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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  November 27, 2009 8:00pm-9:15pm EST

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. owls off to another strong start to the campaign, they are the champs they are poised to defend. defend a crown a schedule makes the owls formidable. from one of the fabled arenas they host virginia tech. acc matchup. temple and virginia tech next on comcast sports net! plan
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we have one of the legends and welcome everyone. the and the hokies of virginia tech and owls. we say happy thanksgiving weekend to you. great to have you. this program is well in november no different and he has implemented more pressure defense, most offense but november is kind to green burg and the hokies. and it is better the way the schools schedule mostly at home. but and bringing the team into the city of brotherly love for what is a road game against an owls team. it was led by malcolm kell.
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delaney. he is a first-team all acc pick but it is one thing to get the votes, it is another to do it on the court. he struggled with the shooting confidence to date but he has got to score and produce in double figures for the hokies to con tend in the acc. >> anden inside compliment and look at the numbers. they are off to a great start. the 55% shooting. and around the rim. and the temple owls. and the champ as 1-point loss. and brooks and allen. and has two that can get it on the offensive end. brooks recruited as a roll. role player. can he lead the team like the senior before him. and got the owls to the ncaa
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tournament but the best players is allen. a double-double guy on the season. reminds many philadelphia basketball of a young sid perry. the lottery pick who helped the owls to a number one ranking. allen has the skills to dominate but not all the disposition. >> we need another drum stick. don't go anywhere. virginia tech comes to come. calling.
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. coverage of college hoops brought to you by: >> michael: let's look at the starting lineup. delaney the outstanding guard and jeff allen have paced offense in leading virginia tech. they will be be joined by
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hudson, and victor davila. and green burg, of course. led the club to the ncaa tournament in 2006 >> 2007. look at the owls. a defensive minded club, they will look to get the balance from ryan brooks and la voy allen a double, double machine here. and fourth season hes who. has won back to back championships. virginia tech and testimonyple. pothole:h no...your tire's all flat and junk. oh, did i do that? here, let me get my cellular out - call ya a wrecker. ...oh shoot...i got no phone ...cuz i'm a, bye!
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anncr: accidents are bad. anncr: but geico's good. with emergency road service. ding!
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. is there any venue more sin mouse than the famous palestra, 33rd street on the university of pennsylvania campus here in philadelphia. happy thanksgiving weekend to you. we know that you will enjoy this, settle back. grab the extra sandwich. joe, maybe some pause, pie. ep joy virginia tech and temple. we get to the hoop here. and virginia tech in the home whites. delaney going to initiate the offense. remember they were in the a-10 together for five seasons.
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and that's delaney jumper will trop on the first offensive look for virginia tech. >> the hokies didn't beat temple in the meetings between the two. they shared space. the all-time series 9-1 favorite. including a victory in the ncaa tournament. >> michael: williams getting the start for michael eric and williams will launch. and 3. >> that's what he does. he is -- he is a power forward defensively but offensively, he floats around the perimeter and shoots flatfooted 3s. he was key in the run through the atlantic ten tournament. >> michael: that shoot around today, that's what we were being told. that came up short. guz man to the offensive end. and brooks on his first.
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a sophomore out of argentina. what are the skis for this. >> joel: virginia tech has two guys and they have to produce in trouble figures. it is a team that is 16th in the country early on in forcing turnovers. temple, on the other hand, presses the perimeter well, they share it well, the mark of a team all the way back to the 17 years that was spent in the building at the university of pennsylvania. >> joel: what does segment green berg say they will night new that d all night long. and that 3 didn't fall. virginia tech starts out o-3. that's no surprise. and 55 point as game and just 39%. as williams will not get that
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second 3 of the night to drop. >> joel: we see delaney here, he will be better suited but without a better alternative. >> michael: the 6'8" freshman out of puerto rico. that's brooks. 6'4", senior. kobe bryant school, lower marion for brooks. >> joe: finished 1300 points point kobe bryant, so did everyone else in lower marion high school. >> michael: the skills of malcolm delaney out of baltimore. he has that kind of real nice flow to the game and going blast there for the first field
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goal of the night. middle gain is important, he is taking a look inside his numbers, michael. 41% last year on 2 point field goals. that's got to come up if tech will survive the loss of the great and get back to the post season. how about the look and ryan brooks didn't finish. inside. he got met up with the rim by williams and that's williams on the foul that will get to the free throw line. and a 6'6" junior. green berg went to georgia to get bell. >> joe: tem pel gains with williams they lose defensively. that power forward spot has been manned by michael eric, a red-shirt sophomore. we're told he tweaking an mcl as recently as today.
