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tv   Departure of White House Communications Director  CSPAN  July 31, 2017 7:17pm-7:25pm EDT

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i wanted to ask if you could elaborate on the president hope to travel in august to talk about tax cuts and tax reforms and interest and maybe getting democratic senators. had you have any details? >> that at this time, but certainly will make sure to keep you posted on the president's travel throughout august. he does hope to have a large amount of support for tax reform. that's something that's vital for our economy and something the administration is very focused on and has been and will continue working with both the house and senate members of the administration. i'm close on time. thank you. >> why would the president joke about police brutality? that's not a joking matter?
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>> john bennett is white house correspondent for cq roll. what to the press secretary, sarah sander say was the reason for anthony scaramucci's departure? >> she didn't want to get into the details of how this went out today. the statement the white house put out from her office did however say that anthony scaramucci and by implication, the president thought it best and the new chief of staff, john kelly. there's a sense that general kelly simply was not comfortable with anthony scaramucci sticking around. especially after that very explosive explosive laden new york report that was them published.
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that is certainly not general kelly style. having covered the pentagon for over a decade in general kelly, a little bit, i can say that is just not the general style. >> john, the anthony scaramucci has been in the office ten days or so. he departs the white house. unseen reports that he is going to keep a position with the export import bank. how does that work? >> he was senior official at the export import bank before he accepted the job is white house medication director. he was working at the white house, he had a staff pass, but he had not been sworn in. he had not formally taken the job. that is basically because the company he founded, sky bridge capital the sale is still pending. so, he cannot be sworn in for white house job until that went
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on. of course, that's not a problem anymore. apparently he will go back to the export import bank. that does reflect president trump in his belief and loyalty, even though anthony scaramucci stepped in it last week. the president still thinks highly of him. >> the president starting his day today before swearing in john kelly is the new chief of staff, tweeting this morning about the white house and his administration. high stock market ever, best economic numbers and years, unemployment most in 17 years, order secure, supreme court, and no white house chaos. what to the press secretary say when asked about that? >> she just doesn't really want to go there. she doesn't want to discuss the chaos, she does not want to publicly discuss what's going on behind the scenes.
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and that it's her job to cast everything that's going on in the ministrations policies, the president's desires for new policies the most positive way. at least on camera she's not going to get into whose feuding behind the scenes which faction is battling another faction in the west wing. those conversations with their and the rest of the communication team might happen in private, but you're not going to see her really get into those details on camera. >> any early speculation on who john kelly would like to see is a communications director? >> not yet. it's been a busy day. i'm also with the print reporter today so at the medal of honor ceremony i literally jogged to the briefing room. i've not had a lot of time, but
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given the way the white house were, it's just general kelly's first days chief of staff. i'd expect we'd hear some names won't be too long, they have a way of getting that out there. >> lastly you cover general kelly at the pentagon a more, what's your sense of the style he will bring to the white house chief of staff position in the rest of the administration? >> when you talk to folks from a national security realm and what i observed of general kelly during my time covering defense, it's discipline. disciplined, those of the words you hear a lot. he is a straight shooter. folks are expecting, some of the critics are hoping that general kelly will be just that with the
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president, especially when they are in the room together, especially in past white house the chief of staff has been the last voice a president here's before making tough decisions. a lot of folks are expecting that is the role kelly wants and a lot of trumps critics think highly of kelly. that's really want him to play. >> john, white house correspondent, you can follow him on twitter as well for the latest. i appreciate you joining us. >> thank you. >> later today, kentucky senator, rand paul will talk about the future of the conservative movement and how young americans can play a role. speak at the annual national conservative student council sponsored by the americas foundation. see live at 7:30 p.m. eastern on c-span.
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>> c-span's "washington journal", five every day with some policy issues that impact too. coming up on tuesday morning, the staff attorney and transgender marine veteran discusses the proposed transgender military band. then joshua greene will talk about his book on white house chief strategist, steve bannon and his relationship with president trump. love updates on the investigation of the trump white house in russia. watch "washington journal", live 7:00 a.m. eastern. join the discussion. >> the senate is done for tonight. earlier today members voted to advance the u.s. judge for the 11th circuit. with the failure to move forward with the repeal of the health care law last week the senate moves on to other legislative items including defense programs, executive nominations, and an fda drug user fee


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