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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  January 25, 2016 12:43pm-3:01pm EST

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session today. in fact the house has canceled all legislative business for the week because of the effects of the past weekends snowstorm. members will return to the house next monday and as always we will have live coverage on c-span. the senate is expected to return this week that votes were postponed until the nomination to the u.s. district judge from new jersey that's the same data senators will begin to debate an energy policy bill. you can see the senate on c-span2. >> several presidential candidates are in the state campaigning. governor martineau malley holds a rally today at simpson college in indiana law that will be live at 3:30 on c-span. >> campaign 2016 is taking you on the road to the white house for the iowa caucus.
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monday, february 1 coverage begins at both c-span and c-span2. we will bring you live coverage taking your phone calls and texts then at 8 p.m. eastern we will take you to the republican conference on c-span and the democratic caucus on c-span2. acetaminophen tired he and be sure to stay with us and join us on the conversation on c-span radio and ♪ one week before the caucuses ans the poll shows just a few points difference between hillary clinton and bernie sanders on the democratic race of donald trump and ted cruz on the republican side. many stories in the paper this morning. take a look at the possible run being considered by the mayor michael bloomberg editor of "the wall street journal" this morning noting to spend time or money on such an effort as he did not sense an opportunity so
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with the race being comprised of longtime established political figures and what type of candidate will be the best fit for the white house? but a longtime politicians like hillary clinton or others perhaps bring something to the position or would the political outsider like donald trump or bernie sanders take a new approach to this white house position and the highest office in the land and you can even include michael bloomberg and that as well so when it comes to establishment versus outsiders the best choice for the white house what do you think if your thoughts at (202)748-8000 for republicans, (202)748-8001 and for independents, (202)748-8002. you can share your thoughts this morning at c-span wj if we want to go that route or post on facebook as well. what had been one week out from the iowa caucus, the latest polling that you can find on the
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politics website this was one that was done by cbs news and taking a look at the republican and democratic presidential caucuses. when it comes to the polling being done at shows donald trump leading with 39% of the polls followed by ted cruz at 34%, marco rubio added 13%. when you go to the democratic side, hillary clinton with a 46% lead over bernie sanders at 47% and martineau malley is just 5%. when it comes to the iowa caucuses this morning "the des moines register" takes a look at the topic of whether especially about the conditions on the caucus next monday. here it is the iowa caucus could be balmy. that is according to "the des moines register" this morning saying that the national weather service pulmonary forecast shows up a 50% chance of being warmer than normal across iowa. normal temperatures are a high of 32 degrees and a low of
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15 degrees said the meteorologist at the national weather service. also a 40% chance of precipitation, more precipitation across iowa that day could be rain or snow because the temperature could fluctuate above and below freezing. that takes a look at some of the actual weather conditions on caucus day when it comes to the idea of the establishment versus outsiders and the race for white house both on the republican and the democratic field. the story takes a look at those topics with the idea of the caucus coming up this is the "the washington times" this morning as they say the gop is choosing sides saying senator chuck grassley all but endorsed mr. trump appearing in "the des moines register" bypassed the two front-runners to endorse senator marco rubio running a distant third and most of them announcing his favorite candidate compared to ted cruz to george washington.
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but we need a new george washington, he said, appearing at a rally at the baptist college and it goes on to say today's washington won't be found in the light of gold but rather the service of the men that stand tirelessly for with a bb gun fact it should be mentioned by the people some of the people and for the people. that's why i'm endorsing senator ted cruz. there's other stories to take a look at this idea of the establishment politicians versus outsiders and comparing how they are doing on the trail. we are asking you this morning about how they would fit in the white house which would support someone with a long-term political background,, do you support one of the new outsider types for the race for the white house and here is how you can let us know. (202)748-8000, the democrats 7001, and for independent, 20,284,818,002 and you can make your thoughts on twitter and facebook known as well. we will start with ray on the
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republican line. would you rather have an established politician or an outsider in the white house? >> i'm in favor of rand paul. i think in the late 18 hundreds when he had them write books and talk about communism and all the things these things he laid out with preconditions and most of them were not so much preconditions to say something good up but it was to meet the capitalism sick because you have to have families and freedom of association, freedom of religion, you have to have all these things and you said somebody compared cruz to george washington. to me, i think it's more like george washington because he's got principles. there is a line i will not go across. i think that it's essential that we have someone that believes in liberty and capitalism and understands whatever you call any of that stuff
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>> zedillo view him as an outsider? >> he's somewhat of an outsider because his father was somewhat of an outsider because he believes in liberty. he gets on the campaign trail and talks about something like foreign aid and it's only a third of the republicans that vote for that. >> grey in pennsylvania on the idea of an established choice for the white house. democrats line you are next. good morning tell us what you think. hispanic good morning. it depends what you mean by establishment and outsider. i disagree that just because someone says this one is established and i am an outsider, you know, i don't know whether it is on the extreme right like donald trump and ted cruz or whether it is bernie sanders who i think is on the
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right side but he -- if someone is unable to get one other senator that works in the senate, which i think that he is an insider i definition tv if he isn't able to get one person to support him, i'm not sure that i have much faith in that candidate if all he's doing is bashing everybody else. i am low income and all that bernie talks about is low income and i see hillary as someone who listens to people and she has been on the outside listening to people and i'm sorry i disagree because someone has a lot of experience and the people that know her support her and that so-called establishment we can't like her. i disagree totally. >> host: what do you think is
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the better fit for the white house? >> guest: >> caller: hillary clinton of course. it speaks to the united states that someone that has probably been the most qualified person who ever could assume and i don't like the way the mainstream media has been reporting her for example, there was one told that said he's now eight points ahead. there were two that showed she was nine points ahead and they didn't even refer to them. >> host: that is establishment versus the outsiders you may have to find a definition or tell us what you think the definition for those are when you spun but if you do so, to 747202748001 for republicans and
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independents (202)748-8002 and as you talk with us tell us what you think is the better fit for the white house for the president of the united states. we will go to oklahoma. here is one wanda. what do you think of of the longtime candidate versus the outsider and what is the best fit for the white house? >> caller: i think being in the establishment what you might say it isn't a drawback come in fact my fit i think is marco rubio. marco rubio has a quality that i think is vital. he has a warmth and he makes friends easily rather than enemies and as a president, he will have to work with congress whether you like congress or whether you don't. that's good to be very important in itv that marco rubio would be
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able to do that. he knows his way around washington. he knows the congressional people and i think that he would just really be very good at dealing with them. he's going to have to, you know? i think that he has other qualities that are very good. he's a highly intelligent man. he has a quick wit and he is a straw man. he's a fighter. and i think that he would -- when he deals with foreign leaders and world leaders, he has to have a quality that front-runner doesn't have. >> host: that is wanda and on twitter they say this seems to be the time for outsiders. she adds adds folks feel like insiders haven't gotten the job done because few of them practice what they preach. don't forget you can respond and we will try to bring in some facebook posts as well on the
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topic or the idea of the establishment versus outsiders and the best choice for the white house. from little river south carolina, the republican line the next call is mark. go ahead with your thoughts. >> yes, i delete thou is a great time for the outsider. ideally when donald trump gets in, it is going to be a good presidency. the reason being because the democrats are all going to work with him because all we hear about every day at the of the last seven years on c-span is that this is the republicans came in and the first thing they said as is they are not going to work with obama. he's great at the a one term president. >> host: what makes you think that it's trump thinks things will change and people will start working with trump? >> caller: because the
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democrats complain about it every day that the republicans are working against the president so one would have to assume that they are working against the president and that they are going to work with the president no matter who he is so this is going to be a wonderful presidency for donald trump. all the republicans will work with him and all the democrats will work with them because they got tired of everybody not working with president obama. >> it was hillary clinton on the show about this idea of being a democratic establishment candidate from a recent column that appeared in "the new york times" and talked about her potential getting the nomination and here's what she had to say. >> guest: i can only react to what i am doing and feeling and getting responses from people and i feel great that we have the level of an uzi are some that we do and we also have a
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good team on the ground that has been working for months to make sure that it's not just here today and gone tomorrow but people are involved and reached out and yes bbb that they will come to caucus. the speculation and all the rest of it is entertaining i will admit that but we are going to keep moving forward and do the work we think is going to be successful. >> host: are you worried about your that your experience isn't an asset in this wild year? >> people know that they are voting for who they prefer to be the next president and commander-in-chief and ivy leaves that when i am out there talking with people about what we have had to go up against here at home to get the economy working for everybody not just those at the top and deal with health care going from 90% coverage which is what we have
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under the affordable care act to 100% and i lay out what i would intend to do to get there i can only tell you i see people nodding and i know people are signing up as they leave my events. that's what matters here. it's very personal and people look and think can we imagine this person to be president and commander in chief and because of my experience particularly my ears secretary of state working with president obama, that's something people take into account. >> on the republican line robert is up next. good morning. robert from louisiana, go ahead. let's move onto james in north carolina independent line hello, you are on. >> caller: thanks for taking me. for the most part i just want to say that the establishment we are getting is the same with
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hillary clinton, ted cruz, jeb bush, chris christie. it's relatively the same politics. that is what is important to so many respondents for the outsider candidates and whatnot. >> host: when it comes to what you bbb and who you look at what you vote for is the outside and specifically what does an outsider have to say to get your attention? >> caller: for me you have to be a little more left-wing but that's also why i'm running for bernie sanders but it helps they are not part of the establishment because they have the same people that are backing the same type of lobbies and whatnot so you get the same thing done whether whoever on the left or the right when it comes down to it.
