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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  May 1, 2010 7:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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not just another start, shutting out his former team, top of the order took care of the rest. two homes reasons for skillerman and morgan in center field. ninety they look to make it four straight afternoon lead the ma linns in their wake. great cay for baseball.
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-- great day for basketball. it's another muggy day in society florida. the nats on the marlins washington has one 3 of 4. they go with greg e-greg opt mound, phillies shut out the mets today, 10-3. it's possible the nats could be rite up further than they are tonight. rob and tom, if zimmerman has to do anything with it, a curly double for you tonight. they hit a nice [ audience boos ] , but the third bay, great defense, obviously that's that home run in the top half of the
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upping, crushing the bat, another one out and away doesn't have to sprint around the byes. zimmer man makes this a formidable but "in style" why he's a gold glove first baseman. the kid who may be playing next to him is ian p. he's a florida kid. habit made a error lately. straight away. [ male announcer ] let's take the garden into our own hands. soak our yards in color. get our hands a little busier. our dollars a little stronger. and our thinking a little greener. let's grab all the bags and all the plants and all the latest tools out there. so we can turn all these savings into more colorful shades of doing. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot.
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nationals baseball brought to you beijing wire. 2010 jag wire x. welcome back.
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the nats getting together with the marlins. florida guy with us. you've from save sofa. it's good to be down hear. talk about the god defense you've been praying because the couping of weeks you've before with deb de. i think the thing is making it easy, we've all played shortstop. he's came up for a listening timers and that helps and the other thing all three of us are doing whatever it takes to win. it doesn't matter what position we play. we have a real -- we've all bought into what he's got going on. >> seems you're a good commune kiter. is this something that makes
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six years important because you'velied in and didn't scenarios? >> wright. i say this a hot. decision years, i signed out of high school. and a loft kids went to college at that time. i wept to college for college. i went to college. i got to lerp from the best coaches that know from professional bile. got to know sop all that time i was getting to absorb everything that everyone was telling me. i think that helps a lot. you hit hole runs in april there have been goods full- times and tough times as they have a book on you how has it blood pressure offense e-ly? >> terror i wasmented i proever true i was hot.
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knew i would -- that's what happens. i had about # 0 so i knew thereto going to be a time i would slide off but the cold weather. this is my climate. you're not lacking in confidence. we like that. thanks for your time. copt good work. that's more coming back after this time out. [ male announcer ] looking for a price that starts low and stays low? look no further than fios. now pay just $99.99 a month for verizon fios tv, america's top-rated internet, and phone guaranteed for 2 years. that's fios price protection, and it saves you hundreds of dollars. fios delivers the best channel lineup and the peace of mind that comes with paying the same low price every month. call 1.888.get.fios now to lock in $99.99 with a 2-year agreement. a price guaranteed for 2 years. we'll even include a free dvr for 6 months.
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♪ you gotta evolve ♪ if you want a revolution, the only solution, evolve ♪ nationals as metaled earlier. 3 and a row of the and three games over 500. deb betailor. yea to'. everybody is interested. >> not believable. i you canned to mar gap. about the new attitude. all [ pause in captioning to change captioners ] tikikus >> always town with the pitchers and catchers meeting. i "a good i wassing. and it makes my job easier. because i'm able to direct the boys. >> everybody is picking each other up and everybody is eting up and letting everything do
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everything he can. >> saved the ball game. heavy heed off tonight 9th in the league in hitting. ryan zimmerman back this there and rodriquez. well, this is breasting. opportunity always like batting down there and he's a good hitting pitcher. chris is a former number one draft message back in 2005. and the rob he is still a work in progress at the age of 23. >> scouting report. he is 6-foot 8. he's only 23 years old and got good command but when he starts getting the ball 7:he gets hit ball. >> comes in where a or of 1
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rein # and, ra of a 1 point #. probably should have lost them both boheas offense has gotten him off the hook. 10.9 without a 5 decision. second pitch is a strike. even at 1-1. pretty much cloudy all day. 79 at game time. means it's coming from the right field corner side. this ballpark inclosed. breeze not a factor here. 1-2 to morgan. offspeed pitch. fading outside. ted has the plate tonight of the angel, palm, brian. morgan gets jammed. beating to the back o'bag is
