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tv   House and Senate Democrats Unveil Better Deal Agenda  CSPAN  July 24, 2017 1:07pm-2:18pm EDT

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specific proposals. >> it is, there are currently consultations between the board and treasurer on these ideas or and if not do you see that happening going forward? >> with any treasury and any bed as you know there's always a series of contacts going on in various levels and that is certainly the case now as well. i know that there are working on the white house and treasurer are working on principles or something of a, something, i'm not sure what they're working on but they're working on something and as they go forward on that. it would be a natural thing for them to you know, consult with our experts as you mentioned. we have a number of really top housing experts which are here today. one of which has jury duty. >> so you know, naturally there will be a discussion of that nature i would think. >>.
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>> senate minority leader chuck schumer of new york, nancy pelosi of california along with other top house and senate democrats getting ready to speak about their economic agenda, a better deal in perryville virginia. this is live coverage on c-span2. >>. [applause] >>. >> warner. okay. [applause] we are back. so, good afternoon.
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great to be here. i want to thank the good people of berryville for working with us and i want to thank every buddy leaving the city for a few hours to this beautiful spot to enjoy us here today. >> let me tell you a high compliment, looks like parts of new york city. >> okay. now as i travel to new york, from upstate rural areas, on friday. the two suburban long island to the bronx i find one thing in common. families feel they are being pushed around by large economic and are losing that traditional american base. too many families in america
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feel like the rules of the economy are made againstthem. they feel like they are getting a raw deal. they're right. >> there almost powerless . we are here today to tell the people of berryville and the working people of america that someone has your back. [applause] american families deserve a better deal. the constituency works for everyone again, not just the elite, not just interests. today, democrats bring that better deal to the american people. their use to be a basic bargain in this country that if you work hard, play by the rules and you could afford a car, put your kids through college, make a modest vacation every year. putting enough away or a comfortable living. >> the late part of the 20th
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century, millions of americans achieved solid middle-class lifestyle.i should know, i am the son of an exterminator in america. things have changed. >> today's working americans are just having greater doubts about the future generations as the depression. corporate interests, super wealthy are allowed to spend unlimited undisclosed amounts of money on campaigns and lobbying as they protect their special deals in washington. for too long, government has waited. bilking the academic playing field in favor of the wealthy and powerful, taking the burden off them and on the backs of americans. >> so, an economy created enormous accumulated wealth
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for wealth holders. while producing less work. and less pay. >> for workers. >> incomes and wages have flatlined. everyday costs have skyrocketed and when you lose elections as we did in 2014 and 2016, you don't flinch. you don't blink. you look in the mirror and ask what did we do wrong? one thing we did wrong, present strong, bold, economic defense of working americans so that their hope for the future might return again. democrats too often are hesitant to directly and unflinchingly taking on the misguided policies that got here. that too many americans don't know what we stand for. not after today. president trump campaigned on a populist platform talking
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to working people. that's why he won. but assoon as he got into office , the man is making alliances with the powerful special interest, brother dominated, hard right wing of the republican party to be a show of the wealthy, not the working people, leaving a vacuum on economic issues. we democrats are going to fill that vacuum. democrats will show the country we are the party on the side of working people. [applause] and that we stand for three simple things. first, the things people say. second, we're going to reduce their everyday expenses. third, we are going to provide workers the tools they need for the 21st-century economy.simply put, what do democrats stand for? better still for working
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people, higher wages, lower costs and school for a 21st-century economy. [applause] over the next several months democrats will lay out a series of policies that enacted will make these three things a reality. we've already proposed creating jobs for $1 trillion infrastructure plan, raising wages by lifting the minimum wage to $15, lowering household costs by providing paid family leave and sick leave. today, [applause] today we announce three new policies to advance our goals. in the coming weeks and months we will hear a lot more. right now, there's nothing to stop venture capitalists from egregiously raising the price
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of life-saving drugs without any justification. where going to fight for rules to stop prescription drug pricegouging . and demand that drug companies justify price increases to the public. and we're going to push for empowering medicare to negotiate lowerdrug prices . right now our antitrust laws are designed to allow huge corporations to converge, adding the pockets of investors with costs skyrocketing, everything from cable bills to airline tickets to food and healthcare. >> nothing bothers fulton more than their low fees keeps going up. because for so few competitors in the industry sometimes only one or two. old-fashioned capitalism has broken down to the detriment of consumers.