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>> host: you can post on facebook by the way a couple responses. she said as it is the establishment of anybody listening to john kasich is an alternative to the extreme down to earth in a humble and respectful manner who served in the government currently the governor of ohio. he follows up by saying outsiders are the establishment that have done a fine job but for the 99%, not so much. my vote is for bernie sanders idiot if you want to make your thoughts on facebook about 170 people responding to this question so far if you want to post on the river as well you can do so. establishment versus outsiders what is the best choice for the white house that's what we are asking the first 45 minutes or so. ..r as the bush the difference
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between democrats and republicans is the global warming issue. have magnet in the earth. how much goes into the atmosphere? democrats say global warming is the biggest issue. the suffer in this country. they are the ones who need the handouts. that's the problem. host: whato you thinsentatives i pretty much imagine you're notot from new york city but what do you think about this possible entry of michael bloomberg into theto the race? and possibly consider a run for
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the white house? t >> caller: it makes anintere interestingst campaign. i don't know what his position is going to be on some of the subjects. i don't know if would help or hurt his. i know i please have done a good job. that's a problem. we need people who care about the country as a whole, not just with themselves about the country. >> host: that stephen in your. the editors of "wall street journal" take a look of a possible run by the former new york city mayor. if the republicans -- is not a leap in policy dark. you might find with ted cruz.
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>> host: mr. gruenberg would have to make the case he will be better for the country and the gop that its nominee. from auburn mane here is how work. hello. >> caller: hello. i only have two things to say. number one is if the common sense to understand that if trump is ahead he should be the winner because he come if none of the other people can get a head of them, what makes you think that they can win with bernie? no way. logically if you think back when obama became president, obama, everybody believed in him. i had a vision of obama and that
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vision was that he was not right for the country. i was right. my visions come true. if you guys do not vote for trump, we are all in a world of health. >> host: one of the topics to address was the possible run by michael bloomberg. here's from yesterday's show. >> i would love. i know michael very well. i would love to compete against michael and i know them very well and i think he might very well get in the race and i would love to have them get in the race your one of the reasons he's the opposite with me on guns and on pro-life and his opposite in a lot of things. i would love to michael get in the race but i don't know if he's going to do it i hope he does. i would love to compete against michael. >> one of the reasons, he's thinking because you're doing so well. it would be to counterbalance you. >> that would be good. that's a good thing.
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i would love to michael get in the race. michael s. bennett friend of mine over the years. perhaps not anymore. he's wanted to do this for a long time and he never pulled the trigger. we will see if he does but i would personally love to compete with michael bloomberg. >> host: when it comes to the office of the presidency would you rather see an establishment person in that role, or would you rather see an outsider? we have both in this cycle. james prince up next. newark, new jersey, democrat's line. how are you? >> caller: how are you doing? happy new year, c-span. thank you for taking my call. now, i've been a d.c. insider since january 2002, and i was moderate.
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i can tell all the information because it's classified. that was a mess. bernie sanders has been a d.c. insider for 40 years. saying the same thing, and he has been saying the same thing he's been saying for the past 40 years. he's not an outsider. he's an insider. he is saying the same thing, for the poor. get your act together. he is for us and african-americans. he is for us. he's not against us. take care, c-span. and take care, america. >> host: curtis, tennessee, independent's line. >> caller: good morning.
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i'm going to, i'm going to vote for any outsider that's running. right now i'm leaning towards mr. trump. when the race for start i was sort of leaning towards senator rubio but after all these meetings that he's in his and i got to thinking come if he's going to come if he can't go up there and vote, well, what would he do if he was the president? and besides that, i had voted for republican party. i'm 69. all my life, but i woke up about 10 years ago and said you've got to change. because once they get in there, seems like, this may not be true, they are all the same. how can a person get up there with making what they make and spend all that money and come out of their with all kinds the
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money? there's got to be something, well, i hate to say it but if i have our way i would put buses out there in front of that place him and when they step out of the office i would take them all to prison. so you can't tell me, it's just crooked stuff going on. >> host: from twitter. can make your thoughts on twitter and febook. you can make your thoughts twitter and facebook on the phone lines as well. mount vernon, new york, democrat's line you are next up talking about the establishment versus so-called outsiders, which the best choice for the white house. good morning, go ahead. >> caller: good morning, good morning. i just have to say this. i see donald as a nobody.
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the only person that i think is suitable for the white house is lady hillary clinton. she has all the proper, what should i say, personality. she is a lady of substance. she has met with presidents in other countries. she spoke her and to the lady, lady thatcher, this is a woman i put her in the same category as. lady thatcher. >> host: longtime experience is important to you when you're considering a candidate? >> caller: years. i look at her. she's a lady. she's the lady and, of course, that's how she's supposed to address. i have seen all these people. i've lived in sweden. i lived in england. i've lived all over the world and i look at people and i said wow, and i listen to the others, forget about trump. trump is a jesuit.
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is nothing at all. and all the others, what should i, i use the terminology hazards. pages come from the background. of course, they are lawyers and whatever in the, what you call, senator or what they may be. somehow or the other they have no, what, culture. that's what they are lacking. they listen to trump. i hear lucifer. jesus christ, these are the people who want to rule the greatest country in the world? come on. >> host: next up is chris from rhode island, independent's line. >> caller: how are you this morning? >> host: find think you. >> caller: i've never called him. i'm not republican or a democrat. i'm in the party of be nice to people i'm not into pollution or abortion or any of that crap. just quickly, a gentleman or from 1979-1983 exxonmobil had an
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internal documents in exchange for the global warming. just look at the tobacco companies. they basically did the same thing. of course, this happening. they knew back in the '70s. they are not denying it, why would you? to my point about politics -- jon huntsman never got over 3%. john kasich hasn't been over seven. the only to qualified people to run the show. what is addressing all the people anymore. just a bunch of bombast and. resource independents, outsiders go, the powers that be created that by speaking to americans as if they are idiots. >> host: would you look at huntsman in case it as establishment or outsiders or under the category altogether? >> caller: to the category of the show that they are clearly insiders but, but they are insiders with a cell as opposed to people who already k street
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and really that's what it's about. >> host: outsourced this time around, anybody in either camp getting your attention these days? >> caller: like the gentleman said earlier, sanders has been saying the same thing for 40 years but he's been at the establishment. he's been on all of our sunday show saying that. he's probably the biggest outsider in the camp. and trump for what i visit about trump, he's a pragmatic guy. he simply has to to get an office. he's out for a good person deep down inside and this writer, he's basically holding the republican primary like a puppet master and he knows that's what he has to do. he's doing that well but no one should give too much credence to his bombast and. once he gets there he will rule like probably most people. in all honesty i think trump, like mitt romney because of his mormon background and belief in america as well as huntsman and john kasich. john kasich is probably, even
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though the biggest insight of all, the biggest chance that we have. >> host: lecture from north carolina. fayetteville on the republican line. robert, go ahead. >> caller: good morning, pedro. i want to say that i'm a republican. i don't agree with donald trump's when he said he would shoot somebody on fifth avenue yesterday or the day before. and he would still have the support of people that would vote for him. this sounds like 1939, adolf hitler. back in the day. i'm kind of concerned about that. he's a billionaire and now we have bloomberg that's thinking about coming into counteracting. it just looks now that politics has become a battleground of the rich and famous. they have nothing to do, now they want to jump in and use their money to run our
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government. our government is not like a business. it is to provide services to our people. the only candidate that i see that i feel comfortable with in this time of heated talk is dr. ben carson. him and jeb bush but i think jeb may not be getting the traction he should be getting sent to because of his name recognition. i said to a group of friends looking at what was going on, we need to put another item on the ballot box refer back to the days when richard prior made the movie brewster's millions where he said we should have a line item that says none of the above. and i bet you we would get more people to vote for none of the above and then give it to the second place winner letting them know that they have gone into
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the office without a mandate of the people because i think this is a big turnoff. >> host: when you look at dr. carson, what is it about them that you like? >> caller: what i like about him is his thoughtfulness. when he closes his eyes and makes jokes and things, makes jokes about him, he is very cerebral. he's thinking about things. he says i have listened and researched. he's been right on the money. like you said, i'm the only one who's done something on this stage that no one has done for sure. in the area of medicine and science. the rest of them live in a world of thoughts and paperwork, and they haven't done anything. ted cruz and marco rubio our first term senator's if i'm not mistaken. how can you go not even finish the job that you have been collected for to represent the people and you step right in and say that i want to be president?
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>> host: that's robert in north carolina. bobby off twitter says this -- bob india, democrat's line on this topic of establishment versus outsiders. what do you think? >> caller: hello. i think it's very obvious that the republican party has been wrong about every prediction they have made about anything obama has done. they ruined the clinton economy to the point of near depression. obama has brought back in a big way and i believe hillary will continue the great work he has done. in the face of unprecedented republican of destruction. hillary will win by a landslide and be regarded as one of the best presidents in history if not the very best president in history, in my opinion. >> host: why her over bernie sanders or martin o'malley?