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foal stat. it's the worst defense iplay in baseball. they've made 23 errors. the post coming into this saturday. dap has already made 7er issue errors between them. and john baker is the one player in the line yum tonight who was not there last night. he's there catcher. adam caught up, strike within to adam. double, rbi scored a couple of runs last night. marlin number 10 in the league. by the way the nationals are right behind them with an era that keeps tunnel basketball
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game after game. nats are 8th in the league a the era. skipper likes this pitching these days, here the 1-2. close enough to be narking at him. >> i know it's surprising but that's what you're supposed to do. you're supposed to act like a big league. not go out and have the moser issue rondos and losses year in and year out. >> grandkidding billion, drops in there for the second out. only the ninth time he has fans this year. brian thrown to 17 hits. # of those last night. first time he's done that. >> very rarery do you see a guy, but he sits around, doesn't get in a lot of games,
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sits in a few and depose out there and first two at bats. playing great. only other guy was joe over the american league. mississippied spring training with with his surgery occupy the of at tats and he's the american leg. but reminds me of mike. note the pop he's got, the way that frank ewed to hit the ball the other we. >> breaking bat herbal. he's there to grandparent it. 1, #, 3, time to craig to go to work against the marlins. ♪ dramatic music
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the nats go quickly. marlins are 7th in the league. dan hit 5 on the year. team lead in that at the present time, leads the lesion in rbis. always done a lot of dago ever but he either does big time or strikes out. that's an breasting matchup. he's around the plate. only walked a couple of guys in # # innings. so things are probable going to lap one way or another pretty quickry. >> you someday the sates right
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there. 27 hits in 21 inning. he's get to miss a few the ere at bats tine. >> thousands it by. who is 0-4, hit by a pitch last fight. struck out bo times this year. >> yuan what would be a good ittistics, how many hits allowed when they get a hitter. that's a will the of them are young pitcher. tone a great job but there are still times, makes a pitch and they don't. here it is, goes do you think eastern away. nice try. on base of just 3.0,
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strikes out for the 31st time this yoren a good hard breaking ball away. >> low herb the bar as we said, too many hits per innings hit. he's got a good ratio of strikes per walks and just keep that chain of good starts going, let the bull pen take their chances against this lineup. he's had bad success in his career. he's -- he's starting it come alive now. 7 for his last 21 gets his battling average up so .195 to last year's rookie of the year. good one on the outside
7:19 pm, 89. couple of hits, run scored last night. that's a pitch outside, 2-1. braves won today. phillies crushed the mets, here are the nats and marlins running out the east on this sard. >> can bees won freshmen. -- on this saturday. a lot of afternoon games. get you up to at a time later. here's scott tee of the six scoreless innings. four strike outings against his former mating. line hard, picked on a
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shortstop. two quick outs. national defensive league, six in the national league. goesman west des moines and done, willie will catch tomorrow. migel theren tonight. guzman getting if amarked. 32 at bad. this is a good night for him to try to jam him in ander that average step. he's the only marlin who's hit a home run. no record and a couple of starlets against the fish. by the way people might be surprised at answer to the question who has ha the second most at bats on the gnarlings
7:21 pm
this year. morgan is first. >> guzman at second. >> right fold, second basion, considerate stop. we said that if he hitting he stays opt lineup just got to be more create i have. he's such a good shortstop. especially with a pitcher like him who is good as desmond. >> 1-1 to ramirez. reporter today, not from the washington media i night add asked the manager about the guy he plaid shortstop said he's getting him back in here and he said he has the second most at bats orphan our team. that question got off to a real
7:22 pm
bad start. probably from the sarasota area. he's heard of him. >> reese, slips. they watered this. it came out. that would be tough to give him an error. they are going to. he looks at the board and can't believe what he's seeing. >> he hits that wet dirt. i don't know if that's an error, but goes right by him. >> immaterial have to give the hit aerohit. that's a bad hop. they have a error complaints with him www.hithirdoftheyear. >>ithinkhe'swearingthoseinstead >>ithinkhe'swearingthoseinstead fmetalspikeswhichheshould
7:23 pm
change. .com >> only the second base run eric chavez to attempt the steal against the nats this year. he one hops one and a very god play by kennedy.