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adam smith has lost his way. large corporations in many instances merge for their own interests so they, not the consumer can fixate prices for the quantity and quality of goods. were going to fight to allow let regulators to break up big companies that they are hurting consumers. and to make it harder for companies to merge if it produces competition. >>. >> and third, right now, millions of unemployed or underemployed people including those without a college degree be brought back into the labor force to a full-time higher-paying work. we propose giving employers and particularly small businesses a large tax credit to pay workers for unfilled jobs. the requirement to hire that worker at a good rate wage is complete.
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[applause] this will have particular residence in smaller cities and rural areas experienced young people who are in training for jobs. >> and in future which will offer additional ideas to reap rural america, fundamentally changing our playbook to benefit workers, not multinational corporations. we know that now we are in the minority in both houses of congress. we can't dilute anyone that this congress will begin passing our priorities. but we have to start expanding our vision for the country. we must start rallying the american people toward our this is the start, the new version for the party. one strongly supported by house and senate democrats
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who can see, i'm flight by members of the democratic party from both houses , both from different states with sometimes different points of view. the fact that we are all standing here together today sends a powerful statement across our country. [applause] >> there's been a debate about whether democratsshould spend all our energy focusing on the obama coalition or the blue-collar american in the heartland who voted for trump . it's a false choice. there doesn't have to be a division. in fact, there must not be a division. the divisions they're laying out tonight both coalitions, unifies the democratic party. we will have a larger, stronger appeal to americans of all economic levels and all political stripes. >> we will appeal to the young woman who just graduated from college in los angeles.
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a factory worker in akron is now making $11 an hour. >> a mom in buffalo paying unemployment on minimum wage. the party exists to work on behalf of the wealthy corporate interests. furthering their dream of lower taxes for the top, fewer consumer protections, unfettered access and influence to the already favored you, we know what america looks like with those policies today. inspire new deals, government silence and corporations and wealthy speculators indirect economy. we workthis out my panic, recession , for decades. when american workers were low, you can see economic forces beyond their control. we democrats are offering a better deal.
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a phrase that intentionally evokes the new deal because we can afford to go back to those but we cannot afford to go back to those times. >> american people deserve an economy that works for them. not the powerful. better deal, not just our slogan. >> it is our mission. >> it's about reorienting governments first on behalf of people and families. not going to be the work of only one congress, it should be the work of only one party. >> so for many republicans willing to join us on these issues. there's an american imperative and a moral imperative. >> that torch held by the lady in the harbor, that symbol of optimism and hope for the future starts flickering, it's a different america. >> last month i went to a yankees game. and i sat what i usually do. >> we are not completely united.>> last month i went
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to a yankees game and sat where i usually do. the two people sitting next to me were wearing proud to be american shirt. there were teamsters who taught the whole game. they were really sure of donald trump. they didn't know what he stood for. i've seen teamsters were well aware of the awful conditions posed. who were beginning to worry that he couldn't get an infrastructure build on. but they were with trump because they thought he might bring changes. now they're worried he won't. they're worried that the potholes they drive the trucks on will never get fixed. that donald trump will not be an agent for the champion of the working man. >> and we democrats can answer the call of billions of americans like these folks
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i sat next to by offering them a better deal. >> and now it's my honor to introduce my partner in this great endeavor,someone who's done a great job for many years . my friend for many more years, eventhan that , >>. >> good afternoon everyone. in berryville and clark county and in virginia. >> and in virginia. >> it's so wonderful to be here with our colleagues from the house and senate in oriole sandbar, since we're talking about sports but so we are in virginia as senator warner makes this point all the time, here we are in a state that produced so many
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patriots, to sign the declaration of independence. and in doing so establish that we were independent and that we would be a democracy. they pledged their lives and their honor. >> as a state, will we finally ended the revolutionary war. >> and it is a place that recognizes that to honor the bowels of our founders, and our democracy, we must have strong middle-class in our country. >> middle-class is the backbone of our democracy. >> it's simply is. so when the middle class and democratic leader of the senate has said that stagnation of wages sets in, that is the stagnation also of our community and of the country that we are. >> so essential to the
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success of the middle class, is financial stability in america's working families. and essential to that are bigger paychecks to create demand to inject the man into the economy, to help create jobs and grow the economy for everybody. >> disconnection between financial stability, a strong middle-class and our democracy is a very direct one. and i want to recognize that in this great state of virginia. >> that is whytoday , democrats are unveiling an ambitious, aggressive new economic agenda and a bold new promise to american families. >> from the heartland, these senators from the heartland to the suburbs, to the cities, democrats are offering better deals. jobs, better wages, better students.
