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tv   Representative Ann Kirkpatrick Campaign Event in Phoenix  CSPAN  November 7, 2016 8:31pm-9:10pm EST

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thank you for being with us. >> thanks george being with us so the race seemed to be relatively close to senator mccain with a slight to lead them some things seem to change now with say much wider lead.r what has happened? >> life thinking it was tight early on in the spring part of it was that he was embroiled in a bitter republican primary he ended the winning very handily about 12 points over the closest opponent he guest 52% of the vote. so there's a lot of dissatisfaction with thedi cane in the republican partyai and i think that may have colored some of the of polling with the generalg
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election from some sources of the mccain campaign doing their own polling there was confusion among those anti-mccain voters and ann kirkpatrick is actually his main primary opponent they would confuse them in their mind so that republican and dissatisfaction meeting in to the polls after mccain had the primary then they came home that may not like tim are maybe the key is to moderate or liberal. but they see him as a better alternative democratic foot soldier like ann kirkpatrick. >> looking at the arizona senate race what was your take away? >> i think ann kirkpatrick
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was a little uncomfortable. -- i , obviously has uhin presidential candidate with the debate stage just as much experience i think she held her own to knock them out with the of consensus. >> as dave battleground state and what impact on the senate race? it look >> able split uh ticket it has been very tight. bennett then in the wake of the fbi disclosures. but it could go either way from the ground game but
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mitt he has been maintaininget a double-digit lead since the of primary over ann kirkpatrick. if you have shown it isha getting errol but others said showed him of the death 10 points as high as 18. and then to explain why they try to tie mccain to trump did not work very well because he is his own brandis a across the country and across the world not just arizona. so to paint him as the same cloth as trump was difficult to pull off. because people love him so well. >> and also with became running for reelection both the been very a vocal and
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critical of donald trump. talk about this event that took place in arizona. >> has been some confusion about the events. but the strategy is pretty clear that became is worried maybe a lack of a enthusiasm maybe that gets attention in utah and they're usually reliable republican voters for the most part. so given that they just don't like trump and theyea can just about to vote for populati and the mormon population from the mormon pioneers also jeff flake was a mormon. the mayor of mason arizona
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was a mormon and a congressman who is also a, so what seems programming for that mormon community. of this eastern suburbs of phoenix. >> what about the overall turnout on tuesday? >> sold there is a lot of engagement with those big names surrogates added to the excitement and it willll be a big turnout spec national political reporter for the arizona report -- republican phoenix. thanks for your time. in arizon >> key campaign with a 2012 candidate irani they spoke to supporters just outside
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of phoenix. this is 15 minutes. [applause] >> thanks for coming. with that typical arizona evening. [laughter] the same wave that the chicago cubs last night that is remarkable. and also in the east valleyarkad and that is remarkable and wonderful.
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one of the great privileges and have had as a man of principle who understands what this country is all about with national security. in the house of representatives pinkie forr the great job that you do all because we have this great facility. of course, i said this of thousand times i promise i would not say it any more but if i look like jeff flake that would be president of the united states today laugh laugh. [applause] by the way, a
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>> after i lost i slept like a baby. of its lead to hours and wake up and cried. thanks for coming out to ibm had a great campaign. i am confident that they will win and then to use that substance if they try to legalize on the ballot. and to have the honor to serve as the senate the people of arizona are the most wonderful on earth with a diverse economy and history that any of us are proud of.sen. mcc
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>> also the military bases. those endorser being in uniform to serve the nation in uniform throughout the world. i am very honored as the chairman of the armed services committee with the world that is on fire those who believe in beating frompr behind somebody leads from in front the most disastrous presidency in the history of this country and we need to have a majority in the united states senate. >> thanks to the sacrifice of brave young men and women who were serving he called them the j.v. team and now we have those refugees
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400,000 slaughtered end of president stands by to call them the j.v. team. i believe we must keep a majority in the united states senate because there could be as many as three supreme court justices in the next four years. we have to have the senate that has that split to make decisions that will harm this nation for decades to come for cry believe it isbe vital that we maintain a majority in the uniteded states senate and franklyerallyo those that are too close to call whether that is a compromise that some day will provide 25 percent of the nation's cover and the
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first f-35 to come down and to have that f. 35 but the training of those nations. we live in a dangerous world the director of national intelligence with further attacks on united states of america. want to remain chairman of the armed services committee because i want to defend the men and women serving in this nation and in uniform. anyblause] if anybody predicts global have been in this election than with like to talk to you because i have been wrong every single time. but i know that we will win next tuesday because of they support of the men and women
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of this state who i have been so proud to serve but i need you to get out the vote . need you to get the vote to make sure everybody does go to. so, i beg five began my politicalan career in the east valley as service. of congress. it will probably end up here because this is where our hearts are briefer scattered children. so tonight i am honored to have one of the people i grew to admire and respectsp with great affection for who ran for governor if you are a conservative you refuse to the peopld.
