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tv   Tonight From Washington  CSPAN  November 23, 2009 8:30pm-11:00pm EST

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of tennessee have followed their club to a top ten ranking. they have moved up to number nine. the boilter make oefrs purdue, they pumped up to number six. the sec and the big ten. volunteers, boilermakers for the championship. this is how they got here. tennessee, a real hard fought win late last night. 57-5. that was over depaul. meanwhile, purdue, slow start over st. joseph's. here you have it, two top-ten teams looking for a championship. larry mclaughlin and larry conley with you. >> it's the full court pressure purdue has to handle. for purdue it's get into the half court defense and make
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eight tough on tennessee to get the ball inside. >> let's take a look at what happened with tennessee in their ball game last night. a couple of their veterans had to step up big. >> tyler smith got his don mostly on the inside. i talked about bench. skiel er mcbee was good. chism has the ability to shoot the three-point shot. on the other side, purdue, johnson has been stellar. two double-doubles here at paradise jam. he will be the leader on this purdue boilermaker team. he has to play well tonight.
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against a very good tennessee squad. >> so there you have it, two top-ten teams in the country. purdue-tennessee. college basketball tonight, the championship of the paradise champ. the vols, boilermakers. starting lineups, opening tips coming up.
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it's no surprise that the coach was about energy and intensity. what he wanted his guys to understand about this game is they had to move the ball quickly around the perimeter. they needed to take kramer out of his position. i talked to coach kate di kaed
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former coach from purdue. >> dan: you can see on the base faiss of both sides, purdue and tennessee, larry, a little bit of anxiousness, a little nervousness, especially watching some of the purdue kids. >> larry: you know, you and i talked about this in the three days we've been down here watching these two teams already. i'm most impressed with their benches. bruce pearl and i had a conversation. we were talking to matt painter last night. they really go down to their eighth, ninth, tenth player on the bench. they don't drop a whole lot when they go down to get those guys. for purdue, most of those guys are freshmen. >> dan: let's meet the head coaches as well. smith, chism, mace, prince and hobson. who stands out for you? >> larry: i think chism and smith are two guys we
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highlighted at the top of the show. i think they're the two guys they really have to depend on. >> dan: bruce pearl, the head coach of the volunteers is inside that huddle. and he has 46 sec wins over the last four seasons. most in the conference over that period. he's had three sweet 16 appearances in the last five years. let's meet the boilermakers of pursue. and it's robby hummel and johnson and grant and kramer and etwaun moore. >> larry: etwan moore is really key. jajuan johnson down on the inside. but the emotional leader is chris kramer. he's tough on defense and makes
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it really hard on guys who have got the ball. this purdue team is very solid in their half court defense. the three guys i just mentioned own offense early on, i think moore is the key. >> we asked matt painter last night after the game about recruiting. he said it's real simple pip'm a guy from indiana. he's from money see, indiana. he says we try to seal off the border and make sure we get those kids. look up and down the roster and all of a sudden they're on the cusp of being a top five team. primary kids from the state of indiana. >>. >> larry: he's got one from outside the state that we didn't mention, it's keaton grant. matt said we don't feel very confident that we're going to get him back this year.
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that's a tremendous loss. but the depth of this lineup will make up for lewis jackson. >> dan: they're so active, long at the guard position. you see what they did last season. tennessee, 21-13. sec tournament, they lost in the final to mississippi state. the tip is controlled by the boil ir makers. they're in the white. tennessee in the orange. >> larry: man-to-man defense by tennessee. >> dan: kramer fired it over to hummel, a little bit long on that shot. knocked out of bounds and tennessee basketball. >> larry: struggling with his shot down here in the islands. haven't played as well as i've seen him play in the past. i saw him play a number of times on tv last year. but this is a guy that purdue needs almost every night out. >> dan: fans wanted a travel. they don't get it. no good. rebound by keaton grant.
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heads-up play, alley-oop, oh! >> larry: lost the trigger right at the end. over to tyler smith. hopson right side to maze, terrific in the turnover ratio a year ago. down to seven on the shot clock. hopson with it. spinning from the left elbow, blocked. and that was keaton grant. in all the way. lays it up. partially blocked. the putback is no gool d good a and a foul. >> larry: how tough is it going to be to get a shot tonight? i got to tell you, i talked about this in the open of the show, in the very few minutes that we started in this game. we'll give you some indication of how good the defense is on both of these clubs. grant was a terrific play right there.
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and a better one on either end. johnson gets the free throws. both of these clubs, long, lean and very good on defense. >> dan: johnson had his sixth career double-double in a win over south dakota in this tournament. that wound up being tighter of a game than he would have liked. johnson second. is good. one of two from the free-throw line. >> as i indicated already, two double-doubles here at paradise jam. jajuan johnson. all over maze out front. >> dan: hopson couldn't finish it. >> larry: hopson gets the pressure on the wing. that's how you release it. >> dan: johnson inside. and a travel on jajuan johnson.
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>> dan: how about the pace? a little different than game one. that's going to go against johnson. he was trying to guard chism. >> larry: it's hard to talk about matchups. you have different varieties of defenses. everybody helping so much, almost impossible to really focus on matchups but there's some pretty good ones here right now. >> chism with the left hand. >> larry: chism is one of the most underrated players in the southeastern conference. >> dan: no good. pulled away by tennessee. rebound to bobby maze. >> larry: purdue does d a good
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job getting back quickly. . >> dan: maze for three. >> larry: maze has been sharing time at the point guard position. right now he wants to reassert himself out there. getting a lot of minutes recently. >> dan: moore with it. he'll go to the corner. a lot of time to double there. grant for three, that's no good. he wanted a foul. the other way pushing it, smith, oh, goodness! you better get out of the way. >> i thi . >> larry: i think they're going to have a conversation about this dunk. watch it again. tyler smith. acceleration to second gear. oh, my. he just took it and went straight to the hole.
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wow. >> dan: brings tennessee fans up to their feet. hummel for three, no. >> larry: jajuan johnson is playing as well as anybody in the early part of this season. >> dan: maze pulls up. tips pip. how ability the intenout the in championship team? >> larry: we expect to see the kind of plays we just witnessed from tyler smith all night long. some kind of dunk, wasn't it? >> dan: the best i've seen all year. the best one yet. johnson with his putback. no call. it's 7-3.
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we talked to matt painter after the game last night. he said undoubtedly. a fantastic test for our kids, because we're going to see maybe the best athletes all year long for tennessee. >> larry: i think with the experience tennessee has, i would have to make them co-favorites. >> experience, such a key. and kentucky is loaded. young kids, three up. and that's no good. here comes purdue. kramer with the basketball. this would be a foul against the volunteers and bruce pearl can't believe it. >> larry: how about kramer? usually when he has the basketball something good happens for purdue. now watch this, you think that big body right there was going to slow him down? no way. brian williams takes it.
