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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  June 9, 2016 12:00am-12:11am EDT

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>> i know that you have a lot of competing priorities and so i will get right to it. you will probably not be surprised to hear that we in washington dc have a date request for you as well. and that is that you consider very seriously and that you do add this to washington dc to the platform. [cheers] [applause] [cheers] >> mr. chairman. you know that these are good
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days for washington dc and that our economy is strong, the population grows by about 1000 people each month. we are making historic investments in our education and the fiscal house is in order. we are working hard to give every washingtonian a fair shot with a good paying job with affordable housing. just yesterday the legislature approved unanimously to raise the wage and washington dc to $15 per hour by 2020. yet despite -- [applause] >> despite the successes, mr. chairman, you know that washingtonians do not benefit. and despite the fact that we perform all the functions of the state, washingtonians do not enjoy the rights of all americans. nearly 700,000 residents live in
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the shadow of the nation's capital without a vote in congress. people pay federal taxes and we pay our taxes. more per person than any state. but we have no vote in the house, despite the valiant efforts of our congresswoman and we have no representation in the senate at all. the people of washington joined the armed forces and tragically some have given their lives you we have no champion for this 30,000 veterans in washington dc. the voters elect an executive body to pass the budget and pass the laws. the congress has the ability to override the voices and choices of our people and the public officials that they elect. we are washingtonians and we are americans as well. and we want to be considered, just like every other american. you do not have to be just like
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me. to be just like me. and that is why we are asking you to join our fight to become the 51st state in the union. we share the belief that all men and women are created equal no matter who they love, their native tongue. certainly no matter where they live. their zip code. this issue transcends politics or it least it should. we know that it doesn't for the republicans but it must for the democrats. the access to democracy is not a democratic or republican issue we need the support of our friends and every one of the states across the country. we are grateful to senator sanders for being a part of the bill in the senate will give washington dc statehood. we are grateful to secretary clinton for her full endorsement
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of the statehood where she said that she will be a vocal advocate now we need your leadershileadershi p and help and support. please support the statehood for washington dc by including a dinner party platform. together we have an opportunity to do something else historic. let in this injustice and washington dc. give the people 700,000 representation in our house of votes and two senators. please support the statehood. >> thank you. thank you very much. thank you, madam mayor. before we get started i would like to ask all of the drafting committee to introduce themselves and we will start as we come around. >> hello.
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i am more and. i am the policy director for bernie sanders. >> thank you. >> hello, i am alicia reece from the battleground state of ohio, president of the ohio legislative black congress. and i want to thank the chairman or chairwoman for the opportunities for me to be among this group to put together an important platform to be able to come from someone who grew up in civil rights on the national board of the national action network who went to the door is to tell people to vote because democrats are the way to go. i am a democrat and i have in my whole life. to be able to have a seat at the table and to bring the ideas from those that we have heard in the barbershop, beauty shop and
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churches and bring it to the shaping of what our platform is going to be, i want to thank you for that opportunity and i want to thank you for hearing for everyone and certainly know that our party is going to have a strong platform on the voting rights, criminal justice and economic issues that are affecting our citizens throughout the country. i thank you. >> hello, i am a former member of the house of representatives and i am now an attorney based in los angeles and washington at the firm of covington and burling. >> hello. [speaking in native tongue] good afternoon. my indigenous hedged had to read
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this for archives located in the state of washington. i am of apache ancestry on my mothers side. it is an honor to be a member of the democratic drafting committee and i bring with me the hope and spirit the native american brothers and sisters including alaska natives and hawaiian relatives i am a mother of three beautiful children and look forward to bringing their voices forward as well. in the language i say,. [speaking in native tongue] thank you for the opportunity to include the voice and the visions of our native american people. >> i am bonnie schaefer. i am a retired ceo and a current spot owner. i live in florida and north carolina and i want to thank you, chairwoman and chairman
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cummings for this honor. i hope that i can also bring to the table some of the things that i feel most passionate about. i thank you again. >> hello, i am congressman luis guitterez. i'm from illinois and i always wanted to serve under the leadership of elijah cummings and so i want to thank the democratic party for 40 me this opportunity to do it now. and i would also like to say to debbie wasserman schultz, thank you for opening up this project. i don't know if you would chose and he but the only way that i have gotten here is through you. [laughter] and so i want to thank you for opening up this democratic process to us all. obviously my preordained
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congress has been immigration and i am sure that we are going to elect a wonderful team of people to get it done and to free millions of people from terrible and broken immigration system is. i just want to say to congresswoman barbara lee, my friend and colleague, representative keith ellison, thank you so much. i want to make a point for all members of this progressive caucus. i know that we are going to bring that voice here to this and to all the points we are making. thank you. >> i am very blessed to be here. i am brother cornell west, i am a teacher. i am a freedom fighter and a warrior and a justice seeker. i am humble and the tradition of martin luther king jr. and
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joshua peschel and helen keller. i am here to lend a voice, to make sure that we tilt the discussion in such a way that the working people of all colors and cultures and sexual orientations and all people around the world not just here but everywhere around the world, as we shape this platform. >> thank you. i am the president of the center for american progress think tank in washington. i'm i am very honored to be here. most profoundly because i myself have the opportunities that i have had because of the policies of the democratic party. as a child my parents got divorced. my father left and my mother went on welfare. and i remember using vouchers to


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