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tv   Book Discussion on Newtons Apple and Other Myths about Science  CSPAN  November 16, 2015 1:00am-1:46am EST

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truman seized control and as a result a pending strike was called off and fuel production continued. however the companies led by the youngstown company in ohio disagree with the action and took the loss at all the way to the spin court. we will examine how the court ruled in the case and the impact on presidential powers. ..
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>> >> that it triggered thinking about gravity wondering why the apple falls straight down. it makes a great story. a friend of his that it is
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conceivable that it happened. but it is very unlikely that has developed is a little more dramatic. and then is the theme of the book. >> host: did he develop but in a vacuum? >> guest: no. that is a frequent smith that breakthroughs in the history of science and medicine instantaneously was brilliant. he was but he worked on this
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problem for a long time. and wrote the book that very few people could or did read. i have a copy of the not an original but there you see that newton explains the solar system and others it is very explicit of a natural philosophy coming
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into use as a label. >> you are actually studying it was a leading but clockwork. >> tell us about isaac newton. >> she lived the late 17th century and early 18th century. is great achievement was that he unified the laws of heaven and earth and untillaws f heaven and earth and until
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that time the assumption had been those that prevailed with the natural motion and it was linear. people had done a lot of work individually. in then newton came along holding with planetary bodies. and that was a huge accomplishment but they're also on the wrong foot in medicine even to come up
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with that simple equation to explain everything. so we have lots of interesting theories that it was vascular tension. >> working in their room by himself. >> and to use observations in the new world.
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and he did wonderful work to publish the book but the book on optics is barely accessible. more people read that but the optics was empirical it was an understandable experiments but what comes as the surprise to many people is that he may have written more about theology
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and was very concerned soviet idea as a student of nature and was also quite interested. >> that is the steady ideally that day transmitted base metals into valuables. but actually another myth
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with the readers of the notion that astrology was superstitious. so laying a lot. but astrology was pretty useful and galileo did a lot of astrology. so there was not a divide that has come to represent science now that people like to call pseudoscience.
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there is another good chapter on that. on how do we determine? there is always a boundary to be renegotiated. sometimes it seems pretty clear that now the term is used today and an opponent if there are in your academic turf so in the early 20th century social scientist were widely dismissed as soon as scientist to get in on the money that was becoming available some people still think it is pseudoscience.
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>> anything you don't agree with is pseudoscience. there is no fixed definition. so climate change would be pseudoscience. >> host: in the book you coedited the topic you take on his church. probably no topic has been revised in the role of the catholic church. because of the trial of galileo in two years ago i
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had another book called galileo goes to jail he never went to jail or was tortured but there was a trial in the notion that the eric was at the center that was denounced by the inquisition in london didn't take many decades for protestants to use it as an example of how the catholic church had their scholars. and in recent decades, the attacks on the catholic church in the attacks on the catholic church in the 19th century
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with books on the warfare came out and italy stuck of big beating. was 1870's. but then in recent decades the sober minded truth speaking historians cable long. of a distinguished historian of science and berkeley did a study in the cathedral showing force injuries it was the primary site and offered the generalization that because of the galileo a fair no institution
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contributed more to the science of astronomy than the catholic church. and then another distinguished with the -- medieval that we could extend that to not just astronomy. in the 680 years period none other had more support than the catholic church and we focused on the university. >> vera is flat.
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>> i like it. it makes him much river bed they are. it then to talk about the fear of going to the edge of the year of. this is a total crop every educated person in the world knew that this was a non-issue. one exception in the greek
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orthodox community who promoted a platter. nobody sits down in the west. but presumably they had to. but but the story was told and retold and made a wonderful story with the opposition to place the sun in the center had to do with the status of humans in the
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astronomy text book has said that. into in the late 16th and early 17th centuries so copernicus publish his book and galileo comes along with a telescope with a landmark with the demotion enough humans to deliver three blows the fear of is no longer the center.
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>> iraq to the alleged devotion and the earth was the. the worst possible place in the cosmos that you could be. a few minutes ago and mentioned the perfect circular motion. the business we were devoted but we were promoted. and daughter cells out of this could not until the
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late 17th century the table say yes they were worried. but it is a great story. it is a scientific development because you are insecure. >> host: in a chapter. >> is today's society? >> no. el blood appears is almost every textbook that don't even explain what darwinism
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is or bba couple paragraphs because it explains so much of america's ideas of politics. but in the instance because of the influence there is very little direct influence years ago to look at the rating him of uh testimony before congress. that would maybe be testifying before congress
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if they were relying on foreign of free trade this is what you're most likely to find. there was one businessman businessman, andrew carnegie who was promoting natural selection. but john rockefeller, jr. once a railroad action and made a comment but aside from that, it is just a justification for anything
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that most prickly it is the justices. we wanted foreign politics. nobody needed to appeal. but two of the nation's most prickly of those seated and this is a geologist opposed imperialism, especially rigo wars that broke out. >> very little in if but it
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didn't. there has been a recent study the first one to look carefully to find no references to darwinism but his promotion of racism to reject darwinism and there were more respectable reasons like slavery had gotten civic scientist with
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the creation of the different races. african americans to the extent that they were criticizing science. or pretty much had died out by the start of the century but as darwin pointed out
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and then thought we probably shouldn't let that happen. interestingly but the committee rarely mentioned darwinism.
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but did darwin in in some way, especially in this the - - back out to the lagoon is they believe the bible for approaching equality. it is the story of.
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and put that application has american steve levy emeritus
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to assert in the eyes of the enrolled but i don't have time.
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>> and then coming late to class? >> o lot of the my scheerer and an with my coverlet - - collaborators. but trying to get statements at the beginning.
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>> how many students come in believing that isaac newton discovered gravity from the apple or that the earth was flat? >> i get that when a lecturer. this is what we were taught. in and.
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>> you cannot sell that. >> we wanted to come up with a catchy phrase.
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it is what they teach:the history of science and religion but in this area there is no myth greater. you have wonderful stories about where galileo in to be
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put in prison in a dungeon in prison for life is in the u.n. tablas way not to offend people. beacons they don't go. routing this system. but somebody who has been supportive is and how i could be frisky. so he writes a dialogue
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clearly facing the video centers and. of course, to an argument about the pope but he comes down. but not incarcerated.
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but historians have accounted for most of the time except some very brief areas. analyst certainly he would never go to jail.
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after the trial we could buffet siena.
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then he goes up to his place but to take care of them. >> was her doing what they
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did let his experience wasn't nearly as of lot of them and then it came on about for the centuon about for the century to the 14th apparently. where according to many accounts the rage -- the rights of christianity.
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is to be much stronger as well. but then. >> eight think it is what they have been led to believe.
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a lot of people equate that the nominee was divided preferences catholic with a fair amount of activity. so this was big time to
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believe their religion could end the partisan divide.
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>> i write about how my mother had debilitating alcoholism and everybody knew about it. for her age she was well known and there are plenty of stories about her but we kept under wraps in our house. people would come to visit but no one would look better or talked to her like the people we walk by in washington d.c. >> i did not watch any of the debate the look of those
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on the democratic side that americans don't really care about the character and what they called for. >> use been quite a bit of time writing about education. what has happened? >> several things that don't pretend for the good of the system.
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but we do see teachers and principals get pay raises and promotions regardless then they get their diplomas. i take as startling condemnation but then they
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are issuing us diplomas that they can read and write at 12th grade level when in actuality he cannot.


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