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and he's got the blocking foul. i love kramer's play. he's the emotional leader of the purdue squad. >> dan: there's talk -- he's a senior, he would come back to purdue and play next year play football. >> larry: he's not an offensive threat. and he's really not a great shooter on the outside. most of what he gets done is handling the football. >> dan: and we'll have a substitution in for the boilermakers. ryan smith, the soft moore from toledo, ohio. you're watching the paradise jam from the u.s. virgin islands. university of the virgin isla s islands. larry conley, dan mclaughlin, samantha steele with you. number nine versus number six.
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smith lost it. hum met's got it for purdue. he'll push it. his own man ran into it. that's no good. bouncing around. tennessee has it. thought about the alley-oop. pulls up, that's no good. hummel, another rebound. that's his third tonight. end to end action, hum met thought about the shot, he'll take it in, a lit floater. >> larry: nice move. struggles with his outside perimeter shooting. works inside. he's been very good. >> dan: offensive foul against tennessee. i believe they gave that to smith. what a start here at the u.s. virgin islands in the paradise jam. tennessee, purdue, two top ten teams right before thanksgiving. little treat for you folks. 7-7. boss: ah! thank goodness you're back.
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>> dan: we've seen good defense on both sides. >> larry: we talked about the fact that both clubs are going to have difficult ty getting shots to the basket. >> dan: larry, you talked about it, matt painter says i'm going to play my young players. he's got a couple of those kids out there on the floor right now. i want to see what i've got, he said. e'twaun moore feeds it to the wing. this is d.j. byrd, he's a freshman . >> larry: their coach believes in them. >> larry: the young man i was talking about, sharing play iin time with bobby maze. he needed to give relief out front for maze.
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so after a lead of 7-1 for tennessee, a little run here by the boilermakers. >> larry: kelsey barlow with a high shot off the block. i think it's pretty good tonight that you do have that good defense. the way they're playing, you can get a lot of fatigue with five or six minutes to go. >> dan: bruce pearl telling us, he likes his bench. he feels he has a deep bench. in doing the game last night, you say this team, you go nine, ten team. it's a different story. byrd is fighting the freshman with the volunteers. kenny hall, he is also the freshman out of stone mountain, georgia. >> larry: both coaches went to their berj early. >> dan: sure did. >> dan: painter, truly one of the great young coaches.
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th >> da g oi ns mixed up with grant. goins with the basketball here. tough shot, and he's fouled. act r and that could go against bar lou. >> larry: going down the lane you have to have a little bit of help. bar lou t barlow trying to keep up with him. >> dan: bruce pearl said he might be his toughest kid. he had surgery and was back in
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practice in three weeks. >> larry: young man out of san diego, california. he went to college out there. and bruce pearl said i needed a guard. and i wanted to give some of my guys who play the point guard position a little bit of a breather and he's got a good one. >> dan: and now tennessee aflying the full court pressure. purdue can't get it in. they finally do. they can trap here in the corner. it's kicked out of bounds. off the foot of wayne chism. 10-8, purdue, leading tennessee. >> larry: purdue on ab9-1 run right now. >> dan:
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>> larry: how about that, maturity by a freshman, get your teammate the ball. purdue fans on their feet, applauding their defense right now. >> dan: shot clock at ten. >> dan: chism with it down to five. >> larry: if you don't knee chism or the tennessee program, it's not unusual for a guy 6'9" to shoot the ball like he does. that's going to be a foul on goins. very adept at shooting the field goal. >> dan: a senior and former walk-on for purdue will check in. >> larry: the senior can drill it from out there. bruce pearl loves for him to shoot that three. sniem number 30 for purdue.
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smag that matt painter has developed. walk-ones. two years as a walk-on and now earned a scholarship. it paid off yesterday. and a foul against tennessee's bobby maeds. -- maze. he says that's the be amazed hair cut, specifically for the paradise jam. so grant goes to the line. you're watching the paradise jam from the u.s. virgin islands. samantha steele, number 6 against number 9. rebound to hall of the volunteers.
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>> larry: purdue, trying to get the ball inside. good defense outside on maze. >> dan: mcbee trying to go inside. a foul on johnson. he was matched up with chism. and that's the second on johnson with 12:50 to go here in the first half. that will send him to the bench and that's a huge loss for the boilermakers. >> larry: i talked about one of the keys to the game. the benches are going to play an important role. if these fouls to continue to go the way they're going, they're going to need that bench. >> dan: already 12 fouls combined, committed in this game. smith inside. yes. >> larry: he may be the best player off the bench for tennessee. bruce pearl said if i had six players i could play out there, he would be my other starter. . >> they have hit three threes and a foul away from the basketball. that will go against purdue, the
8:57 pm
6'8" fresh mab. >> get a feeling the guys are sending a message, the officials right now? clean it up, let's play the gail. tatum with the long-range shot. solid player. >> dan: we saw it yesterday with tennessee and depaul. a lot of fouls. it was a choppy game. but tennessee, you know, so active defensively. they get after it. a lot of physical play. that's a tral. -- travel. chism went one way then spun back the other and too many steps. >> did a nice job of keeping it away from the basket. wouldn't allow him to make that maneuver down on the baseline that we saw him make a couple of times last night. >> and now cramer brings it up the floor for the boilermakers. hummel, better get a hand up. he can shoot it.
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>> larry: steps off of that. whether he puts it down on the deck or whether he comes off the screen and shoots it right away. he's not been shooting the ball well in this particular paradise jam. >> hummel's
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welcome home, man.
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>> dan: i've known gene for a long, long time when he was the coach at purdue. truly one of the really good basketball coaches you'll ever talk to about the game. i was at practice with him for a little while. having a conversation. he said i'm doing well. i've got my man out there coaching right now, and of course, he was talking about matt painter. and a couple of guys that have gone on to be head coach from gene keady. worked together as players then coaches. chism trying to get through and a foul. i believe that will go against ba de it will .. >> larry: guys trying to make cuts down the lane.
9:01 pm
everybody taking a swipe. >> dan: so bade with two fouls. johnson at purdue with two foal fouls. johnson is the one who sit zits. bade, throw him out there and let him get his fouls. johnson you have to be careful with. >> larry: i think we're seeing the official real estately getting control of this game. you've got to adjust. you've got to make adjustments when officials are calling a game like this. >> dan: they're giving an indication they're going to call a lot of fouls. particularly when guys are fouling. >> dan: kramer over and back. >> dan: purdue in their first
9:02 pm
three games they forced over 60 turnovers combined. here's chiz. inside, working against bade with the left hand and count it. that's his third personal. chism goes to the line. >> larry: i want you to think about the array of shots we've seen with from this man already. watch him make this maneuver across the lane and lay it up with his left hand. a finger roll over the rim. wayne chism showing offensive skills early. >> dan: 35th in points all-time in tennessee. second team all preseason. e'twaun moore now for purdue.
9:03 pm
here's moore in the lane, got it. >> larry: couple of screens that time. one by johnson and one by hum met to g mel to get into that lane. >> dan: chism, they forced it, no good. he wants to push. kramer's got it. for three. taken away by tennessee. chism, alley-oop. they couldn't finish. >> larry: it's a foul. i think it's going to be on grant. watch it again. watch the lob pass right here. here's chism with a throw up. right there. got him on the arm as he was trying to dunk. hopson will go to the line.