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they have what they call a super saturday tonight. a condition set after the ball game. always draw well on saturdays.
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the nats ontizes, it's our first t-shirt tuesday on the home stand. second of the year. receive a free gray t-shirt. get your tickets at top of the second for the nats. dun 1-5. early triple last night. he's throwing most of his pitches for strikes gets the outside corner. >> gots the downhill slant. >> worked with palmer; haul of famer around is 11 or 12. he's never gone more than 5 innings against any start against the nats. he's a local kid north of here.
7:26 pm
and the 2-1 pitch how and inside. he's walked 16 times this year. >> 6.25 against hip. that's on the strength of 5 helling every eight at bats. he didn't have to face dunn an you feel lot. 37-2 pitch. serves it left field. this has some carry it it. off him. he has an early base health. hit that about 340 feet to the ball and straight away left field. he makes a great effort.
7:27 pm
hits his glove and a am. does knelt make the grab. had it hit before that blue line it would have been in play. when it gettings to the tall board that used to be an out of town score board, that is in play. >> right few here, that's in play. anything underneath that. >> here's willingham. with the dance to put the nats on ton. i saw frank reverse whether 44 we wanted to president first base camera on here. he got in trouble for it. >> last year he bought one of the worse in bible. 6th highest with runners in scoring position, .33 6- not
7:28 pm
very good. >> third highest in major league baseball, third worst in the national league. >> josh in a bits of a slide. he's walk add couple of times, had inrushing rbi hit last night night. that's a walk. >> he can't keep moving his hands. they call time, but paul the second base umpire, watching him closely. that's worth a call. >> you start to move your hands
7:29 pm
even the slightest bit. 1-2 sliverry. stopped by john baker. this is two messages ago. sitting in holding holding holding. en see them? >> they josh called timeout so they gave 84 ere him time but you can't move your glove and twitch. that's a walk. >> #-2 to josh. came down and through the ball. good pitch though. showing that was a nice pitch. willing hamm shows it foul by a foot or two. second innings, let's talk about all things deal with with
7:30 pm
deuces. ryan zimmer animal got his fifth last night. get your second filling free. ? guy there hasn't been here that long. >> one of them was two grand slam. 3-2 again. out to right from. adam should be able to tag here, rumbling over to third, gets there with one out. quality at ball by willing ham by a god shot advances the runner, dunn is at third with run out for rodriquez. one of though at bats that won't show up but everyone
7:31 pm
thoughs he had a real good one earlier in the game. knew it was a fast ball. few and put it in second play of the i think they realize very important with our staff it get early runs and give them confidence. they get room for errors. >> rodriquez drove in his ninth of the year last night. he's batting .414. makes the play dunn touches home to give hem relief. another good at bat. that's rbi number 10. marlins
7:32 pm
opt year, they added last night. 1-9. they are a free swinging team that doesn't bunch hits together very well. >> tony perez, the million of famer for many years was working before the came. >> double clutch, he just out barely. double gets it going. gets the rbi. ve ever seen befo. this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road.
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nationals baseball brought to you giraffes at and t rethink possible and by honda it's called the really big thing only at your honda dealer. sunset over the ever glades how gorgeous is that? 7:34 here jorge john baker for the fish, bankers trust company tom of the second. cantu on the second. hi pops it up, mile high. win out. phillies today murdering mets hit philadelphia 10-0. phillies
7:35 pm
and the paths tide for second who saw their 8 game winning streak come to a halt. spins a 3-hitter today. >> beautiful thing. right up in with the leaders all the year. >> hard to believe he's lost a game. >> hitting.# the 5. >> unfor thely they couldn't score aurin. they lost it on a wild pitch to the texas rangers. >> power numbers have remained
7:36 pm
pretty much the same of the >> as he goes, so does the fish. >> lucky percentage in the wind. >> goodness. >> batting average down to .260 last year. he had hit 15 points higher than that the year before but at the 240th bit better than that the year before before. really good pitch. 5' 8 guy. ball not low. there's your pitcher there. perfect. perfect enough for the umpire. he wants an appeal.