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a bit in the ball state game. he sits at the start of the game, he may not play at all, which is the same for michael. he is off to the most meaningful minutes of his career. >> michael: you saw segment green berg didn't we have a great visit at the shoot around over here right next door to the gym. >> joe: and with the high school stories from the recruiting days here at philadelphia, right. >> joe: the thing about him it is hard to get him to open up. [ laughter ] yeah. the green bergs engaging. right there for ryan brooks with bell in his shirt. brooks with a couple of jumpers going down. and from virginia tech davila the 6'8" sophomore. >> joe: some may be surprised at this early place when you look at the shooting numbers
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the defensive numbers of the teams, it would not led to you think it would be high scoring but the palestra known, michael, as a great shooter's haven. they seem to score the ball here. >> michael: davila didn't finish. and guzman running this offense and out and from one for 3 from beyond the arc. and we're tied at the 16-minute mark. and temple with the lead. - basically, it's about symmetry. - ugh! i'm good.
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pepsi max. the first diet cola for men. girl: my name is emily, and in 7 years... i'll be an alcoholic. all: hi, emily. announcer: kids who drink before age 15 are 5 times more likely to have alcohol problems when they're adults. so start talking before they start drinking. >> michael: we know you are enjoying the holiday weekend. and the 2-point advantage. we mentioned the palestra, the cathedral of basketball. >> joe: you feel it when you walk in here. >> michael: and opened in 1927. were you hear when penn played yale? >> joe: ways not but my first
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game here in. in 1974 was a shaved head game between st. joseph and villanova. and it is a cathedral. it is worth coming here when it is empty. when it is full, there is nothing like it. i joke, michael. that i wanted to get married here but not enough chair backs. [ laughter ] a great idea from the soon to be and saintyos, villanova. i think of chuck daley and rollie mattson. >> joe: you think of the hall of famers. >> joe: this is the roots of basketball. >> lorenzo hudson to the rim but not finish for virginia tech. starts out a little chilly on this after thanksgiving here in
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philadelphia. temple with the 1-point loss at the verizon center. and capable playing it that way as we know. and fernandez loading up the 3. hot, shotting a 37% from the land of 3. that's and that's bell got anxious wanting to get to the bucket. >> joe: the irony and it is 2 point guards. and guzman and fernandez. the more creative but he is a better shooter. >> michael: so he can playing off the ball. if scoring guard would emerge for the owls that may help them over the course of the next four months. so far so good. >> michael: we'll see him from philadelphia south. southern high school. that's a terrell bell foul. and checked in at 6'6" junior.
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another freshman. >> joe: they are known for their singy man to man switching a lot of screens and you get a lot of contact that way and fouls awhat i there the -- from the basket. brooks thought about it. and down. lavoy allen was first jumper of the. the night would not fall. keep an eye on him. 6'9" junior. and double-double told you in the open to the show. >> just twisted at both ends learning how to block the shots. >> michael: the allens are going after one another. jeff allen has deposited his second jump hook. that was pushed out for the second block there on the left side of the bucket. >> joe: and bulkier than lavoy.
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but able to play vertically maybe better. too firm on 93. even at 7 each. great have you with us on comcast sportsnet. brooks and the by allen of virginia tech. delaney hit with carrying the ball. that is a hokies turnover. , you know they have lived in the early season by 14 turnovers. and one here valentine's day yet the to force one through 7 minutes. how about this number, virginia tech has four turnovers on over a quarter of their opponents positions. this is through the early season. that does not figure to continue as the competition and improves but it complains some
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easy victories. temple with the ball the offensive end. this is lavoy allen. this will be a hand check and a push that's going to go on virginia tech eric green. and 6'4" freshman who has impressed segment green berg with the length and defensive abilities on the perimeter. he has the assignment on juan fernandez. >> joe: playing 9 minutes per game here in the early go. virginia tech looking to identify the best running mate for delaney. >> michael: yes. >> joe: that's still under construction. >> michael: sure. >> joe: the back board for virginia tech. >> michael: we're talking about a pair of freshman that are in right now. that jumper from ma rone moore. and the 6'4" sophomore. sixth man of the club averaging 7 points a game. >> joe: very skilled player in
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the public league and a hard time staying eligible in the young career. temple needs had imto replace the high scoring production of chrisman the last cut of the 76ers this year. >> michael: i was hoping that he could get an opportunity, joe, in the nba. perhaps it will come to without. rattled out on thompson the 6'6" junior. so, brooks and a bit of a lull in the offensive ends. off the basketball. and a foul down to the baseline. temples ramon moore. trying to set a screen for brooks to run to the corner. no go. >> michael: 8 minutes in. >> joe: what were we saying about this thing, a great shooter's gym. >> michael: did we say that? >> joe: they are not.