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a better deal is founded on strong values. and strong values still buy fresh ideas. >> in the house it has been through many months in the engagement and arecautious to the leadership of our people , our cochair sherry cousteau from illinois, senator cellini of rhode island and zachary of the state of new york. >> but the leadership of our d triple c chairman ben rulon, i think them or their leadership area. >>. >> from them and from the members of the senate were gathered here, distinguished members, you will hear what democrats have heard from the american people across the country. democrats know a better deal for hard-working men that demands bigger, braver things and to create jobs and raise incomes for american workers by creating good paying jobs for 10 million more americans
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in the next five years. we have set a goal. to lower the cost of living for american families taking unprecedented actions to lower the cost of prescription drugs is very important and my cracking down on the base cost for our families and competition. to give every american in the industry who wants to create jobs and figure paychecks, lower the cost of living, and give every american the tools to succeed in the 21stcentury . we want every family in america to know they and their children have a strong place in the economy of the 21st century, with massive new commitments to apprenticeship, lifetime learning , on-the-job training. we have the proposal. today we are on the road.
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it's so wonderful to be here in berryville. the state as i mentioned earlier with a rich history of our founders. we've seen that they proposed of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.we must honor their commitment to that. [applause] next, democrats will take it on the road, where on the road here and now we will take it on the road. to engage in conversation with the american people. this is not just about telling them what we are advocating, it's about listening to their concerns and how we shape this and refine it as we go forward. for the past six months, we've exposed the toxic special interest priorities at the core of the gop agenda. the american people deserve better. a better deal is exactly what democrats are fighting for to
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give the economic power back into the hands of the american people. and so as we go forward, we do so with the origins of our country and our patriarchs, the patriarch of our country george washington cautioned as he left office to beware of political parties that are at war with their own government. we don't want to be at war with anyone. we want to revitalize in a bipartisan way to detail the infrastructure of america, increase our paychecks, over the cost for families to in a way that prepares every family to be assured that their children have a place in the economy and the america of the future. >> and with that, i'm pleased to yield to the distinguished gentleman from illinois and i'm sure he's an orioles fan and maybe understand, that's up to him to decide.
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of course that's the unifying thing, we also get our differences and simplify them when it comes to choosing teams. in any event, a very distinguished young man from maryland, chairman chris van hollen. >> thank you leader pelosi and we are for baseball from the potomac river to the great city of baltimore and let me just say to all of you, this is, it's great i will say to my friend mark warner for those of you who are marylanders, it's a great place to cross the potomac river into the state of maryland but into the state of virginia, i'm glad to be here with everybody, especially on this important occasion. i want to thank all of you or joining and gathering to focus on the issues that are top of the line for the american can we get a better deal for hard-working families? how can we get a better deal for small businessman and small business women who
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don't have high-priced lobbyists in washington like the big multinational corporations do? how can we get a better deal for middle-class families from those who are working hard to join the middle class. in short, howdo we get a better deal for america and i think leader schumer and leader pelosi and all the democrats and all of you , people we've been hearing from around the country. bringing us together to focus on that question. because people need to know not only what we're fighting against, they need to know what we are fighting for in the united states congress. >> and our democratic senators and house members have been traveling to every part, every corner of the state and their district. they been listening to the american people from cities to suburbs to rural areas and we are all hearing the same thing. >> too many americans are feeling squeezed.
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between flat or sinking paychecks on the one hand, and rising costs and prices on the other. too many people are working harder than ever but feel like they are on a treadmill or falling behind. that brings us together today because it's not enough to just identify the problem. it's not enough to simply analyze and empathize. we have to put forward bold leadership moves and that is exactly what the better deal plan is all about. and we are going to be unveiling the specifics of it because the american people deserve to hear what we intend to do, not only what we are talking about. i want to thank everybody who's been part of this effort which is really been the result of conferring with
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the american people and as we take this plan around the country will continue to listen but remember, our goal is focus on how we answer that question that is on the minds of the american people. how to get a better deal for america. i'm pleased to turn this over to a good friend of mine, a specific member of congress from new mexico, who heads up the democratic congressional campaign committee, ben ray. >>. >> i'll tell you, it's great to be with everyone today, good afternoon. we have friends from both sides of the capital, from all over america gathered today at the welcoming of great friends here in virginia, senator warner, thanks for hosting us to bring us together in berryville as well. >>. >> like so many others across the country, the family story is rooted in hard work and public service and each generation doing better than the last.