7:37 pm
angel says no. he's got to go to that line. he held up. 3-2 now. so a miss strike three call. threic that pitches. plus a runner at first base. i can tell he's really steam. >> he's hot about the bad call last night. there's a missed pitch that caused your pitches a walk. now the catcher john baker. 50 rbis for the marlins last year.
7:38 pm
he's a left handed swinger. he's played at 12 becames. this is 17 and his 54 9-at bat. he's had 40 at bats this year. they were quite the swingers last yore. they got them from a trade from oakland three years ago. great change up by staple morn. had him leaning and reaching and miss. >> great changeup right here gets the counted to 0-2. 1-12 off him with 5 strikeouts. tar get low and away. looking for a ground ball here. look at baker serve that thing
7:39 pm
right up the middle. it's almost as if the catcher hitting was reading the catcher's mind behind him. >> none on, opponents hitting .1409. .343 in runners scoring position. so he gets jammed up he's able to work out a jam, he's got a 1 out jam right here. kind of a kilner the lost three years . excellent curve ball.
7:40 pm
doesn't like to throw it to righties. this is his 24th career start. no record against the marlins. 2-1 out. getting book to my conversation yesterday, just got the going out there with one pitch and going extra uppings, going out there with
7:41 pm
one pitch and an extra pitch and realizing quickly what a third and fourth pitch is not working for you. getting rid of that enshelling that game plan. some trying to get that pitch over introa fast ball and the dirt. >> doesn't walk in. that walk to uggla which was rather undeserved was his third of the year. gabby waits. some pitchers you tent want top [a breaking ball pitcher but you can use it 90% of the time. just keep throwing it to righties. that was lower than ball two to uggla, but evidently the
7:42 pm
conversation had had pipe had an effect on that. work for him and get calls here and there. that's a good lobbiest right back there t. 3-# with one out. see if they do anything with the runners. holding, bouncing to zimmer man. but the ball is dropped by dunn. on what should have been a perfect double play. now you can't asoup the double pray, but the officials could give an error you remember >> five, four, throe, and huts the heel and he can't squeeze it . here's where you can want let
7:43 pm
him beat ewe here. a couple of things center extended it inning. runners at first and third, two outs. already in the first cop the of innings, missed ball at shortstop and dropped ball here. >> that's fine if he walks him. just don't met limb walk in a walk or two. >> you got to go out there and play hard every fight. try not to lose two or throe in a row. many time you can win as many series as you can. >> first time those have firsted each other. high strike. hard slider 1-#1. ross at first
7:44 pm
. that was too bad of a pitch. zimmerman go to second. remarkable play. marlins two stranded 15 last night. will strand two more in the second. of 100% angus beef, they had the audacity to use a bakery-style bun... and crinkle cut the pickles. there's no denying it, that's a third strip of bacon. have they no shame! angus axiom #39: it's an embarrassment of riches. the astonishing angus third pounders. all angus. all mcdonald's. ♪ ba da ba ba ba
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zimmerman excited as always. lead 1-0. looking to bunt. starts the ball game last fight. struck out three times, out
7:47 pm
twice. 1-7. i think you'd agree. one of the more humble people you'd ever met. no clue out great he is. no clue. he's just playing. i think it's great for him. older brother just giving him a bufferin of gulf all the time. >> as bad as my play is. after he messes up. he openly talks about it. >> really been good with the bankers trust company. 3-# with an rbi this year.
7:48 pm
craig, staplen. 40 at bats. a lot of ribbing going on every day. that's a good thing. i like that. last year when i was playing four league. nobody stepped up and said enough is enough. i no they expect to play so with the all the time when they do kick a ball, they can just get by and get back to playing good, hard baseball. they are playing good baseball. there's punch rodriquez. he's a tone setter.
7:49 pm
we had a good conversation before the league. he's fired up about it. that's the kind of. he's plaid 20 years and he can careless. he wants to careless. he plays hard. he doesn't care. he's going toly with a reckless abandon. they are going to say they don't want passenger or him to play all out, they are going to planar. that's like a coach in that dugout do. somebody is getting a hard time . way up in his foreharm. to be a fly on the arm right
7:50 pm
now. he bounced to the first baseman first time up. served one down the line and up. doesn't come down fair. that was a double waiting to happen. doesn't sop his bat. they need him on base. his defense saved the ball game last fight for us. fast ball inside, 2-2. strikes out two,
7:51 pm
he has three in the game. nats gone in the third, 1-0 washington.