9:04 pm
>> dan: trying to take away not all of the arc, just some of it. his shooting his improved this season. >> larry: he was not a very consistent performer last year, but he has really settled in and really looks like he's poised to have a very good year. very long, lean and athletic. much the way you describe the tennessee players at the opener. >> dan: hummel has to take the time-out and it's a five-point lead for the volunteers. and their fans are on their feet as matt painter will talk it over. >> one of the things tennessee does for you, they get you playing very, very quick on the full court press. you'll get yourself in trouble. got to make sure you've got somebody open coming to the ball and don't get trapped in the corners.
9:05 pm
they're so long with their arms. they really cover on this full court press really well. something that bruce pearl didn't do much of last year. feel like he had the personnel. this year is a different story. i think this may be his best team. >> dan: let's go back to what they did a year ago. show you the graphic. 21-13, 10-6 in the sec. they lost to oklahoma state in the first round. but one thing they've done that they have never done in their history, they finished ahead of kentucky four straight years. the dominance that kentucky has had in college basketball all these years. >> hummell got the ball into kramer and. moore inside. that's a two. foot was on the line. >> larry: i talked about his offensive ability. that's really a perimeter
9:06 pm
shooter on the offensive squad. >> standing room only around here. >> dan: yep. under ten on the shot clock. purdue keeps control of it somehow. here they come. barlow and a foul. >> larry: once again a lot of hacking and reaching and grabbing. i was watching as barlow goes down the lane and he just reached down and grabbed him across the arms. >> dan: the freshman from indianapolis to the line.
9:07 pm
>> dan: some of the freshmen now. it? >> barlow and byrd are the two guys they hope will help them this year. bade also can play. >> dan: 9:30 to go in our first half of play. back off of kramer. they know he's not going to shoot. >> larry: i'm telling you, this guy can really play. you've got to respect him. you've got to go out and play him. >> dan: 9:04 to go.
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it's a two-point lead. 18 combined fouls in this ball game. ten for purdue and eight for tennessee. 6'3" senior, second in assist to turnover ratio last year in the sec. what he's done in kentucky so far and we forget. you talked about it, larry, the experience of tennessee coming back. >> larry: trapped it himself. >> dan: here's hummel. offseason soldier surgery. really been impressive the way they've come out this year. >> larry: i want to stand up,
9:09 pm
walk out on the floor and tell these guy, come on. adjust. you know, adjust to what they're calling out there. i mean, they're not calling tictic ticky-tack fouls. these are legitimate fouls they're calling. the pushing, the shoving, the hacking. >> dan: the way this is going, it could be one-on-one, matt painter against bruce pearl. i'll take matt. >> larry: well, if you take bruce, he'll talk you out of the ball. 25-23, tennessee with the lead. smith, fouled by byrd and
9:10 pm
another chance at a three-point play. good position by tyler smith that time down inside. watch him post up. didn't get any help down inside and you could see the foul committed in there on the spin move. >> no stranger. he played for iowa two seasons ago. sec's third leading scorer. >> dan: stepping outside, no good. here comes tennessee. and they throw it away. this time, they turn it over. >> larry: not a good pass that time.
9:11 pm
i was watching the handling of the ball by hopson. he just left the man too much. >> rebound by cameron tatum. >> great hustle in front of us by smith. boilermaker fans applaud the effort.
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>> dan: 27-23, tennessee leading purdue. and sam, something unique on the volunteers uniform this year. >> their teammate suffered from sudden cardiac arrest after a foot race with his teammate bobby maze. now, luckily it's only 60 yards away there was an aed that had just been donated by the u.t. medical center that literally saved his life. it was really cool to see him get back in practice this week. they don't know about his future basketball year, but he's the
9:14 pm
pulse of this team. great personality and they're happy to have him back. >> dan: great store rirk isn't it? >> larry: it's a wonderful story because his heart actually stopped beating. and they revived him and got him back. not sure if he's going to have a chance to play again, but it's good to see him back out here. >> dan: e'twaun moore draws contact and a foul. 13-year nba career and a heck of a player. looks like his dad, too, doesn't he? >> larry: he does. . yeah, he sure does. boy, his dad was some player. i really enjoyed watching him play. this young man is going to be a pretty good player i think in his own right, too.
9:15 pm
with johnson out, moore has really stepped up his name. >> larry: he had to. often times when you have a big scorer out of game, it means everyone else on the floor has to pick up their slack. and moore has been able to do that. >> dan: he's got nine. trying the three, the baseline off the side of the bod board, no good. here's kramer the other way. smith walks into the shot, well short there. no good. mcbee, the freshman, pulls it away. mcbee, they lost the basketball and it's still in play. wo woolridge over the back. that's his second foul. >> larry: i saw six guys sitting
9:16 pm
on chairs. i thought they were going to come out and try to get involved. >> dan: 27-25, ten fouls a side now. >> larry: just barely stayed inbounds. >> dan: hum met's first is good. >> larry: two players on your squad that could be player of the year. >> dan: these guys really literally have just grown up in front of the fans at purdue. hummel for three, wow! 30-27, purdue.
9:17 pm
>> dan: mcbee will go to the line and shoot three. smith called for the foul against purdue. and mcbee, a sharp shooter to the line. what's the old adage coaching will tell you? >> larry: don't foul a jump shooter. and don't foul a jump shooter shooting a three. >> dan: they just did it. 6:32 to go. skiel ski skyler mcbee. and bruce pearl telling us, the hardest worker in his preseason. every minute he's gotten, he has earned. >> larry: you know, so far, we played 6 1/2 minutes left to go in the first half. this game has been everything i thought it would be. you've got two clubs this good,
9:18 pm
two teams that have such great players and skills. you expect to see a performance that's very, very high. and that's what we've seen. >> dan: can't get it in. >> larry: boy, they makt so difficult. all they're doing is face guarding. they will allow you to get the ball up. it's trying to get to the ball. trying to find out where the guy is on the baseline, and they can just not make that pass. >> dan: and bruce pearl's father applauding that defensive effort. >> he's leading his peers, wasn't he? >> dan: he sure was. >> larry: having an awfully good first half for tennessee.
9:19 pm
>> dan: moore inside. and the freshman finishes. >> dan: thought about the three. put it on the floor. set up the offense. under six minutes to go, first down. >> larry: if you're going to step out and double-team you've got to rotate. >> dan: 34-32 in favor of tennessee. >> dan: hummel, no good. tatum the rebound.