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that romney i had the honor to know as skipper of massachusetts as a competitor for the nomination of the republican party we disagree and i was running against him for the nomination but we respected each other and admired each other and then rejoin together he represented the republican party with honor and integrity and decency think of what the world be like today if mitt romneyy was president of the united states. [applause] in disembark of his friendship that he couldo take time from his disease scheduled to come to arizona the last few days to help me out. it is a great honor and
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privilege to introduce one of the finest men i have ever known, devon are mitt romney. [applause] look at this. it is nice if you tell a a joke laugh laugh but why a group this is. this isn't admirable an extraordinary group by hope you recognize that to have people like this representing you in washington and here at home.d i feeling the cold wind it is good to be here in fenway park. ov laugh laugh but what a beautiful facilities you have here.
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it is something else.k i look back and think with that be nice if john mccain was elected as president of united states quicks we would be a verye different position its. [applause] you hear others talk about h the challenges over the last 80 years and you know, some of those like the high cost of health care. the fact that more people of the middle-class have then left behind to and those from 1965 thought that they try to incorporate elsewhere because and make it sothe fa unattractive then that the military is hollow out with russia and china or we sting in their military and in senator flake just
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mentioned has been an and is this an awful time for freedom i am reminded of that old joke you have heard about the president when he goes to cash the check at the bank but did not have his license. the teller said we cannot cashier check unless we know who you are. he said would you want me to do? they said the other day rehab monterey odyssey in here so he put a target on the wall and banged into the targets and we knew that must be cancelled recast is jack. and then a few days laterhe when phil nicholson he didn't have his driver's license and he put a couple on the ground to put that into the cup so we knew of had to be filled nicolson we cashed his check. what can you do quite see settled have a clue.
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[laughter] would you like your cash in 50s or hundreds? laugh laugh over the last seven or eight years when it came to helping people he doesn't have a clue. if it comes time to a dancing interest around the world but we have had leadership that understands what americorps ought to do and we should rely on those with experience like senator john mccain i don't know who will and the presidency but to webber when will be somebody who is bent to the middle east and understands what is going on and someone who understands what is happening in asia and the south china sea and the military and the needs of the veterans, america is the hope for millions around the world and that man is john mccain.
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[applause] whoever becomes president presit will need to elect the people of the supreme court and then work across the aisle because of all the challenges i just mentioned under president obama that have not been solved, and they will lobby over, must republicans and democrats can work together. we have a constitution better checks and balancesces. sometimes it is frustrating when we don't get our own way but the founders were inspired to say we have to get americans to work together to make things happen and john mccain has shown you can have principal and conviction and strengthctiod to of people to get things done we need john mccain in washington and like never before. [applause]one more
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one more thing. they are sweeping this country in certain parts in europe and other parts of the world of a sense of populism a distrust of institutions with anger towards government and it is very understandable it has failed so many people time and again. the part of that is because people don't have trusted the people who are in government. we need people of character and integrity, and anyone who stands taller than john mccain with heroism and character. [applause]you going to supply will last if you vote ? [cheers and applause]is john is john mckean -- john mccain real hero for all-america? cement will he be elected one more time?
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and i will ask to go knock on doors to get people for john mccain.n. [applause] [cheers and applause]>> >> thanks that we are so glad this is the congressional delegation. i promise you as the mayor it is critically important be returned john mccain to the senate it is important for our state and community please join me to work very hard the next few days toma major with the right thing that happens please go to john and volunteer all the way to the finish less when for the community and for our great country. thanks for being here. let's go win the election. [applause]
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♪ >> senator mccain and his opponent sean kirkpatrick are running several political ads ahead of election day. here is what voters are seeing in arizona. >> this election is a poise. before proudly voting for obama care, liberal ann kirkpatrick refuse to face her const >> john mccain was given a chance to walk away once as a pow but he chose to stay in the prison camp and tell his fellow soldiers had their chance to go john mccain and would never turn his back. >> i approve this message. >> what has happened to john>> mccain greg. >> he was begging for my endorsements gimmicky big trump for his support then
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none endorsed him to savehi himself. >> the john mccain once voted for would not chosen sarah palin he has changed to only cares about the reelection i will never sacrifice my principles to get ahead.ri >> i am ann kirkpatrick i approve this message because ensure senator i will tell it to you straight. >> this election matters to you. with your health insurance and your premiums are doubling remembered mccain f strongly opposes obamacare but ann kirkpatrick supports it. when they captured our sailors remember mccain is fighting that i ran deal while ann kirkpatrick will spend the 55 million to work with state-sponsored terrorism that is why this election matters. >> i and john mccain i approve this message. >> the story of two candidates. >> john mccain in washington 33 years.
