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tv   Book Discussion on Men Explain Things to Me  CSPAN  June 15, 2014 8:15pm-9:01pm EDT

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president. from july casual.
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she took refugee with me during a breakup.
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she got cheerful with half a bottle of wine and i told her and my brother about the book and she said you need to write it down because young people like my sister need to know the problem isn't them. this happens to women all of the time and they need to know it. i had a house where it was like you are in my bedroom or the other room. it was a two-room attic. a and marina slept in and i served breck fast is tried to figure out who to do. i had gotten a bit used to -- it is warm here -- heat wave booktv
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people are who are filming. heat alert in the bay area. climate change alert. i got used to tom dispatcher reaching people but of what i put online nothing has the life of "men explain things" has. i don't think a week has gone by that i haven't heard about it, seen it recirculated or quoted. i am credited with the word man-explaining. how many have you not heard that? it is like 50/50. i thought the word was a virus everybody got now. it was the new york times 2010 world of the year. this essay inspired it.
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i didn't coin it. i was a bit ambivalent about the world because it seemed more n cond condemning of the male species. but a young academic at berkeley explained this was a great and important word. until we had this word we had this experience no one knew what to explain. you didn't have a reference point or what to do about it. it gives you a handy way to go at it. that happened. there is an academic men explain thing to me and academic women most their latest triblution so we thought it should be a commencement gift. so for people of all agenda -- genders -- and put it out with
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six other essays that haven't been published. someone said you don't write about feminism do you? and i said in a way everything i have written is feminist. unsavaged dreams has a beautiful photograph on the cover and price trade and thank you uc press. it is full of powerful women and the far way nearby which is about my relationship with my mother isn't particularly feminist but it is implicitly feminist and about the things that can destroy a sense of women and what the consequences are and what happened if you believe the stories about what women need to be and all of the beauty problems. you know about the beauty problems, right? i could go on forever. but it would be better if i just
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read to you. i still don't know why sally and eye bothered to go to the party in the slope above aspen. the people were older and duller than us. old enough that we as 40 passed as young ladies. the house was great with a rugged luxury cabin with elk antlars and a wood burning stove. we were preparing to leave when the host said stay a little longer so i can talk to you. he made a lot of money and kept us waiting while the other guest drifted outside. and he sat down at a wooden table and said so i hear you have written a couple books and i said several. and he said the way you get the 7-year-old describe flute
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practice. and he said what are they about? and i said they were about different things. i began to speak about the shadows and the technology wild west. by my book on time and space and industrialization of every day life. he cut me off after mentioning my bridge. have you heard about the book this year? how many know how this ends? i hope this is like a reassuring story you hear. i was perfectly willing to entertain the idea that another book on the subject came out at the same time. with that smug look i know so well and a man holding forth
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eyes fixed on the fuzzy horizon. my life is well sprinkleld witha long secession of editors who listened and published me. like the clerk in the canter bury tales. gladly he would learn and teach. still there are other men, too. some mr. very important was going on smugly about this book when sally interrupted him to say that is her book. or tried to interrupt him. but he continued and he said to say that is her book three or four times. and then as if in a 19th century model he was saying i was indeed the author of the important book he read about.
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so confused the neat categories into which his world was sorted that we was stunned speechless of moechlt. we were out of ear shot before starting laughing and never stopped. it is 11 years later. i like when forces are hard to point out and slither out of the grass that is obvious like an anconda that ate a cow. people pop up at events. book reading in berkeley have always been special. people pop up on conspiracy theories but the totally
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gendered. every women knows what i am talking about. the presumption that keeps women from speaking up or keeps women in silence by indicating this isn't their world. it trains in self doubt and limitation just as it exercises men's over supported confidence. i would not be surprised if part of the trojectory was shaped by the inability to hear the fbi women who issued the early mornings about al qaeda. and shaped by a bush administration that you could not tell anything including iraq had no link to al qaeda.
