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tv   U.N. General Assembly Meeting on Jerusalem Declaration  CSPAN  December 22, 2017 2:31am-3:21am EST

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>> the tenth emergency special session on illegal to the occupied palestinian with this resolution from january 2009 the general assembly with the emergency special session to authorize the president of the general assembly in the most recent session to resume meetings upon request i would like to draw the attention to the following documents which contains a letter dated 18th december 2017 requesting the
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resumption of the tenth emergency special session. which contains another which contains a letter from december from the permanent representative from the republic of venezuela also requesting the session. i intend to conduct the proceedings of this meeting from the general assembly from the defense emergency special session. in accordance with rule number 63 the president and vice president of the 72nd session in the same capacity
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it is the wish of the general assembly of the 72nd session for this advance emergency session. >> it is so decided. to keep with the established practice i will invite attention to the general assembly document concerning member states with the financial contributions to the united nations with article 19 of the charters spirit to duly take note from that information. >> it is so decided.
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that is the wish of the general assembly to follow the provision with somalia is permitted to vote in the general assembly and also allow these member states to vote in the special session. >> it is so decided. >> with agenda item number five. so in connection with this item the general assembly as before the resolution.
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>> i now give the floor to the distinguished representative. translator: i express appreciation so have this general assembly of the united nations over the sensitive subjects that we are experiencing that constitutes a threat of security. in accordance with the
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resolution number with the arab league with the council with the session in cairo ninth of december 2017, the extraordinary exceptional by the summit and assembled the 13h of decembe december 2017. also we would like to express to all the members here for their support and holding this emergency special session. mr. president we express our regret to the united states of america to exercise the veto against the resolution with the ejection arabs to protect
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the city of jerusalem and which to change that historical physician is deeply entrenched and also that approach adopted by the united states of america to run counter to the security council. [inaudible] and the united nations development on the side of jerusalem it is considered know and void with no further consequence this is considered a violation from the arab nation for all muslims and christians of the world.
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it is considered a dangerous violation of international law with the forceful annexation of land and in the world and with this resolution to those that partake in violence and extremism. and with the state of palestine they have the right to exercise its province on the territory that they have occupied. so including the united states of america for them not to recognize runs counter to that end we ask that they wait for
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sewage in the holy city and wait for the general assembly's position and to do that over many decades. and with these policies and practices so it is the arab identity structure. so with that historic and legal status. and here we appreciate the role that is played and to have these illegal attempts
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and furthermore we appreciate the role that is played and those that defend their land and in the face of anyone in the holy arab city. including palestinian land there would be no security or stability and will give them those rights of freedom and dignity with its capital on the basis with this resolution
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with also has the arab initiative to inform of a patent on -- of a peaceful solution including the security council. . . . .
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>> 478 of your 1980. they demand that all states comply regarding the city of jerusalem recognize any actions or measures sponsoring of the revolution. it calls for negative trends on the ground. and the original effort and support aimed at achieving comprehensive peace in the middle east. on the basis of the revolution resolution, the arab peace initiative and the roadmap and
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an end to this rally act patient that began in 1967. would like to take this time to express her sincere gratitude for the great efforts by the republic of egypt unless arab delegation and tabling of the revolution of the counselor as well as support, we salute their principal position express our thanks to all of the delegation and the sponsorship that we submitted for supporting the principles that is also reflected of their current position on the rule of law and the just cause of palestine. the call pine all peace loving countries to stand with us with
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the rule of law. we asked to support this resolution to vote for peace and stability of the middle east in the entire world. >> i now give the floor to the observer of the state of palestine, his excellency. >> here excellencies, ladies and gentlemen we have called for
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holding this emergency special session of the general assembly in order to make her the voice of the community which has been embodied by the people in countries throughout the world. as the majority was aware there was conducted on a just revolution of ego and click on the fact that any attempts to change in the member states an organization at the movement for calling for this democracy after the use of the veto and made a