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>> caller: bernie sanders, i like what he says but it's not realistic. bernie has been in congress for 25 years and he has accomplished very little. hillary has been a much shorter time and accomplished much more. not only that but she has bill as a confidant right next door and she has more experience being in the state department for four years. between her and bill bennett every world leader and i respected throughout the world. best thing we can have in the united states is 12 world cooperation in the face of this terrorism threat. if the clintons can get everybody on board with fighting this terrorism thing and keep us out of wars to where we waste our treasury, then we can start fixing our infrastructure here in this country. >> host: the federal government close today because of the snow fall. much of the northeast still digging out. you may be home as well join us for perhaps the first time here at "washington journal" program
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this is a time when we talk to viewers about questions particularly politics as the elections. we are asking folks to get the thoughts on this idea of an establishment politician versus outsider, what's the best fit for the white house. welcome, if you want to give us a call. you can also post on twitter and also post on our facebook page. bernie sanders on the sunday show meet the press yesterday was asked about this idea that establishment politician especially in this race for the white house and he shared his thoughts on the show yesterday. >> my reaction is that there will be, if donald trump wins and mr. bloomberg it's in you will have to multibillionaires running for president of the united states against me.
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and i think the american people do not want to see our nation moved toward an oligarchy with billionaires controlling the political process. i think we will win that election house of representatives let's hear from the lowers, florida, republican's line. good morning. >> caller: good morning house of representatives what do you think about this a bit of establishment versus outsider, what's the best fit? >> caller: i believe in this is being republican that the outsider is donald trump. i don't think he's going to do the job. i think, i don't know, i just don't, look, i just don't like you. i don't think he's the right choice. >> host: who is your choice and? >> caller: my choice would be hillary clinton. she has the experience and she
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knows what she's talking about. she's been around, both her and her husband are well respected. and i think she would be the best choice for president, and donald trump i think if he gets put in it's a big mistake. >> host: from wisconsin here is tim honor independent line. good morning. >> caller: how are you doing? >> host: find thank you. go ahead. [inaudible] i know a lot of know a lot of people have said this, a couple months ago, a month ago the deal with congress, the budget deal, it's just proof of how corrupt and it's just terrible the people the way, they say we've got to do this because this is how government works. i'm a realist. i know how government works. i know just to get some do but
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fully funding planned parenthood, fully funding the syrian refugees that everybody was against. that's just, i think that's at the crux of why these guys are doing so well. trump n. sanders. that's what i meant independent, and mostly it's got to do with, people have got to look at the history of what's happened to the democratic party since 1972. they used a front of going to the minorities, and that really wasn't the case. that's when they brought in all their fortune on demand, homosexual marriage. that's really corrupted that party. my grandfather was a, he's been dead for 25 years, but he was a democrat at times when the democrats were really a party of strong national defense, the family. and now they have just turned it
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into, the republican party has turned into the same thing. >> host: who has your attention currently as far as the race for the white house? >> caller: i was for mike huckabee at being a realist, i don't know who, i haven't seen come it doesn't look like he's going anywhere. so after that it looks like probably reveal because i think transform and trump are just too edgy. -- cruz. i don't know what they're going to do because i think their tone is going to catch up with them. we need a compassionate voice like huckabee and/or rubio but i don't know if anyone of them are going anywhere. >> host: that is tim in wisconsin to you to go to op-ed page of the "new york times," editorial by the former senior strategist for president obama david axelrod writes about donald trump in a piece entitled
1:23 pm
the obama theory of trump enters a little bit of what he has to say. . "here's the
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>> host: you can read more this month in the "new york times." that is by david axelrod. the obama theory of trump. let's go next to montana, democrat's line. >> caller: good morning. i'm a democrat but this year ongoing republican with trump. i've been voting since 79. i'm highly discouraged with the entire establishment. i've been listening to trump on air and on radio, msn. even talk about this for many years. what he said is, when the time is right he will get him. the time is right. in my state anywhere i go, i don't care where it is, i say troll, everybody likes him. >> host: why do you think the time is right for donald trump?
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>> caller: it's the outsider. >> host: what lead you to that? >> caller: he wants to take everybody's money. you see so many people with their work that they would be a nightmare so people are going to consider this, i think will be sanders and trump and i think trump is going to win. >> host: that some of you will vote for? you said you would. forgive me, kiss. i've already decided that as soon as he threw his hat and. i knew that a few years ago when i was listening to him prospects for people who are democrat, what do they think when they say this not a georgia voted for donald trump? >> caller: they are all, they ts assembly. they will vote for donald trump. >> host: steve up next, texas, republican line. no, how are you doing? i am a trump the border and if you look a couple calls ago made
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the point that the democratic party has went so far left that it's come and at one time you could went republican or democrat and really just minor issue between there was no disparity hardly at all. it's got so ridiculous and we need somebody like trump. laid back, lead from behind to whatever you want to call obama, it almost appeared, and one time back i thought it was just ignorant. i believe it was intentional the undermining of america. the iran deal. they cannot later and say well yeah, that money is going to go to the terrorists, some of the money. danger that the whole time and it's time, i'm a reader of people. i can look at a man's eyes and see if he means what he says. i don't believe he gives a dang about the money that he may. i think he truly wants to make america great again. i believe that. that's what he said the whole time and i believe that men. i taken for his words. you can look at him.
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he make it comes to some of the most silliest things but i truly believe that he's the man for the job. we know he's the man for the business, and what is a country without, what is a country without borders? >> host: michelle from minneapolis, minnesota, come independent's line. >> caller: i think the establishments both republicans and democrats have gotten us 19 trillion in debt. we have 90 trillion unfunded liabilities. we have kids who can graduate high school even. we have come worried about kids going to college, 70% of the kids don't of these kids can't even get a minimum wage job. i think we need an outsider. i would not, i will vote for whoever the republican is probably because i'm afraid of hillary and i'm afraid of
1:28 pm
burning. -- bernie. i think someone like john kasich, i don't consider him an outsider. he was working in washington. he left. he had a life. he went back to ohio. i used to live in ohio. it sounds like he really has straightened that state up and he sounds very compassionate and yet he would get things done. i like carly fiorina because she has run a large company. we have already seen what an unexperienced senator would do. we've already had one in there for seven years. i personally would not want to vote for a senator. they don't get things done. they are like a professor. we've already had a professor. extensive, talk for hours. i don't get anything done. >> host: that's michelle and minnesota. i.d. law and a trial taking place
1:29 pm
over that law currently. it says
1:30 pm
host: >> host: it goes on in today's news and observer about this, taking a look at the voter id law in north carolina. you can read it on the paper's website. daniel from sacramento, california, democrat's line. >> caller: how were you doing? >> host: fine, thank you. >> caller: i'd like to outsiders because if the congress and senate is not working with the current president, what makes you think they will work with the unestablished, the ones, the outsiders? number two is i think that
1:31 pm
obama, president obama has been playing chess with the world leaders and not checkers like the republicans do, always want to go to war. i'm for hillary clinton. she has the experience, you know, from her husband and from secretary of state. i like bernie sanders in what he says but i don't think he's strong enough to be able to run the country that's just my personal view. thank you very much. >> host: largo, florida, this is paul republican line. hi. >> caller: hi. i think we need global bit of both. get bernie and as the president, vp of hillary. elizabeth warren who put her on chief of staff and you can go across like nobody ever does. put trump in a secretary of state, send him to north korea
1:32 pm
and tell them to get rid of their bombs. they will probably blow his head off, but who cares? we already voted twice, racist the last two times. put him in, go around and talk to the country and get them to give us the money for all of our money we're spending on airplanes and the worst since the. it in to go to the money from other people. thank you very much. >> host: marco rubio was on the sunday shows yesterday was asked about his campaign specifically ataxia seen from establishment republicans along the campaign trail. here's how he responded. >> number one, in many ways it's an affirmation of what i've been saying and that is you don't attack a candidate who is not just credible but does have momentum. that's a lot of money. he only spent if you think someone is a threat. that referenc confirms what we'n saying and that is we have a
1:33 pm
path not just to the nomination but to defeating hillary clinton. the second point i would think about all this is in the end, voters are going to vote on some of the note is going to help turn this country around the d.c. establishment candidate. i've taken on the establishment. i've added it whenever and i ran for the senate and even now when i decided to run for president, most of the establishment said you can't run, it's not your turn. $20 million and $50 increments. this is not grassroots money. this is money from big donors and establishment who believe we need to nominate the next person in line. it's part of the process. i think that the amount of money being spent against us conference what i've been saying all along, that is we are a campaign that is gaining momentum of support and other candidates you that as a threat and so they responding. we will be fine in the end of the dawn is next, taylor michigan. independent line. we are talking about establishment versus outsiders.
1:34 pm
what do you think? >> caller: i want to thank c-span. thank you, pedro. look what are at right now. we got washington -- slows down, corruption. a lot of things,. [inaudible] bottom line, her husband signed the glass-steagall act and nafta. they were looking for mex. it was a lie. she said they were broke when they left office. made $100 million, paid back in those speeches. host: are you saying it is time for the outsiders to go into the
1:35 pm
white house? caller: a long time ago. carter, kennedy were outsiders. ernie has never gotten rich. these other politicians, their money goes -- their money goes up but they go against the spirit every time they didn'they get in office tht about those. >> host: that's dawn indiana michigan. if you go to the stamford advocate, a podcast that appears this one on the political website takes a look at the president obama interview with him in which he talks about the current campaign or lease gives you some thoughts on fixing the president "clinton is -- wh host: that is based off of the
1:36 pm
>> host: again that is based off a podcast on the political website come and interview with president talked about many things including campaign 2016. audrey, thanks for holding. macon, georgia. >> caller: thanks for taking my call.
