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tv   Presidents Announcement on Jobs  CSPAN  July 26, 2017 11:18pm-11:47pm EDT

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build a multimillion-dollar if the factory facility in wisconsin and for that eastern announcement here is a look. >>
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[inaudible] we're in the middle of the revolution. and with that big data. with artificial intelligence . it is the key for the future and to offer a new medical solution.
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to read the reduce the cost. but then be committed this is with the ecosystem medication. why? yes american-led does not have a complex system. we're going to change that. [applause]
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[inaudible] [applause] >> colonel i would like to thank you, also jared for white house innovation with the power to make this investment a reality. speaker ryan, a key for all
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of your advice and support vice president we're in your home state. but mr. president we spent 10 or 15 minutes talking. to have the importance to provide high skilled jobs. i feel confident to say with
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the speaker to strongly support we will be great. [applause] but because the you hear in the attendance states mr. president thank you.
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>> first things to the president a and you will hear from him in just a moment day and the vice president in the former colleagues to the speaker. of those legislative leaders. the we are appreciative and cannot be more excited. personally he just gave a great speech but for us that embodies those success stories of hard work and determination.
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here member the old the knobs on the television? the building those then getting that contract if he remembered during that. and now the leaders of the world. and we're thrilled to have you here today. coming to be in the state of wisconsin. [applause] >> a great day for america in wisconsin. [applause] and today the single largest economic project in the history of the state of wisconsin and one of the of
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largest in history. [applause] in fact, this is the largest investment from foreign based company. this is literally a number one. but now is entering into law a memorandum of the understanding excuse me $10 billion. [laughter] ironclad to see paul ryan is keeping track. [laughter] [applause] that is little difference to our neighbors to the south. $10 billion.
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creating 13,000 jobs in the state of wisconsin. [cheers and applause] in ventura the state of wisconsin in day will invest $3 billion of economics to reach that goal for word. but these 30,000 jobs have the average j dual salary of $53,000 plus benefits. [applause] in addition to those 30,000 jobs the project is expected to create at least 22,000 indirect jobs throughout the
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state of wisconsin. totaling 20 million square feet. that is three times the size of the u.s. pentagon or big enough to put commissioner koskinen lambeau fields inside of that space. [applause] some 10,000 construction jobs will be needed. we will the people all across the state to help us out. as you heard it will be the first facility in the united states to have the lcd panels from health care to entertainment in all industries this is some of those exciting technology in the world these panels will
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be made in america in the state of wisconsin. [cheers and applause] foxcomm new ecosystem will transform wisconsin. now we are calling it wis-conn valley will become the new global home of cutting edge technology. the help us attract top talent around the world. wis-conn will help us with one more tool to keep the graduates in the status of wisconsin instead of leaving the border. [applause]
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six finigan edition -- and i do that again. is seen those great facility is the one to think the president of the united states. the next day the number of the folks with the chief of staff reince priebus we have charted that dirty together like the rest of the team did a fabulous job to go back and forth all over the status of wisconsin. making a great trip over we talked about that it is phenomenal. and it will be made in the great state of wisconsin.
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so together we had the special bond that we want to build this technology and it just so happened and then to be a snap:tool. and it said he said it would be nice to build something like that right in that area and that is exactly what we're doing today. we couldn't be more thrilled. and all that they represent from the state of wisconsin. also to this and that president and all those that are here thinking of minority leader who has been a great advocate on this as well. also the members of the congressional delegation.
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those have been working on this project with republican and democrat. [applause] is certainly a big part of that is what we are proud of. just like flipping burgers the speaker of the house has been an advocate all the way through he reached out and made the case while it is exceptional to do business in the great state of wisconsin. and the champion for the people in this country and like the speaker of the house paul ryan.
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>> what can i say? this is a great day for american relief factures. [applause] it is a game changer with more prosperity for families. is a truly manufacturing powerhouse i remember the day when they told me as you just mentioned this story of the factories talking how the president was a focus not just major rebuilding you fracturing jobs back to america back to wisconsin. we know how committed he is
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and the shows results and getting it done. every time we talk about this he was so willing to get the work done so i want to think the quarterback of this effort and our governor scott walker. [cheers and applause] >> and then also to make a huge comeback asking us to get involved by could not have been more excited so the team has ben incredible. i want to thank you for your commitment.
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[applause] and also to bid high skilled the fracturing and technology that is truly impressive. i cannot wait for americans to see what this is about four wisconsin residents to see what this represents the cannot wait for this partnership to begin in one to introduce someone from midwest manufacturing that is my old colleague and great friend and a great advocate for american workers, vice president mike penn. [applause] >> secretary to mnuchin and
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members of congress and on behalf of the first family will come to the white house [applause] >> thanks to the leadership of president donald trump this is a historic day for american jobs in the american heartland. [applause] >> since the very first day of the administration rolling back of federal red tape is to rebuild the infrastructure to give the american people in world-class health care they deserve. and with optimism businesses
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large and small create more than a hundred thousand new jobs since president trump took office. for company after company and today's announcement is the latest vote of confidence in our president so companies across the country will continue to invest in american jobs than workers in future because under president donald trump america is back. so ladies and gentlemen,, with gratitude for his leadership and determination to make america of prosperous again it is my high honor and
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privilege to introduce the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump. [applause] >> i want to think the great rice president juan governor walker, of the first time we announced that there was a small amount of interest
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going into this country and to that that is pretty much a done deal. ron johnson has been so whole awful to west the you have not heard too much about witches health care. we are hearing good things. secretary ross, secretary mnuchin, and senators in the audience thinks especially to my friend, terry. [applause]
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>> i would say you have to give us a couple of nasa places in addition the state close to my heart anywhere at anytime that is fantastic for the people for gregory day for american workers so if anybody believes in the concept of the label made in the usa. [applause] i am pleased to announce a world leader of
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manufacturing for computers to build a state of the are many veterans facility in to invest many millions of dollars and american jobs. >> another survey investor in similar country, raising so much money per our great republican party. thank you. great job. you have done a great job so
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to invest is southeast wisconsin to be constructed over the coming years ago and is about the biggest there is anywhere with an initial investment of $10 billion to create 3,000 jobs at a minimum with the potential of 13,000 jobs with the very near future. it with the return of lcd with electronic manufacturing into making an incredible investment to put the fate then confidence with the american said the economy.
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and also with $10 million. [applause] the great company that you see what i see how the administration is work and then to the american and all of those that can pursue the steps necessary to revitalize its industry to repeal and replace obamacare flynn live that was so badly needed. the 16th hour trade deals. and also with the infrastructure go.
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and also be attacking the tax bill the very near future. [applause] >> when this is complete foxcomm has the potential to create them what we have seen so i thank you for your investment for the american worker. they will not let you down. in never let us down. but terry told me that he believes in america. in one of the greats on entrepreneurs to have a real
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bond with the administration and with americans. foxcomm joins a growing list who understands those capabilities are limitless and that america's most prosperous is just ahead we will have some very reticent decades. bad bless the united states of america and all of you. [applause]
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[inaudible conversations] and not. >>. >> this afternoon a great date to be at the wh


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