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tv   U.S. Senate Sens. Lankford Coons Immigration Debate Status ...  CSPAN  February 14, 2018 11:50pm-12:18am EST

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enforcement to share information with the department of homeland security and to temporarily and briefly hold people in custody until people can get there. this is a bipartisan amendment , 2016 when the senate voted in the form ofiv a freestanding bill with bipartisan support unfortunately the minority blocked it to but the fact is it is a bipartisan piece of legislation so i don't think it should be controversial but we will have a v vote on this relatively soon in the coming days and i hope it will have broad support. it is common sense standing for the principal and safety of the american people matter and the lives of kate and
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other victims of violent crime matter and all community should be as safe as they can be. thank you mr. president. >> the senate is interested on the status of the debate. starting in september and hallways and committee rooms and now talking about these issues over months. there was a government shutdown that we have a vote right now on immigration. after three days the government reopened in demanding but now it is wednesday of the week it is supposed to occur in the proposals are not out on the table. it is a frustrating journey. i cannot how do you resolve a
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small group of issues related to immigration? in early january so they could discuss the widely televised scope and what the issues to address? and there w was agreement these are the only four we will deal with and with a path toward citizenship and border security and all of the things around that and the lottery and family reunification all of those have been dealt with in legislation in fact except for the issue of daca the only one that hasn't had legislation.
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the gang of eight in 2013 had border security and all kinds of different issues with legal loopholes and the diversity lottery. going back to the immigration study, with the clinton administration 1985 put out by the democratic so dealing with with merit-based immigration and having harry over decades. what i have heard there is no time to do any of those things. we cannot even discuss anyone else. early but now we get down to the data there are those for
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simple they have untold number of hearings on these issues to get legislation ready and get results. i will focus on a few things because a few of us found a proposal over those four areas that was middle ground certainly not everything i would like with border security and certainly not everything the b democrats would like to have but it is a middle ground for the white house said they will sign with 1.8 million people moving into naturalizationid citizenship. these are the individuals that came, their prayers checked them at the time. those individuals so for them
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to offer an opportunity to become a citizen. >> in that ten year time. more security could be put in place that is not unreasonable. and then how does that affect the process? first right now we have a 20 year backlog to come into the united states legally. once we adde another 2 million people in all likelihood it moves from 20 years at that 25 years it is ridiculous it is even worse at 25. we all know this issue of family migration not based on
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their skills but somebody's brother-in-law is not the best way to do immigration we are the only country that doesn't like theo 70% that come into the country illegally come from a family connection a brother or sister or relative that canada is exactly the opposite 63% that come in legally because they are bringing a work skill. there is a uniqueness to the united states and how we handle immigration and allowing people from every country to come. they come to bring something to the nation. i'll think that is too hard of a hill tod cross. you certainly should be able to bring your spouse and children but brothers and sisters and other adults maybe
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they should come based on their own merits and to be a part of the great culture as well or they can come visit and stay longer but not necessarily for citizenship and that doesn't seem to difficult that diversity lottery hasn't been a challenging issue but it was saying why do we have 50000 visa with individuals that can come but don't bring anything at all? let's add a skill or education requirement. they come from anywhere we should at least know that they bring something to the economy. if that hasn't been controversial or partisan now suddenly it has. the border security has been the most confusing part for me and some of my democratic colleagues over and over say
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the ball will do nothing there is no benefit if you do a 20-foot wall there is al 21-foot ladder. now the conversation is we will give citizenship to daca and you get money to build a walln and recall that even that is never the requested has been border a security. not just a wall and i'm very aware the president has talked about the big beautiful wall a lot but it has always been about border security there is the need in certain urban areas everyone knows we need border security why is is a controversial issue? we have asked for is a middleground proposal at the democratic colleagues have said no so we said okay that
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is a future bill that border security is enforcement -- important so we will give you money to build a wall. what they were trying to exclude border security air are legal loopholes this is what i don't think should be controversial we have included in our language to say be serious. we asked for additional penalties for human smuggling some that could do those there areer also people that are individuals in our country watching the border patrol agents to say they are here go a different direction helping to divert people. we should increase the
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penalties but the democratic colleagues have said no. it doesn't seem unreasonable to protect and for those that are redirecting people and that doesn't seem too hard to accomplish. . . . .