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a nice career as a writer with research and facts correctly deployed hasn't entirely freed me. there was a willing to let the confidence bowl over certainty. don't forget i had a lot of conformation in my right to speak and a tool to correcting and listening to understanding yourself. too much is paralizing and too much confidence makes ignorance and arrogance. extreme versions exist in the middle east country where women's testimony has no legal
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standing. so a woman can't testify she was raped without a male witness to counter the story and there rarely is. creditability is a survival tool. when i was young, i had an uncle with businesses and i lived in manhattan. this is a bay area story. neighborhoods were in a law making community and came running from the house naked screaming her husband was trying to kill her. how, i asked? did you know he wasn't trying to kill her. he explained they were respectable middle class people and her husband trying to kill her wasn't an ex planation.
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she was crazy they said. even getting a restraining order requires getting the creditability that you can convince the court the man is a menace. restraining orders don't work. violence is one way to aassert your right. three women are murdered a day by spouses or ex-spouses. it is the leading cause of pregnant women death in the united states. women making credibility and audible. i believe women acquire the status of human beings and when things that stop and kill us legally from the 1970's on.
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well after my birth that is. and for anyone to argue work place intimidation isn't a life or death, remember the kernel patience that was killed by her higher ranking colleague one night while waiting to testify her raped her. her burned remains were found in the fire pit of his back yard. being told he knows what she is talking about and she doesn't per peachates the ugly part of the world. on two occasions, i objected to the behavior of a man only to be told the incidents had not happened and i was a subject of delusional and overrot and dishonest, in a nutshell, female.
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... >>[
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>> and the of the most extreme parts come through. this is hard core feminism here. so most of my life i would have gathered myself to back down this is about the post wanderlust area to be bullied of my own experiences and perceptions. having public standing to help me stand my ground if only they must me out there on the 7 million person planet to be told they are not reliable that the truth is not their property now or ever this goes way beyond men explaining things as from the regions they
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explain things to be still and no one has ever apologize forced exploiting wrongly but they may have another 40 years to live so it could still happen. according to actuarial tables. i was in berlin to give the talks when i was invited out to dinner with a transmitter in three women who were younger and you were almost deferential and completely silent he insisted to play a modest role in the conversation with the translator i insisted that about peace the extraordinary group founded in 1951 brought down the communist house committee on un-american activities. they sneered at me. nobleman's group played such a role in the downfall.
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his confidence was so aggressive that arguing seem to be a scary exercise of futility but those books at that point from primary documents but to explain who i am see empty vessel to be filled with knowledge but intelligence is not saturated even if you write to one of those long musec sentences of though -- to be in this note. [laughter] eric bentley with the health committee of an american activities credits whitman's strike for peace to strike the crucial blow in the year
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in the 1960's. and with this interchange was us shout out that would explain things to me. if you are reading this you are the obstacle to civilization. [laughter] feel ashamed. the battle to explain things from my generation of up-and-coming from here and pakistan not to speak of those ones that came before me. or the of conversation or that category called human. after all that was founded by whitman retired of doing the typing to embrace the decision making role. most women fight war on two fronts one is the topic the other is the right to speak
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with the position of knowledge and fax in things have gotten better but i am still fighting it. but also for those young women. in the hopes that they get touche try it. >> the essays are all about gender politics and power struggles sometimes as complex as same-sex marriage but to start off as the keynote talk at the virginia woolf association conference in 2009. of in to explain things that excoriates the need to be in charge qian demonstrate the superior knowledge even when they don't know what they are talking about to be a
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celebration of virginia woolf in particular to work with the and embracing and understanding and celebrate the dark and shadowy quantifiable all these beautiful sayings you have to know and to engage with to have the spirit or a soul to right to agree to books to remember your dreams and to right love letters or to love. to embrace the inexplicable the future is stark that is the best the future could be shredded her journal. when almost 33 years old the first world war was turning into catastrophic slaughter on the unprecedented scale to continue for years. belgian was occupied come in the continent at war many european nations or off to