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like that side of the family, my grandfather was a union labor on the manhattan project , my mom with a union corridor and a soldier who served in world war ii. all while my grandmother's raising a family. my mom worked at a local school district. my father was a union ironworker before he entered public service. boning up on a small farm in new mexico we didn't have much money but my family's journey brought us and taught us something important. in america, hard work and good job is all youshould need to experience the american dream but . >> but the fact that happened, we must ask ourselves if our economy can still deliver on the original american promise. >> there's good reason that we met here today rather than in washington dc.berryville sits right in the middle of the 10th congressional district and why it while
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it's early, there is no doubt this district and so many others are up for grabs in the 2018 mission. [applause] but this won't be easy. and democrats can't take anything for granted. as a matter of fact we have a lot of work to do. our nation's greatest strength is ourpeople . honest, hard-working people from all walks of life. we must respect the dignity of every person no matter who you are, no matter where you come from or who you voted for. many americans have lost faith in our political system. the economy. and today we are here in berryville to begin to restore that faith, to talk about our plans, to grow our economy and deliver better jobs and wages for all americans and to test the skills and tools to build a better future, that means having an honest discussion of the challenges families face across america.
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compared to a few years ago, over half of democratic voters do not feel there's more opportunity for them. nearly half of those voters they that a sudden $500 expense could be a serious blow to the family budget. three out of every four voters say their incomes are not keeping up with the cost of living. that's not right. and the american people deserve a better deal. one that puts hard-working families first again. >> this means only an economy where people can pursue the dignity of a good paying job, that means rewarding the small business owner for her hard work and entrepreneurship. it means skill training and investing in the future so apprenticeship programs and community colleges as well as making four-year college more affordable. it also means addressing what isn't working in our economy. we must close those tax loopholes so big corporations pay their fair share and we must stop big corporations from monopolizing and
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stifling competition but consumers more options at lower cost. [applause] we must knockdown on those corporations that send jobs overseas. these are common sense principles and common sense priorities and these are the things the american people want us to do. and that small family farm outside growing up, mom and dad taught us that no job is too big or too small, the same was true in congress created the american people want us to work and getthings done, now we can all agree what we stand for, let's get done . i'll tell you what, i all of our colleagues, one of my favorite us senators as well, dick chapman out of oregon, working families and others across the state of minnesota, senator clover chart. >>. >>. >> thanks so much. >>thank you. it is great to be here . following all these strong leaders and expressing
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senator warner for inviting us, i remember in your former job, time magazine gets the best governors in the country, is that right? i have always told him that he is welcome in minnesota where we have 10,000 lakes and plenty of water for him to walk on. >> it is good to be here and it's actually just yesterday i was with a family from cambridge minnesota. it's a little bit like berryville, a place where people work hard to get ahead they care about their families, they care about their neighbors and the twin girls i met , one was maria, one evelyn, one was the picture and one was the catcher and they were identical twins. there was one thing that was very different that is that one of them found out she had juvenile diabetes. so her mom goes to the doctor, they all the help and gradually over the years the cost go up and up and up.
