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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  November 28, 2009 4:30pm-7:00pm EST

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wizards leading the heat 22- 18. and earlier today, at the washington hebrew congregation, the funeral services for abe pollin. dignitaries there. sheila johnson, charlie brotman, redskins owner daniel snyder. there's bob perry on the left, bob sirklu on the right. all in attendance to play respect to the 85-year-old pollin who passed away this past tuesday. irene pollin, the longest tenure owners notice n pa owning the wizards for 46 years, the wizards franchise. can you see the players with the black piece ofcloth attachd to their jerseys in honor and
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memorial for mr. pollin. some of the players have said they plan to dedicate the rest of the season to abe and use this entire situation to try to get this ship righted despite some of the things that have gone on in locker room talk and some of the bickerring you heard about. this is the time to do it >> phil: and it's still early. still a lot that can be accomplished. gilbert knocking down that jumper. washington with some good execution, making over 50% of their shots. they have 8 of their 11 made baskets. so that's a good start. >> steve: 58% from the field as mcgee is called for a defensive three-second violation. that will give miami a technical free throw. they will get the ball back. james jones will shoot the free throw, just 7-of-9 on the season from the free throw line
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>> phil: you saw caron going over to mcgee and saying something. you love his ability to change the game when players are coming around the basket. six blocked shots. he had 9 blocked shots in the last 28 minutes that he has played. that does include the one that he got initially tonight. >> reporter: wizards get the steal, here is butler against jones. caron for antawn. wade way up high for the rebound over jamison. for three. >> phil: as i mentioned two nights going, 4-for-7 from three-point range. >> steve: it is his 7th year from the university of miami.
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here is gilbert. good defense, leaves jamison open but he can't convert. the d up high, gets the rebound. he scoops up a shot and scores left handed. >> phil: not to be denied. >> steve: javale mcgahee in his second season from nevada where he played two years, had 122 blocks there in just two years >> steve: here is wade against nick young using the screen and the wizards are called for a kick. otherwise, they would have a turnover. >> steve: fans, stay connected throughout the holiday with the wizards holiday pack which includes two wizards home games and a gilbert arenas replica jersey. call (202)661-5050 or call the wizards to purchase.
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mcgee with another block, turns around to find the ball and can't save it in. that's his second block of the quarter. >> phil: and i don't think he played too many yet. he is long but he is quick and agile. he can recover and he avoids the foul, nearly runs that ball down. >> steve: this should leave two minutes for javale ha mcgee. wade will take the three-point short, way short. blatche can't hang on to it. wizards will get the ball back an andray is in for the first time >> phil: you have to make wade show you the jumper. way short >> steve: butler inside, has an
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offensive foul. very similar to the former play where he went to the line >> phil: yes, that was haslem this time, slides over from his weak side and gets into position. nice bounce pass from gilbert. and you are right, very similar and i would say, again, very close call. >> steve: that wiped out the field goal. miami ball down by 5. weather runs over nick young, no call. now gets pulled back and scores. that's a three-pointer for dwayne. he is fourth in the league in scoring. arenas drives, kicks it out for blatche, swings it into the corner for nick young, good defense by miami. young with nowhere to go as his shot is blocked away and mcgee steals t gilbert will wait to take the final shot >> phil: heads up play. he looked up at the clock, 18 seconds, pulls it back, pulls
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it back. >> steve: gilbert wanted a foul in the act of shooting but curtis player says, no, before you went up >> phil: he knew they had a foul to give and gilbert has gotten away with that a couple of times. >> reporter: that one was actually closer than some of the other ones he has not gotten the benefit of >> phil: i agree >> steve: he knew that the defender was just about to foul him. 52.4 second. here is arenas with wade on him now. ride on him, puts it up, no call at the buzzer. flip saunders is livid >> phil: yes >> steve: arenas driving to the basket, no call, flip saunders is out on the court jawing at tom washington. meantime, nick young getting his third start, went 2 of 6 from the field, had 4 points and 4 assists as the wizards built a 6-point lead and lead the heat by 2 after 1. one
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quarter in the books in miami.
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for more information, toyota, moving forward. a gorgeous day here in miami. temperatures in the 70s, not a cloud in the sky and the skyline and the visual look from above the city. morgan franklin pivotal play comes from javale mcgahee who didn't wait long to make his presence felt >> phil: not at aw. he had to blocked shots. got the offensive rebound, beautiful scoop shot with the left hand. there is that second blocked shot, morgan franklinpivotal play of the quarter. he played 14 minutes in each of those games h six blocked shots against philly. that's a career high for him. he just tends to really bother people as they go around the rim. >> reporter: carlos aarroyo and daequan cook in the game. and arenas had to go around cook who was sticking to him
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like cook >> phil: and that pass delivered right on time >> steve: which is art led by as many as 6. anthony starting the second half fort heat. the rebound by anthony who goes baseline for the jumper by beasley. blatche had that knocked away and a loose ball foul called on anthony. jamison and earl boykins coming into the line-up for washington. they'll give gilbert and nick young a rest. arenas has 7 points, caron butler also copping out and randy foye in. foye for jam soin underneath, nice pass but he musted and was fouled. he will shoot two. i looked like beasley trying to
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get to the spot, actually overran that pass, the ball went right by him. seems to me he could not handle it, as he went towards the basket, was able to draw the foul. >> steve: not even close to the rim. he is shooting 64% on the season. as long as javale mcgee continues to play like, this that will be tougher for flip saunders to not include him in the line-up >> phil: yeah. that's what you are talking about. you saw those numbers, 9 blocked shots in those two games also total 111 11 -- 11 points during that span >> steve: boykins guard arroyo. here is beasley. gets the rebound. miami pulls it away. they can reset with a new 24. daequan cook and anthony keeps
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jamison away from the basket. good help by blatche >> phil: yes >> steve: out of the corner for haslem. wizards knock it out of bounds. it's miami ball >> phil: they have had the ball on this end of the court for quite some time. not able to come up with loose balls or defensive rebounds. they pinch arroyo right up top and stop the play, kick it out. washington not able to get the rebound off the missed shot >> steve: now off the screen, they do score. they keep giving them chance, they'll knock it in the hole. that's daequan cook, third year from ohio state, 28-26 washington. they led by as many as 6. boykins penetrates. here is jamison, tough
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penetrating shot. rebound to mcgee and they say anthony pushed him out of bounds. >> reporter: looked like javale was thinking about making the move to the basket and ran into a wall. that knocked him off balance. >> steve: take a look at the verizon you make the call >> phil: javale so active, in the lane, quickly able to react. oh, yes, you can see the foul there >> steve: jamison chases down the offensive glass, bounces in >> phil: both teams have been pretty effective on the offensive glass. that's two more second chance points for washington. that gives them 10 >> steve: and it gives jamison 10, the first wizard in double figures. hook jumper not there. blatche pulls it away. up ahead to foye guarded by
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arroyo. that's blocked by anthony, out of bounds. it will be washington ball. >> phil: that was a nice move by foye but you had some hustling big man that came in and got the blocked shot. i think that was ain't anthony with the block >> steve: and earl boykins with his first jumper of the game >> phil: despite his small size, he knows how to get his shot off >> steve: washington's reserves keep the lead intact as spoelstra takes time. sam cassell with
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. >> reporter: comcast sportsnet coverage of wizards basketball brought to you by -- wizards have the lead, 32-26, shooting the ball well. earlier today at the funeral services for abe pollin. ted leonsis had these words about the wizards' owner. >> abe is a man of the people. i think you will really see that next week at verizon center where it will be open to
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the public. he walked very confidently will presidents and prime ministers and with people who were homeless. that's why people like me admire him so much. he was a connector to all society. he was a genuine authentic person. >> reporter: well said about as well as you can say it, i think. that's what people think about abe pollin, the man who helped anyone who needed an outstretched arm >> phil: as ted leonsis said, he felt comfortable, whether he was with presidents or the man on the street. >> steve: a moment of silence was observed here justprior to the start of tonight's game. as i mentionedderrier, it was also observed in orlando wednesday night when the heat and magic play, a day after mr. pollin passed away.