1:37 pm
i'm all for hillary. anybody who votes for donald trump, the way he did out and curse and the things that he said, they've got to be out of their minds to vote for him. as for bernie i absolutely love bernie but in my lifetime, and i'm a 67 year old woman. they have always been with exception of a john f. kennedy, bill clinton and president barack obama, these three presidents were young. always old white men. bernie sanders is another old white men. i don't think he needs to be in the white house. he needs to go home and rest. >> host: republican line, go ahead. >> caller: good morning it thank you for taking my calls. when i look at the situation our country is in, i am appalled that the democrats and
1:38 pm
republicans are not reaching across the aisle to discuss the problems within our borders. you know, our system is messed up. it's broken and no one seems to care or listening to the people. as far as the outsiders, that's what it's going to take to make a drastic change within the white house, then i'm all for it. who i am voting for, i am not sure i do not like the rhetoric going on between the candidates. it's a little disgusting to be truthful. i think trump came on the scene with some good ideas that people have not talked about that needs to be taken care of as well as carly fiorina, all about a woman having her own choices, but to take a life form for them to be able to take a life too far along in a pregnancy is
1:39 pm
disgusting and what you're doing with it afterwards. those outsiders have brought a lot of issues to the forefront, and we need to be discussing those issues. it seems to be a fight for obama to compromise with the party. >> host: okay. that's tammy in carlsbad, new mexico. one more call, ronnie from webster city iowa independent's line, how are you doing, chief? i want to make this short and sweet. regardless of the parties, the people, they've got to quit being democrats, would think the republicans and start being good americans. that being said i wish you all a good new year. >> host: establishment versus outside kabul would you rather see in the white house? >> caller: outsider. if george cold war alive i would vote for him. >> host: that's runnin ronnie in iowa. final tweet from twitter.
1:40 pm
you can continue if you like on our twitter feed and a facebook page. if you want to keep the conversation going on this topic. we will change gears. the snowfall in washington, d.c. has pretty much got everything to a halt for now. the house and senate taking a pause as well, the house side taking to stop a source of their activities are concerned but they still have an agenda to accomplish. up next newspaper on capitol hill mike lillis, congressional power will talk about agenda that house republicans have a special that point going into policy issues but going into the larger issues of 2016. mike lillis from now will join us next us "washington journal" continues after this. ♪ ♪
1:41 pm
♪ ♪ >> the countdown is on and as we approach the iowa caucuses we are really the only place where you can watch these events unfold as they happen. whether it's a campaign rally, a house party, a town hall meeting, covering a policy speech nobody else is going to give you that unfiltered look at the candidates as they work the crowd and talk to voters and make the best sales pitch. we will be crisscrossing iowa for the next couple of days leading up to the caucuses. we will be covering all of the candidates, democrat and republican, and they keep an eye what happens on caucus night did so because we will be the only network that will take you to
1:42 pm
the republican and democratic caucus. the you've ever wondered how it all happens, watch c-span. >> tonight on "the communicators" "washington post" national technology reporter joins us from stanford university in california to discuss a series of articles for the post. examines the creation of the internet, the founders objected, why seek to deploy such a small role in what sounds good issues faced internet users today. >> as consumers hundreds of billions of us we are forever choosing things other than security. we are choosing the speed, the performance, features. so security, i don't know them maybe some of between five and 10 on the list of priorities of software developers or whatever else they say. they will tell you as security experts will say security doesn't pay. spent watch tonight at eight eastern on c-span2.
1:43 pm
spent "washington journal" continues. >> host: we will talk about the work of congress into session with mike lillis of the hill, senior reporter. good morning. will congress work at all this week traffic the senate will work. the house, have said we are outcome not doing anything. they were just waiting to see out the storm developed. last night we heard they will cancel those all week. this is not really much of a change. they were not going to change on too much anyway. they had two votes pending. they can push those until later. they were both messaging bills. we can talk about the substance of those later. what is going to happen is that democrats are going to go on their annual issues retreat into the baltimore. the republicans did this two weeks ago also in baltimore. democrats in this week. what to do is they give everybody off of capitol hill into a resort setting, although that more fanfare, a little
1:44 pm
more, it's just an easier time for them to sit down in an environment that is not capitol hill and talk about strategy, messaging, what they're going to do policy wise, presidential year, big election year. it's kind of let's get out of town, take a look at the year ahead and figure out a strategy. >> host: as well as the democratic agenda, what you think is top of the list? >> guest: 2016 will be the top of the list. they know they can't bring any bills to the floor but they do know they have the power of the filibuster, senate democrats in the senate. and the president obama has the veto pen. they give leverage. nancy pelosi as leverage. the gop infighting we've seen the past couple years gives her leverage in writing a lot of these bills. it is a policy element special on big spending bills and they
1:45 pm
will talk all of those things. 90% is going to be messaging. we have an election to run, a nominee we have to support, get on the same page. they want to pick up seats and aisles. they they think a strong presidential contender will bring balance and they can pick up seats. they don't think they will take back of the house. alliance are just not want in their favor but they think they can pick up seats and they think they can take the senate. so to enormous things on the plate and about more leverage hospital how many seats in the senate to overturn? >> guest: they are looking at the six, if you ask harry reid he thinks he has been. that's an interesting dynamic as well because mitch mcconnell going back to the republican issues comfort when a couple weeks ago, paul ryan, thousands of republicans in the same place. it is a bit of a divide in terms of strategy going ahead this year. republicans control both
1:46 pm
chambers. paul ryan very much new speaker, very energized, wants to get out there and say this is what we're going to do if we win the white house this will be our policy agenda. we know nothing is going to pass with president obama in the white house but we don't want to just repeal obamacare. this will be a replacement. we don't want to undo his regulations. this is going to be a replacement. he wants to do a big tax reform package, trade, and the health care reform replacement is the big thing. that's the house at the mitch mcconnell doesn't want a lot of this guy is taking tough votes ahead of the election so he's happy just to repeal obamacare, just a messaging bill. they don't have to put anything on the table and own it and this is because if you replace obamacare you have to come up with a lot of money sent to start cutting things that medicare and medicaid, unpopular with the seniors. seniors vote. don't want to take those votes ahead of november.
1:47 pm
using a divide between paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. that's going to be interesting to watch. >> host: if you have questions about congressional activity, mike lillis joining us. there's the numbers on the screen. we will take those calls just momentarily. on the democratic side is better a division between those who would support hillary clinton and those who would support bernie sanders? is there an internal struggle as far as support or is a lopsided one way or the other? >> guest: we did a story a few weeks ago asking the question is bernie sanders is unelectable because you get this from a lot of people, socialist democrat, too far left, out of the mainstream of the democratic party, but he believes pretty much everything that nancy pelosi and harry reid, it's the same agenda if you look at item by item. would ask the question if this guy is unelectable, what is
1:48 pm
yours? does not a lot of daylight between hillary clinton and bernie sanders on the issues. there just isn't a. going back over the years, yes, they have policy differences but i think if you ask bernie sanders, if you gave him some truth serum, he would be surprised he has done so well in this election. he got into this election people hillary clinton to the love. the fact she is attacking enough from the left in debates on gun reform issues like that, means that bernie sanders has one. he has done what he set out to accomplish. his success i think the prices evening. he's riding the wave whatever it takes them. i think he's happy to come back to the senate and fight for the things he's been fighting for for 40 years. not a problem for him. in terms of sponsors, who is endorsing people, to house the democrats have endorsed bernie sanders, the heads of the
1:49 pm
progressive caucus, keith ellison for minnesota. bernie sanders is a founding member of the progressive caucus. no surprise there. you have 140 people who have endorsed hillary clinton. it's not even a contest in terms of that. unelected billy question, nobody wants to get on hillary clinton stats that is another issue. you don't want to get on the bad side of the clinton camp, especially since she is such a national front runner at this point. all of those dynamics up in the air but all the democrats like bernie. they all like hillary. polly was -- policy wise pretty much on the same page. >> host: our guest mike lillis of the hill, reporter, also
1:50 pm
bachelors degree from james madison, you've covered a wide front of topics. one of them including health care in windows message builds on the republican side. you talked about, don't with obamacare. another boat was can take a look at it. wants to vote this time around and why? >> guest: they just repeal the that this was a significant. the past repeal bills in the past. to significant was this will pass the senate. they only had to get a regular majority. they only needed 51 votes. it goes to obama's desk, the first time since 2010 that he has had to veto a repeal obamacare bill. so that came back to the house. they were going to try to override the veto. that wasn't going to happen. the repeal bill only had 240 votes, they need 290. almost everybody knew that wasn't going to pass. in an election year it's another messaging bill. they want to send a message, they celebrated it with a big
1:51 pm
photo op after they send it to the president's desk. even though they knew the bill wasn't going to pass, they are taking small victories and trying to blow it up in headlines and say listen, if we get the white house in 27 this is what we're going to do for you. we will be fighting against these things. >> host: as far as paul ryan is concerned will we see more of these messages? will this be a regular occurrence? >> guest: yes. i think you can see that all your long. there's not a lot they have to do because of what happened last fall. john boehner really cleaned the bar out with what he said is going to do and he did a pretty good job of it. they don't have to deal with debt ceiling or the highway bill. all they really have to do before the elections is appropriations bills, and you can see them just passing.
