >> but specifically, why? >> i just don't like his ideas,
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i do not like what he does. and i think it's horrendous. >> i think it's a mindset, to. in regards to socialism is that people the government does for the citizen and we have to give back to the values we do and we make our own lives and our own futures, not because of what government is giving us. so it is a simple socialism is a simple term. it's not something that is intricate in regards to the policies he's making. it's a mindset that he's instilling in so many people in the population. so that's what socialism is. [inaudible conversations] >> and i want to be able to create some feelings of support for sarah palin. i think she is a great leader
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and i have to say, in all due respect, you guys who have been running our country for so long, you just can't seem to get it right. and i think we need a leader in the female gender to get the world turned around. we need to be on the committee. we need to run the committee. and sorry guys, but you have two step too many times over the years and we need new leadership. as far as obama, i think he is an abomination and to go before our troops and say, you make a good photo op, that did it. he doesn't know what he's doing and i think the sooner the better we get a lady, woman who is the caliber of sarah palin, we can turn things around. thank you. >> so you think she'll be running in the next election? >> that is up to her.
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i'm not here to tell her to do that or not to do that. i think she's got a lot of spunk and a lot of leadership qualities and whatever she believes she can do, i'm sure she will. and i think she'll do it with gusto and i think she's got a lot of followers to help her along the way. i think that she's opted every turn by the loony liberals and people that want to tear things down. they do it because they know she is a force for good and i think they are only a force for evil. i'm sorry to say it, i'm 75 years old and i've seen a lot of changes in our country. but we are on the wrong road, absolutely on the wrong road. who does obama bring into the fold? people that haven't paid their taxes. people whose goals and whose leadership qualities are mousey
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tongue and others of that ilk. why are we letting some little squirt who might have a good view and a good ability to speak turn us going in the wrong direction? we've made a great mistake and we need to correct that mistake as soon as possible. and i urge every person in this country to get behind someone who can help us instead of taking us in the wrong direction. and at this point in time, one of the candidates for that event is sarah palin. >> i'm charlotte from cincinnati. actually i live in oxford, just outside there. i like her conservative values. i think she's a great role model for young women. i think she's what america needs right now. she's just great all the way around. i just love her. >> when you say you like her conservative values, what do you mean by that?
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>> specifically, she believes in the constitution. the abortion issue. i'm against abortion. just good american values. you know, i just love that about her. she's a real person, she's one of us. she's not from washington d.c. she is not anything -- she doesn't act like anything she's not. she is just herself and i really like that. >> my name is nancy from dayton, ohio. >> have you ever seen her in person before? >> no, no. so i'm really in anxious and excited about having the book signed. >> have you read the book yet? >> no, i haven't read it yet. i watch fox news a lot and they've had lots of interviews and stuff like that on there. i've been watching those and
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enjoying those, just watch in her. so, i'm real excited. >> what is it that you like about sarah palin? >> just about everything. i'm like her. i like her conservative values. she's one of us. like she says, she's not ever try to be something that she's not. she's down to earth. she's got her head on straight. she's not like some of the people we are dealing with now and the government that seem to have their head above the clouds. >> hi, do you have your ticket? >> no. >> unfortunately, were completely sold out. sorry folks, thanks for coming out. do you have your line letter for the event? >> i just want to buy a magazine. >> unfortunately, we're closed for the sarah palin event. we are closed until 3:00.
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>> no problem. >> you are completely out of tickets? >> completely sold out. do you have your event ticket? you can go right there. >> do you know anything about east clinton high school? >> well, anyway, two weeks ago -- the >> do you have your receipt and everything? >> my receipt? >> okay, come on in. thank you all for coming. >> can i get to the coffee shop? >> just go out into the coffee shop door. thank you very much. >> the men have not done a good service to our country. i think it's time for the women to step up and get the program
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right getting some corrections. i think the current administration wants us to go downhill all the way to the bottom. >> she just represents everything i think is good about this country. and i have five granddaughters and we all feel that there is a really great lady. if she runs, we will vote for her. >> what is it about her that makes you like her? >> i think it's the simple fact that she seems truly like a real woman, a real person really. she hunts and she raises a family and she does all the things, but isn't that what we all kind of want to just live our lives and be a good person? i think -- i think she truly believes in what she says and that she loves her country. >> did you are to have tickets or wristbands to get in? >> we called.
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>> so you went straight through why are you coming out for sarah palin? >> just love all that she comes for. and fox news. you guys are great. this country would not be the same. bill o'reilly, shaun hannity, love all of you. >> why do you think they sarah palin draw such a big crowd? >> i think she knows what is best for the country, especially on an energy standpoint. i think she is a competition a list. she doesn't want to see the country spoil. and i think that's what happened. ..
