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is disabling students from learning distinctions, the kind of distinctions that i think are necessary to reach consensus on larger issues in the larger society to understand and to quote myself in the book people need to understand the difference between a memorial day parade and the clan march when you are judging the context of the flag. any kind of a reasonable compromise will have to be based on reading the context better than we do. because it is threatening or it does suggest a kind of public and governmental sanction of the neo- confederate history. it's not threatening when it's in the cemetery over the graves. we are asking the compromise of
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people to swallow your own sense of what the flag means to you in order to reach a compromise to point and it seems to me it would be good to get that started early so they be cut become accustomed to looking a little more deeply at the symbols and ask what they mean given in the context with while being sensitive to the description if there had been in it you will see in the book instances in which it was the center of the controversy that spilled out into the streets in the city's pensacola and chattanooga and in places like that, clearly maintaining the environment is critical. there should be wiggle room to help students in the early age or in the more sophisticated view to which i was even looking. >> through the commercialization of that symbol and variations on
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the theme obviously it is colorful and its primary colors if you've got a basic computer you can turn almost worth of t-shirts and bumper stickers and so forth. it seems to be such a great proliferation commercially of that symbol i also struck by the fact that you do not see the actual flag itself loan in any distant places as one once did. i've seen pictures of it, not the famous flag raising that a little. my personal experience i saw india and on. i think that it is perhaps important to note despite the fact that several large units
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fighting in iraq today come directly from the deep south, the old south, mississippi alabama, florida, south carolina, nashville guardsmen who are walking the streets of baghdad and other spots in iraq. you don't see the display of the battle flag on tops of the bunkers the way that you do in the non. so i think with a younger group of servicemen some of that i would hope consideration of the soldiers standing next to them may be coming to the floor, just an observation. >> i have received several digital images perhaps you have from friends in iraq one on top of the tank last spring so some of the men have brought it with them but it's not as common and
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getting a read on how much they are cracking down on that is whether today or in the 50s it was discouraged and really only when it became a headline would they have to kind of give it up and once they made the newspaper they would have to give up their flag but the exact tolerance whether it be world war ii were today is kind of fuzzy and we've never been able to get a good grip on it but i'm sure a lot of it is that they are largely african-american now even in vietnam there is an infinite march or april of 1968 right after the murder of martin luther king. there was fear of race riots in the non- after the news of the spread of the killing of martin luther king and the georgia fight that featured the emblem was a favorite among many of the
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soldiers. >> two questions. what is a saltier? >> the exact definition i'm not sure but it is a device held in the family crest and the like and it is as opposed to the religious symbolism. >> i noticed that the flag is sent flying over the chapel. >> at it is the battle flag in the first national or the second nashville when it is open and when it is being staffed by the members of the camp so it is a signal to you that it is open for visitation.
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>> speaking from the point of view as a parent and a teacher and i teach we've gone through the controversy of the confederate flag which we have a loud and i'm wondering do you think -- i've seen this and observations with the students. has it changed from a racial tone and everything to more of being a symbol of being a country or being a redneck? because traveling in the north i see people in canada and new york carrying the confederate flag. has the trend gone to that site now? >> it's a difficult thing to read. many of them are -- there's t-shirts that do suggest that hating william junior and it speaks more to the dukes of hazard. one of the bumper sticker
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productions of the whole issue is history not hate it i always caution people hazard or dukes of hazzard because it is equally important in understanding the meaning of the flag today. when you spot a flag to do the motivation. but if you take an educated guess it is the country and attitude and rebellion in general. good boys come and it may have something to do with the confederate ancestors but perhaps not as much as the offenders of the heritage flag would like it to be read as it is the kind of third element that makes it difficult to debate the issue simply in racial terms because many people said we don't understand it that way and the protectors that want it to be a memorial symbol are deeply troubled by the usage of
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it being a symbolic middle finger or identification of one being a country boy or southern boy as they are of the symbol of hate dread and supremacy that is a complicating factor and i suspect among the young, it is probably a major factor. we were traveling in europe in 1982 he went there after we started research on this exhibit and we wanted to get away for a while. everywhere we went we saw the confederate flags on a bmw saw a patch with all of these awful t-shirts and florence as i recall on a patch. we couldn't go anywhere and just as you said country and american and i use that as a motif in


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