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not shooting it well. through the first 8. there is a gleam in the eye of coaches. and when you talk about the defensive end and how tough you can be man to man. and thompson thought about it. got stripped. turnover virginia tech. moore gave a pretty look inside. brooks going to the line. numbers for temple. they did it with the defensive presence. >> joe: forcing the turnover. go the other way. a quick transition. free throws for the trouble. >> michael: we're inside the 12 minute mark. tied at 7 each right back to the palestra. cc
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>> michael: we love this treat of basketball night after thanksgiving. temple, both of them looking to
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find the offense what about the month of november and how the acc and duke and carolina there. might they have some temperature. there is the loyalty of the acc when you look at teams like boston college. maryland. and lesser extent georgia tech. they will complete for those positionsky not believe we're using the word on november 27th, bubble, but. [ laughter ] >> joe: you cannot play your way in march madness but your way out of it at tech with that chance tonight to get a good looking scout. >> michael: on the road here in philadelphia. and segment green berg wanted his kids to have the experience and being able to walk into the palestra. take it all in. madison square garden the same. got the step on the what i to
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the hoop. he is going to the free throw line. >> joe: the difference here is that a madison square garden a boston garden, historic, they are arenas. this is a gym. >> joe: you're right. >> joe: most people feel that way when they get here and they walk around and look at the exhibits and. >> michael: when you talk about going from the you address that gentleman as professor he teach as course at the fox school of business at temple. management. theory and practice. he said uncanning ham in. and so, i like it from the he was telling us you know it is about the -pbter action with the students that he enjoys the most. >> joe: enway was here for 17 years my office was the best
8:28 pm
what a place to learn. >> michael: jeffer on on the rack. and thompson said no you won't! and hudson got shut off baseline. and a launch. knocked down. virginia tech stretches the lead to 3. now offensively challenged first 10 minutes. temple one of 7 why beyond the arch. and -- arc. and the secondary and ramon moore got. >> michael: hit with a foul. player control foul. and lorenzo hudson took the charge right in the middle of his number 5 down around the rim. >> joe: and the bucket at one ent. and gets back into position with the defense. and out of control. and gets his feet on the bench.
8:29 pm
>> michael: that's a good look at dileo, from new jersey. his dad coached the 76ers. and behind the west bank. working for the sixers. more free time on his hands. >> joe: that's right. and stuck with it. a couple of opportunities for j t thompson. we told you about him 6'6" junior. off set the stretch and need the 32nd time out. >> joe: temple missing bulk around the basket here, giving up a second chance point. here comes bulk. in the person of williams as he goes to the scorer's table. you will see the rebound for the hokies. and allening to all he can to challenge but it is hard to box out after you have tried to block a shot. >> michael: thompson who
8:30 pm
averaged 6 and a half last year as we said junior and really fills that roll of, you know. the instant offense he can change a for segment green berg and give them hoops as we saw the trip down on the floor. >> joe: nothing kills the defense more than the second chance bucket, you know you play good hand defense 678925, 30 seconds or so. challenge the shot and get a miss. you get a put back. and instead of going the other way you are looking at 5-point deficit here in the early going. >> michael: virginia tech they have opened up the 5-point advantage. fernandez and juan fer nan at the the first knock down from beyond the arc. 7 of the last 10. coming into this one and we have bodies on the deck down on the baseline. urbgs 15-yards for tripping.