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uteudonis haslem, not there. the wizards crash the board and have it. wizards beginning to go on a 2- 2 run. foye backs up, misses. brendan haywood to the free throw line for the first time in this game. second personal called on jermaine o'neal >> phil: jermaine o'neal has had foul troubles the last four games. he fouled out of one, had three fouls in the other and picked up his second after brendan gets to the free throw line >> steve: brendan did not shoot a free throw against philadelphia, had 8 points and 8 rebounds >> phil: he has 67 rebounds which leads in every game. he continues to be consistent in that department, just as
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overall play in the paint >> steve: makes both free throws. he is shooting about 70% in this season and the wizards have the largest lead of 8. here is o'neal, turns on to blatche, blatche with the excellent defense. jamison for a 3. how about that? three-pointer and the wizards lead by 11. they are on a 9-0 run. and spoelstra will take another time out. washington shooting 57% from long range and 48% now from the field as the wizards have garnerred their largest advantage of the game. 11 points with just under 2 minutes to play in the quarter. >> steve: flip saunders guiding
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his wizards club and they have moved the ball around beautifully here so far tonight >> phil: well, i like the way we have seen the ball move, high number of assists to start off this game but you like that fact. both teams crashing the offensive glass. i think washington has a slight advantage. >> reporter: woo wizards taking advantage of the fact that dwyane wade is out, has outscored miami by 9. at home, the wizards averaging 103 1/2 point per game, way down on the road where they won just one game and that was the season open another dallas >> phil: that point differential between home and road, the fourth largest. you want to narrow that gap a little bit, certainly bring that road points per game up to what they do on the road -- or at home, i mean >> steve: spoelstra has reinserted dwyane wade into the
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line-up who has just 3 points. chalmers drives, short jumper, a beauty. mario chalmers in his second year from kansas, averaging a shade under 10 points per game this year. >> steve: antibiotics . >> reporter: -- boykins for blatche. the jumper not there. wade around foye, short jumper not good. blatche all over the glass. run 3 on 2, stops, poms pops and comes up short. never got down course. and you saw the pass get to him and he was able to convert that time >> steve: four quick points by miami cuts the 11-point lead to 7. boykins into the corner. nice fake, the jumper by randy
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is good. >> i don't know if you saw t earl boykins looked off his initial receiver and then made the pass to foye in the corner >> steve: wiz by 9. first basket of the game and boykins gets the steal. at 5'5", mario chalmers was a half foot taller than him. >> reporter: underneath, beasley gets the shot. that's just an athletic move. second overall pick summer before last by miami after just one season at kansas state. boykins for jamison, short jumper. blatche is right there to get it up and in. >> phil: washington, this line- up has two seven-footers.
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both are quick around the basket, able to convert shots >> steve: last time these teams played, the wizards' largest lead was 11 points. they wound up losing by 14. beasley drives on jamison, knocks away, reach-in foul called on washington. wizards are playing well, shooting 49% from the field. getting rebounds and converting with 5 1/2 to play in the half, g morning, sunshine. wakey, wakey. you up? what'd you dream about? me? jk. text me back. i'll keep texting till you wake up. are your parents home later? [overlapping] is it something i did? exclamation point. question mark. this isn't a joke. text me. >> the number of flu cases will soon be on the rise. and with the recent onset of the h1n1 virus, many people are concerned about their health and safety. we can all fight the flu virus by taking four simple steps.
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. >> reporter: wizards have matched their biggest leadin this game, leading by 11 over the heat. well, he was, like you said, phil, comfortable with presidents, greats. 1999, bill clinton was at verdicts center. last season, president obama made his presence at a bulls game, a game the wizards won and had a visit with abe pollin at half time up in the owner's suite. then just the other day, following the death of abe pollin, president obama saying that michele and i deeply saddenned to hear about the passing of abe.
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>> steve: michael beasley at the line for miami and as ted leonsis said, there will be a public -- they will allow the public to come and express
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their feelings to mr. pollin and that will be december 8th, which is actually a week from tuesday. underneath, nice fake by foye and the open jumper good >> phil: dwyane wade one of the league leaders in blocked shots >> steve: boykins working >> phil: that's what you try to dorks keep them off balance, keep them not in a good rhythm. you have to execute the offense and make the pass >> steve: boykins is called for the foul as james jones comes back for miami >> phil: boy doing the same thing on wade. he picks up the foul >> steve: heat beat new orleans and orlando, big win at orlando
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wednesday after losing three. wade's jumper good. 7 point for wade. beasley has 12 and jermaine o'neal has 10. for the wizards, they are led by jamison who has 13. here is butler on the baseline. now, he drives, shows up a jumper not there and beasley up high for the rebound. over haywood. >> phil: you are right. boykins sticking to chalmers like glue >> steve: chalmers caught him a little bit out of position. fans, want to impress your next date? come see the wizards and raptors on december 4th. ate date night and the package inc. includes two tickets, two drinks and a picture with a wizards mascot for only $30 for the upper level or $90 for the lower level. the first 100 individuals to order will get a gift certificate to a local
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restaurant. haywood in position for the rebound. green is back in, so is nick young who fires the jumper and hits 2. wizards moving that ball briskly, moving that ball side to side >> phil: yes, they are. moving it. >> steve: washington by 11. here is o'neal who hits the yum per. jermaine o'neal in his 14th year from eau claire high school in south carolina >> phil: 14th year. i think he just turned 31 last month. >> steve: you are right. and nick young, let's see if they give him two. he was looking at arenas when he was fouled. and they will give him two shots. >> phil: he kind of turned the
5:02 pm
table on dwayne this time. you are right, it's very close. looks like he was ready to pass that ball. just the fifth free throw attempt on the season by nick young, his first miss. he is 4-of-5. caron butler, dwyane wade and nick young misses both free throws >> phil: three years ago as a rookie, nick young among the leaders among the rookies from the free throw line >> steve: jamison for butler, caron behind the back, knocked out of bound by dwyane wade. meantime, brendan haywood has tied jeff rulon for 7th in wizards history.
5:03 pm
antawn jamison is closing in on a milestone as well >> phil: 17,000 points? >> steve: 16. close. 1,000 here and there >> phil: he will get there >> steve: right. he will make that up easily. there is miami again as antawn hits the floor. weather, baseline, not there knocked away by butler, haywood could not get it. >> phil: he came right into the back of nick young. can you see nick holding his back a little bit. that was dwyane wade that made contact >> steve: that basket does not count. in fact, the wizards will get the ball back with 2:42 to go in the why is travel these days about what you give up, and not what you get? like electricity, for gadget power at your seat. room to stretch your legs...
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>> steve: wizards led by as many as 11. they lead now by 9, 2:42 to go. magic 3-1 within the division. and the wizard still searching for a win against the southeast division >> phil: they had a problem with wins in their division. only one win last year and that against the bobcats. >> reporter: they will play the
5:06 pm
bobcats tomorrow night at verizon center there is an old bullets jersey. it's 2003, 2004, washington, as you can see, has really struggled against miami, a record of 5-21. and that ranks as fourth against opponents >> phil: the magic lost -- here tonight, up by 9 and trying to finish out a very productive first half. >> steve: last time the wizards won here was march 21st, 2008 the. their last win against the heat overall april 4th, 2008. miami has won six in a row, as phil said, overall. three here.
5:07 pm
wizards shooting 49% from the field. only thing they have not done is make their free throws. they are 4-of-9 from the free throw line. butler finds young, tough pass to handle, gets a pick from haywood and the jump is good. >> good elevation. >> phil: and, again, that's a situation where you pick your spots. you don't feel comfortable going to the baseline. >> steve: nick is 4-of-5 from the field. has 8 points. here is james jones for 3. his second of the game. last year, played 40 games with miami, averaged a little better than four points a game. haywood with o'neal on him, turns to face him. jamison. now gilbert underneath for
5:08 pm
haywood and he got fouled by wade as the shot clock expired. i think the fans are just now realizing what happened. >> on wade, that's his third personal. remember, he got the foul in the back of nick young just before the last timeout >> steve: watch the shot clock top of the screen, expires but just as it did, wade was called for the foul which sends haywood to the line. brendan 2-for-2 there. washington once again struggling from the free throw line, collectively, 4-of-10. think back to the one game that kept them in it at the line and they wound up winning was against cleveland. >> phil: yep >> steve: they had trouble since then and before then. >> phil: coming into this game, 17th in the league in free throw percentage.
5:09 pm
>> steve: haywood now 2-for-4 from the line. last year, he shot 73 1/2%, up from 55% the season before that. washington by 8. here is daequan cook. >> phil: cook last year, one of the team's best three-point shooters. he, somehow, is struggling this year, especially from three- point range. >> steve: nick young against chalmers, fading jumper by young is good. looks like he has the feel >> phil: he has the ability now to elevate and give that quick release off. o'neal, taking a couple of stems and he got fouled on the
5:10 pm
play >> phil: i like the way brendan has been playing here. i think brendan has gotten up close to him. that's only his second personal foul. he is not giving him anything where he feels comfortable. that's a tough shot, stayed away from the contact. this time, he gets the call >> steve: he made a nice hesitation move that got brendan off his feet and o'neal to the line, 69% shooter coming into the game. this is that first one -- misses that first one. javale mcgee will come in for haywood who has two personal fouls. michael beasley takes a seat. o'neal, his second attempt. played his first four years in portland, traded to indiana for dale davis in 2000, played eight years for the pacers.
