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tv   Book Discussion on Never Trust a Liberal Over 3  CSPAN  August 3, 2014 12:34am-1:08am EDT

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so, if you block the access to the courts, you go to go with some sort of regulatory agency. i you open the access to the courts you don't need that level of regulation. >> i think we're out of time now. let me just add, in closing, there was a radio program recently about ralph's book, and ralph and i were interviewed separately, and at the end if was noted that ralph has recently marked his 80th 80th birthday, and ralph replied that the only real aging is the erosion of one's ideals, and someone who is experiencing unreal aging, remarkably inspirational. and on that wonderful note, let's thank ralph nader and the commenters. thank you all for coming. [applause] >> we'll head upstairs for lunch and ralph will be sitting outside to sign books if you'd like one so thanks again.
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> there is a nonfiction author or book you'd leak to see featured on booktv? end us an e-mail. tweet us, or post on our wall, tv. >> next up, an coulter, speaking about her book "never trust a liberal over 3, especially a republican "at the leadership summit here in washington, dc. this is 40 minutes. >> well, our next speaker is an cowl coulter and her new book is
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called "never trust a liberal over 3, especially a republican." ann coulter started out as a number city lawyer, then worked for the senate judiciary committee and a litigate were for the center for individual rights in washington, dc. now she is a sin did indicated columnis -- sin sin -- author on "new york times" best sellers and one of the most popular guests on fox, cnn, nbc, abc and hbo. it's a privilege and very special event to have her with us today. please welcome ann coulter. [applause] >> i'm so happy i finally get to meet you, ann. i'm not that welcome a guest on self of the stations you mentioned. things change.
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you really want to cement your career in tv, be sure to spoke only in cliches and make bad arguments when you're on liberal tv. you'll be invited back over and over again. i wanted to start by saying things as bad as they seem. they seem pretty bad. and seems like we're in the middle of the democrats' thousand year reich, but when i was as depressed as i've ever been in my life, and i'm including my parents dying, after obama -- rather, obama won the second time, beating romney, i was going through my -- my mother happened to have had the largest north american collection of clippings about ann coulter so i was going through them and came across the "time magazine" that came out after george bush won re-election in 2004 which should be of tremendous interest to this audience because you were
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all in kindergarten then. and it was the exact mirror opposite of what everyone was saying after this last election. which is to say, democrats are going to have to fold up shop, come back under a new name. lost five of the last seven presidential elections. there's a huge smiling picture of me in my mom's sudden, winner, sad picture of michael moore, loser. so, you know to raved that magazine, it lifted my spirits to remember that the pendulum does change but it takes activists, like you, and people talking and writing and arguing to make things change. remember, obama -- well, he did win twice, but he has two characteristics that no other democrat has. number one, no record. that's big. and likability.
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on no record, the hoyt of democrats is they're always going down based on what they did. with michael dukakis when you weren't even a twink until your father's eye. michael duke khakis, it was orbit -- your remember john kerry throwing the medals -- maybe you don't remember -- throwing his vietnam -- not his -- somebody else's medals over on the white house lawn and sliming his fellow vietnam comrades, with obama it was perfect. a 14-year-old with no record. and he is very likeable. you have to admit it, the most charismatic person the democrats have run for president in my lifetime. i hear people talk about john f. kennedy was charismatic, but obama is definitely the best they've produced in my lifetime. i think the only people you're going to have fainting at a hillary clinton rally will be the chubby gals from now who can't take the heat.