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for the insulin, and now we are in a situation where the cost of insulin has gone up three times over what it was a few years ago. and that is not something the average american family can afford. >> so when one of the girls looked at me and said will you tell our story, they said yes i will and not only that, i've got these people that have your back. >> so we are talking about that family and we're talking about seniors like kim ahern from plymouth where i grew up. this retired, she keeps the pen injectors after she uses them. she's a diabetic. because they have small amounts of insulin left and she says it is just to depressing to throw out. that shouldn't be happening in america. >> the price of four out of the top drugs out of this
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country have gone up by 100 percent over the last 10 years. it might be different if the wages had gone up 100 percent over the last 10 years, but they have not. so to bring these prices down , to raise competition, we have to bring in more generics and yes, we have to unleash the bargaining power of 41 million seniors and let them negotiate less-expensive prices under medicare. we must do that. [applause] we need top enforcement on price gouging and more transparency with price hikes. the american people want to know why they pay more for prescription drugs than any country in the world. how can that be when we have invented so many of these drugs, manufactured so many of these drugs. we are tired of paying more than any country in the world and it has to stop . [applause] and we are seeing the lack of competition all across our economy whether it
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is prescription drugs, whether it is table bills, whether it is airfare or even beer. we are getting serious when that happens. so that's why i am the ranking member of the committee and elizabeth is going to be talking about this in a little bit but we have to pass a stronger law so that companies can get away with murder. so that they can't merge and make things worse for the american people and that's why we're going to be introducing a stronger standard under our antitrust laws so that we can bring competition and lower prices to the people of america. so on that note, i'm excited to introduce someone also from the midwest, there's been a lot of talk about baseball. this woman actually plays it. he's a strong women's softball player on the congressional team, she comes from moline illinois where her congressional district is
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located which is of course the international headquarters of john deere. sherry russo is someone who does a little bit about the midwest and a lot about our country and how we forward. [applause] >> by the way, senator clover chart is a play by freight play and answer. >> hello america, leader pelosi when you were talking about the real jeff, i see that there but i saw the calcium had out there and that's my kind of people.i am terry russo and i represent the 17th district of illinois. it is 7000 squaremiles, it is mostly rural . it is mostly blue-collar and it is all along the mississippi river. so way too many families that i represent understand the economy is not working for them. some have worked for decades in manufacturing. only to spend their last days training the replacements who came over from china and
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where their last job was to padlock their factory doors. others poured their hearts and their soul into main street businesses only to see the greed of wall street get the better of them. moms and dads across the heartland in regions like i represent worry whether they will be able to see their grandkidsgrow up because the kids have had to move the big towns just to get a job. the truth is, across america there are millions of hard-working men and women who have been left behind . they don't want a handout. and they don't want our sympathy, we all know that. they simply want government and corporations not to work against them. and we are here to say we hear you. we agree with you. and we are ready to present a better deal. in the better deal that we offer, we will restore opportunity by helping 10
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million americans get good paying, full-time jobs. we will do that in part by doubling our investment in workforce training and in apprenticeships. let me tell you why this is so important. about two years ago, i convened a group of manufacturers, all representing mall and midsized companies. and i asked them how many of you have jobs who have both that you can't fill? every single one of them raised their hand. so there are those opportunities. but we know that to be ready for centuryjobs, we need to have 21st-century skills . and while there are lots of people ready and eager to take those jobs, they don't always know where they can go and get those skills. you know what? we can solve that problem.
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one way is by connecting community colleges and technical schools with local employers. by having employers in the same room as these programs are developed to create a sales pipeline to get our economy back on track. not with low-paying, part-time jobs but with the kind of jobs that hard-working men and women can take home and realized that i can take my family on vacation again. i can buy that pickup truck that i like to buy every five, six, seven years. and i can buy my kids not just the shoes that they need but the shoes that they want. we do that by connecting these workers with the better skills that lead to better jobs, better wages, and then in turn will lead to a better future or the hard-working families that we all represent. that is our better deal for america. bringing back home hope, bringing back, restoring trust and i know folks behind
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me go to that we can do it. thank you very much. [applause] and it is my distinct pleasure to introduce somebody each and every one of you know a little bit about, senator elizabeth warren . >> hey, hello virginia, hello refill. we know why we are here today. we are here because the economy is broken. today, a tiny sliver of wealthy individuals and corporations hold the majority of this nation's wealth while working families are struggling more and more to just make it day-to-day. americans know the economy is rigged, rigged in favor of billionaires and giant corporations and rigged against everyone else. and it's not hard to see how
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this happens. in industry after industry, a handful of corporations have seized power in this country. since the 2000's, the number of major us airlines has dropped from 9 to 4. before giants left standing now have nearly 80 percent of all airline seats. two giant corporations sell more than 70 percent of all the beer in america. five health insurance giants now own more than 80 percent of the country's health insurance markets. three giant drugstore chains suck in 99 percent of all pharmacy revenues in this country. for giant companies now run more than 80 percent of america's beef market and the list goes on.
