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tv   Book Discussion on From the War on Poverty to the War on Crime  CSPAN  August 28, 2016 6:25pm-6:31pm EDT

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the racially marginalized americans with the subsequent creation of the industries to support this control are among the central characteristics of domestic policy in the late 20th century. the decisions that policymakers and officials absent in closed circles are part of a larger coalition made at the highest level for the government had
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immeasurable consequences to the low-income americans in the nation however unintended some of those choices may have been at different times in different political moments. ultimately it fixated on the policing of the urban space and eventually removing generations of young men and women of color from their communities to live and die in prison. we can excuse the actions and choices these actors need is a product of their times or as an electoral tactics but in doing so it will continue to avoid the legacies of enslavement to realize the promise of its founding principles. for many americans appear to go discrimination ended with the civil rights movement and the united states had to move beyond the systems of exploitation. amonamong sight of the terminus growth in law enforcement over
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the last 50 years to permit all blacblack middle class surfacedn african-americans assumed positions of power with greater visibility from the rise in the 1970s to the displays of wealthy and assumption to the presidency of barack obama. these achievements promoted to o discourspromoted todiscourse tol pathology and responsibility even further making it seem as though the systematic incarceration of the entire groups of the marginalized citizens reflected the natural order of things. the political representation and the fact that some amassed a substantial wealth and capital do not mean that historical racism and inequality is falling short isn't news to many of you in this room today. there is the highest bid of the households that were $7,440. only $448 above that of the
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lowest fifth of white american households. and the black middle class has always been concentrated in the social services where mobility is tied to the extent of state spending on domestic programs. it has championed under the activists and their allies and classrooms across the nation during black history month every year and the fact many of the critical reforms have been negated by the priorities and remain unrecognized. for instance nine years after the passage of the act the dawn of the mass incarceration the supreme court ruled it unconstitutional to deny the right to vote. the states have consistently removed conflicts ever since the 1974 positions as a result of the racial disparities in the policing and criminal justice practices and estimated one out of 13 african-americans will not
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vote in the 2016 the election due to a prior conviction because of the subpoena behind it, the key civil rights game in the 1960s has come undone. to make the questionable situation the consensus comes people that are incarcerated as residents of the county where they are serving time and in turn determines the representation so does the rural areas or homes of the minority population they are home to the majority of prisons. in other words urban americans who tend to favor democrats because of how the disenfranchisement works and representation because of how the system works. it remains stagnant and the schools and neighborhoods are more segregated today than they were before the movement.
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>> [inaudible conversations] good morning welcome to the mississippi book festival. a little housekeeping first. silencesilence their cell phoneu would in terms of books outside the capitol building on mississippi st. there are a number of booksellers who will have the adjacent to mississippi st. is also the signing tent. in the back page of the brochure


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