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social agendas. we need to install hard work, integrity and independence, and that is being lost in america. so, what as individuals we need to tell people that government
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is not the answer and that is what sarah is trying to do. >> but after sarah palin was a spy ring a position in government also, so how does she differed from the establishment? >> because she doesn't believe in adding agencies, department of education to the federal government. [inaudible conversations] >> my name is tom. ali blog on the internet. i'm originally from sunnyvale, california but i live in now. >> you were here very early this morning. i think it was quarter until 8:00. what brought you so early? >> i wanted to scout out the area to see how the parking would be and if any lines had developed book there were not a lot of all lines because they used a system that wasn't first
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come first serve but rather groups based on a letter so it worked out pretty good. we didn't get a lot of back up of people in the parking lot. >> your shirt says conservatives for palin we've got your back. what does that mean? >> conservatives for palin donner, is the website on the internet that defense sarah palin against the media attacks and also puts columns out on certain issues related to politics. there was originally start up by a gentleman named joseph russo with about $10 now it is a jury popular website out there where people can go to get their information on sarah palin. it's very fast based, very professional and i strongly recommend it. that's
6:05 pm >> why are you suing enthusiastic about sarah palin? >> i came of age during college. we are both feared children, i am the oldest son with a sister. she is the reverse, the oldest daughter with a brother. our fathers were both schoolteachers, high school teachers and coached sports. also we were the same age born in 1964 and our political beliefs are pretty much fiscal conservatives, she's christian, i'm catholic and she is for strong defense, so i think reagan really played a big part in both of our upbringing in the formation of our belief as we grow up. >> what does conservative mean to you? >> there are many strains of conservative. i tend to gravitate most work would be edmund burke or russell kirk, what i call kirk and burke
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conservatism which tends to be leading in moral order and prudence. i recommend if you want to know more about eckert and burke conservatism blogging edmund burke or russell kirk. if i could recommend one book would be russell kirk a conservative mind which came out i believe in the 50's or 60's but that was a kind of movement book. >> if you look of yondah political leaders right now who is closest to kirk and burke? >> i would say right now has to be sarah palin. she has three things going for her. she has convictions. she's got the charisma and most important she's got the courage. the country right now is heading vary collectively and we see economically we are having problems with unemployment and slowing economy and a growing government that's really kind of getting out of areas the
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constitution really house promoted. and i think sarah palin right now is the champion of the libertarian and conservative movement in america today. >> we were allowed to release 1,000 quick guaranteed letters, people we were pretty sure her team was pretty sure she would be able to get through in a three hour signing and we also get 200 standby tickets in groups of 50 to kind of run as time prevents. we sold out of the guaranteed tickets last friday and out of the 200 standby tickets sunday about two days later. [inaudible conversations] she arrives at noon. she is going to come on
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completely draped boss. she will get her family settled in the back room and give a brief hello to cincinnati in her fans and then she will begin a book signing. her team, harper collins and my team have worked to get the signing area sort of set according to her requests and then she will begin signing books quickly, no personalization, no post photography. try to get through as many of her fans as possible. the team is also going to have a photographer here that is taking a series of still images they are handing out cards where people can go to the website and hopefully find a picture of them getting their book signed by ms. palin. >> finally, do you have other evens of this size? >> yeah, you know, just in my
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time with joseph beth booksellers we have posted caroline kennedy which had about 3,000 attendees, steffi meijer the twilight, people coming from six states away, chad from the ingalls. we've had a number of large defense. johnny bench. so yeah, it sort of spans the gamut. >> how do these events help a bookstore? >> i think the biggest thing is the challenge of letting people know that we do defense is always tricky. it seems like every time we do one of these big events people that live in the city or even the neighborhood they are like i knew you were a bookstore, i didn't know you had authors were we host probably 20, 25 a month. so getting people, giving the
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top of mind awareness is the biggest benefit but also just having people experience and even to understanding how we do it with a lot of letters and just kind of getting that memory of knowing what it takes to get from their door to our door and back to their door will convert people from maybe once or twice a year visit or to someone who comes in and just reads a lot more. >> my name is leni line from here in cincinnati. >> what time did you get here this morning? >> about 7:30. [laughter] >> so you've been here over three hours now going on for hours. >> i had breakfast while i was waiting for this to start. >> why did you come so early? >> i wanted to make sure i got a place. it was important for me to be here today. >> why is it important for you to be here? >> i wanted to meet sarah palin
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or see her in person. i think she's an of an comer and i agree with her politics and i voted for her. [laughter] >> what do you like about her politics? >> she really follows but most of the people i know, middle class, middle america is about. and that's my kind of candidate. >> what are most of the people you know -- what are their politics? >> most of the people i know want a smaller government. we don't want the government interfering with our lives that the extent it is. we don't feel we need a nanny state. people in my family go back for generations in the united states, and we do not believe that we need to be taken care of. we take care of ourselves. the government should be limited and i think that's more her style than the current president
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>> so you're not in favor of any kind of health care reform? >> i think there's things about health care the need to be changed but i don't think you have to take over everything to do it and what they are saying they said it was originally they were going to cover everybody that wasn't covered, none of the bills they have are going to do that. and instead it's going to tax us and create a lot more problems i have medical problems that were going to be seriously affected. i've read the bill. congress doesn't unfortunately. we had one congressman get on tv and speak and he can't read a bill even in three days and he couldn't understand >> what are you going to say to sarah palin if you have a minute to say something to her? >> 2012, baby. [laughter] >> governor palin will be joining pretty shortly.