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but americans just keep telling pollsters, they really like obama personally. he sort of person you wish you could like his policies. obama probably would make a great next door neighbor, unless you were chinese in which case he would always be over borrowing something. but i think after the mess he made for the past eight years republicans have a pretty good chance in 2016. provided they run someone slightly better than todd aiken. especially if they talk a lot about obamacare. i've so far this year spent -- i think i add up -- approximately one million hours trying to find a healthcare plan for himself. i'm self-employed and one of the few americans actually subjected to the provisions of obamacare, and the entire time i was mumbling about my liberal friends who unfortunately, is a
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hypo con dry yack and wanted the entire national budget spent on health care and that is blogger mickey counts, and so for all one million hours i could only think, screw you, mickey count, you said it would be great. and the title of my column was, screw you mickey count. and then i realized i forget to mention to him it was coming so i sent him an e-mail and said, i mentioned you in my column this week. he read the column and said, you make good points, but what is so brilliant about the column you'll have every liberal in the country pouring through obamacare web pages to find a good plan for you now. but i e-mailed him back and i was right. that's impossible. it is mathematically impossible for obamacare to fund the uninsured, to pay for everyone's smoking cessation programs and marital counseling, and aroma
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therapy, hearing therapy, speech therapy, and also pay for my cancer treatment. no, no, something has to go, and apparently it's the paying insurers' cancer dreams or whatever. nancy pelosi said we had the pass obamacare to fine out what's in it. okay, we found out and now we really don't like it. recall that obamacare became law not because the american people were clamoring for the federal government, please, please, take over our health care. it was because one party had 60 votes. the democrats always do this. the worth things passed in american history are when, because of some fluke in history, watergate, john mccain, they end up with an inordinately large majority, and suddenly they've got a to-do list. republicans never have a to-do
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list. george bush had a house and senate for the first six years of his presidency. what did we get done? obama cad passed with one party sneering, ha-ha, we have 60 votes. the history of liberalism is passing things that sound good on paper to replace things that actually work, that work. americans kept saying, really, do we have to replace our health care? liberals explain, no, no, my roommate and i were rhodes scholars and we work it out on paper. so now our entire healthcare system is going to be run by the same people who run the department of motor vehicles. if you know those incredibly long lines, now imagine you're standing in one line but you're wearing a paper hospital gown. open in the back. that's obamacare. thank you, liberals.
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the democrats only defense to this monstrosity -- and you hear it all the time is -- well, republicans don't have a plan. what's their machine? tell me what your plan is? they don't have a plan. i have a plan. i have a plan. it's also something i have been working on. i call it free market capitalism. my idea is we let individuals shop for health insurance on the free market. now, bear with me here. i know this sounds crazy, but in the history of the world is everything provided on the free market gets beater and cheaper over time. everything provided by the government gets worse and more expensive over time. government gave us a post office. public schools. that was one of my annoyances during the government shutdown. i kept seeing people on fox news, no less, saying when something is failing you don't get in the way. well, no, the public school system failed, and it is still with us.
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apparently you have to quick up quite a fuss to get rid of crap-ass programs. earned income tax credits, the most fraud-ridden program in history, and that is saying something. and my favorite, the food service for those on the east coast you familiar with amtrak. it's a total monopoly. you're trapped own the train and if your forgot to get food you wait for the announcement and you hope they're saying the food service cart is open so you can stand in line for 40 minute get a two week old sand witch for $30. last week amtrak's food service alone lost $72 million. how do you lose with a monopoly? only the government can do that. meanwhile, the private sector
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phones, cell phone service, flatscreen tvs, jerry garcia chia pets, every single part of commercial air travel has gotten vastly cheaper in my lifetime. the only part of commercial air travel that blows is the part run by the government. the airport security. on the way down here i got the pull patdown by a handsome tsa agent so i went through again. consequently, my idea is -- and republicans are free to steal this idea -- we should get our health insurance through the same system that gave us fedex and 47 varietyies of orange juice. that gave us the iphone and not the system that gave us the internal revenue code and harry
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reid. -- harry reid. i mam, if the democrats did not decide -- veil phonesser very important. everyone should have a cell phone. if they moved into obama cells back then, cell phones would still the the size of this lectern and cost 8,000 tuesday each. but liberals can't learn from what is right in front of them. viruses can learn. mol lusks learn. liberals cannot learn. all we can do is beat them, which would be easier if they important importing a million new democrats every year. that's proving to be quite a challenge. we thought our immigration policies from teddy kennedy, who designed an immigration policy to make the country a lot more democratic. let's bring in people who will vote for the democrats.
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don't imagine liberals have been winning over americans with their dazzling arguments. they changed the vote. they changed the vote. without teddy kennedy's 1965 immigration act, romney would have won a bigger landslide against obama than reagan won against carter in 1980. but they changed the voters. and the reason i say that was the -- romney got a higher percentage of the white vote than reagan did. in 1965, the white pop late was about 90% over the country. today it's 62% of the country. this does not, however, have to do with ethnicity or race but has to do with immigration. immigrants are always more liberal than the base population of america. as fillly schlafly showed in her property, thoses who have been paying attention noticed thissin' our own. the american party, democrats are the foreign policy. look at peers -- piers morgan.