5:11 pm
and he makes 1 of 2. five-time all-star but not the last two years. out of bounds on to a photographer. now he gets himself back on the court. wizards a little disrupted. jamison has to take a real tough shot and he missed. washington by 9. they led by as many as 11. miami can take the final shot of the half. good defense. they swing it to o'neal, shoots over mcgee. butler has it and that will not count. wizards shooting exactly 50% from the field at the half and they outscore miami 25-18 in
5:12 pm
the second quarter led by antawn jamison and nick young antawn jamison and nick young making his third start of
5:13 pm
i touched the ball before it went out, coach. come on, alex, the ref did not call that! i touched, it's their ball. don't foul them when they inbound. team! alex! good call.
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>> steve: it is half time in the third of four meetings this season. miami taking the first two but in the break, wiz adds by 9, 51- 42. phil buckhantz with steve chenier. if -- with phil chenier. if flip saunders were to draw up numbers, he could got do better. the only thing is the free throw shooting >> phil: miami with 11 attempts from the line. they minimized their turnovers, passed the ball. assist numbers are up.
5:15 pm
excellent first half but guess what, you have 24 minutes to go >> steve: and there is a guy on the other side named wade who can beat you any time. right now we'll keep an eye on wade. nine turnovers forced by the wizards to miami and they scored 12 points off those turnovers as we look at the geico highlights and jermaine o'neal with a big presence early in the game. >> ' onhe and beasley got off to a good start. beasley 4 of 5 to start the game off and had 8 of his team's first 12 oipts but then, washington tightened up defensively. washington has been moving the ball around, positioning their big men inside.
5:16 pm
that's a plus 8 for this game. javale mcgahee with that one. nice inside shot by jamison and another putback by blatche. i like the front line the number of as ises, 12 and minimizes the number aturnovers, only 3. >> yoo interesting that mcgee was the first guy off the bench, not blatche. >> phil: i think brendan picked up two fouls so they got him in there. i think flip is feeling comfortable with him, limited him in the last two games. >> meantime, blatche, very quietly had 5 rebounds in that
5:17 pm
first half. let's take a look at the klondike news. the which wizards will play the bobcats. in is back-to-back now. jason kidd moving in third place all time. >> when lou williams took that jump shot tuesday night that did not go for willa, he did it with a broken jaw. he is expected to miss eight weeks. we talked about this on the plane, not sure what happened. we thought haywood might have been involved in some point when some contact was made but at some point in that game, he broke his jaw. that's a huge loss for eddie jordan >> phil: no question about it >> steve: tonight on geico
5:18 pm
sportsnite at 10:00, abe pollin was laid to rest this morning in city he adored. chris miller will talk to those in attendance, including mr. pollin's former players and colleagues. you will see that tonight at 10, geico sportsnite here at comcast sportsnet. getting set to start the third quarter from sunny, miney, where the wizards have put a
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welcome home, man.
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>> steve: comcast sportsnet coverage of wizards brought to you by klondike. and by 2012, now playing. wizards played a terrific first half of basketball. having said that, they did the same thing the last time they were here, had a terrific first half of basketball and then you remember in the third quarter, gilbert arenas committed nine turnovers in that period, finished with 12. washington lost that game by 14. they led in that game by as many as 11. they led by as many as 11 tonight. >> phil: they kept him out of
5:22 pm
the middle, kept him off the line >> steve: antawn jamison came into the game needing 17 points to reach 16,000 for his career. he has 13 at the half. and nick young getting his third start of the season was terrific again for flip saunders' squad >> phil: i like the way that nick has played offensively, but also defensively. he has 10 points, second to jamison. they got the job done. and especially the -- they kept this team that is one of the top fast-breaking teams notice league to only two fast break points. that's something that we'll keep a close eye on in this second half. >> steve: wizards lead 51-42
5:23 pm
earlier today. the funeral for abe pollin at the washington here drew congregation and we caught up with wizards president ernie grumfeldt at the services. >> well, it was honoring a great man. it was very moving. family members spoke from the heart, what he meant to them, what he meant to the community, what he meant to the d.c. area and all the great things he has done and really about the person more than the titan than he really was. how he was at home and how he was with his grandkids and all the things that he enjoyed in life and what he liked to do >> steve: just about a week shy of his 86th birthday. doing this every year, abe's table where he provided meals for the less fortunate for the folks that could not afford one and, every year, they could count on mr. pollin to offer
5:24 pm
that. and also passing out christmas presents, taking the time. you saw tom thomas there. he did that every year as well >> phil: always thinking about giving, talking about what he meant to d.c. in terms of providing two different arenas but also touching the lives of the people in the district as well. >> reporter: ironically, as the wizards played the 76ers on tuesday, the day he died, abe pollin is from philadelphia but came to washington when he waseight years old. he was actually born in that sitsy and then went to gw >> phil: just hanging with you, i learned so many things. i didn't know that. i always thought he was from washington, d.c. >> steve: you consider him a native. he has been here for over 75 years of his life. he went to george washington universities and graduated there in 1945. then he went to work for his company's construction company
5:25 pm
for 12 years. made his fortune but gave so much of it back to the less fortunate. he was rewarded with a world championship, a team that you played for in 1978. we heard much of the last couple of days from some of the former players like kevin griefy and we talked to greg ballard the other night >> phil: that's right. wes unseld, too >> steve: yep. >> reporter: wizards playing the heat for the third time in the month of november. miami has won the first two games and you can see the averages there >> phil: low scoring games. something else that i really like from the team, nine players in that first half. every player has scored at least a point and they distributed the ball well and they have not lost anything on
5:26 pm
the defensive side. i think, you know, this is a good indication of what they had hoped for. now it's a matter of sustaining this kind of play defensively as well as offensively by going deep into the line-up and having production from nine, 10 players >> steve: yep. they forced 9 turnovers from miami and capitalized on that, scoring 12 points off the miscues while they committed only three turnovers themselves, none in the second quarter. a quarter where they outscored miami 25-18 after outscoring the heat by 2 in the first period. washington, the one area where they were deficient was in free throw where they missed 7 and shot just 36% from the line. here is jamison. he will take the shot over' neal, hit the side of the
5:27 pm
basket. the side of the back board, i should say, as we start the third quarter. steve buckhantz, phil chenier, our come was sportsnet crew. wade spinning. 9 points in the game on 4 of 10 shooting. wizards have led by as many as 11 in that first half. young on a fading jumper, good >> phil: you have to believe that in miami's locker room, at half time, one of the things said was we have to get dwyane wade the ball a lot more, aliewg r luongo him to be more aggressive. in the first two possession, they put the ball in his hands >> steve: and that shot is way off. here he is again. spins on wade, nowhere to go, good defense by wade. now gilbert, gilbert called for carrying the basketball. this is turnover number 1 in
5:28 pm
the quarter and for arenas, his second turnover of the game >> phil: the first team turnover since that first quarter as you look at d-wade and what he has done in the first two meetings, the 40 and 41, how he has gotten them. many at the free throw line. tonight, his 9 points, not been to the line yet >> steve: nice pass to jermaine o'neal with an easy flush. wade never had three straight games of 40 or more points. he is not headed there, at least not yet but it's early >> phil: very selective with his shots tonight. only 6 shots. 4 of 6 from the field. >> reporter: 9 point for gilbert, four assists, a couple of turnovers. chalmers into the corner for jones. now wade with 6 to shoot.
5:29 pm
challengeing nick young, gives it off for mario chalmers for three. >> phil: in the first half, 3- of-10 from three-point range. so not really lighting it up. >> steve: that's a deplating 3 after you played pretty good defense. chalmers, 26th in the league in three-point shooting. here is young with the jumper not there. miami with the rebound. richardson has not played for the team. the wizards, of course, without mike miller again, rejected by haywood, right to chalmers and he misses the 3. mike miller who initially injured his shoulder against this miami team in those games in washington and then went down last week out west with a calf.
5:30 pm
butler drives. offensive foul is called >> phil: i disagree. maybe we'll get a chance to take a second look but i thought that jermaine really moved into his pass after he had left his feet. take a look. >> steve: absolutely >> phil: and even then, he is still moving to make sure that he gets underneath him. >> reporter: that was a bad call by curtis blair as butler had left his feet and then the defender slid into position. >> reporter: chalmers drives, haywood is there but he can't stop it >> phil: he made the mistake. there is another one of those turnovers and that was just an unforced error. >> steve: the wizards with three turnovers to start this quarter, not the way they needed to start. and exactly what we talked about. it will be washington ball. >> phil: at least they get that
5:31 pm
one back. >> steve: heat outscoring the wizards 9-4, starting the quarter, and they cut the lead 9-4. young, for three, shoots and scores >> phil: he has the touch >> steve: doesn't he? >> phil: yes. this is what we saw so much. i know we have talked about but we saw it in training camp, too. >> reporter: yes. there were a few times last year especially when he matched his career high that he had that touch >> phil: yes >> steve: wiz get the rebound. nick junk fighting inside. here is butler, challenged by james jones. they reset. young again, off the screen, a little bit short. haywood battle, taken down by butler >> phil: he will get credit for the rebound but he and jamison kept the ball alive. >> steve: gilbert looking to work something with jamison.