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first border. we have been pushed back some. slowing down people illegally through central america into mexico we think that is part of it. how about this one all along the rio grande river in texas there are these canes that grow through the river in the area and were able to hide people come in drugs, whatever it may be. we think we should do an eradication to see through it. it hasn't been controversial in the past. suddenly it is controversial. it's only there because it is hiding people in contraband. we think we should be able to do that. we think that we should be able to add electromagnetic spectrum is at the border ports of entry so that you can look at a
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vehicle looking for certain chemical parts of the spectrum to be able to see if we can eradicate those that are being trafficked into the country. i don't think it should be that controversial. to interact with law enforcement to make sure no one from the organization listening in to the license plate reader ports of entry to speed it up to the exit something that has been required since the 9/11 commission to ask ofom a great process as people come in and out of the country we know when they come in a. individuals that come in to the country are held until they get due process. as they cross into the country illegally we are able to pick them up and detain them some of
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them make claims for credible fear in other things that we give them a piece of paper thatt hithatis bogus too. release them into a the country and say we will see you in about two years for your hearing date. instead of actually doing the hearing right then, no exchange for no facts have changed, nothing has changed during the time of the delay we just release them because they don't have enough judges or courts to be able to accomplish. you may be surprised to know most of the individuals never show up for that hearing. they ar were just released in te country.
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i think we do care detention and we go through the due process and make a decision right then. we are not getting to the court hearing for most of those individuals who are.
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housing individual individuals d in detention. i think most americans, certainly most would like to stay in a hotel tha hotel that 0 a night. putting a cap of how much we spend on that per person per night i think it's a reasonable thing to be able to put into it but we have had to push back. right now there is almost 700,000 people in a backlog in our immigration courts. almost 700,000. we don't think that it is unreasonable to ask for judges succumbing to be able to help us and we are not talking about untrained judges but judges that are in the federal system that are knowledgeable of these issues. we should be able to do all these things. none of these issues should be controversial.
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putting the things around them that they need to be able to enforce the law. they are american law enforcement. the way they are spoken of on this floor and treated in conversations, i am appalled. american law enforcement and if there is a problem with what they are enforcing, this body should voteth on it to fix the w and not beat up on the people doing what they've asked them to do as they congress. i hope in the days ahead we can get this passed. i hope we can move toward
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citizenship for 1.8 million people and i think it is a reasonable thing to do for those individuals that came into the country but i also hope we don't this time say we are going to give citizenship and off to border security. i hope they can have we can has conversation and say let's do more security to establish a secure border. i hope we can deal with some of the biggest issues on immigration and w walk through this debate in a reasonable way without the emotion and heat thinking this through with that of mr. president, i will yield back the floor. >> i come t >> i come to the floor today to talk about an issue that has occupied thise congress.
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in a bipartisan path forward, i wanted to speak about why i have optimism that we can find a bipartisan solution to this challenge. i know i am not alone in my optimism about this. someone that i respect and admire deeply into those markets sacrifice and patriotism than anybody i've met believes the same thing. this friend of mine is not just any senator, senator john mccain and the senior senator from arizona who also happens to be an american hero who has literally fought for this country andro its values throughout his entire life. a man of deep conviction and unmatched character. mr. president, john mccain is exactly the person the senate
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and the country needs in times like u this. when the disagreements seem to buy it and the instincts are to argue rather than to listen, this chamberwh into the country needs someone that is able to show us the way forward and lead us out of our stubborn and sometimes partisan like senator mccain. as the debate has progressed in the recent days, i've been reminded of something i heard senator mccain say late last year when he accepted from the constitution center in philadelphia at liberty memo. speaking about our country and the opportunity he has had here and i quote, what are privileg privileges, what a privilege it is to serve in this striving, beautiful, bountiful praise magnificent country with all of our flaws and mistakes, with all
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of the frailties of human nature as much on display as our virtues with all of the ring her and anger. we are living in the land of the free, the land where anything is possible. the land of the emigrants dream. the land where thery story past and was forgotten into an imagined future. what a country indeed. beautiful, great and magnificent but also challenged by occasionale frailty that we have seen too muc much of him in the sustained debate over immigration. the point the senator made that night and the point that he has made every single day as he served our n nation or more than six decades is working through the disagreements, the position is worth not just as senators systems.nt we may b need the boisterous and attempted suchei john has also been accused of being a time or
