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tv   Senator Schumer Calls on Donald Trump Jr. to Testify on Russia Meeting  CSPAN  July 11, 2017 9:24pm-9:49pm EDT

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>> i'm sure they will take a look at all aspects of the investigation. >> doesn't make it harder for you to trust president trump when he is in our circle story keeps changing? >> i'm sure they will get to the bottom of whatever may have happened. >> they will get to the bottom. [inaudible conversations] >> ideally we would deal with it before the august recess. the debt ceiling must be raised. okay. thanks everybody.
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>> i'm pleased to be joined by my colleagues. senator menendez and senator casey. we address healthcare but there's other things i will mention first on the schedule. the problem that republicans are having with healthcare is not a time. it's the substance of the bill.
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they can spend two more weeks, two more months or two years. the bill is going to be as unpopular as it is today. they have had six months on the bill since january 4. they haven't been able to make progress. two weeks isn't going to solve the problem. the only way they can solve the problem is very simple. it's rid of all of the tax cuts to the rich and medicaid and work with us to improve the existing system areas by the way i have sympathy for the republicans. i wouldn't want to face them either because they are not getting a good reaction on the bill. on the amendment which seems to be the latest incarnation to a try to rescue the bill let me be clear.
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the amendment is a hoax. it would allow health insurers to offer joh junk insurance so g as it includes one option that it covers all affordable care act mandated benefits. separating the sick and healthy will drive up everybody's costs. deductibles and copayments will be very high making it unaffordable. people will see their premiums go even those with employer coverage because they will try to meet up for the problems they are having in the exchange. this what we are talking about. okay.
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finally, i would like to say a few words about donald trump junior. that e-mails are at the end of the idea pushed by the administration and the president that there is no evidence of intent to coordinate or collude. it's now incumbent on the special prosecutor, the senate intelligence and the judiciary committees to continue their investigations. we need to donald trump junior and other associates to turn over any and all documents and the electronic communications that investigators ask for and we need public testimony under oath of donald trump junior who has changed his story repeatedly. third, the house right now needs to pass the tough, strong sanctions bill that the senate to send them on a bipartisan vote. between these revelations and be
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president horrendous handling of mr. putin it is clear that congress needs to step in and sanction russia and be a roadblock to lifting the sanctions because the president will not be tough with mr. putin as he should be. they come up with excuses to move forward on the bill and at the same time we know that the administration and oil companies are lobbying them to water down the bill. enough is enough to pass the bill now. senator menendez. >> the problem with the medicare act is it isn't better care. it's worse. millions continue to lose their insurance under their plan and everyone else pays more for less. freedom is a concept that we all cherish, the freedom to buy junk
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insurance into the cost of its exorbitant and you cannot avoid it, that isn't freedom. if i get sick come at the end of the day i will have the entrance to help me get well again and that is what we attempted to do in the affordable care act. i am on the finance committee and i was there when we created the affordable care act today i am proud of that nine out of ten americans have health insurance as a result of our work at for not one moment did i or any of my colleagues on the committee or in their belief that the isn't more work to do to drive down premiums and create better result. we wanted to improve imperfections or make it better every time we try to operate on patients, the colleagues want to kill the patient.
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we can't move forward by going backward. if republicans want to do something about health care for the people in the country they will join us as we offered to them when we created the affordable care act and an opportunity they haven't offered us and that we stand ready and willing to take to make healthcare greater for the country. it is an extreme step and if all you care about 150 plus americans as employer-sponsored coverage if all you care about is that coverage you better pay very close attention to the attempt by the republicans to take away protections that you have had that does not include
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people beyond that category but maybe especially if you worry about those protections. second, when i was home i visited ten counties, nine out of ten of the counties were in schools to learn about disabilities and the school systems. we went to senior centers and rural hospitals and all kinds of places and nine out of the ten counties donald trump. very easily and i saw and i heard in those counties very high degree of concern about the bill and i think the best was captured in a headline in the post just yesterday a return on the gop healthcare bill to leave millions of kids with special needs at risk.
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all of the assumption that they are going to protect kids with special needs is totally debunked in this news article, and it's not an op-ed on page three. it's in an analysis of the republican bill just as it relates to kids with disabilities. basically it says maybe, maybe 1.2 million of the four to 5 million kids in that category are protected. all the rest, 4 million plus to use the headline word are at risk. this is an obnoxious and an obscene bill and we should stop it. >> i don't often correct my democratic leader but i have to do today because he made a minor error in our colleagues had just had six months to put together a healthcare bill that had seven years and six months and the amendment is not the answer. it would roll back protections for people with pre-existing
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conditions and it would cost more for consumers. the fact is we could fix the uncertainty in the marketplace today if we work together. that's what the american people want us to do. one of the things we need to do is address the cost-sharing payments that go out to help people afford health insurance. this administration has created chaos by refusing to say they are going to commit to pay those payments and we have had insurance carriers say that's why they are leading the market because they cannot count on those payments. i passed legislation that would ensure that payments are made if we are willing to work together we could do that. we could address that uncertainty and make sure the american people have access to health insurance in those markets.