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this kind of concentration matters. it matters because giant corporations crush competition. they shut out small rivals and they kill young startups. this matters because giant corporations jacked up prices and cut corners on quality. this matters because giant corporations put the squeeze on wages and profits have gone up, wages for american workers have gone down. and this matters because many giant corporations don't win in marketplaces because they are better. they win because they are big. and most of all, this matters because giant corporations can swing their weight around washington, accumulating massive political power. the kind of power that can
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capture our government and read the system even more in their favor. corporate influence over our government has gotten worse under the trump administration, far worse. president trump has backed his administration with a who's who of big-time lobbyists , wall street bankers and corporate executives. now america has faced this problem before more than a century ago when railroads, steel mills and oil companies grew to monopoly size. congress has antitrust laws and broke out of those corporations and competitions flourish in this country. but for decades now, government has slacked off enforcement of those laws and the result has been bigger and bigger corporations with more and more power. democrats are ready to take
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this challenge head on. that'swhy we are here. head on . and that starts with leveling the playing field to make the economy and our political system work for working families, that's why we are here. so today let's be specific. democrats proposed new policies to bust monopolies and restore competition in our market. we want stronger enforcement of antitrust laws, you bet we do. we want tougher rules against anti-competitive mergers, tougher rules to tackle the problem of control over data. rules on postmerger review and we want a consumer competition advocate to make sure that someone besides the giant corporations get heard
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in washington. [applause] now make no mistake, these are pro-market changes.the kind that eddie roosevelt advocated when he broke up the big trusts. the kind that anyone who believes in competitive markets, democrat or republican, should be able to agree on.because they would make our markets healthier and more competitive. let's face it. america is getting richer every year. for working families to get a share of that prosperity, we need serious enforcement of competition laws. this is one step that democrats are offering to take back our government. thank you. [applause] you.
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thank you. and now i have the honor of introducing my friend and someone who is a warrior on the half of working families, david sicily. >> there warmed up. senator warren and i were surprised to hear all these sports references but no mention of the world champion patriots for the boston red sox. but i am delighted to be here with all of my colleagues and with all of you and thank the residents of berryville for welcoming us. if there's one word that sums up our agenda, it's job. a job is more than just a's about knowing that hard work is honored and valued. it's about treating you with dignity and respect, the
1:52 pm
dignity and respect every single human being deserves. it's about knowing you can take care of yourself and your family. when i was growing up in rhode island, folks that work hard, played by the rules would be okay. they could give their kids a better life than they had. they could save for a secure retirement with dignity and peace area like many places around our country, that's not how it works anymore. factories and textile mills that once gave my constituents the promise of a better future have been closed for decades.wages haven't kept pace with inflation and is harder than ever to get ahead. : my state and across the country feel like the system is rated against us. you know what? it is. our tax codes reward companies that ship jobs overseas. millionaires and billionaires don't pay their fair share. tensions are gone, medicare is under attack. while corporate special interests are doing better than ever, everyday people
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are working two or even three jobs just to get by. it doesn't have to be this way. when we take back congress, a year from now, it's not going to be this way. [applause] we're going to help 10 million americans find good paying, full-time jobs. under our plan, america will once again value modest hard work by investing in the american worker. were going to invest in the challenges that people are feeling across the country. it starts with an aggressive bold plan to rebuild and modernize our transportation industry. washington has ignore this prop problem for too long. our roads and bridges the envy of the world. that's not the case anymore. a better deal we will put folks all across america work in paying jobs fixing our bridges, roads, transportation networks so
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they can be the best in the world again. we built the transcontinental railroad. we built the interstate highway system and under our plan millions of americans will work a new transportation network that's second to none. were going to invest in a new manufacturing economy, making things again in america. manufacturing jobs offer the promise of a better future. that technology has advanced over the years but these are the jobs that have always been essential, building the middle class so we're going to double our investment in apprenticeship, create new tax incentives to retrain workers and even a willing way and will work with the private sector, schools and technical programs to build a new network of training opportunities for millions of americans and finally, we will make sure that working families are valued in america. as moms and dad earn a living
1:55 pm
wage and have the time they need to help with homework or care for a sick child. that means better work schedules, paid family leave, policies that support working families. so we said we will have more to say about these policies, what we are going to do to get this work done on behalf of the american people. the people in virginia and everyone deserves a government that is working for them. americans have heard the right to send their kids to excellent schools, latency communities, have healthcare that protects them and to live and retire with dignity. this agenda will make that happen. the american people have had enough broken promises to last a lifetime. we're going to deliver real results. were going to give them a better deal, better jobs, better wages and a better future. [applause] is now my great pleasure to introduce our host, someone you know well, the extraordinary senator warren.[applause] >> hello clark county.
