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tv   Book Discussion on The Prince of Los Cocuyos  CSPAN  August 15, 2014 1:20am-1:37am EDT

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[applause] would you like to call one more witness to the stand mr. d'souza? >> i call mr. steve forbes. [applause] >> mr. forbes i have here a copy of the soon-to-be best-selling book money out the destruction of the dollar threatens the global economy and what we can do about it. would you please place your right hand on a? do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god? >> it's on the money. >> okay. [applause] >> steve i don't think we need to ask about your background because everyone knows what it is. you are a capitalist tool, a publisher of the great magazine. you are an investor. you are a global traveler. would you agree that in the last couple of decades the world has been seen just an explosion of
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technological capitalism and in balance that's a very good thing? >> what the world needs, we have had an explosion of capitalism armed by the crisis of 2008 in 2009 but there's no question certainly since the early 1980s to the financial crisis we in the world went through one of the most extraordinary periods in human history. never before had so many people from so many parts of the world been so quickly -- is that quarter-century and the world that america shaped me that possible. it wasn't until the 1990s that we achieved in terms of flows of capital, in terms of trade as a proportion of the global economy than we have had before world war i. only the 90s did we portion to get back to what we had before 1914. >> let me zoom in it -- zoom in a little bit to the specific case of any of because prior to the liberalization in the
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capitalist opening in india it seems that india mainly looked at the loss of pakistan or china. there were some ongoing military rivalry between india and pakistan and both countries were looking to gain essentially by taking from the other. would you agree that the united states has played an important role in preventing that conflict from taking place and enabling the capitalist revolution to seek india? >> the united states didn't prevent sadly three wars between india and pakistan. i think the kind of bought short happened in 1970 and 71 when the opec stand broke up and bangladesh was created that the united states is winning the cold war. it may have been possible for india to get over the soviet union and counter to china and focus internally in the 1991 forms as you know enabled india
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to go from a statement nation even those democracy to becoming a high-tech power in the world. >> there seems to be two ways to get rich in the world. one is the epic of conquest take it from somebody else any others epic of wealth creation. >> you have approximately one minute left with this witness. >> very well. you think the chinese and russians and other large powers in the world even though they have benefited from the ethic of wealth creation have given up on the epic of conquest? >> sadly in the case of russia does not appear to be the case. the economy which started to show promise in early 2000 is now is john mccain pointed out that gas station depended most solely on oil revenues than they do think wrapping territory is the way to make themselves a great power. this is by the way the great mistake germany made in 1914 which was then as it is today the dominant power in europe.
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it was fearful about france having a military and fearful about russia having military and they thought or at least the militarist thought from prussia that were would solve their problems. as we know if germany would have just let things flow it would have been the dominant power and would not have led to rifle rifts in the navy. it would not lead to add 50% to its army. the power would have come from the power and it's on economy but unfortunately elements of china and certainly elements of china still have the whole feeling of rum to get rid to have to conquer. >> the last question is it a powerful force for good or bad in this world? >> there's no doubt about it a powerful force for good. this world who was a better place. >> mr. forged mr. d'souza said in retrospect he thinks the iraq war and the vietnam war are
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dubious exercises. do you agree with him on that? >> you cannot look back and point out mistakes in the past. take the vietnam war for example the first word that we lost. another way to look at vietnam is there was a terrible loss. there was a huge battle lost. the last battles of world war ii but we won the cold war. human history the sad fact is in retrospect he can say we shouldn't have done this and we shouldn't have duh but when you are fighting these things you will make mistakes. the key thing is are you trying to win the big one to do it right and the cold war so supposed to democracy and democracies supposedly don't have the sticktoitiveness that dictatorships have. we did have that sticktoitiveness -- sticktoitiveness even though we had rough times and 70's. ronald reagan had the vision to see we didn't have to have a stalemate. we could have victory and we got
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the victory. [applause] >> yeah mr. forbes i would be interested to hear if you find it distinguish between ron reagan's foreign policy in the foreign policy of lyndon johnson or george w. bush or any militaristic president's? >> in terms of effective foreign-policy ronald reagan because he was seen as strong, he put missiles in germany which prevented the soviet -- soviets from intimidating what would then call intimidating what were then called west germany western europe. he sent troops into granada, the first time a communist regime was overthrown from the outside and even though it was a small operation it sends a signal to the world that the u.s. was becoming a major player again. we had run down our military in the 70s but by the time of the first iraq war came along it was completely transformed. in terms of lyndon johnson, if