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two, but we don't stop striving for ordeals believing in the future and respecting one another. it's difficult especially here in politics and it is the challenge that comes with the blessings of liberty into and of serving the great country i was honored when senator mccain reached out to me a week ago to say let's work together to introduce in the senate legislation that can help solve the most pressing immigration issues and keep the country moving forward. the bipartisan bill that we've introduced here in the senate doesn't solve every immigration issue that we face and it does not try to. what our bill does is focus on two issues right in front of us and i believe we can address it resulted in anwh attempt to brig in what was messy and divisive political debate and to addressing the compromise legitimate substantive issues. our bill will do two things, secure the border, finall finala pathway to citizenship that they
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have long waited for and deserved. to address border security, our bill would ensure that we gain operational control. resources for federal, state and local law enforcement and infrastructure. it would reduce the immigration case backlogs with new judges and attorneys while also addressing one of the root central america. our legislation would give certainty to 1.8 million brought here as children through no fault of their own. dreamers who play by the rules and are being consistently employed can become lawful permanent residence in at least five years later. senator mccain and i are not the only ones who think this bipartisan solution makes sense. in fact, the reason that we
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filed it here was because of the strength of its development in the chamber to peoples houses of representatives. this was crafted by republican congressman of el paso texas whose district has more than 800 miles, more than any other district in the country. the two of them put this bill together after a lot of consultation and meetings with their colleagues in the house into today enjoys 27 republican cosponsors and 2 27 necrotic cosponsors. i often hear we shouldn't take a few to consider anything that can't pass the house. but a bill that has 54 bipartisan cosponsors in the right track. i am clear about the fact that this bill is not perfect, and i understand some of my colleagues
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may want to make changes to it. some of my republican friends i met with and talked to in recent days suggested that it needs more investment to border security to win their support and that's fine because our bill is more than just a set of policies, it is a way to provide a framework for us to agree and not let our disagreements prevent us from moving forward. we may not be able to fix our entire immigration system this week in fact i am certain we can't come about over the next few days perhaps even over the next few hours, we can take important and even historical steps forward. we can secure the border from investments, new technology and manpower and health dreamers succeed in american schools, serve the american military, in which american communities without looking and fear of deportation. the solution can be fairly
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simple. and i think our legislation offers a solution for right now. there have been developments in recent days and i've been proud to participate in a long bipartisan effort by the common sense coalition as the group tries to hammer out a bipartisan deal i have been honored to have started this discussion in this debate with senator mccain by filing our bill that we brought over from the house that is a bipartisabut it's abipartisan be the most bipartisan bill currently before this chamber on this issue. if we can make more progress and attract more bipartisan support through some amendments or revisions, i welcome that. i believe this week, this day, this opening on the senate floor it isn't only aha challenge, but an incredible opportunity to do the right thing. we don't have to agree on everything. we just have to agree on some
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things come and we can find a way forward together. it is an enormous honor to have the opportunity to partner with senator mccain in this legislative effort. so while he is not with us today i know he is with us in spirit and watching ourur deliberations and as someone who has shown not just carnage on the battlefield, but courage in american politics, a determined willingness to compromise and work tirelessly to advance the interest of the american people, i can only hope that my colleagues when we get a chance to vote on this bill which i hope that we will later today will join me in supporting it in recognition of his lifetime of service to the nation and his commitment to bipartisanship. it is my hope we both open and faithe openand fair process than promised and all of us together can do what we were sent here to do to listen, trust each other,
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work together and find a path to compromise that ca cancels the o most important pressing issues. with us on the phone from cq will call the immigration reporter. he finally began debate on the immigration bill fo for amendmes being offered. tell us a bit about where we are right now and what is next. >> the senate began slowly put an emphasis difference between the democratic leader chuck schumer and the majority leader mitch mcconnell on how to sort of structure the debate that stretched into today so we do have at least four amendments now that will likely see test the


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