8:31 pm
personal foul. delaney and guzman getting their legs tangled up. i had to come and take a walk through the field, joe, next door. and a lot of fans had the same idea. there was clusters of fans before they came in. and fields. >> joe: it was the day. >> michael: the city has never lived it down. of course that would be the one that you remember if were you there. >> joe: like the eagles passing game at the time, none of them connected. >> michael: trying to wield by hudson. and lavoy allen will sweep to the rim. you can count that with from
8:32 pm
the line. how about the from allen as he went to the hoop. >> joe: you can see just how gifted he is. he got caught between a dunk and a finger roll and high enough to avoid the foul call. not that through. >> michael: i like that call, the temptation is, you know and the black yard and close to the hoop; the thing we talked about and one part of the game i wished they would have the nba and the circle underneath the rim to gain advantage for the offensive play. the stripes are not supposed to call that when you are within the range. >> michael: and out of dc 6'7"
8:33 pm
junior with the put back hoop. lavoy allen. loaded up, bury another 3. and williams is tripped twice. and. >> joe: i called his 3s. and he gets an inch or two off the court. and it is flatfooted. maybe. >> michael: not the yellow pages. >> joe: not the yellow page jesus off the jeff allen jumper. we're at the 8-point mark. things are heating up on the offensive end. delaney and virginia tech are up by 5. but temple has respon ( thumping ) ( rhythmic clapping )
8:34 pm
( chanting ) ( shouting ) gatorade-- that's "g."
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>> michael: temple on top of virginia tech. and and in the same thing a lot of heavyweights here in the non- conference schedule. cannot tell. and but that is the way when you are not in a bcs conference for consideration. the junior. and 14 and in the starting lineup tonight. , he can play defense like that he will get more he will.
8:37 pm
and a native of san croy. >> michael: you are living large here in the early go. and did not get it to stay down. and a gad look at it. ups and down we come inside the mark. >> joe: and 6 for 19 from the floor here. >> michael: hudson didn't get the jump hook to fall. on the glass for temple. juan fernandez now for guzman. in the back court.
8:38 pm
allen, dileo. as you know, and green berg and coming out and look at craig williams. and measuring the 3. >> joe: the teams would prefer to get down the floor and get easy looks before the opposite numbers get set. but not happening a lot here in the first half. >> michael: davila had to give it up. this is delaney and he is going to get hit with the foul. >> joe: williams doing a nice job. you know he can shoot it. and out. and a power in this case and using the bulk to standstill. >> michael: allen coming from the weak side. and. >> joe: they light up within
8:39 pm
you discuss the 6'9" upor. >> joe: you played like that. >> michael: mime was more grouped buster. to the rim. crossed it over. and up wildly. >> joe: taking turns who can take the shot. and that was a very nice look from fernandez. >> joe: and it is a high percentage of play. >> michael: ad juan, he had that in mind as he surveyed the virginia tech d. this is hudson, came up short. fernandez without numbers, pull it back out. temple by 4. we come inside the
8:40 pm
5-minute mark. and and great back door pass from guzman. but dileo didn't finish. >> joe: and open 3. that's dileo now o-3. allen to raise up. a quick shot and the possession and. >> michael: it was more a person. the last attempt here. supposed to be used at bull believing. tacking an 18-footer. on the right block. he wanted it. and turning the corner. and not happy.
8:41 pm
he is all when his guys give up the baseline it's not going. and fran duffy. and bcs a moment ago. the second slip that screen and went to work, didn't he. here goes guzman and delaney. and both ends. the best returning player and and missing. and attempts to turn a small lead. and the largest lead for either team. and which have been ice cold. and on the 7-0 run. and greenberg wanted to get the stop. we mentioned duke and north carolina. the it expanded.
8:42 pm
and you include virginia tech and miami and boston college, only carolina, duke and maryland have a better acc mark during that period better than the hockeys. there 4th in terms of one loss percentage. >> joe: yet they have been able to turn it into one tournament bid. that's a sore spot. and into the free throw line.,. we did not the come to play in ni. its there is nothing wrong with that for a lot of teams. >> there is nothing wrong with that but allen after hearing the jumper and this goes inside for the score.