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always liberal. it's a dirty trick democrats pull because of the majority of immigrants are hispanic, and hispanics are such darn hard workers. you just can't have any ill will toward them. but the problem is too many immigrants and too fast. eventually we'll win hispanic voters issue think, i hope, but as phyllis schlafly pointed out, it took us 100 years and ronald reagan to win irish and italian immigrants. they came at the beginning of the 19th century and wasn't until we started getting italians and irish to vote republican. until the entire globe is as liberal as venezuela, people will be coming from poorer countries and be coming from more left wing countries. i happens within our own country. i note that new yorkers are
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moving to vermont and new hampshire, changed those two states. vermont used to be known -- i will dazzle you with this fact. used to be known as rock rib republican vermont. enough it's represented bay far left democrat in the senate and a socialist. oh, we got to get away from new york. come to vermont. i know what this state needs, more liberalism. every single poll on the subject shows that recent immigrants of every ethnicity, overwhelmingly support big government. hispanics, support obamacare by 75%. that compared to the population at large which, according to an ap poll, showed that only 26% of americans overall support obamacare. hispanics, 75%. this is a problem of immigration, not of ethnicity. the republican party's response has been to think, if only we bring in more immigrants, maybe
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hispanics will hate us less. no. they'll still vote democrat. they may not hate you. they won't vote with an angry glint in their eyes, but voting machines don't register angry glintses. they only register votes, and it doesn't seem to have occurred do republican ifs they can't vote, they can't vote against you. more importantly, hispanic voters don't care about amnesty. they're already in. i mean, the legal ones. again, hispanics support the democratic party becauses they support big government. not because they want their entire country moving here. the democrats know this perfectly well, as is evidenced by obama's specifically spanish language ads. he did not talk about amnesty when he took out ad inside spanish neighborhoods, spanish radio, spanish tv. he said i'm going to give you free health care.
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if he thought, if they thought, if all the democrats campaign consultants thought that hispanic voters cared about amnesty you think they might have mentioned it? no. this is hoodwinking the republicans to give them more voters. never in human history has one country decided to turn itself into another country. you don't have japan saying, let's be sweden. finland isn't saying, i want to be a little more germanic. i love these countries but i don't want to live in germany. i don't want to live in finland. i don't want to police in japan. i want to live in america. why don't democrats? liberals act like it's a natural process and we're trying to hold back the ocean's tide. no. no. there's nothing natural about this. again, teddy kennedy's law, immigration law, was specifically designed to bring in immigrants from countries
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that had not supplied immigrants to this country for the first 300 years of it existence. consequently, since that law passed, we have been taking the -- passed in 1965 and starting 1970 we have been taking in a million legally, legal immigrants a year, 90% from the third world. of course that's going to change a country. and it's just a little matter of who gets to live here and vote. we're told that if it's good news that immigrants take welfare at only 15% above the native rate. wait, only? that's like saying good, news, only 15% of food has rat feces in it. no, we're thinking, no, no rat feces. we want no immigrants on welfare. if we're bringing in people who immediately need assistance from the taxpayer, isn't that by definition immigrants we don't want? it's madness.
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we can't pay for our own poor people. whose money are we going to pay for the poor of the world? i think we ought to be caring about our fail he americans more. the republicans always been the party that defended black people, particularly against the segregationist policies of the democrat. we haven't been getting alet of love back recently. but i don't think that's any reason not to do the right thing here. african-americans are hurt the most by low-wage labor pouring into the country. this has been shown study after study, jesse jackson used to be on the border trying to block immigrants from coming in. barbara jordan, the great civil rights hero, wrote the jordan report, saying we have to limit immigration. blacks are hurt the most. we're not democrats. we should do the right thing. and you know wholes is hurt by all this low-wage labor coming into the country?
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hispanic immigrants who came in last year. democrats love to say the republicans only care about the fetus until the baby is born. well, say democrats only care about ims until they can vote. democrats don't care that last year's hispanic immigrants, and the year before and the year before, saying, no, no, i don't want my wages to go down anymore. i promise you, if immigrants voted for the democrats we would have chuck schumer on the border with the minute man. they just want the votes. you think there's anyplace else in the world so stupid not to try to get the best immigrants it can get? try calling up other country's embassies. hello, india, i dope speak the language and don't have any skills but i'd love to come live there and i love the food. say, if i can't make it in your country, would you mind cutting me a check once a month? not so fast, skippy.
