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[inaudible] you are watching tv live coverage of the mississippi book festival. with the librarian of congress cora hayden. will be back in a few minutes with more.
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[inaudible] mississippi book festival. [inaudible]
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mississippi book festival.
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[inaudible] we will be back in a few minutes with more.
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mississippi book festival. [inaudible]
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[inaudible] [inaudible]
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mississippi book festival. here is a look at some of the current nonselling -- top-selling nonfiction books. topping the list was that exploration of the universe. with the memoir giant of the senate. in third they recall of the childhood and a rust belt in ohio. and then mark manson's advice and leading a happier life.
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our look at the best selling nonfiction books according to indy bown continues with bloomberg businessweek on the relationship between president trump in the steve bannon. next is the 2014 graduation speech at the university of texas. in killers of the moon. wrapping up our look at best selling nonfiction books according to indy bown is the hidden life of trees and parent -- sarah night sky. you can watch them on her website a website book they recently visited capitol hill to ask members of congress what they are reading the summer.
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what is on your reading list this summer and why. i just finished reading american gods. i read multiple books at the same time. the fanfare and the new series. it was an interesting read. i'm also reading the market discipline it is an old book from 1985. that talks about branding and brand management. i'm finishing up a book called against the tide which is about economic thoughts prior to the walk of nations and then after. whenever i'm working on it at the moment. it is always good to have a
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grounding and some of the basics. it's really interesting to hear what people are saying. it was one of the takeaways. i always think it's important to read something about your craft. my job is to get a message out. with the book biography and history that you read in the past. they recommended for other congress members. there are two. one is over jerusalem it was actually written by two a journalist. journalists. it is the account of when it starts the days act.
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it ends about three days after israel became a country. it is a wonderful narrative about the important point in history and i think it is important as we talk about the middle east and that reason of the world. on day one. and it is just amazing. it reads like a novel. and those authors have they have that. right after world war ii when hitler ordered that. why it didn't happen between that. it is a part of history. but those are books on history that have an impact and then there is a book and i
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should've done the research for it. it's a book on when george marshall did the marshall plan. and how that happened here in congress and impact on my that selects successful. in the rebuilding it really brings home some of the points on why our diplomacy efforts are so important to civility in the broader world. do you find that they discuss books. one of the things that's really interesting. the library library of congress does a lecture series. i have the opportunity to go see a gentleman who wrote a book on it. in the address is something like 800 words. it's a page in half.
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it was interesting curing his perspective on such an important piece in our history. i think it was called qa 78. it's about vietnam. and coming from someone who i respect and look up for. book tv wants to know what you are reading. send us our summer reading list. at book tv. or at instagram. or posted to our facebook page television for serious readers.


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