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tv   Book Discussion on How the Poor Can Save Capitalism  CSPAN  August 26, 2014 9:16pm-10:34pm EDT

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mao. there certainly much better today than the cultural revolution. thinking of the change to think it is rapid growth possible maybe freedom is the right story and is consistent plausibly call the authoritarian parts of china and to compare changes to changes with freedom and grows in the relationship or levels to level the levels of autocracy predicts slow level of development that still true in china castillo me one sixth of one-tenth maybe the production of the future that china were really will embrace a political life otherwise it may be breaking down that
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when exactly that will happen maybe it is already happening but that is the prediction with the future of china. also with an increase of political freedom. >> it is time to wrap up this discussion. thinks to the audience members for joining us today. please help me to thank the profess 35 - - professor. [applause] if
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>> a lot of people don't know how difficult it is maybe one person that can juggle the things we in my husband have to juggle every single day with three children with medical disabilities going back and forth to work or take under the table job to make extra money there is not a lazybones in my body. there are many people who live in the in inner-city under the poverty level that are not lazy. we want to be a part of the conversation we want to have full-time jobs to go to school and college but i do believe people put this deal up on lazy to put a smokescreen to not see what is really telling onto looked down and humiliate or twist our words.
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clear the most strategizing people that there is. every day we wake up and cut coupons and get up and go to work to strive for that american dream because that is what everyone strives for. the american dream. we need to get back to that american core you strive hard and work harder a unit do diligence you can get ahead in a matter what race or gender or crater where you come from. inner-city or out of city.
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>> i will walk you through this and people will speak then i'll introduce our new best-selling author whose book is number one on amazon movers and shakers lest i know you're not following it closely but that is very tempting. congratulations. [applause] we have an important american here today for those of you that no gallop the business sector around the world is thinking we have of lot of sectors with corporations, education and but the biggest sector is banking. that has been a very good
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friend to this organization i with operation help he has built this organization and our best friends are banks with that operation hope. there is a powerhouse here in town called the financial-services roundtable the ceo is here today i really admire it because it was a popular gantt - - governor of the state of minnesota one of the reasons i admire. that state and is just one of the great society's in the world. from the first big city to ban smoking such a great business environment but congratulations on all the
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work you did their. i want to say one other thing but he was a dandy presidential candidate very well qualified with greater experience and hopefully he will be a candidate again thank you for all you do governor tim:t. [applause] >> thank you for hosting this event i do have a bone to pick with jim he brought up my ill-fated presidential campaign. it was painful and brief impact i like to say lasted more briefly they and the kardashian marriage. [laughter] i am delighted to be here with my friend john hope bryant and i love minnesota we don't brag too much we are called the land of 10,000 lakes dash a have
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15,000 for which is a 10,000 because we don't want to be accused of overstating the case. i like to finish my career in shot clock dash chicago only to keep my political career active there even after i die but to talk tonight about the cause of financial literacy, and in empowerment. john's book has a strong point among others with the system that does not match -- to set aside the rhetoric here in this town every day. if you have 7 billion people and 2 billion jobs is not a great trajectory. we need to get those who are disenfranchised, a disconnected the don't have opportunity to the big engine of the economy of
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this country. how do we do that? and with that excitement and enthusiasm he is a leader as many others in this room. thank you for being the spark plug for this discussion but thomas edison said vision without execution is dilution. while i don't think john is delusional. there is a gap between the book and the result is execution. so it is to fill the adults of we need to work together. one final point because it is jim is very strict with time. you cannot connect to the
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economy of today and tomorrow so the world that was a group ben meatpacking town and i am the youngest of five kids and graduated from college. dad is unemployed and was laid off after my mom died i realized i better get my we are end here with education. so bad give the day that you were disenfranchised or disconnected the as long as you're not disabled you could go down to the meat packing plant to make a living wage job with benefits but those types of jobs are mostly gone. alleys the level of pay and benefits we knew with benefits and pay some now we
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need to have more folks with the skill or the education and to connect if we don't have that you are marginalized and a big hurry. and then with financial literacy to understand personal finance there's a lot of great programs and technology and nonprofits in speeches and everything in this case but it is too little or too low and not nationwide so we are excited about the cause to get one piece of much larger need as many people as possible more educated and further educated and more aware about personal finance. even if you can get money cannot optimize what you can do that my personal view is to have a curriculum across the country. it cannot burden our schools
