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tv   Open Phones on National Book Festival Part 1  CSPAN  September 3, 2017 1:45am-2:01am EDT

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governor of louisiana so he drew up the subscription list and raised money in drew from his account of what he had to purchase the young man's liberty and then the door swung open and return to springfield to his mother. in order to free him. abraham lincoln's first act of emancipation. [applause]
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>> i think that have five minutes and rand to take a couple of questions. >> what led you to believe you could add or what you just said has not been known previously?. >> thanks for the question. when i fell down the rabbit hole i had no idea how or when i could the merger wasth still down the rabbit old but i thought what i had to
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offer was my experience inhis then and this committee who worked in the white house is so i thought that my skills are brought to bear to provide insight in interpretation and i hope iho have done so. particularly of the house divided in the emergence of the leadership and how he
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develops his argument and his words and how he managed to develop and then lead to. >> what are the views on immigration?. >> there were no laws on immigration at the time. people just come into the country there is a lot of prejudice from the irish and the germans but the know
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nothing movement and operated behind the scenes to be undone through political means to undermine the known nazi movement with places like chicago. in then to get them to participate in the anti-slavery coalition and those that have come to lincoln wanting the h leadership the time has not
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covey at so waiting for the right time depending on the time being.icize some people criticize to be compromising but it never took a step backwards it took a step forward. to have the greatest political support for what he was doing and this is the political genius. >> thinks for such a wonderful synopsis. i'm sure the audience agrees that was outstanding.. [applause]
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my question is about your perspective on history.e you there are many of us said myra that intellect and struggling with the events of the present condition so can you put that into perspective to give us hope? [laughter] [applause] i will refer to abraham lincoln. [laughter] in that speech in 1828 with the political institutions
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in which lincoln warrants about self destruction and says there is a flaw in the system.d this i their baby a man who'd you verges and the distinction and beyond what is normal base seek to trample down what exist to achieve distinction for himself. when that happens the people must unite together and act intelligently., [laughter] in order to oppose him for crowed now. >> host: may have had in mind something else but he was warned against the
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danger of the demagogues and how that might upset the american democracy. in lincoln words echoed through the ages. thank you very much. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
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>> booktv live coverage of the national book festival washington d.c. hall that the convention center we want to know what you are reading unless some of the one of the richest lives.emma,
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the book is so good that in spite the fact that it weighs a lot, i carry with me everywhere and i risk losing it. >> you consider yourself an anarchist? >> caller: no, i consider myself an investigator of all possibilities politically. and i have come down to believe a great deal in resisting the state power for the government's power.over many
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different aspects of our lives, i think that we are practically the stupidest brainwashed country that has ever existed. except for third world countries that never had any education. >> that is tracy in hoboken, new jersey for thank you let's hear from judy and boynton beach florida. >> caller: hello it is great to speak with you. i love the program. >> i guess that answers the question, where is waldo? sorry about that judy. please go ahead. >> i am reading rising star, of barack obama and i am really enjoying all of the details. i had not read any obama reviews or memoirs before this and it is really getting me a
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lot of fascinating information. >> it is a big book. it is about 1400 pages, isn't it? >> yes, it is about seven pounds. [laughter] >> how far into it are you? >> caller: a little, let's see, i'm a little past -- i think i'm onto page 750. >> all right, good luck. mr. gallo or professor gallo's from the university of pittsburgh was on our q&a program several months ago. if you go to type in his name, you can watch an hour interview with him as well. judy, thank you for calling in and sharing what you are reading. let's hear from gail in little rock, arkansas. you are in booktv and c-span2 from the national book festival. >> caller: thank you, good morning. >> good morning. >> caller: we are listening. >> my book that i'm reading now is franken of the senate.
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i have loved it. also reading -- snyder was our congressman from arkansas. they had triplets in their 40s. and so they had four boys and that is quite an interesting story. she has wonderful advice and stories from others. so that is a book that i'm reading also. >> that is gail in little rock. thank you for watching booktv today. we are live from the national book festival. we have book in arizona. what is on your reading list both? >> caller: good morning! i am reading three books went up to the first one is the big y by denise desousa. i bid all of the books. i am reading everett pfeiffer -- and then -- the first caller
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sounded like he was embracing the declaration of independence and giving over drawing a consent to be governed. >> with regard to your books, the big lie and not a daycare by the president of oklahoma wesley and -- wesleyan university. >> caller: getting back to the first principles from the smartest guys in the room, the founders. they put forth the first principles that we have gone off track on and they are getting us back to the road to prosperity and happiness. >> thank you for calling in here on booktv. by the way, not a daycare is airing next weekend on booktv. we have covered university


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