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tv   Book Discussion on The Republican Partys Civil War  CSPAN  October 12, 2015 1:00am-1:16am EDT

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certainly professionally and write subsequent chapters that are full of meaning where i am grounded in faith and i just am the best person i can be and i've learned from each step along the way and i feel like i am enjoying what i'm doing and pursuing something that feels meaningful to me and being as good as i can be. >> host: david, thank you. >> that was "after words," the signature program in which authors of the latest nonfiction books are interviewed. watch past programs on linux >> joining us on the tv is
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edward. what is the atlas society that you work with? >> guest: is named after atlas shrugged the novel about a world falling apart because the women of the mines were beginning to much not further devices but their virtues. the book was published in 1957 and one of the reasons is still a bestseller today people say this is what is happening today. it is happening today but what we do is promote a philosophy of individualism of the rational self-interest of the achievement in this world. >> host: are you associated with the folks? >> guest: we are founded in the institute and the reason is
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because it is almost as gospel we call ourselves over the objection objection rests which means this is the paradigm that this is the philosophy that it's open to change and revision every form. we are in washington, d.c. that we are all over someone else in albany so we are kind of over the place to >> host: and how are you funded? >> guest: no government money knowingly databased league general individuals in the outreach work and support and we like to say that no donation is too large a. >> you edited this book with using a lot of the atlas society
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people. the republican party civil war. civil war. who is out for? >> guest: the republican party is that a war with itself unfortunately as well as the civil war going on in america. many people like to talk about while there is the sort of conservative and this wayne and the moderate and i think that we get them all. we find that there are three factions within the gop. it's what i that's what i call the establishment republicans people at mitt romney caught george w. bush. they basically accept the welfare state into the system as it is that they wanted it did work a little bit better so the government is very involved in education to the common core or its try romney care or these types of things. some of them you might consider to be social engineers from the right so they are not challenging the system. they want to make it up a bit better maybe cut taxes and more incentives in and do things like
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that. the second faction of what i called the extreme social conservative views these are the ones who did priorities and actually limit liberty by their obsession with marriage and anti-abortion as far as that and a lot of other social issues but they tend to bleed with. that would be rick santorum and mike huckabee. they didn't have a third fraction. these are the libertarian factions were the constitutionalist factions. these are the ones who actually wants to tear back the welfare change. they see the welfare state as something that inevitably must collapse. it's doing it in greece and
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western europe and in this country. you together get our system and we have the whole project in the atlas society that gets the crony capitalism and we've become a very corrupt society so the libertarians and more constitutional republicans want to challenge the welfare state and challenge the regime and pair it back who represents them that is an interesting question. rand paul seems to be the one they like and now drawn paul was a representative a few years ago and there are others who kind of a spider to have a foot in the libertarian camp. those are the three at war with one another. they are also funded very easily. karl rove you have backing the libertarian faction and a coolish and backing what i call the more religious oriented
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conservatives and extreme social conservatives so it's not just an ideological battle but the battle of that the battle of resources going on in the gop as well as a that's the situation now and backdrop is that there were the republican republican party's and the graphic death spiral. take a look at the numbers. take a look at the vote in the next couple and find for example hispanics are going to be 30% of the population. i'm not talking about hispanic citizens. but republicans have had a decline percentage of the vote i think it was 27 way down from george w. bush. so they are losing a growing faction of the population. take a look at young people you see the same kind of demographics. young people overwhelmingly
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supported barack obama but there is a whole story i could tell you about. but again those are going to be the main voters of tomorrow and get the republican vote is using those voters as well. take a look who is supporting the gop? well in the 2012 primaries, white evangelicals accounted for almost half of the people voting. they are a declining portion of the publication. in fact interestingly enough if you look at people over 50 of 29% of themselves look at themselves as evangelical. if you take a look at the under 29 people something like 35 or 36% have no religious affiliation. religiously skeptical so the point is they don't identify with traditional religion in any and yet the republicans are
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relying on this shrinking voter base. the reason why they won the control of congress last time is because obama was so bad even independent couldn't do this anymore but to look at the long term, republicans things don't look terribly good unless they understand the reality on the ground and get a very new modernist futuristic feel. it could be revived but in a different way. ronald reagan was a big tent republican. he held for everybody and that was a big thing, too and he was a big staunch anti-communist as well but what happened in the interim is we had a rise of two factions first religious right and again this was written in the majority of activists started to mobilize the
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religious people who were not bringing in just the limited government and the limited government philosophy they were bringing and we want a social agenda that we want to push. another group came in as well starting in the 70s into the 80s and those were the neoconservatives. these were basically disillusioned liberals and leftists that we are social engineers from the right but the point is this changed the conversation of the republican party compared to the days of barry goldwater whose rhetoric with was the government is the
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problem not the solution into the whole american enterprise was to allow people to live their lives as they see fit and pursue their own dreams with the government protecting life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness in general. so it is a different republican party and the ronald reagan days >> host: from the book the civil war the best way to end the civil war is for libertarian establishment republicans to refuse to pander to such extreme social conservatives. if they want to leave the gop. >> guest: if you >> guest: if you take a look at those three factions they are libertarians for example that are unrealistic. they think if you don't get rid of the welfare state we are going to go for compromise but
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it's about winning elections and getting together the coalition's and do something so you have to meet a distinction i would agree with your philosophy but you have to figure out strategies to get something done and this might mean going to establishment republicans because they come in two flavors as well. you have the establishment of the republicans that are social engineers from the right. you have another group who if you sat them down and got a couple of drinks and then they would say i agree the current system isn't working i wish if we were starting all over again i would like to do something fundamentally different that we can't do that and we have to make the best of a bad situation. and for those establishment republicans i would say of the reasons it remains a bad situation is because you won't
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stand up and say we have to change it because it is going to end up very bad in the long term so they can go to the establishment republicans and say don't you see the common analogy to come up with some ideas that are going to move us away from the welfare state and powering people there are a lot of ideas that the establishment of the conservatives that are simply scared that there is no alternative could get by here is the other thing about half of the trt folks call themselves social conservatives but they
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were not leaving the social issue. what they were doing is saying i'm against abortion i don't like illegal immigration but i want to cut back government and stop punishing producers. i spoke at the first tee party rally in washington, d.c. standing up there on the podium and there were things i can that redistribute by work ethic not by money you don't produce wealth by all these these kinds of things kind of things that were on limiting the government and wealth and that sort of thing. here's another one and this is a big one they can say even you conservatives don't you appreciate if you put all of your energy into opposing
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marriage but this is simply going to allow the other guy to continue to liberty in other areas are schools are failures across the board pretty much and that's why homeschooling is a big thing with a lot of others that's why you see the rise on things like the academies and all of these alternatives in the traditional education.
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if you keep focusing on things like marriage what's going to happen is the other side you will get with us because you are the ones that are going to suffer and you will have less autonomy yourself if you don't go this way. and by the way here's another interesting thing everyone can be behind in the south some republicans are making a big issue of this. we had a crony capitalist contest in the atlas society we just did the first one we have winners in four categories not surprising barack obama won for individual politicians and i think warren buffett buffet on for individuals but here's the point nobody likes the crony system that we are in that is the nature of the welfare state they must do did generate either to the authoritarian system or the crony system in which it's not i produced it decides that


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