5:32 pm
the shot by jamison is good. >> phil: really can't define and crypt his shot. it goes back to one of your favorite players, but not to compare him to earl but just tough to know how and when he's going to deliver the shot >> steve: you are right. he used to say you could put five guys on me in a phone boost and you could not -- phone booth and you could not cover me and antawn is that way, too. way, too. the wizazazazazazazazazazazazaza girl: my name is emily, and in 7 years... i'll be an alcoholic. all: hi, emily. announcer: kids who drink before age 15 are 5 times more likely to have alcohol problems when they're adults. so start talking before they start drinking.
5:33 pm
5:34 pm
>> reporter: looking for a certified pre-owned mercedes bends, do what i did. visit auto imports. they will help you find the high end vehicle you are
5:35 pm
looking for and they will help you save thousands >> steve: 59-53 washington. 7:07 to go here in quarter number 3. as we check our toyota league leaders, antawn jamison is poised to join a select group. these are the only players in history to have 16,000 points -- i'm sorry. active players to do it. those are hall of famers >> steve: yep. >> phil: he is in good company. >> steve: 59-53. 53. wizards had committed just three turnovers at the half but have committed three turnovers here in the quarter.
5:36 pm
and they have seen their lead sliced into. they were up by 9 at the break. it's 6 now. young tough shot by nick young and can't get it in but it's tipped up and in, i think jamison >> phil: i think you are right. haywood was right there as well. >> steve: how about that for getting your 16,000th point on a very difficult follow >> phil: hard work >> steve: 17 points and 9 rebounds. miami nearly threw that ball away. beasley, shot clock at 1. that's good if it goes. if it's not, that's a 24-point violation >> phil: give nick young credit. he denied the ball to dwyane wade, overplayed him, forced the ball to go somewhere else. chalmers was not ready to pull the trigger on that last shot >> steve: the 10th --
5:37 pm
correction, 11th miami turnover which, so far, the wizards have scored 14 points off of. 61-53 washington. young looking for haywood, not this time. young will take the open jumper and hit it. he is on fire. >> reporter: they are trying to make wade work on defense and they are going to the guy who has hot hands. jermaine o'neal refuses to come out and challenge the shot. >> steve: 16 point for nick young. now wade easily inside, he scores. you can see trouble on that play right from the beginning >> phil: right. keep wade off the line and away from the middle. he got in the middle that time. >> steve: here is butler, baseline, kicks it out for young again and he stepped on the line, it looks like. it's en unforced error.
5:38 pm
in fact, nick young looked at his teammates and said, my fault. i should have shot it >> phil: you have to be careful. you have d-wade running at you. he is a terrific shot blocker. >> steve: nick had his career high last year against the knicks in january with 33 points. he has 16 here tonight and tommy washington calls a foul on brendan haywood. >> phil: he signals that brendan had two hands on jermaine o'neal. that will be his third >> steve: that will get javale mcgee off the bench and send haywood to the bench. brendan has 4 points and 5 rebounds, one block. offensive foul called on miami. it's on michael beasley who was not moving when he set that pick -- or, rather, was moving.
5:39 pm
actually he was not stationery >> phil: there you go. so have the referee give it back. >> reporter: 63-55 wiz. here is young in the paint. butler could not handling t that's another washington turnover >> phil: too many hand, too many bodies in the middle there >> steve: a blocking foul called on nick young. nick has committed two consecutive turnovers and fouls. he is still shooting lights out here >> phil: here he is trying to get the charm on dwyane wade >> steve: it's close >> phil: very nearly does >> steve: wade struck out that right arm and shoulder. here is o'neal from 16 16 again the lead is 6. as close
5:40 pm
as they have been here in this half, after the wiz led by 9 at the break. butler open off the screen, decides to challenge, has it blocked and the wizards give it up. >> phil: i think that caron has to take those shots >> steve: absolutely. mario chalmers, miami right back in it. the lead is 3. timeout flip saunders and i absolutely agree with him. he is wythe open on the baseline. he has to take those shots. 4:20 to go in the third quarter. a 20-second timeout taken by flip saunders. this is as close as miami has been since the first half >> phil: they moved the ball around. this is in transition. so washington not stationery or set in their defensive positions. they swing is quickly. chalmers with the wide open 3, knocks it down and brings it to a three-point game >> steve: 7-0 run by the heat.
5:41 pm
last season, they went 43-39. they got back into the playoffs, losing to the hawks in a seven-game series but after winning just 15 games the year before, they improved to the tune of 28 more wins last year, the greatest single season turn around in miami heat franchise history and the second best all time. in fact, they were just the second team in nba history to win 15 or less one year and coil back the next to mick the playoffs. arenas swings. a loose ball foul called on caron butler. >> phil: got a good look at two
5:42 pm
different threes, one from gilbert and the next from nick. they only have one made three tonight. >> reporter: wade picked up by arenas as he goes cross court for james jones. that's no good, tipped out of bounds by o'neal, washington ball. last year, the heat went 9-7, in this, the southeast division. 28-24 in the eastern conference. we told you that the wizards won just one game in the division against charlotte, tomorrow night's opponent. the shot, jamison can't get it to go. he looks over at derek collins and says, i got fouled. wade fouled as he goes to the glass. he will shoot two >> phil: first half, rare
5:43 pm
opportunities such as this one by dwyane wade. stay alert, very sharp in the rotations and the defense did not allow him to get to the rim and down the paint like that >> steve: they actually called the foul on javale mcgee even though it looked like jamison got most of it >> phil: this will be dwyane wade's first attempt from the line tonight. >> steve: 79% shooter on the season. >> phil: 13 attempts in each of the first two meetings with washington. >> >> reporter: udonis haslem has come in for michael beasley. wade last year plague in a career high 79 games after the injury the season before where he played just 51 games. last year, he averaged career high number 30.24, five boards
5:44 pm
>> phil: this is an important possession. got hit by chalmers and the foul finally called by curtis blair. third personal on chalmers. here si. i strong move. he thought he was trying to beat jermaine o'neal. jermaine does a good job of getting back but chalmers from behind with the hack. he picks up a foul. >> reporter: has not scored a field goal in the last three minutes. miami on a 9-0 run. nick young inside, beautifully done >> phil: wow! >> steve: that break the 9-0 run. that was quite an athletic play >> phil: really was >> steve: he is 9 of 18 from the field and has 18 points. this is his only free throw attempt. chalmers, up high over mcgee who forced that miss. jamison went down hard >> phil: he sure did >> steve: he is helped up off
5:45 pm
the floor by mcgee >> phil: gilbert thought about it, decided to wait for his teamates >> steve: 2 1/2 to play, third quarter. young, baseline around, chalmers, short jumper not there. and mcgee the rebound. >> steve: 10 rebounds for o'neal with 17 points. wade driving on mcgee >> phil: and, again, that's a combination of dwyane wade getting a little more aggressive and washington being not quite as sharp defensively as we called them in the first half. >> reporter: offensive foul on washington. it's on jamison. and he is vehement in his opposition with derek collins. second personal on antawn
5:46 pm
jamison. meantime, nick young has played a terrific game for washington, a terrific game for washington, the third year star with pothole:h no...your tire's all flat and junk. oh, did i do that? here, let me get my cellular out - call ya a wrecker. ...oh shoot...i got no phone ...cuz i'm a, bye! anncr: accidents are bad. anncr: but geico's good. with emergency road service. ding!
5:47 pm
. >> reporter: you can see, miami has come back, trail by just one. nick young getting his thirds start of the season. he has been outstanding >> phil: he certainly has.