9:20 pm
still trying the three, no good. tt rebound inside. >> larry: two ill advised shots i thought by two tennessee players right there. >> dan: this is something else. >> dan: ae'twaun moore, no good. >> larry: it was the right idea. had a couple of inches on him and couldn't make the shot. >> dan: all the way in! for tennessee. time-out, boilermakers. >> larry: i think the message that matt painter is going to pass on to his team, we can't
9:21 pm
allow someone to drive all the way to the basket and not be challenged. that was an easy basket for tennessee. got it up off the glass for an easy one. go back and take a look at cameron tatum right here with the basketball. there's nobody there to help. even hummel was a little late getting there. >> dan: matt painter is off to a terrific start in his career. sweet 16 appearance, three ncaa appearances. and a big ten post zn championship. purdue lost their last three league games, eventually in the tournament they lost to uconn in the regional semifinals 72-60. you ask this fan base of purdue, they love them. he's one of theirs. >> larry: he is. and he's got his top six players returning and i think they're going to have a good year, even with lewis jackson out.
9:22 pm
>> dan: hum met now hands it to kramer, who's very calm against this defense. barlow, the rebound. hummel again, he'll try it. that time it's no good. really struggling. maze the other way. gets it blocked. keeps it alive to kramer. >> larry: 3 3 of 9 from the field. >> dan: inside, a block and a foul. is tennessee has shot 44%. purdue, 40% tonight. number six against number nine. early season test at paradise jam.
9:23 pm
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if there's no credit fairy then who will make our credit score go up? we will. by doing things like paying our bills on time. announcer: there's no magic to improving your credit. but there's help and it's free. go to what? >> dan: vom tiers leetd 36-32 a -- volunteers lead 36-32. look at the array of shots he's got. follows up on his own miss. nice maneuver here, the finger roll with the left hand. shooting from 22 feet, makes the three. he's got 14 so far for tennessee. >> dan: there's chiz. visiting with the official, 358 to play. in favor of tennessee. moore at the line.
9:25 pm
the 6'4" junior. chism has 4 of 18. so a two-point lead for the volunte volunteers. look at the body of chism. project him to be a guy who's going to make money at this game at some point. look at barlow with the hole. >> larry: it's impossible to go
9:26 pm
through that, without somebody putting a body on you. >> dan: so tatum at the line. brian smith back in the game. >> dan: hall in for tennessee. the paradise jam from the u.s. virgin islands. second by tatum is good. humm hummel, it's been a struggle. he's an all-american candidate, 3 of 9 tonight. 1 for 5 and a sharp shooter for nine points. >> larry: i've seen him play much, much better. >> dan: kramer, that share shot but he makes sure it counts when he takes it. >> larry: they don't respect his
9:27 pm
shooting ability, that's why he was so wide open. >> dan: now in the hands of hopson, back to smith. and whose ball will it be? it will stay with tennessee. >> larry: they're going to say that moore touched it. he's having a conversation with the referee and trying to please his case. forget it. >> dan: going to go back to tenness tennessee. >> larry: you can go out there and plead your case all you want. the guys in the tripe strooips make the final call. >> dan: they get it back. maze for three, too strong. humm hummel, though, has it for purdue.
9:28 pm
>> dan: smith is open, short with the three. hummel with the rebound. fresh 35. lost it and now set up the offense. e'twaun moore wit. little floater on the free-throw line. missed everything. back in the hands of purdue. >> larry: he slipped the screen and was trying to get down the lane on the block. moore led him with the pass that was too far out of his reach. >> dan: so two minutes to play, 37-36, tennessee.
9:29 pm
>> larry: good defense on bobby maze. >> dan: shot up inside. >> dan: cramer up the floor for purdue, trailing by three. number six versus number 9. . >> larry: that's why he was brought to purdue, because he can shoot. 4 for 10. >> dan: a floater and they answer. that's maze again. >> larry: two good back to back baskets. >> dan: looks like he's favoring that right knee.
9:30 pm
>> dan: moore in the lane, got it. back and forth we go. >> dan: fans of the boilermakers on their feet. smith spinning in the lane. blocked. couple of substitutions for the volunteers. i'm those guys who have the most time are going to be breathing really heavy. it's been fun to watch. >> dan: 3.4 seconds remaining. almost a steal.
9:31 pm
>> dan: smith glances at the clock. almost a walk. >> larry: great defense by pursue. >> dan: 16.9 seconds remaining in the half. >> larry: what a tremendous defensive effort by the boilermakers. matt painter's club really plays that half court defense as well as anybody. they will now allow tennessee to get their shoulders scared up for any kind of shot. now purdue has a chance to take a last shot in the first half. that was terrific. brings it up the floor for the boilermakers. moore will take it himself.
9:32 pm
and delivers. >> dan: purdue, leads it 42-41. >> larry: how important is it going to be to get anymore a rhythm in his second half? >> tennessee is a good defensive team. rob had some good looks. he's got to continue to take a shot. >> is this the physical style of ball you want to play? >> we can play either way, whether it's physical. our bench is going to have to come through for us in the second half. >> back over to you guys. >> matt painter one of the best coaches in college basketball. what a ball game we've got tonight. the championship of the paradise jam. 42-41, number 6 against number
9:33 pm
9. you're watching the paradise jam from the u.s. virgin islands. halftime is here.
9:34 pm
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9:35 pm
shopping less and saving more. now, that's progressive. call or click today. we are at halftime at the paradise jam championship game with the boiler make irs leading the vols by one. hello there.
9:36 pm
32-game nonconference home winning streak. getting it done on both ends. with authority. later, john hen son comes up save, davis on the other end. louisville hosting appalacian state. later in the second half, louisville up 17 off the turnover. takes the pass and goes all the way in. pitino's team is cruising. second half, cardinals just
9:37 pm
pouring it on. comes up, louisville wins 80-5. the maui invitational, first half, rashad bishop there for the follow-up dunk. moments later, yancy gates cleans up the prak. later in the half, misses the bucket down low. depaul and st. joe. depaul up six. the hawks would fight back. roy bentley for three. little bentley hits from the very same spot. less than a minute remaining. devin hill, the turnaround down
9:38 pm
low. following the game, stay tuned for "final score bts prended by burger king. all your hoop highlights as well on monday night football. that's coming up following the game on most of these regional sports network. purdue leads tennessee by a point coming up after the break. we'll send you back to the virgin islands for the second half of the paradise jam championship.
9:39 pm
9:40 pm
oh! blue! time! time out. i touched it. i touched the ball before it went out, coach. come on, alex, the ref did not call that! you gotta be kidding me, alex! it's the championship game! talk to him, coach. i touched, it's their ball. don't foul them when they inbound. team on 'three.' one, two, three. nice going, alex. sorry coach. alex! good call.
9:41 pm
>> welcome back to the paradise jam here in the u.s. virgin islands. purdue leads tennessee 42-41. i am joined by a very special guest. the governor of the u.s. virgin islands. thank you so much for taking the time. >> thank you very much for being here. thank you for being here on the show. >> my first question is one of practic practicality. when you live in a place that's this beautiful, how do you get any work done. >> you don't. that's why you come to paradise jam games. >> seems like the community loves you. >> the community comes out in tremendous force. tonight's game, i think you're seeing a lot of it. in addition to the folks who came down from purdue, from tennessee, from all the schools. but the excitement that we've had in the community, even here, when you go around, you see people from st. john and st. croix, they've flown over just to be a part of this tournament and they'll be here all week. >> for people who have never made it to the u.s. virgin islands, tell us about the culture. >> well, the virgin islands is a
9:42 pm
little bit of the caribbean and the u.s. territory within the caribbean. the u.s. dollar reigns, a lot of shopping a lot of retail. the cruise industry, airline industry. it's really a combination of tourism but a lot of financial services. where destination is really growing. and with our university, our university is expanding in terms of sports, but also in terms of research and technology. so there's a lot going on in the virgin islands. with all at challenges in the u.s., we're doing very well and attracting a lot of people and a lot of companies. >> tell me about the thing people are most interested inning is. >> i think they have to go from megan's bay on st. thomas. >> i've been there. i can attest to that. >> to natural heritage trail, to water island, to honeymoon beach. all of it is in st. thomas.