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that the state and local level to a bet financial literacy and personal finances to school curriculum is important the best way we can sustain this across the country in cannot say it is cool to add another class but security teaching chemistry where economics or social studies can some of those modules be in the context of a financial example? one of the math exercises could be personal finance the exercise. it is not coordinated or to scale you cannot have one-third of the people to be under educated or under skilled or unskilled to be socially and economically culturally or any other way
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it is in all of our best interest to have all of us have that same connection so these thoughts they will appear where prod to be here to lend our voice to other pieces as well and thanks again for hosting this. i dear sons son passed away i need to get to the funeral. i just didn't want to look like i was disrespectful. thank you. [applause] >> eight you governor. we have another honored guest, i have a lot of admiration for him and have not met him before today part of the venture capital
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people start businesses and create jobs and good for you. he was the youngest see zero of the naacp paid its ceo at 35 federal and hire him for that but when he took it over. the revenue wasn't very good and then he turned it around and most people say turnaround is harder than start up. good for you. i also know while he was working with the program to help prisoners, i guess i don't know but he reached across the aisle to grover norquist and newt gingrich to get them involved and it worked. because when he comes wandering around newt gingrich you brainwashed him
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because he is still involved in and really working on that. [laughter] so with that plea is welcome ben. [applause] >> we are here to engage how the -- "how the poor can save capitalism" velez recognize there is no poor community in this country you can drive your appellation up or walk through detroit or baltimore. folks who are out of work now depend on someone who is worked hard before and the jobs have disappeared. and seven cisco is rice and a lot of my time every single problem in and
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apparently if you are rich it is bothersome to have to go to the ups store to said that package now they show up at your place and rapid and mail it to a and it goes on and on. they're all kinds of problems that need to be sold. is unclear who will solve them. that is what we do. will look for the entrepreneurs that try to solve the problem for the have-nots. the people who how will whole lot of ideas but not willing to move fast money. in the black community it is painful.
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the black upper middle-class has quadrupled and it has not gone down one percentage that is a failure of our country and our community. we support entrepreneur hrs -- but his last job is now legal in colorado. but not get anywhere else but coming to a state near you creating up private ups for marijuana dealers. the previous activities develop but it was so expensive to call home. $3 a minute. he cut the cost by more than
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90%. connecting people to their home thousands of miles away. the acquisition rates were cut 28%. 5% is great 20 percent is unheard of. we have companies like washington heights there were frustrated every time he tried to said $100 to his grandmother through western union would cost $30 c and should only get 70. so the developing world figured out technology. these companies are growing rapidly.
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solving problems for the poor folks. not serve well that is how the pork conserve capitalism or stay a capitalist. the last thing i will leave you with his i was with lou gossett, jr. and he pulled me aside and he said i think some days we are losing altitude. but everybody on the plane needs to recognize we're losing altitude the plane is falling fast reid is need the best brains in the cockpit so we need to get
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the mouth and get the economy headed back up. think about that for a second. if you have the naacp meeting or the tea party and i have been to both. it no longer feels is safe to be a member of our country economically we have taken for granted by father's family came over in 1624 my mother came shortly after. for centuries we have taken for granted every generation will be better off and now kid's command of college will be worse doesn't matter if they are white or black
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or immigrant in have been here for centuries it is time for us to come together and figure out how to get the plane back up the 40,000 feet to recognize and will take all of us because they're the true barometer of the health of our country the pour state for and the rich get richer the country is broken that is not how it is supposed to be. let's fix it. god bless. [applause] >> thank you. sometimes john says i.m. his mentor but i learn more from him but he said you are my black brother per bryce said i am too old to be your
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brother i am your white and uncle. [laughter] or your dad or something but i learn a lot more from him. working on poverty i did not realize that about 25 years we're not making any progress. talk about malaria in africa or, down 1.5 million muslims and all these real problems everything we do just does not work with whites or hispanics but it stays that 15 percent but you have to be open to the fact that all of the solutions just doesn't work it is an awful summation that is now working but you wonder if we have all the little kids wrong my biggest take away
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from jon's book is much of this comes from your study of martin luther king i think i admire it is the language of money. kids want money. if it is 10 years from now and you are so rich you cannot believe that how did i ever get to this place in life? how much would you be making? he said 80,000. if we cannot deliver that to that guy with plenty of talent then something is wrong with america but he is 20 years old nobody talked about him -- talk to him about money until he walked
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into the building. of is trying to tell john something today you may have found a solution. the kids that i talked to always wonder if they play for the nfl they talk about the big money contracts. will then if i can play i will be an agent. they have no idea there is more money in health care that is bigger than all sports added together but maybe we should talk with them right then to see if they cannot talk about the language of banking you can teach them math and reading and have their reading tom sawyer they're not going anywhere.