5:48 pm
18 toipt r point -- 18 points in the game. you can see him knocking down shots. you can see wade working hard, but here, denying dwyane wade the ball, knocking down a jumper. he is shooting around 50%, does have two turnovers in the last few minutes. he has a good night overall. >> steve: we invite to you get connected to your family and the wizards. come see the wizards take on the bobcats tomorrow night at 7:00. this package inc. clued four ticket, four hot dogs and four drinks, only $49 for an upper level package or $149 in the lower level. call (202)661-5050 or visit
5:49 pm
washington that's tomorrow night when the wizards. tape the charlotte bobcats who, themselves, are entertaining the cleveland cavaliers in the queen city. that's a big fan. >> big fan. big wizards fan. >> reporter: nick young whose season high was 20 the other night when he got his second start of the year for philadelphia he has 18 now. turnovers have hurt washington in this, the second half of the third quarter where they committed 6 in the quarter. >> phil: again, this is the stumble block a couple of weeks ago when the team met here. washington turning over the ball in that quarter. that ignited the fast break. >> reporter: miami literally turned up the heat in that game in the fourth quarter and stole it from the wizards and then won in a big fashion, with 14
5:50 pm
point. they won two of the three and they will play again one more time on january 22nd at verizon center. mcgee back to antawn, he will wind up, fires, missed, got knocked out of bounds with no call. wade kicks it across for udonis haslem and miami can't get it to go. blatche in the game has the rebound. his six the. boykins back in for washington. antawn this time, baseline, long jumper, not there. under a minute to play in quarter number 3. antawn jam soip, 17 points, 10 rebounds. he has a double-double in four of five games that he has
5:51 pm
played this year. jones for chalmers. air ball pulled down nicely by nick young >> phil: and solid defense >> steve: boykins for jamison, lay it is up and in, went down hard. no call >> phil: he went right after jermaine o'neal who is kind of lounging around, underneath the basket so that's the right thing to do >> steve: he had his back to him initially and antawn took advantage of that. wade will wait. 3-second difference between the clocks. james jones for 3. blatche is there, pushes it up with 2 seconds and could not get a shot off. that's unfortunate. so the wizards, after miami got as close as 1 scoring the final couple of points of the quarter but just 4 points in the last
5:52 pm
six minutes and 10 seconds. mario chalmers with 12 points, 10 in the period but the wizards are hanging on. we played 3 here in south florida. the fourth quarter coming up the fourth quarter coming up when learn more at
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
>> steve: sony pictures, armorred in theaters december 4th, in theaters. five-year, 100,000 mile power train warranty at chevy third quarter goes to miami. they hold the wizards to 14 points, outscored washington 22- 14. morgan franklin pivotal play, antawn jamison i boykins gets in the paint. you can see jamison attack the basket and jermaine o'neal. look who is at the game supporting the wizards and watching the team here tonight. behind that gentleman who is standing up is mayor adrian
5:55 pm
fenty, washington mayor adrian fendy at the game tonight. here is o'neal. good defense by oberto but a better shot by o'neal >> phil: that's what he wanted to do, get him to shoot the fadeaway and had his hand in his face >> steve: again, washington by 1. miami led briefly by 2 and then went up by as many as 11. blatche, strong move, gets it to go one handed. 4 point, 7 rebounds for ann andray blatche. happy thanksgiving to one and all from all of us at comcast sportsnet. o'neal trying to take over a
5:56 pm
little bit. they swing it to beasley, shoots, javale mcgahee is there. boykins across the paint, the reset with 12 to shoot. young backs up, fires and gets another one and this crowd is in some sort of stunned amaze. as they watch nick young on 10 of 20 from the field >> phil: tell you what, in the second half, he has kind of carried the offense, has hit big shot after big shot. arroyo with cook. that's 10 on mcgee >> phil: give him credit. he has to come all the way from the tonight key and challenge that shot. >> reporter: there is adrian fenty, the mayor of our city. two years ago, renaming the street in front of the house
5:57 pm
that abe built to abe pollin way and it will stay that way. that was on the 10th anniversary of verizon center. here is jam soip who gets a good looking one and knocks it in. three-pointer for antawn >> phil: 2 of 11 on the night >> steve: that was a big one. stretches the lead to 6. antawn has 22 points. a little bit short. jamison's all over it. boykins nick young into the paint, jumper will squirt but gets the rebound. they'll reset. arenas on the bench, 4 of 7 on the field, 9 point, 4 assists.
5:58 pm
nick off the screen for boykins, has the open look and drills it >> phil: good shot, nick. nick was the one that made that happen. he drove two defenders, boykins wide open knocks down the jumper >> steve: for nick young, his fifth assist to go along with 12 rebounds. boykins has come off the bench to score six points for washington and they up the washington and they up the lead, 76-68 with about 9
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
washington and they up the lead, 76-68 with about 9 in 1977, in johannesburg, south africa, an 8-year-old boy picked up the game of golf from his father. by the age of 9, he was already outplaying him. the odds of this gentle lad winning the junior world golf championships at the age of 14? 1 in 16 million. the odds of that same boy then making it to the u.s. and european pro-golf tours? 1 in 7 million. the odds of the "big easy" winning the open championship once and the u.s. open championship twice? 1 in 780 million. the odds of this professional golfer having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 150. ernie els encourages you to learn the signs of autism at early diagnosis can make a lifetime of difference.
6:01 pm
>> steve: wizards with a little bit of a run to extend their lead, now up 76-68. earlier today, abe pollin was laid to rest, funeral services at the washington hebrew congregation in the district. and among those presents, the president of the mystics and one of the owners of the wizards with ted leonsis and lincoln holding sheila johnson. >> i think mostly about his humility. he was not about making headlines he was about love. he was about passion. he really, really loves the city and that's what came through loud and clear with everyone >> steve: sheila johnson, one of the many at the funeral
6:02 pm
services for mr. pollin today. it will be a public service at verizon center, time to be announced on december 8th, a week from tuesday and, again, the team wearing the black fabric on their jersey and before tonight's game a moment of silence here at american airlines arena. turned out to be a pretty good crowd here tonight on a friday night, first of a back-to-back for the wiz. they will be home tomorrow night to take on the charlotte bobcats as earl boykins is called for a foul. >> phil: trying to apply that pressure to chalmers in the
6:03 pm
first half. he was pretty effective. >> steve: u.s. leaders of the game. meantime, antawn jamison has moved into 10th place all time scoring on the wizards-bullets list ahead of jack marin by a point. wade for 3. off, air ball, turnover. antawn, 8018 points which surpasses marin. next is jawan howard. >> phil: he has 11 boards but he has four double-double in five games >> steve: of course, you are on that list, sixth most in bullets franchise history >> phil: there we go, caron. that time, a catch and shoot. caron open, knocked down the
6:04 pm
jumper, takes washington's lead back up to 10 >> steve: after miami had cut it to 1 but could not get the lead. chalmers knocked away out of bounds by butler as boykins was hounding him from behind >> phil: very active hands. you see those hands in the passing lane. that was caron that got the deflection. he got the shot clock down to 13. miami has to start all over. >> reporter: off the screen, d- wade over randy foye, no good and 5ó earl boykins up for the rebound. boykins penetrates, takes it out. long jumper out there. up ahead, wade. he is fouled. he will shoot two. good foul by randy foye forces him to miss. now he has to make two free throws >> phil: that was going to be a tough shot for wade to convert, anyway. by the time he caught, it he was underneath the basket. he has to reap back. take a look at his momentum
6:05 pm
carrying him in. he is already underneath the back board. it was going to be a tough shot, anyway. randy foye making sure >> steve: here is wade, 2-for-2 on the line for tonight, has 13 points, 4 rebounds, 6 assists. last year was an all-star for the fifth straight year. has the highest fourth quarter points per game this season at 7.7. d-wade now with 15 points on the night. 8-point washington lead. gilbert arenas continues to rest with 9 point, 5 assists. blatche on the turn around, good >> phil: good execution. as soon as he comes off that, he is open, you have boykins that delivers the pass.
6:06 pm
all you have to do is turn and go up and release >> steve: wizards on a 9-22 run and again lead by 10. beasley rims it and haywood is there for his 12th rebound of the game -- correction, 6th. jam soip has 11. jamison has 11. here is haywood. he had it taken away by wade. also pushed haywood right into the back court. didn't call t i thought for sure we were going to hear a back court violation. nice move by blatche, haywood inside, slams it >> phil: beautiful play. blatche behind the back in traffic, delivers the assist. that's his second assist tonight for blatche >> steve: for the wizards, that's their largest lead of the game, 66:48 to
6:07 pm
6:08 pm
>> steve: a 20-second timeout by. rik spoelstra >> phil: he may have been up in the air. at that point, he had not-- he would have gone from the front court into the back. so even if he were up in the air, he would have alighted on
6:09 pm
the front court as they say. nice rebound, blatche. here is boykins. the wizards draw 4 on 3. butler thought about it in the corner, long jumper. no good. way short by randy foye. i thai. would have been a good bucket by randy >> steve: off the screen. mario chalmers in his second year from kansas. averaging about 10 points a game. washington by 10. blatche against haslem fade away by andray no good. and o'neal is there for the rebound, his 13th. the pick-up on the screen.
6:10 pm
trying to find the handling, knocked away from behind by blatche with five seconds on the shot clock and a timeout on the floor. 5:38 to play, wizards by 10. 5 seconds coming up when
6:11 pm
. >> reporter: wizards lead the heat by 10. they let by 12 a moment ago.