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thank you for your patience. no need to be in close, the ice. lots of room in the store. enjoy yourselves, shop. we'd love that. please, please come enjoy yourselves. >> i understand you can all the way from florida for this book signing. can you explain why? >> guest: for sure i did. i had to see this woman who represents middle america. she is our voice. >> why is that? can you explain more about that? >> everything she says pertains to the middle people. she is dynamic. she is for middle america. she knows the issues. and i think that she's going to represent us more than we anticipate. >> when you say middle america what do you mean? >> just the commerce, people who don't know where to go to get information, don't know where to go to have representation.
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i think that she will be their voice. >> and did you vote for the kaine and palin in 08? >> by all means i did. i did. >> why do you think they didn't win the election? >> i think there was too much outside influence and i don't think she was given the opportunity. i think there were too many people that were strategizing and kept her from speaking out. >> a number of people live talked to seem to be sort of upset about how she's treated by the media. would you agree with that and what would you say about that? >> i think she was treated unfairly. i think she should have been able to speak more openly and have her own platform. >> and are you a lifelong republican? >> no, i used to be a democrat but when she came on the scene, george bush, too, but when palin came on the scene on felt that i
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needed to vote for somebody who was in my corner. >> thank you very much. what about you to? [laughter] i'm sorry. you said she knows what the country needs. what does the country need? >> the country needs honesty. they want to hear the truth and we are not hearing the truth right now. we are hearing a convoluted information that's totally confusing on the matters. we can think we are voting for one thing but really it can be all twisted around and tied up into another piece of legislature that will then make it something we didn't really vote for and that's what scares me. i think we need someone that tells the story and we are not getting better. >> your name and where to or
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from? >> my name is linda hogan from cincinnati ohio jill. >> i think that sarah palin is a voice for america and has a platform to stick up for us and give america the change, the actual -- people are talking about change. she is the change we need. >> you look familiar. [laughter] >> do i look unlike sarah? >> can you tell me your name and where you're from. >> carolyn from keen smell, ohio. >> are you dressed up to look like sarah palin on purpose? >> actually this is my look and we just happen to look alike. >> why are you here today? >> to meet sarah palin and get my book signed. >> what do you like about sarah palin? >> i like her because i believe
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that she is just real. she seems like one of us and raising her children and doing everything she does, running for vice president and hopefully she will continue. >> so, if she were to run for president in 2012 why would you support that? >> i support it because i believe that she is a woman who knows what she's doing, and i just support her and i like her. [cheering] [cheering] >> my goodness, thank you for being here. we are going to have a blast.
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[cheering] i appreciate your balk does and courage especially those of you carrying the book under your arm [inaudible] [cheering] really it is good to be here on the tour and i appreciate those of you that want to read my words unfiltered. it's refreshing for me to call it like i see it and not worry about what anyone is going to say just get out there and speak truth and i know that is how you guys are winder, too otherwise you wouldn't be here. thank you. we will get to work and sign these books. i want to shake every one of your hands and thank you for being here. [cheering] [chanting "sarah"] [inaudible conversations]
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amol goebel conversations [cheering] [inaudible conversations] all of the spots for the book signing have already been given out in fact the store is closed to public until 3:00 when the book signing is over. >> thank you. hello, how are you? so nice to meet you. thank you for being here.
