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tv   Summer Reading with Senator John Mc Cain  CSPAN  September 1, 2017 8:45pm-8:48pm EDT

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strapping. you know, we tend to think of him from the gilbert stuart pictures as stiff and rigid and cranky. he was, jefferson that he was the greatest horseman of his day. he was legendary as a dancer, he was a great hunter, he was a very - you know, very social and very genial personality. and so, i find it completely understandable that she would have been attracted to him. and he was -- and she had two children he seemed very eager to have children. >> no cherry tree,? >> no cherry tree. >> i would like to thank you all for coming. [applause]
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>> another member of congress who put out his reading list was senator john mccain of arizona. >> booktv recently visited capitol hill to ask members of congress what they are reading this summer and here's a look at some of the books arizona senator, john mccain is reading. first on the list, german novelist eric -- all quiet on the western front. next pulitzer prize-winning historian james mcpherson analysis of a civil war, "battle cry of freedom: the civil war era". followed by the late journalist david halberstam and how america became in the vietnam war and the best and the brightest. ernest hemingway's novel, for whom the bell tolls those on the list. as well as english poet robert graves autobiography. goodbye to all of that. arizona senator mccain summer reading list continues with historian barbara tuchman pulitzer prize-winning recount
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of world war i in the guns of august. the senator also plans on reading british playwright w somerset coming-of-age novel. and life lessons, make your bed. and wrapping up senator mccain summer reading list is irish playwright william trevor's novel, the story of lucy gold and also prize-winning author herman -- booktv wants know what you are reading. send us your summer reading list via twitter at or instagram at bookótv or posted to our facebook page, booktv on c-span2, television for serious readers. >> james mcpherson won a pulitzer prize for "battle cry of freedom: the civil war era". >> i would like to welcome doctor james mcpherson.


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