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>> ann kirkpatrick has taken a term-limit pledge. >> now the big banks have million. >> mccain's bill could jeopardize women's health coverage like access to cancer screenings andutut contraceptive. >> mccain story too long in washington ann kirkpatrick uniquely p. arizona ann kirkpatrick i approve this message. congressmk joined a get out the vote event in phoenix. it is just under 15 minutes. >> [applause] thanks for being here and will come four days to turn arizona blair. are you ready? we have such enthusiasm for the best candidates we haveha ever had we are ready with a resources, the best
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candidates. want to thank you for joining us. we have four days to turn arizona blue. so collect the balance that is a new word ricans now say about it. [applause]ns of with tens of thousands of voters in the next fouray days.we are j so we're joined by the board of supervisors. >> this is really exciting. and until will make historyti for the state of arizona. >> we will do this. to change that direction of the state of arizona. as we have been saying all along that legislation that
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gives an unconstitutional to violate the voting rights act starting tomorrow we hit the streets reaching out tooo the voters to change arizona blue. [applause] >> right here in maricopa county like you have never seen before through various offices me will start with a share of sophist as the new sheriff of maricopa countysherim in to do that right now talking to voters to get them out to vote their going
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to make sure the education system that michele robinson is the next school superintendent. with the teacher to do a teacher's job and take care of our teachers. with the treasurer to look at the financing of the of the county. >> fire russell pearce. [cheers and applause] >> to follow the footsteps of sheriff joe. and then when the voters decide in label also elect a
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new prosecutor for maricopa county and the lex someone that will bring justice to this office.o make sure that and to be the next countyis attorney to respect the rights of all citizens and back to the county attorney's office. you also elect someone who will really change the direction the way the county is going to conduct our election. we will elect to undo many of the wrongs that the elections department has done.
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[applause] . . we are going to elect a femalepl u.s. senator and kirkpatrick.
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-- to make sure. so folks, allow me now to introduce our next u.s. senator, congresswoman kirkpatrick. [applause] [cheering] >> how many people have already voted? okay let's make it happen. i started today where i live, drove up to tuba city and talk to people there by the hundreds coming to vote early. went to sedona and the same thing, people were canvassing and this is fabulous what you are doing here. it's fantastic. as steve said, we are going to make history on tuesday.
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you see m my mothers family we were republican ranchers in thee republins. i dad's family were democratic m businessmen and made for some interesting family get-togethers. because there could be heatedteg discussions. people tell me they want leaders that can work together, they are sick of the gridlock in washington. john mccain vowed to vote against him stop confirmation of any supreme court justice that hillary clinton nominee that she
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nominates. the wild instructions for the next three years, we are angry that he's not going to do his job, he's never been doing his jo job. this is the longest we've ever gone without filling a vacancy on the court so that is what's at stake. all these great people are going to make such a difference here in maricopa county, but we will make history by electing the first female senator in arizona. repeat me. we believe that we well when. >> we believe that we will win! [applause]
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been iyou, thank you. you see the energy and the excitement and a lot of folks that want to change here in the state of arizona and in maricopa county. we will serve all of ourze citizens and therefore more until we have one hell of a victory on tuesday. [cheering] what i want to talk about today is when you hear the stories,
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what i want each and every one of you to do is make sure that you reach out to your family and friends, anybody that's but stro exercise their franchise that is trying to vote and is dealing with the efforts here in maricopa county. that is wrong but they need our support and need us to go and tell them don't quite. you don't quit, i won't quite and we will win on tuesday so let's push this over the top. [applause]der, t a lot of folks are wondering how critical it's going to be of thr department.e i'm not, not today. today i'm going to say that i believe the american public, and particularly the voters here in maricopa county clear enough about their democracy to stand in for five hour long lines.
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these are eligible americann citizen voters and we shouldn't be out here wringing our hands about how bad things are. we should be excited about how great these americans are and how much time they are willing to exercise the franchise ofthee voting.ok at when we look at the character of the people here in maricopa county they are very positive that republicans, democrats and independents, libertarians and everyone out there voting is voting for change and for ag for better tomorrow. let's get out there and vote. the politics have destroyed the maricopa county and having each of the offices, now is our time to flip the table over and start
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again. we have a trifecta of hope to get rid of and we need to dump trump. with your help we will get ridll of russell pearce once and for all. thank you so much.h. [applause] we need to represent all, not a special interest group we need to make sure they have the resources and education. they do not have the d. or r. behind their name and it's time we take back the education system. to make sure they let a livable wage and represents the best interest of of thank you all for coming out. [applause]ys to
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are you excited? what do you think about the great candidates? we have four days to go make history thank you for coming. [applause]
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joins this event hosted by the catholic university of america. it's 90 minutes.


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