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
bottom of the third rolls around. zimmerman locking in at the pipper. 1-6, nine career hits, 79 at bats. that was a bilge play. roaches there, drives it a run. with the pitcher on deck. career hit number 10. both of these guys tonight and josh johnson tomorrow. >> this is the play that ended
7:54 pm
the second inning. told you why he's a gold glove. spins his feet around. great rolling throw to kennedy. another star for ken dewhile he's whiting for the throw. >> with the pitch aboard. >> perez who was an excellent coach with the reds while i was there. in the hall of fame. player and an instructor and advisor for the last 15 years. you got to make contact and stop. he's like a lot of young players, listens to a lot of young people's advice. do your own thing and put the ball in play. you said if last night, the ma
7:55 pm
linns have looking for a lead off guy. you're wasting one of the best power guys. but they had nobody else there when he came from boston. we talked about it. you get to know what your job is and what your job description is. right now he's not making a lot of caught. that's priority one should be to put the bat at bat and put the ball in play. he's knotting it that aaron. >> struck out swinging first time up. >> got right in on his handle there. he didn't see the ball right away. he helps him out. right outside corner at 7:55 it's twilight time where the ball disappears.
7:56 pm
major league baseball at people magazine individuals that make a difference. nominate go to people' that was a very nice ceremony they had for that last year, mlb is going to do it again of the here's coglin. bounced off to guzman first time up. throws a strike. coghlan came from mississippi. came out of nowhere to be the rookie last year. this time of year ago he was at new orleans at the process of hitting .344. then he comes here and hits
7:57 pm
.321 and is the rookie of the yeared. third marlin to do that. 0-2 coming. throughing 5 lot of strikes as usual. guys are not getting good swings early in the ball game. to chance for a throw.
7:58 pm
comes autoand grabbing it. ramirez now with a pitcher at first base and two outs. ask ability the nats. we'd love to get your e-mail questions and talk about them opt air. acknowledge nats fans have been a food job with that this far. if you care about bob carpenter you'd appreciated that. , if you have movie questions ask them to rob dibble. ramirez deep left center. not going to get there. nats get a bad break as the ball hit the wall and stays in play. that gives the pitcher a chance to score to tie the game.
7:59 pm
for ramirez that's only his 8th rbi. >> not a lot 6 table at the timing going around in front of hip. pitcher had to get that. drill it to the deepest part of the park, chris has to come around to score. >> the other thing about that ball. in most ballparks that's a home run. that ball hit about 415 or 420 feet from home plate. the leading rbi in the plate is up. here again as we're standing needs to be smart. them guy is a much tougher out now. in fact, coming into this game, impinged he has a five game hitting streak but he's hit # 2 of the 23 mar libs games this
8:00 pm
quite a bit. 1-1 game straight ahead. ♪ achievement unleashes hidden potential. ♪ all right! achievement looks forward to dinner at home. achievement enjoys newfound freedom. i love you. [ male announcer ] mortgages, home equity loans, and lines of credit from pnc. helping achievers borrow with an eye towards the future. pnc. for the achiever in us all.
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mar libs out hit the nats.
8:02 pm
back to work, kind after mix bag so far. squeezed in the second inning. that ball stayed in the ballpark. a bit of a break there. >> should be #-1. got lucky there. a little bit of that each this. we'll eventually get the stat. i don't see him overmatching our guys. we're sitting pretty now. >> two, three, and four hitters at bat. >> any time you can get ramirez to hit that double, he swung so easily, this is hit out to center field. he's gym to haul it in >> fly bawls are easy it find. kennedy is retired. top of the fourth underway. zimmerman and dunn next two.