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[inaudible] thank you. >> of one you to be comfortable everyone here, we are going to get you through quickly. have a good time. >> why did you come here to get the books signed today? >> she's like a rock star to me. she believes everything i believe. she is a great girl and conservative. a great mom -- >> thank you for being here today. what is your name? god bless you, too. >> it was so nice to meet her. >> did she talk to you at all? >> a little bit. i had a few words to tell her. i told her i was the radar bazaar and we will see her in 2012. >> can you show the signature?
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>> i have my signature. >> [inaudible conversations] >> hi, how're you? [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] >> plame from cincinnati. >> what brings you out here to the book signing today? >> look around you. i mean, first of all, i believe this woman is a lot different from the average politician you see today. she actually answers a question without trying to dodge it and that is the best thing i like about her. also i think if you look at all of the political books you will see she dedicates it to americans just like mark levin, liberty and tierney. they are dedicated to the people. most politicians to indicate to themselves and i think that is the difference. but look around you, there's no northeastern our california people here. they are all midwestern and
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people that are like her which is not like the normal politician we see today. >> i'm going to have to ask you what's wrong with people from the northeast or california? >> nothing, i was born in new york but, you know, they think when you are leaving new york city you are camping out and that isn't true. again, i think she sounds like the average american and when you ask a question she answers it the way the average american would instead of the politicians today that run away from most of your questions. >> do you think she has a chance to be president someday? >> i think she has. my own guess would be her plan would be to get on the campaign trail with other conservatives. she will raise a lot of money, she will be able to stand next to them and i think show that
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they are somewhat like her and again of the average politician, and i think after the elections she will say i've got enough people out there that thinks like i think. why not, i think she can. >> do you consider yourself a conservative? >> i do, yes, i do. >> what does that mean to you? >> that means i don't think that government should be as large as it is. i think most of the freedom that we enjoy we should continue. i think this health care thing really shows the problems we have. we've got somebody with a broken leg and we want to take his heart out. there's a couple of things we can fix, tort reform been one of them. i can buy insurance across state, we should be able to do that. that would solve most of the problems without having to go through extra tax put on
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ourselves and we are. my grandchildren are going to wind up having to pay for this. [inaudible conversations] >> thank you so much, michael. >> rachel coughlin from loveland. >> you just came down from getting your book signed. what was it like? >> it was amazing. i drove from ohio state, i am a student, got in the car and came down. my sister told me she had a ticket and i love her. we saw her on oprah this week it was phenomenal. >> do you have a lot of fellow students have at ohio state who follow sarah palin and like her? >> yes, i also part of the college republicans club so we have a strong following up there. >> what is about her that you are attracted to? >> i think she's a strong woman, great family, good mom and a down-to-earth nice person. >> did she say anything to you
6:26 pm
with their? >> it was wonderful, she said it was nice to meet me and i'm glad i came from columbus today. >> thank you very much. >> michael, what was your relation as event manager for palin joseph beth booksellers? >> it's going really well. it's still very early in the tour. so just having them come in and get situated still i think a little work everything through but people are incredibly excited and have been going right through there. a lot of people who are very passionate about his palin, sits in a remarkable experience. >> i appreciate that. >> thank you for everything. >> what is your name? nice to meet you. how were you? thank you so much for being
6:27 pm
here. >> the book officially released this past tuesday. our signing is today on friday so it was a couple of days in between. so the capri order the book by a voucher so they could then swap for the book and then when they bought the book they would get a line letter, abc, etc.. so we called people live in groups of 50. they would line up, that allows people to browse the store, where they are comfortable and only actually stand in line a short period of time. we bring them up in groups, 50 by letter. they go through, get the book signed, shake her hand and then free to shop or go home. this is certainly a unique situation as far as the national media. we are fairly familiar with all of our cincinnati media partners but the national media network media we have quite a bit but we are thrilled to welcome --
6:28 pm
german tv, a canadian tv, some of the network entertainment programs that have been following is palin on the tour and of course good friends of c-span. >> finally for people who don't know joseph beth booksellers how can you describe it? >> we are eight regional bell company. we began in lexington and are in lexington and cincinnati and then after the first couple of years they restarted in memphis and nashville and decided to retire and the succession plan was kind of selling to the owner of the company and then he's expanded into cleveland, his hometown and charlotte and pittsburgh. seven stores and yeah, we focus on being a regional booksellers. [inaudible conversations]
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>> sarah palin served as republican governor of alaska from 20062009 and was a republican candidate for vice president in 2008. to find out more, visit we are here with the author of the new book the venus fixers. who were the venus fixers? >> they were in the government in the cemetery in 2002 whose job it was to prevent damage to monuments, works of art during the campaign between 1943


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