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whereas our immigration policy is anyone who lives within walking distance. the greatest country in the world. this is how we decide who gets to be an american, live here, and vote. the theory of anchor babies is, if i successfully break into your house i get to open it. and if i don't get to own it, at least my kids do. it's not fair. it's not their fault. i told them we owned it. not only do unskilled immigrants get to live here, they get to bring their brothers-in-law and third brothers. it's not tribal reunification. we're getting entire victims from pakistan. this is how the guy who runs a donkey cart, who is ill ill literal, takes precedence over a brain surgeon. among the great success storiess
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of the a.m. family reunification plan is octomom. already cost the california taxpayers millions op upon millions of dollars with her mental problem. the boston marathon bombers, the new york city subway bombers. the idea that it's unfire try to get the best immigrants we can get. it's unfair for that top model to date a good looking wealthy guy guy. she should be forced to date a bald loser. and why don't college basketball teams have a lottery system for their players? why should a blind midget lose out to those seven-foot-tall stars? it's kind of touching that the democrats realize they'd never get americans to vote for them so they had to bring in new voters. but i can't understand is why republicans are helping them. i just -- just because the
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democrats need 30 million new voters is no rope for republicans to vote to wreck the country. that's my thought. i remember now. republican donors need lots of cheap labor. i always tell people if you're not sure what your position on illegal immigration is, or even the continued legal immigration, you ask yourself, do i have a maid, nanny, a chauffeur, a cook, a gardener, if you don't have those things, illegal immigration, in fact low-wage legal immigration, is a net loss to you as a taxpayer. we're being taxed to subsidize these slave wages these immigrants are being paid. so it's great for sheldon atleson and mark zuckerberg, but we're subsidizing their low-wage labor that is taking jobs from american citizens. republican politics have just
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got to go to the donor class, the chamber of commerce and tell them we'll give you osha reform, tax reform, tort reform, but you can't have everything if. if we pass amnesty we'll never be in a position to help you again and you can take your chances with nancy pelosi. yes, i will, and i'm almost done. i just wanted to point out that within a few years the entire country will be like california, and i don't mean to be harsh but you al all be the kardashians. there will be no recent for conferences like this. no reason to write consecutive books. no reason for conservative talk radio or fox news. it will be over. over. it may be over now. but if amnesty goes through, there is no hope. any other bad law can be repealed. obamacare can be repealed. you cannot repeal who is the a united states citizen and who is voting in elections. sensible americans have to get
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together and agree. only two things matter, obamacare and immigration and all runs are against obamacare so that only leaves immigration. we have to tell our representatives that's it, we'll vote for you one more time about if you amnesty, we're down, wore ute, the country is finished. thank you. i'll take your questions now. ...
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>> is just love lot of politics then you look like a fool. to our coming next week i'll give you a sneak -- but whatever they complain about the team pull sold the nursing home incident i'm not blaming him for that
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what people said with a of partiers challenging slaving in the boats it is so defacto fraudulent by the way he is part of the republican generation. favor fighting against segregation and he won the first election the fact he got federal money from the martin luther king memorial you are complaining? no. as for the only issues that matter which again all republicans did you leave voted the answer marco rubio
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he did not vote for cloture. is bad form but in retrospect i wish they had bet very few republicans voted against the issue rubio bill. and to end of the debates so the audience would even understand what i just said. [laughter] this is the clincher to go against ronald reagan in 1986? that is impressive. republicans have got to stop the infighting. just one more point it is
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not like arlen specter who is constantly against it. i don't like big spenders either but cochrane has a great relationship it is a true this is new. >> next question over here. >> hi ember northern virginia you touched on this before if amnesty passes it is game over. but what if it doesn't pass? for what they are? >> that it would include continuing the policy correctly and it is on the installment plan winter
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percent right now wages are rock-bottom who cannot pick up "the new york times" about hearing income inequality then stop dumping 1 million low-wage workers of that country. you claim you care about the pork? no, no, no. they care about the ethnic lobby their lost the voters in wall street but the republican is hard-working middle-class americans. in the railways have been with african americans from that affirmation to the democrats so that gets us to the same place although more slowly. >> i am from sid diego california your hope is the
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republican party wins over the hispanic vote but i wonder where you take it will take for the ngo p not the hispanic vote but also the asian vote? >> the main saying it will take his time. there is no way to get around that. moses had to live in the desert with the generation born of freedom. in large part we should not think there is a silver bullet. even now to offer even more obamacare. and used to living in freedom to choose their own leaders and we have some
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hispanics but and then by a friend reminded me when agone reminded me her ethnicity was the mexican. [laughter] held long had you been here? she said 100 years. how about you? [laughter] and it she was a good republican. some of us have bad here for generations. we need to have the outreach but not to think that there is a silver bullet.


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