8:03 pm
fly to center first time turn. got him off the end of the bat. # 4 pitches. 27 strikes in his first innings. misses one that starts the game hitting .362. breaking ball misses. likes the marlins and this ballpark. you don't have to hit it too far here if you purl it. 2-1
8:04 pm
coming from the 6-8 right hander who steps off as west des moines issueman steps off. stapper over the mound. ryan is going to get it out. take it easy on your cool town. even if he fields that ball i think zimmerman would have beat it out. but a couple of hearts beating on them win. >> any time he's going to have to dig for first basion, you worry about the hamstrings. he used all 6 his frame to try and get up and catch that ball. continue do it. >> zimmerman has four hits in
8:05 pm
the series. been on base 5 times here comes adam. shift is on, they leave him at shortstop. we look to the right of the umpire. that's the shortstop right there. leaving it there. best arm in the infield. put him first base over on the first base side. they figure if he pulls the ground ballute want him turning the bubble play not a third baseman who hasn't done much. he can do that because he played shortstop an is such a god athlete. 1-1 to adam. help just got jammed in the air
8:06 pm
for cody ross. which former mar lens reliever surrendered his first career grand slam? >> i think i know that one. >> matt. oh, no. he's out of the game for a few years. right hander kevin greg. weem see. first time up, great at bat. set up the play by rodriquez. hitting a battle to right center. sent him from second to third.
8:07 pm
he then got the look bion a drive to right field. foul ball, got it. nats are gone in the fop of the fourth inning. good battle shaping up here. 1-1 in the fourth. finish see the high life is about celebrating, not separating. we are coming for your vip's and we ain't the paparazzi. we are looking for the little fuzzy rope, uh huh.
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on to the bottom of the fourth. marlins john baker cody ross 1- 1 game. zimmerman came up and hit .397 in 06. didn't get the first grand slam until 07. april # #nd. part of my file i cope here. >> 20 days heat at home at rfk he had a game ending gram slam against the marlins. i think later in the season was it the fourth of the up? he had another walk off hit and the legend of born. dan walked first time up.
8:10 pm
good breaking ball by stallmon. 0-2. by the way 20th time that a player's first two home runs of the year's were grand slams. loved that 0-2 pitch. uggla is a diver. both guys are deeing over to direct the outside part. how do you like few minutes now? most guys don't question affected by that pitch. iambic with a slider away. not even throes. that's how it sets that up; because he >> hesitate and step towards third base on the swing. 0-# pitch, throw a slider down
8:11 pm
and way, and ugh la is going i don't league him right you. that's pitching. >> he took the plate and command 6 him. here's maker who singled up the middle that time. he's had a lot of 0-#s. got some great command tonight. >> shaping up as a good command tonight. only 54 pitches, 34 strikes. giving up two hits. he's at the age 626, nats 12 rounder back in 05, codys are waitings here. 1-1. doesn't get many hilts but
8:12 pm
makes them count. 3 have left the yard. 2-1 pitch. he has walked one back in the second. looks like he thought about it, then gave him the call. well-played fast ball. ups pitch right here. we'll take it.
8:13 pm
>> lobbiest works again. 3-2. 3-1. not the worst type top throw a fastball that we talked about. you have to believe that the hitters are going to get themselves out both times. you can't always think i'm going to get every guy out. sometimes let them get themselves out . marlins had a 3- game losing streak. 5-6 here at home. baker hacks one out of play, left side corner. nationals, i
8:14 pm
don't know how to react to this one, 6-4 on the road. how good does that field feel? 5-5 against the east. he made him earn his game aboard with one out on the fourth. wrap up this series tomorrow, 1:00, josh johnson and john that will be a good matchup. braves come in and leave on on tuesday, tommy on wednesday and scott against hudson on thursday. >> tommy looked fantastic last night. great breaking ball as we know. 95 as we know heater. fete a
8:15 pm
little hitting braves radio going to win . no balls two strikes. here's another could want. do you think he's thinking about that 0-2 pitch? you're not only intimidating the guy you're pitching it, it 0 spreads a seed of thought throughout the dugout as well. he goes for the kill there and
8:16 pm
misses. sanchez next in the fourth. look at that swing. right field line. into the corner. got to retrieve it. baker being sent. triple by ross. that's what happens he didn't do anything about going inside after going 0-2. you can only throw some
8:17 pm
fast balls. well-placed fast ball under the chin or right at the hips left side is a little bit further back. sanchez takes a big swing. fouls tips. give cody a lot of credit too. as you can when you have no fear, they are going it give him a double and third on the flow. triple. triple on that but who cares. that's their official score. change it to a triple.
