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tv   Globalization and Terrorism  CSPAN  August 23, 2017 2:54am-3:13am EDT

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survive. dad character to the local community. it's a meeting place for people and it keeps history alive by these bookshops continuing to be in existence. >> now on book tv, a literary tour of san bernardino california. with the help of our vocal cable partners. we spoke with dean of the college of social and behavioral college. we talked about his book globalization and terrorism. >> we will find that terrorism has been around since beginning a time. if we go back to the legends in the books, in the old testament, we will remember
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cases of samson. he was captured, tortured, blinded and then was to be fed to the lions. what did he do? he said on me and my enemies, oh my god and he brought down the temple, killing thousands of innocent people. perhaps one could say samson was the first suicide killer in history. they continued on and on and on for generation and generations. the word terror or terrorism comes from the french revolution. shortly after the revolution, we had about seven years that were formed the reign of terror were they executed many people.
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that area was the reign of terror. that's where the world terrorism came from. it's not modern or recent or islamic. has been around forever and eve ever. the times have changed over the years but the nature of the act on the crimes and the reaction of people to oppression and violence has been with us for a long time. when people are oppressed they will rebel. sometimes they carry out acts that we call terrorism. >> terrorism today is not really different than terrorism of the past. the tools that they use are available nowadays are much
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more destructive. you can get on an airplane have the airplane go into a building. that didn't exist in the past that what we had in the past were individuals going to kill many innocent people. today you can kill a lot more by having a bum attached to your chest appearing in your handbag. and not to kill yourself and others and will kill a lot more people than in history. terrorism today and more violent than the past it is more severe and has a greater impact on civilians and because of the media, it generates greater amount of your. in the past people heard stories that became legends
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overtime. now it's instantaneous. the media tells us bombing in pakistan and france. it's instant. we see it right away because of the media and communications. therefore people become scared and afraid. right here in san bernardino we had terrorist attack back in december and my own daughter was there and she was terrified then and she continues to be terrified till today. she was in the midst of it in the building nearby. she was stranded, held up for about five hours, it has an impact. it brings fear in the heart of other people. the way it became islamic in a
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way was the rise in afghanistan. under president ronald reagan re- recruited people from the arabian peninsula and north africa in different places to go to afghanistan and fight in the name of islam. then after the war was over, we forgot about afghanistan. base date there on their base. the word base in arabic is hide. we, in essence were the contributing factor mma got very upset at us because we abandoned them in a try to go back to their home country and they didn't want them, opposing their system because they had become so devoted to their version of islam. they felt stranded and abandoned and they tried to take revenge on the united
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states and then september 11 happened. the invasion of iraq on the current wave under isis, the islamic state of syria, if we didn't have them in afghanistan, there would not have been al qaeda. in a way we have a hand in creating these types of groups. we bombed the country, we had shock and all. they tried to take them to school and feed them and do your job and all of a sudden you see these dropping bombs. the bombs are falling down. what you do. you look up and say god help me.
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when people are scared they go back to god. to go back to religion. we made them terrified and when people are terrified they go back to god. religion becomes a greater part of their life. as a result there are people who are upset about the situation, whatever it may be that situation. somebody who lost an uncle or an aunt, perhaps the killers in san bernardino, husband-and-wife, the wife is a new arrival from pakistan, the husband from here, went back to pakistan, perhaps she lost somebody. maybe to one of our bombings in northern pakistan on the
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border with afghanistan. she got the revenge she wanted to get back at us. when she saw this person coming in, maybe they hooked up in order to come here and carry out some act. there must be something. we don't know the details. there must be something. my guess is the wife was the instigator behind it and must have been something happening in her situation. we must've done bombs or drones in their country. we drop bombs on leaders of islamic groups in pakistan as well as in afghanistan. she may have lost her relative or lost a friend or something leading her to be determined to take revenge. to show the americans somehow. what is happening in europe is that we are beginning to have more isis attacks than
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european cities. i think the reason for that is that the campaign in syria and iraq, we have a european country joining in in the bombing. also in libya, when the people rebelled, immediately the europeans read nato and they joined in and began to bomb libya. they declared no fly zones but they could fly and brought down qaddafi and murdered him at the end. many people didn't forgive the europeans for that. the europeans become a target. and also what i mentioned in the media, and france what happened, big media, big groups and leaders from all