1:52 pm
september 30 is their deadline, about a month before the elections. you can see them not wanting to take a tough vote on a spending vote so they can kick that beyond the elections which is what i do it at the states happening. paul ryan is a big committee guy. he says we'll do this from the bottom up. john boehner was in from the top down and that's why the conference was arrested. he says i'm going to do differently. he's a committee guy and he knows the office works. he's going to want to do everything through appropriations committees. that will be interesting to watch also because the republicans come out with the budget every year. they don't include, they included the sequester level budget cuts which they enacted in 2011. by law to have these caps and so the question is how do we run the government within these caps? the answer is they don't. they bust them ever you. they bust through that ceiling and anchors the conservative
1:53 pm
base to want to rant in deficits. liberal democrats say they still haven't found the covert enough. you're angry on the right and on the left much of his centrist middle that comes together and and pass a huge spending bill. look for a short-term cr, intending resolution that will pass problem in september. giddy beyond the elections and then they will pass a bigger omnibus spending bill at the end of the year. better than anything else to do besides that. >> host: mike lillis is here to talk about the congressional agenda. the first call is from kingston ohio, democrat's line. go ahead. callback i'd like is a couple things here. when bush was in congress would write every check he wondered to be written and everything he wanted. but now the congress won't write any checks for anything. if we keep it up we are going to be saying hi will trump.
1:54 pm
you just watch. there's a lot more with case it. he cut into a thousand pieces i talk to being a president. well, i'll tell you what. he is a isn't going to go up the ladder for one thing. is a liar when he says the state is debt free and every bill they passed was unconstitutional. check him out, look his record a. he isn't worth the powder to blow him to help. so the republican party has a name, and that name is heil trump. >> host: that's evelyn. >> guest: you bring up a good, your initial point which was that the democrats are more willing to work with president bush. if you ask nancy pelosi and harry reid they would agree 1%. something this all the time and they do this in charging
1:55 pm
republicans with being obstructionist -- 100%. they pointed mitch mcconnell's comments from in obama's first cycle and they say his chief goal was not to fund government, not to make government work better or more effectively. it was to make obama a one-term president. that's something they had counted over and over and over again. they point to the park vote, the wall street bailout or george bush came to congress and nancy boy who speaker they needed those votes, they knew the democratic those. they gave it to the republican president. suggest that is a dynamic that the democrats like to point out that they were more willing to work with, across the aisle when the white house was controlled by the other party. republicans have their counter offer and they say that this president is just a willing to work within. he hasn't reached out. he will not compromise. he said professor come and lecture. when he comes into the room he doesn't want to compromise
1:56 pm
across the aisle. he just wants to tell them what to do and how to pass his agenda. so two different stories. it's not surprising in washington. it's a partisan town. it's become increasingly so under this president and so again who you believe just depends on your ideologies. >> host: columbus, georgia, independent line, good morning and thank you, guys. i've got a comment and a question. personally i follow politics all of it, and i think i'm kind of normal middle of the road thinking type guy. there's no rocket science into what's going on in our country in regards to our politics right now. i'm kind of like the gift. you mentioned earlier about --
1:57 pm
the guest -- how mr. sanders and trump has come to the forefront of the party of politics. it's primarily because of the general electorate is angry at what's been going on and a lot of that, you know, is drew in a lot of regards. a lot of it is just a lot of rhetoric that people have bought into. but in any event i personally feel that mr. sanders is going to get the democratic nomination, and mr. trump will probably more likely be running against mr. trump mr. trump, i don't see him getting the nomination. ya personally alienated so much of society and it's just impossible. that's my personal feelings that i think if anyone is practically thinking would be feeling the same way. but my question is, if my predictions are right and we are
1:58 pm
looking at mr. sanders presidency, how far off to the left do you think you'll go off the democratic agenda? because you're right, i personally feel once again as you mentioned, his ideologies and platform is pretty much aligned with the democrats. >> guest: yes, a good question, and i think the answer is it wouldn't go very far left of the democratic agenda at all. i think they are based on the same page. he said economic populist, he has been for 40 years and he would change his tune on the. you could expect them to go after wall street which the democrats want to do anyway. they passed dodd-frank. they would try to strengthen the. sanders would do the. they want to raise the minimum wage to $15. that's across the board. democrats want to do that.
1:59 pm
they want comprehensive immigration reform. centers would want to do that. he is even talking to reform the after the issue because he is from vermont. if you listen to another rhetoric is right in line with everybody else in the democratic party. i don't think you would see a divide at all your i think i very much on the same page. the question is what could he possibly get done, republican-controlled congress, bernie sanders and the white house. he would have the same exact dynamics as you would have right now. resid obama is a pretty liberal guy and he was able to do some things when he had the democrats controlling both chambers of congress, but since then he's had a lot of executive action, unilateral action and in rare instances he was able to compromise with john boehner and mitch mcconnell and get some big things done, medicare doc fix comes to mind as a huge compromise but that's an anomaly in this congress and in this
2:00 pm
town right now. i think the dynamics would be very much the same as you were saying with obama if bernie sanders became president. asking about the major policy differences between the former secretary of state and a president, that anything reveal how much she compares and contrasts? person a career, but more recently, obama is pushing the enormous trade deal, the tpa, 40% of the global economy would be affected by this. she was in a tough spot because she was secretary of state well parts of it were being negotiated. it was finalized and the text is out. they may vote on it this year. obama wants it and hillary is against it. keystone was another questionable issue, the keystone pipeline in canada to the gulf -- from canada to the gulf. while obama was still kind of
2:01 pm
waffling and had not made his were question whether there was a divide between oh two of them. puts hillary in a tough position because obama is not popular in a lot of these purple districts where democratic votes are going to be necessary to win the white house. she's going to have to make effort to distance herself from some of the things obama has done. foreign policy. a tough issue for her when she worked under a lot of these things. yes, we should have been more aggressive in syria, yes, we should be more aggressive with iran, on a policy basis, there's just not a lot of daylight between the two. >> you said that it might happen and is that surprising specially in election year specially topic
2:02 pm
amongst democrats? >> this is an issue that might divide paul ryan. something this big in a lot of populist districts, blue-collar districtans it will be a tough vote. paul ryan, they haven't committed to this at all. our thinking that the house republicans do want to bring this up for a vote and mcconnel doesn't. it's one of those wait-and-see- type-of issues. it concerns, you know, so many jobs and manufacturing, it's environmental. it's every interest group out there that you can imagine is involved in this thing because it's so big and so it breaks down by region, and if you look at the votes, they broke down by
2:03 pm
region. >> host: republican line, go ahead. >> caller: yes, hi, i had a couple of questions, i wanted to find out. i know that cruz's latest ad was on eminent domain and i was very disappointed because this ad was a complete b fabrication, i thik you may know this, that trump bulldozed this woman's house, he never did and nothing was ever bulldozed and glen beck was lying about trump voting for on -- obama, which was a lie. cruz seems to be hated by fellow republicans. is there a growing recognition that cruz and his supporters are unprincipal liers. i noticed just one more thing that when he was interviewed,
2:04 pm
when cruz was interviewed about his views on deporting illegal immigrant, he just wouldn't answer. it was like he was still in a debate and trump alludes to this, even when he talks one-on-one it's like he's in a debate. he can't talk as a human being. is there any other background within senate, congress, that cruz has propensity to lie and supporters will lie on his behalf? >> host: steve, we will let our guest answer. >> guest: that's a good question. they used to call it lies in this town, now they call it spin. everybody is spinning wildly and out of control on certain days and seems like you can't keep up with them anyway. they g have all taken tough vots in the past, donald trump and ben carson have not had to
2:05 pm
answer for things like this. but it puts guys like marco rubio, ted cruz in a very tough spot on issues of immigration where they may have taken votes on the past that are not going to win them favor among cob serve activist in primary trail. it's not surprising that they're putting out ads trying to spin their record one way or the other, they don't like to admit that they've changed their minds, that's called flip-flopping, remember whenth john kerry did it, guys walked around with flip-flops after every speech that they made. but these guys have track records and they have to -- should they own up to them, sure. marco rubio was on the sunday show a week ago and he said, you know, i made the vote then and since then weo had the paris attacks, san bernardino attacks and i changed my mind because the environment changed and that's kind of refreshing answer
2:06 pm
that you don't see very often around here but, yes, they all spin, you call it lies, they call it spin, you can expect much, much of that as the debate the election gets closer to november, and, you know, that's why, that's why journalists exist, i suppose to point all of the inconsist inconsistencies. now you have fact checkers checking checking the journalists and, yes, a messy process. he or >> host: how they view senator cruz and talks about the c polarizing nature of senator cruz. can you give a context on how republicans might take a look and what it might mean for 2016?
2:07 pm
>> guest: for its entire history you come in as a back bench young. he was 40 year's old in 2012. 42.. usually they will sit on the back bench. you work your way up. sponsor some bills, you raised some money. you make a name for yourself. you make floor speeches. cruz took a totally different route.ll cruzen was an all-star from the beginning. he became instantly a national figure. he was on the cable shows. she was being chased by reporters around the capitol and he never looked back to the point where he would go to the liers, hetalked about called ms.mcconnell a liar.
