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tv   Sean Spicer Defends Voter Fraud Investigation  CSPAN  January 25, 2017 9:13pm-9:16pm EST

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of peers we cannot stop looks at the country's racial divide. >> what we want is a secession of the stereotypes and the granting of the same humanity you grant each other. >> at the white house daily press briefing, spokesman sean spicer responded to a question unlt president trump's claims of voter fraud in the u.s. election and calling for an investigation. here is a look: >> you mention this morning the president said this in the news. he wants to launch an investigation into the 2016 election. >> not just in terms of 2016. i think in terms of registration where you have folks who are
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deceased or registered in two countries. >> are there studies to back up suggesting people are registered in multiple states and people who are dead are still on the roles. but attorneys said all evidence suggests the 2016 election was not backed by fraud. >> you look at california and new york and we didn't look at those two states in particular. as the president noted, we campaigned to win the electoral college not the popular vote. with all due respect, you don't spend a ton of time in maine to get that one electoral vote. you would campaign more in california which he didn't. you would have campaigned more in new york which he didn't. there are populus states in
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urban areas where you would have spent more time campaigning but he played the game according to the rules of the game. that being said, i think, when you look at where a lot of potential of these issues could have occurred in bigger states is where we will look. i think there will be more on that as the week goes on. >> at her weekly briefing, house minority leader nancy pelosi challenged claims of trump about voter fraud in the 2016 elections. here is a look: >> donald trump this morning tweeted he is going to be calling for a major investigation into the voter fraud. what is your reaction to that? >> you know, there is no evidence to support what the president has said and i think we made that really clear to him in our conversations with him. but i am very pleased at our colleagues, mr. cummings and


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