9:43 pm
and also with the shopping that's available. >> i know we can debate about this all day. my big question seeing i rented a car this week and i've been driving. why in the world do you drive on the wrong side of the wroed? >> i think they drive on the wrong side in the u.s. >> oh, okay. i'm sorry about that. i understand. >> rest assured. whenever you're a new driver there's a sign that says think left or stay left. that should help in some cases. >> we got it. thank you for taking your time. we'll let you get back to that great game. thank you, governor. back with more halftime right after this. >> dan: 42-41. i'm dan mclaughlin. and yes, purdue is on top by one. >> larry: you and i were talking. jajuan johnson played a total of eight minutes in that first
9:44 pm
half. purdue's got the lead with really their best star on the inside not even playing most of the first half. he missed 12 minutes. >> dan: let's start with the boilermakers. >> larry: jajaun had two field goals. he had 11 points in that first half on 4 of 10 shooting. it was e'twaun moore with 15 points in the first half. making good moves on the inside. i just think he's a terrific all-around perform mare. watch this by smith. i tell you what, tyler smith went up and threw it down. comes right across the lane and draws the foul. wayne chism with a ficker roll.
9:45 pm
got everything that tennessee wanted of him in the first half. >> dan: you want an even matc p matchup, you got it here after 20 minutes. >> dan: how about the free throws? dead even. rebounding, dead even. points off of turnovers. everything about this game is dead even. and both clubs playing at a high level. >> dan: more from the u.s. virgin islands, paradise jam right after this. it's the second half. 42-41, number 6 leads number 9. purdue over tennessee.
9:46 pm
9:47 pm
>> dan: purdue lee looeding tennessee.. >> co, obviously it's been an incredibly intense game thus far. how important is it going to be if fatigue sets in to get play from your bench?
9:48 pm
>> it's going to be important. we try to play 10 or 11 guys. i told the guy, remember the held, remember the preconditioning we did all week. . >> what specific adjustments do you need to make? >> got to send moore. too many unforced turnovers to the ball. >> we'll let you get back there. back over to you guys. >> thank you. 42-41, purdue. leading by one. and a look at the leaders in the first half. . >> dan: the first half we saw a lot of fouls. at times it was up and down. the player, as you mentioned, they really haven't adjusted to what we' seen being called. nice look by smith underneath. chism gets the rebound off the
9:49 pm
glass president gets it to fall with 16. >> dan: 3 for 3. >> dan: one-on-one. that's almost too easy for him. >> larry: i'm a little surprised jajuan johnson is quabacking off him the way he is. he's got to get on him and also get some help.
9:50 pm
>> dan: now make it 18 in the game. >> larry: boy, what a game he is having. >> dan: tied up at 44-44. now they change the scoreboard and say 45. >> larry: they caught up with you. >> larry: getting a piece of nearly every pass that comes near him. prince is trying to guard moore right now. probably tennessee's toughest defender. >> dan: here's johnson. >> larry: having him back in the lineup makes such a difference for purr dpup -- purdue. takes a little pressure off the other players. >> dan: he's got 7 on 3 of 4 from the floor. 47-45 in favor of the boilermakers.
9:51 pm
>> larry: chism was trying to make that cut across the baseline because it was wide open on the other side. i guess johnson just gave him a little push or a little shove as he went across the lane. >> dan: matt painter in his visit with sam he said well, if they want to call everything, we need to adjust. well, they called it on johnson. somehow it finds a way to drop for hopson. >> larry: williams is going to pick up a foul. brian williams comes off the bench. he actually gives chism a little
9:52 pm
bit of a blow. i love what they call him. they call him da neighborhood. nice move to the basket once again. watch hopson get that little roll off of the rim. >> kramer will inbound. to the corner it goes. can really shoot that three. >> dan: i get the feeling from the benches, the reaction, this game is being called too tightly. would you agree? >> larry: i would, but also, i mean, you can't be worried about that. you've got to make the adjustment if you want to play. >> dan: sure. >> larry: how about the nasz time by bobby maze going down the lane? purdue did the right thing. they collapsed on the ball, but it allowed williams to get open.
9:53 pm
>> dan: in and out. williams to rebound. got it for the vols. >> dan: a lot of lead changes the entire night. . >> larry: coaches from several colleges across the country. head coach of jackson state at one time down in mississippi. >> dan: tyler smith will inbound for tennessee. tatum is there. a look for three, no good. wanted a foul, doesn't matter. smith has got it. lowers his shoulder and this will be a foul. offensive foul against smith. we'll step aside, catch our breath. the start of the second half.
9:54 pm
the start of the second half. you're watching the paradi [vibrates] g morning, sunshine. wakey, wakey. text me back. [chattering] [vibrates] hey. did you tell your parents about us? let's skip first period together. did you get all my texts? is practice over yet? where you at? are you with your friends? that's laaaa-mee.
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9:56 pm
purd . >> dan: purdue number six in the land, leading number nine tennessee. chism on the line right now. two fouls and maybe the biggest blow in this game has been johnson. he's got three for purdue. >> dan: kramer. this is byrd. the fans wanted him to shoot it. hummel thought about it as well. screen and cut, screen and cut. kramer takes it all the way in but no good.
9:57 pm
how about that defensive play? >> larry: he started sliding from mid court on. oh, my goodness. mid court, skill going, still swimming. trying to get there. >> dan: great way to describe it, like you said, swimming. >> dan: to hummel and knocks it down. >> larry: the defensive play earlier, now the jump shot. >> dan: under 15 to play. smith inside. and a foul against byrd.
9:58 pm
good call. >> larry: yeah, it is. when tyler smith gets down there against someone two or three inches smaller than he is. hard to guard him down there. this is his second paradise jam. >> dan: that's right, we said earlier he was with iowa. >> larry: he played with iowa his freshman. >> larry: the hardship rule in the ncaa allows him to move back closer so his dad would have a chance to see him play. thost not unusual. this was a good rule. he's not the first one to be able to do this. he got back home and his dad never had a chance to see him play as he passed away before he had a chance to go out there and watch him in the orange uniform. >> dan: standing ovation for kramer as this time he stays on his feet and doesn't swim to the sideline. what a play.