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multiple -- number six of the council supported the draft by egypt. the general assembly now has the right to undertake this responsibility. this comes after decisions by their counsel in the king of jordan as the guardian. pursuant to the extraordinary of the oic. also comes of international consensus on the u.s. decision
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at the regional and international level. we meet today that because of any animosity towards the united states of america, but because of the decision which constitutes an aggression on the general international rights of the palestinian people and their nation and other christians of the world. an aggression on the status of jerusalem and the humanitarian and we would confirm that it will not impact the position in any way whatsoever. rather, it's naturally the status of the united states as a mediator piece. because it has failed in
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jerusalem despite our warnings and the warnings of the entire world not to to take this seriously in our warnings of the danger of taking any position and decisions that would inflame the feelings and contribute towards transferring a political solution they cannot be subway were without boundaries. so what does this decision served? answers the power of extremism and terrorism of religion of the world. you can imagine there be any credibility where jerusalem is excluded. they're in a voice that supports peace? that enjoys credibility that supports this decision? how has this been described not
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to mention the christian establishments of the world. and why even the closest allies cannot even turn a blind eye to this decision. dancers clear. it is the city and the -- and the third of the holy mark. it cannot for her any domination
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for of consensus for clear respect special administered status of the historic site. today, the united states once again misses an opportunity to go to an illegal and provocative decision. however, if .-ellipsis on ignoring the dangerous repercussions on the call to respect the laws will over and our work and which presents the escalation of -- and offer just peaceful solution.
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mr. president, the stage of palace all respects the sovereignty of states has lyons and some off with international law. however, we refuse to have sovereignty as an excuse to violate national law and to violate and to deny her right to exist in our land. we stand here today with the countries of the world all of the world united for freedom, justice, and peace. the veto will not stop us. we will not be threatened. we are confronting these challenges, and doing this we rely on international law. the way seek its judgment we to seek what appears to be religious advice that is being used in order to justify
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colonialism and to justify this land. we wonder how israel has not yet realize the country here represents people many decades suffer for colonialism, domination, aggression, they know very well the difference between colonialists and others and would refuse any justification because these are those that have been exposed to the troubles of people. these country and the people are loyal and palestinian will not forget the support they received until they have achieved and regained their independence. they recognize understand which this organization was formed
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over 70 years ago in the aftermath of world war ii. it is logic based on justice, selective will, and within united nations a national law. this organization is now undergoing a test with palestine being a headline. all the framework has agreed on our right on the justice of our palestinian front. this includes human rights council, general assembly, the conference of the high contract of the geneva convention. today we trust that the states will rely on this basis of the foundation which are also based on the logic in line with human civilization. mr. president, history records names and remembers things.
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the names by those which will stand by what is right and today we are speakers of right and peace. despite the oppression and injustice that has befallen our people, children, women, elderly affected 100 years ago to the occupation of the u.s. bank until this very day. and despite our mark for over a century we have not wavered in their will to achieve peace from we were given the chance. however colonialism lose him and peace do not meet. those who choose colonialism are the enemy we do not hide the
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policies and intention. the mediator has decided to take it side to acknowledge what is wrong and ignore what is right. this requires a formation of a mechanism under the united nations and the framework of the peace process and to achieve a just comprehensive peace in the region. the peace process is not the exclusive property of one party. the person of one party as a whole that would guarantee and in a manner that cannot be limited this cannot be used for
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maneuver out of the responsibility and international law. and now recognize the process that israel has created a night contributed to this process which is much distinguished by the occupying powers. i must support the palestinian people including recognizing the palestinians within the 1967 border. in our historic lines and desire to achieve freedom and dignity and are hope to achieve dignity and welfare is renewed every day, however israeli occupation is taken away the dreams and futures of the palestinian people.
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a person was shot by a sniper in his wheelchair. the child was shot in the face and attire for telling the soldiers have surrounded an unarmed young man, the kidnapping and of brave girl child in the middle of the night from her parents. when will it end? when will we achieve our freedom and live in peace? this is celebrating the birth of christ over the next two days. but the lace will not be lit in the land of christ in jerusalem and bethlehem as a response to an attempt to eliminate the islamic identity of the city and an affirmation of the unity of the palestinian people around their cause.
