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tv   U.S. Senate Sens. Mc Connell King on Sen. Mc Cain  CSPAN  May 15, 2018 9:52am-10:01am EDT

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>> connect with c-span to personalize the information you get from us. just go to and sign up for the e-mail. the program guide is a daily e-mail with the most updated prime time schedule and upcoming live coverage, word for word gives you the most interesting dale why i video highlight in their own words with no commentary. the book tv newsletter sent weekly is an insider's look at upcoming authors and books and american history tv newsletter explores our nation's past. visit and sign up today. >> on monday, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell spoke about his weekend visit to arizona to see republican senator john mccain who is undergoing cancer treat. he also shared some memories of their time together in the senate before giving maine
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senator angus king an opportunity to say a few words about senator mccain. >> mr. president, had an opportunity yesterday to visit our friend john mccain. a beautiful location sedona, about two hour drive from phoenix. john and cindy and i had a chance to sit on the back porch and reminisce about our friendship, and all we had shared over the last 30 years. we had some laughs, mainly reminisced about the battles. sometimes we were all on the same side and sometimes we weren't, but one thing about our colleague, john mccain,
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you'd rather be on his side than not. but for ten years we had very vigorous debates about an issue he and i both cared about and we were on the opposite sides and ended up going all the way to the supreme court. he won and i lost and we worked hard to establish a new relationship after that vigorous battle of a decade. we all know his story all too well, a genuine american hero. we admire the tenacity and the grit that it took to survive those five and a half years in the hanoi hilton and the way he refused to go home early as he certainly could have, given the
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prominence of his father's position in the navy. it's pretty hard, mr. president, to think of any serious issues facing our nation without recalling the role that john played in so many things that are important to our country. the last few years, i'm sure the occupant of the-- maybe we sort of thought of him as the shadow secretary of state, during the obama years, as he traveled the world. sometimes on a long weekend. to some of the least desirable places to visit. i avoided those trips, but those for who took them it was
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a little bike the -- like the baton death march. junkets they weren't. but an important foreign and defense policy for our country and also, passionate in working to take better care of our veterans. no one with the exception of perhaps senator isaacson spent more time in working on veterans issues and tried to take care of them as they richly deserved than john mccain. at this point in his life, he obviously has a little time to sit and rest and reflect under the desert sky. to simply take in this beautiful, peaceful nation he's
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worked so hard and so long to protect and pass on to all of our children. one thing we all know about john that remains the case today. he doesn't have a relaxed bone in his body, and he has still plenty to say about work, i assure you. he misses his colleagues, he'd rather be here, and i told him, we miss him, too. all the great jokes, the smart al al alecky comments. a joy to be around. i didn't want to miss the opportunity, mr. president, to tell us how much his friendship meant to me. and so, that's why i was out there this weekend. and while i was there, i said i was confident i was speaking
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for everybody in the senate in conveying our deepest respects to him, for all he's done, for this country during a truly extraordinary life. >> senator yield. >> on an entirely different matter, mr. president-- >> for a comment on your prior comment. i just wanted to join in thanking you for, number one, going to see senator mccain and number two for the comments that you made. i came here five and a half years ago, never having met john mccain and have gotten to know him over that period by serving on his armed services committee by travelling with him. i told some friends in maine over the weekend, travelling
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with john mccain is like a long march with paul mccartney, you work hard and everyone in the world knows him, and he is an extraordinary leader and one of most principled people i've ever met. i was speaking to a college graduation in far northern maine and characterized him almost spontaneously as a person i consider the greatest living america. the audience broke into spontaneous applause because i think they agreed. so, i just want to thank the senator for the time that he has taken to acknowledge this great american today and join my comments to his, in recognizing one of the most extraordinary careers in american history. i thank you the senator for his comment. >> the u.s. senate is about to gavel in to debate judicial dom nakss to -- tomorrow nation to the 6th and 10th circuit courts. with confirmation. this would bring the number to
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21. senators will recess after the vote for party lunches. president trump will speak at the republican meeting. and they'll look at the net neutrality rules. for live coverage here on the senate on c-span2. the presiding officer: the senate will come to order. the chaplain dr. barry black will lead the senate in prayer. the chaplain: let us pray. our god and father, the fountain of every blessing, we ask you to


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