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you look at vietnam books have been written about this. if that had been treated as an insurgency with a handful of people instead of trying to re-create a world war ii battlefield in vietnam, there would have been a very different result. even so by 1972, when the north vietnamese undertook a major offensive in south vietnam, the south vietnamese army beat them. we threw that away. we shouldn't have been in there in the first place but having achieved what we set out to achieve within thread away. >> you have approximately one minute with this witness. >> just a quick question do not think we did see a counterinsurgency strategy in iraq and has not failed to produce the kinds of results we would like to see? >> the counterinsurgency when my family got her act together in iraq those that so-called surge
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was we finally thought the war the way it should have been fought. again put aside we should have been there but having been there that counterinsurgency war works. we beat the guerrillas which went against everyone's expectations with the u.s. army did there. working with locals, learn to fight at night and it worked and that is why the sunnis, the militias came on our side because they realized we are now knowing what we are doing that again like vietnam we threw away. >> thank you very much. mr. forbes you can step down and thank you gentlemen both. [applause] let's hear it for all of our witnesses. great job, very thoughtful discussion and now here's what we are going to do. ladies and gentlemen that the jury could have heard the expert witness testimony both the prosecution and defense at the beginning of the trial. it's up to you to decide the guilt or innocence of mr. dinesh
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d'souza and the supporters of american foreign policy. you will determine whether the preponderance of evidence supports the prosecution that is on that balance american foreign policy has failed to achieve its goal of creating stable democracies around the world and it has resulted in two failed wars in unpopular america abroad and the loss of more liberties. the four will tally the votes and announced the verdict of the decision by the jury. it can be by majority vote and does not require unanimous decision. is that clear? are there any questions jurors? very good. you can wonder often find yourself some sort of decision and the marshal will lead you.
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>> how are you guys doing? are you guys good? are you having fun? that's great. dinesh they have stolen your plan and your freedom. [laughter] does anyone want to play heads up 7-up? put your heads on the desk. but one, of. we could also have a massive game of duck duck goose.
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who has won the most money so far? frazier hand. because you can totally take me to dinner. it would be great. we can do that shopping thing like in indecent proposal except for the part where i go to your yacht because that's not going to happen. but i love your dress. no? unethical? very good. >> do we have a decision your honor? >> members of the jury had he reached a verdict? >> we have. >> very good. will the defense attorney dinesh d'souza please rise and face the jury. >> here we go again. [laughter] >> madam four-person please read your verdict.
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>> yes we the members of the jury find the defendant not guilty. [applause] >> yeah oh no you did. you are totally undefeated. you are likely floyd mayweather freedom fest. mr. d'souza you and your hot friends have been found not guilty and therefore you are free to go and enjoy at night in the city of las vegas the most insidious entertainment center in the world known as sin city where you are free from the taliban. you may enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in its many forms. congratulations. case closed. thank you all very much for attending and thanks to both of our attorneys. >> journey you are excused. [applause] >> yeah sorry, there's a
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cockroach on here.
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poet richard blanco spoke at person a promise that cannot duration. at next he talks about his memoir of growing up in miami. from bookexpo america in new york city this is 15 minutes. >> host: richard blanco what is a cocoyus? >> guest: it's a firefly. technically it's a click beetle but it's a kind of firefly that's a very cometary mythical in cuba as well as in south florida where he grew up and there are sort of a folktale or so the faith oh lord that they women used to attend the click beetles on their dresses and their ear lobes and their hair as a mating ritual. not a mating ritual a courting ritual really. that's part of the title but
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it's also the name of my uncles grocery store store in the book which is kind of where i grew up in a way, kind of where he came to really connect with my culture and my heritage by working in a cuban grocery store in miami so the book takes its title from that store and also the idea of prince of the cocoa use is the adage if it takes a village. it was growing up, the book centers a lot around the growing up and being sort of ushered and connected to my cuban-american heritage through all the various people in the village and my community. so the story plays a central role in out to the customers and all the regulars that i would form relationships with. that's the gist of the title. sorry, i am elevated to prints of their village said their village so to speak or at least i feel like it. >> host: people watching this program will see the name and they will know you best from
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january 21, 2013. what happened on that day? >> guest: day? >> guest: iran air with little palm at the inauguration to a few people, but 850,000 people. i was president obama is in niekro poet from the 2013 in moderation so that was an amazing experience. i've read about that in the book that came out in november and this book now is the behind the scenes, it only goes to about age 16 and a half but it's really i like to call it sort of the richard blanco behind the scenes of who is this kid who would eventually grow up to be asked to be the nitro poet to be bestowed such an amazing honor. you also start seeing the culture element and in some and influence as far as my inclination or artistic impuls impulses. i did a lot of coloring and playing with plato and a lot of crafts and all that


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