6:12 pm
that was their large else. 5:38 to play in regulation by just 5 seconds on the shot clock in this miami possession. wizards had lost six in a row to miami overall. they lost 8 to the spurs, 6 to phoenix and atlanta as well >> phil: all four of these teams this month, too. >> steve: gilbert arenas against dwyane wade and d-wade got the best of him in the 16 times they met head to heat >> phil: and that includes the playoffs >> steve: and also the two games this season. five seconds on the shot clock here for miami. o'neal. wow >> phil: you diop want to give up a lay-up, having to play defense for just five seconds >> steve: the lead is 8. 5:22
6:13 pm
to play. lots of time. blatche thinks about haslem. nowhere to go for boykins underneath who pulls it out with five seconds to shoot. the foul on wade. again, eerl got him up in the air, nicely done. nick young did that early >> phil: he knew that's all he could do with wade. wade, i said it a number of times, a terrific shot padlocker. last year, he finished 18th in the league in shotblocked. that time, he gets a little too close. that should be his 4th personal. >> reporter: it s and boykins 12 of 13 from the line this season. wizards are his 9th franchise. he has played for neural, cleveland, magic, clippers, golden state, denver, milwaukee, charlotte, now
6:14 pm
washington. makes them both. >> phil: good production off the bench as we showed you with that graphic. has one more >> steve: 20 bench points for washington, just 4 for miami. jamison pulls down his 12th rebound to go along with his 22 points. wizards have outrebounded this team 41-32. here is nick young. spinning. turns direction so good. pulls it down, perfect dribble, comes down with it and a reset with a new 24 >> phil: important recovery by brendan, the offensive rebound and takes it away from o'neal >> steve: boykins penetrates for the open jumper. how about that? >> steve: again, catch and shoot by butler and it's good. >> steve: once again, the lead
6:15 pm
is 12. washington matches its largest advantage, and a blocking foul called on boykins >> phil: that has to bother you, that kind of defense >> steve: you tell me. i know guys have played >> phil: it bothered me. fortunately, i played with condition porter my first three or four years and then a couple of times, i had to play against him. tiny archibbald could be pretty pesky when he really put his head into the defense >> steve: james jones kicks out. d-wade for 3, not there. haslem got away with a push. chalmers for o'neal, fading on haywood. that's short. butler there. big rebound >> phil: terrific defense. terrific defense >> steve: it was. if the wiz can build on this 12- point lead i timeout sproal
6:16 pm
stra. antawn jamison has been terrific. they played an emotional game tuesday night. they have another one here tonight trying to build and beat the heat for the first honey... the credit fairy... doesn't exist. what? it's make-believe.
6:17 pm
nobody left anything under your pillow. edit fairy then who will make our edit fairy tcredit score go up? we will. by doing things like paying our bills on time. announcer: there's no magic to improving your credit. but there's help and it's free. go to what? and they take time with 3:16 to play in regulation and an 11- point advantage. wizards winning an emotional
6:18 pm
game by a point tuesday following the death of owner abe pollin, something that clearly was on their mind the entire night which you could tell when antawn jamison spoke to comcast ports net chris miller. >> he is in a better place but i love the guy. he believed in me from day one. i tried to go out there and expect him to walk in and go out there to be the professional. he is watching us now so it's good to get the win but it's going to be tough not hearing his voice and always propping us up. he loved the game of basketball so much >> steve: as emotion gnaw as these guys are throughout the course of the game. you could be that emotional immediately following the game and let you know he was thinking about it the whole
6:19 pm
night. normally, jamison very smooth with his words and thoughtful but you could tell, he was trying to clear his mind >> phil: yeah >> steve: trying to compose himself. very emotional interview with chris miller. he just took a shot in the face there from brendan >> steve: ann add ver tent >> phil: he is getting a lot more physical >> steve: with his own guy. antawn accomplish the one milestone coming into this game which was to reach 16,000 points in his career and becoming one of the select players who got 16,000 and 6,000 rebounds. he needed 17 points to do it. he has 22 points in the game and 12 boards. can the wizards hang on. jamison had it blocked. he was trying to pick contact
6:20 pm
right away but did not get ti. i they knew the game was going to be physical, trying to make this last stand >> steve: boykins with the rebound. over the timeline, he is fouled by chalmers with just under 3 minutes to play. boykins is everywhere, phil. when i was watching him, he was called with that foul, i'm thinking to myself, if you want to put up a clinic video of how to play defense, i don't care if you are 68ite or 6'8" or 5ó, watch a video of this guy >> phil: absolutely, the lateral movement >> steve: jamison with 8 to shoot for nick young and he got fouled as he went up. the fans here didn't like it. spoelstra, ronnie rolstein up
6:21 pm
off the bench >> phil: i like this move. they give it to nick, the give and go, goes to the board. i believe they called the foul on haslem. that's the only one i can see there >> steve: they had to. it does not look like he had a lot of body. he got a lot of basketball as young went up. young is 0-for-2 at the line but these are gigantic now. season high 21 points for nick young who, last year, had a career high of 33 against the knicks. >> phil: a succession of three games where he kept eclipsing career highs, 29 to 30 to 33. >> repo 33 >> steve: chalmers -- wizards having a tough time getting the ball inbound, butler loses it.
6:22 pm
boykins got crushed from behind by somebody >> phil: someone fell on top of him as well. but you want to clear out that area. watch how many people are together right here. you have butler there, the two defenders. not a lot of room to make clean clear passes. >> reporter: the lead is 11. chalmers, hanging and bailed out with a foul on haywood as he swiped at him. i tell you what, that would have been a very difficult shot to make. i i that's one thing that i would like to see him go more conservative. he is going down. let him shoot. for paren dan, that's his fourth personal. >> reporter: chalmers for his first free throw of the game. the heat, 9 of 11 from the line >> phil: and you are putting them on the line and you are stopping the clock. >> reporter: right >> phil: those are two things you don't want to do now >> steve: absolutely.
6:23 pm
wizards have missed 7 free throws in the game, shooting just 53%. miami has made all but 2 in 12 attempts. blatche over the timeline knocked up in the air, nearly stolen. nick young has it as they bring it out. jamison for 3. missed it. beasley the rebound. up to wade. wade challenging, runs over blatche and he is fouled >> phil: yes. again, it stops the clock with 2:04 to play. and washington by 9. >> phil: you can't play scared. you have to think about what got you that 14-point lead that you had and try to convert and play the same way. >> steve: 13-0 when he scores
6:24 pm
19 and more against the wizards. misses that one. his first miss of the game. he is 5-of-6. >> phil: get yourself in mind, you know you're going to receive the pressure in case he misses the free throw, step in and make sure you secure the rebound >> steve: misses both. how about that? boykins, under two minutes to play. running the show for washington. wizard let by 14 with 1:40 to play. blatche inside, a beauty >> phil: what a great job that time by boykins, handling whole pressure. he was double teamed at times but did not give up the dribble. eventually found the assist >> steve: big basket and a big rebounds by butler, slashed at the other end of the reverse
6:25 pm
lay-up. 8 points for him and 8 rebounds. boykins bothered by chalmers, lost it, picked up by butler, 9 to shoot. for blatche, behind his back, drives, lays it up, short, gets the rebound, tipped out of bound by miami's haslem. washington ball with a new 24. i like the effort by andray blatche again tonight, second man off the bench after javale mcgee. fans here beginning to leave the arena. 17704 in attendance ant wizards look like they are go -- and the wizards look like they are about to get their first win off miami this season >> phil: and the first back-to-
6:26 pm
back for a while >> steve: they will be aggressive and look to score. looking to stop a three-game slide here in miami. boykins, dagger. that will be a timeout by spoal at that and that puts the -- by spoelstra and that puts the wizards up by 14 >> phil: he's been one of the league leaders in the fourth quarter shooting percentage. that's why flip saunders kept him in the game down the stretch >> steve: 94-81 washington as we take a look at a morgan franklin pivotal play >> phil: it's a big one. we saw the offensive rebound. washington has dominated that. and then brendan haywood pulling it away and pulling it away from opponents. big play and brendan haywood
6:27 pm
providing a morgan franklin typical play of the quarter. >> reporter: year 9 point in the quarter for butler, jamison with 24. this has been a collective effort, because not only did washington start, do a nice job, their reserves were terrific tonight >> phil: yes, they did. again, it starts to show the depth. keep in mind you have three players injured. mike miller, mike james. nine players getting into action and getting it done collectively, not just offensively where they have been right around 50% shooting all night but more importantly and defensively, where they have been able to step in periodically and a situation where it looks like miami was making a run at them >> steve: making the most of their opportunity, the wizards have outscored miami 26-8 in second-chance points >> phil: and that goes back to that offensive rebounding, the dominance they have.