9:59 pm
>> larry: i don't think i've ever seen anybody go that far on the floor. >> dan: he was about half court. wound up all the way where bruce pearl is standing right now. about ten yards. smith at the line. two-time all-sec. >> larry: 130-meter free style. >> dan: certainly did. >> larry: even if he loses this game, they're going to come out here knowing they can complete against top-ten clubs. >> dan: good point. blocked by women. barlow took it inside. >> larry: they also call him the death star. >> dan: i was just reading that.
10:00 pm
maybe that's why right there. johnson in this game playing for three. deep three that time and no good. >> larry: they usually spell each other. >> dan: chism with the ball. he scored 18. moore also 18 for purdue. 15 on the shot clock. little floater by tatum that falls. >> larry: he's something off the bench, isn't he? he just gave this team a big lift when he comes off that pine. >> dan: and a foul away from the basketball. that will be against goins, trying to fight the screen on the far side. >> larry: 16 team fouls so far on pursue. 15 on tennessee. >> dan: 5 3-5 2, in favor of the
10:01 pm
vols. and they turn it over. mcbee. three-on-two. inside, no, but the putback is good by williams! >> larry: death star is floating around the rim. >> dan: johnson, turnaround, jump shot. defense by williams.
10:02 pm
>> dan: shot clock is under 15. goins throws it away. >> dan: matched up with chism. goins trying to atone for his turnover got a hand on this. johnson, the flush over chism! >> larry: what a terrific pass that time by kelsey barlow.
10:03 pm
how about johnson on the roll? well done. well done. >> dan: you can't tell me there's been a better game this year. >> dan: chism fouled. this is the u.s. virgin islands paradise jam. 55-54 tennessee-purdue, and a good one.
10:04 pm
10:05 pm
>> larry: williams with a great throwdown right there. comes down inside. maze gives him a good pass. watch this maneuver right here by tatum as it comes across the lane. boy, the bench is a bit big? and for purdue, the same kind of thing. they're the getting good play. kelsey barlow right there. good scoring, tennessee has 16 points off their bench.
10:06 pm
purdue as ten. >> dan: mcbee, one of their top shooters outside. tough maneuver right there. >> dan: fouls, not nearly as much as we saw in the first half. seven combined so far. we had over 20 in the first half. johnson who can shoot it out there.
10:07 pm
that will be a jump ball pork session arrow in favor of the boilermakers. >> i saw brian williams get up on the block a couple of years ago. a couple of years ago, he couldn't have done it. he lost over 100 pounds in high school. he was playing too many video games. he found out he pretty athletic. they call him big baby. the coach wants him to be more aggressive offensively.
10:08 pm
>> dan: he's a junior on at bronx. sometimes you take a chance on those kids to lose that kind of weight. why not? maze, fouled by smith. >> larry: that was just a bad pass. do you see the sprinting ability that time by bobby maze? i mean, maze just ran this ball down. i'm going to tell you, you watch, smith had the advantage, and maze just went right by him. got the ball and got the foul. got a chance to shoot a couple of free throws. >> dan: defensive back, wide receiver. put him in the slot.
10:09 pm
>> dan: e'twaun moore back in for purdue. biggest lead. finally they get the time-out. >> larry: he had nowhere to go with that basketball. did you ever notice when a guy gets in trouble, all of his teammate ace abandon him?
10:10 pm
come to the ball, give him some help. >> dan: bruce pearl, by the way, pleading his case about the elbows that were up. 57-54.
10:11 pm
there's nowhere to go for grant. mcbee traps him right in front of the tennessee bench. smart play to call the time-out. >> dan: so a three-point lead, the largest of the night has been six.
10:12 pm
purdue will have the basketball. williams to feed the inbound here. >> dan: tries to go to the pick and runs right over kramer. >> dan: and a substitution. tyler smith back in for tennessee. >> larry: this game is not for the feint of heart. >> dan: almost a steal that time for tatum.
10:13 pm
knocked out of bounds. and it will stay with the boilermakers. >> larry: that are guys that come off that screen. they are set to take a shot. tennessee has done a pretty good job of defend iing that. >> dan: and from a defensive perspective, trying to defend that, it does wear you out. efficient as purdue is with that. >> larry: i don't think there's any harder problem. >> dan: hummel off the glass.
10:14 pm
>> dan: he's 6 of 13. but just 1 of 6 from behind the arc. >> dan: reset with 15 on the shot clock. they're going to call a foul on grant. matt painter is hot on that far sideline. >> larry: i tell you what, i'm not sure that was a foul. grant was trailing right alongside of him that time and it looks like maze just slipped. >> dan: that's the foul? yikes. >> larry: i don't disagree officials very often, i'm going to tell you. grant is going to take a seat. >> dan: sprint, and a foul against mcbee.
10:15 pm
>> larry: i'm not sure the foul was on mcbee. >> dan: chism. >> larry: yeah, chism. >> dan: so now he is playing with three. >> dan: johnson, too strong. barlow, the freshman lost it and knocked out of bounds off his knees. >> larry: really no pressure. nobody touching him, he just dropped the ball out of bounds. >> dan: barlow is not letting him breathe. >> dan: dan is getting a treat tonight, no doubt about it. >> larry: goes underneath the basket on one side. reverses his pattern and comes back to the other side.
10:16 pm
>> dan: watch this dump down pass. 7 of 10 from the floor. of 3 from the fly ball. >> dan: johnson picked up his fourth, so he'll have to have a seat. ieflt tennessee leads with three. he's just too valuable. >> dan: they'll call that on the floor. that will go against tennessee. >> larry: going to say it was a shot.
10:17 pm
>> larry: in the bonus. ieflt good passer, good defender. there's some good ones in the big ten, don't get my wrong. >> dan: that's no good. off the mark. and ball is loose. moore has got it. how about that for purdue. >> dan: fadeaway no good. >> larry: set the record in the paradise jam. every time i look up, he's on the floor.
10:18 pm
>> dan: maze will get it. guarded by larbow. inside and a travel. >> larry: they really made it tough on tennessee to get any good looks at the baskets.
10:19 pm
>> dan: moore with it. >> larry: that's an illegal screen. >> dan: purdue last season, 11-7 in the big ten, 27-10 overall. most feel the buckeyes would be mixed in there along with michigan state. >> larry: michigan and illinois. >> dan: hummel pulls it away, his sixth rebound tonight. here's moore. >> dan: more from the virgin
10:20 pm
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10:21 pm
>> dan: the basketball has been sensational. it's like ground hog's day, every day you wake up, it's perfect. converted hanger made into this
10:22 pm
basketball facility that seats just over 4,000. this is ant automatic when he's at the line. 4-4 from the free-throw line, and he has 17 tonight. hits the net. just under eight minutes to play.
10:23 pm
misses, kept alive by smith. oh, nice look. >> dan: prince in the lane, hopson, no good. the rebound for purdue. under seven minutes to go. ill advised pass. off the glass, no good.
10:24 pm
>> dan: matched up with smith. here's moore. he's got 20. make it 2! >> larry: he looked up and saw chism and his eyes started to sparkle. >> dan: fourth lead of the night for purdue. it's five points and their fans are loving it. >> larry: it will be some good times in west lafayette this year. i'm going to tell you that. >> larry: purdue has really turned it on here in the last couple of trips. barlow with about a 30-foot bounce pass. watch moore right here. got chism backing up.