8:18 pm
that pitch wasn't much different than the one dan had no chance of reaching. he had been moving off the plate the previous pitch. marlins quickly have five hits again. when he does give up the contact, two games to baker, caution on the water a good changeup and slider and curve ball. once again you can't stick to this game plan. sometimes you have to deaf yet and say i've had enough of you. it's not a i keep saying you don't give him so much respect be you've giving him so much respect. morgan grabs another within that's not good base running. now the throw gets away.
8:19 pm
they are going to score unless the tag is made. he had to throw the ball right at somebody. let's hope he's injured. that's going to be an error after a very good catch. >> it's a great catch. he's on the run. tries to make a throw to the plate. goes to the back stop. watch his leg. looks like it hits him in the chest. maybe just knocked the wind out of him. gets that lig up. did get him until the thigh. watch the stake spike coaching in. thing that hurts about that
8:20 pm
play. he many come down the marine e- line, had been surprised he caught the ball, he was not tagging, and only came home when it started nagging around the back stop. that's a brutal throw that might have got your starting catcher hurt. now you got a guy getting mississippi knee jammed at home plate that didn't need to be done. >> if he throws the ball, the runner is still sitting at third and the pitcher is coming up. costlier or, marlins lead 2-1. particular see he's in no man's land, now the throw has to be caught by somebody, but he misses home plate by 20 to 235 immediate feet. here comes the runner and
8:21 pm
evidently he's okay. nats making 2 errors tonight, that one costing them a run. he'll walk it off a bit. >> here's ross, playing hard baseball as the billion is thrown to the back stop. looks like his right knee went knee to knee. watch it underneath ross the other knee goes knee to knee. ross' shin he's hurt too. >> really sloppy play starting the movant of may off for the
8:22 pm
nationals. two errors plus the ball. ball that went by christian. >> just to make sure he had indeed gone back and touched third base. you can see he's not pleased. that will be really hurt. cody ross 0-# and triples . 1-1
8:23 pm
to the pitcher who singled his first time up. ranges up the middle, plenty of time to make that flu, well done. two in the fourth, 3-1, florida.
8:24 pm
8:25 pm
relationship between rodriquez and him is outrageous. the key has been to keep the lines of communication open. i told him since day one. anything, whatever you need to tell me, feel free, come and talk to me. and that's good. you know, always it's good to have a relationship with him like that. to help the team. that's the most important thing. >> he told me too he really appreciates his desire to win of the he's impressed especially at home he goes out and does his fair share of fundament tags. >> many, many years much girls, and he's going to rob him of a
8:26 pm
hit of the first pitch. marlins have all the momentum of the inning right now. >> ball hit very hard, but i told you he's got good mechanics and gets himself in situations where he could help his attempt. here you see the sot, disposition much those long arms. 45 inches long, good win span. >> it's a play that didn't need happen, you know, all the way around. he had to diver for the ball and come back ennobling ross off the plane plate. well play after the catch was bad. got the play under control. >> pulled the ball on the
8:27 pm
ground the first time. he left handed this year is 9- 46. he's hitting under.# hushing from the left side of the plate. and that is totally not like him him. .196. next up bernadina needs to let it fly here. 1 for 8 in four games. they are going to give him an extended look. in this series kennedy and him will get lots of at bats because they were throwing
8:28 pm
three right has beeners. we've said that he likes the # hole. >> anywhere else and he told me this once that if you bat him anywhere but the two hole he's a different hitter. that's exactly what he said. if you bat him somewhere else, we're stupid. certain guys don't reich to see it or be put down the bottom of the order. he sames to be app guy that flourishes in the two hole, but he's got so many different guys to help the ball club win. he's get to suck it up and try
8:29 pm
to do the job wherever he's hid ere hitting. jim put him in the three hole opening to do something. roger gone. he has the nats befuddled. only two hits and a run in five innings. achievement unleashes hidden potential. ♪ all right! achievement looks forward to dinner at home. achievement enjoys newfound freedom. i love you. [ male announcer ] mortgages, home equity loans, and lines of credit from pnc. helping achievers borrow with an eye towards the future. pnc. for the achiever in us all.


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