2:08 pm
he has not made many friends among republican colleagues, certainly not among democratic colleagues. he's not a compromiser, he's there to -- he's a fire breather. he's there to -- he has a conservative agenda and he's going to stick with it and obviously ambitions are well beyond the senate. >> host: introduces donald trump in an event in iowa. what's your take on this, how do you view it? what do you think of the significance in. >> guest: charles is a fascinating political character. he's been around so long. you know, he is politics in iowa at this point. he knows his roll. he's not going to aliaate
2:09 pm
others. what doeses it mean? not much. you can't alienate your front runner. it's put people like paul ryan in a tough spot and they bend clear that they don't agree with that policy but they have to take their fallback position, we are going to support them because that's what republican primary voters want. yes, i will appear on stage with him. doesn't mean i'm going to vote for him, doesn't mean i'm going to endorse him but that's all that i was. >> host: let's hear from jack, democrat's line. >> caller: hello. thanks for taking my call.
2:10 pm
this is a very important election and everybody should vote, get out and vote this time for the country because we need to move forward in this country instead ofhi bickering back and forth. ier mean, come on, do your job d move this country forward. >> host: okay, let's hear from ken. ken, good morning, you're on with our guest mike gillis. >> caller: half live in a fantasy world. jobs don't pay a living wage. more people on food stamps and ever and you mentioned the ttp. and everybody is fascinated specially black people, bill clinton, did so much damage,
2:11 pm
tate department and put in the commerce department, and all this speaking engage ments, secretary of state before she went, he would go and money for foundation. she said they were flat broke and now they are $140 million. the democrats and republicans constituents need to stop voting party s lines and think outsidef the box. this country can't afford continue paying people health care, premium, biggest carrier, i predict obamacare will fall apart because people cannot afford it. i like bernie sanders, but something has to be done about our borders, a country that can't control its borders is not a country, is not at country at
2:12 pm
all. >> host: ken, thank you very much. as far as republicans, we see a specific plan of action when it comes the idea of replacing obamacare? >> guest: issue between ryan and mcconell. that's been a big criticism of the agenda since obamacare was passed. they passed repeal bill after repeal bill. if you're just doing to repeal that and take away health insurance for 17 million people, will that might show a up at the balloton box. you don't want to alienate those people. then, yes, you are going to have something to replace it. we don't really know what that is going toit look like.
2:13 pm
you can imagine that it's going to be -- it'll be -- make wealthier seniors pay a little more into medicare to create soment money there and it might make eligibility for medicaid a little bit tougher to save money there. they want to do things with to protect doctors from lawsuits. they been trying to do that for a long time. that's one of the big policy issues. in terms of getting the universal coverage that obamacare has at the cost, we don't know what that's going to look like so it'll be interest to go see what kind of bill they put out there. >> host: republican study committee, does what you're saying match up to proposals that they have or do they differ as far as replacement aspect is concerned? >> guest: we've seen elements not in a comprehensive package. some of it is republican study
2:14 pm
committee, informal group of conservative republicans, it's almost theth entire conference t this point. it's almost a meaningless conference because they overlap so significantly with the entire conference. we knee -- see elements out of commerce. the committees yes, have been working on different pieces of it. they know it's not going to pass with obama in the white house. they are messaging bills at this point. they do indicate that they have policy ideas. again, paul ryan came out of that conference in baltimore, basically this is going to be a dress rehearsal for 2017. we don't want to just spin the wheels here. we don't want to pass a lot of bills that aren't going to get through president obama's desk. so what we are going to do is pass these things over and over again to show us what would happen if you give us a
2:15 pm
republican in the white house. please do that and we can get this done. >> host: bob, washington, republican line, hi. >> caller: hi, how are you doing? >> host: fine, go ahead. >> caller: i think he'll do it. he wants to help people get jobs and wants to straighten people coming into this country. come in leg legal and trying tot him barred out of the country is because he's picking on the people over there. and he never said that he was going to keep them out. he said he wanted to keep them out until he got them vetted, and i think that's a good deal. we need to get our borders shut
2:16 pm
down and i think he's the strongest one to do it. i trust the man until he does me wrong and then we will go from there, but i think he's going to push for the right thing, he doesn't need money so he's not going to be favor to anybody and i just think it's going to work better that way. >> guest: this year there's an exception as far as immigration policy orut syrian policy if you can extend it if you like. >> right, it really put congress on the spot to do something they did to put on the amnibus
2:17 pm
bill. they did make it tougher to get visas for those who traveled to syria and sudan. they did do something legislatively. they can go back to the districts and say, yes, we are on your side, we are protecting you. it wouldn't have affect it had san bernardo case so now they are looking at the fiance. they don't touch the president to implement any kind of immigration reform so they're not going to do it. they can't bring it up in their conference because it's i so divided over this issue, has been for years, hasn't changed. any bill that they bring up, it'll tear the party apart in essence. and so that's just a tough, tough issue for the republicans and they don't want to bring it up and they can use obama as an excuse. c let's see what happens in 2017 when they will control both chambers of congress and you
2:18 pm
have a new president. are they going to trust the newo president. we will see who it is. one note is that the supreme court just made a huge announcement last week and they say they are going to review the challenge to obama's executive actions on deportations. these are two new programs that he announced after the 2014 mid-term elections and up 5 million will be eligible to stay, they would not have to worry about being deported. texas, 25 other states sued. supreme court is going to hear it, before the election whether or not those programs arel going to takeet off. obama wants them. it's a huge legacy for him. he wants to do it as one of the final programs of his term. and, of course, the opponents think that they have a locked case in court. that's something to keep your eye on.
2:19 pm
>> host: democrats line, hi. >> caller: hi, i have a question and that is why are all the democratic congressmen and senators except for three you mentionede supporting hillary when in the most recent polls -- i watched the news and read and everything see that bernie sanders in national polls now is more electable and has a higher poll number as far as -- against hillary and being able to be the
2:20 pm
republican front runner donald trump who horrifies me. i agree with a much earlier caller who said that they'll compare him to an early-day hitler in his speech and mannerisms and the way he divides people and such people against each other -- >> host: what would you like our guest to address? >> caller: well, i would like him to address why the democratic senators, congressmen are so infused about hillary versus bernie when the latest poll show that is bernie can actually do a better job of defeating donald trump.
2:21 pm
>> host: got you louis. thanks. >> guest: it's a question of image and there's still this sense regardless of if -- again, if you look at bernie's policy issues there's the same as nancy pelosi, president obama's, it's a question of image and sensibility. there's still a sense that bernie is still not electable, he's not middle of the road enough image wise, never mind policy wise, but image wise to win the general election and -- and down ballot to bring house seats and senate seats to the democratic side. so there's always this sense that hillary is the front runner. if you look at national polls, hillary is still ahead by double digits in most of them. iowa and new hampshire are very tight, obviously and bernie is doing very well in early primary states, but nationally hillary is still theth front runner by a
2:22 pm
large margin, there's a sense, i think, no one will say this out loud but nobody wants to cross the clinton machine, they're very powerful. a lot of respect for bill clinton, a lot of respect for hillary clinton. you know,l they like hillary clinton, they liked her as a first lady, they liked her as a secretary of stateet and senator colleague and they think she will make a great president. they also like bernie, and works well on both sides of the aisle. again, the sense that he's not electable and no one wants to stick their neck out. very unlike 2008 when you had guys like senator ted kennedy, big, big names who were sticking their neck out a for a young senator named k barack obama, en though hillary clinton going into that campaign was seen as kind of the front runner and, of course, you know what happened there. >> host: from washington state,
2:23 pm
independent line bryan, good morning, go ahead. >> caller: i want to comment on the congressional agenda first. it appears that the democrat congressional agenda appears to get hillary elected in 2016, the republican congressional agenda appears to be the same as it has been since 2008 to prevent the black men and the white house from getting this country down the road and progressing into the future. as far as this election 2016, if you watch the sunday news this weekend and scored it, bernie is ready for the super bowl, i didn't really see what the team of the republicans had on sunday but it appears that bernie is he goes in a debate with donald trump, the first
2:24 pm
question asked by the commentator will be the iraq war, donald trump isir against iraq war, bernie is against iraq war, whether he have a debate on the next subject. >> host: caller, thanks. is the iraq war still a factor as far as voting records are concerned? >> guest: hillary is going to defend it. hillary will try to walk that back a little bit, i think. you know, for the most part, iraq war, foreign policy in general. republicans have been beating benghazi drum for how many years now. it hasn't really haunted her. there's the e-mail scandal. it's dogging her a little bit but it hasn't become the scandal republicans had hoped it would become and that's just because foreign policy, you start talking about it and voters' eyes glaze over.
2:25 pm
people care about the economy as they care about their paychecks. it's just -- you know, it's something big happens and it swings votes for a short period of time, but overall it's the economy. >> host: republican line. >> caller: my question is why is hillary clinton getting by with so much legally, the things seem to be drying out drying out in parallel with the election and i personally am voting for donald trump becauseam obviously he doesn't care what everybody is saying, he's ready to step up and get the job done. and i'm sorry, i personally don't want a socialist nation and if one of your previous callers had ever think to look
2:26 pm
at history, true democracy is built on capitalism and it's unfortunate our country is so far into the tank when it comes to socialism, but i don't understand why hillary just gets by and gets by and gets by when she was right at the top to begin with. >> guest: i'm not sure exactly what issue you're talking about. if you're referring to the benghazi and e-mail scandal. there's a sense of entitlement of hillary clinton. she's been dogged of accusations and nobody questions her intellect or political savvy, but there's also been the charges of entitlement and they're dogging her now certainly in thend e-mail scand. it has alienated a lot of female voters and struggling to make amends now on the campaign trail. how successful she is, we will
2:27 pm
see. but certainly the legal case against her, there are investigations, doj has been investigating, certainly the republicans have -- seven different investigations, i think, they had and one is still ongoing. so the legal ramifications, we don't know, it's a process that takes time, and if something -- ifth something big could break before the election, it could change the election. we just don't know the outcome of that. it is something that she wants to go away and it has not just yet. so we have to see how it plays out. >> host: before we let you go, i want to talk about how speaker paul h ryan, the first line say, paul ryan enters the first full year with ambitious agenda and goal. let's start unified caucus. has people settled around speaker paul ryan?