1:56 pm
hey, wayne that summer. [applause] welcome to the commonwealth of virginia. anybody yet? we will be brief. amy, i got a daughter who's diabetic. i've seen that life and frankly, you deserve that better deal in terms of prescription drugs. but you know, we are here talking about, we're going to try to do as democrats in washington. the truth is, in virginia we never take any time off. we have very important state elections this year and we got two great candidates at the house and delegate, wendy and tina right here across the front.
1:57 pm
[applause] and let's make sure we elect ralph northam as our next governor. go ralph. [applause] >> sometimes politics feels like it's always across the pack and a lot of the debate in washington feels a little bit tired and stale. what we're trying to offer here is a better deal that recognizes that a lot of the challenges we face in america today are no longer left versus right or liberal versus conservative but it's future versus past and the democratic party has always been best when we been future meaning. nature of everything is changing. automation and technology dramatically transforms our workforce. my dad worked for the same company for 38 years. he never made a lot of money.
1:58 pm
he had the security of a job and benefits. that allowed him to get through. the truth is in 2017, virtually no one is going to work the same job for 35 years. so we have to have an education system and a training system that realizes if you want to be a lifelong employee, you've got to be a lifelong learner. let me give you a few quick ideas. first, why do we have a tax code that would give the same kind of tax credit for those investments in r&d.wax for people who will invest in human capital. >> the tax credit that says we will train and continue to upscale workforce while throughout their whole career. to make sure that people can stay employed as they move
1:59 pm
from job to job. a second thing, the selected knowledge that candidly, not everybody needs to go to a four-year college. the truth is, we have right now in virginia 17,000 jobs insider security, half of which don't even need a four-year degree. so what we want to do through new partnerships. >>. >> as only politicians, it makes me cry. >>. >> we need to have a partnership with community colleges and apprenticeship programs and recognize that we've got to have skills that would meet the jobs of the future. >>
2:00 pm
one of those great leaders who is leading us into the future and is the cleanup hitter of the soul group, the great congressman from the city of new york, mr. jeffries. [applause] >> good afternoon. i think the great senator from the commonwealth of virginia has tremendous leadership. i'm from a small town of north, brooklyn, new york. whether you are from brooklyn or berryville, the zip codes may be different but the issues are largely the same. we all understand that the american people deserve a better
2:01 pm
deal, better jobs, better wages and a better future. [applause] over the last 40 years, the productivity of the american worker has increased by more than 285% but during that same period of time, wages have increased by less than 10%. the productivity gains of the american worker have not gone to the american worker. instead, they have gone to the privileged few, to the wealthy, into the well off, to the special interests. the american people deserve a better deal. the american dream has always been about if you work hard, play by the rules, you can be
2:02 pm
rewarded but for far too many americans that fundamental contract has been broken. working families, middle class folks, the poor, the sick, the senior citizens, urban america, suburban america, rural america increasingly left behind by an economy that works for the privileged few and not for all americans. we deserve a better deal. [applause] for far too many americans, wages have failed to keep up with the rate of inflation. for far too many americans, wages have failed to keep up with the rising cost of living. far too many americans, wages has failed to keep up with our collective aspiration to provide a better future for our children
2:03 pm
and for our grandchildren. the american people deserve a better deal. democrats will work hard to aggressively tackle the persistent problem of wage stagnation. we will use the tax code not to benefit the wealthy and the well-off but to incentivize and encourage small businesses and corporations to raise the wages and increase the pay of the american worker. we won't break up monopolies that artificially suppress wages and keep the pay low of the american worker. we will raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and make sure that every single american can have a living wage, a living
2:04 pm
wage that will provide them with the opportunity to raise their family in a comfortable fashion. democrats will invest in education and job training, invest in transportation and infrastructure, invest in research and development, invest in technology and innovation, and invest in the american people. we will not rest until every single american across this great land has a better deal, better job, better wage, and a better future. god bless the united states of america. i yield to leader pelosi. [cheering] >> okay. we are ready for questions. >> senator schumer, ten years ago you wrote a book talking about the democratic party appealing to the middle-class but that appeal wasn't strictly on economic issues.