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ultimately, this is all about individuals, people's health. i had a medicaid events in my state a little while ago and we had four or five people talk. one of them named brandon. brandon was born 15 weeks early. he weighed about a pound and a half and he was taken to the clinic for in the twin cities and they said we can't handle him. we can't save his life.
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and they sent him back to minneapolis to the children's hospital where they did save his life. as parents were told the first day is going to be about a million dollars. and he was born with hydrocephalus, walker and his brain, cerebral palsy. she spoke at this event. i don't worry about him because this is one of the most resilient kids i've ever met. but he wouldn't be here without medicaid. she had a walker. he's got 1037 surgeries since he was born in all of this is
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because of medicaid. what bob casey said is true this isn't protecting these kids. this is going to be cutting medicaid for everyone and states will have to figure out what they are going to do with it. there will be kids with disabilities who are hurt. i met today with school administrators from minnesota who were extremely worried about this because so many kids in their schools receive health care and health through medicaid and their schools including mental health. this will be devastating. and i don't think this is going to pass. i've been around the state and
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i'm the cochair of the caucus. i didn't look at the numbers but i know that my state well enough. there was a woman at the roundtable who was crying because her mother receives from healthcare and she said if this goes through, she migh would loe data. it is through medicaid. both my husband and i work and we don't know what we are going to do with my mom this is a cruel bill. what it does is they will be able to buy a cheaper plan. insurance companies will be able
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to write these junk policies. some of them will be health savings accounts, and it will be catastrophic and work for them. that'but what this does for peoe with pre-existing conditions is right back where we started. every one of my colleagues is right to. once republicans get done with this, i hope that they can come and work with us, work together to strengthen the exchanges which we can do and i have a comprehensive bill to do that. that is what we should be doing and what we should have been doing all along. >> you might have noticed people in america are mad and i will
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tell you why they are mad they are scared because there mothers and nursing homes won't get the care of their children with disabilities will be wards of the state because as a family they will not be able to afford to take care of them. they are afraid that their pre-existing conditions will no longer be covered and they will have to file bankruptcy to stay while and to afford their insurance. they are afraid that we are going back, and that we are going backwards. when people are afraid, they are angry. it is absolutely essential that we respond with leadership like the adults that we are supposed to be in washington, d.c. and that we do the work we are supposed to be doing in washington, d.c.. that's providing leadership and public policy that works for the american people. guess what, we are not doing it because for far too long, health care has been about politics and
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not healthcare. the affordable care act is who is getting stuck with the bill rather than how we can change the outcome for healthcare. so, this is an opportunity. at this point of chaos, this is an opportunity. it's an opportunity for leaders that have been elected to come together and actually begin to solve problems. 15 democrats came to the floor of the senate and sent here are some ideas of things we can do that will get us to the plan that will buy us some time so we can have a broad conversation. that offer fell on deaf ears. that is sheer unadulterated nonsense and so we have an opportunity, and i am
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challenging anyone in leadership in the republican side to drop the structure and strategy that you have today to come to the table and work with all of us to answer the questions of the people in our state state and is country that are afraid, scared, mad and need answers today. for all the work you've done, thanks bob casey. no one has any more diligent protector of people with disabilities. and i thought that it was interesting i had a colleague yesterday who met with mothers whose children have disabilities and this woman said to him they picked on the wrong group of people because 24/7 we have to fight for our kids. it's nothing new to us.
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we need our leadership. let's get it done. >> questions. the republican leadership and most of the republicans the following line are for the cutting taxes on the rich and eviscerating medicaid. the american people i think only 12% of them like it right now. people have tried to sit down in the past and we will sit down now. we want to improve the existing system. not cut taxes on the rich or/medicaid.
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>> inaudible if republicans want to blame someone, they should look in the mirror. they sent fewer than any recent president and the dysfunction of the white house has spread to the senate. this two-week gambit has far more to do with the problems that they are having with the healthcare bill. that is what they are wrestling with, not these other issues he speaks about than it does with anything else. >> that is aimed for me to decide, but the claims of the administration for the last six months, that's collusion isn't even on the table.
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it's made available to the senate committee is a. they don't want to go home to their constituents.
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they started on january 4 to exclude democrats because they said they didn't need us and they did what is called conciliation. these isolated himself from so many of our allies and it's so focused on the wrong things trying to disprove or belittle
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that russian intelligence and russia tried to influence the election. the proof is to come up with a proposal, just speaking for myself and i think other democrats. if their intent is to cut to increase the debt by massive tax cuts on the very wealthy. thank you, everybody.
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>> the senate spent much of the day debating the healthcare wall replacement bill. news beginning with majority leader mitch mcconnell and senator john thune. this is just over an hour. all those that lost loved ones in the plane crash yesterday in mississippi. our hearts break for all of those impacted by the many livef cut short a


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