2:28 pm
>> guest: i'm wondering what congress he's looking at. [laughter] >> guest: in a sense there is -- it's a personality question. the conservative guys did not like john boehner. they saw him a country club republican who was just up there to rubber-stamp things and they criticized what they called the top-down approach. we are not going to do it from the committee and they thought that that stole the voice of their constituents. paul ryan is approaching it very differently. he's a a committee guy. he's making all the right moves. he proves to be a very politically savvy guy in a way that he handled the critics, the party guys. but at the end of the day the dynamics have not changed. these guys don't want to spend more on government.
2:29 pm
it's just a total disagreement between the parties about the role and the size and the scope of the federal government in this country. and that dynamic is not going away. as long as you have president obama in the white house and as long as you have the filibuster from senate and democrats in the senate, paul ryan is going to be in a tough spot because he's going to be asked to make difficult decisions about what spending bills to bring to the floor and what deals he's going to cut. noen bill -- no republican spending bill that goes through appropriations process or goes through committee is going to be something that president obama is going to sign. you're either going to have to compromise at some point or the federal government is going to shutdown and themi republicans t blamed for last time. they certainly don't want to do that ahead of an election or after an election. and so, again, paul ryan is going to have to face the same
2:30 pm
guys because they haven't left. thee dynamics haven't changed ad we don't know how that debate is going to end, but-duh -- but you don't see e it ending much than boehner. he is going to lose a lot of republicans onan the spending bills or otherwise the government is going to shut down. establishment candidate versus an outsider candidate? let us know what you think about what the choice is for the white house. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001 republicans. (202) 748-8002 independents. we will take those phone calls when washington journal continues. ♪
2:31 pm
>> the countdown is on and as we approach the iowa caucuses, we are really the only place were you can watch these events on old as they happen -- events unfold as they happen. whether it is a townhall hall meeting, a policy speech, nobody else is going to give you that unfiltered look at the candidates as they worked the crowd and talk to voters and make their best sales pitch. we will be crisscrossing iowa for the next couple of days leading up to the caucuses. we will be covering all the candidates and keeping an eye on what happens on caucus night itself because we will be the only network that will take you to the republican and democratic caucus. if you ever wondered how it all happens, what c-span -- watch
2:32 pm
c-span. tonightthe co >> tonight on "the communicators," "washington post" national technology reporter craig timberg joins us from stanford university in california to discuss a series of articles, net of integrity. examines the creation of the internet, the found object is, why security places a small role for the that would substitute a issues faced internet users today. >> hundreds of billions of us, we are forever choosing things of insecurity. we are choosing the speed, the performance, features and so security, i don't know, summer between five and 10 on the list of the priorities for software developers or whatever else they say. they will tell you security experts will tell you security doesn't pay. >> watch tonight at eight eastern on c-span2. >> "washington journal"
2:33 pm
continues. >> again for our next half hour or so a question about the white house and what's the best fit for the white house. is an establishment candidate, someone with good sense of experience or is it one of the political outsiders as they're known. what you think is the best choice for the white house? or so you can let us know. this is special as iowa caucuses take place a week from monday. look for special program on the "washington journal" later on this week. straight from iowa, ma des moines, talking to guests in getting us sense what's going on on the ground. also i would how you pay attention to our website at, as our road to the white house continued to give and find out the latest in defense going on, particularly if you go to the website today, martin o'malley and others. go to our website at
2:34 pm
for more information on those events and coverage of campaign 2016. this is the "usa today" this morning. it takes a look at bernie sanders health care plan. the headlines -- include premiums, deductibles, copayments,. anyone who claims otherwise is simply not telling the truth. the piece look specifically at bernie sanders' health care plan.
2:35 pm
also in the papers, a look at marco rubio, especially as he is in iowa trying to gain traction as the caucuses take place. this is jeremy peters writing that his strategy heading into the caucus next monday is to remain the candidate who is most broadly acceptable to the republican electorate, pitching himself do more accessible than ted cruz and more sensible than donald trump. he told an audience of several hundred in waterloo a third-place finish is the most realistic outcome, but it also realizes that the margin that he has over whoever finishes in fourth place is significant. a large margin -- margin going into the new hampshire primary could give him a lift. new hampshire is the state where he hopes to be able to perform strongly enough to get a consolidated support from more moderate established republicans.
2:36 pm
taking a loohe again taking a look at the split candidates versus outsider candidates for the race to the white house begin your thoughts this morning. let's start with mayor in harrisburg, pennsylvania, republican line. what do you think about this idea between establishment and outside th what's the best fit r the white house? >> caller: i think the best fit for the white house right now, i've chosen ted cruz because i think he is a very principled, a real conservative. for the people of iowa i think have been taken in all of it by donald trump because he doesn't really talk a lot about the national debt which is terrible for us. the reason branstad went against cruz is because cruz stood up for his principles and said he would not expand the ethanol subsidies. donald trump gave up whatever he has promised and he said not only will he give them the subsidies but he will expand the
2:37 pm
subsidies. no wonder the governor is going for trump because it's more money for that state. but the fact is iowa isn't the only state. what will he do, we'll and do all the way through to the presidency? i don't know how we can ever lower the national debt when he does something like that. i think that ted cruz is someone who really stands out. that's what we always wanted. enough people are going against him because he has a spine. >> host: do you see ted cruz as an outsider or an establishment person? >> caller: i think it could work both ways. he is very conservative which is how i feel, but i don't consider him an outsider because he understands what's going on in this country. >> host: knoxville, tennessee, independent line.
2:38 pm
>> caller: yes, yes. my name is james. i were you doing. >> host: fine thank you. go ahead. >> caller: i think my issue is, you know, i have compliments to trump because trump is in business. this is his first time trying to actually feel that is trying to make a change to this country but i also got respect for rubio. rubio takes indicators might write out what is going to she's trying to follow other democrats and republicans issues along with his. you know -- can you hear me? >> host: as far as an outsider or an establishment person who would you rather have in the white house transfer i would rather have me be company i want to say drove but you have to have someone in the white house that can relate to the american people. because a lot of americans don't
2:39 pm
know the history of america. they just live in america your they have no idea about our forefathers the weather legacies was and what they laid down in the path of this country. people right now are living in the day for -- prospect james, thanks for your call. we'll move on to susan, to come washington democrat's line. >> caller: hi. i just want to say i'm really glad there are so many americans out there. >> host: okay. >> caller: i behind because the tv is different from what i'm hearing from you. i'm glad that there are so many americans stepping up to try to gain what we need in our country and be elected. but i really think that regardless of the spin that's been talked about earlier there's always spin, negative and positive, but hillary
2:40 pm
clinton has more well-rounded experience than anybody i've ever seen. especially now that she has been secretary of state. she really knows what's going on. she can see what's coming. i think if anybody from an opposing party could work well with paul ryan, she's. and i just want to say array for hillary. >> host: do you see her as an establishment candidate? >> caller: ideal. >> host: is that a problem transferring no. >> host: why not? >> caller: because there has to the continuity for the people of our country. we need to see people with experience getting in there and doing the job. especially now. when there's been so much division between the parties. she has what it takes. paul ryan has what it takes. even if they oppose each other i just feel deep in my get that they're going to be able to work things out better than all the
2:41 pm
rest. >> host: that's susan in washington. hillary clinton was asked on a sunday show up at a recent column that turned up in a new kind taking a look at her as an established candidate, the supporters that you make it as an establishment candidate. here's a bit of response jihad on the sunday shows. >> no, there isn't that i just have to tell you, i can only act to what i am doing feeling getting responses from people. i feel great that we have the level of enthusiasm that we do. and we also have a really good team on the ground that has been working for months to make sure that it's not just here today gone tomorrow but people are involved. they are really reached out to and yes, we believe they will, caucus. is speculation on all the rest of it is entertaining. i admit that, but we are just going to keep moving forward and do the work that we think is going to be successful on
2:42 pm
february 1. >> are you worried your long wrestling is not an asset in this wild year? >> no, i'm really not because i think at the end of the day people take this vote seriously. they know they are voting for who they prefer to be the next president and commander-in-chief. and i believe that when i am out there talking with people about what we have to go up against, here at home can get the economy working for everybody, not just those at the top, begin to raise incomes which hasn't happened, deal with health care going from 90% coverage which is what we have under the affordable care act up to 100%, and to let what i intend to do to get there, i can only tell you that i see people nodding. i know people are signing up as they leave my events. that's what matters. it is very personal. people look and they think can we imagine this person to be president and commander-in-chief?
