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tv   Book Discussion on Out of Sight  CSPAN  September 26, 2015 8:48pm-8:56pm EDT

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where every jumper is out on the mission with the little acronyms so right now we have jumpers in washington and california doing these different overheads and a jump operations so they are out there. there's only 400 some left so they take 5,000 folks were more. one more question. >> ready for the test? its 100 questions and it's multiple choice. [applause] you are watching 48 hours of nonfiction authors and books on book tv television for serious
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readers. >> in the march of 1911 in the famous incident that many of you know, 146 young female immigrant workers died at the factory fire in new york and this is dot which was precipitated by the industry that was highly insulated. the conditions in the sweatshops were terrible. there was a everything from sexual exploitation of workers to the workplace safety issues. the women went on strike in 1999 in the and the uprising of the 20,000 in order to approve and they won a few things but they lost the workplace safety. two years later the cost of that
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was clear with 146 but because it was downtown new york on the lower east side, famous people saw this happen. they literally solve the workers that made the court die in because of that, they finally begin to identify with the workers and begin to fight for accountability in the apparel industry so that leads to a series of workers on building safety and fire safety etc.. and that is a beginning point of the 20th century when americans say that we want to stand up to the excess of american capitalism. the days of corporation being able to do whatever they wanted to do needed to end. and over much of the 20th century americans made an enormous impact in taming the excess capitalism.
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they added to it to the minimum wage and 40 hour week. it's also a bad thing so they began to demand accountability on this and. so all of this environmental legislation to clean up the american environment. this is a successful story that
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the corporations began to look for the way out of this they want to escape the unions and work place safety regulations. they are kind of sorry they began to do this with some companies beginning to move to the south where you don't have the same level particularly in the apparel but beginning in the 1960s you really begin to see the company is start moving their factories overseas in order to escape the regulations because what they want is to repeat the highly explicative nature of production. and the negativity places like korea and taiwan and to support
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the countries in south and southeast asia that brings us to the end of the story. in 2013 over 1100 workers died at the waldorf plaza in bangladesh and the story is almost exactly the same as the fires. young women working in the apparel industry with powerful department stores like wal-mart putting high cost pressures on the local contractors to make sure that the good state cheap and the wal-mart costs stay high and unsafe working conditions the factory collapses on them as the greatest single workplace disaster in history and it is almost the exact same thing as 1911 except we don't see it. americans don't see it and we can't even find bangladesh on the map forget about seeing the
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workers die. what's happened is the corporations have escaped the legal code and we are still bound by them here in the united states or bangladesh or honduras or mexico but if the corporation says that his stringently applied this is too much, that pollution is too strong they are going to move to another country so we created a globalized system of exploitation that allows the companies to create a tremendous amount of profits undermining the workers around the world. >> you can watch this and other programs on linux >> today reporting since the place he comes in here all the time that his seat right over
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there so i went back to the office and i called him up and i sent mr. mayor i've just been to the club 55. there was a pause on the phone and he said it's nice isn't it? on the political corruption in dc, maryland and virginia. >> 44 attorneys general from around the country signed a letter saying they agree with the governor that what he did was politics not bribery and that these gifts should have been reported and that is a crime that he didn't. $15,000 for a child's wedding and 50,000 or $70,000. the problem is bob mcdonald had been considered a vice presidential candidate when he got into the governor's


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