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but i will wrap this up. i read every word of your book and i thank you have a breakthrough he is very prolific as essays he writes all kinds of jokes. [laughter] it is magnificent. [laughter] but this is your best work. i like all the math and i hope governor their banking clients and everybody reads this because my break through and i just got done reading it this afternoon on the plane from new york but there is a breakthrough there i think we're digging in the wrong place we're not talking to kids about what they want to talk to every time you move the money i just want to tell you a quick story but a guy in
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south central los angeles he is 10 years old if it is competent or wants? -- compton or watts he is thinking about joining a gang because he is talking about money so that day a banker comes to the class and a kid on his way to be a gang member if so he would have spent the best in los angeles. this is the real them and he asked a question in the united states of america he said how do you get money legally? he had no idea. the guy told him and that
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kid was quick and said that is a viable do i will start of business noted ron configurations it do to be dead businessman he said i have one other question that's a nice suit is that what you wear to work? he knew he liked to dress that way when he went to work. guess where that kit is now? sitting right here. that is the story of john hope bryant. but it makes you wonder it could be easy to fix if we weren't to working on the wrong thing. i know many people like you come from. why does a guy get up and just spend his whole day trying to fix america?
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where do people like that come from? please welcome john hope bryant. [applause] >> had you make a decision that is against you and turn on its head? and its you what you want to be? there is a difference between being broke and being for with that disabling frame of mind and you will vow never to be poor again. those who do not have as
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much wealth as 85% of working people in the world with liberty and justice is fair play but in today's freedom the definition you cannot be in the modern world everything from the time you get up and tell you go to bet in commerce and finance what we don't understand either small business owners and entrepreneurs generate all new job growth in america so you need that middle-class it is a radical movement that says you have got to give people the memo. some people got the memo and
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they're probably 5 billion people who never got it by talking about operation hope we will create of america's first national private sector for the working class and that is a complement. it is not black or white.