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over the world going to paris, flags at half staff, they condemn these acts but they happen all the time in nigeria and kenya and somalia in pakistan and afghanistan and the europeans don't move. they don't care. they don't car call for security council resolution to condemn these attacks in people feel why. in my lesser than others and they get very frustrated and the europeans become a target in a way. because of that, plus the racis racism. that contributes to targeting europeans. we are beginning to see similar things in this country with this election cycle, the anti- islamic attitude as if muslims are terrorists were
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become terrorists, it really is outrageous to label one and half billion people on the earth by the behavior of a few. timothy mcveigh during oklahoma city bombing, all these people were killed including children, it's timothy mcveigh. we know him, we know his background and his family, we know everything about him but this is islamic terrorism. we don't know much about th individual or the family or the background. we label one and half million people by the behavior of the one or the 19. it's wrong. very wrong. you cannot do that. otherwise who will be labeling christians because some christian went to a theater
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and started shooting or went to school and started shooting. that would be wrong too. all the people together and label them by the behavior by the one or the few. and were doing that in this country now. >> when the shooting took place in san bernardino here in our town, where we are at, i was at the restaurant and i saw on tv. what went through my mind immediately is my daughter. not only this, but my daughter because she worked for the county and my daughter was in that area. she was terrified. that was the first thing. as a father you worry about your children first, but then, as an american, a palestinian american, i'm not muslim either. i'm catholic, as an american i
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got very worried that the shooter may be arab or muslim. thank god they want arab. there were pakistani. that contributes to labeling the whole group by the act of these two and it did so. but this community has been a fantastic community. the muslims of the imminent power in san bernardino in the areas around it collected almost 250,000 banners for the victim. when they had prayer on friday, after the shooting, christian and jewish administers and rabbi came and stood in front of the mosque so the muslims could pray in peace. i love this community. this is an example for all of our country. this is how we should be.
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work together as a community, perfect each other as a community and not think of the acts of the one or the few as an act of the whole. our community did very well with that and i'm very proud of san bernardino community. for what they have done. this book has done very well. actually when it came out it received choice outstanding book of the year award. it has been nice because it gives the perspective not only of the powerful but the perspective of those who are on the other side, on the receiving end of the powerful. i think that is the biggest message that i need people to know. the other side, whom we call the terrace also has grievances, also may have some right that we need to recognize and be aware of. that no matter how great we
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are, we do things on wrong like when we go and invade the country embalmed their people to smithereens. we do something wrong in doing that. that notion of my country is, in my opinion, a form of stupidity. it is our duty as americans, and i became a naturalized american a long time ago. i became an american. i had to pass a test and in that test i learned this is my duty to correct my country when i see my country deviate from what is right. when my country does wrong. it is my job to try to correct it. so i would never say my country is right or wrong. if it's wrong it's our job to correct it. that's the kind of message i would like readers of this book to get.
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we have a duty as citizens of this great country. i love this country but i hate some of the policies and i keep trying to work hard to perfect them. that is what we need to do, to correct the policies of our country that has gone in the wrong direction. many of those listening and watching this program, i hope not too many, i hope only a few who will be thinking that this professor is just radical and justifying terrorism. i'm not justifying terrorism. i condemn all sources of violence. i think it's counterproductive and it is outrageous and we need to find ways around it. we don't need to be helping create it. we have helped create terrorism and we need to find ways around it. i do not justify terrorism.
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i do not support terrorism, but i understand the motives that push people to terrorism. that doesn't mean i accept it or i agree with it or i support it. i do not. i hope that someday we will get beyond our nationalistic attitude and begin to look at the betterment of all human beings on the rights of all human beings and recognize that what divides us is simply an accident of birth. i didn't choose to be born in jerusalem to a christian family. i did not choose that. that is an accident of birth. that doesn't make me lesser than any other human being or more than any other human being. we need to work on the basis of that.
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all life is precious. all human beings are important regardless of their accident of birth. then we will be a better society in the long run. >> designated a national historic landmark in 1962, this is considered the birthplace of the conservation movement. for two years, henry david thorough lived on inspiring his book walden. up next, museum curator david would describes his reasons for living at the pond and his experience there.


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