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
>> michael: inside the 4-minute mark. and jeff allen the outstanding 6'7" junior out of washington, dc for virginia tech. making his presence felt. >> joe: you will see how much more effective he is at the rim. and he would like to go. and use that body. and the defenders and draw the fouls. he will come here to convert a 3-point play the old-fashioned
8:45 pm
way. >> michael: leading with the 3- 0 and green berg likes 55 from the early going here. not able to finish off that trip. and green berg and the effort on the to the offensive end. a quick time out. dileo along with juan fernandez right now. and along allen that's the 5 on the floor off the spin. great dexterity. >> joe: they have such long arms it is that hard to contest the shots. >> michael: dileo on the rip
8:46 pm
away. and temple. getting it done on the defensive end. this is the largest lead of the night. virginia tech without more of a -- off the ball it is going on the two freshman. >> joe: and had some trouble finishing at the rim, no trouble this time as he goes coast to coast an 8 point lead and the here and the defensive
8:47 pm
stops and rebounds and leaning in the paint all over the deck. first and goal inside on the offensive end for temple. and the basketball to. >> joe: neither has played anything other than a straight up man to man. that results in a lot of bodies when there is a floorboard. >> michael: they will come to the end. they have gone much more this year to a motion offense. it is trying to create more space. the pick and save. is that xen saiding a lot. >> joe: getting the spacing and
8:48 pm
open shots on the miss. >> michael: and 36% for the floor here on the first three. they are all wins. and wondering if he is feeling the pressure. be the guy instead of the secondary. >> michael: allen on the rip away. allen came out of the top of the palestra. now on the offensive end. going to the free throw line. >> joe: allison a threat to block just about any shot. the top three western he finished tup was he and david
8:49 pm
robinson. another big five guy and for a long time they were the top three shot blockers in division 1 history. >> michael: a true freshman. temple lead is 9. a real good look at the offensive end for thorpeson. he did not crash it out. it was isolated on the right side of the floor. >> joe: a bad combination when you cannot score. the best and get blocked by the other guys. and about to go down in double digits. it's not a defensive issue when you are only giving up 26 points and a half.
8:50 pm
>> michael: got a look of the junior out of pennsylvania. and round about. the one thing he wanted to resurrect, the three years he has been the coach. and they 70% from the free throw stripe. i wish would have done that. >> neither of them are off to a good start on the season from the foul line but and different player than john chaney and the skills. and shooting it for a distance and they were not always high priority. >> michael: and the 3 so the first from the floor and
8:51 pm
delaney. and 2 second separation. and running down to the end of the half. why couldn't you with the lead. and get a shot and dribble penetration. the shot clock at 4. with the rain by. bow 3. in a hurry. (buzzer). >> michael: came up short. a drop. so goes the 20 minutes of basketball and temple laying down that lock down on virginia tech. holding the hokies to 17 first half points. the run for the owls heading into half time. this he did with defense.
8:52 pm
and pretty awful. >> michael: 20 minutes in the books. we're right back to the palestra next.
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are you with your friends? that's laaaa-mee. capital "x," lower-case "o," capital "x," lower-case "o," i love you. jk. i hate you. jk. are you ignoring me? we're in a huge fight right now. is it something i did? i can see your lights on. i'm coming over. this isn't a joke. what did you dream about? [overlapping] is it me? i'm lonely. holla back. holla back. let's try something new. nude pics. send me some. text me. >> michael: back in the palestra on this thanksgiving holiday weekend.
8:55 pm
and the story and virginia tech and 17 points. they used a 12-2 run. and the 10-point advantage. let's see what is going on. and a win over uconn. got alabama by 9. the head coach and today by 13. georgia tech over mercer. richmond spiders and the club from the a-10 got him. right here and temple on top of virginia tech and the 10. and don't go away we'll look at the pictures and numbers in a moment.
8:56 pm
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8:58 pm
>> michael: two great participants in the acc. and hope you are enjoying the weekend, we are. extra drum stick. pie. virginia tech and temple. testimonyple 30 knock down on the defensive end. they allow the opposition to shoot 39% in the first four and no surprise from the club. >> joe: when you have a team
8:59 pm
leading by 10, the 3 for 10. you know and the other end and virginia tech is helping at times by taking bat shots in the off financessive possession. and the company and addressing that. and every time and they have taken a shot they have been smart enough to force and more production and allen and blocking so many shots for temple. .the leading scorer looking for some of the space as we talk a look at the subway half time highlights. and delaney with one bucket in the first half. , he struggled not so much with position on the floor the shot selection was off. tacking it to the rim. and best when they got it inside and challenged the base and particularly in a situation like that where allen was
9:00 pm
caught in the air. and balanced by pry. ryan brooks. a player and not a lot of 3 point field goals. and fernandez. and lavoy allen proving that he has the skills at both ends to dominate. >> joe: tough believe that segment green berg, though is having a very educational chat with his and we'll see what kind of man fess case comes from that in the second half. we have 20 minutes of basketball to go inside the fabled, legendary palestra. here in phil ment? things happen in this building... what are you trying to say, like the building is haunted? please do not scare the new girl. many
9:01 pm
9:02 pm
welcome home, man.