2:43 pm
and because of my experiences, particularly my years as secretary of state working with president obama, i think that's something people really take into account. >> an establishment candidate, and outsider, what is the best fit for the white house? this is mary carbondale pennsylvania republican line. go ahead. >> caller: yes. i've been a democrat my whole life and i recently ditched and switched. i'm not a republican. because i am so appalled by corruption -- [inaudible] i always wanted to the main contributors are to each candidate so that i know who their puppet masters are because eventually the puppet masters wind up pulling the strings and running our country. so i kind of bend towards trump
2:44 pm
-- [inaudible] both republican and democrat and i found that this country -- [inaudible] it's going to be up to 30. $30 trillion. now you have lawyers -- [inaudible] politicians that have no concept of how to run a business. and i did this myself. whenever i delegate a job that has to be done on time and under budget, i picked the one employee who has the biggest ego because they always find time and they always get the job done and on budget. >> host: that's here in pennsylvania. let's hear from anthony in georgia, independent line. >> caller: good morning.
2:45 pm
i just wanted to chime in here for those who are more libertarian minded like myself. neither the establishment nor the outsiders are really looking at a libertarian vote. we wind up with come in the election cycle where we are looking at a vote of no or heck no. that's what our choice wines out. we winnowed it down to two selection forged one party says you can't do this and the other party says you must do this. so a choice between outsiders and the establishment, when we focus more on the common principles that make us all americans, whether you voted democrat in the past or republican in the past or what have you, then we will get a good selection. choosing an establishment, outsiders, not really a good choice for something to unify us is more along the lines of what we need to be looking at. >> host: do you see a
2:46 pm
candidate that you liked in the current field? >> caller: that are some that get close, but because of the way that we run the political system, because you window it down between now and had no, there's really not going to be somebody out there that's going to be there for me. but as americans we need to be looking for who's going to unify us rather than his going to get even for the last administration what they did to us. let's do something good for all of us. >> host: the financial times takes a look at republicans are perceiving the possible entry of new york mayor michael bloomberg in the race. no announcement made, possible announcement by march this is the financial times this morning saying that donald trump the front runner for the republican nomination said he would be happy of the prospect. the financial information group was willing to spend 1 billion of its estimated fortune in
2:47 pm
order to get into the race and take a look at that. >> i would love it. i'd lovey ll. >> i would love. i know michael greve what i would love to compete against michael and i know him very well. i think he might very well get in the race. i would love to have him get in the race. >> he's the opposite with me on guns and am pro-life and his opposite on a lot of things. i would love to of michael to integrate but i do know it is going to do with what a healthy dose. i would love to compete against michael. >> one of the reasons is because you are doing so welcome to counterbalance you. >> that's a good thing. i would love to michael get in the race. michael has been a friend of mine over the years, perhaps we're not friends anymore and it won't do this for a long time and he never pulled the trigger. we will see if he doesn't have but i would personally love to compete with michael bloomberg. >> william from eureka
2:48 pm
california democrat's line you're on the air. go ahead. >> good morning. i'm glad i'm able to talk to you. i'm 73. i voted my whole life now and i'm a devoted democrat adequate to tell you something, i've never watched the apprentice but i've watched all of trump through the years. the man has got intelligence. the man is smart and he's very, very outspoken and he has a very big ego. i note a lot of people in my own life, friends and relatives that have the same thing. so what? now he's got money backing him, his own money. is that none of, what do they call that, super pac and all these people from like hillary who i voted for the first time but then obama come out of nowhere, never heard of. i voted for him both times.
2:49 pm
but since i was so strong for hillary, she's let me down. she's got the fbi investigating her but she gets 225,000 for speaking for 45 minutes at each of these banks on wall street. i want donald trump. he speaks his mind and he tells it like it is. that's all he's done. and oh, boy, everybody by taxing. they attacked him from day one. he talks about heat. a lot of people don't know what he does. keep his criticism. he's about about this or that. maybe he just doesn't speak at the right way. i didn't even like the way he came on when he announced his presidency when he went down the escalator. i didn't care for that either but i still am one of% behind him and isolate to cnn, fox, msnbc, all day long for the 73 every time.
2:50 pm
i flipped the news channel so i can find trump. i'm just dedicated to this man and i hope to have an that he makes at. >> host: let's hear from tom in dallas, texas, republican line. good morning. you are next up. >> caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i would consider myself an establishment republican. the thing that bugs me the most has been the tea party takeover of the same the republican repun establishment in the state of texas. the reason i prefer candidates like john kasich are i won't people with a proven governmental conservative record rather than just people who just say i am a conservative. the tea party is literally destroyed the true republicanism. we had a state senator in texas a few years back who was defeated by a tea party candidate in dallas, senator
2:51 pm
corona and most famous in texas for pointing out how much toll roads cost eventually by adding up all the costs associated with the toll road when they put them private. right now we have toll roads and construct in the state of texas that are costing three and four times what the same road would cost had the government said okay, let's raise the tax very slightly and let's pay for this road. because they have to build any profit on these toll roads. this tea party establishment that seems to be occurring in the state of texas is all about let's privatize everything. let's give us, anyway -- >> host: we got you. albany, new york, david come independent line. hello. >> caller: that morning. i'm independent and i kind of got i am torn between trump and
2:52 pm
sanders. i have some serious questions about whether they are will actually be elected. however, their presence in the race as given the electorate some food for thought of taking people out of their entrenched little nietzsche's -- niches that they believe in. can i add a side note? >> host: go ahead, quickly. >> caller: i wish you would knit some of the callers in the but because i personally find it offensive. there is no such thing as a black president or woman president or white president. by caller, gender has nothing to do with being intelligent and running for president. and i think you ought to get some of the, question some of
2:53 pm
the callers because obama the black president. that is absolutely no meaning whatsoever except to be derogatory. >> host: that is david in new york. the "new york times" takes a look at the democratic side of the presidential race. how far left the party stands saying while mrs. clinton has been institutional advantages, mr. sanders has electrified huge numbers of young people, the party the future with its critique of capitalism and adventure was foreign policy. he talked about the idea of being an establishment person. here he is from yesterday. >> mreacti >> my reaction is that they would become if donald trump wins come if mr. bloomberg gets and you love to multibillionaires running for
2:54 pm
president of the united states against me. i think the american people do not want to see our nation move toward an oligarchy with billionaires control the political process. i think we will win that election. >> host: for the remaining time in this segment we're taking a look at the race for the white house, particularly if you support an establishment candidate versus an outsider candidate into office. we will hear from jerry, california, democrat's line. >> caller: i just want to say that the establishment voting hasn't worked since eisenhower. i don't think we need any more of that. and drove is exactly what he appears to be, a bully. unlike the man just mentioned, another oligarch. all of the need to get out.
2:55 pm
start with bernie sanders. bottom line, if people want some real change and whatnot they need to -- barack obama might've had a chance as he wasn't -- ifo was a fight against republicans the whole time but bernie sanders is the way to go. we've got to start somewhere. >> host: why do you think he will be different from the establishment folks you said that hasn't been effective? why didn't bernie sanders will be different? >> caller: because all of his ideas, the fact that he mentions he's a democratic socialist i think maybe might have heard them all but the people don't understand what social truly is. some of our best programs are socialist programs, you know? that's obvious. like i was saying earlier, if you want some real change we've got to start with people like
2:56 pm
him. more independents. enough with these guys were not getting anything done, are entrenched with wall street. and hillary issues completely entrenched in people can't see that, you know if it's just sad. >> host: ohio, republican line. good morning. >> caller: hello. i'm from ohio and i had a good question this morning, establishment and, well, what i'm looking at, i'm looking at trump as the outside. i really like trump it i would think he's going to do great for america. he really wants to make america great again. and also looking at mr. k-6, too. mr. k-6 has proven himself here in ohio -- mr. john kasich are unhappy. i voted for you. i used to be democrats and what scares me about hillary if she
2:57 pm
gets in there, she will follow her legacy to a point where we will do a lot more jobs here. she's more interested in a global government than she is in a government here in the united states itself. i feel that the two candidates that are really love america and would work for america in itself would be donald or john kasich. >> host: you look at john kasich as an outsider or an establishment type? >> caller: can't look at him as establishment. i said that at the beginning. good question, establishment or outside again and i looked at him as established because he has been to washington. he seems financially, he seems to get everything back on track again financially.
2:58 pm
i think he really got a big hug out of this big debt that we've got. that's what scares me the most is this debt in the united states that we are holding right now. i think you will take some swipes at it and get everything back on track because he did that for a while host that we will take one more call and this'll be from harrisburg north carolina independent line. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. i personally think that your approach is out of the main framework. they are all the establishment. music establishment. when i see establishment i mean big money, tied to big corporations, tied to organizations like the nra. they are all supported by the establishment. the only one i see as possibly bearing from that is maybe
2:59 pm
mr. sanders. and the gentlemen a couple calls ago said, you know, socialism is needed in this country. we need things like social security. we need things like medicare. we need things like, you know, we need this. why are people so opposed to people taking care of people, or the government helping people take care of people? that's my comment. >> host: before you go, because you to go look at establishment through your own definition, as far as your support, wasn't mr. sanders you are supporting or other candidate you are looking at at this point? problem is his age. that is the only problem i have with him.
3:00 pm
host: that is harrisburg, north carolina. we thank everybody who called for the segment we are going to take a look at the euro of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. there are new responsibilities for that hero. we will take a look at what with responsibilities are dan friedman of hearst newspapers. >> t count the countdown is on and as we approach the iowa caucuses, we are the onlyp


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