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tv   [untitled]    April 2, 2017 1:49am-2:01am EDT

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[inaudible] guess they really were the industrial powerhouse to the dozens of breweries with the early 20th century that invented chocolate san the teddy bear and in 1849 a
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catalyst named pfizer one of the german immigrants were one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and over the years company like pfizer imports millions of immigrants the factories that sustained not for china or mexico some even more and did 19572
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broke the of hard to of heavy red blooded to take the beloved baseball team to los angeles. this seemed to foretell the state by the '60s that was becoming a sad shell of its former self. then navy yard which was the largest during world war ii but by the time my move to about 1 mile away it was home to a few operating warehouses' but most acres of empty buildings with the occasional body found. there were still holdovers at the time from the year
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earlier waves of immigrants with an elderly irish couple once tokyo and borders in those brownstone areas during the depression and the decades following. now they were paid by the city of new york to help the elderly and that was the musical accompaniment of my two children and then hamel who grew up working in the working-class to hear that over and over we have got to get out of brooklyn and a lot of people did. so the question that i had in my mind how does the old
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brooklyn become the new brooklyn? the cruelest city on the of part so they had bulletproof cages to protect the cashier but now with their expansive and expensive wine collection is hell have we gotten to a point in history where the fabled parisians could spend one month celebrating brooklyn mania how could we always shake the parisians to see this though they could be worn or eaten by a resident and one
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final question why should anyone care what happens to brooklyn? it's not even a city. to did million 600,000 people in the city of 8 billion so what's the big deal? i try to show the reason we should be interested is a microcosm for the social changes for politics and should be mentioned the politics of western europe the past 34 years of vance's economies have been shifting away from manufacturing to words knowledge information. new york city was already becoming the u.s. capitol by the '60s as they would
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centralize in move headquarters to downtown. fifty-nine% of the new york city labor force was in white-collar occupation gave new york a competitive advantage over other saving industrial cities. those the white-collar and predominantly men with the dick van dyke and also what it didn't want to mention today but the more creative types with the larger urban working-class brownstone in brooklyn they were gentrifying though word that only becomes popular decades later brooklyn heights these
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were lovely 19th century brownstones that had fallen into disrepair. in with the white caller jobs and uh administrators and professors to open up the new educated so the sugar refinery may be gone and the social media consultants.
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is the shift from the new knowledge economy so it is gentrification in the sink old brownstone. i mentioned there was the elderly irish couple living there the husband had a civil service job as a postal worker and his wife was in charge of the borders fast-forward 15 years the houses sold and renovated subdivided into condominiums . the first people to move bin where the people you never would see an architect and his wife, a furniture designer and editor enter husband and a wall street trader removed in with his
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wife of free-lance writer and the three children all the same house.
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. >> some of those elements of corporate influence have been around for quite awhile letting it is about 30 / one over everybody else that is probably since the '70s and the problem with regulatory capture with a regulated industry for them to exert control over the regulatory agency so some of this is a
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constant theme but with the citizens united and the entry of of corporate power inserted into reelection this in a dominant way. . .


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