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with african-american men there is a stereotype that black people are less polished so we see that as an applicant falters just a little bit as an african-american male on communication but i watched how zero equivalent application supper white they were considered approachable so that several racial bias that happens in addition to creating racial bias in this process they also tend not to be the most racially diverse schools to begin with so you have the pipeline but also the bias issue in what they're doing to reinforce those qualities >> host: professor rivera
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former management consulting, are you part of the elite system? are you guilty yourself? >> i never did interviews for my old firm but i lived in the world for a long time and it is quite tempting tear take the shortcuts that the firms take that we take as humans that you like people who wore similar to you with the shared background i think we're all guilty of that battle the fire and unique with that item have the authority to hire anyone at least not yet maybe to put its structure protocols. >> host: is that britain for minister and students? >> i got my ph.d. in sociology it was intended to
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be forced dollars issues of equality if it has an impact for managers and practitioners i am very happy but the intended audience was a sociologist but within a book it is great if anybody reads it is has more public appeal. >> host: princeton press puts out the book for you use the word of polished. >> guest: that is what they would talk about with communication skills can you interact with the client are you presentable to someone who is executive? bad definition if you look at advertising agencies of mannerisms that might be different but with very different styles but we need
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a couple of things that means to be formal without too for most so to have a sense of relaxation between you and the word working with that is of two for more not 4 million of that is the lens of a racial stereotype but professional but not too informal to be immature but second to take the reins of the conversation. people may thank you are supposed to reassert the question is passively that is for many different types of occupations but here it is called conversational leadership with the ideas and to treat the interviewer as an equal so read the and
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have them the position of power you want to preach this into a conversation of equal. and they talk about that is a hallmark of the economic elite regardless of how high or low relative to you in the hierarchy that he's is important and essential so that is different than if you went to interview at a job at a factory feet try to have this sense of the quality your interviewer would not be pleased. >> host: if you don't go to renew the to school but a community college or local campus, is that two strikes against you at that point? >> as a community college the chances are you will my get through the door if you read the university that is
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public not to a flagship where some have a very narrow view that the public flagship is not prestigious enough if you have day inside connection otherwise they have so many applicants from the good schools, that is their words there are a lot of wonderful schools that are not on the list but unless he gets some was attention through a connection you are out. >> host: here is the book. "pedigree" how elite students get elite jobs" professor lauren rivera is the author.
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fed jury viewing 1421 entries unanimously decided submitted by a 21 year-old woman student. we expected and the opposition to come from the anti-war and the liberal element but to our surprise hit came from conservatives including powerful and influential individuals like billionaire ross perot and james webb was now a presidential candidate. pat buchanan, a tall wolf some congressmen or senators from the heritage fund asian for from the secretary of interior. they had envisioned the memorial in my opinion is
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the vehicle to justify the war and to celebrate heroism and glory they saw that competition designed as a betrayal. f first glance the negative perception may have been understandable after all in contrast with the washington monument to was black in it in the ground. second, it constituted a contemplation rather than an object or a building or any other monument of glory. it my view, the controversy over the design that almost sank the ship constituted a perfect store visit was intensified to tsa and touched unresolved fault lines in american society which was still present after the war including the
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question of the war itself was right or wrong or a question if it was ill-conceived from the outset or due to the activities of domestic power with the backstab also if they could be honored. and finally weld not finally but would it have to be realistic to state a message or to be reflective him provocative to allow a visitor to form his or her interpretation. another point involved race. was inappropriate for a person of asian descent to design a memorial to men and women who fought against
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asians? >> as the debate dragged on the spot light revealed themselves in statements and rumors that the memorial was designed by a duke was one of the jurors was a communist the majority were anti-war activist and also the memorial was an extension of the war itself was the antiwar statement. the controversy reached such a point the secretary of interior was ready to shoot it down but he was dissuaded by the prospect of the compromise and how he achieved that of course, is laid out in my book.
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>> every author needs a proper incentive to travel miles and go somewhere to give a speech ayatollah is reminded of a political definition of a journalist in mississippi and the 1950's very aggressive on civil rights always getting yourself into trouble for his editorials people said you better watch out. you are in mississippi. so when mr. east went out and shut the door but before


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