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living your life. ♪ ♪
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and man ♪ john hope bryant. [applause] >> good evening. i want to first say thank you for being here you cannot make this set my a mentor would say coincidence is god's way to stay anonymous. none of this was planned but it is fascinating for the governor had to leave
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because he had a death in the extended family but a republican governor and probably one of the five most prominent so called liberal civil-rights leaders in america in the same room and a capitalist. and yet they say the same thing. and they were focused on what they agreed on what they were for and not against in washington nbc supposedly the place where nobody can get along to talk about latinos are asians or others. do it is not about white or black or red or yellow but green the issue is not the color line the naacp still has a lot of work to do but if you work for it hurts
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there is more poor white people in america of san anybody else. but the face of poverty is the minority face. if you are living in washington d.c. making less than $50,000 a year your struggling to make ends meet. with you live-in baltimore making 40,000 your struggling to make ends meet in new york city less than 70,000 you are struggling in a small city in america which is most of america making less than 30,000 you are struggling to make ends meet. that is not a black power brown problem it is an american problem. 70 percent of all americans are living paycheck to paycheck one-third of all
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people who live in maryland have to sell their car to raise $3,000. it is an american problem. before i get too far, thank you to the organization what tmz is to hollywood they are to washington d.c.. let's give booktv and c-span some love. [applause] who says folks don't take this? they take this seriously i was told minorities don't buy books the black and brown people are not interpret interested in ownership and opportunity was not something we focus on and was told that what
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young black man writes a boring book about economics the amazon sold out in 24 hours when the book was released with no copies left when i went on and steve harvey he told the audience to go by the book and it went to number nine not on the blacklist or the homeboy shopping network but number nine on amazon world wide the economists are tearing up fairways so don't tell me what we cannot do what america sets its mind to change our reality we can do anything we set our minds to. someone tell me to change my mind is the man sitting to my left devil till you two
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quick stories he hates the first story and it did have been but i saw it i have the microphone and by the way he is partly republican if you cannot tell. so i said white you like black people so much? he said i don't. this is a part he said he did not say it that way. [laughter] could anything close to that is not the best thing to say in washington or any place and i said this is easy but one more time why you like black people so much? it is a layup and search any way you want. he said i really don't i just want america to win. let that set for a moment i
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fell in love with that moment. not about black or white or purple he just wants everybody in the water in about for prosperity for all. and in my opinion i would not have written this book without him when i became to gallup he opened my hand and said no like head back up what i knew was right to change pro-life. we have a 100 your commitment with gallup for every kid for every public school in america for three. say thank-you to jim. [applause]
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"how the poor can save capitalism" we already are. we already are. 70 percent of this economy give or take to pay rent and mortgages in and utility bills, water, and a cup of coffee, gas from the gas station, the micro transactions, that is what drives the economy but we don't get any credit. 70% of americans are living paycheck to paycheck. it is a fascinating number but so give me some examples.
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do you know, the plans were a toy for the rich when they came out bullet and automobiles. they were a toy for the rich will get this alphonse you remember the big breaks the 10-pound phone? on your shoulder? i can translate some of this you were ballin or you were rollin it cost $3,000 no africa will become the first wireless economy they will jump right over landline phone people have multiple false but they don't have running water and by the way we did had a bunch of kids come in here could we give them some love? this is what i am talking about. [applause]
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there is almost more cell phones in africa than people. almost 1 billion people in africa but 250 million sulfone in a place that does not have running water or streets. look at some more examples. restaurants toys for the rich and i go to a gas station and there is a mini restaurant. by the way half of america's 50,000 or less. when the least of these decided to pick up the prague -- the products to monetize. henry ford not only took the automobile and then elevated it to make it available to all people but was smart enough to hire workers to
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buy the car he was making do you follow me? and then you have the middle class. this is an argument for the minimum wage to think it is a wrong argument i don't think it is an argument why would you pay somebody minimum wage? you need to minimum-wage jobs to pay your bills to have enough leftover you want to pay someone a living wage. i will tell you why. high among hard-core capitalist rival to use a long-term view. if i cannot afford to pay my rent or mortgage or maybe some of food how do i go to dinner every two weeks so the restaurant can pay its employees to pay their taxes? how can i afford to buy a
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refrigerator from ge every seven years? and sears also needs me to buy from them to upgrade my utilities. are you with me? how can i afford to go on vacation and twice a year that they need me to do so they can keep their deal going? how can i afford to lease or purchase a car every five years that automobile companies need me to do? and the finance companies needed to finance to pay reasonable rate of interest so here is the irony. their rich need the port to do better only to stay rich. you know, what people to pay it is a wrong argument with a lot people paying a minimum wage because they
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will this is driven by consumer spending. that drives more in gdp that drives more jobs and taxes. and my talking to myself? i will review because we need to have a conversation. i don't want to talk at you. one story i just love in the book. the parent company of cadillac was in trouble the board of directors was struggling in the company was on the verge of shutting down. cadillac was really struggling. so they sent a guide to check it out although the number was not reflected in the showroom he saw a black people driving cadillacs and
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there was a policy then you could not sell cadillacs to black people. . . >> menuing it further to hire a bunch of people and literally a
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mistake to the parent company. i don't know if some of these people were black, but and totally started buying mercedes about 20 years ago, we were buying cadillacs. so 50 years? we literally saved cadillac. we need to get our shareholder value right now. [applause] [laughter] we are talking about legitimate process. what of this with the numbers, we have 3.5 billion people on the planet who don't earn enough and who don't own enough and that's not hating rich people. if you say you hate rich people, you are lying. you hate rich people until your rich yourself.