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history is taken its position colonialism and apartheid. in palestine cannot remain alone, hostage to the tragedies that they have rejected. the palestinian people hold fast in jerusalem that cities and alex as an organic relationship between the cannot be dismembered. we would like it that they come here to defend. i call upon you to work in favor in order to make her the voice of the firm right that cannot be tonight and to take a fair position history and recognize international law to combat attempts at fraud rejected back
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mail and intimidation those who want peace must vote for peace today. i think you. >> i think the observer of the state of palestine. now give the floor to the representative of turkey. >> this or president, thank you for convening this historic un general assembly meeting. i would also like to welcome his excellency the minister of foreign affairs of palestine. difference, so many times we came here and said that the palestinians had the right to
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live like the rest of us. they have the right to be free and secure. they have the right to be prosperous. and they have the right to enjoy what is their own. yet, our wars cannot make a change. the illegal occupation continues and palestinians cannot enjoy their basic rights. generations of palestinians force subject to this violence and discrimination. today's world is important to remind palestinians are not alone. this is important to show that palestinian are still -- and therefore today we will speak up for justice and peace. today, we will speak up for
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jerusalem, the city of -- will show us different ethnicities and religions can coexist in peace in palestine. excellency's, dear friend. the palestinians have a right to their own state based in 1960 borders which is true slow as its capital. this is the main and hope for peace in the region. however to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel including all relevant resolutions. this decision is outrageous. as the organization we reconvene
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on istanbul on december 13. as the world's second-largest intergovernmental body rejected the decision as consistent with 476 which censored in the strongest terms similar decision taken in 1980. was also the pac face of palest. mr. president, it is the responsibility of the entire -- unilateral decisions of the multicultural fabric of the city.
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prospects undermined are just and lasting peace in the middle east, they hinder the region of the two state solution. regrettably they failed to deliver on the responsibilities once again through the user veto power. now they want to bring justice. excellency, dear friends, before this meeting our un member we're all asked for no or face the consequences. some are even threatened with the cut. such an attitude is unacceptable. this is bowling, and this chamber will not do that. to think that the members are --
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let me put it this way, we will not be intimidated. you can be strong but it does not make you write. mr. president, excellencies, this is a critical moment in history. i walk in favor of the palestinian people today will place us on the right side of the history. this service with the observer states back in 2012. it's much needed peace and justice in the middle east. also together we requested that the president of the general assembled to convene this emergency special session.
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i would like to conclude on behalf of the entire turkish nation that turkey will never let it down. the palestinian people will never be left alone. thank you mr. president. >> i think you and i give the floor to the distinguish representative of the united states. >> thank you mr. president. to its shame, the united nations has long been a hostile place for the state of israel. both the current and previous secretary-general has objected to the un's disproportionate focus on israel.
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it is a wrong that undermines the credibility of this institution. that, in turn is harmful for the entire world. i wondered why in the face of such hostility israel has chosen to remain a member of this body. then i remember that israel has chosen to remain in this institution because it is important to stand up for itself. israel must stand up for its own survival as a nation. but also for the deals are freedom and human dignity that the united nations is supposed to be about. standing here today, being force to defense integrity of my country, the united states of america, many of the same thoughts come to mind. the united states is by far the single largest contributor to the united nations and its agencies. we do this in part to advance
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her values and interests. when that happens our participation in the un produces great good for the world. together we see, close, and educate desperate people. we hold out machines accountable. we do this because it represents who we are, it is our american way. but, we will be honest with you, when we make generous contributions to the un, we also have a legitimate expectation that are good willis recognized and respected. when a nation is singled out for attacking this organization, that nation is disrespected. what's more, that nation is asked to pay for the privilege of being disrespected. in the case of the united states, we are asked to pay more
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than anybody else for that privilege. unlike in some un member countries, the united states government answers to its people. as such, we have an obligation to acknowledge when our capitals being poorly spent. we have an obligation to demand more for investment. if our investment fails we have an obligation to spend our resources in a more productive way. those are the thoughts that come to mind when we consider the resolution before us today. the arguments about the president's decision to move the embassy by jerusalem are made. they are well known. the decision was in accordance to u.s. law dating back to 1995. his position has been endorsed by the american people ever since. the decision does not prejudge any final status issue,
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including jerusalem's boundaries. the decision does not preclude a two state solution if the authorities agree to. the solution does nothing to harm peace efforts. rather, it reflects the will of the american people, and our rate as a nation to choose the location of our embassy. there is no need to describe it further. instead, there is a larger point to make. the united states will remember this day in which it was singled out for attack for the very act of exercising our right is a single nation. we'll remember we were called upon to make the largest contribution to the united nations. we will remember when many countries come calling on us as a soft and do to pay even more
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and to use our influence for their benefit. america will put our embassy in jerusalem, that is what the american people want us to do, and, it is the right thing to do. no vote for the united nations will make a difference on that. but this route will make a difference on how americans look at the you and and how we look at countries who disrespect us in the un. and this what will be remembered. thank you. >> i now give the floor to the distinguish representative of israel.