9:03 pm
i touched the ball before it went out, coach. come on, alex, the ref did not call that! i touched, it's their ball. team! alex. alex, good call. >> michael: owls looking to go to 4-1 here in the month of november. they have the lead on virginia tech here at intermission. look at the numbers. and neither coach is going to be real happy over the shooting percentages but you know again, i think for segment greenberg he has to find some ways to shake malcolm delaney free. >> joe: look at 24%.
9:04 pm
only 7 baskets. one assist. not a lot of sharing and not a lot of team offense. they are shooting 4 for 22. and so neither team exactly lighting it up. and allen with the most points on either team and gives halen a blocked shot. not sure what they were catching but either way he was the dominate performer in the first 20 minutes. >> joe: what does the second 20 minutes bring? and virginia tech plan he wants some of the action. we're righ
9:05 pm
9:06 pm
9:07 pm
nice day to start this season the classic from the acc coming to philadelphia. they got one more tomorrow night as does tembel. and allen has been very solid. >> joe: when he takes it to the basket but not fun to play against it. a big time dunk here. the shot blocking there is one. we'll see another blocked shot. and he had more than one in the first half. i'm sure of that. >> michael: we're going to have the officials scorers go back to work and take a look at that. i agree with you as we start half number 2. and fernandez
9:08 pm
tried to get to the front of the rim. he got hit with a foul. he doesn't look happy. he took the hit under the rack. >> joe: he didn't brake the fall. a little face first into the hardwood. he will have to come out. >> michael: dileo is on the floor early. he is spearheaded that surge that went 6-0. >> joe: then 19-4 over the final and in the figure half for temple. >> michael: the they went to 10 up. we have a whistle now. offensive end of virginia tech. and allen picked up the second personal foul. >> joe: there late in the first
9:09 pm
half. they were not exactly stalling here the night after thanksgiving. off the ball on that inbound. that's jeffle allen of virginia tech. -- that's jeff allen of virginia tech. 29 seconds into the second half. see if he is going to make a move. >> joe: that's a bad foul. >> michael: real bad. number one it eliminate as chance for the team to score and number 2, put your most important team player in foul troubles trying to defend a guy. brooks looked like he got rid of the ball. and to the return. all planned. dileo. close start for him offensively but he continued taking that aggressively and it is being
9:10 pm
rewarded for the efforts. we'll see holy name on the baseline here. drew it up in the driveway. and use the rim as a screen. >> michael: how. ah, to a coach's son. all the nights moving the salt and pepper shakers around the table. >> joe: given the choice i would rather have the skill. >> michael: delaney forced it. there you go. and 1 for 7. and virginia tech a tough jumper that went down. >> joe: lost that at half time.
9:11 pm
>> michael: had it stripped away. got it. and. >> joe: great to be a shooter though, michael. when you make the shots they want to you take them. when you miss them, they want to you keep taking them. that's a good deal. >> michael: had the free rein to pull the trigger. >> joe: you called it they will not come back in the game. and you have to try to do it quickly. and ties it. delaney has a good half first half going. >> michael: now taking the charge from guzman or was it a hollywood performance. >> joe: it wasn't a chest and type of charge.
9:12 pm
it is a call and. >> michael: higgins made it. talk about the palestra being legendary. how about higgins. went to the offensive glass he got held and that foul. it is going to go on williams. that's number 2 on williams a 6'8" junior. >> joe: everyone tries the prop, looks like it is being rewarded. cannot guard a guy when you are propping. >> michael: delaney off the screen. and he will stick a 3. 3 for 3 here in the second half. here are the hokies back down by 5. >> joe: they need it
9:13 pm
elespecially with allen with 3 fouls. >> michael: spin to the hoop could not cash it out. become to virginia tech. and saw ryan brooks with a pretty move. no result. the first half and virginia tech and finish add take their own medicine. >> michael: the whist sideline fast and furious. the first three minutes. out of the locker room. >> michael: got started on a fourth jumper that went down. this is brooks. >> joe: temple playing without
9:14 pm
fernandez. down hard in the first minutes of the second half. turn over story. shot clock at 5. extending the deed. brooks getting it up. and dileo to beat the shot clock. and on the push out virginia tech. delaney to the free throw line. he crossed over with the hesitation and earned him a trip to the stripes. >> joe: playing with more in the second half here that's putting them op their heels. he is able to draw the contact. it's the head band. >> michael: get rid of it? that's 8 quick points here and let's take a look a


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