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we hate what we cannot jane. when we think that the system is not working for people and the rules are not right and the playing field is not level we get upset. and this can really take a toll on us. and it is the greed and the average and the selfishness. and let me come back to the opportunity. and it if you think that's what poverty is, you are putting this based on a number and you're going to fail. and we are human beings and we have a spiritual experience and
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we are having a human experience. here's what poverty is, the opposite of jim christie and governor pawlenty. it is confidence and belief in yourself and it is low levels of faith. if you don't know who you are, by midnight someone will tell you. and if i don't like me, i'm not going to like you. if i don't feel good about me, i'm not going to feel good about you. if i don't respect me, you can't expect need to respect you and if i don't love me, you can't expect me to love you. if i don't have a promise in my life, i'm going to make your life a living hell. because whatever goes around comes around. so i was not cursing, but i was talking about a place in the world that has a name. and so let me now defined
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poverty in this context. you have to believe in yourself and you have to have a belief that you have a role model. it's not rocket science orb anything but its role model and i know your father come he's a businessman and every woman in here who has the audacity, you saw a woman somewhere and he said i can do that. am i right? and my mother told me that she loved me. she only every day of my life and i believe it. so i don't have a self-esteem problem and i knew who i was and what i could do. so here is the analogy. so when you go into a neighborhood and you see a kid who wants to be a rap star or you athlete or a drug dealer, we say those kids are dumb and
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stupid and i say that that's wrong. those kids are brilliant. and so everyone wants to be aspirational. and let me be this, let me be back. and you don't know better, you cannot do better. if no other reason than to feel proud. but you cannot give what you don't have and if you don't know better, you cannot do better. so if a kid wants to do that because of aspirational upon events, quincy jones says that will take 20 years to change coaches and in the last 20 years i would say that he's made some dumb choices. we have dumbed down and
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celebrated and we have got to make up for being smart again. so what do i mean by that? well, these kids are mainly what they see. and a drug dealer is part of this. a bad character, bad habits, possibly immoral, it may be a special place in that place i won't say again, because god said i've got a place for you. but one thing a successful drug dealer is not is down. import, export, demands, marketing, wholesale, retail, customer service. these are not dumb kids but misdirected kids. are you with me? and here is the irony. we may be locking up the very
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20% of the community who have the capacity to create jobs because they actually have the entrepreneurial mindset. the game organizers, the drug dealers actually, and an entrepreneur works 18 hours a day. you guys are a tough audience. these are some good things i'm going out with you. you get up early. you stay up late. you are creative, you're challenging, your innovative, your everything. these drug dealers again make it clear and i am not rationalizing drugs and i hope you hear me. it's bad and it's evil, pay your debts, deal with god on your own terms. but i'm saying from an intellectual perspective that these are not dumb people. so how did we end up where we are to save as?
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so from this day forward you can tell everyone you care about why people are poor. are you ready? they never got the memo. and there is a memo on how free enterprise and capitalism work and i will give you a couple of modern example is. one example is junior achievement. i love junior achievement. where did it come from? agrarian farmer about a hundred years ago were trying to figure out how to pass on the farm to the next generation and there was nowhere to teach the kids how to run a business so they created junior achievement. junior achievement. to teach them imports, exports, finance, macroeconomic, so the kids can go up to mom and dad on
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the farm. so now where did everyone else get the memo? well, they didn't. 1865. if you listen anything else i said, listen to this. march 3, 1865, that changed everything. president lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation and we all know that story. he signed the freedman's bureau act. and we just talked about it here in the district. and it also created the freedman's bank. the mission, march 3, 1855, the mission is to teach free slaves about money. this is march 3, 1865. so lincoln thought, the most important thing that he thought he could do for freeing slaves
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was to teach them how to have a free enterprise system that works and they love this so much that we're as the white house. i want to thank our partners for developing an affair. and on the riot is the u.s. treasury department and war and policy and money. war, policy, and money are the most important things. right across the street and right across the street was the freedman's bank. reagan wanted to come home at night, look out the window and see the candles burning. and then a general comes along.
