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tv   Alex Isenstadt on Republican Presidential Candidates  CSPAN  January 6, 2016 12:03am-12:12am EST

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anniversary. but, you are are entitled, but i do know her. when we met in law school it was relatively rare for women to be in law school, or law school generally. hard to believe now that most graduates are women from law school. she could have gone anywhere. her interest in law school was legal services for poor people. when she got out, instead of taking a clerkship clerkship or big firm job, she went to work for the children's defense fund. she went to alabama to investigate whether segregated academies were claiming tax exemptions under the grounds that they were just private academies that happened have no african-americans in them. they change the law and the school and eventually change the practice. she went to south carolina, this is more important to me now, to investigate why so many 14 and
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15-year-old children also african-american, were in jail. not so much of that anymore. everywhere she went, she made some good happen. when she came home to arkansas to be with me, she opened the first legally clinic we ever had. and where the university is. i will never forget, she may meet take her to court the day the judge accepted the legal aid proposal. he was a crusty old guy, he like the old system of just appointing lawyers. so help me to god, sitting on the bench, i introduced him and everything, and he was polite to her, and then he called the court to order and she makes her presentation and he leans over and he says, you know, i don't like legal aid very much. i don't like lady lawyers very much. i apologize to the young people, we used to talk like that.
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within six months, he changed his position on both. she made something good happen and it is still thriving. then when i became governor, she came in one day and said you know bill, we have all of these really poor families in arkansas who do not have education and their kids are starting school so far behind. i found a program that will put in place in israel for immigrants who do not speak hebrew or english, is called home -- it teaches their parents to be the first kids teachers and gets them involved in the whole educational enterprise. i think it would work here. i said so what are we going to do which said don't worry, i just talked to the woman who founded and she is going to be here in ten days and we will set it up. [laughter] she had been elected to anything yet. next thing i know, we have a
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whole program going, before you know it it was in 26 states, there is a national organization and today, before there is ever childcare standards, big preschool, there were these thousands and thousands of kids that came from this poor families who got a better start in life over the last 30 years because she made something good happen wherever she is, whatever she is doing, she just makes things happen. [applause]. we had to redo our school standards, national expert experts said arkansas was the worst schools in america. when i took office in 1983. so i put her in charge of the committee call for upgraded
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standards, smaller classes in every grade, the first state to have counselors. nine years later i came to new hampshire running for president. the same guy who said we had the worst schools in america in 1983, he said we have the two the two most improved school system in the entire country and i use it in speeches here to try to talk to vote for me. but she did that she had never been elected for anything. [applause]. so then we go to washington and we try to do healthcare. we offered a bill which people now forget was widely acclaimed by the experts, took 1400 pages out of federal law than it put in but we didn't have the 60 votes. she did not give up. so when we passed a balanced
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budget bill she worked with senator kennedy to put the children's health insurance, there are 12,000,000 kids in that program today. there today. there were 6 million when i left office. as the largest expansion of healthcare from the time medicare until obama care past. she just did it. that she came to me one day and i thought, this is never going to happen. she came in said bill, i have finally found something we can work with tom on. now a lot of you younger people may not remember him, he was sort of new anchorages and for certain in the pre-party. to put it mildly, he did not think much of me. i said you have to be kidding. she said no he's an adoptive parent. we had a terrible problem with too many kids in foster homes.
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not enough kids going to adoptive homes. there is no education no continuing support, she and tom got together and i was one of the hospital things i ever did was sign a bill. by the time i left the office it had already increased adoptions out of foster care by 65%. before i even left office [applause]. then when she started to run for the senate in new york, she came home full of ideas every day and after she got elected she got all these republican farmers on long island involved in doing things to preserve the farms there at a time when real estate is pretty high. pretty soon you will be several
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and i will knocking on the door saying i'm a republican, but. she's the only person who ever did anything for us. a guy making fishing rods in a little town in upstate new york introduced e-commerce, quadruple his business and all of his new customers were in italy. never even occurred to him. she just make something happen. just put her someplace in a few days later something good will be going on. [laughter] [applause]. she left office, came to to work in the foundation, all the sudden we had a project called no ceilings which pointed out all the places where gender disparity still exists. another project called too small to fail which educated parents about what they could do for their children, whether they had any money before they went to
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school. she just makes things happen. we need a change maker. i spent a lot of time when i was president accepting and restoring broad-based prosperity. someone asked asked me when i celebrate the tenth anniversary of my library about 15 months ago what i was most proud of. i said, i am most proud of broad-based prosperity. we had 4050% more jobs than when president reagan was in office. that is the only time trickle-down economics ever look like it was working. incomes drop for everybody during the two bush administrations, but we had a hundred times as many


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