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on dash off to other places of the overall the of panama canal the u.s. economy was in terrible shape than 29 people had just died to launch the age against civilians in germans were just weeks away to use gas for the first time on the of the western front wolf may have that right to bar her own future rather than the of world. the suicide attempt was still being regarded but following a similar account calendar the of war continued its downward plunge the future is dark as extraordinary a declaration
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it is a celebration of darkness to indicates with its assertion. most people are afraid of the dark when it comes to children what they fear above all is the darkness of the and see a ball and obscure but yet those distinctions and definitions cannot be readily made in which things merger or change with be impregnated possess. as i began writing this i picked up of books on wilderness survival. the plan is a memory of the future that when the two seemed compatible to ignore those warnings reality offers of trade of the
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darkness the space that we choose the darkness the researchers point out people will take any information as confirmation we are by a the nature optimist to see the world as it is with the influence of the plan to see what we want to see the job of writers and explorers traveling with preconception to go with the eyes open. not all aspire to do so in has crept closer to fiction in part because too many writers cannot come to terms with the pasteur the future and there is so much we don't know with your own or your brothers are celebrated figures with a crisis of the other culture to engage repeatedly those nights of
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history the places of bundling tell us story of the essential mystery started with the notion in the absence of information. and to in those textures and reflexes to fill in the blanks with a false sense but to recognize what we don't know what that pretense of authoritative knowledge of language of old assertion is easier than and taxing ambiguity of speculation. willis was unparalleled. what is the value of darkness? and going into the unknown.
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but the history of walking from 2000 of field guide with the of book about people logged during and of unknowns. the faraway the storytelling and the small book to explore popular power along with others even heard name the french called the time to bury a dead issue that virginia woolf was choosing to step belittle the of the propriety of her time.
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but hoping before dark and in my 2004 book i talk about the politics griffin to counter the despair of the aftermath of the bush administration. know i will just skip and read a couple more sections. and then questions and explanations. to leave the grounds for hope is we don't know what will happen next that will transpire quite right period the official history shows the dedicated individual can shape history and when it is not as predictable but the certainty is that the future will be like the present
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with the confident memory. optimism is confident about what will happen. and not necessarily matching our plans. and what john keats called the negative capability on a space winter's night a little century before a the richard l. injury to talk with some friends and as he rode in uncelebrated letter several things dovetailed in my mind especially with literature. and as without any irrigable of reaching he keeps walking
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and talking to suggest the way though wondering of the imagination with theodore pursuit with the sketch to the warehouse but one thing burst into another of what just blew out of my mind the what blew the of bubbles? i have no notion. some portion of her genius seems set there is no notion that dash capabilities i was once told about day bought this. but to go beyond what he knew by letting experience
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be larger than knowledge. wolf and i know they utilize natalie that unpredictable meander but the london venture for 1930 had voyages deep into the dark. takes an excursion to buy the pencil as a excuse to explore darkness with the identity the enormous a venture that transpires in the mind while the of body travels. the evening our kids us the responsibility where we are no longer quite ourselves to become part of the vast republic kin or me with the
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solitude of one's own. here she describes the foot to stop for saddam to table liberates them of the public of the streets to be anonymous and a free. introspection is portrayed as the indoor solitary thing but virginia woolf disagrees. far there we sat surrounded by objects of the memories ever own experience in describes objects but with the door shuts on all of that it vanishes to make for themselves in shape distinct from others left with all those wrinkles with perceptiveness. how beautiful the street in
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the printer. to put its way to wanderlust it is of prison of sorts uncasing of familiarity outside. to be a form of social engagements even after political action revolutions but it could also be a means to have such activity through the outside world and at times thinking to draw activity in the physical one. in these circumstances with the mild distraction the and then interrupted concentrated in the roundabout way places that can reach directive.