6:28 pm
16 offensive rebounds. brendan haywood one of the league's best in that at 5 >> steve: gilbert arenas has been on the bench with this fourth quarter run. this happened in similar fashion >> phil: it happened in the cleveland game >> steve: yep. they got the job from boykins, blatche, young. three-point shot for daequan cook. and now nick young to boykins, wizards can run this thing down. washington will snap a 6-game losing streak to miami, three in a row here in south florida. and this one will be sweet, indeed. young trying to put the exclamation park on, it a little bit short >> phil: but they ran all the clock down and that's what you really want to do. >> steve: second in a row after
6:29 pm
beating philadelphia the other night. and two emotional victories by washington. james jones, a little bit short. that's going to do it. for the first time since april 4th, 2008, the wizards have defeated the miami heat, first time in seven straight games and they do so 94-84 >> phil: a lot of other firsts, too. the heat on the year coming into this game, 8-0 when their opponent do not reach 100 points. washington with the first win when they are held under 100 point, 94-84 but it was a team collective effort. you love the offense but more uponly, you like the fact that, defensively, they pulled it all together >> steve: 24 for jamison, 22 for young, boykins with 10 off the bench as they hold dwyane wade to 18 points in the game. join us for our next telecast tomorrow night. wizards host the bobcats in high definition. for phil chenier and our entire
6:30 pm
comcast sportsnet crew, steve buckhantz from miami where the wizards improve to 5-9 on the year and get just their second win >> after two straight wins and a victory in the division, a little bit of heat is off the wizards. now washington heads home with its sights on a three-game winning streak. with the wizards home, the caps say goodbye to the states and hope to have a bone v voyage to montreal as they take on the canadiens. plus the redskins try to play spoiler in philadelphia and the ravens/steelers rivalry will look a little different tomorrow. you know it's going to be a good show when you start things off with the most powerful man in the world. president barack obama enjoyed
6:31 pm
today's basketball team between oregon state and george washington. we will show it to you in just minutes. hello, everyone. and welcome to geico sportsnite on this saturday evening. i'm the most powerful man at this desk. michael jenkins. coming up, highlights from a novel concept. a playoff system in college football, but we start in the nfl. it looks like secondary coach jerry gray will be staying with the redskins after all. our kelli johnson has confirmed lsu assistant coach larry porter will be the tigers next football coach instead. gray was considered one of the finallests for the job to replace tommy smith who was fired on november 9th. porter could be introduced as early as sunday. >> gray and the redskins make the trip to philadelphia on sunday for a game against the eagles and the burgundy and gold are trying to avoid their ninth consecutive loss on the road which would tie a
6:32 pm
franchise record. kelli has a preview. >> reporter: it didn't take long for the eagles offense to strike the first time washington and philly met this season. keeping the danger of jackson under wraps this time will be key. >> he catches the ball over a lot of defense that's playing deep and when you see a guy doing that, he's just magic this year. the thing we have to do is not get him behind us. it's going to be real hard because i know philly is doing a great job moving him around putting him in motion and stuff like that. >> he has great speed both in the return game and on offense. he'd run reverses. going to d ball. he has been a complete player for them. people knew he was good coming out but i think he's kind of surprised how good he's been. >> a quick guy, he runs good routes, we have to try to get our hands on him, just stop him at the line and not give him the straight ahead pass. >> reporter: the redskins offense faces a top notch sack team for the third straight week with 14 different eagles
6:33 pm
reporting at least a half sack. that pressure leads to take aways, where philly's d has the third most interceptions in the league. >> any time they get pressure on the quarterback and have the quarterback throw on off-target pass that is what they're for. i'm sure the cornerbacks will love the pressure the front seven is getting. >> in order for you to be good at your position you have to take chances. specially at defensive back you have to sometimes take chances. those chances, you will get beat sometimes, and sometimes you will guess right. they're good at it. they are good at guessing right sometimes and every now and then at giving up a play or two, but they make up for it. >> it's a defense that moves around a lot, can cause a lot of issues and problems. everyone has to make sure we are on the same page and we can't get -- early in the game if things get rough we can't get frustrated. we have to continue to stay on course and keep pushing. >> reporter: and the redskins offense will keep pushing with
6:34 pm
the third different starting running back. rock cartwright is coming off clear highs against dallas last week. ironically, his last start came in 2003 against the philadelphia eagles. in ashburn, kelli johnson. >> thank you, kelli. join chick hernandez, trevor maddox and antonio free man tomorrow for the redskins kickoff. plus how rock cartwright prepares for game. redskins kickoff, sunday at 11:30. last night in miami the wizards broke their losing streak against the heat thanks to antawn jamison, leading the wizards with 22 points as part of a record-setting performance and washington gets the victory 94-84. jamison has been lights out since coming back from a shoulder injury. in five games four double-
6:35 pm
doubles while scoring 20 points in four of those games and the fifth active player to score 16,000 points and grab 6000 rebounds. down to verizon center where the wizards are hosting the bobcats tonight. that's where we find one of our co-captains chris miller. and chris, breaking that long streak against the heat was huge for this team. >> it really was, michael. you talkedded about antawn jamison. in the last two games his partner has been one nick young. i know it comes as a surprise to a lot of people but it shouldn't. you might recall nick young sat out multiple games during this season in the dog house of phillip sanders so to speak. he came out in the last few games and really performed well. he had a 20 point game followed by 22. young has played nearly 70 minutes in the last two games. before that, 45 minutes total during the team's 3-9 start. you have to give credit to
6:36 pm
young's defense. he's guarded in the last two games, andrei iguodala and dwyane wade last night, holding flash to 22 points below his average. in two previous games against the wizards. meanwhile, what a night it was for one earl boy kin. your lead guard in the 4th quarter, not gilbert arenas. boykins had 10 points, nine assists and more importantly, zero turnovers in the wizards 10-point win over miami. if you look at it by the numbers, boykins has delivered huge in the first six games as a member of the wizards, now in his 10th season, earl's assist to turnover ratio is plus 1.six. the charity strike, it's there only a no brainer. flip saunders moments ago talked about the smooth transition his 5' 5 point guard has made so far. >> he's probably one of the most unique players that's ever played at this level, to play at his size and do what:he does. be able to score, and basically
6:37 pm
at times, almost dominate the game. you know, the 4th quarter last night he pretty much dominated how it was played. >> meanwhile, last night's opponent had a huge win against that guy and the cavaliers, lebron james struggled on defense. gerald wallace didn't. how about two hands on the dunk there. bobcats up two early. then time winding down in the 1st quarter. the new bobcat stephen jackson keep your eye on him tonight. a three over lebron. then lebron getting a little revenge on the 2nd with a throw down alley oop. james had 16 in the first half but just a few minutes later, it was wallace answering the bill and answering strong on the fast break. charlotte went into the half up 13 and they win by a core of 94- 87. look at the southeast division standings right now, you can see where the bobcats and the wizards are. they are at the bottom but charlotte's won three straight, the wizards have won two in a row. something has to give tonight
6:38 pm
as you see, orlando and atlanta are tops with a record of 12-4. before we get out of here a couple of nba news and notes. according to reports from philadelphia, the sixers might be interested in bringing back allen iverson. after trading him away three years ago to denver. iverson plans on meeting with john thompson on tuesday that being his college coach at georgetown. bringing a.i. back will not be a financial issue. philly has nearly $7 million under the cap. so, stay tuned. finally, baltimore's own carmelo anthony put on a show against the 96 in denver. mellow recorded his first 50 point game joining rookie brandon jennings as the lone 50- point ballers this season. how bad are the nicks defense you might ask? two of the last three 50-point games have come against that restauranted new york defense. they are terrible. but tonight, the main event here at the verizon center. the wizards and the bobcats. both teams are having winning
6:39 pm
streaks. we'll see which one extends it and which one goes home a loser. see you during the broadcast with steve and phil. >> chris, since michael jordan is part owner of the bobcats, maybe an mj sighting tonight. >> it wouldn't surprise me to see mj here but i don't think it will happen. >> chris, thank you. >> all right. what a lineup for you tonight on the network. if you're up for basketball we have the wizards and the bobcats next on the mother ship. or if you'd like to check out hockey, the caps and canned anyians on comcast sportsnet plus. tiger woods does not like people prying into his personal life. even the name of his yacht is privacy. now he has dozens of media outlets camped outside his gated community in florida. everyone waiting for an explanation after woods crashed his suv into a tree friday morning. his scheduled meeting with the florida highway patrol did not happen this afternoon. they'll try again tomorrow and release tapes of the 911 call
6:40 pm
as well. still to come. big ben broke down last week in kansas city. does that mean the steelers will have someone new under center for their game in baltimore? georgetown looks to break out its early season shooting woes against lafayette. college hoops when we come back. >> okay, everyone, we have a lot to cover this morning. tim should be here any second with the latest budget numbers to -- uhh, take us through the initial... schedule... for production and..ndndndnd >> ouch. >> this is one way to avoid getting the h1n1 flu virus. >> oopsie daisy. >> all right. good morning! let's get this meeting started. >> for some better ways, visit [man sneezes] [groans] [groans]
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>> welcome back. president obama and family supporting brother-in-law clay robinson at oregon state when they're visiting g.w. colonial off to a close start as the beavers are on top 10-0. gw finally answers back. the colonials get their first basket with that dunk right
6:43 pm
down the lane. once again, the beavers heat up. the three-point shot. oregon state with a 15 point lead. michelle owe imam likes what she sees cheering on her brother. colonials trying to rally. three-ball from the quarter. he had a game high 15, but the president and coach robinson celebrate as oregon state picks up the win 64-57. >> what people don't realize, is that these guys are awe struck by my brother-in-law. so, they were under pressure to perform well in front of him. forget about me. i mean they see me every day. but to play in front of the president and the first lady, they were under a lot of pressure. so this was -- this was not a typical away game for us. lafayette number 19, georgetown oh, who's a bulldog. there's a good dog.