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the general comes along and says why don't we give them 40 acres and a mule. and lincoln says it's not my policy or idea, but i can get with that. and they figured he would never be killed after the war until his longtime president, it will be run by a white man that has run that country and they said no, we're not going to cancel it. so we told them that expects to thing, if nora. and that's how you had a lot
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completely separate from federal law. don't try to save it in light of the fact that they were insulated? they still put their money in the bank. and the bank fails and they turn it back to it. have you ever heard this? one hundred years past and now you aren't 1957 including living history. and that is living history. 1965, 1968. which we can't make this up.
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and it's the one way to achieve social justice to economic parody. it was about white, black, brown, red, and others, and this is part of my message and i'm going to summarize with why we are all in this thing together. he realized that the color was green. and it was not just about black people are going back to why i love him so much and he said that while want him to win. and i want to be a part of our team. and this happened in 1968 and they never got the memo. and here is why i am off mistake. it's not like poor working class
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struggling people got the memo and we screwed up. and we have never never in the history of this country tried to use the power of the free enterprise system to set people free and what isn't? self-determination. you cannot have this without an understanding of the language. today you are in an economic place. and i believe in america. and i also believe that doctor king did not go to the into this.
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and he and i think people want to be and can somebody tell me why we walk together and were tired of hitting each other against which other than it's not your next-door neighbor and that is not your problem. your competitor is china. and god bless him for trying. don't cut out africa, i have been there. there are billionaires in africa and there are entrepreneurs
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there. and we leave early. and we just want to chill. india wants her stuff, africa wants her stuff. everybody wants her stuff. and here is a miracle. and 7 million people on the planet, these are the numbers. more than 3 million people in america and this should make you excited. 27 million companies, creating one job or more. out of 6 million, creating one job or more. 974 and bank of america will, google, others, help me out, hp and apple and dell.
10:17 pm
and time warner. instagram, not yet. [laughter] you get my drift. and so this is employing 1000 to 10,000. the 100 employees. 70% of all those employed, 500 or less. and this is at least 20 people. and are you here, as they say in my neighborhood. and about the restaurants he went to. fifty, 70, 80, 100, 500 maximum employees driving the largest economy and looking for all the wrong places and digging in all
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the wrong holes. and we tell our kids go to school k-12 and get a degree. and then go to college and then go work for a big company or government, neither which are hiring. a percent our jobs and the government. i just told you what the big businesses are and they don't grow based on people but efficiency. and the mechanism is you and me and start up and shoot up small businesses and on to reuters, so if you want to be a football player, they might then if i to you and you want to be a basketball player and a track you all the way through.
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and they will tell you and they want to identify a high academic iq and you have identified steve jobs, bill gates, reginald lewis and an entrepreneur and small business, the people that just created jobs have no systems here. the most important campaign in america's history right now and we wonder why we have laws because we have disconnected. today you can't make this up. today is june 5. the 77th anniversary of the marshall plan.
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doing well and doing good. reimagining this whole economy. we have a problem here in america and 40 million people, half of americans have too much money. and the american dream, that is really at risk. and i think we have to reimagine everything and we need to imagine it right here and i call it into that book. i'm making you a challenge right now and goodbye. ♪ ♪. >> we have time for a couple questions and we have a very nice set of questions.
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>> you can't say that on tv. [laughter] >> okay, back to case out. i have a question for you and it will be two or three questions. he and i have been looking through data. and if you want to be depressed, the number that he's talking about better part of this. in 500,000 companies are started each year and 400,000 clones. and there are 100,000 and it keeps america alive. and four years ago those numbers went upside down. and it's not too hard to argue
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that america is going broke and this is really encouraging and very hopeful. and half of them say they dream in starting a business. with all of your experience, if you have all 50 million kids and keep it going and all that, what would you say to them?