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with that introspective another version in to compel the unity. is often noted that they go for their characters of the novel. and with that multiplicity with the mystery is the capacity. and to contain more. >> and with that untrained consciousness this uncertainty principle. and that purpose of
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criticism is to put things down. but to joke the way that taxidermist with the desire to stabilize or render certain to build a nebulous work of artist and then the ambiguities of the artist with the literary criticism and academic scholarship to turn the flight across the sky to classify and contain. so to escape detection altogether and to expand the work of art by opening meanings a great work of criticism can be seen fully
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to engage in a conversation that did not ever end. but against confinement or the killing of the spirit. bin woolf liberates the text of the fictional character and demands that liberty for themselves. and is always celebrating the liberation but to go beyond the familiar escape into the broader world. the demand for the liberation is from the as additional things men do and now due to attach full freedom to geographic regions and that she recognizes requires various practical forms of freedom and power.
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and as an argument with universities of so whole world to fight to a miserable tale. she to get no trading in a craft but the streets at midnight is of crucial element of freedom. >> [inaudible] >> of course, senate there is us secret person back there. the streets at midnight with the crucial elements of freedom to peruse it and find your work. flipping from one gender's to another and in unconsciousness the identity
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but professions for women which describes with ferocity the business to killed the angel in the house that day other need expectations of not their own. i did my best to kill her to be in a court of law and acted in self-defense. it was part of an occupation of the woman writer with a simple and common object that young woman only had to be herself but what is herself? i assure you that i do not know. but by now you notice that woolf says i don't know quite a lot.
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but the obstacles a dancer were immensely powerful that it difficult to define. , this is so wonderful tone of compliance to be radical to the point of almost unimaginable. it appears much more but when she looks at ways that power may be gained that the powerlessness of illness for noticing when healthy people do not to be transformed. all of woolf work constitutes the opening of the metamorphosis to go
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beyond and an escape artist. my own tests the past 20 years living by words has been to try to find a make a language with the pleasures and meanings impossible to categorize. to speak of the tyranny of the quantifiable and to private profit over public good. input is of greater use to survival but the failure of language than discourse and the fluid phenomenon as well as the failure of those whose shape opinions and make decisions percolated is
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difficult or impossible to value which cannot be named or described as if that is essential against the status quo. ultimately the destruction of the earth is due in zero large part from failure of imagination the revolt against this destruction is a revolt against imagination of pressures that money cannot buy a to be producers rather than consumers of meaning of the exploratory of the uncertain. i want to end with the passage that was sent to me after riding across the border a passage that found its way into a field guide to getting lost. that they flow like water
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from which were all swept along. and into the of white house but for now she need not think about anybody she could be herself is that is what she often felt the need but to believe and local and was one stroke better wedge shaped coral of darkness although she continued to set to an upright she felt herself with the strangest of ventures but we must think that a range of experience. beneath it is all dark is unfathomable the deep but
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then we've rise to the surface the her horizons seemed to her the nimbus. >> woolf gave us the limit business accomplished to get lost. thank you. [applause] >> please move down to get the audio if you are going to ask a question. >> or agree to go straight
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to cooling-off to explore the four floors. [laughter] civic when you started on the virginia woolf fortune -- the portion it sounded like you were reading from tax to do you know, what i am talking about? >> yes. i explained that about the right to have of voice that your sense matters was that it? >> it seems like you were reciting it. >> we know it is in here but we don't know where. statement they were definitely not reading but it sounded like you were. >> all in those on booktv
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will ever know what was said. >> now i wonder what i said this is what i love it does not slip away. >> and never really know why said. >> egest wonder if you have a comment about jill abramson fired from southern "new york times"? . .
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>> they are working on it. they are getting better but you know, the conversation i had was what would make vita happy? does it have to, you know, is it enough to get better or is it a shifting bench mark? they are working on it. and i am working on it. i keep promoting my female friends who are great writers like aster taylor to publish. vita has done great work in calling attention to it. they are grateful for it. i am only one woman but i


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