10:25 pm
simply took one step back and drained that two-point field goal. he's had a good night. >> dan: what a ball game, huh? what a ball game. >> larry: one of the things that's really creeping up right here is the guys with foul problems. we've got a number of them on both squads. >> dan: williams with four. tennessee, chism, goins and prince with three. johnson, arguably their best player. purdue, he's been in foul trouble all night. anticipate yet here's purdue with their biggest lead of the night. tennessee basketball, here's smith. >> larry: that's the first field goal they had since the 13:51 mark.
10:26 pm
that's how good purdue's defense has been. >> dan: this is hummel, tough shot. no good. tennessee basketball. we're with you from the u.s. virgin islands. tennessee, purdue, big time basketball tonight. >> dan: smith, around the defender. >> dan: pretty tough defensively. it's now a one-point game again.
10:27 pm
>> dan: keeps it alive. kramer thought about it. from the free-throw line. >> larry: he sure gives it the right time. >> dan: in the lane, jump stops. he's so strong at 6'3". a guy you've got to have on your team. hummel back to moore. shot clock is down to seven. they're tied up. that will be a foul.
10:28 pm
goes against bade of purdue. an even four minutes to play. >> larry: and williams will have a chance to chew into this lead that purdue has. >> dan: more than 16,000 season ticket for purdue. they're going to have a nice season when they get back. >> larry: beautiful facility. >> dan: last season they lost the first round to oklahoma state.
10:29 pm
>> larry: johnson, fadeaway on the baseline. >> what a complement he is. >> dan: five-point lead. 68-63. chism leans in. body foul against the boilermakers. >> larry: that's it. >> dan: number five on johnson with 3:24 to play. >> larry: a huge loss now for the boilermakers. they lose this man for the rest of the game. he has fouled out. 68-63, stretch run when we come back.
10:30 pm
10:31 pm
>> dan: that's a huge loss now for purdue. the entire game basically he played in foul trouble. >> larry: he was so effective while he was in there. what minute he is had to get out there and play he's been really strong. i thought this was a blocking powell. i was watching him maneuver by chc hi sm trying to get to the basket. tough loss for purdue. >> dan: let's reset it. 68-63, two top ten teams going for the championship here, the paradise jam.
10:32 pm
tennessee is number nine in the land. purdue, number six. we're sold out here at st. thomas in the virgin islands. chism at the line. 20 points tonight on 7 of 11 from the floor now. 6 of 6 from the free-throw line. chism, 6'9" southeastern yor. -- senior. hits the second. >> larry: does a nice job, doesn't he? for a guy 6'9"? a nice touch. >> dan: three-point lead. >> larry: kept the ball in his hands. >> dan: off the head of goins. so it stays with purdue. that's the first time i can remember him really forcing a pass.
10:33 pm
>> dan: matt painter, a former coach at southern illinois. he and gene keady were together for a brief season. inside, and a foul. >> dan: and grant will head to the line. with these kinds of teams on the floor and athletes out there, this has not been an easy game to officiate, has it? >> larry: no, it hasn't. with this kind of quickness, guys flying around up on the rim, and also the quickness on the floor. i'm looking at this purdue lineup right now. i mean, kramer is 6'3", you've got keaton grant at 6'5" out there. e'twaun moore at 6'4", hummel is 6 '8". kelsey barlow is 6'5".
10:34 pm
del wel, they made a change now. bade is back in the lineup. taking barlow out. they needed some size in there against tennessee. >> dan: second one is good. five-point lead, 3:03 to play. smith matched up with hummel. takes it inside. looks like he was going to leave it for a dunk. would have had to shoot it. >> dan: another 2:30 to play. hummel lost it. a time-out given. the head coach called it.
10:35 pm
pounding on it and all of a sudden hummel is able to get the time-out. >> larry: i think the question they're asking is did hummel have possession of the ball? you can't call time-out unless you got possession. >> dan: screaming to hummel to get the time-out. and they gave it to him. >> larry: the first thing you've got to do is get the ball. >> dan: exactly. bruce pearl is irate over there on the sideline. >> larry: let's go back and a take a look at this play. hummel loses it. does he have possession so that matt painter can call a time-out? yeah, he does. i think the call is right. as soon as he gathered that ball in, did you see painter jumped pup how do you feel about
10:36 pm
coaches calling time-out? >> dan: i don't like it. i think it's a copout. do you agree? >> larry: i agree. the other rule i would like to see changed, you can't call a time-out unless you're standing up with the ball. >> dan: hence the bailout. >> larry: smart play, though, on the part of matt painter to call the time-out. >> dan: and bruce pearl. i think bruce pearl is upset at where matt painter may have been standing. >> larry: good drive.
10:37 pm
>> dan: can't finish. the putback no good. that's no good. and tennessee is going to pick up a foul as they had a gimme not once, but twice did patrick bade. >> larry: i think they're going to go the other way on this. >> dan: yeah. bade not once, but twice had a chance. >> larry: now bade has fouled out. >> dan: so hopson, sec all freshman last year at the line. sophomore from kentucky. a chance to cut the lead to three.
10:38 pm
cut the lead to four. it could have been seven. hummel trying to get it in. >> larry: going to get a holding call on cameron tatum. >> dan: that's who it is. and bruce pearl is watching him on that sideline. he just can't believe it. hands up in the air. >> dan: 2:13 to play. >> larry: think it's going to get down to a free throw shooting contest here? >> dan: yep. purdue is 17 of 21 for the free-throw line. and tennessee, right there with
10:39 pm
them, 21-26. we talked about it at halftime. looking at the teams statistically, how even it was after 20 minutes. >> larry: if purdue wins this game i'm going to look back when tennessee could only get one field goal. that really was the difference. this game is not over yet. >> smith will go to the line and shoot two. >> larry: we may actually get down to a free throw shooting contest here. and who's going to be left on the floor? >> dan: so smith goes to the line. kind of a down night for him and only three rebounds and eight points. >> larry: what an entertaining basketball game.
10:40 pm
>> dan: into the hands of hummel. if you want to foul him, send him to the line. >> larry: well, i think i would do that. tyler smith has got him right now, the man-to-man defense. hummel is a little too quick for him with the ball. >> dan: under 15 on the shot clock. 1:40 to play. hummel, steps through. hum met no good. under 90 seconds to go. fans on both sides on their feet. this could put a lot of pressure on purdue. chism with the left hand! 72-70. >> larry: wow. maze out front, he's going to try to put the pressure on barlow.