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is it wrong to want to be rich? want to be your own boss? what would you say to 15 million high school kids that might fix that i think that is one of america's most and we have all of these tables together. and not everyone can be an entrepreneur or a small business owner. some people are supportive to entrepreneurs. let me tell you a story about this. okay commenters agree man in detroit, he is there in the treasury department and by the
10:24 pm
way, 35 kids wanted to learn and they go to the same school and another story. but this is an example and the kids are all sort of chilling together pennebaker shows up in the classroom and it comes once a week for six weeks as we do intentionally and the first time people aren't paying attention. and by the for time it is private. and it is the sunday best. and this time he graduates they can't make it out.
10:25 pm
and we will give each of you $70. the two friends, we don't need them anymore. and they say that i want to do one share. is that the beginning of the story or the ending? well, it's the beginning. but it literally works emotionally. everyone in school has air jordan. black air jordan, everyone has air jordan thing you need air jordan's. and i want them to buy those shoes area and it is true.
10:26 pm
because when they do this, they are making me money. a light came on and he came to you and you are a role model and you let them hang out with you. >> he was nine when he started is probably 12 now and one day jim gibson e-mail and aj got an a. but my point is that he is neither the right part of his brain, and it was confidence
10:27 pm
that turn them around. but when i was growing up and talking about my story, i didn't notice all the drama around me. i was on fire with this. and i think that if we tonight that right side of the brain, the hope side, the aspirations side. >> what do you think the aspiration and? >> if you succeed economically in the course of financial literacy and there's everybody telling them what they are at
10:28 pm
and they have too many to pitch the idea is and when they do well we fund it and it's up to $500. >> i want you to think deeply when i ask you this question. >> oh, okay, you started up with a very large enterprise. and you could've been a very dandy guide ndt and the executive. so why did you want to take a road of creating energy where none existed? >> i wanted freedom. and i wanted to be free. and my grandparents wanted to vote. >> with my backup driver, he is from pakistan, i asked him why
10:29 pm
he came to america. and i asked him why he started a business. making about $80,000 per year and he drives six days a week. and he said freedom and i said, it's a different question. i go to bed when i want, i work as hard as i want and whoever comes there is my choice, it is freedom. it is self-determination. especially than that in the 21st century you cannot have freedom without self-determination without economic energy. >> one of the questions that we asked was one to five, do you want to be your own boss.
10:30 pm
>> don't get me to the exact percentage, but 77% said they wanted to be their own boss, 99% were not afraid of and 57% of kids wanted to own their own business. >> in your next project, that would be a good thing to get to the bottom of arid you know, this super behavioral economist. but he said that it's the start of this menace, that no matter who you are you need to be in a state of mind of confidence.
10:31 pm
and you need to be in such an extreme state of mine with aspiration and inspiration. so that can make a lot of difference to the kids. you had a couple questions for john and by the way, of the next time when you leave here and you drive by the inner-city and you find a liquor store, next to a title lender, rims with the spinners, that is not racism and that is not discrimination but target marketing. simply part of the credits for companies and what we are going to do is move the credit scores 120 points and there's nothing to change your life more then that's.
10:32 pm
>> the interest rates are what, 40%? >> what is really insulting is a government check. they are charging you up to 5% and what is the chance that it will bounce? but they're charging for your own money and that's what happened when the donor's and a high financial iq than we actually lost our hope. so that is why you have to get the hope that and the self-esteem of in the credit score up because then the liquor store turns into a convenience store and that you became an emerging market question. >> hello, thank you for your information here. >> hold on one moment, please. >> all right, now. >> hello, my name is surely and
10:33 pm
i want to thank you for your information. >> i get what you're saying, i love teaching the young people how to be successful in life because it's very important. they are their own future and carrying on for the legacy. the issue is that once you teach or informed with being students or these young folks how to build a business, where do you go when they get in that business, they build that business, but they have the large conglomerates to deal with when it comes to competition. >> that is right. >> there is no easy answer to that. the road less traveled, because life is


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