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>> thank you mr. president. it is shameful that the united nations must stand before you today. it's shameful that this is taken place. jerusalem is the holiest place on earth for the jewish people. the capital of the state of israel. , it is a fact that simply cannot be disputed. king david declared jerusalem the city of the jewish people 3000 years ago. the jewish bible mentions jerusalem 660 times. our prayers that would cultures on holy names over and over
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again. as our prime minister said, and i quote, jerusalem is an inseparable power of the history of israel in the face of israel. i am holding an original coin, it is from 67 a.d. it says in hebrew, and i quote, freedom of zion, look in the envelope in front of you. you see a replica of the coin. it is clear evidence from the time of our second temple, it proves that ancient connection to jerusalem. our bond to jerusalem is unbreakable.
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no empty speeches, no general assembly resolution will ever divide us from jerusalem. these are the five so today i will tell you about another unbreakable bond, the unbreakable bond of hypocrisy between the palestinians and the united nations. sam said the united states decision is one-sided and harmful to peace. the opposite is true. so the palestinians and the un and have pushed away peace for you.
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with every anti- israel and every attack on my people, the un has perfected its double standard. we are now sitting in an open session, an emergency session of the general assembly. this session has been since 1997. so democracy in the middle east the remain in a constant open position. how many times of israel wash his hands in peace since 1997. how many times have we offered the palestinians to join us in dialogue, how many times did sis
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calls for peace to be rejected. all of us have lost count. when the offer the palestinians estate in 2000 we met with suicide bombers with their buses with the shootings in our street. in 2005 they removed every single israeli home, you will not find any occupation in gaza anymore. sensing, we have been attacked again and again with rockets and missiles aimed at our civilians. yet, despite it was silence.
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the united states simply stated a fact. they officially declared what has always been true. jerusalem has been and always will be the capital of the state of israel. those who support today's resolution are like a puppet, your puppets told by the string severe palestinian puppet masters, you're like a marionette forced to dance while the palestinian leadership looks on with glee. you are blind to the light, one aware of what is surrounding you just like a puppet. this is nothing more than a performance of dilution. the palestinians know this resolution is a fraud. they know that it's nothing for the lives of the palestinian
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people. they know it will provide better healthcare for the people, no, this resolution is nothing more than a distraction, all it will do is tell the palestinians they can continue rejecting peace. and if you vote for your sanctioned. i send those brave countries that do not support this revolution, you have now fallen prey to the puppet show before us, you're the defender real peace, you're the leader that proved note un resolution can rewrite history. when they designate the president is illegal in reality
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they designate the president of the jewish people in the western world is illegal. mr. president, for thousands of years, jews had only partial access or ban completely from the western world, other nations, kingdoms and empires that occupied jerusalem had no respect for freedom of religion. when either was founded we establish a strong democracy. was based on individual freedom, one of those freedoms is a freedom of religion. all of these years later democracy and commitment continue to thrive. we know jerusalem is sacred to
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billions around the world. israel respects all religions and encourages everyone to visit and pray in the holy city. mr. president, there is a particular irony with today's revolution, countries that sponsor today's revolution accuse the united states and israel of violating international law. countries like yemen, and terror groups like al qaeda and isis find fertile ground. the irony continues. in every scenario this body preaches human rights and peace, but not when it comes to israel. in fact, you completely ignore the horrific acts that threaten israeli citizens.


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