10:41 pm
chism has kramer, that's a mismatch. >> dan: the block! tennessee with the basketball. for the lead, no. loose. purdue's got it. 42 seconds to play. >> larry: what a rebound by barlow. did you see him go up? >> dan: and moore steps back. a difference right now of seven seconds, game clock and shot clock. smith fouls hummel to send the all-american candidate to the line. >> larry: he know he's got him beat, left hand off of the glass. watch cramer go by. >> larry: what a defensive play
10:42 pm
by wayne chism. >> dan: missed it. and bruce pearl gets the time-out. a hummel, a rare miss from the free-throw line. 32.1 seconds remaining. 72-70, purdue. >> larry: these clubs have shot free throws so well tonight. purdue, 18 of 23. 23 for 28 for tennessee. you know, the strategy for tennessee is all going to be dependent on what hummel does with the free throw. that he's goverment 32 seconds left before the end of regulation. and i say regulation because, you know, a three could tie this thing up and we could play for a little bit longer. if he makes this free throw.
10:43 pm
>> dan: if he makes the free throw. assume hummel does make it. >> larry: he's got a couple of guys that can shoot threes well. >> dan: and he doesn't have to do that. he could get two and get the foul. >> larry: absolutely. >> larry: each club has one full time-out left.
10:44 pm
do you think he can do it again? >> dan: i don't think he can afford to burn it, do you? he's had time to figure out what's going on on the sideline. >> larry: they know what they're going to do. it's just a matter of trying to get hummel back to the free-throw line to shoot froets. >> dan: so a two-point lead. >> dan: 4 of 5 from the free-throw line, 7 of 16 shooting .hummshoot i ing. hull m hummel, a chabs to make ate three-point lead. he got it. a chance to tie with a three. maze, the basketball. maze takes it in. up and under. one-point lead. >> dan: 18.8 to go.
10:45 pm
eiffel fo . >> larry: foul? >> dan: yep. and that sends the freshman to the line from indianapolis. 17.6 seconds remaining in this game. >> dan: you're talking about a freshman. >> dan: he missed it. >> larry: if tennessee gets this rebound object miss, they can win it. if he makes it, a two will tie it. >> dan: he missed it. >> larry: tennessee can win it. >> dan: here we go, and a chance to win it for the volunteers. 73-72.
10:46 pm
maze gives it up, it's chism for three. he missed it off the mark. trying to get his own rebound. a foul. time runs out, purdue has won it. >> larry: watch again, bobby maze drops the ball out to chism. he's made one of those tonight. he missed that one. how about the hustle over there by kelsey barlow to go get the ball. not give tennessee another chance. >> dan: after he missed the two free throws. ooichlt yes. >> larry: that's about as much
10:47 pm
fun as i've had watching a game in a long time. >> dan: me, too. >> larry: that was really very, very entertaining. >> dan: they had a look. >> larry: well, they did. and they had it in the guy they wanted to take the shot. i mean, chism is a good shooter from beyond that three-point line. he really didn't need a three. he could have stepped in closer. he could have gotten to the free-throw line and shot a two. or looked for somebody closer. he opted for the three. he wanted to get it up. >> dan: purdue, a dramatic win. they win the paradise jam championship. the boilermakers from the big ten defeat the sec. tennessee volunteers in a thriller 73-72.
10:48 pm
>> dan: not much more you could ask for. >> larry: the strategy i thought was proper for tennessee. after barlow missed those two free throws, they put the ball in the hands of a guy who should handle it. that was bobby maze. they got the fwhal the hands of the guy that could handle it and that was chism. let's throw it over to samantha smith. >> the championship trophy of the 2009 paradise jam tournament. let's bring over the guys. >> purdue, this symbol you see has a brass cylinder attached to the front of this trophy is the replica of the caribbean steel pan. it's a musical instrument indigenous to the caribbean and a shared symbol of all the islands. this is from the people of the
10:49 pm
virgin islands. taking home this year's 2009 paradise jam champions! >> and now we will present the most valuable player trophy. >> this year's mvp from purdue, e'twaun moore! this year's mvp of the paradise jam. congratulations. >> congratulations, guys. january, back over to you. >> all right, sam. back over to you. >>. >> dan: congratulations to purdue as they win the 2009 championship. purdue defeats tennessee. what a ball game. >> larry: moore deserved it. he had a terrific game tonight. he's really played well in all three games down here in the islands. i tell you what, this purdue team is going to be very serious in the big ten. they're ranked number six in the country and i think it's well deserved.
10:50 pm
>> dan: so more from the u.s. virgin islands paradise jam after this. purdue, your champion of 2009. mark, we have teams on both coasts that are interested.
10:51 pm
but milos only wants to play for dallas. milos really wants to play for brussels. milos only wants to play for shanghai. buenos aires... frankfort... paris... milos really wants to play for rome. [ crashing glass ] how's your japanese? we know why you fly. we're american airlines. >> dan: 'dtwe'twaun moore is na the mvp. purdue beats tennessee 73-72.
10:52 pm
it doesn't get much better as far as an early season contest. >> larry: i thought it was only appropriate that we would come down to a shot in the air to really decide it at the end of the game because of the way these two clubs played all night long. they really got after each other. in the beginning, if you remember, i said it was going to be defense. it ended up being defense, and really the benches of these two clubs really contributed big tonight. i think both of these teams are going to have highly successful years. i think purdue will make a serious challenge in the big ten. i know tennessee is going to make a serious challenge in the sec. >> dan: he was sensational. >> larry: he did everything for him. a long range three. comes right back handling the basketball. maneuver, crossover dribble. that was late in the game. but again, he did everything for this purdue club. this was a team victory. everybody contributed. >> larry: well, now you take a look ahead for both of these
10:53 pm
teams. >> dan: it's an early season test and obviously you want to be tested like this, but for tennessee and bruce pearl, a s disappointing loss. >> larry: they're going to go home knowing what they've been able to accomplish. they played number 16 right down to the wire tonight. and purdue can go and understand that even with the loss of jackson, their very important point guard, he's not going to play this year, but they've got enough depth and talent to compete in the big ten. >> dan: what did we learn about purdue tonight? >> larry: i think they're going to be very, very good. i would put them and michigan state, michigan and illinois, top four clubs in the big ten right now. probably would put purdue ahead of everybody. >> dan: so purdue wins the 2009 paradise jam championship. and interesting you say that, that purdue, ahead of everybody right now. and so many people talk about michigan state. tom izzo returns a team that goes to the final four a year ago. >> larry: i think tom has a solid club. but this purdue team is going to
10:54 pm
be tough to handle. i'm going to tell you what, the game between purdue and michigan state will be one of the classics of the big ten schedules this year. >> dan: looking forward to that. this was fun once again, partner, as always. >> dan: 7 -72, our final tonight. purdue still undefeated. 73-72. so long from the paradise jam at the u.s. virgin island
10:55 pm
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learn more at as depaul wins. and that is all the time we have here. thanks for watching. i'm danyelle sargent. we leave you with our "las vegas big moment." for that, it is back to hockey. sidney crosby picks a great time to snap out of his goal-scoring funk. enjoy. -- captions by vitac --
10:58 pm
the egg timer just i >> amazingly resilient team. crosby's got it. two minutes to go in the overtime period. malkin firing, rebound, score! sidney crosby! wins it for the penguins, an overtime game winner for the second time this year. >> and sidney crosby. sidney crosby, our player of the game. >> got a fortunate break with the power play in overtime and buried it.
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