2:05 pm
you talk about a 50% reduction in abortion and 20% reduction in illegal immigration. how is your point of view change over time and why are you not addressing those issues? >> i will tell you the good news and bad news about my book. the good news is that newt gingrich of all people said if democrats followed schumer's book they be the majority but the bad news about my book is that no one bought it and i have plenty of free copies who wants it. we are focused on economic issues. we think that is what the american people are most yearning about. that doesn't mean we won't come in the future months, discuss other issues but the focus starts on economic issues. that is where the american people are hurting. that's will be most felt was missing in the past and in the last several elections and we all take some of the blame of that. i certainly do. we got to get the focus on economics, number one. >> this is been a product of listening and listening and listening to the american
2:06 pm
people. listening to our colleagues, the american people in the heartland of america, across america, the economic insecurity, the financial instability of america's families is undermining their future, our democracy, and that's why this is focused on the economy. >> is the american people are yearning for. yes. >> the economy is in terrible shape but the financial system is doing very wellin terms of profit. i wonder why you don't go behind glass-steagall in a major way. it was by glenn roosevelt's first piece of legislation and were on the verge of a blowout that makes 2008 with minor. why don't we enact glass-steagall? >> we will talk about some of the issues dealing with wall street and short-term is him and all these things in future months. today we unveiled these three issues: press people first, if
2:07 pm
i could. >> well, we welcome our republican colleagues strenuous. we welcome them with open arms. you take an issue that we talked about that elizabeth focused on, adam smith economics, said we shouldn't have three or four big companies dominating. that's classic republicanism. we would welcome them joining us. here is the problem. their party has been so taken over by the wealthy, powerful, coke brother led a special interest that many of them would agree with us are afraid to even join us but we hope, as a better deal resonates around america, and they see that their path free up corporations, cut their taxes, get rid of the protections to consumers and workers and the environment fails they may join us. that is our hope. [applause] >> let me say -- we have had
2:08 pm
overtures made to and fro on the subject of rebuilding america, on investing in infrastructure of our country. it has never been a partisan issue. we have always worked together. that is, until they blocked what president obama tried to do, in that regard. we are not in a place of blocking. were working together. i said earlier about president washington, he cautioned against political parties at work their own government. does that sound familiar? the deconstruction of government that the publicans are advocating and it will undermine our investments in the future. we are hopeful and optimistic. we always extend the hand of friendship. [inaudible] the extent to which this is the political message going into 2018 for democrat incumbents and people who might be running.
2:09 pm
>> this is not just for 2018. we are going to -- question is will this help the 2018 candidate when they run. this is not simply aimed at 2018. this is what we feel america needs and you will find in the house and in the senate we will be offering amendments, we will be having lots of different kinds to spread the word because this is what we think america needs. now, if our republic and don't come around, and help us as nancy mentioned, yeah, i think, this will hurt them. they're being against things like this will hurt them in 2018 but that's not are so focused at all. one of our campaign chairs -- >> all across the country when were visiting with constituents -- and you heard it here today -- voters, constituents want us to focus on them. they want us to understand where they are and they want us to
2:10 pm
understand that their wages are not keeping up with the cost of living. the more people that are able to have a conversation with the american people will be in a stronger place in 2018. today is about making sure that the entire country is doing better, not just now but through 2018 and beyond. that is the conversation we're having with the american people and that's will continue to hear day in and day out. [applause] >> let me emphasize, this is the result of people traveling to every part of their states and districts, listening to our fellow americans and responding to the things that they say are most important to them. also they are responding to the people who say you talk about this stuff but what are you actually going to do about it. i said earlier, it's not enough to empathize or sympathize or analyze what you have to do something about it. tell the american people that if they support our candidates here is what we will do.
2:11 pm
this is a response to the cries we are hearing from the american public and we think that people are crying out what we call a better deal for america. >> thank you, everybody. thank you for being here. last word from the leader. >> one more thing. i've been putting presidents and honoring the founders of our country but president lincoln said public sentiment is everything. he said with it you can accomplish everything and without it practically nothing. we want to accomplish something for the american people. it's republicans join us, all the better. if they had good ideas, all the better. the fact is we can't wait for them. as we convey this message to the american people, listen to how they experienced their concerns and what they want to hear. as we create jobs, lower cost, and have a brighter future for people. remember, this isn't a political mission, although it will have a political benefit maybe.
2:12 pm
only the republicans will join us as they understand when the public knows they hold elections accountable. public sentiment is everything. abraham lincoln. thank you, virginia. >> thank you everybody. [cheering] [inaudible conversations]
2:13 pm
[inaudible conversations] >> we will talk about healthcare at another point. please come back, it's a beautiful town. [inaudible conversations]
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