6:44 pm
oh, yes. flexing their muscle in the first half. on the inside with a foul and georgetown a 14 point lead. second half hoyas pour it on. jason clark with the steal. monroe on the fast break and he finishes, the lead is 21. and clark takes the pass. decides to go with the long ball. it's the long three. a career high 19 points on the afternoon. georgetown improves to 4-0 and six players hit double figures for the first time and john thompson iii's six years at the helm. unlike the last home game against temple, the hoyas were red hot at the phone booth this afternoon. as a team they shoot 61% from the floor including nearly 50% from three-point range. not to mention 23 assists, and the hoyas more than doubled their 46-point output from two weeks ago. back to the nfl, steelers
6:45 pm
quarterback ben roethlisberger will not play sunday against ravens. he suffered concussion on sunday and has had problems with headaches ever since. dennis dixon who has not played a down all season will start instead. the steelers southwest the ravens last season winning all three match-ups. the ravens are focusing on this season and the fact that both teams right now are in the thick of the playoff race. >> i think this year it's really important right now we're a 5-5 football team and a 6-4 football team. you know, whoever wins this game is right in the middle of things. i think that's what's most important right now is not the time of year it is and what our record is and we need to do to be in the playoffs. we need to win this game and we need to go out there and make that our goal sunday. >> it's a game that we have to win. we are not labeling this as a redemption week, or a redemption game. it's just a game that we have to win.
6:46 pm
and you know, and the next game will be the same way. we can't start butting themes to every game. our theme is basically, we got to win and keep it moving. every win is vital for baltimore right now. the ravens have six games remaining to earn a playoff spot, and they trail the broncos, jags and steelers. also four losses in the conference which is the first tie breaker. hockey, montreal fans create such a great atmosphere that alexander ovechkin says quote you don't need to drink red bull to play here. a preview of tonight's game joe ben natty and craig laughlin. >> one thing we know about bruce boudreau is he is true to his word. he said it night take a goalie 20 games or so to grab the reigns. looks like semyon varlamov is
6:47 pm
doing that. >> he is, joe. getting his fourth straight start. he has really been the man for the capitals. he has been terrific between the pipes, 25 saves the other night against the buffalo sabres. whether long range changes. stop attempts or roy on the doorstep. he seemed to have an answer. with young goalies it's all about positioning and setup and he has been picture-perfect for this 'caps team. >> his marks in the month of november have sparkled league wide. >> 4-1, stopped 197 at 209 shots in the seven games. 9 943 when it comes to the save percentage department. he is looking forward to this game tonight and he has to be calm against this canadiens team. >> let's analyze the caps top two centers. the guy in the second slot is outplaying the number one. >> you're talking morrison versus backstrom. they're two guys going different ways. morrison, he's had more
6:48 pm
complimentary players play with him, more set lines and he has been scoring at will an the net, especially this month. and nick backstrom has fell into hard times. i thought the first 10 games he was awesome. the last 10, just all right. he needs a better, more different right winger. he hasn't had that line trouble. >> look back at the last two weeks of play and the numbers speak for themselves. >> yeah, one assist in a miens three for nick. for brendan five point and the same amount of shots. two centers that will have to be big tonight. >> 21,000 crazy canadians can't wait to see the caps play, michael. >> we're looking forward to it. gentlemen. thank you. coming up, playoffs in college football don't usually go together. there first round playoff highlights are on the way. plus, virginia and virginia tech renew the rivalry for the
6:49 pm
commonwealth cup. while maryland tries to end a disappointing season on a high note, next. i'll be an alcoholic. all: hi, emily. announcer: kids who drink before age 15 are 5 times more likely to have alcohol problems when they're adults. so start talking before they start drinking.
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6:51 pm
>> at the top of the hour, muss the caps and canadiens for the plus channel in your area visit season finale for ralph friedgen and company. the terps hosting boston college in the 1st. terps up 3-0. b.c.'s shin sleet ski wide open over the middle, finds the seam and the eagles up 7-3 on the road.
6:52 pm
to the 2nd. terps down but driving. scott the carry from six yards out. scores, knotted at 10. the eagles strike back in the 2nd. not once, but twice. steve, knocking in field goals from distances of 36 and 23 yards before the first half time expired, 16-10 boston college. to the 4th. 3rd and 10 jamarr robinson hooks up with adrian cannon who catches the ball near the first down marker. instead of asking for review terps try to catch bc off guard. but it doesn't work. eagles tack on a field goal. terps down 9 looking to rally. robinson to torrey smith. that is a touchdown great pitch and catch. a two point game. maryland needs to come up with nick ferreira's on sidekick but the eagles recover. it's another tagger for maryland, story of their season as they fall 19-17. hokies in charlottesville
6:53 pm
taking on anywhere in-state rivals the cavaliers in the commonwealth cup. jameel sewell getting the start for virginia and off to a good start. he rumbles 15 yards for the touchdown. uva an early lead. but then ryan williams steals the show. an 84-yard drive with this five- yard run up the gut. and we're tied at 7. then in the 2nd quarter, down 3, williams from 20 yards away, and he will take it in for the score giving tech a 14-10 lead. the second half, williams keeps it going. what a performance. this four yard run his third touchdown of the afternoon makes it 21-13 hokies and he's not done there. in the 4th. williams finishes up an 11 place 62 yard drive. his fourth touchdown of the day. tech rolls 28-13 and williams trying to make it 5. he breaks loose. and fumbles the football. but no boris for tech, and it's
6:54 pm
recovered by jared boykin in the end zone. that kind of day for virginia keek. six in a row all of virginia with a 52-13 win. al groh finishes the season at 3-9. perhaps leaving scott stadium for the final time. >> the scs playoffs. eric ward stretch option. keeps it himself and he is off. a 74 yards and a touchdown, and richmond with the early lead of 10-0. but elan rallies. 16-6 in the fourth. scott riddle, out of the shotgun, looking down. he's got jarrell hutchins for a 22 yard score. they have a chance to tie it. adam shriner with the field goal and he is off. richmond advances to the second round with a 16-13 win. wizards coming off an
6:55 pm
impressive victory over the heat. when we return we'll take you to tipoff, the wizards and bobcats. next.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
>> welcome back. stephen jackson and the bobcats in town to meet the wizards, antawn jamison, caron butler and company and steve buck hans and phil chen near have a preview. >> michael, thanks a lot. the emotion is still running very high here. of course all of us wearing the black ribbons in honor of april bowen. the team still being inspired by him to the point they've won two games now and starting to do some things that we have been looking forward to all season long. things that we expected of this team when this season first
6:58 pm
began. >> i think they show their depth, and it took the plans to really get the job done. a big win there in miami the other night. last night in fact. they end a six-game losing streak that they had at this team. that was the second win. they won the game in dallas. first back to back win this year, and did it defensively, holding both miami and the 76ers under 42% shooting, and the 84% was a season low, too. you had to be really happy, pleased with what you saw from this team. >> you used the term collective effort. it truly was, because not only did the starters do the job but the bench i goes came off the buys and they contributed. >> you could say the starters were solid all night. the bench was near perfect. they passed the ball well, they finished the game down the stretch, got high percentage shots, boykins getting this nice assist over to jamison and the key buckets.
6:59 pm
i was just really impressed. collectively 24 points. half of their shots, 15 rebounds, 11 assists and only one turnover. near perfect. >> an excellent performance. we will see if they can carry it through tonight where the wizards look for their first three-game win streak since two years ago and they're playing a charlotte team coming off a huge win last night by seven points over lebron and the cavaliers in the queen city. they themselves have won three straight games. that is the story from here, michael. back to you. >> thank you, gentlemen. that will do it for us here on geico sportsnite. for the late forest around our area check out next we are your local sports headquarters. the washington wizards host the bobcats on comcast sportsnet looking for their third straight victory, and on comcast sportsnet plugged, it's the caps and caps and canadiens. enjoy the games.


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